America Sells Arms to Taiwan, Chinese Netizen Reactions


About America Selling Arms to Taiwan

America is a country where politics serve economics. Actually, Americans don’t have any broad political goals. Their behavior, to phrase it colloquially, appears to be very realist; of course, it’s because they do things serving their own interest that it seems realist.

To a businessperson, profit is prestige. Without profit you have no prestige, and it is like this for America, their prestige comes from their profit. To a businessperson, even if it’s just a small trickle of profit it’s important. Even if this tiny profit will cause them to offend others, generally they will still take it, and restore relations with the offended parties later, if they think it’s worth it. America is also like this.

For Americans, it serves great national interest to make things go poorly between [Mainland] China and Taiwan. In the context of modern global security, possibly no one would dare to be fighting battles and ultimately having a [military] showdown, so struggles take the bloodless forms of attempting to change culture, politics, economics, etc. [Struggles also manifest through] trying to keep one’s own country stable while trying to make the opposing nation unstable. In chaos there is profit, and perhaps in chaos the opposition can be undermined. This is just like the way the US treated the Soviet Union.

America is selling arms to Taiwan again. As far as we’re concerned, this is old, stinking news; what is America’s meaning [in doing this]?

The US is stirring up new conflict between the two shores [i.e., China and Taiwan]. [America is saying,] you can talk, but talking is only talking, you can’t get too close and definitely can’t unify, because that wouldn’t be in the best interests of us Americans.

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It’s been sixty years, Taiwan is a painful spot that is difficult for our nation to hide; for many reasons, the Taiwan problem has never been resolved. Now we’ve come to the best time ever for cross-strait relations, but the Americans’ behavior has once cast a dark shadow [over the progress], can we just allow this to take its course?

In truth, I personally feel that America can sell as many weapons to Taiwan as it wants, all that it takes is for us to be willing and those weapons are ours. Didn’t America once give us [China] many weapons via Chiang Kai-Shek? The Nationalist Party has never been able to accomplish anything great, to say nothing of the Democratic Progressive Party. Those in current Taiwanese political circles aren’t qualified politicians , they’re just mediocre people who’ve taken on politics as a profession, what can they ever change? Look at that Chen Shuibian. Are you independent? Isn’t that your political ideology? Not only is [Taiwan] not independent, he’s eaten up an enormous sum of the Taiwanese people’s money!

So, Taiwan has no talented administrators; Americans selling them weapons is useless. America cannot stop the unification of Taiwan. When the unification happens will be decided by China. We don’t fear war, [but] we hope to use great sincerity to peacefully unify Taiwan. After all, the ‘brothers’ on either side [of the strait] are not strangers. If Taiwan is incited by the Americans, and ignores the feelings of the people and goes against common sense, then the weapons will have to come out.

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Taiwan, don’t naively think that you can divide up the family, this family you cannot separate from!

America, don’t naively think that you can split up China, you don’t have the skill. Moreover, don’t think that the Chinese people won’t bear a grudge, the Chinese are the best in the world at bearing grudges. If you don’t fear retribution, keep making trouble, if you don’t, it would be so boring!

I think we can retaliate against America!

Netizen comments from


Ding, support!


America has already learned the lesson: making endless concessions to China can only further intensify it, make it refuse democracy, and become enemies with the world. When weighing the balance between democracy and economy, Americans finally decided that the value of democracy was much greater than the value of the economy! Otherwise, they would have avoided FDR’s serious postwar mistake with China! Now we’ve come to the time of restoring the original spirit!

北冥教主 [in response to the above comment]:

American democracy isn’t valuable, it isn’t real democracy!


Taiwan’s doing it as insurance, America’s doing it for money. [In Taiwan] they have permanent property ownership rights, [if they] come back it changes to seventy-year use rights, and [houses] can be torn down at any time. Consider it, what would you think?


In the past thirty years, China has already become a country that’s only looking for money.


I personally feel that America can sell as many weapons to Taiwan as it wants, all that it takes is for us to be willing and those weapons are ours.

9494 [sounds like “exactly, exactly” in Mandarin]


Well said.


America, let’s see how many years you can keep being crazy!


This comment has been deleted.


Chairman Mao was a great leader, and everyone remembers him fondly, but today’s politicians? When they step down, who will remember them fondly?

Netizen comments on a news story about the arms sales on Netease:

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Everyone must rethink this, if you were Taiwanese, would you want river crabs?


We don’t need to fear America selling arms to Taiwan, as soon as a war started these advanced weapons would be quickly consumed by our lower-quality but numerous weapons and many soldiers. But I can’t bear to see my own people injured and murdered; as to Taiwan, I’m not sure if I love it or hate it.


An enterprise seeking profit, what’s wrong with that?


These arms are all defensive weapons, for example right now, they’re selling Taiwan patriot [defensive missiles], not F-16 [fighter jets].


A dog says loudly, America is our hope. A pig hears and laughs. The dog doesn’t understand and asks why did you laugh. The pig says, your head must have been slammed in a door, because you sound like an ass.

网易广东深圳网友 [in response to the comment above]:

America is humanity’s hope. The guy above me isn’t even as good as a dog.


As long as America exists, the world cannot be peaceful.

网易重庆渝中网友 [in response to the comment above]:

I only know that without America, the whole world would be chaotic.

This post was translated by C. Custer, editor of the China news, translation, and analysis blog ChinaGeeks.

Make love, not war. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by C. Custer

C. Custer is a full-fledged China enthusiast whose interests include literature, history, language, and philosophy. He graduated from Brown in 2008 with a B.A. in East Asian Studies, and is currently teaching Chinese in New England and administering ChinaGeeks, a China translation, news, and analysis blog.

  • Professor Sillypants

    I fear greatly this mounting ideology, which is hollow and very angry at the happenings of a distant past.

  • Cool Matt

    China reserves the right to attack its own people.

    • greatdiwei

      Fuck USA white devils!

      USA is too pussy to openly attack China, so they are trying to weaken our nations by creating hostility between Taiwan and China.

      Fellow Chinese and Taiwanese people, we must not allow USA to brainwash us into fighting each other. We Chinese/Taiwanese are all the same—we are all brothers and sisters of the Han people.

      Our true enemy is USA!

      USA military builds airforce bases around China, and sends aircraft carriers into OUR OCEANS.

      USA take our exports, constructed from the blood and sweat of our brothers and sisters, and in exchange they give us a WORTHLESS US DOLLAR CURRENCY

      USA faggot gwailos come to our country, spreading their TRASH Christianity religion / English language, FUCKING OUR PROSTITUTES, and RIDICULE our people calling us FARMERS

      PRC + TAIWAN brothers, let us unite and KILL the WHITE DEVILS.

      The next time you see a WHITE DEVIL in China, pick up a brick from the ground and SMASH THEIR HEADS!!!!

      • LittleDick

        What is it with you and the fucking bricks. I’d like to take a brick to your fat, block head.

      • banjopete


        I think it is hilarious that this gets to be one of his ALLCAPS talking points

        “RIDICULE our people calling us FARMERS”

        Lol, what the hell. Go back to your farm, hillbilly.

        • Jay K

          now now dont feed the trolls, he is probably a 50 cent party member

      • 苏联人

        Greatdiwei, what about us “whites” from the (former) Soviet Union? We may have European faces, but we are not westerners, and hate American scum as much you do.

        • greatdiwei

          We Chinese love Russians. They share our same political ideology, and they are very good trade partners. They offer us valuable military strategy and access oil infrastructure.

          In the next decade, we will see another Cold War, except this time it will be USA+UK versus China+Russia… and this time RED will triumph over the World.

