Angie Chiu Is Proud to be Chinese, Gets Flamed By Netizens


From NetEase:

Zhao Yazhi [Angie Chiu] Flamed For Posting Photo of Tiananmen at Night And Saying She’s Proud to be Chinese

According to media reports, on January 8th, Zhao Yazhi [Angie Chiu posted a photo on Weibo of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square at night taken from inside a car while driving by on Chang’an Street, and at the same time commented: “Every time I pass by Tiananmen, I deeply feel proud of being Chinese.” However, this moment of sincere sentiment nonetheless was met with criticism and flames by a portion of netizens. When a plain and simple feeling like patriotism becomes a cause to attack others, just what kind of mentality do these internet flamers/trolls who are so eager to “nitpick” have on an internet where public opinion and life is complicated?

The process by which public controversy is generated simply explained: At present, with the development and popularization of social networking platforms on the internet, helped by the rapid spread of Weibo, WeChat, etc., as long as those involved in an incident have some kind of characteristic that some netizens look for, such as being a celebrity or having the potential to be a conversation-starter, and with the desire to “be famous/become popular”, the words and actions of those involved in an incident will be quickly exaggerated, even misrepresented. The purpose of doing so is nothing else than to create controversy on the internet and from this controversy derive some benefit. As for whether or not this benefit can be obtained, they have the mentality of “if so, great, but if not, then let’s just have fun”. When those who take advantage of a controversy for personal gain become a community on the internet, “no petty criticism means not being news” then becomes a state of affairs, and when this state of affairs persists it becomes one of the roots of the hostile internet we have today.


Every person deeply loves their homeland/country, and we are no exception. When using a single saying to judge one’s own alma mater, the relatively classic saying is: “It’s the place we’ve cursed/criticized a million times yet do not allow others to even curse/criticize once”. This saying isn’t to say every one of us believes our country is bad, but that the we defend our homeland because we don’t want others to trample on it. We can use lawful channels to express our views on the good many problems arising from economic development, but we indeed should not deliberately manufacture this kind of artificially antagonistic subject on the internet. Love for one’s country can be left in one’s heart unspoken, but not loving one’s country should not be boundlessly magnified through the abuse of “loudspeakers” [the power of the internet] in a distortion of its [the internet’s] original intent.

Patriotism is a complex, that requires no reason; patriotism is an emotional sense of belonging, that does not need to be concealed. When an ordinary person is patriotic, we don’t see a mass of criticism on the internet, but when a celebrity makes a very normal expression of a sentiment, it instead incites the enormous interest of “flamers/nitpickers/petty critics”. From this we can see that each and every internet topic-maker is deeply versed in the art of internet dissemination, where celebrities, patriotism, etc. in an artificially manufactured context become a type of consumer good. When it comes to consumer goods then, the tastes of customers naturally are different, and differences have become reasons for people on the internet to duel/fight. With such a vicious cycle, a hostile atmosphere adds up on the internet, with the “picking up the bowl to eat meat, and putting down the chopsticks to yell at one’s mother” phenomenon being an example.

[Note: The last phrase refers to the post-Reform and Opening Up phenomenon of the Chinese populace enjoying better living standards than ever before but still complaining about the government. It refers to being constantly unsatisfied and not recognizing progress.]

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Some have said that the internet is the biggest variable, because the capabilities of the internet is huge. Actually, the internet is just like a large household, and every member of the household’s words, actions, and bearing has a huge influence/effect on the entire household. Given that the internet is a household, then there should be a set of household rules, that regulates those who exploit controversy for personal gain, that prevents “flamers/trolls” from using celebrities to play tricks, from using patriotism as a pretext for attacking others, and only in this way can the internet be made better.

We dislike other people criticizing the things we like and love, because these things ultimately represent a comfort in our hearts. It’s true for our schools, and it’s true for our country. When other people express their patriotic sentiment, please do not maliciously attack them, because if we allow the attacking to go on, the next to be attacked may be ourselves.

Comments from NetEase:

我对毛澤東的爱永远不变 [网易上海市网友]:

Let’s take a count, those who support Zhao Yazhi, click [upvote].

[Note: The ratio of upvotes to downvotes on this comment is 3:2. The username of this netizen is “My love for Mao Zedong will never change”.]

供着贪官小三财产禁止观看 [网易上海市网友]:

Auntie Zhao Yazhi; [when you’re going through] menopause, you should avoid blindly getting involved [in these things].

[Note: The ratio of upvotes to downvotes on this comment is 4:1.]

danxin65818 [网易河南省信阳市网友]:

A restaurant’s food isn’t good just because the owners or their relatives say so!

卸下金刀再饮酒 [网易湖北省网友]:

Whose country?

