“Angry Korean People”, Chinese Netizen Reactions

South Korean protesters tear apart a large American flag demanding that American troops stationed in South Korea be withdrawn.

Angry Koreans, a Chinese photo series on Korean protests and demonstrations.

From NetEase:

Angry Korean people

Anti-Japanese, anti-American, anti-new government, Korea has always been a land of protest. It is claimed that every year the number of protests and demonstrations average 11,000 while large-scale deployments of riot police average 85. A humiliating history of colonization and a strong sense of crisis have created “angry Koreans”.

A self-immolation incident in South Korea by Hyundai workers over new government labor laws.

1997 January 11. Ulsan, Korea. A 34-year-old Hyundai Automobile Company employee sets himself on fire in front of riot police, protesting the implementation of a new labor law, ultimately causing 90% burns to his body. The protestors participating in the strike believed that the new labor law gives employers even more power, allowing them to dismiss workers, employ temporary workers, and refuse to join the strikers. This strike mobilized 3 million workers, stopping production of automobiles, ship-building, and other major industries; The strike also interrupted television news transmissions, and interrupted hospital and subway services.

A Buddhist monk threatens suicide and police falling from a failed attempt to storm a temple.

1998 December 23. Seoul, Korea. Over 1000 riot police participating in an operation to storm and capture a Buddhist temple attempting to remove over 100 monks were met with intense counterattacks. The “rebel” monks were in conflict with another faction over the management of millions of dollars in Buddhism funds, and the opposition expelled them out of the temple and occupied it. Left photo: A monk holding a knife stands on the balcony, claiming that if police continue the assault he would commit suicide on the spot. Right photo: Police using ladders to storm [the temple] are foiled, with many falling from the heights.

A suspended decapitated head as Korean workers protest industrial restructuring policies in Seoul, Korea.

2001 November 18. Seoul, Korea. Over 10,000 workers rallied to protest the government’s industrial restructuring and reduction of workers rest days program. A model of a government leader’s head was suspended at the site of the event. Right photo: 1995 May 14, in front of the Financial Supervisory Commission in Seoul, Korea, an insurance company office worker makes an obscene gesture, participating in a demonstration protesting the government’s economic restructuring plan.

A Korean protester spewing flames from a propane gas tank with riot police in the background.

2002 March 15. Seoul, Korea. A protester uses a propane gas tank to spew fire at riot police. Over 400 self-claimed decommissioned spies who were recruited by the intelligence department and trained to infiltrate North Korea staged a demonstration, demanding that the government give them compensation. Since the last 1990s, 13,000 Koreans have received secret training; Up to the 1970s, over 7000 people have entered North Korea carrying out secret missions. Because they are still subject to government monitoring after being decommissioned, these former spies have difficulty finding work, and most of them are in hardship.

Former Korean President Roh Myoo-hyun hit in the face with an egg by protesters.

2002 November 13. Seoul, Korea. At a campaign rally, Millennium Democratic Party presidential candidate Roh Moo-hyun encountered a parade of farmers demanding that the government protect the domestic agricultural product market, and an egg thrown by demonstrators just happened to hit Roh Moo-hyun in the face. At the time, the presidential candidates all refused to have accompanying bodyguards ruin their image of being close to the people, and so Roh Moo-hyun suffered this embarrassing “egg in the face” moment.

A Korean protester vandalizes and defaces the signage outside an American army base in South Korea.

2002 June 20. Seoul, Korea. A demonstrator vandalizes the sign in front of an American military base. On June 13th of that year, a United States military armored vehicle on a training exercise mission outside the base hit and killed two 14-year-old Korean middle school girls. When the US soldiers were ultimately found not guilty, it incited mass anti-American demonstrations, challenging the Korean-American alliance. The American president of the time Bush Jr. many times towards Korea over this matter.

Protesters clash with riot police in South Korea.

Left photo: 2003 April 2. Seoul, Korea. A large group of protestors clash with riot police, protesting the Roh Moo-hyun Administration deploying medical and engineering personnel to Iraq. Right photo: 2004 November 19. Seoul, Korea. A demonstrator braving riot police water cannons to advance on the Presidential Office, protesting the government signing a rice free trade agreement.

South Korean protesters tear apart a large American flag demanding that American troops stationed in South Korea be withdrawn.

2004 August 15. In front of the American Embassy in Seoul, Korea. Protesters tear up a large American national flag. That day, over 10,000 people held a demonstration, demanding the withdrawal of troops stationed in Korea and urging then Korean President Roh Moo-hyun cancel the order to send over 3000 Korean soldiers to Iraq to provide aid and reconstruction.

A young Korean man jumps off a 16-story building after being denied an American visa.

2004 March 22. Seoul, Korea. A Korean young man climbed to the top of a 16-story building near the United States Embassy and jumped off after a 4-hour stalemate with police, but fortunately falling onto an air cushion that was already laid our thereby only suffering light injuries. Police said that this young man had applied for a visa at the American embassy in Korea but had been refused a visa and it was probably because of his emotional distress over this that he took such drastic action.

Anti-American Korean protesters rip apart a 2-month old pig.

South Korea and the United States have very close diplomatic relations, and the United States has many military bases in Korea. After the 1980 Gwangju Incident, the United States was accused of tacitly supporting the former military dictatorship, and anti-American sentiments amongst Koreans gradually spread. Photo is of 2007 May in Incheon, Korea, where protestors opposing the United States stationing troops in Incheon took a two-month old little pig and quartered it.

Anti-Japanese Koreans cut off their little finger publicly to protest Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visiting the Yasukuni Shrine.

Although Korea and Japan are both allies of the United States, Korean-Japanese relations are tense due to the era of colonialism, World War II, and other historical issues. 1910 August, Japan forced the Greater Korean Empire to sign the “Japan-Korean Annexation Treaty”, formally annexing the Korean peninsula, and beginning up to 35 years of colonial rule. Photo is of 2001 August 13 in Seoul, Korea, where 20 Korean young men cut off their little finger in front of an audience, protesting then Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s decision to visit the Yasukuni Shrine.

A Korean man tears apart a Japanese national flag with his teeth to protest Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's 5th consecutive visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.

2005 October 17. Seoul, Korea. A protester bites into a Japanese flag in front of the Japanese Embassy, protesting then Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s fifth visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.

5 decapitated dog heads symbolizing the Korean traitors who collaborated with Japanese colonial rule.