          We only have hatred for USA and UK because these countries do nothing but exploit our people.

          • 苏联人

            GuoBao, if you actually read history, you’d know that it was China who cut us off, not the other way around, because after the death of Stalin, Mao saw that the following Soviet leaders were straying from the original ideology. And he was right, the following leaders were nowhere near as good as Stalin, and finally the worst of them all, that traitor Gorbachev and his cronies disbanded the Soviet Union altogether.

            Also you are wrong, on average, Russians have a more positive view of China and the Chinese than of the West and Westerners. Our culture is different from Chinese of course, but we don’t consider ourselves Westerners either (more like in between, “中国” in the literal meaning lol). Of course in big cities like Moscow and Leningrad there are some “wannabe westerners”, but this problem exists in China as well (in places like Shanghai and Beijing, not even talking about Hong Kong and Taiwan).

            Finally, have you heard of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization)? We are already allies against NATO and the West.

          • tam

            Wow! you soon backed off the russian whites eh? Russian people hate Chinese people you fool. You stole their ideology and then went on to steal their technology without giving anything in return you fool. And if i remember correctly, russia is no longer communist and better off for it.

          • 苏联人

            Вот долбоёб, кто тебе пиндосу сраному давал право за русских говорить?

            Don’t speak for Russians if you aren’t one. Without giving anything in return huh? Who do you think feeds and clothes the Russian far east?

          • naturalis


        • 苏联人

          How’d you manage to graduate high school while failing reading comprehension? Notice I said “places”, not “cities”.

          And last time I checked my map, Taiwan is part of the PRC.

          • 苏联人

            Okay if you want to go nitpicking about that particular detail, how about this: Beijing (municipality), Shanghai (municipality), Hong Kong (SAR), Taiwan (province) are all on the same level in PRC’s administrative hierarchy. So that’s basically like having two red apples, one green apple and one yellow apple, though their colors may differ they’re all apples.

            Your map may have Canada in Mexico, but most certainly they are indicated as separate from the U.S. (unless you’re talking about some sort of NAFTA economical map instead of a political one). My country recognizes the province of Taiwan as part of China, so why should I think otherwise?

          • 苏联人

            And what’s wrong with that? You westerners put too much emphasis on the stupid idea of “individuality”.

        • Mike Fish

          Not Western? Hunh? Russians are just as “Western” as Poles, Germans, Danes, etc.

          • 苏联人

            Depends on which criteria you use to call someone “Western”, this could or could not be the case depending which angle you look at it from. In either case, the average Russian doesn’t consider himself a Westerner, when we say “the West” it refers exclusively to Western Europe and the New World, its usage is never inclusive of Russia (as well as Belarus, Ukraine, and former Yugoslavia).

      • true american (aka Mike)

        How many falsehoods can you tell in one posting. The USA has no reason to attack the Chinese people or China. NOT ALL Americans agree with the arms sale or with the moron in the White House. Besides, dipshit, not all Americans are WHITE!!! We are a many colored people. You hate each other, kill each other, and are unbeliveable. Why should anyone attack you when they can sit back and watch you destroy yourselves. Regardless of the hard feelings between China and Tiwan, neither side tries to make peace with the other. China sits there and threatens. How harmonious is that? By the way, we don’t bother your whores, we sleep with the beautiful women of China.

      • tam

        I am white. I am Scottish. I find your tone very offending! How can you consider yourself a human with the comment you have just posted. Even your own nations leaders would not tolerate such stupidity. you are an embarrassment to the strength and intelligence of your own people. Shame on you

      • opensights

        Your thoughts perhaps even precede the opium days. Very few in the West ever consider China or Taiwan. We care very little about any of it! My main purpose of respnding to you post is to ask this: ‘ If you were to see a Westerner walking a street in China would you still smash his head in with a brick? even if he may be British, German, Swiss or French perhaps? We all look the same!How would you know, before you smashed his brains out?

      • Gana

        Totally agree!!!…..FUCK USA PEOPLE!!!.

      • Jiang Wen Lau

        When China was first entered the UN it was under the name Republic of China (ROC). After the civil war and KMT set up the ROC in Taiwan, they still held seat rights in the UN. Representatives from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) requested that the Taiwan representatives were to be remove since they are no longer part of China and are a rogue state. Taiwan recently tried to obtain rights as an independent nation but the UN voted it down and said they would not get seat status at this time. KMT at that time thought they were going to rise up and take back the mainland. Hell, sometimes they still drink to it. It could happen.
        Didn’t the United States take up arms to fight the British once?

        As for the ties between Taiwan and China. Economic yes they have to get better. As for Taiwan actually giving up their freedoms, language, even religions. The Taiwanese I know will die first before even allowing to happen. The DPP was the one that was causing more conflict between the nations. KMT is back in power again, and neither party wants unification. The people will not agree to that. Taiwanese is far more hospitable that Mainland Chinese could ever be. China has a couple decades to catch up on Taiwan socially.

        I never understood why my Chinese friends back home would align themselves with either HK, SP and TW together and then leaving mainland China to themselves. Then I came here, no I understand.

        As for these bogus propaganda articles, how many Chinese reporters have actually gone to Taiwan. Those that go I doubt come back.

      • Prasan Stian

        Cool down, friends. You can be more polite to handle this conflict. Why don’t we anti all (unnecessary) American products ie: McDonal, KFC, Starbuck, Cocacola and movies. This will further increase our trade surplus and cause the American more deficit.

        • HardyPengood

          Even better would be for Americans to boycott everything Made in China. China’s entire economy would begin to collapse within a month. BOYCOTT ALL CHINESE PRODUCTS!!!

          Of course, if that were to happen, the harmonious spirit of the “Heavenly” kingdom (it is still ruled in the same way as a kingdom, so I don’t put that part in quotation marks) would begin to invade Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, etc., just as it invaded Tibet and parts of India for economic advantage. China did not invade those countries to support the will of the indigenous people living there.

          China’s ruling class is the last dinosaur of the WW2 era of massive armies used for imperialistic threats and warfare. It’s no wonder they view America and the rest of the world with such archaic, racist presumptions fitting the times of the Boxer Rebellion (义和团运动). But, then, that is how the imperialism of the UK and USA of centuries PAST rationalized their behavior–with racism. Luckily, much of the world is evolving past that.

          Except for China, and THAT is why the world still mocks you, stills sees you as a nation that thinks like feudal farmers. The disdain of the PRC has nothing to do with your government’s propaganda that China must act like an international @sshole to be respected, and must bully little Tibet or Taiwan, or meddle in African politics. It’s China’s arrogant preference to be a bully, when people all over the world are seeking something more enlightened of their leaders, that makes me consider China to be moving in the opposite directions of all the people on Earth who are working for peace through stability and greater compassion within their own countries, respect for the environment, and genuine efforts to solve world-wide problems of hunger and disease.

          Sometimes I wonder how so many Chinese-Americans can be so bright and make so much worthy contribution to society, while the Chinese on the other side of the Pacific act like they are the last Neanderthals on Earth.

      • hogn user

        If your brother makes you slave is he truly your brother? China is nothing but a nation of slaves to their big brother mao who told thems lies and murders thousands if not millions of his ‘family’ because he is impotent.

      • kodi

        Are you fucking kidding me? Taiwan is begging for the weapons because they do not want want to lose all their progress by being overrun by idiots. Its not the Americans who are being pussies, its the Government at Zhongnanhai. They never had the ability to take back Taiwan and they are still too weak to do so! Perhaps if Mao and his pack of goons wouldn’t have tried to kill all the intellectuals and business people in China there would not even have been disputes over Taiwan. I say Jiang and the Taiwanese won the war, created a successful and civilized country with their reasonable Chinese compatriots and it cannot be simply thrown away to digress and assimilate back into China. Thats why we sell them weapons. Because the Taiwanese want to remain free and we will honor their wishes for their freedom.

