Anne Hathaway’s Embarrassing Story Amuses Chinese Netizens

Anne Hathaway on "Chelsea Lately", telling a funny story of the most embarrassing moment in her life being her first time meeting Daniel Craig.

The following video clip featuring Anne Hathaway on Chelsea Lately talking about an embarrassingly vulgar first meeting with Daniel Craig went viral on popular Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo.

At time of translation, the video itself had 1,152,917 views and 12,216 comments on popular Chinese video-hosting website Youku, with 1,802,324 discussions on Sina Weibo, and also trended on social networks Renren and Douban, demonstrating perhaps just how much reach the Western entertainment industry has with Chinese netizens today.

From Sina Weibo:

#Anne Hathaway#

Anne Hathaway Reveals Embarrassing Encounter with Daniel Craig

Silly girl Anne Hathaway reveals an embarrassing incident when she attended a pre-Golden Globes party. Attending this “high-end dinner party” for the first time in her life, she encountered the most embarrassing moment of her life. She and 007 actor Daniel Craig swore at each other only to find out… girl, you are absolutely too silly and too adorable!”

Comments on Sina Weibo:


This girl is way too cute!


Goddess [an internet meme for “the women of men’s dreams”]. Too hilarious! Hahaha!


Goddess…do you have to be so wild…


Anne Hathaway met Daniel Craig at a Golden Globes dinner party…this girl’s heart is so big. Had it been someone else, that person would’ve probably quit the show business…


This girls is good-looking no matter what (her gesture/facial expression is)!


Incurably cute.


Cracked me up! Among foreign female stars, I like her the best. Real, unpretentious, good acting skills, with few sex scandals, and what more, married her unknown fiance whom she has been dating for 4 years at the height of her fame. She is uncommonly traditional in the foreign show business circles.


The “Never Give Up” American spirit.


I’ve watched this video three times already, it’s hilarious! Heart emoticon After watching this video, I’ve fallen in love with her! How can there be such an adorable Goddess? Too funny and too cute! Kiss emoticon Perhaps it’s because things are different in China, seems like Chinese female stars wouldn’t dare to do something like this. Snicker emoticon


I still remember that interview with her tucao rap when she had long-hair, it was hilarious~

[Note: Referring to Anne Hathaway’s “Lil’ Wayne”-style rap about the paparazzi on Conan back in 2011.]


Grin emoticon After Sophie Marceau, I fell in love with her!


Haha emoticon Indeed Les Miserables~


Actually, if a Chinese female star behaved this way, the reaction wouldn’t be “so cute”, but rather she’d be verbally abused as “having no family upbringing, poor character, and a foul mouth full of dirty language”. Things are different in our country~ Being pretentious, is something shaped by the cultural environment. And some people, even when not being pretentious, would still be accused of being pretentious. Muahahahaha!


Was it really necessary to blur it out?! Brother [referring to himself] couldn’t see that beautiful girl’s gestures/signs, which were the essence of the entire clip! shut-up-emoticon

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  • BiggJ

    Ok…………………….So…………………………….ummm…………….Let see what’s on the other channels.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    She’s from New Jersey.

  • linette lee

    I love Ann Hathaway. She is so beautiful and funny. I have a girl crush on her for the longest time. She will be a cool girl to hang out with. So funny.

    Ann looks like Vicki Zhao , another actress that I like. She is funny too.

    • linette lee
      • Chang Liu

        It is bewildering how a women with such non-talent can be so famous. Every time i watch her ‘act’ it makes me want to punch the screen. She ruined Red Cliff completely.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Red Cliff was a good movie, and she acted quite well as Sun shang xiang o_O what she did that it was that bad?

          • Chang Liu

            How about no acting skills to start off with?

        • Bugs Bunny

          chang liu you do have good taste of women

          • Chang Liu

            No idea about good, seem we have similar taste :).

        • linette lee

          vicky like ann, they both have deep eyes. Those tears just come down like waterfall. Good acting.

          • Chang Liu

            So do cows.

        • Alphy

          It wasn’t that bad. She made you want to punch the screen? You must have replaced a TV then every time a Chinese time travel drama comes on.

          • Chang Liu

            You consider her brand of prancing around on screen ‘acting’? She is herself in every role and a very annoying one at that.

          • Chang Liu

            Luckily my exposure is limited.

      • Bugs Bunny

        zhao is the most i dislike one in fact.

        no any feature, as a bucket,always dreass ugly and when she walks,no any elegence.that’s why she has a lot of super ugly photos.

        and they are the same, most fans are women, men are not interested.

        • Bugs Bunny

          and tell you a truth, i was happily talking about BJ Jones to a friend, he watched that film too, i feel it’s a funny romance good story,but he just said directly to me,this film lowered men’s taste of women.

        • Chang Liu

          I concor!


      How many girl crushes do you have to have before you’re a lesbian already? Of greater interest to me is how the hell do you see any similarities in looks between Ann and Vicki? That’s crazy, even for you. What’s next, me looking like Obama.

