American Imitates Various Chinese & Foreigners In Viral Video

Mike Sui imitating a Beijinger in a viral video.

Mike Sui imitating a Beijinger in a viral video.

Uploaded 3 days ago, the following video already has over 3 million views, ~100k comments spanning over 3000 pages, over 50k upvotes, and is still the number one video currently trending on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku

In the above video, one young American man named Mike Sui impersonates a total of 12 different characters: A Beijinger, an American white person, Li Lei (a fictional character used in Chinese middle school English teaching materials, here represents mainland Chinese), an American black person, an African black person, a New Yorker, a Japanese, a Hong Kong Chinese, a Russian, a French, a gay person, and a Taiwanese Chinese. The dialogue alternates between English and Chinese and includes a lot of stereotypes, dialect, and inside jokes.

Han Meimei and Li Lei, two characters used in Chinese middle school English language instruction.

A copy on YouTube, with ~100k views and ~1000 comments:

Mike Sui also introduced his video on his Sina Weibo account, which currently has over 70k comments spanning 3600 pages and has been forwarded and shared an amazing 350k times….

@Mike隋: Hello everyone, I am Laowai Loser Mike Sui, with fluent Chinese but nowhere to use it, sucks! Can’t go on “Avenue of the Stars” [a CCTV singing talent show], because I can’t sing or dance. Don’t want to participate in Chinese language contests for foreigners, because I’ve never considered myself a laowai anyway. Even my girlfriend is always saying: “Go ahead and talk, other than that what else can you do…?” [泪] Alright then, let’s let everyone see just how glib I can be! Note: 7:05 is the highlight~!

Mike Sui portraying a white American in his viral video.

Mike Sui imitating a black African in his viral video.

Mike Sui imitating a Hong Konger in his viral video.

Mike Sui portraying a homosexual in his viral video.

Mike Sui imitating a Japanese person in his viral video.

Mike Sui imitating a Taiwanese person in his viral video.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


[爱你][爱你][爱你][爱你] Too awesome!


You’re niubi!


You’re like the werewolf in Vampire Diaries! What a handsome young man! [思考][思考]


What are you trying to do! The Gay and the Taiwanese person were the highlights!


Could be the best Chinese-speaking laowai~ [c摇头萌]


Interested in Chinese citizenship?


My god! That Taiwanese impersonation was so good!!!!


Hey brother, you sound like a local. That “倍儿溜儿” [“very fluent”] isn’t Chinese, it’s Beijing dialect!! The jersey was a highlight ^_^


This is the most niubi video I have seen this year! Brother, you’re too talented!


This laowai is too TM funny.


Your Chinese is even better than Chinese people! My praises… Loved the Taiwanese part!


The first time I’ve ever seen this many forwards, hah!


The French guy was too vulgar and the Russian had too many facial expressions. These two were faulty.


This must be forwarded. Fucking lousy May 1st holiday and I’m working overtime, but you made me completely laugh out loud without regard for how I look in this office. I’m even tearing up…


Laowai, you’ve become famous! [good][哈哈]


Are you really not Chinese???

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Mike Sui.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • mr. wiener

    polyglot sofa

  • 印度杰

    And the award goes to……

  • MeiDaxia

    mediocre at best…

    • ImmortalTechnique

      Worse than that, he went full retard.

      • sm

        Like you can do it much better.
        Sounds like you are so smart.

        • MeiDaxia

          Not claiming I can do it better, but I am claiming I’ve seen better. His Chinese impressions were great, the rest weren’t. The white guy, black guy, Russian… He was trying WAY too hard on those.

          • southernortherner

            black impression…pathetic
            white guy…semi pathetic..

            the chinese ones were spot on though…

            i could do it all better though this im claimiming..and starting on my video..

          • Brett Hunan

            Vids or GTFO

  • Brett Hunan

    That was great. I loved every second of it.

    • sm

      Me too!!!

  • Brett Hunan

    Anyone else wondering if this guy is a chinaSMACKer?

    • cellxiecao

      No,a guy like this wouldn’t be a chinaSMACKer.

    • Feces Masticator

      Probably not, he doesn’t seem to be a colossal failure.