        If you have ever been to Taiwan you would be surprised at how reasonable and civilized society can be. There is no 没办法! There is no censorship! And there is no stinky smell in the bathrooms. If there is a problem it can be solved without jumping through so many hoops and dealing with so much bullshit. I said it once and I will say it again that Mainland should try to be more like Taiwan and Hongkong instead of trying to force Hongkong and Taiwan to be more like them.

        Try to liberate Taiwan now!

      • actionjksn

        “USA take our exports, constructed from the blood and sweat of our brothers and sisters, and in exchange they give us a WORTHLESS US DOLLAR CURRENCY”

        You are right, I think we should quit paying you with our worthless US dollar. We should instead pay you in your excellent Renminbi, and see how well that works out for you. Are you afraid little Taiwan may use the defensive weapons to invade you? Or do you just want to make sure Taiwan can’t defend themselves from you? You are just jealous of the people in Taiwan because they have a better life than you. Because they don’t have your corrupt government keeping them down.

  • infuse10

    The typical mainland chinese is so brainwashed by typicl propaganda that has spread in China ever since Mao. Calling Mao a great leader…. just shows how the average chinese citizen can not even think for themselves. Taiwan being a free democratic nation, no one in the world would want to merge and be part of the so called “great chinese nation” that promises no freedom, no expression, all for the sake of some national glory. The average chinese citizen should instead focus on their governments corruption, abuse of power and mind their own businesses.

    “The Nationalist Party has never been able to accomplish anything great, to say nothing of the Democratic Progressive Party” this just says it all for the typical chinese, the fact that the average taiwanese income is nearly 10 to 15 times that of China……

    • noob

      “the fact that the average taiwanese income is nearly 10 to 15 times that of China……”

      And who’s going to have the 2nd largest economy soon?

      • gth793y

        i think he means gdp per capita

    • greatdiwei

      Taiwan is already unofficialy a SEZ (Special Economic Zone) of China.

      And that is all that matters.

    • operator4355

      You can throw Mao and Uncle Ho in the trash there cut of the same cloth.

  • Mercator

    According to what I’ve just googled, it was 38 years not 6 days.

  • No-one has yet mentioned the real reason why American governments sell arms to the ROC, [b]BECAUSE IT’S POPULAR[/b]. If any US President announced that they would no longer sell arms to the ROC, he’d be accused of selling out a peaceful democracy to the commies.

    The same thing with Israel, the American government doesn’t support Israel because of some Jewish conspiracy, it’s because most Americans like Israel and couldn’t give a fuck about some inbred rock throwing hajjis.

    If Obama abandoned Taiwan or Israel he wouldn’t be re-elected no matter who the Republicans ran against him.

    • huh?

      For a guy who lives in Korea he’s actually quite dead on.

    • gth793y

      my man, and military industrial complex.
      we’s gotten tighten up that trade deficit somehow.

    • LOLZ

      It gets the economy going. US sells weapons to Taiwan/Israel. Israel researches them, then build weapons to counter these weapons to China. China takes these weapons, further reverse engineering them and then mass produce cheap imitations.

      Sure, these weapons will never be used, but just imaging how many jobs were created in the process for people in all of these countries.

    • true american (aka Mike)

      Very true but the Americans will not make that mistake again. They will make sure the next President is real and not a puppet on strings. You live in Korea, you know exactly what I mean.

    • 404namenotfound

      OMFG PP is that really you? that made sense O.o

  • ralphrepo

    I think this is Obama taking an “In Your Face” move directly at China for his being snubbed by Wen, having Chinese monetary policy make a shambles of US trade, being stage managed when he visited the PRC, and a variety of other things like the Climate change conference. Taiwan and Tibet are the 2 big pimples on China’s forehead that the PRC is extremely sensitive about. Obama just pointed it out in a very dramatic way. In and of itself, Patriot missiles are militarily benign as the anti missile system is reportedly ladened with technical problems; ie. they may not even be reliable in actual use. However, the symbolism is what their value is right now, and this is essentially the US telling China that it doesn’t yet call all the shots.

    • Somethin Somethin

      Dude, we signed the fucken treaty in the 70’s. We’ve done this every year since god knows when. 3rd winter in China and just about every January we toss a few F-16s their way. I wish these people would bitch about the treaty for once instead of focusing on each individual sale. Obama doesn’t have a choice in the matter, just like Clinton didn’t, just like Reagan didn’t but certainly enjoyed the fuck out of putting missiles that much closer to communists.

  • roflcopter

    Typical. America meddling in Eastern affairs even though it has nothing to do with them.

    China should sell arms to Cuba.

    • How would the Cubans pay for them? They can’t even provide their own people with toilet paper.

      • roflcopter

        haha true. But you don’t see Chinese military bases anywhere outside of China. Unlike the bases in Korea and Japan that America has.

        • ShanghaiSteve

          Not yet, but you will. China is developing deep water ports in Pakistan and Thailand. These are nice, strategic locations for constraining India in the near future. China has also made claims to most of the South China Sea. They include waters that border on Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. Even the most virulent Chinese nationalist has to admit that this is a rather curious move and should question the motives behind the claim. It’s notable that Chinese adventurism only extends south, where neighboring countries are relatively weak, but not north, where neighboring countries are strong.

        • Wastemans

          Yes, except for the ones on each end of the Panama Canal and when COSCO owned the Long Beach Naval Port in California..

          I wonder if they still operate the one on lease from Pakistan in Gwadar..

          Why does everything think that the Chinese don’t operate outside of the PRC, and that America isn’t dealing arms with them?

          • ShanghaiSteve

            That’s interesting. Can you post a map or any citations about these Chinese bases? I read about Sri Lanka, but neglected to mention it. I’ve not heard about the Panama Canal.

            On a side note. I’m intrigued that China has sent naval vessels to patrol off the coast of Somalia. I’ve heard stories about these naval vessels escorting hijacked Chinese ships, but I’ve never heard of any military action taken by the Chinese Navy. My guess is that the Chinese government quietly pays the ransom because they don’t want to stir up anti-Chinese sentiment in Africa. The Chinese naval vessels are there for practice and it’s a good excuse to extend their operations.

          • ralphrepo

            At Shanghai Steve: Your comments are right on the mark. Ever since the first three ship flotilla with the Wuhan and Haikou sailed into Somalia’s waters, one has to realize that it was overkill to send in two top of the line frigates that normally are used for fleet air defense (both fitted with surface phased-array radar and vertical tube air defense missiles; ie. the Chinese version of the US Arleigh Burke class Aegis ships).

            Somali pirates?

            No. They were there to gather electronic emissions from the US fleet ops going on off the coast of Iraq and to note the pattern of US combat flight ops. They were recording how the US Navy goes to war and fine tuning their radar to achieve maximum detection of US military assets. The PRC navy knows who their real enemy is, and it certainly ain’t no Sammy with an RPG.

        • Wastemans

          I forgot to metion the Marao Chinese Nuclear Sub Base. The one in Srilanka. The one in Chittagong. Coco Island. And that just covers the Indian Ocean.

        • true american (aka Mike)

          WHY ARE THOSE BASES THERE? Because Americans died there defending people in Korea and killing slant eyed Japanese bastards for murdering Chinese and Americans. Remember that? That is why the bases are there. Bought with American blood!

