American Man Caught Raping Pigs, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Anthony E. Sowell, alleged serial rapist.A photo of a pig's butt.

From Mop & Tianya:

American man who sexually assaulted neighbor’s female pig causing the pig to become ill is sentenced to 120 years in jail

According to information released by United States Mississippi Greenwood police, the police upon arriving at the farm questioned both the veterinarian and the farm owner.

Local police chief Henry Purnell said that that the veterinarian indicated that these sows had very serious vaginal infections, and determined that they were a caused by sexual activity. Besides vaginal infections, some of the female hogs also had wounds in their vaginas, suspected of being caused by violent sexual activity. Entrusted by the farm owner, the police installed secret cameras in the farm to find out how these female pigs came to be sexually assaulted.

Afterward, a nearby 52-year-old man appeared on camera, this man’s name being Andrew Lee Nash. The video showed Nash doing a very unusual thing: taking off his underwear behind the group of pigs. Nash’s crime lasted a long time.

Criminal suspect Nash has been charged with 12 counts [“of unnatural intercourse”], and if convicted, he faces a maximum of 120 years of imprisonment…

The above photos are the images that are circulating with this story on the Chinese internet. However, the man in the above photo is not Andrew Lee Nash. Instead, it is alleged serial rapist Anthony Sowell. This is what Andrew Lee Nash actually looks like:

Andrew Lee Nash is charged with raping show hogs.

If you are curious, the pig in the above photo is also not one of the “show hogs” that were raped and suffered vaginal infections.

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Comments from Mop:


His taste is really special…


Looks like America’s governance of its red light districts is better than that of the Heavenly Kingdom‘s!
In order to protect America’s pigs from suffering further sexual assault, I recommend they learn from the Heavenly Kingdom and set up some KTV training schools!


Come on, this is too fake~ Even if you raped and murdered a young girl it would just be life imprisonment…but 120 years for a pig~~?
Can you live that long? Are they going to keep your corpse locked up after you die…?
[This is] completely American garbage news. A lot of American news is fake, like The Onion. Americans just love these kind of obviously fake but stimulating news…a bunch of ignorance children~~~

[Note: Interestingly, this news has also been recorded in the Wikipedia entry for Greenwood, Mississippi.]


So frightening…so many deviants/perverts…even pigs can’t escape…


[His] crime lasted a long time…no further explanation necessary.


The pigs watched their own sisters get raped, tears stream down my face.


This post will become popular. [This] American has heavy/strong taste.


You could have spent some money, spend some [on a prostitute instead]…Gross!!


Fuck, 美男子 [mei nan zi, “pretty man”]…美国男子 [mei guo nan zi, “American man”]…write clearer titles, okay…?


What the hell were all the male pigs doing?

[Note: This comment is similar to complaints made when, for example, crimes happen and people ask what all the “police” were doing at the time, to suggest that they failed to do their duty.]


Human and animal relations I think only laowai are capable of engaging in…

At time of translation, the above Mop post has over 1500 comments and 720k views.

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  • CK

    Sofa so good…

    “[This is] completely American garbage news. A lot of American news is fake, like The Onion. Americans just love these kind of obviously fake but stimulating news…a bunch of ignorance children~~~”

    Ironic this, given the state of news reporting in China. They’ve done a good job obviously. Also, regarding The Onion as fake, rather than satirical, news is totally missing the point…

    • Chad

      Well, he’s right. As a Canadian, I find the amount of sensationalism, bias and distortion from the likes of Fox News, ABC and CNN to be alarmingly high. Just because a news organization is owned by the state doesn’t mean it’s any more likely to distort information. Just look at BBC and CBC. Now look at Fox News.

    • Chad

      Well, he’s right. As a Canadian, I find the amount of sensationalism, bias and distortion from the likes of Fox News, ABC and CNN to be alarmingly high. Just because a news organization is owned by the state doesn’t mean it’s any more likely to distort information. Just look at BBC and CBC. Now look at Fox News.