      • ChinaSMACKer


    • pada

      Not he’s not. He only forgot it’s time for another seasonal visa run. :)

  • sick j

    Hilarious. He’s definitely niubi!

  • Wade


  • moop

    my coworkers had me look at this the other day. it was like watching mad tv, which i hate. spoofs and voices or whatever are the lowest forms of humor.

    • sm

      wtf, This guy is very clever, OK?!
      the lowest forms of humor?! did you get it or not?!!

      • The Dude

        He got it, it’s just pretty ridiculous from a western perspective. If one of us uploaded a video with some just OK impressions and ended up with over 3 million views it would say something about how retarded (no offence to retards) we must be.

        No western country is as obsessed with itself as China is. This kind of impersonation is about 40 years too old for us. As is custard pies in the face, and ‘boing boing’ noises on TV after a joke has been made.

        It’s just all a bit embarrassing that Chinese find it so interesting to watch it 3 million times.

        • anon

          There are several problems with your conclusions:

          1. China’s online population is larger than the entire population of the United States. 3 million views is a lot for China after 3 days, and its positively enormous compared to what qualifies as “viral” by Western standards, in terms of absolute numbers. However, because of the difference in total populations, the actual per capita ratio isn’t very different.

          2. You have no idea what some of the most popular viral videos are in the West, do you? A lot of them make us look quite retarded too in other people’s eyes, especially since they involve far less acting and video production talent that Mike Sui put into this.

          3. China is about as obsessed with itself as the United States is, but for different reasons. This skit reflects various aspects of experiences and characters in China. Don’t tell me other countries don’t have comedic skits involving the very same premises.

          4. Westerners love impersonations just as much as Chinese people do, albeit with different targets. Never watched Russel Peters or Dave Chappel? There’s worse. True, Chinese people are less sensitive about race or ethnic impersonations than many Westerners but that’s because they interpret them in a very different historical and social context compared to many Westerners and especially Americans. Fact still remains that racial and ethnic humor is very much alive and regarded as funny by mainstream Western society. Don’t kid yourself.

          The cultural jokes and allusions may be lost on a lot of Westerners or non-Chinese and that’s normal, just as a lot of American or European humor is lost on Chinese people. That some people don’t consider this funny or amusing is to be expected, but its egotistical to think you have a monopoly on what’s funny that you can judge Chinese people “retards”.

          • sm

            Good points.

          • grovesman

            Well said, anon.

  • fredf

    Does not look or sound American to me.
    The American impersonations are not good.
    His French and Russian impersonations are not very good.
    My guess is that he is at least half Chinese.

    • Brett Hunan

      His “American”-Chinese was spot on. Besides hes not a professional actor. He did great.

      • Alec

        According to his Weibo, he his a professional actor. (And he’s a Weibo verified user.)

        • Brett Hunan

          Thanks for being “that” guy.

          • bjornt

            Don’t spread falsehoods!

          • Brett Hunan

            What? I mean the type of guy who picks the part thats not even important. Even if the professional part is true it doesnt change my points that his American speaking Chinese was perfect and that he did great are both my opinion.

          • Neepoh

            Um not to sound like a bitch but if its not important then why did you mention it? Just wondering, that all…

    • Nanjing

      Looks and sounds American to me.

      His Russian impression was a little lame, but the rest were funny.

    • thekills

      What does an American “look” like? Blond and blue-eyed? I’m guessing you’ve never been to America. Americans have different racial backgrounds, including Asian.

    • karen

      his dad is american and mom chinese. he can speak both languages with complete fluency. he did an awesome job. the taiwanese impersonation was hilarious

      mike was smart in appealing to the chinese sense of humor and highlighting a lot of their inside jokes. after all, he DID post this vid on weibo and youku as opposed to youtube. this video was obviously made for the chinese market and it worked brilliantly!

      • karen

        oops correction. i meant dad is chinese, mom is american.

  • Leon

    “Fine, thank you and you?” Rofl!! That is the common response in China by chinese students when you ask them that question. lollolololol . Love this. I get it all.

