American Basketball Player Throws Money To Students


Here is a quick English explanation from Shanghaiist:

What was meant to be a friendly game of basketball in Hunan Province has burst into a furious debate on the internet, after an American player tossed money out to a crowd of students… and some students actually scrambled to pick it up.

According to Sohu, the (roughly translated) American Gym Ambassdor Men Star’s Basketball Team” (美国体育使者男子明星篮球队) was asked to play against the “Lithuanian National Basketball Team” (立陶宛苏托瓦职业男子篮球队) in a local gym in Xiangxi last Saturday.

The game itself was without controversy, but when the American team left the high school, one of the basketball players opened up the bus and threw RMB at the high school students.

The original poster claimed that many students scrambled to get the money. One female high school student threw away some of the money in the trash to protest, but another student came and picked it back out.

Like other foreigners-throwing-money-incidents in the past, this one triggered a huge reaction amongst people. The majority of students and commenters condemned the basketball player, demanding an explanation for his actions.

Comments from Sina: “Embarrassing, Hunan middle school students like beggars picking up American’s money”


What you say sounds great [referring to original poster’s criticism of this incident], but if someone scattered the sky full of an old man’s head [banknotes/bills/cashnotes] — and they were red [100 RMB note], and you do not go pick them up, then I will eat the toilet in my house.
The sanctimonious ones fight the hardest [for the money].
If it were me, I would collect it all and then go slap the foreigner’s face, and after slapping him, I’d run. emoticons|E___6291ZHTSSIB|也不行~
Face and dignity I no doubt want, but banknotes also.
You’re welcome to criticize me.


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Those who cannot accept what happened can go to a big street in America and scatter a bunch of USD and see if the Americans will come pick them up.


What is the big deal, do not blame anyone, just blame the photographer and that dog who made the post for causing controversy.


Picking up money means low character? How come you TMD do not go look at the scene of a car accident on the highway, where the villagers can risk their lives rushing from the side to pick up things, that is just robbery in disguise.
If you feel this is very embarrassing, you too can bring several thousand USD to an American campus and see what happens when you throw them.


Money…is a good thing…who doesn’t love [money]? However, even taking a dog’s money…seems a little wrong.


What if?
What if that money was not thrown by a foreigner but by a Chinese person?
What if a Chinese person went to some small school in America and threw USD, what would happen?
What if I tomorrow got married, and I scattered a bunch of fruit drops, what then?
What if this news was fake?


If this incident happened in an American campus, maybe the students there would have a gun battle! emoticons|E___7247ZH02SIB|祈祷


After watching, the target of people’s anger should not be pointed at these children who have not yet come of age. The target of anger should be pointed at the country’s education. The country’s policies have created a wealth gap—


I, as a person’s father, deeply know that one must start young in cultivating a child’s values, and sense of morality!
Chinese people, you cannot throw money in front of other country’s people. What happened and how the students behaved is undoubtedly not the main point. The main point is character education!


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Seeing these pictures, I say they are embarrassing, and indeed it was losing our countrymen’s face in front of foreigners.
However, if you carefully think about this another way, if what was thrown were 100 RMB bills, don’t say children, even adults would be running to pick them up.
This is the nature of people.
Many times, in front of money, people have already lost their most basic dignity! emoticons|E___6095ZHWSSIB|怒

Comments from NetEase: “American basketball player scatters money at Hunan campus causing students to scramble for the money, truly shameful!”


Americans using this method to insult our countrymen, this is too outrageous.


Chinese children, you guys are truly embarrassing!


Fuck, American black donkey.


Reaching out to ask for money is too embarrassing, where did this bunch of disappointing bastards come from?! Really making a fool of themselves. We must find a lesson from this incident: Middle school’s basic education, we need to reflect on it.


What the hell is this? Fortunately there was still a girl who had some will [did not pick up the money], made me feel it was not that sad.


In China, having money means having dignity. Actually, this is an epitome of China’s current situation, no matter what methods you use, several years or several decades later, you will realize that those defending dignity in the end are all poverty-stricken and down on their luck, with the successful people having made it through experiencing hardships. Dignity is established on those who have capital. Without capital, what dignity can you talk about?


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Has anyone thought of why that American basketball player would do such a thing as scattering money? What was his motive? Has anyone suspected/confirmed the authenticity of this piece of news’?