      • k2000k

        The fact is, all the major news agencies, including the BBC, or incredibly biased and do a terrible job reporting. One of the reasons why I love the internet, is that I can watch a news story, be it on fox, cnn, al jazeera, russian times, and then go online and out about it in greater detail. Usually there is a lot those news groups leave out.

  • BaoBei

    “A better alternative” . . .nice nice

    Jeez I hope this story isn’t true… who in the world’s genitals are fu*ked up eenough to give PIGS infections?!?! gross

    • joha

      hide yo pigs, hide yo wife, hide yo husband, cause they be rapin errybody out there!

    • gemjunior

      I couldn’t have said it better. What in the world more proof is needed that these “people” are lower than animals, who seem to have MUCH better morals? Ssssssssssickkkkkkkkkkkk

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    strange world, we can kill them, eat them, skin them, but can’t fork them…..

    anyway, just another passing clouds…

    • Dan Danger

      If he had killed and skinned a Labrador ont he streets of Shanghai it would have been no problem.

  • Josh

    This post is hilarious. There’s so much funny shit in here.

    “[This is] completely American garbage news. A lot of American news is fake, like The Onion.”

    I didn’t realize The Onion was well known in China?

    “The pigs watched their own sisters get raped, tears stream down my face.”

    Soooooo emo.

    Also, [email protected], it says a maximum of 120 years in jail, not that he was sentenced to 120 years

    [Note from Fauna: Just direct translation of the original Chinese. The original Chinese title is inaccurate.]

    • mankouzanghua

      there was a case about 6 or 7 years ago where a popular english language newspaper in china took a story from the onion and copied and co-opted it, verbatim, believing it was real news. i’m gonna look around to see if i can find that…

      • mankouzanghua

        haha, it was translated and put in the beijing evening news.

        “Readers of the Beijing Evening News, the capital’s largest-circulation newspaper, learned this week that the U.S. Congress had threatened to move out of Washington unless a fancy new Capitol was built.”

        • vince

          hahaha, now thats hilarious, also is this article about the swine getting raped a real article or is it from the onion?

  • song of the article

    Dueling Banjos


    this story is too messed….

    • john digmeme

      “Squeal like a pig! Seweeeee!” Nice catch, I enjoy your ‘song of the article’ posts.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Can’t find a song title for this one. But found something else.

      “God in His infinite wisdom
      Did not make me very wise-
      So when my actions are stupid
      They hardly take God by surprise ”

      Langston Hughes

  • Cinimod

    I’m just really surprised the usual horrendously racist commentators haven’t crawled out of the woodwork yet.

    • Pvt, Joker

      Give it time, they need their morning coffee before putting up snarky comments.

    • Albino

      “Human and animal relations I think only laowai are capable of engaging in…”

      You just missed it.

      The comment is pretty funny. Whatever makes them happy at the end of the day and makes them forget their own sexual frustrations. This clever tard will end up either marrying his own hands or a guy, he certainly won’t be getting a woman. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with liking your own sex, but there is a problem with a laughable superiority complex and spouting stupidity, for all to laugh at you, on the net.

      • Kay

        i’m positive this happens in china tooo….. just no one gives a fuck there

        • Fauna

          This happen everywhere but this fact never stop people from making stupid comments. People always see others but they do not see themselves. It is always “other” people who do certain things, never themselves. Is this human nature? It is so common with every people and country in this world.

          • Bob

            This can be said for many of the commentators here.

        • There was an article in either Chinahush or Chinasmack a while back about sex education in China (or lack thereof) that cited a story about a desperate Chinese housewife (of a migrant worker) having to go to the hospital to get detached from the dog she was having sex with.

          Such deviance from sexual norms has been known since ancient times and in every culture. I recall there was even a bestiality story included in an English translation of “Tales from the Liaozhai studio” (published in China). Classic Chinese ghost stories/weird stories collected in the Qing dynasty. Five thousand years of history and all that: inventing paper and gunpowder weren’t the only things the Ancient Chinese were getting up to.