2007 March 1. Seoul, Korea. A decommissioned spy placed 5 dog heads in front of the Japanese Embassy, to symbolize those traitors who supported Japanese colonial rule and to commemorate the 88th year of the March 1st Movement. 1919 March 1, the Korean peninsula exploded in a patriotic movement opposing Japanese colonial rule and fighting for national independence and freedom. The anti-Japanese struggle that started from this event lasted until the end of June where it was ultimately suppressed by Japan. Afterward, Japan’s rule of the Korean peninsula was changed to the mollifying “cultural policy”.

A Korean nationalist stabs himself to protest Japanese claims of soverignty over the Liancourt Rocks.

2006 April 19. Seoul, Korea. A protester stabs his own stomach in public in front of the March 1st Movement Monument, protesting Japan’s plans to conduct oceanographic research in the disputed waters of the Liancourt Rocks.

A Korean nationalist "beheads" a Japanese government official during a protest in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, Korea.

2006 August 15, in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, Korea. A former Korean spy beheads “Junichiro Koizumi”, protesting his sixth consecutive year visiting the Yasukuni Shrine.

A Korean nationalist covers himself with 187k bees to represent the 187k square meters of the Liancourt Rocks that belong to Korea.

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2006 May 2. Seoul, Korea. A local beekeeper stands on a Japanese national flag, using 187,000 bees covering his body to represent the 187,000 square meters of Dokdo (Japanese Takeshima), protesting Japanese claims of sovereignty over the islands. There is a territorial dispute between Korea and Japan, a small island that Korea calls Dokdo and the Japanese call Takeshima. Korea and Japan both claim sovereignty, and the Korean people hold protests and demonstrations over this matter.

Korean nationalists carry coffins into Gimpo Airport to protest Japanese officials visiting islands disputed between the two countries.

2011 August 1. Gimpo Airport in Seoul, Korea. Hundreds of demonstrators carrying three coffins, protesting Japan lawmakers insisting on going to the disputed islands, charge into the main hall clashing with security personnel. That day, 3 Japanese legislature members flew into Gimpo Airport and because they planned to visit the Ulleungdo island near Takeshima (Korean Dokdo) that Japanese claim sovereignty over, they were denied entry by the Koreans. Protesters said the what the Japanese lawmakers were doing “was to escalate the internationalization of the Dokdo dispute”, and must be firmly stopped.

Korean farmers carrying the body of Lee Kyung Hae, who protested the WTO.

2003 September 20. Seoul, Korea. Protesting farmers on parade carrying Korean farmer Lee Kyung Hae who had committed suicide. 2003 September 10th, outside the World Trade Organization’s Fifth Ministerial in Cancun, Mexico. As 56-year-old Lee Kyung Hae was carrying a sign that said “WTO Kills Farmers” confronting police, he suddenly pulled out a dagger and stabbed himself in the chest. Before he committed suicide, he had written a letter to WTO members, explaining why Korean farmers condemned the WTO.

Korean protesters in Victoria Harbor during a WTO conference.

2005 December 13, the WTO’s 6th Ministerial opened in Hong Kong. About 2000 Korean farmers traveled to Hong Kong to hold a protest. Outside the conference, Korean farmers jumped into to icy waters of Victoria Harbor. Koreans have always revolved around rice and grains and since the opening of the rice market, Korea’s roughly 3.5 million farmers have seen their incomes drop 15%. With government subsidies only given to large farmers, small farmers are unable to survive. Since 2003 February when Korea and Chile signed a free trade agreement, protests by Korean farmers have continuous.

Korean protesters protesting a free trade agreement with the United States.

2006 October 23. Jeju Island, Korea. Protesters holding banners swam towards the hotel where Korean and American government officials were negotiating free trade agreement but upon coming ashore were met with a large police blockade.

A Korean throws a bucket of cow dung at a supermarket counter selling imported American beef following mad cow disease scares.

2007 July 13. Seoul, Korea. A Korean farmer throws cow dung at a supermarket counter selling American beef, opposing Korea resuming importation of American beef. Korea was one of the major export markets for American beef but after 2003 December when mad cow disease was discovered in the United States, Kora basically stopped imports of American beef. This ban was not lifted until 2007 June.

Korean protesters tear apart a caricature of the Korean president over the American beef imports.

2008 June 28. Seoul, Korea. Demonstrators tore up a huge caricature of Korean President Lee Myung-bak. 2008 April, the Korean government and the United States reached an agreement on the import of American beef. Beginning from 2008 May 2 till now [2008 July], almost every night has seen over 100,000 citizens staging protests in downtown Seoul, believing that the agreement will increase the risk of introducing mad cow disease [into Korea]. Eventually, senior government leaders including the Korean Prime Minister submitted their collective resignation to bear the responsibility of causing a domestic political crisis for opening up the beef market to the United States.

Korean opposition party members attempt to break into a meeting by the ruling party discussing allowing American beef imports.

2008 December 18. Seoul, Korea. Korean opposition party members use hammers to smash open the Parliamentary Committee’s doors, protesting the ruling Grand National Party’s plan to sign a free trade agreement with the United States. A melee broke out in the Parliament building, with the Grand National Party using furniture to bloke the main entrance, and using fire extinguishers in defense.

Korean dairy farmers protesting by pouring milk on themselves, demanding that the government raise dairy prices.

2011 July 26. Seoul, Korea. Several dairy farmers wearing mourning clothes lit a coffin on fire and poured milk on their bodies, demanding that the government increase dairy prices. The Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement was approved by the United States Congress on the 12th, but the for the agreement to formally come into effect still requires that it be passed by the Korean National Assembly. At present, the Korean side remains divided with supporters believing that the agreement will help Korea’s economic growth while opponents believe it will negatively affect Korea’s economic interests.

Korean women demanding the annulment of an old law by shaving their heads.

2004 December 1. Seoul, Korea. Several middle aged women gather together to shave their heads, demanding the annulment of National Security Law.

A Korean football fan drops his trousers to show his displeasure during the 2006 World Cup.

2006 June 24. Seoul, Korea. A football [soccer] fan drops his pants on the street to show his dissatisfaction. That day, during last round of the 2006 Germany World Cup group stage, the Swiss team defeated the South Korean team 2:0. Korean football fans used 4.2 million emails to “bomb” the World Cup official website, believing the Swiss team had a handball in the penalty zone and thus should have been ruled a penalty, and that the goal by Frei on the Swiss team should’ve been ruled offside.

Angry Koreans face paint.

Although Korean public opinion and international public opinion are universally critical of radical methods of protest, the tenacity and perseverance behind [the Korean] people’s aggressiveness and boldness have propelled Korea rapidly into becoming a new industrialized nation, creating the “Miracle on the Han River“. Some scholars believe that because of Korea’s small size and limited resources, there is a widespread sense of crisis and urgency amongst the people, creating the “angry Koreans”, allowing them to use an indomitable spirit to fight for democracy, equality, and justice, crying out for their country’s future and their nationality’s prosperity.

