American Immigration, Crushed Old Men, More Fallen Buildings

Chinese girl holding iPhone 4.

Chinese girl holding iPhone 4.

More interesting translated Chinese internet content from around the web:

Chinese people enjoy full freedom on the internet

A Chinese netizen responds to a recent Chinese white paper about the internet in China that also includes a claim that Chinese citizens enjoy full freedom of expression on the internet. After doing some math, the netizen concludes that 98% of all internet posts are eaten by river crabs. A translated Tiexue BBS post from China Digital Times.

Reasons to immigrate to America, by a Chinese immigration agency

Some of the reasons include automatic naturalization for children born there, free education, social security, unemployment benefits, and “humane treatment” after accidents. A translated blog post on Veggie Discourse.

iPhone 4, Chinese netizen reactions

Apple has released the new iPhone 4 with many new improvements, but it is still not available in China except for the very rich. A translated China Business Network article of Chinese netizen comments about the new iPhone 4’s features and Apple’s business strategy from MIC Gadget.

Rich Chinese restaurant patrons pay 200,000 bill with 1 yuan notes

Four rich Chinese customers decide to pay for their extravagant and expensive lunch with 1 RMB cash notes after an argument with the restaurant’s servers.  The total bill was 200,000 RMB and the restaurant workers were forced to count all of them.  An old man in Guangxi is run over and crushed by an excavator. Translated forum post and photos from EastSouthWestNorth.

Bulldozer PK old man

An old man in Guangxi is run over and crushed by an excavator. Shocking photos and a translated iFeng BBS forum post from EastSouthWestNorth.

Chinese bloggers declare China a strong country but a poor people

A CCTV report projects that China will receive 8 trillion RMB (1.18 trillion USD) in 2010, allowing China to become second place to the United States. Some Chinese bloggers criticize the uneven distribution of wealth. Several translated blog posts from Global Voices Online.

Another apartment building falls over in Hangzhou

One year ago, a brand new building in Shanghai collapsed almost completely intact onto its side. Now, a BBS discussion forum post with a photo shows another “fallen” building in Hangzhou. Translated news article from EastSouthWestNorth.

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