  • Fu ZhiGao


    • sm


      • Fu ZhiGao

        I don’t want to be nitpicky and 计较. I suppose the accents are better than something I could do. Not bad for a one man production. Just some stuff had me cringing the first time I saw it.

        The Beijing accent was really great, my guess is he probably spent some time growing up near there. The Taiwanese accent wasn’t bad either, but the HK one was a bit off I thought.

        One thing–I don’t know why people have such a hard time impersonating Chinese accents. You know there is also a big difference in the accent if the person came from Guangdong, Shanghai, or DongBei, and so on? I don’t know which one he’s trying to do. It’s kind of DongBei-ish, but not exactly right.

        There’s a video on Youtube of some guys–white Americans or Canadians–that grew up in HK. It starts with them speaking English, then they start speaking Native sounding Cantonese, and then in the end they speak HK English. I thought it was funny. I make no guarantees that anyone else will, though.

        I mean, to be fair, the stereotypes about the drinking an womanizing are probably not that far off–though not everyone here does that kind of thing.

        • DR Jones

          Great effort. It’s inspired me to learn/brush-up on my “street” Chinese and find out more about local dialects/accents.

  • mystery_man

    Quite lame. Would have been funny if it’s your first time hearing foreign accents.

    Really speaks volume of how little exposure mainland Chinese have to the outside world.

    • sm


    • KDAWG

      It was great. You’re wrong :)

    • ShanghaiBC

      I think you’ve missed the point. It’s the fact this guy can do ALL these foreign accents, despite his natural-roots being (at best) based in 2 or 3 of the impersonated cultures.

      The fact you feel that mainland Chinese have so little exposure to the outside world actually speaks volume of your own ignorance, posting such a remark demonstrates your stupidity.

      • The Dude

        I’d have to agree with Mystery man actually.

        There’s no way any of us would find this interesting enough to watch it 3 million times.

        3 million views for a few Chinese and foreign impersonations from an unknown really does speak volumes.

        • anon

          NO ONE found it interesting enough to watch it 3 million times.

          But I understand what you’re trying to say, which is rather short-sighted and somewhat hypocritical. I’d say its more embarrassing that we collectively watched Charlie Bit My Finger a whopping 450 million times. But hey, some people find that funny. I don’t think that statistic speaks volumes about us, nor do I think we ought to be called retards for it.

  • Notorious

    Good looking kid. Funny video. The Japanese one (the one with the light tan or yellow jacket) was the funniest to me. Also funny is how, each english word is pronounced with exactly the accents I hear all the time.

    Also, a mandarin question for experts out there as to why I can understand him perfectly but sometimes I don’tunderstand other people as easily who are speaking mandarin.

    • The Enlightened One

      Because his Mandarin was very clear and the pronunciation was great. Even the Chinese netizens noticed it.

      Just because they are Chinese doesn’t mean their Mandarin is awesome. Same could be said about many people here in China from native-English speaking countries.

    • hooots

      It’s usually easier to understand someone speaking a foreign language that is a native speaker of your own language. For example, I can often understand my American friends’ Chinese easier than I can a Chinese person.

      • mr. wiener

        This is why most Singaporians speak such god-awful English [and indifferent Chinese come to that]

  • The Enlightened One

    I think the did a HELL of a lot better than the other impersonation from the Chinese guy. The inside jokes were very amusing… Stop hating on the guy cause he is a foreigner with some talent and you are some washed up hater with nothing to offer nobody!

    Get over yourself, it was funny.

    • Notorious

      What kind of surname is SUI? Where does it hail from? I thought he was perhaps, also of asian and white descent.

    • mystery_man

      Any foreigner can become famous in China. All he or she needs to do is open a weibo account. Followers will come like flies to dungs.

      • lonetrey

        Haters apparently will come like flies to dung! :)

      • sm

        finally you have showed to us how stupid, ignorant,and narcissistic you are.

        • The Dude

          OR… more worryingly, he’s right.

          If he put his weibo account on her you’d be following him just to see what other stupid, ignorant and narcissistic stuff he is saying.

          Let’s face it, you probably got here after following Dashan’s weibo didn’t you.

          • sm

            who are you now?
            Just one suggestion, if you don’t get the truth ,just Shut Up!

