Animal Lovers Buy Truckload of Cats Destined for Restaurant

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Volunteers intercept vehicle transporting cats, pay money to save car full of cats

A truck carrying 500 cats was stopped recently by traffic police in China’s Jiangsu province, and volunteers from an animal center rushed over. To avoid the truckload of cats being sold to a restaurant, they aggressively negotiated a price with the truck driver, ultimately agreeing on 3500 RMB (approximately 16,300 TWD), to buy all 500 of the vehicle’s cats.

On Jiangsu’s Suzhou city’s Xu Hai road, a few days ago police were inspecting passing vehicles. The sound of cats came from one three-wheeled motor vehicle amongst them, but the owner said he was carrying a load of rabbits. When the police officer lifted the cover, he discovered the vehicle was full of house cats. Volunteers from the animal shelter rushed over after hearing the news, rushing to feed and pacify the frightened cats, negotiating with the vehicle owner, wanting to purchase all the cats. They first offered 2000 RMB, while the vehicles owner wouldn’t sell for less than 5000 yuan, but finally the two sides agreed on 3500 yuan.

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Zi Lin:

With such a large population, why don’t mainlanders eat mainlanders?


Mainlanders eat everything, nothing is strange @@.


A bunch of Chinese sickos.

Vikki Yang:

Human meat is even tastier!


What do they plan to do to the cute cats?


Please god make them go to hell.

Boss Chiu:

Were the people who purchased the entire vehicle’s 500 cats really animal volunteers/activists….?


When a truckload of pigs are taken to be sold, why doesn’t anyone come out to protest? Perhaps the lives of cats are more valuable.

Cheer Tseng:

So cows and pigs deserve to be eaten?


Truly disgusting! People these days are becoming sicker and sicker! Eating cats, killing cats, microwaving cats, just what is going on?


So frightening~ Why don’t they eat cockroaches instead! Eating kitties is too cruel!

What do you think? Are animal activists paying money to rescue these animals setting the right precedent? Or are they inadverntently creating a new market?

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  • 5000 years of history


  • Rick in China

    So what do you do with 500 seemingly full-grown cats?

    I love cats, I have 2 – but I don’t see this sort of situation as a ‘solution’ to anything..restaurants want cats they’ll get cats, if people want to eat cats, they’ll eat cats.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Taiwanese netizens: Eating cats can’t please them. Saving cats can’t please them.

    • Kim

      taiwanese people eat shit .. breakfast, lunch and dinner XD

      • linette lee

        koreans eat worms like candy. Koreans love fried insects worms and roaches. That is part of their diet. They eat them instead of candies. XD

        • Rick in China

          In the near future many of us will likely be eating insects as a part of our daily diet. They’re easier/cheaper/more environmentally friendly/faster reproducing/etc…plus the fact most cultures in the world already eat one species or another to some extent.

        • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

          Implying worms are worse than shit.

        • 5000 years of history


        • Brett

          That isn’t true linette. Who told you that? SOME Koreans eat a spicy stew made from silkworms, but that’s the extent of it. Not like candy, not fried, and no roaches. It isn’t part of their diet. Some people eat them when they drink.

          • linette lee

            Koreans eat beetle like insects. I saw those insects in their supermarket. What don’t you go eat it. Where is my vomit bucket.

          • Brett

            lol, at the Asian market back in America? Or a “Korean market” in China? I have lived in Korea for over 2 years and have never once seen insects (other than silkworm larvae) in the supermarket, at a restaurant, or even a street stall.

        • zappa frank

          in china don’t u eat the silk worms? i ate it, not bad.

          • linette lee

            I don’t know….zappa. But don’t eat that stuff. Looks scrary. :(

            omg….:( All I did was reply to Kim racist comment. I regret talking about worms, roaches, and Koreans.

        • Kim

          and you eat shit.. like 2 girls 1 cup lol

  • Bob

    I live in Suzhou – this is sodding Hubei. Well at least we have an animal shelter.

    • Bob

      ISN’T …. sigh

    • Jennster

      my grandfather’s father (mother’s side) is from wujiang, which i think is now incorporated to suzhou now. my dad’s native to shanghai. i was born in shanghai tho :D

  • diverdude7

    personally, I like eating pussy…

    • Zappa Frank

      murder!eat bananas

      • Snazzy_Brett


      • Jeffli

        a pink cavendish banana is always better than a chubby ladies finger!

    • MrT

      meow 2

    • dray

      I see what you did there, sir!!

  • Snazzy_Brett

    They didn’t think this through. Their hearts were in the right place but 500 grown cats are not going to find comfy homes in China. Where are they going to keep these things, in the same cages they just bought? Pretty sure animals go crazy and eat each other when locked in small cages. BTW they just gave a bunch of money to a guy who is going to run a new truckload next week and every week after that. Smart.

    • MeiDaxia

      I was thinking the same thing. God forbid they take them out into the “country” and just open the cages! My grandfather back stateside shoots feral cats on his property, for killing the songbirds that are in the area.

      • Rick in China

        Feral cats are no good anywhere – not just because they kill songbirds, but they eat all sorts of rodents/birds which carry disease – and in turn spread that around… I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these cats (likely not inoculated) had various disease/infections.

        • linette lee

          But I don’t want to eat fried roaches like the koreans. So dirty. Only the poor people eat worms and roaches as their culture.

          • Kate

            Koreans don’t eat roaches…………the only bugs I’ve seen for sale there are those lotus thingies and they aren’t like super popular…..and come on you wanna talk about sick foods, don’t the chinese eat aborted fetuses and bear bile and deer blood. I seriously think a chinese person saying another culture’s food is weird is the pot calling the kettle black…the chinese have a rep for eating everything they can cook.

          • Germandude

            Kate, come on, you should know better than that. Who told you or where did you read that Chinese eat aborted fetuses? Please provide us with a source because this is simply unbelievable and without a source I assume you are stating this because “somebody said…”.

            Yes, Chinese (and so do Vietnamese) eat all kind of stuff, but aborted fetuses in my eyes is a rumor that is spread by people with racist intensions or people that want to tell a cool story to their friends.

            Besides that, who are we to judge what is right and what is wrong? I assume you know this ridiculous show “Whale Wars”, where some activists try to interrupt the Japanese whaling fleet. You probably also know the movie “The cove”about the Japanese hunting dolphins to sell the prettiest ones to theme parks like “Sea world” and the other dolphins get killed and sold to school cantines in Japan.