  • The video showed Nash doing a very unusual thing: taking off his underwear behind the group of pigs.

    This guy’s crime is called exhibitionism.

    • Tommy

      Erhmm… I think things went on AFTER the underwear came off also.

  • CoonCatcher

    nig nogs; they will rape anything that moves. Another reason why you DON’T want them in China.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      To say that one particular ethnic group is responsible for the totality of all deviant behavior is ludicrous. I think that history has shown that this kind of behavior is not something that is particular to one group of people, but is deviant behavior that can be attributed to a sick person.

      Unfortunately, in America so many Black people are not pure Black by virtue of rape by White slave masters. Whites considered Blacks animals, but frequently raped Black women. If Blacks were inferior, and equivelant to domestic animals, then many white males who raped black women during slavery, were themselves involved in bestiality. Even before leaving the continent of Africa, during capitivity Black women were repeatedly raped by the white males who held them in capitivity. So I could make a broad sweeping generalization and say the same thing about whites. It would be unfair because not all white males are rapist.

      I think your comment is a reflection of your own deep seated fears. I see examples of deviant behavior all over China Smack, but that does not mean the Chinese are inferior. Would you mind posting comments that are intelligent?

      • bobiscool

        funny how i didn’t see this comment in the previous post about the skinning of the dog, where more than one poster condemned the whole chinese race simply because one guy was doing something not socially acceptable.

        • darkandlovelykissedbythe

          I try and avoid constantly posting on China Smack. I was thinking of that particular issue while responding to this particular post. Be blessed bobiscool:)

      • donscarletti

        That guy is called “CoonCatcher”, an obvious troll and he trolled you harder than that guy fucked the pig.

        Anyway, in case you are African American, which I suspect you are, you should not feel shame about being descended from a white rapist. In truth, often these relationships were often more like that with a mistress, such as the case with Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings. It is not such a stretch to believe that your great, great, great, great grandmother actually found your great, great, great, great grandfather quite attractive by virtue of being a well dressed, cultured and wealthy plantation owner, so you don’t have to feel as ashamed of your ancestry as you clearly do.

        • darkandlovelykissedbythe

          Thanks for the post. There is no shame. I have empathy for the struggles of all people. I have empathy for all races, and I am proud to be the woman that I am. I don’t like it when someone picks on another ethnic group. Yep, I probably got trolled. I meant every word I said, and often relationships like the one between Sally Hemmings, a fourteen year old slave girl who might not have had a choice, and Thomas Jefferson is romantized, maybe not. The key point is that women in those situations had no choice. Sometimes given the times, people did fall in love. There are accounts of slave owners taking the time to educate their children or set them free. I will tell you this much. I have studied the history of Black Americans, and I have a great deal of empathy for what went on. I also spent some time in Africa, and I learned about the slave trade, toured a few slave castles. I think what those folks endured, and the fact that they have often risen above it, is a testament to who they are. Sad to say attraction based on love didn’t happen too often.

          • Rick Miller

            The ni66ers in America have NOT risen above or endured ANYTHING. Maybe their great great great great grandparents did but they are all dead now. The only thing ni66ers in America today have endured is having to walk to the mailbox for their monthly REPARATIONS check.
            It is called ‘welfare’ but it is in reality reparation payments paid to them for their ancestors slavery. Ni66ers in America today are lazy crime ridden animals who do not work and get to live for free. We want to ship them to china.