          • 404namenotfound

            Lookout we have an American right here ^

        • Fair point. Then again, those bases were originally built during WWII to fight against (and then after the war, control) the Japanese, which I think most Chinese would argue was a good thing…?

        • Zuo Ai

          roflcopter: That’s funny, I coulda sworn China kept some permanent “bases” in Tibet after they militarily conquered it, but I guess that doesn’t count

        • andeli
        • dirtywhiteboy

          roflcopter, imagine if the United States didn’t have either of those bases. China would have a lot more issues on its hands. Maybe Japan would go nuclear because it no longer would have the protection of the United States, and that would increase tensions between China and Japan. (we all know the Chinese are just waiting for the day to get back at the guizi). Also, they would have to play a part in keeping the crazy leader of North Korea from destroying Seoul.

        • Mike Fish

          People don’t like you, or in the last can’t get anything from you, they won’t let you crash at their place. Pretty simple.

      • Jay K

        fuck pusan playa, you seriously need your own section in chinasmack like “You know whats bullshit” section or “you know what gets on my nerves” i would seriously support you pusan playa, you tell things straight up man!
        PP you are like my bill o’reilly, seriously, no fuckin spin man just what you say is damn good!

        • ImmortalTechnique

          Bill O’Reilly? Hardly a flattering comment.

        • VeerLeft

          Yeah, he’s all rational and shit until it comes to black people. Then he’s like Hitler to Jews, so NO, we don’t need to give this fucking xenophobe an unfettered forum AND a pedestal from which to broadcast his diatribe.

          Go read a few more posts…

    • greatdiwei

      China secretly dump their holdings of US debt and allow the US dollar goto the shit.

      Fuck USA and their fatass lazy motherfucker people.

      For the last 20 years, they have enjoyed prosperity at the cost of PRC’s standard of living.

      Now that PRC’s domestic economy is skyrocketing, we are debt free, and we have control of resources in Africa, we do not need to give face to USA any longer.

      Let the gwailos burn in hell!!

      • huh?

        Wow you are the biggest idiot ever.

        China is where it is today because of America: American capital investment and American consumption to generate enough demand for Chinese export and GDP growth. Go ahead dump your holdings, you’ll just make your own money worthless and crash your own economy as well. China extending credit to the US was always more to benefit itself than America.

        • greatdiwei

          LOL!! You give American too much credit.

          By INVESTMENT, do you mean all the fatass white faggots in USA buying Made in China goods at WALMART?

          China is where it is today thanks to the following countries:
          – HONG KONG for its investment
          – TAIWAN for its strong tech industry which provide much jobs, prosperity, and business development
          – GERMANY for its engineering skill and building infrastracture
          – SWITZERLAND for engineering brilliance
          – AFRICA for its rich natural resources
          – RUSSIA for its military strategy, oil infrastructure, and shared hatred of the West

        • greatdiwei

          And BTW China is perfectly fine with a worthless currency. We are an EXPORTING nation, so weak RMB is favorable to competing with other export nations like EURO.

          America exports nothing but ugly fatasses, neanderthal culture, and DEBT!!

          • roflcopter

            Just like you westerners love chinky stuff like playstations, blue-ray, sushi, hentai, flip flops, and whatnot. You snort it like lindsay lohan snorts coke. You LOVE that shit.

          • roflcopter

            so what exactly made you come to China? Were you an utter failure in USA? Did you get rejected by community college? Did you get one of your balls chopped off and now you feel like half a man? I truly feel sorry for expats like you who obsess over a culture and people that aren’t their own. Why don’t you go to europe where there aren’t so many “inferior” chinks?

            I will be sure to tell my friends over in china about “sincere” white people are.

            Do your white friends know you post on here so much?? what would they think about a pathetic white loser who obsesses over chinese people? What would all those white girls think when they find out you have “yellow fever”? hmm…my guess is that your reputation won’t be tarnished because everyone already knows you are a loser.

            What a sad little pussy you are attacking a girl. From my experiences living in america, you are a NOBODY. You are like all the other white guys I’ve ever known and you will never produce anything worthwhile or original in your life. You are a waste of air. Instead of facing your problems and reality head on, you go off into an “asian-fantasyland” where you think you are a king sitting atop a mountain.

            Guys like you just make me glad that I will never date a white man.

            I’m going to ignore you know because your community college rhetoric is sub par.

          • banjopete

            You don’t know anything about economics. You need to just stop before you make yourself look any stupider. And get educated, it might help you out:


            Michael Pettis is a professor at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, where he specializes in Chinese financial markets. He’s got decades of experience dealing with developing economies.

            But I wouldn’t try to pull your nationalist fanatic rhetoric with him, he has a talent for shooting it down.

          • greatdiwei


            So Michael Pettis is a successful faggot English teacher who came to China and eventually got promoted to Professor. LOL

      • banjopete

        “China secretly dump their holdings of US debt”

        Haha as if that could ever be done secretly. diwei has no idea how economics work.

        “we have control of resources in Africa”

        You might think you do, but the truth is you never have control of African resources. Just caused you bribed the current warlord into letting you take their raw materials, doesn’t mean that when you will still be able to when the next warlord comes around.

        • greatdiwei

          I work for ICBC. I think I know more about economics than some faggot ass hick named BANJO PETE.

          The next warlord will be our BITCH because we control the flow of money going into Africa.

          Haven’t you learned anything about China yet? MONEY is everything.

          • banjopete

            “I work for ICBC”

            Well well, aren’t we just the paragon of success. Seriously, you must be some kind of economic genius to land such a prestigious position.

            “we control the flow of money going into Africa”

            Oh but see now you expose your lack of knowledge about economics. Wealth does not flow into Africa, for centuries it has left Africa. You can bribe a warlord with trinkets and firewater, but eventually the people figure out what’s happening and start getting pissed. Heard about the recent anti-Chinese riots there?

          • Mike Fish


            being the janitor or security of some branch office does not exactly qualify you as an economist…

          • shit

            thanks for the little help,but we really dont need your help for our resources, our leaders r foolish to deal with u guys,our generation will send u guys packing out.we love the devil we know rather than angels we dont know.u preach win -win cooperation only becos it favours china,how many african countries can export to china?u say things on paper but practically africans are not welcome to china… leave africa alone with it poverty,we r poor but happier than many chinese…..

      • gth793y


        You are a caricature, derivatives of the mindless foreign bashing drone. You dish out baseless assumptions and stereotypes on individuals like your burnt out cigarette butts, you probably only shower thrice a year. You are having trouble find a girlfriend because, well simply because you are Chinese, and your dick is actually concaved in.

        See how easy and pointless all that shit is? Anybody can talk like a troll. So unless you can make a constructive argument, you’ll be regarded as another one of the million Chinktard troll on the internet.

        And another thing, doesn’t matter how strong or powerful or rich your Glorious China gets, thanks to its neo-mercantilist set up, you, as an individual will not see a cent of it. The reason China is able to expand at such an incredible rate is at the expenses of people like yourself, yet you still blindly praise its merits. Whats the use if you should belong to the best country in the world, if you are still being considered a third world refugee by others?

        • greatdiwei

          How can I be a refugee? My english is better than faggot Americans that come to teach.

          If anything, I can always become an English teacher and make $1000/month like Jones.

          • Matt

            My english is better than *the* faggot Americans that come to teach.

            I hope that helps. Good luck with your English teaching career aspirations. :-)

          • Truth Hurts

            Actually no you wont become a English teacher even if your absolutely qualified. Want to know why? Because you on the surface your still Chinese and the ‘English schools’ in China along with your ‘comrades’ would not consider you a ‘English’ speaker. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but as long as your people continue to perceive only white people with white features should teach English to their children you will not be making your $1000/month like Jones.