            Now the whole process of hunting these animals is brutal and wrong, in the case of the whales at least, wrong as well because the numbers of whales are at the brink of extermination. However, the statement that eating a certain species is wrong in general because in our cultures it’s a taboo, is just stupid.

            Just because pigs are not as pretty as dolphins, nobody is complaining? Shark finning is one of the most brutal hunts and animal treatment but because Sharks are dangerous to men, not many know what’s going on. They simply don’t have the publicity the dolphin has. Out of sight, out of mind.
            Or is it easier to point the finger on another culture/country/race to satisfy one owns mind of “having done the right thing”?

            Now I also disagree with shark finning, dolphin and whale hunting, but I think changes can only be done through education. People need to understand why it’s wrong, not simply told from a higher position that they are wrong. That’s the only guarantee for a long-term change.

            And in the case of cats and dogs in this article, the only thing I have to say is that I hope that the cats and dogs that are not rescued by some activist troll are killed in a way which is fast and hopefully unpainful. For the Chinese eating cats and dogs, well, go ahead there are enough of them…

          • andao

            Eating fetuses:

            I’ve also seen stories about HKers buying the same stuff in Shenzhen in the 1990s. Dunno if they still do it now.

          • Germandude

            The link you posted states that Koreans bought it from Chinese. Kate stated “and come on you wanna talk about sick foods, don’t the chinese eat aborted fetuses and bear bile and deer blood”. While bear bile and deer blood might be consumed somewhere in China on a local level, I assume aborted fetuses are even rarer consumed (in Korea, I still stand by what I said: where did you read that Chinese eat aborted fetuses?)

            Giving the benefit of a doubt I don’t want to exclude the possibility that some sick brains are eating fetuses somewhere as a cult, but the statement Kate made was implying it to be the norm or at least quite common. Which by far isn’t. And you link to a report about Koreans doing so, which I assume also only a small number of people would do.

            I am not trying to denounce Kate to spread lies or rumors. In fact I like most of her comments. But in this case she’s simply wrong.

          • Cynic

            maybe she confused fetuses with placenta??

          • Germandude

            That’s what I am thinking as well the whole time. I have heard and read about that. And again, the average Wang is not eating placenta.

          • Rick in China

            Dried human placenta is an ingredient in TCM. I don’t know where/how they collect so many.

            Most every mammal eats the placenta of it’s young – it’s highly nutritious. Lots of famous people from many cultures have spoken out about proudly eating their baby’s placenta. It’s not a big deal, it’s not as freakishly uncommon as one may think. Average in terms of more than half – I’d wager a resounding no, but thought of as disgusting practice – I’d also say no, not really, in any culture.

            RE: the whole thing with bugs, insects, whatever – biles, intestines… who cares really. Imposing your own cultural bias against foods eaten by other cultures is ridiculous, I think it’s not so much *what* is eaten, but more-so the manner in which it’s eaten. For example: frying up a cockroach with some spices, sure.. go nuts, it’s probably healthy as long as they’re relatively sterile as opposed to scooped up from a shit-sludge gutter. Being arrogant about the foods you eat is as ridiculous as looking down upon another society because you like red clothes and they like blue.

          • Germandude

            “who cares really. Imposing your own cultural bias against foods eaten by other cultures is ridiculous”

            Oh man, if I could, I would applaud you. Totally in line with what I am trying to get along here…

          • Cynic

            I agree,

            I think it is strange that no one has commented that perhaps the cats were not farmed but instead stolen from owners. Domesticated Cats are harder to catch than domesticated dogs but I would not put it past the Chinese to figure it out and make it economical.

          • andao

            Do you have Google in Germany?

            This article not for the feint-hearted. But I did hear about this happening in Shenzhen years ago. Since those pills showed up in Korea for Korean customers just recently, I’d assume it’s still going on.

            “In 1995, one human rights advocate recorded allegation of doctors eating dead fetus after performing abortions at Shenzhen hospitals. To confirm the allegation, an undercover reporter from Eastern Express visited a state owned health center for women and children and asked a female doctor for a fetus. The doctor said that the hospital was out of stock but reminded the reporter to come back. When the reporter went back to the hospital, the doctor offered ten fetuses for free.”


          • Brett

            @andao and @disqus_qpFQtxPJyF:disqus correction: The pills were purchased from the Chinese by Chaoxianzhu, or “ethnic Koreans who have lived in China for hundreds of years”. Many of the Chaoxianzhu are even more Han than Korean, genetically.

          • Linette Lee

            ….Chaoxianzhu are even more Han than Korean, genetically….


            Do these men look like han chinese to you? They are koreans even though they’ve been living in china for many years. They are still Koreans with korean blood. Hard temper and violent. Many of them have their own communities inside China and they speak Koreans. That is why when the Chinese see them they will point them out as koreans.

          • Brett

            You forgot “many” in that quote. Also.. How, in any way at all, does that link and your prejudiced rant negate my claim that many Chaoxianzhu have more Chinese blood than Korean blood?

          • Germandude

            We do have google in Germany, believe it or not. I am however in China so does it matter?

            I call bollocks on the link you posted because of this already:

            “When the reporter went back to the hospital, the doctor offered ten fetuses for free”

            Now a doctor giving away fetuses for free. FOR FREE! In China. LOL

          • Brett

            Its funny that you picked out kate’s comment about generalizing Chinese, but not linette’s about generalizing Koreans. Maybe you just didn’t read linette’s post, but thats what triggered kate’s response.

          • Germandude

            I picked out Kate’s comment because I was surprised about her statement. She is in my eyes pretty clever as far as her comments show. I was surprised about her statement which in my eyes was exaggerating. Some other person’s comments are not always worth to be commented on if you know what I mean.

            Again, I am not trying to discredit Kate in any way. And another thing, I am not familiar with Korea and only know few Koreans so you won’t see me commenting much on Koreabang or about Korea/Koreans.

          • Linette lee

            andao, No one in HK eat dead babies. You are nut.

          • El Puma R.

            It is well known all around China that Guangdong high mafia bosses eat fetuses because they think it will make their lives longer. They also eat baby rats as far as I know. With the abortion rates in this country it wouldn’t be so hard to find a fetus here and another fetus there…

          • Rick in China

            RE: “Baby rats” – I believe in Guangdong this is called “三叫老鼠”

          • MrBboy

            Dont know about today, but during the starvation under Mao zedong, it is said to be common in some areas to swap children to eat, and that communist party members also were indulged in cannibalism.