另一种真相 [网易上海市网友]:

First, look at her Weibo, those criticizing/flaming her are the minority, and those upvoting her are the majority. This actually would have been unimaginable two to three years ago, which shows that the domain of flamers/trolls is getting smaller and smaller, and there are more and more rational and objective people.
Second, some people don’t like this country, and it is your freedom [to do so]. But when you also don’t allow other people to like it, then that is you being narrow-minded, and it is these kinds of people who are the remaining evil [of the past]. If we want to talk about the horrid aspects of this country, then there being too many flamers/trolls [complainers, critics] would definitely be among them.
Third, liking to be partisan [biased, prejudiced, one-sided] is an even bigger problem. Of course, it needn’t be said, I’ve always liked the films and television serials that Zhao Yazhi has acted in.
So, I strongly support Madame White Snake.
And I only have one thing to say to certain flamers:
“Don’t treat your ignorance as personality/individuality”!

[Note: Over 45% of the votes on this comment are downvotes.]

群424042798 [网易广东省手机网友]:

Fickle and ruthless, impatiently and pettily criticizing, interpreting out of context, demagoguery, exaggerations and escalations. “Picking up the bowl to eat meat, and putting down the chopsticks to yell at one’s mother.”

newmeibi [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

Why don’t you research why she was yelled at/criticized?
Criticism itself is a neutral word, and what it specifically shows depends on looking at who is criticizing and who is being criticizing.

linliang03 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

It was never possible for humanity to be unanimous in opinion. A large number of people having the same opinion, now that is abnormal.

撸大和尚 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

I believe those Japanese devils who defend the Yasukuni Shrine also criticize the Japanese people who advocate for reflecting on World War II in the same way.

NMNE [网易贵州省贵阳市网友]:

To summarize in a phrase: Everyone is having a hard time, so they are critical of everything.

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  • 宋易

    Even when I was a kid, I could not understand why people would have pride in the country in which they were born and raised. Its like having pride in rainbows or bunny rabbits… its got nothing to do with you. Pride is a personal thing. A country is not personal.

    That said, the editorial is not much more than a mish mash of flowery sentiments that implicitly support censorship. Even downvotes are not acceptable. Christ.

    • Kai

      Is it really difficult to understand or are you perhaps just exaggerating to emphasize your disagreement with it or certain manifestations of it?

      Pride in one’s country is just a version of pride in anything one associates with, whether it be a school, a sports team, a brand, a political party, a religion, a culture, a civilization, etc. I suppose what I’m saying is that I don’t fault people for having pride in their country, especially when they feel they are very much shaped by it and a part of it, but I do fault them for taking it to excesses, when patriotism becomes nationalism, and some sort of justification for malice against others.

      • 宋易

        no, i mean exactly what im saying. i think its absolutely ridiculous to feel or express pride in a country.

        • Irvin

          Stranger things have happened, just the other day tim cook said he’s proud of his sexual orientation. Before long we’ll hear someone’s proud of their bowel movement.

          • 宋易

            well, pride in a bowel movement has merit. at least its something that one creates himself. reminds me of the Bono episode of South Park.

          • Kai

            LoL, seriously, bowel movements can be masterpieces, products of time, effort, and skill!

          • 宋易

            if competitive eating (a most vile enterprise) can be, competitive bowel movement should have a place.

        • James

          you REALLY think it’s “absolutely ridiculous” or you just don’t feel it yourself?

          • 宋易

            jesus, dude, can you read? it is totally absurd to say ‘i am proud to be chinese’ or ‘american’ or whatever. is there a clearer way of saying that, or do i need to affirm it for a 4th time?

            of course i know a lot of people *say* that. that a lot of people do or say something does not abate my opinion that it is absurd.

            sure, i *like* many things about the US. i am more comfortable when im there than elsewhere. but pride is a feeling that i do not believe can or should be attached to a country. and when people say ‘im proud to be chinese/american/gay/black’ or anything else that they dont *choose* to be, i think there is a real emotional-intellectual disconnect there.

          • James

            jesus, dude, i can read. well whether you believe it or not people still feel it, it’s real, it’s there. maybe you don’t feel it because you have no emotional attachment to your country, but some people do.

          • Zappa Frank

            yeah, people also believe in fortunetellers, horoscopes and so on.. I would not take what people believe in as an evidence of anything.

        • Zappa Frank

          I agree, you are not your country, you are what you do.
          When something bad happen in China then should we pretend she feels ashamed? By the way, tiananmen should make her feel more ashamed than proud if she really want to feel something

          • 宋易

            and the mao portrait adorning the f. city.

        • Kai

          Okay, that’s fine, but I hope you understood from the thrust of my question that I was also checking if you literally don’t understand or was just using a turn of phrase to express disagreement. Specifically, for example, I can find something “absolutely ridiculous” but still “understand” it.

          To be clear, I generally think it is a good idea to not be too attached to subjective notions of a “country”.

          • 宋易

            oh, i see… yes, intellectually, i understand how people can attach pride and other feelings to things not concomitant with those feelings. i just think its silly and thoughtless.