Strongly request that bastard be searched out and blacklisted, make him apologize to the entire country, and have him go kowtow before Mao at Tiananmen Square admitting his mistake…


In any country, including America, Western Europe, Japan, etc., someone throwing money will naturally have people going to pick it up. If someone wants to throw, let them throw, they have money! This completely does not involve any kind of character problem/issue. With regards to that girl, I want to say that although she felt that throwing money was an insult to us, did she consider whether ripping RMB is disrespecting RMB? You can not want this money, pick it up and then give it to the local Red Cross or give it to our friends in the earthquake disaster area.
So all of this is talking nonsense.


Several years ago in Chengdu, there was also someone scattering money at Tianfu Square!!! — After being stopped by the police, he was also detained a few days! Now this Westerner scatters money and nothing happens? 5000 years of servility still exists!~!!!


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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • nathan

    wtf…i dont see what all the controversy is about this kind of stuff happens all the time in the states. concerts, appereances, premiers, sporting events…pretty much anything where celebrities are involved

    • It’s controversy because some people think that the player was insulting those people by giving them money and assuming they would take it. The fact that he assumed those people are not proud of being able to make their own money, and that they would graciously take it from him is where the insult lies. They in fact did take it so it becomes controversial as to why those kids took it and why the guy did it to reveal that quality in those people.

      • Combat Wombat

        Kids are supposed to be proud that they make their own money? Aren’t they supposed to go to school?

        Shit I woulda picked up any free money on the ground when I was a kid.

        • Sure but I’m saying that they are saying that kids should be proud to earn their money, not pick it up like beggars from someone. It sort of presents them in a state of inferiority. They’re not saying that kids should be earning money. You’re missing the point.

        • ANd there’s nothing WRONG with picking up the money. It’s just that if you choose to do that you’re acknowledging the fact that you NEED the money this guy’s throwing out and that this guy DOESN’T NEED the money, thus making you inferior to him.

          For example, if it was me there, I would have been like OOOooo 100s, I make that in less than half a second. It would cost me more to take the time to pick it up than to just do what I do normally. Now regardless of whether or not that is true, by asserting that attitude I am not admitting to be inferior enough to accept so eagerly someone’s trash, which is in this case money. Of course that attitude would be overkill, as I would also be asserting superiority by criticizing him only throwing out 100s.

          • MLSH

            I don’t think it acknowledges a need for money–it’s not like it was a celebrity, but sort of. Like getting a broken drumstick at a concert or an autograph on a playbill..if they were at the game, and saw the guy play, maybe they wanted some momento. I ate that stuff up as a kid.
            Just like I picked up all the change that was ever thrown at me in a parade, along with all the candy, and scoured the streets later for any leftovers other kids didn’t pick up…

      • the tank man

        It’s controversy because it happened between a black and a bunch of yellow.

        • comeon

          true true…very true man!!

        • Zlsetrdx

          To me it seems more like a joke, not an insult. He probably does the same when in a black neighborhood in the US and they take the money, of course. Even more: if he does this at a game in America, it’s very likely black and also white, latino, asian… everyone there will take the money. It would just be a funny thing to do.

      • Asante Ron

        chinese people are a fucked up people who would always see good as evil and see evil as good just as fishermen allowed youngsters to drown….but these broke ass motherfuckers who always go for our money as foreigners are talking shit that they were insulted making this shit controversial.

        Let the chinese suck my dick and go lick some clit to have their brains function properly.Damn bitches!!!!!

    • Name

      My god. Some people want to turn every fucking thing into a controversey

    • Common Ground

      (I can figure out how to comment without replying to a post!)

      I would take the money, and so would you. So many are making it seem like he did this on purpose with the intention of spitting on all of China. HOW CAN YOU SAY THIS?! To this, I take offense as a reasonable person. And, it makes me scared of anyone who would take this out of context and demonize someone.

      What if the children could really have used the money? I know nothing about these children but I am 100% POSITIVE they have less means than the basketball player. I would have negative things to say about him if he DIDN’T share his money. These are obviously not children living in squalor, they are not helpless children living on the streets because of irresponsible parents or an irresponsible social condition. Whether in another country or in the streets of a poorer American neighborhood, I am sure he would have done the same thing. Money is not equally distributed among society , and those who are more privileged should show generosity. I commend the basketball players generosity.

      And I am embarrassed for any Chinese person who would show disrespect to his kindness.