  • pokosan

    the japanese part still sounds gaijin japanese.
    anyone who tries to imitate a japanse guy still sounds not to be perfect.
    sorry im so mean cuz im a native speaker of japanese.

  • fredf

    He is half-American and half-Chinese, living in Beijing

    • thekills

      I think you mean half white and half Chinese. “American” is not a race. His Dad could be Chinese-American, meaning an American of Chinese descent. To say half American you’re implying only white people can be American. White Americans can be of any sort of European background.

      I think the gay one was the most spot on.

      • fredf

        This is how Mike Sui describes himself on the bjstuff website:
        “Hey what’s up, my name is Mike, young half American half Chinese”

        • thekills

          He probably says that because he’s using a Chinese website and knows his audience, but I bet if he was in America, he’ll tell you he’s half white, half Chinese.

      • elizabeth

        I think that is a refreshing way of looking at things – in terms of nationality instead of race. He is emphasizing nationalities – mother from US, father from China. Race is not his preoccupation. Good for him.

        • thekills

          But how do you know that his father is FROM China, as oppose to born and raised in America, which would make him Chinese-American?

          • elizabeth

            That is a possibility. But if you wish to go down that road, then you may as well say, he could also be from Taiwan, Hongkong etc. By the way, as I understand it, Canada and all South American countries are also American.

            If you like, you are welcome to enjoy nit-picking.

          • thekills

            Yes, it’s unfortunate that the Founding Fathers didn’t come up with a more distinct name for the United States of America to separate it from the continent. But the main point I’m trying to make is that people shouldn’t make the assumption that all Americans are white or that a person with a Chinese surname is not.

        • elizabeth

          Noted :).

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Okay not gonna lie…..I think he’s really hot and talented. What more can you ask for? Those who talk shit about him are just jealous that a “lao wai” can be more talented than they are.

    Now I have dirty thoughts going through my mind… :/

  • Capt. WED

    His Beijinger impression is pretty good.

  • Capt. WED



    • lonetrey

      Gay Azn Boi, who posted right above you, would love to speak to you about your extreme willingness.

  • Rod

    I guess that retard Chinese guy doing impressions wasn’t enough, now we have a white one. I get it, good on him. I just don’t know why someone doing accent impressions can go so ‘viral’ so easily in China. LAME/

    • Brett Hunan

      Because he made this funny short about many of the personalities and situations you are bound to run into if you live in China. WTF is wrong with everyone here?

      • sm


      • cellxiecao

        Simply some guys just can’t find anything in this post that can make them feel they are not loser.

        • Rod

          How do you know my secret?

    • sm

      Oh, really ?
      you know the reason/
      因为你就是生活在你自己世界的傻蛋一枚 Oh,don’t take it wrong, i just gave you the best title you would ever get in your whole life.

      • donscarletti

        Oh, really ?
        you know the reason/
        你觉得什么都特别搞笑因为你一点也不懂幽默 Oh,don’t take it wrong, i just explain why you think this funny.

        • sm

          Oh, really?
          Like you know everything about humor.
          Wow you’re so smart ,so clever, so humorous.
          Oh, I get it 因为你就是一蛋白质 活在别人不懂的世界里自娱自乐。
          btw , hang in there, I guess someday you will find a way out, someday….

          • donscarletti

            Thank you. In fact I am smart, clever and humorous, but you forgot to mention that I am handsome.

          • Dragon

            Actually I think you should worry more about yourself rather than others since you are doing nothing here but swearing at everyone who disagrees with you. On one hand, I agree with you and I like Mike隋, but on the other hand I pity you so much. May I enquire whether your mother discarded the infant and raised the placenta on the day of your birth? Or, are you really too inane, poorly bred, ill-mannered, illiterate, erbilish, shabilish but not niubilish that you feel compelled to post such drivel? Please use a dictionary (I would suggest using your brain if you had one) instead of repeating “f” words all the time, as if you want to be f-ed so much every time you see a human being.

          • donscarletti

            Nothing more to add after this. Peace.

          • donscarletti

            Just to clarify, I mean “Peace” in the “just finished playing a set at Woodstock” way, I still recommend that you go to screw yourself, be there no misunderstandings about that.