      • Free Man

        For some people it’s just ridiculous to see someone being proud about his/her nationality. And yeah, I am one of those thinking it’s ridiculous.

        Do you never find other people’s action funny or laugh about them because you think it’s ridiculous?

        • James

          haha you are proud to be an american you are so ridiculous! HAHAHA what a doofus. proud to be from a place he is born…

          • Free Man

            Me? American? Nah, dude, far off. I am german and not really proud or ashamed about it. I like the useful passport and that’s about it. Nobody asked me to join this club, so I feel no obligation or any duty towards this country.

            But you must be proud enough to be surfing around the internet, while pointing your digital finger at others and insulting them.

          • James

            sarcasm, learn to recognize it.

          • mr.wiener

            It is reasonable for anyone to be proud of their country.. though I never really got how some Yanks do that whole stand at attention, hand over heart and top lip trembling thing. It always struck me as faintly ridiculous.
            Americans aren’t they only folk guilty of this however….Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who said: “Patriotism is the last refuge of fools and scoundrels”?

          • James

            some people take it overboard, but having a little pride is not ridiculous or irrational

          • Probotector

            no, it’s “prayer is that last refuge of fools and scoundrels”

          • mr.wiener

            That’s correct, thanks for that. Maybe it was patriotism is the virtue of the viscious?

        • Kai

          I don’t think my response suggests I never find other people’s actions funny or laugh about them because I think they’re ridiculous, and I’m pretty sure my past comments on this site and otherwise demonstrates that. As I responded to Sean, I was just checking if I understood him correctly, that he was just using a turn of phrase and not being literal.

        • jaded

          I get your point free man. I think the only exception is during major sporting events which act as a galvanising force.

          • Free Man

            I think the only difference is this: during major sporting events I am becoming one of the ridiculous people.

          • jaded

            haha ditto!

      • Insomnicide

        Isn’t nationalism just patriotism? Different words but the have the same meaning, perhaps a few bad seeds have given nationalism a bad reputation, but in China’s case, hey, the Nationalist party are the good guys!

    • James

      You don’t understand pride in your country? well maybe you are just weird.

      • Mao Zexi

        No, he’s just right. If I told you I was proud over being right handed, or proud over my front door, would you think I was right in feeling that pride? It’s stupid. You can like or love your country or whatever, but pride? Pride is something you feel for your accomplishments. When you’ve spent countless hours doing something, you finally finish and you feel satisfied with your work, you can feel pride. When you notice that your kids do something that proves they are growing as human beings, you can feel pride because you were the one who brought them up. But pride in the fact that you happened to be born into a specific location on Earth? What the fuck is that. It’s absurd.

        • James

          no it’s not absurd to be proud of your country if there is something to be proud about. for example, if your country wins the world cup, then it’s “absolutely ridiculous” to be proud? or if your city wins the super bowl. it’s absurd to be proud of being from seattle? so you can only be proud of something you have done? You can’t be proud of your dad if he does something heroic and honorable because you yourself didn’t do it? that is the dumbest thing i’ve heard all day.

        • Kai

          I think the main issue here is that people are using different mental definitions of “pride”. The people who are against it are really thinking of “excessive” pride that blinds the person from seeing shortcomings or makes them belligerent in the face of valid criticism or disagreement.

          Those who aren’t against it are thinking of it being a very common and human emotion that isn’t necessarily and wholly irrational.

          For example, if we can take pride in a group effort, why can’t that group extend to an entire nation? Why can’t we be proud of the advances our country has made through the collective effort of many, even if not absolutely every last person was in on it? Can we be proud of our country for having mobilized the resources to land a person on the moon? For proposing and passing legislation during civil rights movements? For investing national resources in our childrens’ education and futures?

          Being proud of simply being born somewhere is indeed absurd, but I don’t think that’s how pride in one’s country is usually thought of by those who hold it. They usually feel an association with the thing they are proud of involving symbolic values, and a sense that they can influence it and be influenced by it. In that sense, it isn’t that different from being proud of your kids, whom you have influenced (and who influence you!). It’s just extended.

          Being proud of your country therefore usually boils down to being proud of what you subjectively interpret to be your country’s values and spirit. It only becomes a problem when it blinds you to things (like a parent who refuses to see what a punk their kid is).

        • Probotector

          It’s about having a sense of belonging, and sharing in the achievements that your nation has wrought, as it is often beneficial to all. That’s what patriots take pride in. Look, consider how far China (and other nationalist countries) have come when using that nationalism to galvanise their populace into doing something that benefits the state. Then, consider have far every western nation has fallen since they ditched patriotism as ‘facsist’ or ‘racist’ or whatever you people are calling it nowadays. Westerners could learn a thing or two from China’s example instead of quisling.