            Now, Greatdickweed, you may love your country but does your country love you?

            Answer me that please.

      • Alan in China

        Isn’t it spelt “gwei lo”?

        Also you must be cantonese as surely “lao wai” or “yang gui zi” is a more all encompassing term for foreigners in China.

        What you don’t realise is in a few years, the Africans won’t be throwing stones at western embassies in Africa and burning their flags, they will be throwing stones at YOUR own nations embassy and burning your own nations flag. As has already happened in one country in between Europe and Asia last summer. I live in your head, think about it…..mwa hahahahahaha

    • operator4355

      You might want to consult the Russians first they would be able to give you some insight on the Pros & Cons on the matter they Cons

  • Toogs

    Wasn’t this whole deal decided under Bush? I’m not sure Obama had a say in it.

    • Somethin Somethin

      Actually under Nixon and then Carter

  • maotai

    The US survives by creating enemies as they need to feed their eco-military masters.

    I think that the Chinese should be very careful not to overplay its hand.

  • taihanasie

    Guys, let’s put this into perspective:

    a) Obama Administration: Sells expensive weapons to Taiwan that essentially do very little to alter the military situation in the strait. Beijing’s military advantage is already large and it is growing. In the meantime, Obama can look tough domestically while proposing arms that were, with the exception of the Black Hawks, nothing more than what Bush promised before him. The US still has not shown it has the balls to arm Taiwan like it should.

    b) Beijing: Gets to play up the century of humiliation(tm) to score domestic points and actually loses little because of A above. Note the comments by the Chinese commentators above.

    c) Taiwan: The ever-ineffectual Ma Ying-jeou gets a sop thrown to him. He can now puff out his chest and show how manly he is to a popultion that, going by his approval rating, already knows that he has no balls and likes to take deliveries from Beijing up the back passage. Meanwhile, he continues his quest to make Taiwan subservient to China.

    As for the article above, it is pointlessly one-sided and overlooks the key argument that arming Taiwan REDUCES the prospect of war instead of increases it. Beijing has not attempted an invasion yet because the CCP leaders know very well that anything less than a convincing win would be suicidal (if not militarily than domistically). I ask the writer of this piece one question. If Taiwan did not have an army/air force/navy and had no US support, would the prospect of an invasion be lower? Hahaha… [laughs that off]

    The question is this: Why should Americans have to sacrifice their core interests (maintaining free passage in the Taiwan Strait and access to the ocean around Taiwan as well as limiting the seaward reach of China’s navy) by recognizing the Chinese claim to a colonial territory (only half of which was ever occupied by the Qing at any time) that the Chinese gave up in perpetuity — a territory that was a full province of China for one third of the time that it was a colony of the Netherlands and has been governed separately for 105 years?

    Clearly only Chinese core interests are real core interests.

    • roflcopter

      I have an aunt who is taiwanese and the situation there is not as dramatic as westerners think. The majority of Taiwan people have positive feelings towards mainland china and the economic benefits outweigh “independence”. China does not meddle in Taiwan government or affairs and people travel across mainland and taiwan often. Their lives are no different than they were when self-governed, except for the fact that their economy was saved by China.

      I don’t know why westerners are so interested in Taiwan/tibet independence. Shouldn’t they also be protesting for Hawaiian, Alaskan, Puero Rican, etc… Independence? Hawaii was self-governed less than 100 yrs ago and the majority of Hawaiians are a different race and culture than mainstream America. Surely, Hawaiians deserve independence too…

      • greatdiwei

        Dude, USA doesn’t give a fuck about democracy or humanitarianism.

        USA is trying to weaken CHINA the only way it can… by STRENGTHENING PRC’S ENEMIES.

        • roflcopter

          Hopefully our Asian neigbors don’t fall for “divide and rule”. India, Rwanda, Vietnam…etc…have fell for it before. Westerners use “divide and Rule” to create conflict amongst asians so that eventually they kill each other.

          • roflcopter

            The only military action I support is US invasion of Canada. I think those waffle eaters need some american liberation. Canada is better off a colony of america instead of their oppressive socialist regime that they have right now. Americans need to teach those backwards canadadians.

          • operator4355

            The reality is the Chinese want the respect and prestige America receives from the rest of the world. I understand there insecurity its a cultural thing.

        • huh?

          America does not look kindly to rising powers and does see China as the next Soviet Union. America does indeed not always support democracy or humanitarianism. If you want America to change its stance, give it a reason not to be alarmed at your hungry grab for power and obvious intention to dominate the Eastern Sphere.

          On a separate note, who do you think pushed the idea of the PRC to be accepted as representative of China in the United Nations? Who supported the idea of a “one China policy”? The U.S. The U.S. has always supported China with caution but lately it has also seen a reason to become yet more uneasy towards it.

      • Flamesy

        The only Taiwanese people I have ever seen who were very positive about mainland China were on CCTV4. I’ve never met one for real here in Taiwan.

      • Toogs

        Let’s not forget Britain and Northern Ireland as well…

        • Alan in China

          Toogs, interesting comment there, but there is a gulf of a difference between Taiwan and N.I. in that N.I. shares a open border with it’s southern neighbour, and anyone born in said territory automatically gains Irish citizenship. Imagine that happening in China?

          Not against you T, just saying…


      • Mike Fish


        Read some news maybe. Read a book maybe. Maybe using Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico as an analogy for Tibet or Taiwan isn’t the best idea. But, if you wanna go there… if Tibet or Taiwan were treated by the PRC like Hawaii and Alaska are treated by the USA, well, they wouldn’t have these problmes, now would they?

      • shit

        you a block head,are hawains asking for independence?why do u guys always blame other countries for your woes?solve the tibetan problem peacefully , u guys dont who want,just want to demonized tibetans,.who told you that the chian safe taiwans econonomy?you are just try to buy tAIWANESE WITH MONEY ,the recent economic crisis to my opinion, should be blamed on china,you are the main exporter to the america,americans spend alot and buying a lot of shit,there by promoting healthy economic growth which helped chinese exporters to be rich,but on the other hand chinese spends very little and save a large part of their earnings , as a result less cash in circulation, everything end up in chinese banks ,how do u expect the world economic to be healthy when money doesnt flow freely and fast? guys stop talking or bashing chinese, they will always tell u they are right.but i know many chinese arent that aggressive like those in this forum,a healthy and responsible china is good for the world ,no body even your self named enemy america will want to destroy china… so dont give the world an excuse to hate u guys.

    • huh?

      Exactly right. These weapons do essentially nothing. Weapons sold to Taiwan have always been of a defensive nature. Taiwan’s weapons do not possess any capacity to strike China.

      The U.S. selling weapons is to make a quick buck and provide a gesture as well.

  • 123meeeee


    china get ur head out of your ass.
    jsut beacause you build our lighters you dont get to tell the world whom to trade with.

    taiwan is an independent country.


    dumb egocentric fockers.

    • roflcopter

      I wish you knew how pathetic you sound. Kind of like a chinese person going on a German website and saying how eastern germany should seperate from western germany. “Damn those eastern germans! They are so poor and backwards! Damn Honkies”

      That is what you sound like – except a white man talking about Chinese issues for which he has no knowledge or understanding.

      • Tins of sardines

        …Or some retarded Chinese wanker saying that they support the US invasion of Canada.

        Hahaha. You really are a dipshit. Writing posts as different people so it appears that at least one person supports your crap.

        You have some serious mental problems which we are all laughing at you about.