Comments from NetEase:

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[They] have blood, guts, and courage…and a fight

00哇 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

Only when you dare to oppose can you become strong and powerful.

Anything else I don’t even want to say.

灵点涂丫 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Koreans worthy of respect!

耘天的博客 [网易北京市网友]:

Isn’t North Korea and South Korea the same people? Draw a line down the middle and one is poor and one is rich? What’s going on?

生而在世我很抱歉 [网易四川省雅安市网友]:

That poor little pig, who did he piss off? What kind of crimes did he commit in a past life, that he must suffer such retribution in this life.

greatest1983 [网易广东省网友]:

Now this is what democracy and freedom looks like! Koreans are true men!

lilia0914 [网易上海市网友]:

Using self-mutilation and suicide to express one’s dissatisfaction, now that’s a garbage people. Next time organize a 10,000 people eating shit protest, I’m waiting to see that. Haha.

sbknm [网易河南省平顶山市网友]:

Korea, the hope of Asia’s people.


When I was in middle school, I admired those Koreans who set themselves on fire to resist oppression but then I learned what kind of people [Koreans are] when I grew up. Now when I see this kind of news, I can only laugh.


To tell the truth, if Korea wasn’t saying that Chi You was Korean or that Confucius was Korean, then it would still be a nationality worthy of respect. After all, they are a truly patriotic people, and a people who are proud of their nationality though of course it has gone a bit too far and become arrogance. Koreans demonstrate their pride through buying their own domestic brands, and the the products Korean companies sell to their own people are always the best. However, amongst all this is also a kind of inferiority complex. After all, since the moment there was Korean history, Korea has never escaped its role/position as a vassal state, even to this day. One Korean foreign student I know often says Greater Korean Empire, China, little Japan. Every time I hear it I laugh…

魚湯拌飯 [网易辽宁省阜新市网友]:

Bang zi are the most narcissistic people in the world!

逆行的车 [网易广东省云浮市网友]:

I think some behaviors by Koreans are very perverse/abnormal.

iamKG [网易广东省广州市网友]:

After seeing this, I’m starting to see Korea a bit differently.

东风等万事 [网易黑龙江省绥化市网友]: (responding to sbknm)

A country that has to this day relied on the American military to prop it up, what hope is there to speak of?! And how can it represent Asia? Save Asia?

东风等万事 [网易黑龙江省绥化市网友]: (responding to above)

If they are Asia’s hope, then I’ve lost all hope.

东风等万事 [网易黑龙江省绥化市网友]:

A people with a lot of fighting spirit.
Too bad its neighbors China and Japan are those it will never dare to touch.
And this has limited its development.
If this country were in Africa or West Asia, it would be very large and powerful.

xphgrhj [网易北京市网友]:

Although Korea is small, Koreans are persevering, brave, and very upright and courageous. The rest I won’t comment on.

What do you think? Of Koreans? Of “Angry Koreans”?

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  • Trooper


    • jiayi

      Meanwhile in Korea…

      • Trooper

        they eat dogs!

  • Five years ago this would have been propaganda in which Chinese can look down at bangzi who are so crazy and non-river crab. Now, as according to the comments, a majority of them look up to Koreans? The narcissistic people?

    “Someone check on the turkey; it looks like it’s time is just about up.”

    • Interested

      The more aggressive the people, smaller the nation, weaker the army. Go figure.

      This apply to the whole world. Japanese are the least aggressive in person in Asia. English are least aggressive in Europe.

      Middle eastern people are very aggressive. But they have most wimpy army. Strong army is based on obedient soldiers who will do kamikaze at command, not personal bravery.

      • guizi

        How about American? They are very aggressive, and have strong army and big influence around the world. Or American in the future become a small country with weak military?

        • 404namenotfound

          i hope so

      • Jan

        England is famous in Europe for its hooligans, its binge drinking, and its scary poverty. Germany is the most powerful country in Europe, and the Germans are the least aggressive.

        • Jent

          Of course they are after they got their asses kicked twice in World War 1 and 2. Of course they are the least aggressive. They aren’t allowed to have an “offensive army,” just like Japan.

      • ed

        lol you picked Japan and Britain two countries with violent colonial legacies as “least aggressive” haha yeah Japan was “least aggressive” when it was raping Nanking and Britain was pretty damn unaggressive to the Native Americans they were committing genocide on.

        are you stupid? i’m sure the size of Japan’s military has nothing to do with the legacy of Japanese Fascism lol and has to do with your theory on “aggressive the people”

        and everyone knows Canada is much more aggressive than the US… given the size of their military.

        • Sean

          Grow up, ed. Japan and England are some of the most docile countries in the world NOW. Everyone knows they were not in the past, its hardly worth mentioning.

  • YesPapa

    Sofa! Koreans sure are an angry people

    • So will you be for being a lamer that lost out on said “sofa” and is bereft of having anything to say or add to the discussion.

      According your willingness to expunge your posterity according to an internet meme, this must be the year 1997 or you the spoon that eat soup as your only means of sustainance is the only implement you can utilize besides a crayon.

  • jiayi

    Koreans are very passionate. They have the blood of the Genghis line coursing through their veins! My Dongbei Chinese brothers, likewise!

    The tiny fucking tadpole fucking eyes, the flared fucking nostrils and flat fucking noses, those motherfucking cheesegrater cheekbones that fucking protected us during bloody fucking battle, the ruddy complexion that braved a thousand fucking blistering Siberian fucking winters!
    The blood of fucking warriors!

    Yes, thank you, ancient Mongolians, for raping our great great great Grandmothers! Our ancestors would be proud.

    • Hoppy1

      I’m a little confused by this entry. I understand everything except the last sentence. Is suffering only important if it is happening in the present? If we forget the past (i.e. not learn from history), are we not doomed to repeat the mistakes? You say you are “Happy” your great, great, great grandmother was raped? I’m sure she would be SO proud of you! Not! Rape is Rape!!! Whether past or present!
      I am a strong,proud and passionate person. If I come and rape your Mother, sister, cousin, grandmother…will you be proud because their great, great, great grandchildren will, like you do, thank me? I doubt it.

  • Johnny Basic

    You wonder though, are those netizens expressing admiration because the Koreans stand up for themselves against unfairness and repression…or because they’re display a pig-headed (!) nationalism that appeals to the baser instincts of the 愤青?

    • ed

      Because they have democracy? which they earned with their blood on the streets over 30 years of protests?

      A appreciate your attempt to appeal to the baser instincts of bigotry over reason for the readers of Chinasmack tho.