  • Celkian

    He didn’t consider (but he is just an athlete) what it would look like to throw money in a poor country but the issue is a little confused by the fact he did it to young kids and not adults. If he did it to adults that would bring another set of issues.

  • Just warming up for when LeBron James obtain heaven’s mandate . All hail King James! 万岁万岁!

    • *obtains.

      He’s probably got more followers among youth in China than the old CCP

  • The John

    I really don’t see the big deal. If someone through out money. If it landed in my hand, should I throw it away? I don’t think so. Well, I would never fight over money. The fact that so many people are angry about this may show insecurity issues.

    • No, you should find someone that’s asking for it because they need it, and give it to them. If you need it, take it. But in that case the player was arrogant enough to assume you needed it. And he was right. You confirmed it by taking it. Good job.

  • frank.

    for some reason Chinese people are extremely sensitive about this issue, and it makes no sense to me. If some Chinese guy went around the US throwing money at people, nobody would be insulted. But this sort of thing is a big deal – just look at the comments – they think of it as an insult to their ability to make money for themselves, which is stupid. It’s just money. Who cares.

    • It’s sensitive to them because it’s like the race issue. In an argument between a white guy and a black guy you just don’t bring up the fact that african americans have higher crime rate and higher high school dropout rate.

      That being said, chinese people are poorer, so why make a big deal about that fact by going there and dropping 100s.

      Try to understand where the chinese people are coming from. When you’re a developing country that’s inferior in so many ways you have to be able to be proud of as many things as you can be.

      • Fike2308

        “Try to understand where the chinese people are coming from. When you’re a developing country that’s inferior in so many ways you have to be able to be proud of as many things as you can be.”

        I think that’s a great point.

  • Yong

    He’s just “makin’ it rain”…it’s an American hip hop thing so I hope that the controversy will die out.

  • Shanghairocks

    Chinese are always hyper about everything and always sound “too proud” of themselves ..

    • Fike2308

      …and, as a result, they sounds like monkeys to the rest of the world.

  • malagebi

    Oh no, please don’t give money to people in a third world country. They’re just angry because the only way the Chinese can make it rain is by seeding the clouds.

  • Limpor

    firstly: i dont like niggas
    secondly: this nigga’s behaviour’z disgusting.
    to sum up: nigga is sucks!

    • Jim Mao

      Hi Fauna,
      I’ve been loving reading your site for a long time, but it is increasingly the case that Chinasmack readers are just trying to outshine their Chinese counterparts. Posts like this one above, even if it is supposed to be ironic, are just hateful and disturbing to see. I don’t want people’s opinions to be censored, but I hope there is a method to curb some of the ridiculously ill-conceived opinions. People with nothing to say don’t deserve to have a voice…

  • anotherteacher

    I was out with a Chinese friend when a beggar approached me. We got into a long conversation about it, but in the end, he believed that it is better to make a living sorting through garbage than to beg for money. This incident is nothing to get angry about. Americans need to realize begging is heavily looked down on in China (even though there is a lot of it), and Chinese need to realize Westerners don’t see giving money as degrading. Put down another mark for cultural misunderstandings.

    • Well I think the giving money as degrading concept is universal. THe only reason why it’s bigger in china is because it is poor, so the problem is accentuated. It’s the same as calling a mentally retarded person stupid.

      We know china’s poor, why shove it in its face.

  • “If this incident happened in an American campus, maybe the students there would have a gun battle! ”

    China’s not so safe anymore either

    11 suspects detained in China gang shooting

  • VeerLeft

    Its a ghetto celeb thing. He’s ‘makin’ it RAIN’ , there’s songs about it. Making it rain in the club, out the tour bus window etc… he’ is being larger than life with his and being generous in his own way. This has NOTHING to do with america vs china.

    Oh, …and to this poster who wrote…”Fuck, American black donkey.”, I say, this isn’t about color you communist monkey.

    • Alikese

      Yeah, I imagine that this basketball player wanted to seem like a rich athlete. Since he doesn’t have enough money to throw hundreds out the window at home, he through hundred kuai notes ($12?) out the window, which he could afford to do. I imagine he thought that the students would be happy to get the money, and that he would seem like a some kind of wealthy, benevolent soul, or “balla.”

      • Mateo

        100 RMB is the largest cash note in China. What else would he throw??

        • Fike2308

          He could throw smaller denominations.

  • VeerLeft

    You don’t have to like ‘niggas’, your sister loves us enough for the whole family.