            New york times reported on a document smuggled from China

            So eating babys in modern times might not be that far away from the truth.

          • linette lee

            My reply about Korean food is for Mr. Kim up there.

            And yes,…Koreans do eat worms ,beetles, dogs, cats, blood, biles, intestines… name it.

          • Brett

            Why do you think “Kim” is a “Mr.”, or Korean? It could very well be a western woman’s first name. You really don’t like Koreans do you? You and chucky deserve each other.

          • linette lee

            You are so crazy. That crazy chucky is a typical sick Korean. You are horrible for saying such bad things to me.

          • El Puma R.

            you mean like guangdong people? Linette you’re not so different from them. Seems like Chinese people forget they are chinese once they go abroad… except for the times they call us “laowai”.

          • linette lee

            El puma, Who told you I am not chinese? I am han chinese. I am eating chinese food everyday and it’s not cats, dogs, worms, beetles, or fetus. What do you spanish people eat? Rabbit stew?

            I heard about placenta medicine. I never heard about Chinese people eating dead babies. You are strange. Who will eat anything that’s dead or rotten? The spanish or the white people?

          • Rick in China

            @cf27739e313d1b16d749ebdf96ee7d2a:disqus Your whole argument is premised on “Chinese food” not including anything “strange”, from a “US” perspective..”Rabbit stew” is considered strange? Rabbits are eaten everywhere. They’re better for eating than cats, because they have way more meat on them and are easier to raise/don’t eat meat themselves so are less prone to disease. You’re so, so full of shit on this thread.

            “Han” Chinese – perhaps on your identification, or because your father was “identified” as Han, so regardless of the % of blood passed down through Han people, I could tell from the photo you previously had up on your avatar you’re *definitely* Guang Dong faced. Not that it matters, whatsoever, it just goes to the point that your perceptions about what is and what isn’t is very likely inaccurate.

            Have you ever been to China town, Linette? What do you think “Chinese food” is. I’m thinking of a Louis CK bit where he was in China town, and came across a barrel of duck vaginas…labelled as Duck Vaginas. Is that Chinese food? Or perhaps some “Koreans” brought them over and sold them in China town to exclusively Korean customers? I don’t know what your hard on for Koreans is, but I digress back to my original point – who gives a shit about what other cultures eat, the truth is, historically, pretty much every culture in the world has eaten something that most modern people would say “what the fuck” to, and you’re no better, get off your soapbox of nonsense because you’re just digging a hole deeper…and deeper…and, who knows, maybe you’ll dig your way back to Asia and end up with nothing to eat but a bucket of duck vaginas.

          • Brett

            I think the last sentence was the most memorable string of words I have ever read on this website. I will never forget this day.

          • Rick in China

            Thanks Brett, I may not always seem reasonable, but I try to be at least somewhat amusing :D

          • linette lee

            It all started when Kim said Chinese eat shit. So there you go.

            And that el puma and brett dudes are pissing me off today.

            You go ahead and eat your rabbit stew. I don’t care.

            I said basically any animals raised in animal farm can be eaten. There must be inspections and regulations making sure the animals are disease free and safe to eat. Those animals in animal farms must be treated and die humanely. I don’t think they have dog or cat farm in china.

          • MrBboy

            Kim said Taiwanese eat shit, not Chinese, big difference, different country different values, morals and food customs. Taiwanese people do not eat dogs, cats and except some stinky tofu its not that strange.

            Go to guangdong in china, see the dogs hanging upside down on the streets with a sign, Hot dog and other disgusting dishes among them for example donky penis, cures cancer they say.

            Cmon seriously China eat weird stuff, its the country where a farmer made buissness on selling Egg which boys pee on.

            I take it that Linette is hua qiao , and probably not experienced guangdong.

          • linette lee

            ……………I could tell from the photo you previously had up on your avatar you’re *definitely* Guang Dong faced………….

            Rick in china, is that you in your avatar? I can tell from your avatar you are a white boy. A crazy one too. ;}

            Those other photos are not me. The photo on my avatar right now is me. That is why I get so mad when people eat my kind.

          • Rick in China

            It’s me, a week ago — Halloween — “zombie boy”

          • linette lee

            Halloween — “zombie boy…….

            hahaha….lol. You went for a halloween party. Must be fun.

            I dressed up as a nurse. lol.

          • Rick, you don’t really think that “linette lee” is really the girl in her previous photo or that she’s even ever set foot in China? Or even that she’s Chinese?

          • Rick in China

            I’ve no idea man.. it’s the internet, all we have to go off of is what is infront of us, ya?

          • Ya. But you’ve been around here for awhile so you probably have idea who she is. Took me awhile to figure it out myself so don’t feel bad even if it is not a very clever imitation.

          • Rick in China

            Never thought about it..don’t really care either :D

          • ok

        • MrT

          Rome is crazy for cats. Living in the old ruins.

    • linette lee

      oooh..look who’s back. How’s being a daddy brett? How you tired yet? getting any sleep? keke.

      • Brett

        Loving it so far!! Thx.

    • mr.wiener

      It’s a cunning plan is all. They’re going to flood the market with cats and drive the prices down so all the cat-nappers go out of business.

  • Getrealson

    No wonder no one obeys the law. Policeman says “what’s in the truck?” driver says “rabbits” when they found out it was Cats they should have smashed his shin bones with their batons! It is in their genetics to fucking lie and cheat!

    watch this video

    Fucking sub-human animals!

    • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

      “Lamb skewers”

    • Nick in Beijing

      God damnit. When I saw that video it reminded me of when I was a little kid. I saw a cat running across the street and get clipped by a car. It kept running and got to the other side, and yowled for a few minutes. I picked it up to take it to my dad to see if he knew what to do. Nice lady in an S.U.V. gave me a ride back to my place when she saw i was carrying the cat. It died just as I got it back home, and I cried then. In retrospect I think it must have died long before, but nerves kept it kicking just like those poor cats in the video.

      These “people” would be arrested for animal cruelty back home. I kept thinking while watching the video that I just wanted to throw the biggest stone I could find from the vantage point that the camera had and try to hit as many of them as possible and see them bleed like those poor cats.

      The cats are more valuable than those creatures killing them.

  • linette lin

    …………….china has such a big population, so chinese should just eat chinese…..

    hahaha….lol! I think he is absolutely

    Those cat will be put to sleep in animal shelter if in USA.

