Americans Create First Artificial Life, Chinese Reactions

"Synthia" artificial bacteria colony created by American scientists.

"Synthia" artificial bacteria cells created by Craig Venter.

Craig Venter

Have you heard the news? Americans have created artificial life and named it “Synthia”.

From NetEase:

First “artificial life” born in America, Obama orders evaluation of risk

Summary: U.S. researchers have recently cultivated the first self-reproducing bacterial cell that is controlled by an artificial genome, with the researchers hoping to use this technology to speed up vaccine production, the manufacture of new food additives and chemical alternatives. The study was published in the latest issue of “Science” magazine. Obama ordered a hearing next week to assess the ethical risks.

"Synthia" artificial bacteria cells created by Craig Venter.

The world’s first “artificial life”, “Synthia”.

"Synthia" artificial bacteria cells created by Craig Venter.

"Synthia" artificial bacteria colony created by American scientists.

Comments from NetEase:


America, humanity’s Pandora.


Rising from the hope of humanity to the hope of all life!


Obama, this idiot. Up to now still believing life was created by God. Fuck, Confucius is much older than Jesus.


I think this technology can definitely become the 21st century’s greatest achievement, signaling humanity’s beginning as Creator. We will definitely see the result in 2100, ding if you believe me…


The end of the new era, the beginning of another lifeform’s era.


Good thing I am not in America, don’t have to fear genetic mutation.


Really unfortunately that I was not born in America and cannot experience her greatness, civilized and developed, as well as  human dignity.


What does the 2012 Mayan prophecy say, the start of another kind of civilization??


Seeing this many comments, it is really tragic, there should be more respect towards science, but instead I see a bunch of people screaming and cursing, yet not saying anything of sophistication, just derision? All that can be said is, no imagination…countrymen, cherish your precious time!

网易山东潍坊手 机网友:

America is a country built on high-technology, China is a country build on real estate


More than 4 billion years ago, an alien traveled through space, came to Earth, and discovered: Here there are large amounts of oxygen, simply not suitable for himself, and thus thought: Might as well create a life, a gene, one that can use oxygen to live, and self-reproduce, so…it has been till now!!!
Whether you believe it or not is up to you!


This reminds me of “Resident Evil” – – !


Truly unbelievable, if America reproduces a person, just like a machine creates an object. In the world, every person has a father and mother, but it only has a test tube. How can you reproduce an emotional world? If it is killed, is it a crime? Would it be damaging a thing, or murder? Or if reversed and it killed a person, would it be sentenced, or destroyed? …


The so-called process of scientific and technological development is simply to let humanity become increasingly crazy and fearless, and proceed towards self-destruction.

网易河南开封手 机网友:

I spend 10 minutes reading all of the discussion! I only want to say one thing! America! Humanity’s hope!
Take a look, what is our country is thinking/doing all the time? Morality and justice! Can morality and justice feed people? Can morality and justice stop others from plundering us?
One thing that was well said: When your strength/power is able to change the world, then what you say is the world’s law! And everyone lives according to your law.
Those of you saying that heaven guides the will of man is really fucking hilarious! Ready to correct [your beliefs]? Heaven guiding man! When other people’s scientific and technological develops to the point where it can destroy you at will, what use will your morality and justice be then? Are we going to reproduce the past’s tragedy?! Always so conceited/arrogant! Not self-reflecting and even waiting for  the enemy’s self-destruction!
Our countrymen’s hearts/minds are truly laughable, laughable!! Wumao and fenqing, you guys go think about this long and hard!
In the past, I wouldn’t speak for America! But today I see the difference between ourselves and others/them! At this rate of scientific and technological development, in another hundred years, our mysterious country may be completely owned by American dogs! Sigh! Such a tragedy!


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