An Emerging Market In China’s Big Cities: Cancer Hotels

An Emerging Market In China’s Big Cities- Cancer Hotels

With China’s cancer rates on the rise, more and more people are heading to big cities to visit the country’s best doctors. With the large numbers of cancer patients appearing, some keen entrepreneurs have started to explore a new market, cancer hotels. Enjoying the low prices, proximity to good hospitals and the chance to share experiences with other patients, many cancer victims are choosing to stay in the new hotels while undergoing treatment. Netizens were not happy with the news, with many commenting on the high price of medicine and free medical care for public servants.

Source: Sina

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  • da_shan223

    A good idea at surface level. At first I thought it was weird that their profits are contingent upon people having cancer but hotels can always be repurposed and I assume the charity portion is that they are accepting lower profit margins. How would one categorize such an organization? A Not-quite-for-profit business?

  • helsic

    Cancer hotels… this is so creepy!

  • Jay

    is Chinasmack trying to lose more of its readers? Wtf happened to the old format? This version of chinasmack blows.