    Basically you can eat any animal as food. No difference between cows or cats. But I think only the animals raised in food farm should be eaten. No house pets. Like you can have a chicken farm, cat farm, duck farm..There should be inspection. They should be treated and die humanely. No torture. But who wants to eat cats anyway? They look pretty.

    • Zappa Frank

      the lamb looks pretty too…but on easter looks tasty

      • El Puma R.

        Last time I went home I left a baby goat in the backyard of my house… it cuts the grass you know, better than the machine. And guess what I will eat when I get back !

        • linette lee

          El puma, you are so crazy. Isn’t that baby goat like a house pet?

          • El Puma R.

            Backyards in argentina are called national parks in China.

    • MrT

      I remember when HK people flooded into the UK and set up restaurants all over.

      The cat and dog population took a massive nose dive.

      Customers none the wiser.

      • linette lee

        HK restaurants probably needed to meet demands from the public with people like you. Going to HK restaurants ordering Hot dog pot or Hot cat pot. Mr.T…I told you not to eat cats and dogs. ;}

  • Nolan S.

    is a free country right? if one wants to eat a farm-raised cat/dog for food why can’t they? how is it different from eating cows or pigs? where in India cows are not consumed for meat and you’ll look like a idiot if you try to get beef there. why should we judge a county based on their culinary culture?

    • andao

      “is a free country right?”


    • El Puma R.

      The world is called “world”, not “America”. When I went to the US I went by Indiana and there was a state fair (can’t recall the name) .. you know what they were eating? KFC-like crispy fried butter.. yeah man… BUTTER, big fried chunks of butter and fried Snickers bars. After seeing that I’d take the cat over fried butter any day bro. And I’ve eaten cat too, tastes like rabbit.

  • DrumBass

    Americans eat scrapple. YUCK!!!!

  • Scooby

    So the truck driver sells the cats to the animal lovers for 3500RMB instead of to the restaurant.
    He then drives back to the cat factory and buys another 500 kittens (past their sell by date and reduced to clear) for 500RMB, and sells those to the restaurant for the original planned profit.
    Win for the truck driver!

    • themig

      it would not make sense for govt to try to stop people from collecting 500 stray cats

  • Alex

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see compassion in the Chinese citizens and surprisingly the police. I’m appalled to see the suffering these animals have gone through. I’m baffled by what they expect to do with them (though 500 cats isn’t really that much of a task). And i’m disappointed that the people responsible received payment (though we don’t know if they profited at all with the price given).

    But, the real issue that comes to mind is – what about the 450 million pigs in China which are farmed in equally appalling conditions, or the battery unit hens, intensively farmed cows, etc. These animals don’t purr or sit on your lap, but they suffer just the same conditions.

    • PixelPulse

      It comes from the long standing idea of domesticated animals being either food or pets. Animals that are house pets are something people would be disturbed by if you eat but fattening a pig up to make bacon is okay since its domesticated purpose is for food. They should treat all animals equal if they want to make a difference but the people who brought the cats are an animal shelter, I dont know their policy’s but they might only take in house pets and not live stock. The condition of live stock animal should most likely go to animal rights group.

    • DRaY

      Dude, factory farming is a mess everywhere… people need to eat, get over yourself and go and grow your own food, you self righteous fuck!!! and what will these fuck wads do with 500 cats???? Thats the story I want to see, will they be given away as pets? Release into the wild to destroy? Cats are hardly domesticated!!

      • Tommybeasters

        I think the one good point you made there is “grow your own food” If you are trying to feed a large population then crops not livestock is more efficient, as as long as livestock operations continue to promote concentrated feeding operations which feed corn and other grain that should be going to people to cows. it takes 10 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef. Ultimately it would be far more efficient if we were all vegetarians…that being said i think i want to go out for 烤羊腿 tonight.

        • Tommytwodicks

          Holy Shit. Tommybeasters you are fucking annoying and a batshit insane poop on a stick manwhoreholefacenuckiwunkerpoop! I mean, fuck son, you just had 烤羊腿 last night! Well, essentially it was 烤羊腿, but you know. Also, you’re a fucker.

        • El Puma R.

          Takes millions of gallons of pesticides/herbicides/fungicides and millions of species cast out of their natural environment so you vegetarian fake hippie fuckheads can eat tofu. I am going with Dray on this, everyone should learn to grow their own food. I’ve learnt. have you? I’m pretty sure you haven’t… what a hippie you are, depending on food distribution and pesticides. I hope a bull runs you over.

          • El Puma R.

            @tommybeasters sorry dude I thought I was answering to someone else. I want some 烤羊腿 as well. Over here in dongbei is fantastically delicious

        • Kukuku

          Regardless, meat eaters are much healthier and stronger than vegans. Used to be one of you guys, then I picked up bodybuilding and had to start eating meat after a few months of no progress, lethargy and weakness.

          Proteins from non-meat sources are BS and nothing beats chicken breasts and steaks to beat your hunger and give you plenty of energy and strength. Ironically, by throwing away most of my carbs and replacing them with proteins and animal fats, I’ve become much slimmer too and my blood works have been giving me the most incredible of numbers I’ve ever had in my life.

          By the way, anyone knows how to write/say “beef tallow” in Chinese and if it is at all available in this country? I wish to cook my food in it.

          • Sing it brutha. I been eating pretty much the same way and can also boast of superior strength and energy than using protein powders and such. Soy is one of the most estrogen-based foods anywhere and Chinese diet has got to be the most emasculating diets of all. It’s no accident Chinese men have such low testeosterone and feel the need to man up with such quackery as consuming tiger dicks and snake piss soup. Why eat a cat when you can have steak? I wouldn’t know about beef tallow but as long as you’re working out there’s nothing wrong with drowning those steaks in butter. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

          • Kukuku

            I love me some butter, but beef tallow just gives eggs and bacon such a great taste!

      • Alex

        1, I was making a point about the hypocrisy that surrounds most of these cat/dog food articles.
        2. My point is especially relevant to the situation in China as their regulations and conditions are amongst the worst in the world, and their output amounts to a majority of the worlds supply of factory farmed animals (e.g. half of the worlds pigs are in china).

        Oh, and for your information, this was my crop from last year:

        suck it.

