American Explains Why He’s Returning to China After Leaving

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On Sina Weibo:

@财经网: Young American That Just Left Beijing Comes Back: America Can No Longer Be Endured: Migrant to Beijing George previously decided to return to his home country and even previously made a big deal about reluctantly parting with friends as he stepped on the path to return home. Just after two months, he’s returned. His reasons include not being used to using coins and having to live in his parents’ basement. He feels only China is suitable for a loser like him: No longer have to give tips, and can also freely download music. http://t.cn/zjiaeE5 [links to George’s article on the Beijinger]

China's Caijing magazine microblog shares a satarical article from TheBeijinger about why an American is coming back to China.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


That’s for sure, and what’s more important is that there is higher-than-Chinese-national status! Don’t need to spend money for an endless supply of diaosi girls.


Yep, Beijing is the most suitable place for classic good-for-nothing white trash to be, with various higher-than-Chinese-national preferential treatment and status!


[哈哈] China is suitable for losers to live in~


Satirizing [making fun of] the USA?


Satirizing [making fun of] China [哼]


And can freely download music! Fucking high-level satire there!


Freely download… Is this showing approval or is it being sarcastic? [挖鼻屎]


Foreigners in China live more comfortably than Chinese people.


In my opinion, the key thing is something this American loser is embarrassed to say: In China, there are always girls throwing themselves into his arms dreaming of getting a Green Card. [挖鼻屎]


You can’t download music from websites in China when abroad? Requesting explanation!!!???


An American wumao?


Dies of lung cancer a year later.


China is heaven for the entire world’s losers, America is heaven for the entire world’s rich. [嘻嘻]


All kinds of satire.


Is this good or bad?


China has thoroughly changed him.


Satirized China, at least Beijing.


This too is a lazy American youth, shouldn’t be the mainstream [typical American].


High-end satire.


Not having to give gratuity, this reason is very true!


The main point of the article is: I’m an American, I can live wherever I want.


Does he want Chinese permanent residency? I can offer to exchange with him!


China isn’t short on losers! There’s no need to import losers!


Is this person real?


His point is that China doesn’t have copyright protection.


If I had an American passport, I too would be willing to live in China.


Laowai in China, as long as they can speak English, as long as they have white skin, then work and women are no problem at all, and they don’t even have to work for it.


And can freely download music… Seems like this was a slap to China’s face.


No shit, laowai come to China and are treated like kings, can can even ride public transportation for free every day, what’s there not to like?


Is this real or fake?


And can also go to nightclubs to fuck those foreign-worshipping stupid cunts.


He only sees having to spend money in America but doesn’t see this being a money-making opportunity. Why doesn’t he go collect tips from other people?


Don’t blame America just because you can’t make it there, blame yourself for being a disappointment! When you can’t even accept other people’s customs of tipping, it just shows that you don’t understand other people’s culture, and China will start charging for downloading music next year as well! This kind of person can go anywhere and find it unsuitable, totally a pampered and spoiled little prince! I seriously despise this person!


Every Chinese pussy wants to bring their foreign boyfriend (best if white, but if no other choice then black can be acceptable too. If Asian, must have a [foreign] accent) to a nightclub. American losers can roll around in different bedsheets every night. Losers who aren’t used to women paying them [to be with them] can also easily find a foreign teacher position at English training schools to make a living.


When 2012 happens, in China he is a first-class citizen, and can get a ticket for the ark.


How could he have the same level of popularity/welcome in Imperialist America as in China?! I’ve been saying those who go to the mainland to be foreign teachers are all people who couldn’t hack it in America.


Can no longer put up with American women covered in hair and also being smelly? [鄙视]


Is this complimenting us or ridiculing us?


Fool is paying taxes to two country at the same time.


Haha, amusing. This guy better not go to the South, otherwise he’ll also have to put up with coins~


How many of this kind of loser laowai are there throughout China, relying on being able to speak a language they’ve known since they were children and relying on their blonde hair blue-eyed foreign devil appearance to get by.


