Animals Used To Test Conditions In Tianjin Explosion Area

Animals Used To Test Conditions In Tianjin Explosion Area

Recently a report detailed a soldier at the behest of his superiors putting animals in the middle of the Tianjin harbor explosion area to test if it is currently livable. This action caused a lot of netizens to express their disapproval, the highest rated comment reading “how about put corrupt officials in there instead? like this comment if you agree.”
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  • totally bullshit!
    even pig is smarter than these rubbish experts!

  • Amused

    Anyone else think they’ll be selling the birds that die from the toxins as street food shortly after their tragic demises?

    • Bman

      I know of a certain weiner man who knows how to make carcasses re-enter the food chain for a tidy profit. Kick me 2% and I’ll introduce ya~

      • mr.wiener

        A reputation is a fragile thing….You may not remember the best sausage you ever ate, but you will certainly remember the one that glowed in the dark and made your hair fall out.

        • Bman

          How about a wiener that glows in the dark and makes my hair grow back? Now THAT i’d buy!

    • WghUk

      In China, if it is a possible way to make money the only answer is a big yes!

    • or the tons of fish that washed up dead?
      like the thousands of pigs last year floating down the Yangtze…I’m sure they were consumed to make Extra Spicy Pork; heavy on the “la”

  • guest

    Follow up from yahoo about this…..

    Also, my wife noted the part about the fish dying from not having enough oxygen from Chinese websites.

    Problem is although some chemicals are not labelled toxic they can have deadly effects via lowering oxygen levels in rivers.

  • James

    I am rather ambivalent about this. Although I feel bad for the animals, I can’t think of a better way. And a few chickens or rabbits or whatever sacrificed seems justifiable as long as it’s not wasted in vain.

    • Canary in a coal mine…
      better the bird than you, but
      I’m sure China has electronic test equipment now to monitor these levels. I heard they were sending their nuclear response team there.

      • guest

        I think it was a general chemical, biological, nuclear response team.

        Adding to what has already happen there has been another explosion at a chemical plant in the last 48 hrs but this time in Shandong.

  • guest

    Sorry, didn’t read you’re reply until now. Was searching for this past post to ask has anyone heard of a “third” explosion (second in Shandong) getting some info on my feed, just wondering if its fake (recycled footage of the last explosion).

    Anyhow, link to the second explosion.