        Unfortunately, the sad thing is that you will end up realizing that, even with the anonymity of the internet being your last bastion of hope for a social life, you will never be accepted by Chinese or laowailandians and will take your own life via autoerotic asphyxiation whilst presenting a little choke-boner as your final legacy to a world that does not care for you.

        Sad, pathetic you.

      • Mike Fish

        Come on!!! Are you serious? Only a Chinese person can be an expert on China? Are you in middle school or something? Retarded middle school at best…

  • Obama is already fighting a soft on terroism charge. Can you imagine what would happen if he refused to sell weapons to Taiwan. I mean, how badly do you want to see the Republicans return to power? For those who say there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats, I recall hearing that claim by those who supported Nader during the 2000 election. And that worked out real well

  • Stump

    I don’t get it. If chinese want to re-unite so badly, why dont they just change name to Rep of China and relocate their capital city in Nanking…
    China is a pathetic yet powerful divorced guy who is desperatly trying to get his ex-wife back, even if she hates him.

  • Toogs

    I will simply not stand for any denigration of Chen Shui-bian. Any man who fakes an assassination attempt to sway voters – with a real gunshot wound to boot – is worthy of reverence in my books.

    • huh?

      It wasn’t a real gunshot wound. Unless of course bullets don’t travel straight and curve around your belly so that the injury is only skin deep and non-fatal.

      Besides, he already got a second term out of it. He doesn’t deserve anything more for fooling the idiot public.

      • Toogs

        er, isn’t a skin deep wound caused by a bullet still a gunshot wound?!

  • LittleDick

    The Chinese are upset because the Taiwanese paid for it, whereas the mainlanders would prefer that they just stole the technology and built it themselves.

  • KellyPark CC

    China getting angry at the US is just a stage show by the chink government to prove to chinks that they are tough.
    another arms deal. no big deal.
    china comparing with the usa all the time. no big deal. chinks need to up their self-esteem anyways.
    usa worried about china’s anger? lol. if america wanted to, america would’ve farted on china since chiang left to taiwan.
    all the chinese saying china’s a great nation, big country, powerful military force,china’s better than the other countries and the US, continue being arrogant and one day the world will fuck you guys over until your wives start crawling on the ground for help.
    even russia won’t side with a rising arrogant threat as their neighbors.

    • shit

      your right my bro,arrogance will only bring more enemies to them,it not good for chinese to be very rich and not good for them to be too poor,cos all this will be a world’s problem……always telling people what to do and not to do.what a f…

  • Wurlymonster

    America one week, France the next week, Australia the next week, Japan the next….

    Has any Western country out there not had its turn as Evil Western Capitalist Country of the moment? NZ maybe?

    • Mike Fish

      NZ’s the new Hollywood… making them capitalist scum as well.

  • banjopete

    This whole ordeal of selling weapons to Taiwan is so theatrical. It follows the exact same pattern every time.

    China has to pretend to care, as the country has many jingoist fanatics like greatdiwei who foam at the mouth in rage every time it happens. So they make a few strongly worded statements and cut off military ties, only to restore them in a few months so they’ll have the opportunity to cut them again next time this happens.

    Far be it for me to comprehend the mind of the CCP, but I don’t think they intend to use force to bring Taiwan back into the fold. If they did, it would mean that they have lost their previously clever capacity for getting their way without outright aggression. Just give the Taiwan issue a few more decades and it may not be the intense polarizing issues that it is now. Just sayin’

  • Traczu

    I’m proud to be half-Taiwanese!…anyway it doesn’t matter who we buy from, the outcome will be the same, and we can’t buy from PRC…ne? BTW is it just me, or the translated comments make no sense?

  • Joe Banks

    I live on the Mainland, and this news really annoys me and pisses me off as an American.

    The USA seems to play both sides against the middle concerning Taiwan. They on the one hand agree to the Beijing government on the principles of the “One China” policy and then turns around and sells weapons to the Taiwanese. Gee, American government, pick a f’ing side for pete sake.

    There has been better relations between Beijing and Taipei for the last several years. There are flights now from the Mainland into Taiwan. I haven’t really heard anything about Taiwan for several years until now.

    If the USA would get out of meddling into other nation’s business, the Beijing government and the Taipei government would merge into an economic union, whith integration of the two sides within 50 years.

    Taiwan would get crushed by China in a war, and if the USA came in for Taiwan would basically cause WWIII, a larger Asian war with North Korea invading the South, possibly with nuclear weapons on all sides.

    For pissant Taiwan????????

    USA, get out of Korea, get out of the Middle East, and stop selling Taiwan weapons!

    Remember who is now the President, “Mr. Hop In Change.” not George W. Bush.

    • KellyPark CC

      you talk like america’s alone
      many european nations would side with the US
      nations like india would begin their full-retaliation against the chinese near the tibetan border.
      the us have more allies than china does.
      china can single Handily crush its asian neighbors but if they went against the us, i’m pretty sure many asian neighbors would side wit america
      not to mention how russia would back india up no matter how much they despise america

    • banjopete

      “There has been better relations between Beijing and Taipei”

      You can say this, but relations had really gotten much better, why would Taiwan agree to buy the weapons in the first place?

      The USA has been selling weapons to Taiwan steadily for decades. It can legitimately claim to be upholding the status quo by selling these arms. If it were to refuse to sell, that would be making a statement.

      “I haven’t really heard anything about Taiwan for several years until now”

      You didn’t hear about the dispute between Taiwan and China on Taiwan joining the World Health Organization. And you didn’t hear about Taiwan’s latest attempt to join the UN? Yeah, that happened after the supposedly China-friendly Taiwanese government took over. Relations are not as good as you might think, I am afraid.

      • LOLZ

        Taiwan has been fighting for status in UN and WHO for decades now. The same with getting weapons from the US. That’s nothing new.

        Taiwan’s relationship with China on the other hand has been improving if you look at the trading between the two countries. Taiwanese for the most part were pissed off at DPP for not forging closer ties with China in the last decade. While all of the other Asian nations like Korea and Japan’s economies improved as the result of the expanding Chinese market, Taiwan’s economy was in recession most of the time. The KMT won because of its promises of economic reform. While everyone knows that KMT is closer with the Chinese government they still voted for KMT anyway.

        KMT’s recent fall in public polls have more to do with its inability to handle natural disasters and economic reforms properly. Taiwanese in general are ALOT less hostile to mainland China than they did back in the 80s and 90s, even with the BSR bigots.

        • banjopete

          I agree but I think the buck will stop well short of voluntary reunification.

          The Taiwanese are quite happy with trading with the mainland. But they want to keep their distance, nevertheless.

    • blaeh

      If the USA would get out of meddling into other nation’s business, the Beijing government and the Taipei government would merge into an economic union, whith integration of the two sides within 50 years.

      There is no way the could form a union as long as they don’t recognise each other.

    • shit

      u really dont catch it ,why not just ask the mainland govt to persuade taiwan not to buy the arms?america is not forcing them, and america has an obligation to maintain a balance.why not also ask china ,why having a large army and still building up it military and missiles pointing and ready to strike taiwan?

  • Flamesy

    ‘For pissant Taiwan????????’

    Never come here.

  • Felix

    “America is a country where politics serve economics. Actually, Americans don’t have any broad political goals.”

    I completely disagree with this when it comes to the whole Taiwan-Eastasia-Security-Complex.

  • Taiwan is more American than (Mainland) Chinese.

    • greatdiwei

      That is an insult to Taiwanese.


  • US MAN

    china! invade taiwan or shut da fuck up!

  • Bill

    America! Invade China or shut da fuck up about Human rights or Tibet!

    • B. Prichard

      I don’t think anyone with any sense of morality should shut up about human rights. Tibet is clearly more complicated than just human rights.