      • Zappa Frank

        Or maybe you are just easy to be influenced

    • biggj

      I agree with you. I like my country and use for for my owns gains, as my country in return does to me.I dont look at the canadian flag and want to shade a tear of joy or anything…burn the fucking thing for all I care.As long as I can gain from my country..then we will be on good terms, once that day come to and end….then I find somewhere else I can gain…I have no loyalty to things like that.

      I look at my country like a business partner….as long as we both are prosperous…things will run smooth and high fives and ass slaps and whatever else…but once the relationship is not prosperous…we will have to go our separate ways.

      • realist

        Dude, way too cool. You’re like a mercenary, going wherever offers you the best deal! No strings or loyalties to hold you back! You gain, you stay, but if your country slows you down, you’re cuttin’ it loose! What a guy!

        Now if your country saw this and was not well-humored about it, it could say, “the country needs loyal citizens, not little people who think they’re business partners, so we’re rescinding your citizenship and you can go elsewhere to hunt for better deals”? Then you’d go elsewhere! When you apply for citizenship, there would be the curious question as to why you are a citizen of nowhere, and assuming you’re an honest lad, you’d say, “I’ll not to be tied down with loyalties; I’m looking for a pure business relationship… and somewhere to stay.” Customs would probably laugh at you and tell you to go elsewhere… and the story would repeat but where would you end up? Drifting at sea?

        Now, let’s say you do a good job and they wanna keep you on your business deal but you got into a car accident tomorrow and are reduced to a writhing torso with a head. What do you think Canada would do for you? Paramedics would race to your side, take you to the nearest capable hospital and doctors would work around the clock to save you. They wouldn’t ask you for money beforehand because you most likely wouldn’t be able to pay the astronomical sums involved with saving you. If you lived, the bill would be written off and you’d live on welfare… which your government would give you. If they treated you like you wanted, they should ask you to hand over half a million dollars by the side of the road before touching you. If you didn’t have it, they’d leave your maggot body to die in the street or, for the benefit of the good citizens, scrape you and your scrap metal car up with a bulldozer and toss you in the ocean because you’re no longer contributing, so business deal terminated, citizenship revoked, get off of Canadian soil ASAP.

        Or how about when you get old? You can’t work anymore and you’re retired. If your country did you like you wanted, you’d lose your citizenship the day you retired and never see a cent of benefits. Heck, they might tell you to move to another country to make space for people who contribute or people who are loyal. What then, tough guy?

        • biggj

          Thats part of the deal we have. My passport allows me to pretty much go wherever I like whenever I like and pretty as long as I like. And I can go to the hospital wherever I want pretty much free….which I actually never went in 10 years but the option is there.. There are more things that are good and thats fine. Now on the flip side, I pay roughly 55,000 to 60,000 dollars a year in just taxes from my pay check…..that’s not including the 15% on every dollar I spend anywhere else. So I’ve been doing this for roughly 12 years in that tax bracket.. In my lifetime I’ve given the government well over 1 million dollars if you include all the taxes total I’ve payed. Now I know this money goes to people on welfare and infrastructure and whatnot. So if anything they have taken more from me than I have taken from them…So really im the one getting shafted. I live a comfortable life in a relatively safe place…So im content with the situation. Now if all this money is taken from me with nothing in return…..Would you have loyalty to that country? Only a blind fool would. So as it stands me and canada on are good term.

          You think this is such a crazy idea, then why do people immigrate? For a better life they had in their previous country. I see so pride or loyalty to their former country in immigrating.

    • donscarletti

      It’s for those with little else to be proud of.

      • James

        or those that can be proud of multiple things.

    • realist

      You literally cannot understand patriotism and nationalism? LOL When you win the Olympics, what do they do? Show a montage of you chillin’ with your bros while playing your theme song? No, they raise your national flag and play your national anthem. When you go anywhere important such an an international conference, which it is highly probable you’ve never been, people ask you what country you’re from. They need this to form a first opinion on you before they have anything else. If you come from a country highly respected in that field, they begin by respecting you and you start losing respect if you do things that are stupid. If you come from a country that has a history of falling all over itself in that field, you start out as an idiot and have to work very hard swimming upstream to reverse their opinions of you. In many cutting-edge areas, the same idea, same presentation can sound like the future coming from someone you think is a genius and can sound like an idiot’s fantasy coming from someone you think is a fool. When you’re a tourist, how locals treat you depends on what country they think you’re from and they use that to gauge how likely you are to be rich. If you are arrested in a foreign nation, the police consider what nationality your passport is before deciding what to do with you. If you come from a rich, powerful nation, even if you are middle-low class, you can go to a poor country and have your pick of young, beautiful women because of your passport and how rich they think your life is. Your children will walk into a world where people judge them based on what nationality they are.

      • 宋易

        “You literally cannot understand patriotism and nationalism? Well, here is a long list of things I want to say that are unrelated to patriotism and nationalism! Thank you, good night!”