          • sm

            you don’t get it ,do you? anyway, I totally understand, 你就是一蛋白质嘛。 As I said before, You will find a way out someday.

          • sm

            what, to show how large your vocabulary is. To show how knowledgable you are. But your post just proves how silly you are.

    • ShanghaiBC

      Well, this guy is impressive in his mimicking ability. If you are learning Chinese (my guess is you’re not), you would appreciate the difficulty this took to do. Not only that, he reflects some of the attitudes and subtle differences between the cultures – like a more linguistic version of Russel Peters.

      Also in the spirit of your disapproval, can you please explain to me Cats & Youtube?

    • Gay Azn Boi

      You jelly?

    • normally i criticise the whitie-bannanna dudes but i have to praise this dude for giving Chinese masses a chance to smile before the inevitable Beijing civil war starts :( if this comment doesnt show then i know they got to chinasmack also

    • Notorious

      how is he white? He looks part chinese. is it typical to exclude a mixed race person?

      • he look white to me, but in CHinese culture a person who is half-white is actually call Hsiongnu while a person who is half black is considered black, while a person who is half hispanic is considered handsome.

        • Capt. WED

          What.The.Fuck? Who the hell uses the term Hsiongnu??????

          People like that are just called mixed, that’s it.

          Xiongnu??? I mean some people get them mixed up with xingjiang ren? Is that what you mean by Xiongnu..???

          Man fuck this website.

        • donscarletti

          Xiongnu is a group of nomads from Central Asia during the time of the Han dynasty. You’re just trolling again, the term for each of them is “混血”, though I admit some combinations are sadly more easily accepted than others.

          Why don’t you just accuse black men of being pathological rapists while secretly longing for a night with one, like you normally do.

      • Henry

        In my experience, yes, if a mixed person doesn’t look full Chinese then she or he is considered a “laowai.” Ironic, because this guy Mike Sui would definitely not be considered white in the U.S.

        I could tell right away that he’s half Chinese. I think the video is interesting and funny because it has a bunch of different Chinese accents, but I don’t really consider this guy a laowai who learned Chinese because it’s pretty obvious he’s been speaking Chinese since he was a child. I wonder if he’s flattered or annoyed by all the “Wow, your Chinese is so good!” comments.

        • coala banana

          in my experience just caucasian people are called “laowai” or “GwaiLo”. I never heard that they call other asians or blacks “laowai”. Sometimes you can ever hear them saying SeiGwaiLo when they point to a white foreigner. Everyone darker or black people in general (which they HATE!!), they call niggers or the chinese term for it……I never saw people which hate blacks so much like the chinese do ! And when i talk about hate, i mean KKK style hate and arguments about a black persons skin !

          • Alan

            I never saw people which hate blacks so much like the chinese do ! And when i talk about hate, i mean KKK style hate and arguments about a black persons skin !

            I’d agree. I have heard all the comments directed against black people such as, why don’t you wash properly, to improper touching of their arms to feel if their is anything different about their skin, to outright displays of fear and loathing and revulsion.

          • donscarletti

            I do not think Chinese should be compared with the KKK. The KKK were terrorists who killed and intimidated black people in an organised and widespread way. The Chinese you mention are just racist who hold and express racist views. Being racist and saying racist things is part of your freedom of belief and freedom of expression respectively (well, maybe not in China), but killing and intimidating is not cool.

    • hanzo

      you mad bro?

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  • Yeah

    This video is racist at worst and playing up negative stereotypes at best.

    Yeah, talented Chinese speaker and decent actor, but when you’re acting in the 21st century version of blackface it doesn’t make you look any better…

    • bjornt

      It is too bad westerners are so sensitive about stereotyping. Must be guilt or something because westerners oppressed others.

      • Tigre

        I’m a westerner, and it is totally not a westerner thing. (Also, let’s not pretend that certain Asian countries haven’t oppressed others.) It’s pretty much a dumbass thing.

    • Exactly. Did anyone click the blackface option on the China Smack poll up there? African black person. Really.

      The whole vid is just a bunch of pandering to ignorance. Starting with posting out to the general China netizen community referring to yourself as Laowai.