      I mean… stupid baseless conjecture beats logical historical rationale right? They say they admire their guts for fighting for democracy right in the post but let’s post some other nonsense that makes no sense.

  • “Comments” is a bit buggy…

    But, have to add that this could be just sarcasm by the netizens. Of course, I didn’t take it into consideration at the time because these days people’s sarcasm doesn’t translate well onto the internet.

    It must be the new internet browsers that don’t accept teh suck.

  • John Wayne

    I think both Korea and the USA screwed their own people with the free trade agreement. What is really bad is that the Korean government didn’t take care of their spies that worked in that shithole called North Korea. To have them return home and be spied on themselves with no health insurance or reasonable pension for service is insane. WTF our are government leaders thinking? The USA has no business in Korea. We helped out Korea and it’s time to go. Many Koreans there do not like American troops and English teachers anyway. Let the Korean fuckers fend for themselves against Japan and China. Then they will come back begging to the USA for assistance. Hopefully then, we will say fuck you Korea!

    • da mao houzi

      name one country that benefits from american “help”

      • moop

        china. now take mao’s dick out your mouth and read a book

    • Brett Hunan

      The common people’s views of American troops in Korea are “GTFO, but leave all of your weapons, planes, and battleships.”

      The reason they want the troops out is because every time a soldier gets into an accident, kills someone, murders someone, or starts fights at bars, they go home free.

      The Koreans who are angry about the FTA have a right to be, but they should be angrier at their own government for agreeing to it. Still, there is a 6 month waiting period until it can be finalized.

      It isn’t about letting Korea “fend for itself” but about America setting up mini diplomatic states all over the world when we have no right to. Do you really think America’s presence is preventing North Korea from starting a war with the South? And over the past 2 decades Korea has proven just fine that they can deal with China and Japan. Who knows now, in this economy, but America isn’t doing Korea any favor by leaving its troops there (indefinitely).

      • Jent

        Lol.. you think the US troops in South Korea don’t prevent the North Koreans from attacking the South? Lol… Sorry, I found that hilarious. Please do tell me how Korean can defend for itself? South Korea and Japan cannot deal with China on their own. They don’t have the economic, political, or military power to handle China.

        • Brett Hunan

          You think that starting your idiotic rant with “LOL..” discredits me?

          You must know something I don’t. Maybe K.J.I. talks with you regularly….. Told you he’s just waiting for the day America leaves….

          North Korea has so much working against it, famine for starters, that it could never last more than a month in a war.

          As for China and Japan, the Korean gvt. have (again) proven many times that can handle itself in diplomatic arguments including, but not limited to, foreign vessels in Korean waters, Dokdo (Takeshima), trade issues…..

          I am guessing you think that if USA leaves, China will invade and take over S. Korea too?? LOLOLOLOL… jackass

        • guizi

          Korea has enough military power already against North Korea. Now, they are building up their army to fight against Japan. They name their ship as Dokto, the name of an island Japan and Korea are both claiming. President Roh Moo-hyun once said it is important to have enough military power, so that Japan might think it would cost a lot to attack Korea.

          America and Australia just recently announced that there will be an American base in Darwin to station Marines. And SE Asian countries are more and more going toward America. Dont you think this is another cold war? American and China are fighting in this region.

      • ed

        You sure it doesn’t have something to do with the entire let’s-split-this-2000-year-old-country-in-half-to-suit-our-needs-and-have it-still-at-war-70-years-later thing?

        • Will

          Kim Il Sung split the “2000 year old country” in half when he crossed the 38th parallel, unprovoked, in an attempt to bring the entire peninsula under his horrifying oppressive rule, with Stalin’s blessing.

          Any attempts to peacefully re-unite the southern and northern occupation zones (which were only occupied because Japan was forced to withdraw after WWII, which left a power vacuum and no legitimate native administration capable of ruling the country by itself) were dashed by Kim Il Sung’s treachery and megalomania. Want to blame someone for the country being split in half? BLAME HIM.

          Kim Il Sung is presently in HELL, begging and pleading with Satan for mercy. Satan is showing him NO mercy though — all he’s doing is laughing and stoking the fire that roars beneath the cauldron that Kim’s cooking in right now — stewing alive in a giant pot of boiling excrement — which is the fate of all godless Communist animals.

    • guizi

      Hahaha. FTA is a current issue, and WW2 and the Korean war happened over 50 year ago. They are not related.

      I agree both government screw their own people, But your government is screwing Korean government and lots of others around the world. Then brainwashed Americans write stupid comments supporting America.

      • 404namenotfound

        ^ This

  • Foreign Devil

    Koreans would be easy to defeat. . just get them angry and they start knifing and burning themselves and jumping off of buildings. . Easy peezy!

    • korean

      koreans are not easy to defeat we are determined and fight till the end

    • Brett Hunan

      Lol, nice.

      ^^to Korean- he made a very funny joke.

  • eattot

    A people with a lot of fighting spirit.
    Too bad its neighbors China and Japan are those it will never dare to touch.
    And this has limited its development.
    If this country were in Africa or West Asia, it would be very large and powerful.

    well said, use this anger kick american out, then maybe can get some real respect. hahaha!
    otherwise just same as what we chinese old saying: threw stone to beat the sky up. only funny!!

  • Foreign Devil

    Quartering the baby pig was just senseless. And the line about the Hong Kong harbour being “icy” waters was ridiculous. Take it from a Canadian. . the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait are never “icy” anytime of year.

    • guizi

      > Quartering the baby pig was just senseless.

      I think there is some meaning in it. Some years ago they killed Japanese Pheasants which is Japan’s national bird. And they used dog head to protest Japan. At that time I heard there was some meaning to use dog head, which I forgot.

  • hooots

    While I completely support standing up for your rights and fighting for things you believe in, a lot of this just seems ridiculous.

    ‘Bad call ref! And, to show my displeasure with your officiating, I’m gonna take my pants off! There, take that!’

    “Oceanographic research!!! I don’t even know what that is! Outrageous! Where’s my icepick?”

    “What?!?! You won’t give me a visa!?!?! I know how to solve this! I’ll fucking kill my self.”

    “Land disputes!?!?!?!!?! RELEASE THE BEEEEEESSSSS!!!!”

    And, I thought letting a motorcycle run over your head was crazy…

    But, I gotta give them style points. They are taking public performance art to the next level. Occupy Wall Street should take note.

    BTW thank you to whoever blurred out the pig quartering. That is sooo fucked up. Nobody needs to see that.