      • Don’t Believe the Hype

        Figure out what patriotism means and then get back to us

        • Realist

          Technically, you could enjoy everything I said while still hating your country, but were you planning on taking all the benefits that your nation’s status could offer you without offering some patriotism back? Figure out what parasite means then get back to me? Nah, I don’t need parasites getting back to me.

          • Probotector

            It seems really that the majority of people who agree with 宋易 are those who’ve been brainwashed to think that pride = fascism. Only a socialist/liberal from the west would think like this. Meanwhile, the Chinese and other nationalities who actually believe in themselves, and want to shape their nations’ destinies into something that benefits them will just shrug and say ‘you foreigners are stupid’, and they’s be correct.

  • Kai

    This seems like a poorly disguised way to advocate/justify greater state control of speech on the internet, while fallaciously arguing that certain things like patriotism cannot be criticized. If I didn’t have to entertain the real possibility that somoene genuinely feels this way about these things, I’d accuse it of being ham-fisted propaganda.

    That said, the netizens who jumped on Zhao Yazhi for such a throwaway sentiment really must have nothing better to do.

    Annoyance aside, she looks incredible at 60 years old, even accounting for photoshop.

    • Vance

      She’s 60?! Wow! Chinese women (and really Asian women in general) last a long long time. Western celebs can look great for their ages but you often can see the botox working on them. She still looks natural to me.

      I’m surprised there was such backlash for a simple patriotic statement. I cannot imagine an American celeb saying they were proud of be American while driving by the Capitol Building would get such a backlash.

      • Kai

        Yeah, my mind was blown when I verified that she was born 1954. Holy toledo. If you look up recent photos of her, especially those that aren’t part of photoshoots that may have been touched up, you can still mostly tell she’s aged, but the fact that she can be so easily touched up to look so much younger and sometimes simply jut appear so much younger than many of us would normally think of a person that age is incredible. Some people are just blessed or good living or something. Jeebus.

        Yeah, I agree. I mean, driving by an iconic national building in the romance of the night? I wonder though if the editorial is overly exagerating the backlash she got. There are always some cranks online.

        • Dick Leigh

          I think it’s the whole Chinese heliophobia thing. Chinese who avoid the sun look so much different than the Chinese that work in the sun or don’t avoid it.

          Also, Asians in general, male and female, take better care of their skin than caucasians do, especially the men. Now I find that Western notions of masculinity are rather overbearing after spending time in China, where you don’t have to ponder over how manly certain things are.

          • Kai

            Really? You feel Asian men take better care of their skin than Caucasians? In what ways? Most guys I know don’t seem to do anything special other than ordinary bathing and washing of their face. Men’s skin care products seem to still be limited to the metrosexual types and as much as we might stereotype Asian men to be more effeminate, I don’t really think there are meaningfully more metrosexual Asian men than Caucasians.

            I think sun exposure is a definite factor, though there may be some genetics involved. Shrug.

          • Mihel

            Most guys I know don’t seem to do anything special other than ordinary bathing and washing of their face.

            That’s still better than average teenager caucasian male.

          • Kai

            LoL, really? I mean, most young guys can be kinda lax with personal hygiene, perhaps going a few days without showering, not doing their laundry regularly, stumbling out of bed and out the door, but I don’t think I’ve noticed any specific tendencies in this regard with any race or ethnicity. It’s just how young guys are when they’re lazy…and don’t get me started on how gross gals can be, forever shattering all men’s illusions of the fairer sex!

      • NeverMind

        I usually use this as a helpful guide when I am traveling in Asia (China)

        • lisa


        • Boris

          A stereotype that isn’t true for the majority of Asian women. How I wish it were…

        • Sharrma

          i think to be be fair you should have added this.
          Its just as racist and stereotypical.

        • Vance

          HaHa!! This fits pretty well with most Asian Women I know.

    • ClausRasmussen

      60 ?! You must be kidding… (browsing the internet in disbelief)… yup, you’re right:

      • death_by_ivory

        She must have many frequent miles from going that many times to Korea.I think it is a great thing anyway,when I get to that age sure will be on the plane too.

      • Zappa Frank

        I china they photoshop even the pictures of the university’s cards (whether you want or not, it was summer, I was just came from Italy, and they made me more white because I was sun tanned), I sincerely would like to see a real picture before judge.

        • bujiebuke

          “…they made me more white…”

          Do you think that’s a standard thing they do for everyone or did you get the touch-up because you were perceived as a “white guy”? Just curious, I’ve never gotten an ID in China.

          • Zappa Frank

            it was my first time in china, I was with others Italians, since was summer we were all suntanned…they did it to us all, whiter and other little stuff here and there.
            I think is simply the Chinese custom that whiter is better, for anyone, regardless of the race (and even regardless of the result sometimes), the opposite than in west. Most id cards I’ve seen have pictures a lot whiter than the real person, then in conclusion I think is a general thing.
            If you have some chinese friends you will see that girls in china constantly 100% photoshop all pictures they take with their phones, they have an app that works immediately in the same time you take the picture, makes the skin invariably more white and more uniform.

