American Man Caught Raping Pigs, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Andrew Lee Nash is charged with raping show hogs.

Anthony E. Sowell, alleged serial rapist.A photo of a pig's butt.

From Mop & Tianya:

American man who sexually assaulted neighbor’s female pig causing the pig to become ill is sentenced to 120 years in jail

According to information released by United States Mississippi Greenwood police, the police upon arriving at the farm questioned both the veterinarian and the farm owner.

Local police chief Henry Purnell said that that the veterinarian indicated that these sows had very serious vaginal infections, and determined that they were a caused by sexual activity. Besides vaginal infections, some of the female hogs also had wounds in their vaginas, suspected of being caused by violent sexual activity. Entrusted by the farm owner, the police installed secret cameras in the farm to find out how these female pigs came to be sexually assaulted.

Afterward, a nearby 52-year-old man appeared on camera, this man’s name being Andrew Lee Nash. The video showed Nash doing a very unusual thing: taking off his underwear behind the group of pigs. Nash’s crime lasted a long time.

Criminal suspect Nash has been charged with 12 counts [“of unnatural intercourse”], and if convicted, he faces a maximum of 120 years of imprisonment…

The above photos are the images that are circulating with this story on the Chinese internet. However, the man in the above photo is not Andrew Lee Nash. Instead, it is alleged serial rapist Anthony Sowell. This is what Andrew Lee Nash actually looks like:

Andrew Lee Nash is charged with raping show hogs.

If you are curious, the pig in the above photo is also not one of the “show hogs” that were raped and suffered vaginal infections.

Comments from Mop:


His taste is really special…


Looks like America’s governance of its red light districts is better than that of the Heavenly Kingdom‘s!
In order to protect America’s pigs from suffering further sexual assault, I recommend they learn from the Heavenly Kingdom and set up some KTV training schools!


Come on, this is too fake~ Even if you raped and murdered a young girl it would just be life imprisonment…but 120 years for a pig~~?
Can you live that long? Are they going to keep your corpse locked up after you die…?
[This is] completely American garbage news. A lot of American news is fake, like The Onion. Americans just love these kind of obviously fake but stimulating news…a bunch of ignorance children~~~

[Note: Interestingly, this news has also been recorded in the Wikipedia entry for Greenwood, Mississippi.]


So frightening…so many deviants/perverts…even pigs can’t escape…


[His] crime lasted a long time…no further explanation necessary.


The pigs watched their own sisters get raped, tears stream down my face.


This post will become popular. [This] American has heavy/strong taste.


You could have spent some money, spend some [on a prostitute instead]…Gross!!


Fuck, 美男子 [mei nan zi, “pretty man”]…美国男子 [mei guo nan zi, “American man”]…write clearer titles, okay…?


What the hell were all the male pigs doing?

[Note: This comment is similar to complaints made when, for example, crimes happen and people ask what all the “police” were doing at the time, to suggest that they failed to do their duty.]


Human and animal relations I think only laowai are capable of engaging in…

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