      • gemjunior

        Black women are well known for always touting this version of white men dying to fuck them. However, in the USA (check the DOJ statistics for FACTS. Don’t call me racist cos it doesn’t work anymore, cos facts are incapable of racism) black men rape approximately 37,000 white females per year. White men rape approximately 10 (TEN) black women per year. Black women have issues holding on to their own men, black men, who troll the world seeking relationships with anyone but the women of their own race. Black women are always seeking to point out that through history they’ve been raped by white men. So have other women, white women and east Asian women. I don’t imagine that there were any other choices of women to rape without legal consequences. I agree it wasn’t fair to take advantage of their utterly enforced weak societal role, but slavery was never fair. When my own ancestors were enslaved, they didn’t like it either. Slavery existed in EVERY nation in the world, Romans had Greek slaves, German and Viking tribes raided Celts and Slavs for slaves, etc. etc. But while approximately half a million white men died in the civil war freeing black slaves, the continent of Africa still enslaves their own TODAY. Why aren’t African Americans protesting current slavery of Africans instead of focusing on past 150-200 years ago crime of slavery? “White men” seem to be particularly frowned upon as oppressors but literally every convenience we have to make life easier and better was the result of – guess who – white men. Edison Tesla Copernicus Gallileo Michaelangelo Charlemagne Magellan Hudson etc.

        • I had sex with a black girl once. Would do it again. I wouldn’t DIE to do it, because that would defeat the entire purpose.

    • Tommy

      Don’t feed the troll.

      • darkandlovelykissedbythe

        Thanks Tommy,
        Enjoying reading some of your comments on here as well.

  • kay

    i also wonder, what kind of chinese netizen trolls through english news sites looking for weird news that he/she thinks is representative of the US.

    • MAC

      Often they don’t have to, because regular news websites love to post weird things that make America look bad. But what’s really weird about this one is that before the attribution disappeared from the infinitely-reposted story (happens every time), it credited a CROATIAN website as a source. The Croatian websites I found this one have the right picture though, so I don’t know where this one went wrong. I guess one black sex offender is the same as another, huh?

    • fenqing mike

      isn’t that what the USA is trying to do to China? find every negative news of China and posted on news website, maybe its the time that Chinese netizens fight back.

      • Tommy

        90% of any news about anything is bad news. That is what news is. People want to know what could hurt them or what they should worry about much more than they want to hear that something good is happening.

        Unless the state controls the news.

        • Chad

          And unless it’s corporation-controlled news that also happens to be highly intertwined with the government. ;)

          • Tommy

            So your saying there is a lot of good news on American news? There isn’t..

      • MAC

        No, not at all. All kinds of small-scale awful things happen in China all the time that are never reported in the western media because they don’t have broad significance. In contrast, I often see bad news from the US in the Chinese media that doesn’t. really rate the national news in the US.

  • Irvin

    I’ve always advocate the legalization of prostitution, this is just prove my case.

    • Puram

      nope, legalization or imprisonment of bestiality porn on the net whatever


    The Japanese have special “nightclubs” in Tokyo where you can pay to have sex with all sorts of animals including pigs, dogs and horses.

  • banjopete

    Greenwood, MS: birthplace of the blues as well as swine flu.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      I just gotta get me some of that crossroads dirt.

      • Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

        would you cut heads with that big white boy Jack Butler?

        • darkandlovelykissedbythe

          Don’t think I can handle an axe that well. Probably more likely aspire to being that wild and out girl dancing onstage.

  • jennifer

    The other white meat!

  • PeterScriabin

    So funny. Picturing this guy’s conversations when he arrives in the slam: “What you in for, man?” “What you say??”

    Waiting for someone to explain that after years of looking at US women, it’s a mistake anyone could make.

    Seriously, it would never have occurred to me that a pig would keep still for this. Sounds like maybe Miss Piggy was getting a taste for the action too.

  • WOW!!!!

    Considering 99% of Chinese Women don’t like black guys because they think they’re thugs with big cocks, and Chinese gals think of themselves as small and tight- which is not true- I suppose it’s not surprising he boinked a pig. Just another mentally deranged person.

    • pervertt

      “Boinked a pig.”

      New word for me. Combination of “bonk” and “oink”?

      • Tommy

        Old word. I’m from North East US and that word has been used as long as I remember. Maybe it’s a local thing?