If I were a Westerner, I’d also stay in China. First-class citizen!


The higher-than-Chinese-national status and treatment they enjoy is not only seen in government policies but also in our self-loathing and self-belittling borne from years of reverse discrimination education.


Westerners in China don’t have to worry about finding women.


It was too lonely in America.


These days can be considered to be a little better. If it were several years ago, Beijing and Shanghai were paradises for foreigners.


Must not let him return.


China’s pirated goods industry is indeed very developed!


If China and the US were to exchange their losers, it’d be win-win.


Prices are cheap in China, and the exchange rate between USD and RMB is 1:6… And there are probably a lot of other “special rights” and preferential treatment…[挖鼻屎]


American losers in China are also considered tall, rich, and handsome.


24K pure loser, without a single impurity.


The main problem is that Imperialist America doesn’t have that many stupid girls for this loser to have sex with as he pleases~


Honestly, China is not suitable for Chinese people to live, and is more suitable for foreigners to live.


Hahaha, so cute. Giving tips in America is truly really troublesome. Having to give tips at any given time at any given place.


Spending USD in China, and Chinese people love idolizing/worshiping the foreign too.


Welcome back to enjoy over 200 PM air. [哈哈]


Hehe, gotten used to China’s characteristic lifestyle, hard to change now~ [嘻嘻]


The Heavenly Kingdom has indeed become heaven for foreign garbage.


China’s elites head to America, America’s rejects come to China…


China’s visa policy needs to be amended, to close this loophole. Visas should only be given to American girls, and males without females accompanying them should be uniformly rejected! sinister


You’ve been made into a diaosi, who finds having more freedom uncomfortable! Congratulations, you can now be a qualified Chinese [national]~


There will be even more American rejects coming to China in the future.


High level satire.


Only in a foreign-worshipping country like China will you have this kind of story.


You sure he just wants to freely download music?


This is a “total loser”: Lived in Beijing for five years but doesn’t know Chinese. Goes back to America but can’t find a job, and lives in his parents’ home but isn’t willing to clean up his own room. Because he misses being able to hire an ayi [domestic help], not paying tips, being able to freely download videos, as well as being put on a pedestal by our countrymen, so he has again returned to China, to teach the children of the rich, getting 300 yuan per hour. If China can only attract this kind of loser…


Ah, so China is paradise for foreign losers? [吃惊]


[哈哈] China is indeed suitable for these kinds of losers. They feel China is the most free, that as long as they don’t break the law, no one will bother them!


China’s rich have all ran off to America, while America’s poor losers have all come to China~~~ [哈哈]


Reverse racism/discrimination should count as China’s fifth great invention, right?


A place like China is home for diaosi


Foreign trash, might as well come to China then. After all, China will not kick you out, and there are many people who will welcome you.


What can you do? There are still a lot of people who are crazy about this kind of LOSER, and 300 kuai an hour too! Many of our highly-educated youth can’t command this kind of prices! The Heavenly Kingdom is truly lamentable.


Communism warmly welcomes you [哈哈]


No matter if he sells fish, sells meat, scavenges garbage, or is a beggar, as long as he is blond and blue eyed, he can put on a suit and attend conferences, take off his suit and get pussy, open his mouth and be said to have an authentic London accent, even have the police help him and cheer him on when raping women on the streets, get condoms as gifts when leaving, and get a free airline ticket when being repatriated. All very flattering. Only one way to describe it — To be foreign!


Those who are doing well in their own countries usually don’t go to China.” Exactly.


I think it will soon no longer be possible to [freely] download music in China as well.


This kind of person who can’t find work and survive in their own country is of course willing to return to China, because no matter how lousy they are, a foreigner can still get by in China… [鄙视][鄙视][鄙视]

丁三白: [George Ding himself]

Caijing seems to have failed to understand my column…

What do you think? Do you think foreigners (especially Westerners) generally enjoy a “better” or “worse” life in China? Why?

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