      The US should clean up its own house regarding human rights before shooting off its mouth, but to pretend that another country’s failure to live up to its standards invalidates an argument is preposterous.

  • Jay K

    “You still have not answered my question.

    My guess is you were fat, ugly, nerdy virgin in high school… did not goto prom, got punked on by all the cool kids, did not goto prestigious college.

    So now you goto China because at least here you can wave around your USA passport and feel like you are a somebody.

    Am I right?”

    im \overweight now since ive been in china beer is cheap food is great and fucking is more amazing, its like this appetizer, main course and dessert. you’ve nailed it thank you for telling me this once again why i decided to extend my stay and let me feel like i am a king and your mom being my concubine, or whomever you are related too.

    damn it i went against my word i fed the troll!

    • Jay K

      im sorry im sorry diwei. i didnt mean these words. but i do like the fact im getting 4S service like no other

      i do honestly believe in reunification someday of taiwan and mainland, but so long as the prc is run by a bunch of commies i wouldnt support it.

  • LOLZ

    Most of this is pure bullshit. It’s not about Taiwan and China, it’s about US and China.

    Despite what the Taiwan independence people would like to think, it’s economy will even be more intertwined with China in the future. Taiwan people are the most materialistic people of all the Asians I have met. China is taiwan’s number one importer nation and is also the place where Taiwan businesses invest the most. There will not no war between China and Taiwan because its elites and business community will do whatever they can to prevent Taiwan politicians starting up any type of shit.

    This time the US is trying to start up shit because China and Taiwan relationship is getting cozier. US is worried about losing influence in Asia and it’s essential that Taiwan remains under US control. If US really wanted Taiwan to be independent it would of advised Taiwan to build its own nukes. But instead the US stopped Taiwan from doing so, that way the US will continue its influence in the region.

  • Charlie Bean

    What’s the complaint? Let’s take a look at history and how our governments works. Sure, Taiwan is getting some weapons from the United States, for what? Only to be turned over to China to benefit its technology and future. If anyone believes that the China and the US are not dealing under the table for various weapons, they are fools. Our governments treat each other as step-children, yet when it comes down to it, these same step-children will stand side-by-side to defend one another’s principals. So again, why such a big deal on these items being sold to Taiwan(China under table.)? China and the US depend on one another too much to not to be working with one another in this matter. What we hear in public is just talk.

    • Somethin Somethin

      Dude, no we’re not. Simply put. It makes no logical sense for a US defense contractor to sell weapons to the Chinese who are their #2 competitor. First of all because the Chinese would simply want to know how you make it, steal the tech and then produce it under a glorious China banner. Working with each other? We certainly are. But trading the trade secrets only works if the other side has something to trade. The Chinese tech militarily is junk and their ability to mass produce it at low cost is becoming a bit of a bother nowadays with the advent of a well equipped unconventional force. If you think the Taiwanese are taking the tech from the UH-60 Nav system and tossing over to their buddies in Wuhan you’re sorely mistaken. There is no giant New World Order in which the Americans somehow play the dupe to the cunning Asian statesmen.

  • Joel

    I love how combative this forum has become, keep it up I’m starting to get bored with the winter break and this provides me with amusement.

  • Centrist

    I don’t understand why China is upset about America selling defensive weapons to Taiwan.

    Is China planning an invasion of Taiwan?

    If not, there should be no worry.

  • matt

    greatdiwei and roflcopter, what does it say about how you feel about your country when you think only people who are losers in their home country would want to come to China or spend time on the internet reading about it?

    • LOLZ

      But it’s true. Most of the people who go to Asian countries, let it be China, Korea, or Japan, are losers in their own countries.

      When I was living in Japan the Gaijin, or foreigners, were divided into 3 groups. High paid professionals (investment bankers, general managers, etc living in Ropongi), Military (Marines stationed there), and English teachers (mostly living in small towns). The later group was considered the biggest losers, while the middle group (military) are considered to be the biggest troublemakers.

      In China it’s becoming the same, except there is no foreign military group. Sure, you get the General Manager level expats, but they are far and between. Each foreign subsidiary in China only needs a few, if not one high level foreign exec. Many if not most of the expats in China are English teachers.

      Personally I have nothing against English teachers in Asia, but the truth is that most of them don’t know how to teach and are bullshitting on their jobs. How many foreign English teachers in China actually have valid teaching certificates, or degrees in education? How many of them had prior experience in teaching ESL? To all these people “losers” is actually quite lenient. If anything, China should have laws to make sure that foreign professionals are qualified to do what they claim they can do in China. This goes for other professions too, such as foreign educated “lawyers” who don’t have the license nor the experience to practice law, and “doctors” who merely went through med school but never actually practiced.

      • Somethin Somethin

        How fucken qualified are you exactly LOLZ? I’ll have you god damn well know I went to school to be a teacher. Not ESL, but teaching is simply the ability to impart and nurture the impartment of knowledge. That being said you can take “loser” and shove it up your ass. I don’t know what you do for a living, but I doubt you do it with half the passion or the effort that I’ve seen in my 3 years of teaching. I work my ass off with a bunch of students who are Promethean in terms of the effort it takes to move them to participate. That being said I love my job and am exceptional at it. Just because you met some halfass dickwads on your tour don’t pass the buck on to me and my ilk. It takes all kinds in this world and labeling someone a loser because no one will hire you without five years and an MBA in some places is certainly an argument that does not hold water. I’ve met people who’ve graduated from Fudan who couldn’t teach someone the basic principles of Physics or fundamental economics. I’ve been examined by “Doctors” in China who after meeting them I wouldn’t trust with a pregnant cat. A piece of paper doesn’t make a teacher and a law degree doesn’t make a difference if the other side knows how to use logic and you don’t.

        • LOLZ


          I am surprised no one even asked me to define what I mean by “loser”, yet all of you english teachers are supremely upset.

          I would like to remind you people once again, that this is just a website. So what if someone thinks someone else is a loser? Don’t tell me you haven’t bashed someone else based on stereotypes before. Most of the people here mock Chinese people all the time, so fucking what? There are exceptions but a lot of the stereotypes about Chinese are true, just like the stereotype about English Teachers which I brought up. If you have been bashing others before based on stereotypes, why get upset when its your turn to be picked on?

  • JZ

    America F YAHHH

  • Greg

    Any chinese person living in china that claims to know what the “People” want is a liar. And all chinese know in their own hearts that this person is a liar. The reason this is true is because no person living in china is allowed to know the truth about what people want, or to say the truth about what they want if it doesn’t jive with the great tongzi thinking. And since you know you aren’t allowed to disagree you know your country men are not allowed to disagree and so you know you are a liar when you say what the people want. This article is the penultimate example of the new imperialist chinas propaganda machine.

    • LOLZ

      Yeah, and people who live outside of China or the expats whose allegiance are to other countries are the only ones who can claim to “know” what the Chinese people want.

      What you posted is no better than the pro-china posts from your average fengqing on the scale of bs levels.

  • IC

    Indeed, a proletariat site.

  • greatdiwei

    I don’t give a fuck about your nigger jungle music. Why dont you Google my ass.

  • Oinko

    I give China 10 years max and then it’ll implode and it’ll serve them right hwen America suddenly turns round one day and says “we owe you no money, here’s a record of all the things you’ve stolen, copied and pirated”. Gotta see the looks on faces then, priceless!

    ROFL Mao

  • uk_lager_lout

    Reagan used Military Keynesianism to get the US out of the 80s recession. Same thing happening here.

  • remember a good 50c mofo shares the “party” view, not there “personal” views. gotta keep it real! Helicoptor City Girl!