    BTW. your mom sucks…hard. Tell her to file her teeth down.

  • Seems to reflect the money centric culture that is becoming so prevalent in today’s China. This is what happens when you make money a god.

    • Stuey

      When you make money a god… people like getting free money? If that’s true, I think money’s god everywhere.

  • JJ

    This is just silly to feel insulted or concerned about these petty incidents.

    Very few of you have thought about the intent. If the intentions were good, regardless of whether it’s a careless or unthoughtful act, it should be somewhat excusable. No harm done except that you think your little feelings are hurt. Get over it.

  • Josh

    Admittedly, it seems a bit condescending for a guy to just throw money in a foreign country, but I like what one guy said: “What if the guy was Chinese?”

    But please, scolding the children for picking it up? I’m sure the farmers in China’s interior or the people who live in caves in Shaanxi would protest the loudest as they put my money in their pockets if I were to do the same thing.

    Nevertheless, if the situation were reversed, you bet your ass I’d be going, “sweet, free money.”

    And the thing about American campuses turning into a gun battle is just another example of someone who likes to talk shit without knowing shit.

  • Overseas Chinese

    Can I throw bananas at black people?

    • that +1 vote was supposed to be a -1.

      that comment was preeettty low buddy

    • Fike2308

      @ Overseas Chinese….YES, you can throw bananas at black people…and GET YOUR ASS KICKED as a result.

      Seriously, I DARE YOU to go to any city in America with a high black population and toss some bananas at them.

      It’s your funeral.

  • Capt. Absurdity

    Hey WTF. I don’t understand why people are trying to get life’s meaning from this. Who cares! If I were there I would have definitely grabbed the money, I mean it’s like the Lords are making it rain for the peasants. Why the f not?

    Money? The world revolves around money. Life twists and turns and most of the time it lands on the money-side. Who the f*** are you to judge like that? Don’t act like you are above it. I know it is materialistic but most people on planet earth cannot escape from this materialistic trap; we are all trapped.

    PLEASE, do not be so hypocritical. Do you get up ever day to work? Well, what you do is equivalent to grabbing money when they make it rain for ya; 99% of you are out there are toiling away mostly for the benefits of the true elites. The real mofos. who control the real world. There is no collective good, no global morality, and certainly no international citizenship. Only the global control grid is real.

  • Capt. Absurdity

    You just have to step back. Human civilization is nothing but massive domestication of human beings.

  • For the record, I highly doubt he’s “making it rain”, as a few people have suggested. That’s something you do almost exclusively to strippers, or women you’re trying to get to strip. Nor does it have anything to do with being “generous with his”, even in the original rap songs it’s a manifestation of arrogance and dominance (bitch, you’d BETTER take your clothes off because look at how much money I have). Rappers don’t “make it rain” to give back to their communities, they have charities for that.

    Also for the record, let’s separate this one small subsection of hip-hop and try to keep from associating it with all hip-hop and rap, most of which is much less stupid.

    • Alikese

      I think he was making it rain. He’s probably seen it on TV before, and in videos and never had the money to do it before. I don’t think that makes it analogous to throwing money at strippers, just showing where he got the motivation to throw money up in the air in front of a group of people.

      And they don’t “make it rain to give back to the communities,” they make it rain so that everyone thinks they are loaded, and 100s don’t mean anything to them. He wasn’t being disrespectful, just self-serving, or short-sighted.

    • The John

      I disagree.

      1997 NYC, Nas threw our 3 grand to his fans during a club performance. 03, outkast also made it rain during a performance. So, has Run DMC and eminem. Rappers have been making it rain, for a long time. It isn’t a sign of disrespect. Nor, is it a stripper thing. Also, think about it logically, throwing money at people with good intentions is not all that bad. I think this is a case of a culture difference gone wrong.

  • Overseas Chinese

    I am a wealthy overseas chinese

    but if some1 threw even 1 us dollar at me… why not pick it up?

    • yellow master race

      What is this “oversea chinese”?

      Is it a Political paty? Is it a Nation? Is it a ethnic group? is it a masohist club? a gay union? a nudists circle? a mafia club? what is this “oversea chinese”? Who told you you are the one?

      • Lewceein

        hehheh that’s kind of funny…

      • Peteryang

        he is an overseas chinese, obviously.