  • Rick in China

    I like this one best, clearly:

    “A football [soccer] fan drops his pants on the street to show his dissatisfaction.” They forgot to mention that his dissatisfaction had nothing to do with football, but with his 3″ erect disappointment to women everywhere.

    • Nicole

      rick in china, are you some white dude abroad trying to swing your dick at every girls’ way? nobody cares about dick size, dickhead.

      • hooots

        Nobody cares about dick size just like nobody cares about breast size.

        • finger lickin good


          classic homo, I didn’t realize you are “big” into a dick size.

          who the fuck would a man compare a dick to breasts?

          what else is next? women’s ass to scrotum analogy?

      • donscarletti

        According to this data: http://www.chinasmack.com/2011/pictures/average-penis-size-world-map-chinese-netizen-reactions.html Chinese men have just as much right to make fun of Korean men as anyone else.

        • Amoled

          LMAO Koreans are tallest in East Asia but have the shortest boners?

          Try again with real scientific data.

  • Nicole

    exploitation isn’t pretty, but neither is nationalism. i’m not comparing the two, but german nationalism didn’t turn out too hot in the 20th century. just saying.

    • Trooper

      lets no worry about the koreans, they were no where as technologically advanced as the germans back in WWII.

      these to me seem like extremists, only if they were Arabic then the US wouldve been all over that

      oh wait, they already are…

    • ed

      how did zionism turn out?

      they got Israel out of it.

      Nicole get back into the kitchen. South Korean street demonstrations veer towards Socialism more than Nationalism.

      stupid trope stupid girl

    • ed

      how did zionism turn out?

      they got Israel out of it.

      Nicole get back into the kitchen. South Korean street demonstrations veer towards Socialism more than Fascism.

      stupid trope stupid girl

      • Mr. Dude

        ed stop being such a sexist dick, go set your ugly ass on fire or something.

  • Rod

    I agree. I don’t really see how stabbing yourself is going to get solve anything

    • Brett Hunan

      You would have to understand ancient Korean/Japanese history and culture to get it.

      A person who commits suicide in protest, is committing the strongest form of disapproval possible. Many times it would happen outside of an official’s home.

      If people are killing themselves in public because of a company or the government, everyone is going to pay attention. The company or government will be criticized for not giving in a little to prevent the suicide.

  • typingfromwork

    People are admiring these? Yeah man self immolation, seppuku and quartering a pig are completely sane things to do. I guess Chinese netizen feel so repressed that any display of public dissatisfaction, no matter how fucked up, is deemed praise worthy.

    It will be interesting to see what their views are on the London riots. “These people are so brave, only by looting trainers and iphones can they vent their frustration at their government subsidised living conditions! They are not a bunch of opportunistic dipshits at all!!”

  • andywattbulb

    What the fuck was the purpose of the pig?
    Didn’t America save South Korea from the North and the Japanese?

    • No good deed goes unpunished . . . .

      BTW, Brits also get the “but we rescued you” line from Americans a lot, but we also don’t like it that much.

      • Anon E Moose

        Does it go something like this ?
        “We save your *sses during WWII”

        I’d like to add this one too:
        “We also savoured your lasses during WWII”

    • Blars

      Of course, that was the only reason, save Korea? You mean the same way the Amercians tried to save Vietnam? By the way, the Americans only managed to “save” part of Korea, still a bit of Korea that’s needs “saving”. You done what you came for now go home and sort out you economy. Let them sort themselves out. I’m sure both nations will be better off.

      • Snarl

        I’m sure the 400,000 Chinese troops that were about to enter the war had absolutely nothing to do with why there is a North Korea today. Just saying. If South Korea were left to defend themselves in the Korean War, there would be no South Korea.

        What happened in Vietnam was a classic case of snatching defeat from the mouth of victory. Walter Cronkite, the New York Times, and a few other media corruptocrats should take some of the blame for that, but the peace activist hippies in all their ignorant bliss can’t be absolved of guilt either. We really do have a government that represents us, for better or (usually) for worse.

        You should know this stuff, it’s not like this is highly contended history. Most of it is declassified now as well.

        • Brett Hunan

          400,000- about to enter???

          Over a million Chinese troops died in the Korean war…. China fought hard and well because Mao wanted to prove to Stalin he had balls. The Chinese soldiers were considered “disposable”… just like American soldiers through Korea and VN.

        • ed

          Dont be a moron. You mean if not for the US there would be no South Korea or a North Korea, only a single Korea like the previous 700 years.

          It’s pretty slick maneuvering to split a sovereign country, engender a war then “save” half of it.

          You are embarrassing about Vietnam as well, internet noob. I guess we’re winning Afghanistan as well.

    • ed

      no. how about you learn some history?

  • MrT

    Seems every one hates what America does, even Americans (99%)
    Time US steps out the way and winds it neck in before the whole world goes belly up. Oh wait that is the plan!

    • Bryan from USA number1

      If it was not for the USA, the only thing Korea, China and, the rest of the world would be exporting is, raw material and slave labor to the Japanese and Nazi German Empires.
      Or if you like a communist Korea in a Soviet world.
      Post WW2 Germany, Japan and, South Korea are the most valuable economies in the world besides the USA.
      China economy is number 2, maybe in quantity but not quality like the others. But, China is number 2 thanks to the USA Nixon China polices, so you are welcome.

      If China becomes number 1 in everything then good for China but, everyone should thank USA for the world not being under a Japan and Nazi Global Empire.

      • MrT

        whatever that’s getting real boring to hear and incorrect.
        even if we had got the US to thank it don’t give em the right to fuck it all up now.
        move over, get out way, stop all the war mongering, your has beens.
        thorn in the side or world development.
        all your government sucks.
        99% cant be wrong.

        • Anon E Moose

          99% is fictional.

          OWS is nothing more whiney, cry-babies asking for more Free stuff, get in line, you got people who actually work for a living waaaay ahead of you.

          I await to see even more disappointment from these protesters when they eventually go, hat in hand, asking for a job from the same companies they are complaining about.

          • Shhhh

            You clearly haven’t been to any Occupy protests.

            “but…but…but…I saw them on TV! They were all hippies!”

            You’re worthless. I hope you aren’t American. But if you are, please leave my country.

          • dim mak

            Look how mad that hippie is ^^^^

      • Blars

        I’m sure you realize that you would also be speaking Japanese if you didn’t enter the WWII. Stop this nonsense about America joining these wars only to save the world. You did it to save your own ass first, that rest of the world just happened to get saved as well was a great bonus for the rest of us. As it were, the Americans didn’t join until you got attacked yourself. You did help before you joined with military equipment to the UK, which they were left paying for long after the war was over. That, I guess, was a great bonus for the US. All white people also thanks the US for making it a safe world for us to travel in without the risk of being kidnapped and beheaded. When the world is in knots on how to help minimise enviromental issues the US chooses not to sign any treaties. Thank you for help saving the world.

