Angry Changchun Mob Surrounds Arrogant “Police Officer”

A large crowd surrounds a red Mazda6 in Changchun, China.

From ifeng:

Man wearing police uniform hits someone while driving then violently beats the victim, thousands of people smash his car

Yesterday at 2:20pm, in Changchun city next to a large shopping center at the intersection of Gongnong Avenue and Hongqi Street, many city residents were packed around a red Mazda, shouting: “Beat his ass! Don’t let him get away!” One elderly person and one young girl were sitting on the ground, her hand covering her head, her hair disheveled, with a painful expression. According to an eyewitness, a man wearing a police uniform driving the red Mazda first hit the elderly person and afterward proceeded to beat the elderly person and her daughter, arrogantly saying: “If there is anything I have, it is money. I can beat you to death and I just have to give you money afterward [as compensation]…” The man’s arrogance led to the angry city residents at the scene surrounding him, whereby the man then hid in his car for 3 hours.

A police officer begs the crowd to remain calm.

Changchun Deputy Mayor and Public Security Bureau Chief Gao Xuezhang rushed to the scene immediately after this was reported and, along with the Public Security Bureau Deputy Chief Lu Feng and other relevant public security leaders who had already arrived at the scene, began commanding the deployment of multiple police to deal with the situation. After over 3 hours of mediation and patient explanation with the masses, the incident was appropriately resolved, and the parties involved were taken away by the police for investigation and questioning.

Police try to keep the angry mob away from the car.

A cell phone with a photo of the car's license plate number.

An angry Chinese mob smashes a red Mazda 6.

Photos from Tiexue:

A mob surrounds a Mazda6, the driver having hit an old lady and then beat her.
An angry crowd smashes a car.
The woman from the Mazda6 who also attacked the old lady is also taken away by the police.
Man wearing police uniform escorted by police out of his Mazda6 car.
The "Mazda6 man" who had attacked the old lady is taken away by the police.
A member of the crowd took took down the license plate number of the car with his cell phone camera.
A city resident used his mobile phone to photograph the Mazda6's license number.
Woman in hospital.
Gao Lijie, in the hospital for treatment, is still haunted by the experience.

From NetEase:

Summary: A man wearing a police uniform in Jilin province’s Changchun city hit someone while driving and then proceeded to beat the victim, proclaiming that he was a police officer, and that he could beat them the victim to death and just pay compensation. Inciting resentment from the [surrounding] crowds, several thousands of people then surrounded him and smashed his car. Following an investigation by the police, they claimed that the man was not actually a police officer and that they will deal with the people who took advantage of the situation to cause trouble, hold them legally liable, and that the wife of the man wearing the police uniform who participated in the quarrel is now in the hospital.

Woman passenger who yelled at and beat an old lady is taken away by police.
The woman who had participated in beating the old lady is taken away.
Members of the angry crowd kicking at the Mazda6 after the driver hits and old lady and then beats her.
Furious, people charged forth to kick at the car.
A Chinese police officer uses a loud speaker begging the crowd to remain calm.
Police using a loudspeaker encouraging the city residents to stay calm.
The driver, wearing a police uniform.
The male assailant wearing a police uniform.

From Mop & 56:

Near Changchun Ouya shopping center, police officer who attacked someone is surrounded

In Changchun city near the Ouya Shopping Center across from the Jilin Province Hospital, in the area between the Ouya #1 elevator exit and the original Jilin Pharmacy, a red Mazda6 was surrounded by hundreds of people at times booing and at times shouting: “Come out, come out…”

A car with the license plate G2E222 hit and knocked down an old lady. Inside the Mazda6 were two people, a man and a woman. While driving out of the parking lot, the man had hit the old lady. The woman inside the car came out to argue with the old lady and her relative. Suddenly, the man in the car got out and attacked the old lady. Passersby who saw this recorded the old lady being attacked on their mobile phones. At the time, the people who had seen this only numbered under 20. Angry, they immediately began arguing with the man driving the red Mazda6 which later progressed to this driver of the Mazda6 wanting to drive off only to be intercepted and stopped at the location I first mentioned. Throughout all of this, it is said that this person’s arrogant attitude is what pissed off even more people, [saying things like] “I am police”, “if there is anything I have, it is money”, etc. He had gotten out of the car and beaten the old lady three times, was unruly in his speech, proclaiming “if there is anything I have, it is money, so today I beat you [and so what]”.