  • jiajia

    I wonder if it would be the same if he was throwing t-shirts or other junk sports teams throw out. Honestly it’s a bit ridiculous. And I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen vids on youtube of rappers driving in open top cars through there old neighbourhood throwing money. I’ve also seen people throwing money at sporting events if they’ve won a big wager. If the person was someone famous whom I was a fan of I’d pick it up as a rather cool memento more than anything else.

    I always find it strange that a lot of the really hard core screaming nationalists are the ones who see this as an affront. If they were really that secure in their belief in their country this sort of stuff shouldn’t matter.

    • The John

      How about when Micheal Jackson throws his hat to the crowd? Is he insulting us, becaue we dont have as much pop and soul as him. People need to get over themselves. I don’t give a f*ck. If you throw money at me, im keeping it.

  • yellow master race

    Americans using this method to insult our countrymen, this is too outrageous.–

    why is it an insult? chinese politicans (droping their money into losers-crow) do it everytime and noone is going to blame them.. so where is an insult?

  • warped0ne

    As a former public middle school teacher in a Tier 2 city in China, it’s common place for students to ask for money… I was asked at least once a week. As far as “was this an insult to anyone,” I’ll have to say if you think so, you need to go to a Tony Robbins seminar on self confidence.

  • bs dog

    Let’s put this into context, because if the kids started to gather around the bus first to pay adoration, and then he threw out the money because he felt he should give them something – and what else better than money – then he should not be crucified for that situation. I remember when I was a kid, and went “trick or treating” (a form of begging), this guy had no candy, and gave us money instead – believe me, I was not disappointed. However, if he just decided to create a scene, and wanted to see how these kids react to money, then he had bad intentions and should be notified so he can feel like a dick.

  • VeerLeft

    Boxers have done it in clubs after they won a big bout…same with football players etc,etc…just take a wad of money and throw it out on the dance floor.
    It’s real, and the only Chinese that are complaining are the ones who weren’t there to pick up the money.
    AND the reason that they are complaining is that he is darker than they are.
    BTW… if I am hungry, you may throw a steak or a bucket of KFC at me…or yes…even a BANANA.

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  • Henry

    I think what the basketball player did was insulting. The whole implication is, “I’m so much richer than you peasants.” He may have not consciously thought of it in exactly those terms, but that’s still what it means. It’s like a white guy throwing money out of a bus in Harlem.

    • Fike2308

      Hey, I throw money out of bus windows everytime I’m in Harlem ;)

  • Kellen

    haha re: the earlier comment about giving money to a beggar, i recently gave a guy a couple kuai thinking he was a beggar. it was late, dark outside and he was sitting with a small tin box on the side of the road. i tossed him the coins and my friend hit me. turns out he was a tailor and the box held some needles and scissors. he said thanks and took it well enough.

    i felt pretty stupid though.

  • The Wade

    Was his intent to insult those students or create a controversy? Probably not. I think you can easily forgive someone for being ignorant especially when the worst thing that happened was that a few people got some money.

  • Escobar

    Stand in front of a Chinese classroom and take out your wallet. See what happens. Be ready to run.

    • ChinoCabron


    • Fike2308

      ! Es la verdad !

  • Zero

    What I think about this is that this is the TRUE nature of Chinese
    (not anti chinese here)
    but please look at the previous post, incidents, chinese people are soooooo materialistic

  • lron

    Hey, why are you serving me ads for scientology? Don’t u have the F**king decency to at least censor your google ads? Did u not tick the box asking for no crap religion ads? I’ll never come back here again.

    • Alikese

      If your faith, or lack thereof, is so weak that you will be immediately swayed by a google ad you have no right to read or write anything on the internet.

  • the tank man

    I’m going to ask every possible native american,particularly americans in black shrouds moving with 2 legs anywhere i get a chance to catch a sight upon if he is going to throw money and when so that i’ll summon my slave countrymen to give him a warm reception before the sideshow takes places.

  • Stuey

    (quote from the ChinaGeeks link below)

    “there’s no doubt this guy’s behavior is an embarrassment to Americans”

    For me, that’s the most interesting thing here. Most Chinese commentators don’t seem to consider that at all- they’re only focused on their own country ‘losing face’ and most criticism seems reserved for the students. Why is that? I’ve got three ideas, but I’m not sure: (a) they think the American is deliberately trying to insult China- he doesn’t lose face because he had an evil plan and it worked; (b) ‘sinocentrism’: they won’t consider how Americans view this because they’re only interested in [and only understand] their own country; (c) the cliche of Chinese nationalists lacking self-confidence: at some level they only expect and see Chinese failure.