        • 404namenotfound

          ^ This + who cares if the world was speaking Japanese? its a pretty nice language :D

      • ed

        Fuck you.

        Signed England.

  • cb4242


    So what’s your point? Who cares?

  • Xiongmao

    Korea is the France of Asia when it comes to agriculture and farming. They demand subsidizing, higher prices and protection from competition and are willing to go to extremes in their goals. They don’t give a shit that open markets are what made Korea so rich, prosperous and modern. They’re typical examples of those who want all the benefits but don’t want any of the downsides. Sorry buddy, that’s not how this world works this side of the millennium.

    • Anon E Moose

      Korea has also been described as the Balkans, a natural route for invasion and a history of subjugation and resistance.

      Unification of the two Koreas ? Maybe, maybe not.

      Myself, I await the eventual breakdown into smaller squabbling min-kingdoms like what happened to the former Republic of Yugoslavia.

      • ed

        Yeah because when a historical analogy it made, the natural course is for the exact same things to happen.

        I mean someone compared it to the Balkans. Obviously they’re going to split like Yugoslavia

        You realize why Yugoslavia split? Because of ethnic and religious bifurcation. Yeah that’s the EXACT SAME as in Korea. Moron.

        This, ladies and gentlemen is the white American brain… below average intellect and knowledge, above average estimation of his intellect and knowledge.

    • guizi

      Korean are more worried about their medical system this time. America is pushing South Korea to change health care system to like an American system, so that American companies easily do their business. But American too dont like American health care system, who would not protest?

  • mr. weiner

    there they are folks, alike pie plate faces. and kimchi breathe , tough , stuborn little mother fuckers who don’t like anyone ,including each other. I give you the “Irish of Asia” [minus the happy go lucky attitude to life}Korea!

  • Dubhops

    my personal experience: Koreans, like any other country, love to blame everyone else before looking inwards.

    an american soldier rapes one girl every 10 or so years? it’s a crime against a humanity

    but the fact that something like 5% of 16-20 year old girls have to prostitute themselves to businessmen because korean society otherwise has no real gender employment equality? “that’s just life”

    • Brett Hunan

      edit: “an american soldier [gets caught (and subsequently released)] for raping one girl every 10 or so years?”

      I live in Seoul, and there are reports with CCTV evidence that it happens often. Often- Frequently, many times, regularly.

      Don’t even get me started about foreign teachers in Asia- more rapists there than East Congo.

      I’d like to know where you got your 5% “fact” cause I can’t find it on the internets. I think you mean China, idiot.

      • Xiongmao

        “Don’t even get me started about foreign teachers in Asia- more rapists there than East Congo.”

        Wow,, some accusation. Do you have anything to back it up? I’ve met my share of dumbasses, creeps and weirdos but rapists??

        • Brett Hunan

          You mean like hard evidence? Pics? Video proof?…….lolz no….

          Just said it because Congo was recently named “rape capitol of the world”.

          Just my views on how I have seen the other foreigners grabbing local girls, hitting on them even when they say “stop”, being with high-school aged girls, feeding alcohol to said high-school aged girls before sleeping with them, not to mention actually attacking followed by raping them- as seen on CCTV footage.

          There are good people living in Asia. Many soldiers in Japan and Korea, and many unfit teachers in China are not part of the “good” faction.

          • Brett Hunan

            just realized how contradictory my statement of “no hard evidence” and then the mention of CCTV footage. Give me a day or two, I will find some of the videos I have seen from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

          • ElChinoCabron

            @Brett Hunnan ( AKA Madisson Twatter),

            There are good people living in Asia. Many soldiers in Japan and Korea, and many unfit teachers in China are not part of the “good” faction.

            I am a qualified experienced teacher obviously teaching in China. Does it automatically label me as a loser?. I hope I don’t fall into that category.

        • ed

          why are getting butthurt Xiongmao

          everyone knows that 100% of 95% of white dudes in Asia are Losers Back Home.

          how do I know this? none of the cool guys I know in the US have been to Asia.

          no seriously though. we are losers. except me

          you think I’m kidding but I’m not.

    • Brett Hunan

      Wow, looking back at my old posts, I completely misread what you wrote. I think I was in a Mr. know-it-all phase at that time.


  • german

    taking it out on the animals again, what a bunch of primitive savages asian people are

  • The oppression I am feeling makes me want to go there and join in. After all I am adopted and may have some Korean blood I me. Besides, I was routinely taunted as a “chink” throughout grade school.

    Right on brothers! (Said with a clenched fist held high and typed with one hand)

    • Capt. WED


      Now you can add “faggot” to your trauma from random internet Capt. WED

      But hey Koreans used to call me “chink” all the time but it’s cool because we’re all chinks. Also, Ms. Fauna is most definitely a chink.

      • Capt. WED

        oh I don’t mean to call you a “faggot” there Theodore. We’re cool? Eattot get over hear chinky family group hug. Also give you Fauna a nice shoulder rub.

    • dim mak

      If that’s a pic of you, you look white as hell

  • I can already hear it–“go to OWS then.” If we tried what the Koreans do we would be met with real cannons in the “home of the free.” After all, they already did that when the US Navy shelled lower Manhattan during the Civil war draft riots. I don’t want to be killed, I want to protest without the fear of getting my head handed to me. So much division in this country that people would applaud if I got killed during a protest. That doesn’t happen in Korea where the entire country will rise up in support for the death of a single protester.

    • Anon E Moose

      Protest all you want, it’s a free country.

      However much you want to wallow in your own filth and bowel movements, you can’t do it on public property; public health concerns and all that.

      And an FYI, nobody cares about you personally; you are stoo-dunces which is another way to say “Institutionalized Baby-Sitting in a Holding Pattern”

      When you become a contributing, productive member of society then we might give a crap, but now you are just a mewling complaining burden on society, until we figure out how to properly dispose of you and your ilk.

  • Cleo

    What does Chinese anger look like? I really have no idea.

  • Capt. WED

    Damn Asians you scary (is what I got from these pictures lol).

  • roger dodger

    the comment about the little “That poor little pig, who did he piss off?” now that is funny.Koreans are the most narcissistic nationalistic and racist group of people, next to arabs. perhaps the U.S army should leave, and North Korea and south Korea can solve their problems on their own. Left to China that place would be a war zone.