    • 東洋i♡asianwomen美人


  • Dat Ankle

    “African black person” omg wha? That was funniest part for me.

    • Notorious

      there’s a difference for sure in terms of appearnace, style, culture, religion, beliefs, and everything else so might as well make a distinction.

    • Little Wolf

      I can do an excellent impression of a fatass,man-purse carrying, chain-smoking, baiju-swizzling, foreskin-fiddling,Zhonguotong brush head. grunting into his mobile phone. Also, Elvis.

      Available for birthday parties, weddings and bar mitzvahs.

  • Jingyou

    That was great! I think I hurt myself laughing.

  • “I’m fine, thank you, and you?”

    • elizabeth

      One of the strangest mysteries on earth is when it is strange to answer the question, “How are you?”

    • CHNinUS

      I find lots of Chinasmackers don’t get this. If you visit China, ask any one how are you, you will probably get all answer “Fine Thank And You”. Because it’s the first conversion any Chinese learn for their first time. And even after they learn English for 10 years, they probably still use this to answer “how are you”.it’s an inside joke for the Chinese

      • elizabeth

        That’s my point. Why is it a joke when it is a very appropriate answer for that question? Simply because some use that question as a greeting without any meaning? Why ask that question when you do not mean it and a simple ‘hi’ would do? Cultural idiosyncrasy?

        As for the video, it should have been, “Are you okay?” since the emergency context renders superficial formalities redundant.

        Sometimes, you just don’t know who the joke is really on :).

  • Xiongmao

    Nice douchebag pic in the chair. He was OK.

  • 8mismo

    This guy is an idiot. His video isn’t funny. The only reason its popular is because it flatters Chinese people when westerners learn their language well.

    • Zhuangzi

      It also sometimes threatens them when a foreigner speaks Chinese REALLY well. But in regards to the video, despite the overacting and the occasional off-key accent, it has its moments.

    • sm

      go fuck yourslf.

  • Li Peng

    He and DaShan would make a nice couple.

  • Foreign Devil

    The guy definitely looks like a halfbreed (half Chinese)
    Overly long.. but the guy has talent.. It’s actually not easy to do mainland Chinese accent speaking English. Hong Kong person speaking English..that accent is easy to do.

    Anyone saying it was not well done is just jealous of his ability.

  • Canadian_Skies

    Kinda boring to watch. Ppl liked it???

  • nanjing 242

    This was incredibly bad and thoroughly offensive towards so many people. The acting is terrible and the accents sounds no better than a 3rd grade trying to be the class fool. I cant believe three million people liked this on Youku. I have just wasted 9 minutes of my life, I would rather listen to Celine Dion that listen to this no wonder no one wants to speak to him.

    • Mao’s Dong

      Your username says it all.

      You never have to make a comment again.

      *[i]phew[/i] *

  • thekills

    This comedian does an excellent Vietnamese accent:

  • Notorious

    i’m not going anywhere near the man licks monkey butt article because it is seriously putting me off of my dinner. ANybody see this article about the Chinese guy arrested in Chicago LOL they have his picture too. He stole over 500k in burglaries then went online and insulted the victims. Even lied on one of the victims and said she was a prostitute causing strange men to show up at her door.,0,2618471.story

    • donscarletti

      Lots of people commit crime in America, I thought it ranked just under baseball in national pastimes. You want to point the finger at Chinese for it now?

  • Notorious

    I wonder if his dad is hot. one, to produce a handsome son and to get an their coveted american woman.

  • typingfromwork

    Beijinger spot on in comedy value, same with Taiwan. The Russian one is kinda meh, so is the French but by god is he chanelling Baron Sacha Cohen in that picture.

    Pretty sweet, 8/10 would watch more.

  • dim mak

    He is fucking adorable

  • Vic

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing briefly at the end of this video?

  • Mao’s Dong

    Japanese closet fag FTW!

  • B.BarNavi

    哇靠北, the Taiwanese gets a loaded question questioning his country’s sovereignty and all he can whimper out is a 你想怎樣. It’s true, our boys are pathetic.

  • samedi009

    hahaha! NB !