    Those might not make any sense, but I’m interested in anyone’s opinions.

    • blooper

      pfff…black rappers throwing money at people in NYC as someone mentioned earlier has always gotten condemnations from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or other so called civil activists for putting blacks in a bad light aka (lose face). Trying to form a judgement about society at large whether it be the US or China is pointless because one can always find idiots who’ll make a big deal out of nothing for the attention.

      • Stuey

        Fair point… but I wasn’t trying to get at some kind of ‘Chineseness’, just at the thinking of the fenqing. The fact that some Americans are embarrassed about the act of throwing money (but maybe not so much about picking it up) kind of fits in with my impression that the reverse is true among the fenqing.

        • Stuey

          In fact, just had a look at more Chinese comments on it. It’s definitely noticeable- like one guy saying ‘Should only they be blamed?’ I thought for a minute he was going to criticise the American’s behaviour, but instead he says it’s a wider social problem in China…

    • deadprez

      You make some very good points. Especially considering how everyone likes to bash us when we don’t understand the details of another culture but they do the same thing by not trying to understand ours. At the end of the day it’s about respecting each other’s differences. If the guy was just trying to be nice, then they should just take it for that.

    • Fike2308

      @ Stuey:

      (b) ’sinocentrism’: they won’t consider how Americans view this because they’re only interested in [and only understand] their own country

      I think that’s a great point….a lot of Chinese people seem to assume that the rest of the world thinks like they do…..blows my mind that they would assume such.

      I’m AMERICAN and I feel no shame about this minor incident at all….in fact, I feel like the REACTIONS to the incident are much more fascinating (and revealing) than the actual incident itself.

  • Joe #2

    Wow, people can even complain about free money?

    I wouldn’t be thinking, “I might lose face if I pick this up,” I would be thinking, “Wow! Free money!”

    And what’s with the “gun battle” comment? I never see anyone carrying guns except policemen. Even though you’re allowed to carry guns openly in this state.

  • James G

    The guy is a dumbass, but maybe not malicious. Maybe. I’ve seen this before in Suzhou and Shanghai, laowai throwing coins towards beggars with childrens, and laughing at them scattering about to pick up the coins. I have also seen other people get pissed at them for doing it… the guys I know who used to do it would do so after having a pint or 8 at Windows, the one near Jing’An Temple… 4 or 5 years ago, that place always had a bunch of child beggars around.

    Maybe he was trying to make it rain… but having said that, “making it rain” is pretty ig’nant, and though I love rap/hip-hop (hardcore b-boy here) I for damn sure don’t want someone throwing money at me like he a king showering his peasants with his wealth. It is condescending, and overseas ballplayers don’t make that much that, do they?

    Just some context about “making it rain” – throwing money in the audience is what lead to one of T.I.’s (the rapper) friends being shot and killed in Cincinnati. Apparently some guys in the audience took offense at his throwing money, made some loud remarks about having money of their own, and then followed TI’s group once outside the venue, and made a little rain of their own. They chased T.I.’s group and opened fire.

    And Pacman Jones, the pro football player? All that trouble he got into in Las Vegas was due to making it rain with money he couldn’t or didn’t want to give away, then trying to get it back.

    Plus rappers do a lot of stupid shit, and have been doing so for a long time, but that doesn’t excuse it. Though I like rap, there is a lot about the behavior of some “artists” that leaves me kinda sour. Some other posters mentioned it, and I will agree that if some Asian tourists in Africa were filmed throwing money and watching the young natives push and shove to get it, people would be hella pissed, especially black people. Imagine Yao Ming rolling through the 4th ward of Houston, throwing dollar bills out the window and a bunch of poor black kids running trying to scoop them up! I am a pretty standard-issue black American (forgive me for speaking for the tribe, ha) and I’m pretty sure what the reaction to that would be. So yeah, the guy was just being a typical dumbass, maybe he didn’t realize it. I wonder if any of this got back to him, and if so, how he reacted?

    What is interesting is that more people aren’t familiar with this sort of behavior. It goes on all the time in developing countries; in Ecuador, there is a train trip that’s popular with tourists, and people throw candy from the train roof (where the tourists sit) and the poor local kids run and tumble trying to get it. The whole thing kinda stinks not of racism (I don’t think) but of a superior attitude.