        • You’re probably right about the hypocrisy, Alex, and I’m not one to judge. I just swatted a fly a few minutes ago and I once chased a cockroach for almost an hour with a broom until I finally nailed the fucker. But I’m also the same guy that once put a sheet of toilet paper in my toilet to make a bridge for a Daddy Long-legs Spider to try to save himself after falling in the water. (If he doesn’t get out before I take my next whizz he’s a goner) I suppose dogs and cats should be given a pass because they are like a bridge between humans and the rest of the animal world and compell people to have a little more respect for all animals as a result. And I don’t see anything wrong with that even if it may seem a bit snobbish, irrational and hypocritical. I don’t think anyone here would hate on a guy who had a choice between eating a cat or starving but it just seems unnecessary these days. And if I came upon somebody roasting a cat alive with a blow torch I couldn’t just let it slide as a “cultural difference”.
          There are many people on my street that have lost their pets to these motherfuckers who seem to think they have a right to scoop up any dog or cat off the street, including my neighbor’s, a scruffy, ill-mannered and toothless 83 year-old woman who was inconsolable when they took her annoying little Shihtzu who had been her companion for 8 years right in front of her own house. At that age, it’s like losing your child and I don’t think I ever felt so bad for another human being in my life. When they returned a few months later, they were really brazen and parked their truck with cages right in front of a small restaurant to grab some lunch. I was walking home when I saw the truck and went and grabbed my landlord( who had also lost a coupla dogs including a really expensive Collie) , some neighbors and my trusty table-leg with a rusty screw sticking out. My landlord is a kind of “Godfather” of the village and whatever he told them, they couldn’t scram fast enough. (I’m guessing he probably said something along the lines that he would unleash the pissed off, crazy-looking laowai with the big stick and there wasn’t jackshit they could do about it) Of course, there are plenty of other dognappers around but I’m pretty sure those 2 guys avoid our village like the plague. So, I’m totally against the idea to even negotiate with those fuckers and should have just seized the truck. These guys are not doing a service, collecting feral animals. Wild cats are not caught easily. They’re stealing pets and getting paid for it. That’s more of an issue for me than whether it’s right or wrong to eat cats and dogs.

          • mr.wiener

            The trade in exotic meats is less one of sustenance than luxury. Which is to say, there’s not much meat on a cat and what there is tastes like shite. The only reason this market exist is that rich fuckers with waning libedos are willing to pay well for it.
            This stuff used to be poor peoples food, especially during famines, but now some people are just eating this for prestige and there ain’t no reason for it.
            People want to eat dog? I’m good with that. But you better make sure the animals are kept and culled in a reasonably humane fashion. And disease free too. And if you show up in my area to catch people’s pets , I’m going to pour sugar in you petrol tank.

          • Exactly wiener.

            I remember attending a party in Reno, Nevada hosted by a wealthy casino owner (my company was building a big waterfall/volcano there) where the host had flown in exotic, fresh meats from around the globe including elephant, lion, baboon, camel, yak, cobra and a whole array of other animals that I can’t remember. It was not a big hit with the guests and most people would have been satisfied with a tray of nachos. There was also a place in Arroyo Grande, California that made hamburgers from a selection of around 30 kinds of meat. But those were just novelty things so one could say “yeah, I once had a Komodo Dragon burger… I cool or what?” Almost nobody in USA would eat those things thinking it’ll give him an all-night boner when they they can wash a Viagra down with a Rockstar drink(or a Red Bull) I once saw on TV a restaurant that served Snake Urine Soup. I mean……..why? Who thinks of this shit? I had a pet snake that once crawled inside my shirt and shit on me. It took several hundred showers before I felt clean again. I can’t imagine anybody looking at that yellow snake-shit and thinking “yummy and maybe if I eat it I can grow a boner”. While I’m at it…..who the fuck invented biscotti? And WHY? Who the fuck thinks it’s fancy to sit and have an espresso with a stick of bread that is harder than a jawbreaker?

          • Rick in China

            RE: Snake Shit looking appetizing…

            On the same note, I have always wondered – who the fuck was the first person to eat an egg? What were they thinking?

            “Hmm, this hard white thing just squirted out of a chicken’s ass, maybe I should crack it open and put the contents in my mouth.”

            RE: Biscotti – it’s not a hard piece of bread in terms of old bread, it’s more like a biscuit – and the reason I like it is because I can dip it into the coffee soaking up some of the flavour and soften it in the process, chewing down yummy morsels of coffee flavoured biscuit. <3 Biscotti. Nothing to do with "fancy", just tastes good like that..

          • Oh……you’re suppose to soak it in coffee? Damn. I almost lost a tooth biting one of those fuckers.

          • BTW…that snake urine soup restaurant was in Hong Kong.

          • Rick in China

            I don’t know if you’re supposed to or not – I just assumed, and really liked it..used to get a vanilla biscotti with my coffee each time I’d get one. Starbucks has little waffles now – hard etc, but rather than just eat it hard and sticky you can place it nicely over your hot coffee and let the coffee steam warm it up and it ends up a soft gooey treat as well…. again, no idea if you’re supposed to, but it definitely enhances the experience for me :D

            Edit: just looked it up, yep — “How They Are Eaten: Biscotti are eaten and enjoyed in many ways! Italians favor them as “dipping cookies” either in a delicious cup of coffee or cappuccino, or in a special Italian wine known as Vin Santo. They are enjoyed as a breakfast biscuit, dunked in coffee, along side a dish of Gelato or Spumoni”

          • FoodIsFood

            I don’t find the idea of eating an egg so disturbing as whoever decided to drink milk first… and also eat cow shit… however human history is full of famines so it’s not surprising people eat everything when you consider also that people will eat things that aren’t even edible too when starving.

          • Rick in China

            Come on, “put a sheet of toilet paper in my toilet to make a bridge for a Daddy Long-legs Spider to try to save himself after falling in” – don’t say it was out of humanity :D It was to see if the little bitch could make it out or not before you had to take a piss. If you wanted to save him you could have netted ’em out, it was about the sport of it all!

          • Uh……..kind of. I could have tried harder.but I’m usually nice to those spiders anyway. I got one now that set up shop in a corner of my shower. I don’t bother him and he doesn’t bother me :D

    • You know animal abuse (especially when it comes to animals for our consumption) around the WORLD live in HORRIBLE conditions and die agonising long deaths.. It’s the norm for humans.. We are a cruel and cold race of beings. Don’t believe me? Go find the NEAREST slaughter house and see for yourself. Also fishing is cruel too, but at least they fishes lived a decent life unlike our food animals. Foie Gras production is probably the cruelest.

