Anne Hathaway’s Embarrassing Story Amuses Chinese Netizens

Anne Hathaway on "Chelsea Lately", telling a funny story of the most embarrassing moment in her life being her first time meeting Daniel Craig.

Anne Hathaway on "Chelsea Lately", telling a funny story of the most embarrassing moment in her life being her first time meeting Daniel Craig.

The following video clip featuring Anne Hathaway on Chelsea Lately talking about an embarrassingly vulgar first meeting with Daniel Craig went viral on popular Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo.

At time of translation, the video itself had 1,152,917 views and 12,216 comments on popular Chinese video-hosting website Youku, with 1,802,324 discussions on Sina Weibo, and also trended on social networks Renren and Douban, demonstrating perhaps just how much reach the Western entertainment industry has with Chinese netizens today.

From Sina Weibo:

#Anne Hathaway#

Anne Hathaway Reveals Embarrassing Encounter with Daniel Craig

Silly girl Anne Hathaway reveals an embarrassing incident when she attended a pre-Golden Globes party. Attending this “high-end dinner party” for the first time in her life, she encountered the most embarrassing moment of her life. She and 007 actor Daniel Craig swore at each other only to find out… girl, you are absolutely too silly and too adorable!”

Comments on Sina Weibo:


This girl is way too cute!


Goddess [an internet meme for “the women of men’s dreams”]. Too hilarious! Hahaha!


Goddess…do you have to be so wild…


Anne Hathaway met Daniel Craig at a Golden Globes dinner party…this girl’s heart is so big. Had it been someone else, that person would’ve probably quit the show business…


This girls is good-looking no matter what (her gesture/facial expression is)!


Incurably cute.


Cracked me up! Among foreign female stars, I like her the best. Real, unpretentious, good acting skills, with few sex scandals, and what more, married her unknown fiance whom she has been dating for 4 years at the height of her fame. She is uncommonly traditional in the foreign show business circles.


The “Never Give Up” American spirit.


I’ve watched this video three times already, it’s hilarious! Heart emoticon After watching this video, I’ve fallen in love with her! How can there be such an adorable Goddess? Too funny and too cute! Kiss emoticon Perhaps it’s because things are different in China, seems like Chinese female stars wouldn’t dare to do something like this. Snicker emoticon


I still remember that interview with her tucao rap when she had long-hair, it was hilarious~

[Note: Referring to Anne Hathaway’s “Lil’ Wayne”-style rap about the paparazzi on Conan back in 2011.]


Grin emoticon After Sophie Marceau, I fell in love with her!


Haha emoticon Indeed Les Miserables~


Actually, if a Chinese female star behaved this way, the reaction wouldn’t be “so cute”, but rather she’d be verbally abused as “having no family upbringing, poor character, and a foul mouth full of dirty language”. Things are different in our country~ Being pretentious, is something shaped by the cultural environment. And some people, even when not being pretentious, would still be accused of being pretentious. Muahahahaha!


Was it really necessary to blur it out?! Brother [referring to himself] couldn’t see that beautiful girl’s gestures/signs, which were the essence of the entire clip! shut-up-emoticon


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