    Who is that guy, anyway? Some brand name players have played in China before, I’d be interested to know if he was ever any good in college.

    Peace and RMBs (it’s supposed to rhyme~~~)

    • The John


      You are thinking about this too much. If someone has their own money. They can do what they want with it. It isn’t wrong to give your own money to others. So, why are you buggin out? If Yao Ming threw a grand out of a window in harlem, I would be the first to catch it. I don’t think he is better than me. But, if he thew out the money and doesn’t want it, I can put it to use.

      OK PEOPLE!!!!!!


      Jackie Chan throws a shirt into a crowd. People fought over it.

      Rain tossed something out to his fans in Korea. They fought over it.

      Baseball players make it rain everytime they have a home run. People fight over the ball.

      MJ tossed his hat into his crowds for years and fights started.

      Legendary drum player from the band Beyond from HK used to toss his sticks to the crowd and people fought over it.

      All of those things I mentioned are less than money. They are cheap goods. But, you can consider them as money, because we can sell them for a high amount of money on the internet. Why don’t we just hate all of these stars? Anything can have value. Why don’t we just condemn throwing anything out to people?

      I think it is really hypocritical of people to tell me what to do with my goods, which I earned and payed for. I give money to friends. Sometimes, they don’t need it. Does that mean I should be punished?

      • The John

        I think if there is no superior attitude involved, then I can’t see it being wrong. Even, if someone is superior, they don’t show it by throwing money out of a window. They show it by being greedy bastards and flaunting themselves. In reality, they dont give you a flying cent.

  • Lewceein

    I like how excited that one poster was about the possibility of a gunfight in the US on a college campus :-)

  • Whats going on

    It could be something as simple as he was on his way to the airport to go back home and had some extra RMB. Perhaps he didn’t feel like it was worth the trouble waiting in line at the money exchange. Why not just give it to the kids?

    Funny how some people claim to be so self righteous and proud when it comes to money but at the same time would rob you blind for even just a mao note in a biz transaction. You are so clever! For being so petty comrade.

    • Fike2308

      Seriously, how can Chinese ppl be self-righteous towards money?

      They love to barter and rip-off “foolish” foreigners who believe that vendors are honest.

  • Jigga Berry

    Hmmm amazing that this can be controversial but the incident does demonstrate the inherent racism and deep insecurity of Chinese people. They hate the fact (as they are extremely racist towards blacks) that a black dude chucked the money, and they also, as always, recall ANCIENT history of China’s submission to foreign powers 100 years ago. I think they can afford to be a little more confident and relaxed than that but…
    anyways, i would have grabbed the cash, throwing money is a sign of exuberance, let the good times roll, spread the love ha ha!

    • Fike2308

      It’s ironic to me (I’m a white guy) how Chinese people (from my experience) ALWAYS speak badly about blacks and use the “N” word BUT at the same time WORSHIP Kobe Bryant…..kind of blows my mind!

      Also, who wouldn’t LOVE to take a handful of the racist Chinese people who think the “N-word” is funny and drop them off in COMPTON or ATLANTA? I would pay money to see that.

  • FangYao

    what a f*king big deal????
    some people like throw money what so ever, they threw their own money, as individual person this is not a crime in china!!!!!
    i am Chinese, i will be very happy somebody throws bunch of the cash to me……..what a nice day!!!woohhoooo…
    you dont want it, shut up your f*king racial stupid mouth….

  • Professor Sillypants

    Just get over your inferiority complex already. This guy was an idiot to throw the money, but why does it piss everyone off so much? When you understand why it does, therein lies your problem. You are so concerned about face, whereas I am concerned about morality.

  • Lyrea

    I think the main problem here is the Basketball player who throw money at the WRONG SITUATION in the WRONG PLACE.

    If you are coming to foreign country- wherever it is- you should be careful not to insult them. If he wants to give away money, he should’ve give away using better method. Why should he spread the money to the sky and then let people picking up- like beggar? Also, unless the money he throw are thousand-thousand-thousand million RMB, I’ll say he is ‘trying too hard’ to show off.
    If he only gave away small amount of money, he should’ve just hand them out to those who needs it, no need to show off as if he hands out millions RMB, how embarassing the trying-too-hard image is.