      • Rick in China

        The fish you *eat*, usually, unless you live next to a river/ocean in an underpopulated country (like us lucky west coast Canadians :D) is likely farm fish. There’s nothing decent about life for a farm fish – literally having antibiotics dumped into your cesspool of shit/death while you’re crammed up with all of your soon-to-be tinned brethren from birth to death.

        On that note, I just cooked up an awesome chicken burger and couldn’t care less if the chicken I had eaten was cooped up from birth-to-death – it likely was. Why? Because I’d rather not be a hypocrite like most people who cry about animal rights meanwhile eat meat daily without the slightest *real* care in the world about where that meat came from. I think it’d be great if farm-food was produced more healthfully, humanely, and sanitary…everyone would, but the only people I give any minute ounce of respect for are the ones who *actually stop eating* what they vehemently disagree with on the internet. :D

  • lonetrey / Dan

    omggg ;__; (is a huge fan of cats) Save them! I wish they’d do something about eating cats or dogs in China… change the public perception or something. I know not everyone is for eating cats/dogs, but we could improve it!


    • Germandude

      I wish they tell them not to eat sharks fin, dolphin meat, tigers, whales and any other species whose numbers are low. Cats, dogs, cows, pigs, chickens etc. are there in huge quantities…

      If you want to play the moral card and want to be taken seriously, become a vegetarian and make sure that you don’t buy any product that includes animal skin etc.

      • linette lee

        I do agree no eating or killing allowed for endangered species. Our kids won’t be able to see them no more on this planet.

      • moral card?? what moral card? There’s a difference between eating pork or beef and eating cats. You think they are the same?

        • Germandude

          Care to enlighten me about the difference in eating one animal but not the other if both species are not endangered?
          Don’t come up with telling me that the way of preparing dogs or cats are shit, I know that.

          • Germandude

            How come I am not surprised that I don’t get a response on my question. Still checking for some google or youtube sources?

  • Daijoubu

    In Canada, you can buy horse meat even though it’s a much more venerable animal than a cat.
    But once they grow old and start suffering, lots of horse owners cant afford euthanasia so they’ll rather sell them at auction and hopefully the horse’s gonna die a quick death…but most of the time, this isn’t the case, as with cows, pigs, etc..

    Unless we’re veggans, I don’t think we’re in position to say people shouldn’t eat cats just because peoples have them as pet, all animals deserves the same treatment.

    • Ruaraidh

      Bio-accumulation is much more significant in creatures that are mostly carnivorous. That’s why we mostly disdain carnivorous animals in favour of eating herbivores and omnivores. It’s a natural selection thing rather than a consideration of the venerability of our food sources.

    • Zappa Frank

      i’m afraid the horse meat is not from old horses as usually their meet is too hard to be eaten

      • El Puma R.

        Ehm, I disagree. Try italian horse sausage “Mortadella” and tell me what you think about it later. Better if you make it a sandwich with baguette and yellow mustard. God I am hungry,

        • Zappa Frank

          i don’t know what kind of mortadella you eat but i can assure you that italian one should not be from any horse, it’s from pork. yellow mustard with mortadella? this in an heresy, this is a blasphemy!! Is even worst than cappuccino after lunch!A sandwich with mortadella is a sandwich with mortadella, nothing else..
          anyway, what’s wrong eating horeses, i did, are tasty.

          • El Puma R.

            Mortadella is made from horse you dipshit. google it and get back to me later

          • Germandude

            Ehm dude, my cousin is half Italian and I have been there a lot. His uncle is running a restaurant and I have eaten Mortadella trillions of times. The original Mortadella comes from Bologna, the widest spread Mortadella in Italy and is indeed made from pork meat.


            Maybe Mortadella made from horse meat is the South American version, I don’t know? But certainly original Italian Mortadella is from pork.

          • maja



            bresaola is actually raw meat, often eaten with lemon juice. mortadella is the cheapest of italian salumi, should be eaten however you want it’s basically the meat variant of nutella.

  • Kate

    There are too many cats and dogs anyway… save 500 but there are millions of other cats and dogs that have no home. You really aren’t doing a favor by saving them. My mom started out providing dry food to 2 neighborhood strays and then one day there were 5 strays then 7 then 9 and now when I go outside in the morning at my mums there are 15 strays waiting for a turn at the food….sad, most are abandoned by previous owners. I try to tell my mom to have animal control get them and euthanize them but she feels to much compassion for them.

    There are many animals and children id love to be able to save, personally if I had the home and financial backing id adopt lots of babies abandoned….but there are simply too many babies and animals that need homes.

    • bprichard

      Bob Barker needs to schedule a promotional trip to China. Most pet owners here fail to get their pets spayed or neutered.

  • BallsOnFire

    Chinese people really eat cats? I thought that was a made up racist stereotype. Damn, I’m disappointed in you China!

  • Misiooo

    As I’ve said once, non-vegetarians have no right to speak about such matter.

    • El Puma R.

      Vegetarians don’t have the right either, unless they grow their own food. why? ’cause they depend on food distribution and inorganic goods: The production of these ones I mentioned last required a lot of chemicals and therefore has already terminated with the natural environment of thousands of species all around the world. So there you go, being a veggie who doesn’t grow his/her own food it’s just a symbol of how stupid and hypocritical people can be… parent depending/tofu eating/apartment living/brand clothes buying useless hippie. Plus, who the fuck are you to say who can and who can’t comment on this matter? Fuck you

      • Misiooo

        Oh c’mon Puma, fuck you too! And I proudly stick to what I’ve said. This is not a place for a scientific polemic, not that I believe you are capable of one with your BS, so I spare myself time. But let me ask you this: have you ever slaughtered an animal or human being? If not, please do and tell me how you feel. Thanks to people like you we live in the shit we live in. Fuck you and your pointless life. Food distribution my ass…

        Moderator – my apologies for all these vulgarisms I’ve employed.

        • El Puma R.

          google it you smart-ass, none of everything I’ve said is bullshit and I come from a country where I’ve seen what chemicals have done to it’s flora and fauna, in fact it seems you took it very personally… maybe I was right about the hippie thing! hmm… Of course I have slaughtered animals, Years of hunting (and I’ve eaten everything I’ve shot, one time when I was young my dad grounded me for shooting a pigeon with a 12 gauge and made me cook it. I cried when I ate it, it was awful… after that I’ve only shot what I can eat afterwards). It doesn’t feel super cool to kill something but it feels good to be able to find or grow food by yourself. Apart from deers, boars, south american quails, etc. all in all, I wouldn’t mind shooting you in that dirty, dirty mouth of yours.