          • bujiebuke

            That’s something I noticed too in the states with Asian girls, I wasn’t sure if that was applicable to girls in China as well. Although more recently I think the fad has turned the other way towards tanning. Have you noticed this or have you left the middle kingdom already?

          • Zappa Frank

            as far as I know in Shanghai there are some places where people can get suntanned with solar lamps. Still, not clear if are intended for foreigners, abc, westernized Asians or what…but there are, maybe something is changing slowly.
            In Chongqing where I’m now absolutely no way, girls make up to look whiter, sometimes the effect is horrible, a heavy white/metallic face and darker neck/ears.

          • bujiebuke

            “white/metallic face and darker neck/ears”

            LOL, that actually sounds cyberpunkish.

    • Surfeit

      Spot on. “House rules” is a particular favourite, along with ‘we have lawful channels…’

      • Kai

        Yeah, I vomited a little reading those. They were just so…blatant. Ugh.

    • mr.wiener

      The problem perhaps is that a celebrity riding [ chauffeur driven no doubt] through BJ town and taking a quick snap of Tienanmen and saying how patriotic she feels is a little too ..”Let them eat cake” for many who feel left behind by China’s economic miracle.

      • Kai

        Yeah, I definitely can see that, and I think a few of the comments allude to that (the “whose country” one and the “owners of a restaurant” one). She may be seen as part of the privileged elite and thus he expression of patriotism is interpreted as being disconnected and thus ignorant of all the crap “the ordinary people” suffer and resent their country for (part of the whole “eat meat, curse your mother” thing).

    • David

      OK, have to say for 60 she is incredible (even with the PS). Second, I agree that this story against the criticism is probably simply in favor of more internet control by the Chinese government. Third, since I didn’t really see the actual criticism, just the story about it, here is a question. Was it simply as Mr. Weiner said below, the Marie Antoinette look of a privileged actress that looked bad, or do you think it was the specific comment about TS (i.e. 1989) that made her look like she was supporting Chinese government repression that the netizens were upset about? Or do you think she just was not aware of the incident and was just being patriotic (maybe the way an American would feel seeing the Lincoln memorial). I just want to be sure of the correct reason WHY netizens were upset.

      • Kai

        I lean towards the Marie Antoinette thing but I caveat that I haven’t waded through the comments on her Weibo post (which is linked in the article above). I never even considered the backlash being subversive TSM commentary and while it is possible, I still think it is highly unlikely.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    For a 60 year old granny, she’s still friggin hot. Total GILF.

    • 宋易

      Just dont forget the KY.

      • Mighty曹

        A gallon should do the trick.

        • 宋易

          turn the trick

        • Probotector

          I reckon she’s good to go.

    • James

      she uses a lot of moisturizer if you know what i mean

    • Mighty曹

      I would stop at MILF.
      Sup, Bitch! How ya been?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Not much son, federal prison let you out early I see…

        • Mighty曹

          I got out on ‘good behavior’.

  • ILoveGoldStandard

    There’s nothing wrong having a pride of your own national, identity and culture. We humans still live with this concept. And our survival depends with it.

    • Irvin

      Might as well be proud of the rock that was in close proximity to your birth, it too exist without your influence and control.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      Having pride is one thing, putting blind faith in your gov’t is another. Particularly when that gov’t puts itself before the country.

  • lacompacida

    She deserves all the flames she gets for siding with the Party and not the people nor the nation.

  • bujiebuke

    “Love your country, not your party”. That’s the slogan I recall reading while in Hong Kong, and it’s my own conviction to this day. It’s an aspect that I don’t see the story or netizens commenting on. I think people have to give her some benefit of doubt as to whether she meant love for her country or her party (government). If the government no longer represents the people as in the CCP, then it’s time for a change.

    That said, I believe it’s foolish for this women to post pictures of herself because it’s obvious that she bathes in the blood of the innocent to keep herself looking 30-ish.

    • Dax

      Reminds me of the Mark Twain quote:

      “Remember this, take this to heart, live by it, die for it if necessary: that our patriotism is medieval, outworn, obsolete; that the modern patriotism, the true patriotism, the only rational patriotism, is loyalty to the Nation ALL the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it.”

      • bujiebuke

        Right on!

  • Mighty曹

    Another ‘Jackie Chan’.

    • Sophia Dalke

      That’s unduly disrespectful. Jackie Chan is piece of shit who built his fame as a British national in a free and open HK and Hollywood, then turned around and abandoned those principles once he ‘got his’ and is now perfectly content to rimjob the CCP at every opportunity. I wonder what his late parents would think… considering they were in HK in the first place to get away from the CCP.

      Ms. Chiu might be dense or obtuse, or even submissive, to the role of the CCP, but she’s never been anything else. She isn’t an arrogant, unfilial traitor.