        • 3B-Real

          Yeah its pretty old term from the 70s. It was my mother’s replacement for “fuckin”. Haven’t seen it for some time now. I guess now is a good time to bring it back.

  • justmega

    Where’s Bo Wang, the circumcision census taker? Get him out here to check Mr. Sowell’s penis. He probably isn’t, hence the infections but let’s have Bo the expert make sure.

  • BR

    the larger story is the number of female HUMANS that are raped by blacks every year in the US. There is no debate about this fact. Check the FBI annual crime statistics report. The overwhelming number of rapists are black or hispanic.

    • 3B-Real

      yeah and if you balance it out with the wrongly accused black who are daily being release and proven innocent by DNA have also gone up. The stats maybe a little higher than usuall. Plus blacks don’t have hush money or police in power to protect their kind. We just be assed out. Last but not the least, the high population rapist in prison is not a good sign being as though a rapist is more than likely not going to last 2-3 weeks in prison. lots of men in prison have daughters and can not share a sqare meter with any CONFESSED rapist.

      • dcanaday

        You are correct that many people accused of rape have been proven innocent thanks to DNA evidence, including many black men. However, in almost every case like this, the real rapist was also black. it seems that rape victims might not remember every detail about their rapist, but they usually can remember the race of their rapist. End result, the numbers haven’t changed. Blacks still rape more.

    • justmega

      Sure, reported unknown assailant rapes may be commited overwhelmingly by blacks and hispanics but the most common type of rape, acquaintance rape, is largely commited by whites. So minorities do it to those they do not know while whites do it to those closest to them. That’s okay in your book, I assume.

      Keep feeding yourself your verbal masturbations to make yourself feel better.

      • dcanaday

        Not sure about your math, but the FBI publishes a document called the Uniform Crime Report each year. Every year I’ve looked at it, blacks are raping way out of proportion to their numbers. They are clearly above and beyond other races when it comes to rape, and many other crimes as well. Also, most rapists tend to rape within their own race, but blacks are the exception. They’ll rape anyone, other blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, and now, apparently, pigs.

        • LookAtYourself

          It’s quite shocking to see you guys comments here and see how ignorant you all are. First of all it is not a competition, secondly if you look at the history I do believe white people have raped more people that black people ever did. How many blacks have been raped by you, stupid rednecks during slavery times in the US? How many Vietnamese have been raped by your G.I during war?How many innocent have been raped, tortured and killed in Iraq, Afghanistan,….??? Oh, I forgot you guys consider it is ok because you are Americans!! Same with Ukraine and Russia at the moment…blaming Russia to support occupation in Ukraine, while you guys support Israel doing worst on Palestinian territories (and killing more innocent civilians with your support)…for what?? Oh yes, coz most your big companies are own by Jewish people in America…so stop your bullshit and try teaching people lessons, while you are the worst example to follow…you guys are finally just hores, prostituting yourself to anyone with cash !! Anyhow, thank to you guys (American) that you are here, so I can laugh and be amused everyday…like nice little uneducated sheeps following their leaders and repeating what they have been told without any kind of real knowledge critical and analytic thinking !!

          Rednecks one day, rednecks everyday…hahaha!!!

    • Dr Sun

      Actually that is entirely incorrect, the stats you present are for convictions only, not reports. FBI data has not included Hispanic as a ethnicity in crime data reporting since the mid 1980″s.

      Conviction rate data is not a justification for, or a statistical data point that can be used in an argument to say ” The overwhelming number of of rapists are black or hispanic”

  • diverdude

    roflmao :p

    Testosterone is one helluva hormone !

  • Ronon

    “Human and animal relations I think only laowai are capable of engaging in…”
    I know of atleast one Buddhist monk that got a heart attack while having sex with a dog.. or sheep (I read it on this site)

    Also… you can get 120 years for this?!? Not even serial rapists/killers get such a sentence.

