America Prohibits Export Of Supercomputer Chips To China

America Prohibits Export Of Supercomputer Chips To China

Recently the American Department of Commerce issued a public notice prohibiting the export of “xeon” supercomputer chips to China. Intel spokesperson Chuck Malloy said he didn’t understand the decision, saying the chips are a very common product available in electronics stores all around the world, and even though they didn’t understand the decision they must abide by American law. The regulation is seen by some as a move by America to combat China’s developments in the world of supercomputing, with the Tianhe-2 recently taking the title of world’s fastest supercomputer.

Source: Netease

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  • KamikaziPilot

    Good god, is this the CSmack version of carpet bombing the readers with stories? And very short ones at that. Just a suggestion but I don’t think this format is conductive to in depth or thoughtful discussions. Not only because of the very limited information but also because once you comment on one story, another one pops up. Kind of like too much information. I know the mods said new things are coming so I’ll just wait. Hope it gets better.

    • mr.wiener

      Yep I know how you feel….”Are we there yet?”

    • yi_ge_yi_jian

      Yea… haven’t been on cS in a week or so, and, then, all of a sudden… what. First, the article slowdown (fine, imho, because when the articles were released, they were still full articles sourced from multiple locations [e.g. NetEase, Mop, Sina]), and now these mini-digests? What have I missed? No netizen comments (excellent for learning more colloquial speech), either?

  • Gerhana

    reading this summary, I imagine there are behind the scene stories between American and Chinese electronic companies that didnt make it to the public, such as corporate espionage, sabotage, honey trap and assassination. Somewhere in all of this, someone found the meaning of true love but both of them cannot be together due to being in different company and all. They want to run away together but they can’t because their lives does not belong to them, it belongs to the company. When both company found out about them, they put bounty on their heads. So they meet up and have passionate love in some hotel. While making love some thugs hired by the company burst in and start shooting, one of them dies so the other one escape and vow for revenge… yeah…. that’d be great.

  • Balkan

    If those chips are available for sale in the US, what prevents anyone from buying them and reselling them to Chinese companies which would be able to eventually copy them? Weird decision.

    • redwhitedude

      Let’s see how their attempt turns out.

    • James

      Wow you are so smart, you must be smarter than everyone else to think of this!

    • Bloodforge

      Yup, reading this article( ) the ban seems kinda pointless.

      “From a pragmatic point of view this entire effort really is in vein. Barred companies can navigate around the embargo through shell corporations. Which can simply acquire the necessary products directly from Intel, Nvidia and AMD and then sell them to any one of the banned organizations or governments listed by the US Department of Commerce.”

      • jxs9

        That’s pretty much what most of these countries do anyway. That’s how Pakistan got its nuclear tech.

    • That’s marvelous

      “Copy” chips? Please read some basic background info about chip making before you comment.

  • Bloodforge

    AMD Opteron sales in China must be pretty good right now.

    Edit: Reading more about this it looks like AMD and Nvidia’s higher end CPU and GPUs are also on the no export list.

  • jxs9

    Actually the government does care because the moves China has been making against allies in Asia. And the constant stealing of tech and hacking. When I got my classified clearance we had to do a tutorial on various governments hacking and use of certain tech in buildings.

  • actionjksn

    What’s going on with China Smack reporting now? The article fails to mention that the reason for the ban is because the US government has reason to believe China is using the super computer to develop nuclear weapons technology. Which doesn’t sound exactly far fetched. This little bit of information sounds pretty relevant to the story. The article makes it look like the reason for the ban some kind of mystery.

    By the way I don’t think this ban will stop them.

  • Teacher in China

    They probably are overplaying it a little bit, but it’s based in fact. It’s pretty clear that China is the only country other than, arguably, Russia that really has a legitimate claim to being the world’s next superpower, and the fact that they are opposed on more than a few issues means you can bet the US is keeping a very close eye on them.

  • James

    you’ll be back