    Tongzhi greatdiwei

    were here to read it. racism, sexism, nationalism, love it all baby! were here for you buddy! Life goes on!

    so from the topics of ESL, love and hate, back to the article,

    some new patriots, alot of blackhawks, new electronics,

    nothing new…

    happens all the time,

    You can buy an airplane ticket from half a dozen cities here, to Taipei, no more stop over in Hong Kong,

    could not do that a few years before,

    thats progress, thats new

    Dont let us get Harmonized!

    我们热爱和平! Yes or No?

    • bai ren

      preach it brother!
      harmony has no hate, maybe a little condescention, but certianly not hate

  • Bill Rich

    “In the past thirty years, China has already become a country that’s only looking for money.”

    What is more important: They think everyone else only looking for money too. And that is their strength. A unified theory about human nature.

  • Awesomesauce

    It’s really funny to hear Chinese people talk about stuff like they actually know history.

    Taiwan is a military protectorate of the United States. The US HAS to defend Taiwan. The Taiwan Relations Act is US DOMESTIC (ie PART OF the US) policy. The US has owned Taiwan since Japan signed it over to the US in the Treaty of San Francisco, and the US ALLOWS the ROC to live there and do their own thing. In 3 communiques, the US has simply ACKNOWLEDGED that China THINKS it owns Taiwan. The Chinese have decided that this means the US has given up the international rights to the island, because they are dumb.

    • C&N

      Your mommma is owned by the US military. For frack’s sake get the issue right and try to read more than one paragraph of wikipedia before your dyslectic self convinces itself of the ‘facts of the case’.

      The only thing superior about the US military is its ability to lose wars. Well at least if they decide to return to Asia again, this time round they can claim they were beaten by more than just a few starving peasants.

      • Awesomesauce

        Dear C&N. I did not get this information from Wikipedia. It is fact. China’s “claim” to Taiwan holds as much weight as China claiming it owns NYC because it has a Chinatown in it. The Chinese SIGNED OVER all rights to Taiwan in the Treaty of Shimonoseki after Japan kicked their asses in 1895. See article 2: I’ll assume you have a decent grasp of English because you used “dyslectic” properly, so pay special attention to IN PERPETUITY. For those who don’t know, that means FORVEVER. Now, Japan signed Taiwan over to the victors after WW2, IN PERPETUITY, and to this day the victor holds the legal rights to the island. Now, the majority of the forces of the victors was the US. The ROC in Taiwan don’t even own the damn island, and the US has purposely left it’s status as “undetermined”. Guess who gets to make that determination? Oh yeah, the US. As the victors. Of WW2 over the Japanese. Hence, Taiwan is a protectorate of the US military.

        • Jeepsy

          Gedda fuck outa here! Only the Taiwanese are the rightful masters of Formosa! US fuckin of A owns our island? Only in your freakiest wet dream!

  • bai ren

    If weapons are not sold no reseach and development can be done to improve them… what weapons R&D is the US really wanting to get done? why their missle shield tech. This is why Taiwan, Japan etc are buying up patriot missles as fast as the CCP is buying up American bonds, to give a little face to the guy in the fancy white house and build guan xi for later when the tech does work and there is a war, (or for the ccp when the economy improves and they want some income without uping taxs). Canada did not get into the patriot missle scheme, there was a plan years ago to put a perimiter boarder all around north america with these missels, however as the tech has proven rather worthless canada did not get in bed with militerism. If chinese are pissed off that surrounding governments are buying american weapons they had better pressure their government to stop buying american bonds… oh wait individuals dont have much sway in authoritarian nations.

  • Capt.WeedAzzBroke



    • 404namenotfound

      ^ This.. lets all fucking DIE!!!

  • J

    This is fuckin’ retarded. US is selling shit because it DESPERATELY needs money. All this crap about defending democracy is shit. I don’t see anyone helping Africa, the true shit hole of the world.

    Taiwan doesn’t stand a chance against China. If just one province of Chinese went on over to Taiwan, took a piss on it, the island would sink. If Taiwan was smart, it’d join China and become all powerful before it become completely useless to China.

    China, it’s just face now for them. They’d certainly welcome Taiwan’s money into their economy, but if they won’t join, no big deal. However, if China would actually use smarter politics, Taiwan might already be theirs again. The only ones to truly lose out is Taiwan who is being played like a puppet.




    • Tins of sardines

      Darth Zhongguo tried to seduce young Taiwalker to join the red side.

      Can Obe-Wan Kenobama save the day? Find out next week in a new installment of ‘Sillycunts island’

      • rico

        Does that mean that PRC is going to end and ROC is returning to rule?!

        If so, I would like to see this movie.

  • apensi

    America sells arms to pay debts. China should not dictate how US Treasury redeem investors’ securities. Not sure how sanctions against Boeing is going to help?

  • fireworks

    The US selling arms to Taiwan is of a defensive nature. Its part of the Taiwan Relations Act the US has enacted because it switch recognition from ROC to the PRC.

    Now if the US were selling offensive weapons, then that violates the US Relations Act.

    I think ‘soft power’ is becoming more valuable rather than ‘hard power’.

    Soft power includes attacks on network infrastructure e.g. Estonia by Russia.

  • Shanghairocks

    What Chinese are pissed off at are not Taiwanese; but, loneliness…

  • Truth Hurts

    China should not just be furious at the States for selling the weapon rather it needs to also point its finger at Taiwan for buying the weapons as well. Simply said, it takes two to tango and the blame should not be entirely shifted onto the U.S. Call it a free market if you will because this is basically just that. If China can invest in conflicted countries in Africa along with deal with Afghanistan (while Americans fought so hard for those mines only to see China get the deal). Then it needs to suck it up and take what it can dish out.

  • Jason

    There is more than one way to kill people. Biological warfare, chemical warefare, or nukes. I think biological would be the worst, but then again one would have to immunize the entire country to do biological warefare. Just saying.

    Missiles are for the fast.

    No china. You will never beat the US. As american born chinese and cantonese. FUCK YOu north fuck you!

    • Sam

      “You will never beat the US?” America is already slipping. That’s a stupid statement.

  • I’m shocked, I say! Shocked! I guess Taiwan’s government just doesn’t like China’s Communist Party. But then, who does?

    C. Custer–“After all, the ‘brothers’ on either side [of the strait] are not strangers.”

    Yes to unification, but under conditions favorable to the citizens of both countries, and ~NOT~ to the C.C.P.

    Anyway, did it ever occur to you that the Taiwanese in general have no desire to be ruled by Communists? What person fond of his own liberty desires this? Can you tell me that, C. Custer? Many ~mainland~ Chinese don’t like being ruled by Communists, and quite often ones with enough money emigrate to countries like mine. BTW, thank you, C.C.P., you tumorous cluster of club-wielding parasites… and would you please be so kind as to frighten more Chinese people to New Zealand. :-)

    • O’really

      We’ve got enough mainland chinese in nz already causing trouble and chaos thanks! While some take our tax money for free, so no more please!!no more! OR least teach them how to respect other cultures instead of thinking all day everyday 24/7 that they are the strongest and richest nation in the world?

  • Max

    China has been supplying the Iranians and Syrians with weapons and explosives, and these same weapons and explosives are being forwarded to Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan. Chinese weapons are killing US soldiers. So I have no problem with the US arming Taiwan. I’m only disappointed that we didn’t include more advanced weapons and systems, like the F-16. It’s all being done with China’s “feelings” being taken into consideration.

    It’s time for China to realize they are not going to be able to dominate Taiwan. The Island of Formosa is where Chinese nationalists sought refuge, and they are not leaving or being assimilated.