          People have 2 ears and one mouth to listen as twice as they should speak.

          • Misiooo

            Hahahaha, then we can talk fellow hunter. Industrial farming sucks and I agree collateral damage is indisputable. In principle everything done en masse sucks. So much for mass meat production. I’ve seen it and it has changed me forever. Not in TV. Current system works the way it works because it is profitable in the short run. In the long run no one knows where it goes, for no macro model is accurate beyond 20 years apart from the fact it never takes into account all of the variables. But no one cares, maybe a few. Segregation of duties within modern societies left majorities numb to the consequences of their existence. Respect for life, any form of it should be a fundamental concept of human societies. However, it has never been the case. I am in position it should be.

            You could save yourself these last lines of yours.

          • El Puma R.

            wow I wasn’t expecting you to be such a smarty-pants. guess we can be friends after all since we’ve been trying to make the same point all this time. Bless, fellow netizen. you know, I do care….

  • oklol

    So nice to see an uplifting story come out of China for once!

  • donscarletti

    Nice to see them supporting the cat harvesting industry, I’m sure the owner was happy to get his ¥3500, sounds like a good price.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    This is just fcking sad! No wonder half the people i talk to in this country dont like anything other than ‘chinese’ food. Eating sh!t like this since birth will have adverse effects on anyone.

    • linette lee

      No, half of the Chinese people love Mcdonalds, KFC, and burger king. Only eating shit like that can make them less chinese with their body weight.

      • Half the Chinese can barely afford a bowl of rice.,silly girl
        Personally, I’d have to be pretty fucking hungry to eat a cat. If there was nothing else to eat I could do it. Who would eat a cat unless their survival depended on it? I mean….like in World War 2 and stuff. Who goes to a restaurant to enjoy a bowl of cat? I can get a pretty decent steak for about 8 kuai, ready to cook(which is under a minute) and I can be reasonably sure it wasn’t some kids pet. I’ve seen these fuckers catching pets in my village and chased them out with my landlord and some neighbors.

        • El Puma R.

          Chinese people from the cities forget there is life beyond those walls… and let’s say that 50% of the city people in china love to eat lots of food filled with that multicolored recycled oil they seem to love so much…. or half tofu/half robot cow mcdonalds meat.. or pizza with pineapple and corn (they just can’t help it, can they?) lol

  • andao

    Step 1: Rescue the cats.
    Step 2: ?

    Unfortunately, they’ll probably still end up in a hot pot.

  • Fire

    during army training, ive tried bee, just one raw bee. Taste like potato. Supposedly, scorpion taste like crab, frog and snake taste like chicken and crocodile taste like antibiotic. Just incase chicken and other meat stuff is not available when youre lost. Eating these animal are probably more preferable than cats.

    a handful of bee fry it with few frogs and add a small piece of
    crocodile meat for seasoning. Add chilli if you like spicy food.

    youll survive

    • That’s what I mean…. you eat a cat for survival when there’s nothing else.
      I put up a new song for ya, Fire…..Check it out.

      • Fire

        that is a nice theme song for Fraser, it has that… anti-hero lone-warrior feel to it

        • Thanks….it’s still a work in progress. But I figure it’s not really fair he got shit-canned while his nemesis still haunts this forum. Least I could do was name a song after him. I do everything myself on a Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) and play guitar. If you want to play music in China, you have to do it this way or you’ll be a real sour puss. The Chinese guys that can play always play in cover bands to pay the bills and the foreigners that are any good are just passing through and none of them have drums and are flaky as hell.
          If only I could sing, I could do everything. My singing sounds like a cat being roasted alive only worse.(I can do a good Elvis though)

          • Fire

            I see, one thing is for sure you did not disappoint me with this piece. If you can try with singing… would be an experiment, no? a deep voice to go with those song maybe with a touch of romance. Ah you are the unsung/unknown rock star Mr Little Wolf, I will follow your music closely

          • haha…..yeah….I could auto-tune myself or run through a pitchshifter for the cookie-monster growl. I might have a try. Thanks

      • Fire

        just curious, this song you created it by yourself or you have a band? it sound like there are a few instrument there.

    • Rick in China

      I’ve eaten scorpion – it does not taste like crab. I’ve eaten several – the larger ones taste fine for the most part depending how they’re seasoned but the *guts* area is pretty disgusting and spongy.

      Frog tastes great, and is common in many places, the meat is very soft as long as it’s not left to boil for ages and comes off the bone very easily – the skin around the stomach is my least favorite part of a frog as it’s a little rubbery but taste pretty much as whatever spice/hot pot/etc you’ve cooked it in would.

      Snake – meat I had was a little tough. Blood mixed with Baijiu was strong and almost minty in after-flavor.

      Crocodile like .. what? what does an “antibiotic” taste like? that makes no sense. First of all, croc is eaten all over the place – and aside from sometimes having a little bit of a “fishy” flavor it is really good, if not a little chewy/gamey. You can get croc (in China) at many Thai restaurants.

      RE: “Fried bees” – most insects taste similar when *fried*, as you basically end up with a crispy/exoskeleton texture and whatever spices you’ve fried it up in.. if you’re suggesting you gather a handful of bees (good luck with that one) and “mix” a little croc in for seasoning, I’d say you failed army survival course, you can’t just go “grab” a few frogs and a little croc and “fry it up”, unless you went to survival course in the back of a weird kitchen.

      • Fire

        ah nice info, now we know what it taste like. How about boiling the bee?

        • Rick in China

          I’ve not boiled a bee. Frying insects, though, generally gets rid of their natural flavour (except dense parts of larger insects) and you end up with mostly a unique texture and whatever seasoning you fried them with..and this is how most insects on sticks are served exactly for that reason. Some insects have especially flavourful or colorful parts of their anatomy and those parts are used in *many* natural colouring/flavourings around the world, including the US (see Strawberry Syrup gate) and while it’s often very healthy, people just dislike the “idea” of eating insects.

