Anhui Man Gets Arrested to Escape Wife, Hopes for Divorce

Anhui Man Gets Arrested to Escape Wife, Hopes for Divorce

A 30-year-old Anhui man chose an unorthodox method to escape from an arranged marriage he was forced into by his parents—getting arrested. Although the man is not poor, he decided to become a thief, hoping his bad reputation will help him get a divorce that his family doesn’t agree to. Since 2005 he has gone to Jail 5 times, saying “ I hope my Father-in-law knows about my crimes, I want him to think I’m not reliable, then he will ask me to divorce and I’ll be free…” Netizens wondered how ugly his wife must be for him to act so drastically.

Source: Netease

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  • 250

    Wouldn’t just growing a set of balls be easier?

  • crimsonarmor

    lol some chinese men just can’t say no to a woman with a loud voice. Talk about yellow lol

  • I’d say that’s not how you play the game

  • risotto

    I don’t understand. If he’s an adult, can’t he petition for the divorce himself?

    • bujiebuke

      Parent’s have a lot more power over their children in China than in the western world. Voicing your dissent against your parents is an unthinkable idea for most.

      • risotto

        Oh, man. That sucks. I can’t imagine being stuck in an arranged marriage to someone I can’t stand just because my (or his) parents disapprove.

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