An Olympic Affair? Yao Ming and Lauren Jackson Hug

Last night, the 2008 Beijing Olympics officially ended with the Closing Ceremony, another big show by Zhang Yimou. During the show, all of the athletes entered the Birds Nest stadium and gathered on the field. For many Chinese watching, they saw an interesting thing happen between Yao Ming, China’s basketball star, and Lauren Jackson, a women’s basketball player from Austrailia:

This morning, there were many topics about Yao Ming and Lauren Jackson on all of the major China BBS forums. From Tianya forum, “At the Closing Ceremony, Yao Ming and blonde-haired girl hugged more than just once, here is the evidence, everyone see for yourselves!“:

Just now during the Closing Ceremony, everyone saw Yao Ming hug a blonde-haired girl, right? However, do you know that they did not hug only once, but at least twice!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a screen capture’s address:
This is a photograph’s address:
[pictures above]

Everyone see for yourselves. The girl in the screen capture is holding something in her left hand, only using her right hand to hug Yao Ming. However, in the photographs, she is using both arms to hug Yao Ming, proving that they hugged at least, at least, twice! Everything else, everyone analyze for themselves!!!!!!

Yao Ming is Shanghainese. From Shanghai’s KDS forum, “This time, Yao Ming is in big trouble!!“:

A lot of people captured that on film. Yao Ming better be ready for an ass-kicking when he gets home.

Yao Ming is fucked…

To tell the truth, Ye Li [Yao Ming’s wife, see below] really is ugly.

Ye Li charges up pointing at the white girl: Your name~~ say sorry!!!!

When my mom saw this, she said: “So, Yao Ming is also unfaithful~”

What did she say into his ear?

“Yao, my room number is 302~ Come on!”

If we are talking about kung fu in bed, foreigners are definitely better.

Ye Li: “Come home, kneel on the keyboard, type SORRY”

In the past, parents would sometimes punish the misbehaving children by having them kneel on a washing board for a period of time because it would hurt their knees. The saying above is a modern version, replacing the washing board for a keyboard, and suggesting that someone types “sorry” to show their remorse.

What part of his body would he have to use to type?

Remember to type it 100,000 times. Otherwise, not allowed to eat or sleep.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games Closing Ceremony - Yao Ming and Lauren Jackson exchange hugs.

Yao Ming’s expression is pretty sinister!

30 years ago and Yao Ming would have to write a self-criticism.

The whole world saw!

Yao Ming was very solemn. After hugging, he immediately turned around and continued walking, very restrained.

It is too easy to find Yao Ming. Just open your eyes and you will see him, hehe.

If she was touching my chest like that, I would definitely not be able to control myself…

This woman is very ferocious. Could Yao Ming handle it?

Why does Yao Ming’s face look like Dracula?

Yao Ming is not patriotic. If he had married Lauren, then she could be a Chinese national and this  time the Chinese women’s basketball team would have won…

At the Houston Rockets forum, this topic has already been closed.

Yao Ming is about to get strangled to death…

What a really sweet scene…

Heavy taste.

Yao must win for the motherland!

2008 Beijing Olympic Games Closing Ceremony - Lauren Jackson and Yao Ming talk.

Pretty girl: After the closing ceremony, I will be at the Beijing 168 waiting for you.
Yao Ming: Hush, hush, do not let Ye Li find out. Can my pal Liu Wei come too?

Look at Jackson’s left hand, she is already married~~~

Once Yao Ming goes home, he will have to write a 10,000 word self-criticism book. Before finishing it, he will spend half a year sleeping in the living room.

Very good, very harmonious!
Sure enough, 100,000 condoms was not enough!

Lauren Jackson’s appearance is first rate…

Sigh, once a woman gets pregnant, the man becomes unfaithful.

Contribute to China’s basketball enterprise, breed a better generation!

In the end, Yao Ming is just a man. No one blames him.

Ye Li is still a hundred times prettier than her…

How about making a mixed-blood super offspring~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So would the offspring be on the Chinese team or the Australian team?

Probably the American team…if I remember correctly, as long as the child is born in America, the child automatically is American.

Jackson has a pen in her hand. What is it for?

Haha, Yao Ming’s face is so awkward!

Do not be ridiculous, even giving him a kiss on the face is very commonplace. He has lived outside of the country for so many years, Ye Li understands.

Outside of this country, this is very normal…who knows how many hugs Ye Li has received from men while abroad…

She can be Yao Ming’s kept mistress.

On another topic, Lauren Jackson and Yao Ming really match well, and she is a beauty!!!!!, there are some comparisons between Lauren Jackson and Yao Ming’s wife, Ye Li:

From the Mop forums, “Perverted minds assemble, Yao Ming and Lauren Jackson’s hug“:

I saw it too, she molested Yao Ming!

“Call Kobe, threesome tonight.”

I do not understand, China has so many people, why does everyone care so much about this big fool!!! With that kind of height, anyone can play basketball!!!

Yao said: Tonight, I am your’s.

Lauren: I really want some right now~
Yao Ming: Careful, do not let my wife see!

Lauren: Yao, did you bring a condom?
Yao Ming: Yes, Durex.

“Tonight, let us finish the remaining Olympic Village Jissbon condoms…”

Lauren: How is your life with your wife, Yao!
Yao: Do not even bring it up…that woman wants to fuck every night! I am so tired I could die. Otherwise, how could our team motherfucking only place eighth?
Lauren: Yao! You are so crude!!!

Lauren: Yao, long time no see, has your dick gotten larger?
Yao: No, in fact, it has gotten smaller. Ye [wife] wants it every day. My iron bat has been ground down into a needle.
Lauren: Then we will buy a ribbed condom tonight.

Laruen: I love you!
Yao: One night in Beijing.
Laurn: Oh yeah!

Fucking Yao Ming has no vision~~
How good would it be to have this woman as a Chinese national…

Very yellow, very violent.

Yao: Would you like to get a room?
Jackson: Who pays?
Yao: Go dutch!

Yao: I hear you have a crush on me?
Lauren: Your mom…
Yao: …

It is like this:
Yao: Hey, have you eaten?
Lauren: No, I have not eaten. Go to your place?
Yao: Your mom’s.

Actually, she only said two words: “Fuck me.”

She said :”Yao , I need you tonight!”

There were a lot of people taking pictures around them, the evidence is damning. He is just waiting to kneel on the washboard once he gets home.

Yao needs to do some thinking…how is he going to respond to the reporters?

Yao Ming: My wife is pregnant, I need to release! Can you help??
Lauren: Nothing is impossible!!

What do you think happened?

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