      • Mighty曹

        Good to see someone who hates JC with passion as much as me.

        • biggj

          Rush hour and rumble in the bronx are pretty good lol

        • Probotector

          Did you see CZ12? God, what China nationalism buttfucking that was.

      • biggj

        This bitch is from HK too.

      • Probotector

        Well, his son is dragging his name through the mud, so you can call that a sort of comeuppance perhaps.

  • OK – Fine – She’s proud to be Chinese, but perhaps choosing Tiananmen Square as the source of this inspiration is what created the backlash (e.g. – because of the death of protesters there in 1989)

    • Probotector

      …or the fact that it was built on the orders of a murderous dictator by the hands of the workers, some of whom then died as a result of social policies he enacted.

  • MidniteOwl

    I feel like eating a salad after looking at her lettuce dress.
    Pride is misguided with such a dress! Don’t even have to go TIENANMEN with this one. Wait.. can I use Tienanmen as an adjective?

  • FYIADragoon

    Pride is one thing, but the nationalism that many Chinese seem to center on is just stupid. Its detrimental to one’s own development to view the world in such a narrow way.

    • 宋易

      just a few days ago i read someone (maybe on cs, i cant recall) define patriotism as loving your country for the good things it does, while nationalism is loving your country no matter what it does.

      • Kai

        Yeah, that was on cS. It’s a good way of putting it.

      • Dr Sun

        I believe it was Frank Zappa who gets the credit for this great post.

        The 5 mao and the 5 Washington’s will always go the second part,sadly.

        • Probotector

          Still got to bring an America bash into it yeah? This despite tha fact that most Americans, esp on CS hove little national pride vis a vis China. Seriously, America doesn’t teach patriotism anymore.

  • Chaz

    Every time I burp and fart…I’m so proud of being Chinese…

  • 宋易

    Never seen this before…. I don’t always like George Carlin, but he sure hits a lot of nails on the head.

  • Dr Sun

    The wife says she has a good heart, so I’ll forgive her, after all shes just HK actress.

    or as posted my someone much smarter than anyone on CS:


    • Probotector

      Who is just a HK actress, your wife or this woman? Still, better than being a pretend doctor IMO. If this quote is posted by someone much smarter than anyone on CS, it couldn’t be yours, you arrogant twat, now fuck off.

  • crimsonarmor

    Tianemen square is no different to the Yasukuni Shrine. Shrine represents war criminals, and the square is wear hundreds died when the massacres happened during students riots.

  • Nitro

    I know a Filipino dj that did her once, he called her smelly pussy. LoL

  • cheong

    good day

    Setting political point of view aside,

    I really dont see why she should not be proud of be a Chinese, after all she is a Chinese.
    For better or worse, she is a Chinese and nobody can deny that especially she herself.
    I am an old oversea Chinese Taoist/Buddhist, I, too am proud that I am a Chinese.
    No matter where I/we am/are, I/we am/are Chinese, I/we cant change that.

    I remember more than 10 years ago, I with my relatives & friends went back to my ancestor home town in China and I felt so happy to see my grandfather house.
    I was & still is very proud of my ancestor home’ town & country.
    We all had a very very warm welcome from people & a huge celebration in our honor. We were all so moved.
    I was (and still is) so proud being a Chinese that tears flow from eyes.

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to criticize her (Angie Chiu) for being proud of being a Chinese.
    We are of the yellow skin & the Lun Tic Cheun Yan, must be proud of our own roots.
    There are many Chinese do deny their own roots & do not consider themselves as Chinese because of the good, bad & ugly & the very very ugly within the Chinese race, so be it.

    Well, one can change name or even surname & religion but one cannot change the “color of your skin”.
    Because deep down, a Chinese is a Chinese, for better or worse.

    I hope all the Chinese here remember that you were born a Chinese & will depart from this world a Chinese, no matter what you say or do will not change that fact.
    And if you do not want to be proud of being a Chinese, so be it but at least do not criticize other Chinese who are proud of being a Chinese.

    Have a nice day.

    Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt
    May our Goddess of Mercy(Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha bless her.

    Zhong Guo wan sui wan sui wan wan sui

    • Matt

      Are you proud of being old?
      Are you proud of being male?
      Are you proud of being human?
      Are you proud of being overseas?

      Just because you undeniably are something doesn’t mean you have to be “proud” of it. We all have a multifaceted array of identities.

      Of course, you have a right to feel proud of being Chinese, but I don’t understand it, just as I don’t understand those who are ashamed of being Chinese. At the end of the day, it’s really nothing more than genetics. It’s not good or bad, it just is.

      • cheong

        Thank you for your reply.

        I am proud of myself being whatever.
        And why should one be ashamed of himself/herself unless they have done something that is morally wrong.
        Being proud doesn’t mean one have to flounder it around to show off > to show off what? but it is just a reminder to one self and maybe sometime thinking out loud.

