American Basketball Player Throws Money To Students


Here is a quick English explanation from Shanghaiist:

What was meant to be a friendly game of basketball in Hunan Province has burst into a furious debate on the internet, after an American player tossed money out to a crowd of students… and some students actually scrambled to pick it up.

According to Sohu, the (roughly translated) American Gym Ambassdor Men Star’s Basketball Team” (美国体育使者男子明星篮球队) was asked to play against the “Lithuanian National Basketball Team” (立陶宛苏托瓦职业男子篮球队) in a local gym in Xiangxi last Saturday.

The game itself was without controversy, but when the American team left the high school, one of the basketball players opened up the bus and threw RMB at the high school students.

The original poster claimed that many students scrambled to get the money. One female high school student threw away some of the money in the trash to protest, but another student came and picked it back out.

Like other foreigners-throwing-money-incidents in the past, this one triggered a huge reaction amongst people. The majority of students and commenters condemned the basketball player, demanding an explanation for his actions.

Comments from Sina: “Embarrassing, Hunan middle school students like beggars picking up American’s money”


What you say sounds great [referring to original poster’s criticism of this incident], but if someone scattered the sky full of an old man’s head [banknotes/bills/cashnotes] — and they were red [100 RMB note], and you do not go pick them up, then I will eat the toilet in my house.
The sanctimonious ones fight the hardest [for the money].
If it were me, I would collect it all and then go slap the foreigner’s face, and after slapping him, I’d run. emoticons|E___6291ZHTSSIB|也不行~
Face and dignity I no doubt want, but banknotes also.
You’re welcome to criticize me.


Those who cannot accept what happened can go to a big street in America and scatter a bunch of USD and see if the Americans will come pick them up.


What is the big deal, do not blame anyone, just blame the photographer and that dog who made the post for causing controversy.


Picking up money means low character? How come you TMD do not go look at the scene of a car accident on the highway, where the villagers can risk their lives rushing from the side to pick up things, that is just robbery in disguise.
If you feel this is very embarrassing, you too can bring several thousand USD to an American campus and see what happens when you throw them.


Money…is a good thing…who doesn’t love [money]? However, even taking a dog’s money…seems a little wrong.


What if?
What if that money was not thrown by a foreigner but by a Chinese person?
What if a Chinese person went to some small school in America and threw USD, what would happen?
What if I tomorrow got married, and I scattered a bunch of fruit drops, what then?
What if this news was fake?


If this incident happened in an American campus, maybe the students there would have a gun battle! emoticons|E___7247ZH02SIB|祈祷


After watching, the target of people’s anger should not be pointed at these children who have not yet come of age. The target of anger should be pointed at the country’s education. The country’s policies have created a wealth gap—


I, as a person’s father, deeply know that one must start young in cultivating a child’s values, and sense of morality!
Chinese people, you cannot throw money in front of other country’s people. What happened and how the students behaved is undoubtedly not the main point. The main point is character education!


Seeing these pictures, I say they are embarrassing, and indeed it was losing our countrymen’s face in front of foreigners.
However, if you carefully think about this another way, if what was thrown were 100 RMB bills, don’t say children, even adults would be running to pick them up.
This is the nature of people.
Many times, in front of money, people have already lost their most basic dignity! emoticons|E___6095ZHWSSIB|怒

Comments from NetEase: “American basketball player scatters money at Hunan campus causing students to scramble for the money, truly shameful!”


Americans using this method to insult our countrymen, this is too outrageous.


Chinese children, you guys are truly embarrassing!


Fuck, American black donkey.


Reaching out to ask for money is too embarrassing, where did this bunch of disappointing bastards come from?! Really making a fool of themselves. We must find a lesson from this incident: Middle school’s basic education, we need to reflect on it.


What the hell is this? Fortunately there was still a girl who had some will [did not pick up the money], made me feel it was not that sad.


In China, having money means having dignity. Actually, this is an epitome of China’s current situation, no matter what methods you use, several years or several decades later, you will realize that those defending dignity in the end are all poverty-stricken and down on their luck, with the successful people having made it through experiencing hardships. Dignity is established on those who have capital. Without capital, what dignity can you talk about?


Has anyone thought of why that American basketball player would do such a thing as scattering money? What was his motive? Has anyone suspected/confirmed the authenticity of this piece of news’?


Strongly request that bastard be searched out and blacklisted, make him apologize to the entire country, and have him go kowtow before Mao at Tiananmen Square admitting his mistake…


In any country, including America, Western Europe, Japan, etc., someone throwing money will naturally have people going to pick it up. If someone wants to throw, let them throw, they have money! This completely does not involve any kind of character problem/issue. With regards to that girl, I want to say that although she felt that throwing money was an insult to us, did she consider whether ripping RMB is disrespecting RMB? You can not want this money, pick it up and then give it to the local Red Cross or give it to our friends in the earthquake disaster area.
So all of this is talking nonsense.


Several years ago in Chengdu, there was also someone scattering money at Tianfu Square!!! — After being stopped by the police, he was also detained a few days! Now this Westerner scatters money and nothing happens? 5000 years of servility still exists!~!!!


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