  • Adjutant

    Angry Korean protests are a credit to their democratic institution, more than anything else. No matter which crazy method the angry protesters employ, they’re allowed to do it with relative peace. In other so-called democratic countries were the protests are much more tame and less frequent, the police tend to overreact and abuse their power. And worse yet, in other countries, they are brutally repressed.

  • jiayi

    Chinese are just jelly cuz dey aren’t brave like dem Koreans ^^

    I commend any protest with an at least reasonably noble cause. It’s good to make a song and dance out of things if it’s justifiable. Koreans are very patriotic and sometimes I think that’s actually a good thing. They take responsibility which is pretty rare among most governments, in which the temptation to turn a blind eye is too great. Especially amongst East Asian nations. Remember that Korean kid who was the perpetrator of the Virgin Tech massacre? Korea issued a full apology and condolences to the victims and their families, even though Seung Hui Cho had been a permanent resident of the US. Many Koreans took on a national sense of shame and responsibility even though they had nothing to do with those events. They were sensitive enough to pull KTO ads from television during the broadcast of that news. Yes, you could argue that it is only to keep face for the Korean people. But at least they made the effort. Smiling stubbornness and general ignorance is such an insult. On the other hand, Japan still pretty much refuses to acknowledge, let alone offer an apology to Chinese and Korean victims, for its’ war crimes. That’s the difference between a nation, and I think it says a lot. Passivity and lack of moral fibre is a disease, it’s gradually destroying this planet and a LOT of it’s people.

    • Capt. WED

      right. on the flipside of the coin so one person of a nationality/race did something everyone of that race/nationality should be responsible and be judged accordingly based on that one action irregardless of the actual circumstances? Yeah, what the world needs is genocide. Actually that’s how the world really works, I forget what this psychological effect is called. But people are people and I HATE THEM ALL.

    • “On the other hand, Japan still pretty much refuses to acknowledge, let alone offer an apology to Chinese and Korean victims, for its’ war crimes.”


      Just because you say it’s so don’t make it so.

      • Kong

        People feel as if Japan has not apologized because Japanese officials have a mixed record of sticking to their apologies. It goes back and forth between acknowledgement and denial, apology and nationalism. People do not feel that the Japanese government is sincere. Compare Japan’s record with Germany’s, and the difference is pretty clear.

        I’m not saying anyone is more right or wrong, just saying that’s how it is.

        • dim mak

          The japs aren’t exactly prostrating themselves like the Germans, but in my experience the denialists are still usually perceived as extremist kooks by the mainstream

  • Sunshine

    That’s some intense protesting…
    The incident with the pig, I would love to watch PETA jump all over that if it happened in the US of A (I don’t hold that organization in much respect).

    Could some one please explain the the fourth image down, on the left, with the severed head to me??

    • Capt. WED

      DUDE I was just thinking that where is Sunshine to inject this thread with some of her idealistic bullshit, and there you are!

      • Sunshine

        Lol what?
        Hey, it’s healthy to be idealistic!

        But seriously, though, what’s happening in that picture with the severed head?

        Andand, wow, I am now a recognized character on this site??
        /is proud of self

  • Eva

    This is SOUTH Korea? Fack, I don’t want to see the Northern part then!

    • Anon

      They’d eat the ‘white’ flesh and offer up those lily livers and white hearts to Beloved Leader and Cadre.

  • >Hell yes Korea.
    > I had it all lined up to go to the g20 summit in Seoul last year but my passport was stolen. Fate, perhaps.

    >Watch footage of Koreans fight back riot Police on “Fourth World War”
    > Take notes #OWS

    • Anon

      As the Koreans would say – ‘Yo’. When was the 3rd WW ended btw?!?

  • TAKE5

    If I don’t get a visa i will jump of this building?..haha Give me a break. Korea has lots of pride but no power. I guess they act out over the top for attention.

  • dim mak

    Too bad it didn’t have the pic of old Korean women in boxer shorts trying to pull an American flag away from a black marine
    Very lulzworthy

  • david

    this is pathetic. protesting is good in some sense bu
    1. setting yourself on fire
    2. stabbing yourself
    3. jumping off a building

    are not wise ways. sure people will respect you and pay attention but won’t change a thing.

    and its very stupid and selfish. those people have family and friends. i think that they will hurt the ones who love them.

    and the man who set himself on fire, if didn’t die he will suffer the rest of his life and we will just keep going.

    this is why we have money, microblogs, lawyers and power to do other things today.

    protesting only worked up until about the 1980’s . after that nobody really cares much.

    i don’t respect them. i feel sorry for them

    • Kojika Buto

      Yeah, because protests haven’t affected anything recently, right?

    • guizi

      Cutting yourself sometimes rewards you.
      I have seen a news about a Korean guy who cut his finger to protest Japan. He later got a job from a company or public sector, I forgot.

      Ah, wait. China had a similar incident. Long ago, Zhao Wei wore a dress with a Japanese military flag on it. One angry Chinese guy threw a bottle of human feces at her in concert or such. He later got a university scholarship, I heard.

      • Xiongmao

        Wonder if he made that bottle ad hoc or always carried one around. Either way I call weirdo.

      • KeaneK

        Just so you know, the person you are referring to did not just won respect from cutting his finger. He cut his finger when he made the pledge in which he said he would devote himself to the independence movement. He also established several schools, fight Japanese and finally assassinated one of the high Japanese officials. Cannot be compared with those people in the pictures who just want to stir up the public.

    • Anon

      ‘this is why we have money, microblogs, lawyers and power to do other things today.’

      Many of the commentators don’t have at least 3 of the above. Who’s we?

      They probably set up those mind control towers disguised as cellphone services in the 80s, not so much that protesting failed since 80s.

      Don’t feel disrespect for them, but rather fear of the establishment. Vote for non ‘we’.

  • ace

    the FACT is that the west is the MOST CORRUPTED and MOST fucked up laws in the world and still these white trash still find time to interfere into other countries affairs so they can kill and rob them.

    • curl of the burl

      The ‘giant f&?k off’ paintbrushes are located in aisle 7. Right next to the manure and fertiliser. Shop smart. Shop S-mart.

    • Xiongmao

      You play a bit fast and wild with the word “fact” there buddy. Come to think of it, I’m not sure why I ever bother replying to you.

  • Simon

    ‘angry korean’ is the reason why koreans north or south should not be allowed to have nuclear bomb

  • ShenzhenGuy

    As a Westerner we’re second class citizens in these Asian countries. So we’re going to blamed for everything bad that happens even if it wasn’t our fault. I understand why the koreans want to kick out the americans. The american military does bring a bad influence to korea – many or most of the Western women are lesbians and many of people in the military are degenerates. The hate is understandable but they should stop ignoring the problems with their own people such as the growing # of korean lesbians and homosexuals who somehow don’t exist to the average korean.
    Korea is a militaristic society so they have no problem taking care of themselves if America leaves.