          In terms of wilderness survival – I’m from Canada – I’m not sure how many Canadians here took part but I certainly took part in Army (and Air) cadets in my teenage years and one aspect of that is survival training..learning to catch smaller animals (rabbits, squirrels) with forest-only snares (sticks, trees, branches, and a knife..nothing else, sometimes twine) and learning what types of insects can be eaten and how to best eat them, some insects have poisonous/unhealthy poison sacks or glands which should be removed if you’re going to end up consuming them in quantity or the end of the ass of many types of ants (or wasps/bees, which are closely related). It’s not a good idea to just grab an insect and eat it without knowing what you’re eating, just as it’s not a good idea to grab up random berries/fruits in the wild and chow down, “survivalist” study isn’t as simple as building a lean-two, a fire, and finding drinkable water..then grabbing random bugs to shove in yer gullet, it’s a serious study of different environments and learning the details which can allow you to live without serious medical problems when ambulances are not readily available :D

          • Fire

            like Bear Grylls huh, do you enjoy camping in the wild?

          • Rick in China

            RE “enjoy camping in the wild” – I thought I said that already, ala “I’m Canadian” :D

  • Eb

    Pigs and cows aren’t domesticated, and we wear their skin. Cats and dogs are pets.

    This is horrific, and thank goodness for the shelter workers!

  • Red Scarf

    Sorry, I have to say who are we to judge. Eating dog-cat or not in China should be down to the Chinese. Fortunately for non-Chinese pet lovers the increase in Chinese wealth is seeing a change of views that these animals have more value as a pet than a food source and as it grows there shaping their social view towards these animals.

  • Chinateacher

    “With such a large population, why don’t mainlanders eat mainlanders?” Really, you Hong Kong people forget that most of you (all of you) come from a main-lander. Wake up Hong Kong you are not special….

    • linette lee

      What happen? You are in the wrong place. This is not hong kong smack. This is china smack.

    • Mongchild

      These are Taiwanese comments dumbass. And they’re right 大陸人就是這麼沒水準。Taiwanese and Hong Kongnese came from mainlanders, like Human beings came from monkeys. I don’t know what they teach you lot in school in the PRC but it sure isn’t how to “AK-Rite!”

  • Jennster

    Koreans have 40% han chinese dna. hong kong and cantonese have 30% (no joke).

    • Rick in China

      80% of statistics perported on 95% of internet forums are full of 100% false statistics based on 0% verifiable fact or scientific proof. (no joke).

    • Brett

      I would love to see the research paper on that Jennster. I’ll be waiting. I get updated when you reply, so don’t think backing up your numbers will be in vain, I will definitely be able to see when you post. Okay, waiting on the evidence that supports your claim.

      • Jennster


        Apparently, wu chinese have 30% austronesian bloodline. this means 60% are han chinese. Cantonese have 30% han chinese bloodline from cantonese commenters who studied genetics.

        Those are from chinese and asian people who study these things. there is no other source to rely.

        • Rick in China

          Are you *serious*. That’s your “study”? First of all, your proclamation is: “Koreans have 40% han chinese dna. hong kong and cantonese have 30%” – you post a study about “O2b” and rice DNA, which isn’t really a study – but a youtube clip that mentions nothing about your original proclamation, but you post it with the audacity to speak about DNA as if you have any understanding whatsoever of how DNA *works*. Jokes, right? Trollster, not Jennster. Not only does your post have nothing to do with the topic, but:

          * You don’t know anything about DNA.
          * You don’t understand how raw “facts” without context can promote opposite sides of the same argument.
          * You’re trying to prove a point that nobody gives a shit about anyways.

          • Germandude

            The way I see it: Jennster owes me a new keyboard. After reading her bullshit claims and even more, seeing the youtube video which she proclaims as a valuable source backing up her statements, I spit my coffee on my keyboard.

            Welcome to crash-course “How DNA works” guys…Only on chinaSmack…lmao

        • Getrealson


        • linette lee

          hahaha…jennster….you need to get out more. Are you watching too much k dramas? I noticed there are some China women love watching dramas and live in the drama world. Not healthy. Dramas are not real.

          Come to HK and look around. The Hk han chinese are more han than han solo. ;}

          • Jennster

            the 30% figure from cantonese i assume are about the native cantonese. hong kong probably has around 40-50% han chinese dna due to northern immigration from what i compared to other chinese regions.

            i don’t watch korean dramas. but i quite like the singers from b2st.

          • linette lee

            really? So you and I don’t have the same DNA? You mean you don’t look like me? OMG…………….How do you look? I was once told by some China chinese that they can spot a HK chinese from a sea of Chinese people. What does that mean? I also constantly get approached by Japanese and American thinking I am Japanese. I get very annoyed because they don’t know where’s HK. ;(

            Is that a bad thing?

  • BrendanBabbage

    Call me old fashioned but cats are sacred animals and if you harm one you tempt the horrible wrath of the gods…

    • El Puma R.

      En… no wonder why I am stuck in China. lol it’s my punishment noooooo !

  • Cleo

    I was told by Chinese elders that cat meat is toxic – even more “du” than dogmeat which causes immediate breakouts – what’s more (important?) is that cat meat is not tasty.

    You never see ink brush paintings of cat meat like you do bok choy, fish and pork pieces.

  • shirley


  • beilaoshu

    From the sparse-ish news I’ve gleaned in the US of A, I consider the use of dogs and cats for their fur in China to the more salient issue.

  • beilaoshu

    From the sparse-ish news I’ve gleaned in the US of A, I’ve considered the
    use of dogs and cats for their fur in China to the more salient issue.

  • Neuchy

    Exchange in an english lesson I had:
    Student: ‘What is the difference between a pet and a domesticated animal?
    Me: ‘Well, basically, we don’t eat our pets’
    Student: ‘Is my rabbit a pet?’
    Me: ‘Well, does your rabbit live in your house, or outside?’
    Student: ‘In my house’
    Me: ‘Did you give it a name?’
    Student: ‘Yes, and I play with it every day’
    Me: ‘Well, sounds like your rabbit is a pet then’
    Student: ‘OK. I’m still gonna eat it though’.

  • dim mak

    Aint nothing wrong with eating cats, give it a try someday

  • Laogai Escapee

    Economic evolution obviously does not necessarily translate to the cerebral variety.

  • Michael

    Why do the chinese not have any understanding of food?

  • FoodIsFood

    Only reason to not eat cats really is they are predators and generally are more toxic and thus bad for your health whereas organisms lower on the food chain like herbivores are safer. That and I guess some people see them as companion animals and so on… It’s a good way to get animal-loving white people to hate chinks by showing how they eat cats and dogs. I wouldn’t eat anything from Asia because of all the toxins in all the food there not just the more freaky stuff.

  • Sheamus Warior

    Wow, awesome blog, thanks for the articlerestaurants
    in astana

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