    (and the necessary /insert joke)
    But in his defense, perhaps he was drunk and thought he was having sex with his wife…

    • Albino

      The sentence is indicative of the US judicial system, where minorities get huge sentences for minor crimes. There was a case of two sisters who were given life sentence, without the possibility of parole, for luring a guy in an alley, where he got beaten up and robbed of 11 Dollars. Had the sisters been white they’d have been given very light sentences, but as the US system is the most messed up, they were given ridiculous ones. Racism and a privatised ‘correctional’ facilities (there’s a lot of correcting going on when you might get 120 years for sex with pigs) only allow room for profits.

      The US has the worlds largest prison population, of which most are poor minorities. The land of the free (Guantanamo Bay) and the land of the brave (you have to be brave to live in that third world country).

      • 吴兰

        The research conducted on American roads shows it’s also 4 times more likely the police will stop you for a routine control of any kind if you are a minority. And then they generally find SOMETHING.

        • Dan Danger

          There are more minority members arrested, convicted and sentenced for crimes in the US (though the number for Asians in pretty low). Thats is because, to put it simply, minorities commit most of the crimes. I did not say ALL. Some people feel if 90% of crack whores are black and 10% white then that makes it all even. America has become a dangerous place not because of white men in business suits but because of drugged up minorities and savage immigrants from places like east Africa who bring there barbaric cultures to places like North America and Northern Europe (and Asia as well).

    • donscarletti

      He hasn’t been sentenced at all, that’s just what the DA is asking for. No idea why that is being asked for, but lets hope the judge is more sane.

      • Probably it’s being asked because the crime occurred in Mississippi and the perp is black. And, as we all know, pork is the other white meat.

  • bando

    Gee, I was wondering if chinasmack would ever do an article involving beastiality/zoophilia.

    And they only caught one guy. Makes me wonder how many out there haven’t been caught yet.

  • vince

    fauna small typo ‘Instead, it is alleged serious rapist Anthony Sowell’, i think you were looking to use the word serial instead of serious.

    [Note from Fauna: Thank you!]

    • vince

      you’re welcome :)

  • Dan Danger

    maybe he just got a massage from the pig and then paid for some “extra” (bie de)? where is the harm in this?

  • stopitnow

    Anything to get your “freak on” eh nig?

  • kate

    120 years is pretty darn excessive for this small crime. i don’t believe this. no one even gets 120 years for 12 counts of rape of a female. who cares if you’re shtupping a pig, goat,

    • pug_ster

      For the record he didn’t get 120 years because the trial didn’t start yet. He is charged with 12 counts of “Unnatural intercourse” which carries the maximum of 10 years each. For the record I am surprised the owner of the pigs found out considering most owners don’t care about the conditions of the pigs.

  • Nino

    My god this anderson

  • Nipo

    Sadly, I think a lot of Americans miss the point too. The world would be a much better place if we could all realize when we’re doing something ridiculous/ignorant/dumb.

  • This person is very sick.

    What is good about American news is that if you are ever caught with a fake story then your career is over.

    What bad about American news is that they only show one side of the story.

    This is what is great about Cinasmack. They let both sides show in the comments.

  • Mikey

    “Hide your kids, hide your wives… and hide your female pigs, cuz they’re raping everybody out there!”

  • Rod

    Is it that China doesn’t produce weirdos like this, or are the just better hidden. Why does America produce freaks like kid killers and animal rapists. Is it that people don’t know how to handle freedom? Or are people just so bored with their lives that they’ve got nothing better to do.

    • Weird Tales

      One of these weirdos just massacred over 20 kids in some American school the other but it is weirder that the gun lobby still wants to have freedom to arm every weirdo in town…

  • Cyrus Howell

    Now he has the next 120 years to dream about pigs in prison.
    Then he can go to Hog Heaven.


    This is a Negro, not a real American.


      Feel sorry for the poor guy who is a victim of the US system which neglected his sexual needs because of his colour.

      Understand from popular internet videos that the white man and women are big time into bestiality.