    • Reality Check

      Uh, what does sexuality have to do with ANYTHING? Get your facts straight, not “most” western women are lesbians, they are a minority thus why the big wave of discrimination towards homosexuals in the U.S. Making bias comments for the sake of commenting sure makes you look like a ass-hat.

  • That thing of the pig is disgusting. They must be insane

  • SuperHappyCow

    “2006 June 24. Seoul, Korea. A football [soccer] fan drops his pants on the street to show his dissatisfaction.”

    This is how you fuckin’ protest.

    • Anon

      Not if he either had his underwear on, was generally unfit, or was ‘flaccid’, it sure isn’t fuckin’ how. Theres the reason why they don’t, but I’m sure ‘Braveheart’ style there would be, in time to come.

  • ed

    These protests are the reason why South Korea has a Democracy.

    30 years of intense demonstrations culminated in the transfer of power from the Park dictatorship to Democracy in the 80s

    China on the other hand does not demonstrate on scale and is has no democracy

  • Peasant

    Yeah. Get some!

  • Dan Danger

    Koreans believe that leaving a fan running in a room can:

    1) create a vortex in the room and cause the sleeping person to suffocate.

    2) can make a person die of hypothermia even in the middle of Korean summer.

    This is not just some folk superstition as the govt. has made electric fan manufacturers put warning on their products. Look up Korean fan death on the net if you doubt me.

    They also believe eating Kim Chee will cure and prevent AIDs and that AIDs can only be contracted form foreigners.

    This says something about the chaotic mentality of this people.

    • KeaneK

      Dude you are talking about the general conception that is several dozen years old. Also, every country has its own superstitions that sounds ridiculous to other country. Many Asian people don’t understand why would Americans would say “bless you” when you sneeze. Gov’t had never made companies put such warning and even if any Korean fan had such warning its for precaution. thanks for pointing out that Korean people has chaotic mentality.

    • Brett Hunan

      To Dan Dung Dangler: feelings about fans and kimchi have nothing to do with “chaotic mentality”.

      True, however, there are fans with warnings like that. I have one in my back room.

      Chaotic- in a state of complete confusion and disorder.

      The reason the news recommends turning off fans while sleeping is the same reason the news broadcasted you should keep your lights off through the 1980’s. Not so the North wouldn’t drop bombs. The reason was and is to not use too much power. Finished.

      As for the reasoning behind why people believe it… well, I don’t want to say Koreans are all gullible, but they do have the propensity to accept things other people tell them. Especially from the news (which is backed by “experts” AKA sponsors).

  • Ming

    Truly, being Chinese, I have always harbored deep respect for the Korean people in general. They have long suffered under foreign invasion and devastation, yet always they have persevered and fought back each time, rising back to their feet eventually without fail.

    Perhaps the anti-American protests are a bit…unnecessary, to be honest, from my point of view – but I really am tired of Japan’s denials as well. Its many disputes over Kuril, Diaoyu and Dokdo scarcely seem to indicate a truly repentant soul. Koreans are of course far from perfect – but many of the Koreans I have met truly do seem to respect China, and I think them honorable and decent.

    I wish they would not be so nationalistic like this…but Korea has been trampled on for too long, and for that, I sympathize with them.

  • Roko

    I thought i did a good thing to join this China forum as a foreigner who speaks Asian languages better than most of Asians,but i was wrong,too many trolls in here too.Divide and conquer strategy worked out.China guy who commented on Korea has nothing without USA,nope they would have had a freedom and more beautiful,less racist kid,cracker,if they did it with Korean guy,China guy,the whole world population is not as big as a true China one,cmon,adopt all of english words into Chinese,and suck their newest trick,and leave the world if u are troll!

  • eroger

    free China. let’s see how angry the chinese people would be.

  • Sakana

    I protest every time I get crappy kimuchi!

  • Korean Half Moon Bear

    Dear Chinese netizens. It seems that there has been a rumour that we claimed Confucious is Korean or that we invented Chinese characters. These are false rumours somebody posted on baidu. The fact that these rumours are believed by the mainland Chinese had become an issue in South Korea and people have investigated into this case with netizens attempting to trace whoever made these claims. Whoever this professor is who said Confucious is Korean did not exist. I would not rule out that there could be a few mindless people making these claims in Korea however, these are not believed by the majority of sensible South Korean people.

    To the people from the western world accusing us of barbarism, note that Koreans riot and protest for political causes and economic reasons, and they attack only the combat police or property of the government. Looting and vandalism against private properties of unrelated people, as committed by sports hooligans in your so civilized western world do not happen. It is also common for protesters to clean up after themselves.

    One more comment. About setting oneself on fire and stabbing oneself, it is not uncommon for us to use the words 決死反對
    決死抗戰 when we feel strongly against something. It means that we are ready to give life for a cause. These people are proving it.
    I can understand how you civilized people from the western world with a high standard of living and democracy had no need for such concepts.

    • donscarletti

      Good post.

      Now refute these points too:
      – Koreans make uncool cars like Hyundai.
      – Koreans think it is cool to watch other people play video games and think “Flash” is a celebrity.
      – Korean made video games are boring, even Koreans prefer to watch other people play foreign games.
      – Koreans sometimes put kimchi on pizza.
      – Koreans are drawn to leaders like Kim Il-Sung and Park Chung-hee.

      Thank you.

      • Korean Half Moon Bear

        First of all there are 45million people in South Korea alone so please do not generalize. If translated into first order logic, your statements will have universal quantifiers which is quite inaccurate.

        Hyundai is uncool and hated domestically for their policies.

        I do not know what the hell Flash is nor are video game channels that popular.
        Third point is completely subjective not to mention psychological concept boring can hardly be operationalized. I will still reply. Only widely played Korean made games are MMORPG and there is no fun watching someone play this so people who have enough time to waste watch starcraft instead.
        4. I don’t see why I have to refute someone elses’ dietary habits. If they want to put chocolate or maple syrup on their pizza that is good to.
        5. Kim Il Sung did not come to power democratically, the Soviet Union put him there.
        6. President Park is recognized as having achieved industrialization of Korea but nobody denies that the third republic was a brutal authoritarian regime.

        I took the time to actually reply to your not so serious mocking remarks.

    • Exman

      No one believed the rumours, that Confucius or Chi You were Korean. They just found them laughable and retarded.

  • Tiffany Cheng

    Wow, koreans are too brave for their own good.

  • moeimoei

    how does tearing up a pig prove anything? how is that respectable?