    Likewise I read story about Secret Santa in USA when it’s christmas time, he didn’t throw the money and expect the people to pick them up from ground right?
    Instead he hand out the money directly to people he think in need of the $100 bill.
    Well, you get the idea.

    • WinGal

      Agree.It is all about respecting other human beings.

  • James G

    @jigga berry

    I’m not sure that this incident reveals Chinese people’s “deep racism” towards blacks. Most of the comments translated weren’t racist in tone, were they?

    I went to the Sina link, and most of the posts that took umbrage had nothing to do with race. Well, I didn’t wade through all of them, but a quick perusal of the first two pages revealed a bunch of basic commentary, and lots – I do means lots – of animated rabbit icons, heavy on the cutesy. It was then that I had to leave.

  • Jigga Berry

    Yeah, I guess I should clarify, I’m not inferring racism from the comments on the page, I’m observing racism from my 7 years living in China. You never noticed Chinese think they’re superior to pretty much everyone? Just watch how they treat the Thai, and watch what happens to a Chinese girl who dates a black dude, her life is over.

    • Eric Cartman

      unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade it’s very common to see black guys dating chinese girls in china…just visit Shanghai, beijing or other medium size cities.
      in fact in most universities i’ve seen more more black guys dating chinese girls than other foreigners.
      so where do you live? seriously?

      • Shoeshine

        I wouldn’t say the girl’s life is over, but there does seem to be a bit of distrust for blacks, which goes on beyond other waiguoren-oriented prejudice. most chinese I’ve talked to about the subject tell me black people are “scary,” and i’ve even heard of schools not accepting black teachers one the basis that they will scare the children.

  • Be

    Right… I bet that people who commented that this is not a big deal and there is nothing wrong with throwing money would love it if someone just come up to them in the street and throw money in their face… Geez, I know you hate nationalist, but you don’t have to form every one of your opinions exclusively against theirs. Are you saying people would not get offended in a western country, if I just randomly throw money in their face? And that they would pick it up and feel grateful that it is free money. Throwing money is disrespectful in any culture. Don’t act like Chinese is offended only because they have inferiority complex or they think too much of themselves.

    • The John

      First, off I dont think he was throwing it in their faces. I don’t see any pictures of him winding back and throwing a fist full at someone’s face. He was makin it rain. I can see how people can feel upset about it. However, I don’t see it being something that should deserve comments like, “black donkey.” Or that people, should hate this guy because of it. I honestly, think he just jumped the gun. Instead of “throwing” money, he could have used a T-Shirt or waterbottle. Then, GASP, noe one would care…. He probably didn’t have anything on hand and just wanted to be friendly. I HAVE met several basketball players from the US that come to China. They are usually good guys and really want to hang out and be friendly with their fans. Why would he want to degrade them? He knew people were taking pictures…

      The big problem is that no one talked to the basketball player and no one talked to the people that caught the money. We are all speaking for them. Judging from the pictures I didn’t see anyone upset. But, us interpreting a picture is just bad in it’s own right…

      To add:

      If someone gave me money, I must be on my high chair, not to take it. I wouldn’t fight over it. But, there is NOTHING wrong with giving people money. I argued before that a star throwing something out to his fans is the same as throwing money. Because, those object can be sold for very high prices online. At least much more than several thousand kuai. The problem is when people start thinking that by them taking the money, they are inferior.

    • sam

      I’d be glad to take your money! Throw as many bills in my face as you wish!

      what the fuck is the big deal, you patriotic fuck!

  • Tony

    These inferiority complexed Mainland Chinese go ape over anything….

  • zglobal

    he probably got paid for the gig with fake notes

  • deadprez

    This guy probably wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, although he *should* have known better. Hiphop artists in America, for example, throw money into the crowd during performances all the time, and the vast majority of those in attendance don’t even realize that they are being disrespected. After a while, it almost just becomes a normal thing to do, as stupid as that sounds. Personally, if someone threw money at me I’d pick it up and then beat the sh!t out of them for disrespecting me.

  • xuanyuan

    This is pretty silly isn’t it

    I’m Chinese, and if I went on the streets and threw some RMB I bet people would pick it up. Who the hell wouldn’t? It’d be the same anywhere in the world.

    Sure, it’s not “honorable”, but is it really worth the angry debate? What it seems to boil down to is that the guy was, oh no, a FOREIGNER.

    • Fike2308

      If XuanYuan threw RMB or USD out of a bus window I’d probably pick it up….well, depends on the amount I guess!