      There is a news report that it is even legal in a part of Germany to have sex with animals…

      Wonder if Hitler was a by product like many war mongers in the USA?

      • Tyler

        BS. Go to Africa. Besides the Negroes raping infants because they believe it will cure their AIDS (yes, this is real, look it up), they are into raping goats big time.

  • FYM

    This is just one of the ‘must do’ stuff in the americunt sick culture. nothing new here,they even let their own govt. screw them and are proud of it.Talk about a SICKO country and race,the americunts really are second to none.

    • FU

      Or willing men!

  • Derek Xu

    Typical negro behavior.

    • anon

      Chinese racist!

      Also the US raped and has been raping so many countries after the whitemen buggered the Red Indians for 400 over years!

      Is there any difference?

      • Tyler

        The difference is that Native Americans weren’t raped en masse. White guilt wussies talking about conquistadors raping/murdering Native Americans is bullshit. Also, Vikings and Celts were in the “New World” many centuries before Columbus and they didn’t commit genocide on Native Americans. But no, blame whitey for all your problems.

      • dcanaday

        irrelevant. Also, the US didn’t rape, people raped. Some were American. Also, Indians raped more white girls than Europeans raped Indians. But like I said, the US treatment of Indians is completely irrelevant to this story about some black guy raping Chinese pigs. Why did you bring it up?

      • Jason Spelts

        There’s good and bad in every race and country. You can slam the majority of white people for what a corrupt, powerful minority did. You can slam the majority of Africans for what a corrupt, powerful minority does still today. You can say the U.S. rapes countries, but don’t forget about England 200 years ago, or Spain during the Dark Ages. I won’t even mention the sins of Germany, nor will I discuss the Cultural Revolution (and don’t smile too broadly, France, the Cambodians are still pissed off at you for a reason).

        Point is this: Anyone willing to generalize an entire nation or race, based on the actions of a few, lacks the intelligence to contribute to a productive and harmonious society.

        Most posts I’ve read on this discussion are nothing more than dissertations serving as excuses for self-serving hatred or bigotry. I say knock it off, grow up, and have a good chuckle wondering why some moron would rather get it on with a pig than a woman. Of course, after my last girlfriend, I’ll bet a pig might be better company ;-)

  • MAX

    MY GOD


  • Some things can not be un-read! But, now that it has been read, a few thoughts; Kim Kardashian was un-available? Making Bacon? In a hurry, wanted a pork sandwich and a quickie? No mudsharks in Mississippi? The town hooker was on the DL list? Wife had a headache and told him to “Go find a pig [slang of whore]” and he mis-understood?

  • GettaDogUpYa

    For further reference, see the documentary ‘Zoo’

  • harry

    negroes are animals they will mate with anything with legs,without a second though,watch a documentary from the 60`s called Africa Addio to see them in their native habitat.

  • crazy

    fuk the police..fuk fuk..fuk them pigs

  • Pu Li

    Oh I dunno, Brittany Spears is a pig and she gets plenty.

  • Osama Obama

    How can these people “muh dik” a poor pig..?

  • danial akhtar

    chinese are one of the best nation……they had opened the truth of ganga…….yaheeeeeeee so dieseable water…….braaaaaa

  • cetude

    Bestiality is common all over USA and there are NO Federal laws against it and legal in most States. Bestiality porn is very common in America because people are raping animals and making porn out of it. Yes I live in USA and it happens to be true.

  • cetude

    Bestiality brothels growing in Germany – becoming “alternative lifestyle” of choice.

  • JH

    pigs need pleasure, too

  • Puram

    weird but not complete uncommon pervert. Heard of things like that done to goat and cow…Bangladesh…just bestiality…you can get bestiality video on the net anyhow…coming from barbaric Europe and USA etc.
    Ever heard of stingray? A fisherman out fishing did that to a stingray, very unfortunate, baby stingrays in the birth canal have spikes, swollen+++hospital nurse told me…somewhere in SEA

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