        “A man (or a woman) without pride is a person without life.”

        Have a nice day.

  • DC

    damn she be MILFy….dare I say..GILFy?

    on another note..those mainlanders are a bunch of confused self-loathing nutjobs..

  • biggj

    Well what you are you saying would never happen. Revoke my canadian citizenship for being a dick and none patriotic? Maybe in north korea.So if things are not doing well in canada say the police start knocking down doors and killing people there is 90% unemployment and looting and killing in the streets…..should I just hang around? fuck no. If I have to means to leave i’m gone. So would everyone else who was born in shit hole of country. It’s great for countries to have people like you. Thats what they want. They don’t give a fuck about the individual…its the whole that matters. And how they can benefit from you. Anyway, man it don’t matter. You do it your way, ill do it mine. And a poor person has just as much right to do whatever they want to.

    Listen, all I want to do is live my life and have a good time. And if my country’s government gets in the way of me doing that….Then I find a place where I can. Like what kind of fool would not do that.

    It’s like the canadian or US or whatever companies who open up factories in low wage countries…. Because it benefit them. They make more money while their countrymen suffer the repercussion on that. And are these people shunned by the government???Hell no, if anything it probably politicians themselves who own some the company….they dont care. It’s all an act. See they did the same thing I would do. They can make more somewhere else so they do it. At least im not hurting anyone else in the process like the government does. I’m just looking out for myself.

  • 42

    I think the netizens are complaining that she picked the wrong place to vent her chinese pride, as in referring to the Tienanmen square incident. Which was a dark event in mondern day Chinas history.

    It’s enlightening to see chinese netizens arent withholding and careful with their criticism and words as many western foreigners think they are, because of so called internet censorships. Another myth busted that people in China are not allowed to vent out their opinions, as we can see here they are free and not afraid to do so.

    As for the Tienanmen square incident, its quite a complex event, and cannot be explained with right or wrong. Without the crackdown, would China have been successful as it is now? Or would it have plunged into another decades of power struggles and chaos?

    People also call it the Tienanmen massacre. I don’t agree with that, if it was a massacre then many people who participated in the demonstration would not have been alive now. Like protester Liu Xiaobo who is still in China. And the deaths counts would have been far greater.

    Even previous well respected premier Wen Jiabao stood in favor of the students next to Zhou Zhiyang, Zhiyang who got lifelong house arrest. Wen Jiabao however did not get arrested and even made it to be the premier of China. So there are no absolutes in this incident, it is not black and white,right or wrong. It was a crackdown, in the CCP eyes maybe a necessary crackdown for the stability of the country, with casualties on both protesters and soldiers sides, nothing more nothing less.

  • mike921

    What is she proud of? 5000 years and this is the best the Chinese can do? They should be so far ahead of everybody and look at them!

    • 42

      China has been left behind because of power struggles that began as far as during the Qing Dynasty. Western nations trying to wage war against China and trying to control Chinas resources.

      They should be far ahead and they are proving they can. China has lifted millions out of poverty and become the second largest economy of the world in just 30 years. Something that Africa for example haven’t been able to achieve, even with the help of western countries, donations and investments.

      Chinas investment in Africa in the past decades has helped Africa more than any western nations combined, that leaves much to think about what kind of help are the west bringing, who is helping who, themselves or Africa? Or are they just merely plundering Africas natural resources?

      Read about the Boxer rebellion where chinese civilians launched an uprising against westerners who were fed up being taken advantage of.

      The eight Nation Alliance: Austria, Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States all teamed up and fought against the uprising chinese, to controll them in their own country.

      Read about the Opium Wars, where the United Kingdom got nothing to trade with China, so they forcefully make a whole nation addicted to the drug Opium, making it so that they have something to trade goods for in return for Opium. Many lives have died, China lost many territories as in Hongkong and Macau.

      And you dare to say why they are so far behind?

      It is because of this, chinese people began a revolt to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, which was called the Xinhai revolution.

      After the Xinhai revolution China was launched into decades of power struggles between warlords, a civil war between communist party and kuomintang, japanese invasion during world war 2.

      After the chinese civil war the communist came into power. With the anti-communist sentiment at that time, the country received sanctions and were cut off from the world. And there were internal struggles within the communist party under the rule of Mao Zedong. Not until Deng Xiaoping opened up for economic reforms,China began to prosper. Even after opening up for economic reforms China experienced hardship with events like the Tienanmen square incident.

      So is it really surprising that in the past century China weren’t able to develop their country any further and was hold back of any national improvements?

      Read upon your history my friend, before making a stupid comment.

  • Rafasa Arandas

    Patriotism is never truly wrong, but nationalism is poison.

  • mike921

    What was she proud of again? 5000 years and children still defecate on hospital waiting room floors, ANYwhere outdoors, and most places indoors….

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