This “police officer” and his car were surrounded by thousands of angry people, with the angry crowds trapping this “police officer” in his car for up to 5 hours, and during this time, the sounds of protest were everywhere. Onlookers including the elderly, children, and youth one after another denounced this “police officer’s” atrocious behavior, and there were more and more passersby joining the protesting crowd until the Mazda6 was trapped there for 5 hours. The police line set up by the police was broken through by the crowd and they began to attack the car. At around 5:15pm, the couple in the car had been taken away by the Chaoyang district police, and the red Mazda6 was already thoroughly smashed.

A Mazda6 with the Baicheng license plate G2E222 hit an old lady while backing up. The middle-aged woman passenger got out of the car to curse and yell at the old lady who had been hit, but seeing that the old lady was not easily swayed, the male driver got off the car, grabbed the old lady’s hair, and beat the old lady with his fists, the old lady’s face immediately covered with blood. Onlookers were shocked when they saw that the attacker was actually wearing a police uniform!! Soon, the old lady’s family rushed to the scene, and along with the angry crowd of over a thousand people surrounded the Mazda6, shouting that they were going to beat the driver. Seeing this, the driver and woman hid and locked themselves inside the car. Soon afterward, the impressive Dongbei people began to be impressive, violently smashing the Mazda6, with unidentified objects flying towards the Mazda6. At this moment, it felt like everyone had experience in the artillery corps…camera flashes, and then the anti-riot JC and journalists arrived but it was not obvious that order had been maintained. The injured old lady was sent to the hospital.

Before this incident, the driver had declared that he was not afraid of trouble because money doesn’t matter to him.

Another video from another angle:

Comments from Tiexue:


I bet it was because of what he was wearing that the crowd rushed him. Had he been wearing a chengguan uniform, he probably would’ve died in that car, hehehe


What arrogant trash, only fined 500 yuan and detained for 15 days, much too light, and they want to punish the city residents who were just defending justice! TMD, drag this human scum out and I’ll buy a car full of beer for us to smash on his head! Garbage, how much money do you have, if you had money then buy a Bugatti instead of driving a Mazda6 pretending to be rich!


The police often come out in these situations to be protectors, but normally when the ordinary common people are bullied by thieves and hooligans they are nowhere to be found???


The police need to severely punish this garbage. He has ruined the image of the police. He is making it so that policemen have no place in the hearts of the people.


I’ve found 3 pieces of information:

1. The male assailant Jiang Xiaozhou is not a police officer.
2. The public security organs will initiate investigations against those lawbreakers who took advantage of this situation to cause trouble, attacked the car and parties involved, and threw objects causing injury to the police, and hold them liable according to the law.
3. It is also understood that Jiang Xiaozhou’s wife has, for physical reasons, been sent to the hospital for observation.


So lucky! This guy didn’t shout: I am chengguan!!

So lucky! This guy didn’t shout: My dad is Li Gang!!


Too ruthless! Too zhuang B! Truly losing face for Jilin [province] people and Dongbei people! This kind of zhuang B person should be shot! Letting them live is just a waste of food!


This society still needs people like Hu Wenhai [2001 Shanxi mass murderer, shot to death 14 people due to grievances over local corruption] and Yang Jia to exist.

“Killing the rich to give to the poor”, “getting rid of the bullies to bring peace to the good”, and “righting wrongs in the name of heaven/god” are all still necessary.


The city residents should be commended and praised for helping others in need! These city residents defended justice and the law, though their method needs to be discussed, but when facing violence, violence must be used to stop it! Are you supposed to make a speech about the law to someone who obviously doesn’t understand the law nor wants to obey the law? If the ordinary common people throughout the entire country were so just like this, would there still be “Li Gang“-like people running around?


The police really ought to reflect for a moment, and think back to when the court sentenced Yang Jia to death in his police killing case that there were so many people in the crowds outside of the court actually shouting “hero”; Rome was not built in a day, and if this matter isn’t handled well, then the government’s image will be damaged further.


It was because he was wearing a police uniform that the ordinary common people got so angry. If it were just an ordinary people, then at most they would have called the police and continued on. It’s true that the image of the police right now is not very good. Who told him to dress the way he did?


The people of Changchun city all did a good thing, willing to get angry, willing to stand up and do something. Detained for 15 days and fined 500 yuan, fuck, that little? Doesn’t that person have a lot of money? 500 is enough to beat people? Then next time, I too will throw down 500 and beat someone without consequence.


Hope the [relevant] government departments will attach importance to this, because if the people are pushed to the extreme, it can easily get out of control. After all, the reason are because of the wealth gap, of corruption…

What do you think about this incident?

December 8 UPDATE: Some more translated information at EastSouthWestNorth.


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