      • mr.wiener

        “What’s next, me looking like Obama.”

        Do you like ladies with “back”?


          Like most men I like women with something back there, but nothing too extreme. But as you know many asian girls are a little lacking in that department. Anyway I’m a face guy myself, a cute face trumps a hot body anyday, as long as her body isn’t flat like a runway.

          What about you? What’s the most important feature to you? I’m just curious.

          • Chang Liu

            Ha that reminds me, a Finnish friend of mine used to say “if you can’t put a cup on it, don’t tap it”.

          • mr.wiener

            A bit of everything is nice, but at the end of the day i’d have to say a sense of humor.


            Can’t go wrong with that. I kind of had a feeling you’d go with something to do with “personality” rather than a physical attribute. I just got that vibe from you. I also don’t think I can be with anyone long-term who doesn’t laugh at my ridiculous antics.

  • donscarletti

    Luckily she’s just finished filming with two Australian guys, otherwise she might have taken offence to this warm working class London style greeting.

  • Irvin

    Hey you, yes you, fuck you!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Don’t let her come to China, she will rape the shit out of the Chinese dudes on the street!

  • Jen_in_NY

    Her phoniness and grating personality must be lost in translation.

    • BiggJ

      Fit right in with the Chinese. :)

    • Megan

      Americans really do hate Hathaway. (See New York Magazine’s article on Hathaway.

      I don’t really care about her either way, but you often hear people saying a variation of “she’s that annoying theater kid from high school [who grew up and managed to became famous]”. So it’s pretty funny to see the Chinese netizens praise her humor and looks…I guess she’s managed to convince at least SOME people that she’s likable.

  • carmouflagger

    Awkward… haha!

  • Chang Liu

    It strikes me that Anna’s rather porcelain and feminine beauty is more popular in China. I’ve spoken to lots of Chinese guys who don’t understand why Kate Moss is considered beautiful. Just goes to show there is a large divide to the perception of female beauty.

    • Kate Moss looks like a reptile.

      • Chang Liu

        Thats a bit harsh :).

        • maja

          It’s not. THEY are creepy.

          • Chang Liu

            Riiiight because when the push comes to the shove you’d say no on the basis they are lizards…


        Most “supermodels” look reptilian, nothing but skin and bones and creepy faces.

    • Kate

      I don’t understand why Kate Moss is considered beautiful ether. She’s wonky eyed and looks like a haggard malnourished man. Hathway has features naturally that asians admire. She’s thin, pale, big eyes in proportion to her face, and has a small face. She’s a beautiful woman. I sometimes have people tell me I look like her and its a compliment to me (we have similar eyes/small face). She’s a good actress too but she’s been over exposed in the western media lately.

      • Chang Liu

        Well I guess she has very defined features, wide set eyes and high cheekbones making her beauty edgy and exotic in the same vain as Shu Qi, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea I guess. I find both beautiful and inexplicably sexy. Ann is certainly straight up very pretty but for reasons I can’t really explain just not as sexy.

        • Bugs Bunny

          your right, she is more for women, not much on men’s list, she is far away from sexy.

          • Chang Liu

            What is it about her that appeals to women exactly? Can some one explain.

        • BiggJ

          She’s not as sexy because she has 12 year old chinese boys hair cut.

          • linette lee

            Have you seen batman Ann as cat woman? She is the hottest cat woman I have seen on screen. Ann was super sexy.


          • BiggJ

            No fucking way. The hottest cat woman was Michelle Pfeiffer. She has more sex appeal in her pinky finger then Anne Hathaway has all together. And in her prime was way better looking.

          • linette lee

            Also for me denise richard when she was young she was very very beautiful. She was like the hottest girl in james bond. But then again she wasn’t natural. She had plastic surgery. Her boobs are fake. But what a beautiful sexy girl. Even her voice is so sexy. I bet you no one was watching james bond.


          • MonkeyMouth

            JULIE F’ING NEWMAR…….

          • Chang Liu

            Amen to that brother. Again high cheekbones, with set eyes, are we seeing a pattern here?

          • Chang Liu

            Sorry does nothing for me.

        • Anon992

          I couldn’t give a shit about a pretty face.

          • Chang Liu

            Why not? We all must do to a certain extent, it is written in our genetic make up.

      • Bugs Bunny

        yes you do look like her somehow.
        we chinese like her because she looks like a good decent girl and always smile.blonded beauties are too far away for us.
        in fact, some porn photoes, those foreign girls are truly stunning,just no fame.
        i do not think she is beautiful, she is sweet and nice more to me.
        beautiful women first should be like a real woman.

      • mr.wiener

        I don’t mind Ms Hathaway. I’d put her, kate moss and Audrey Hepburn in the “waif” class of female good looks, But Audrey was a classy as all hell.

        • Bugs Bunny

          Audrey looks like an angel.but she is not sexy at all either. she looks so elegent as an angel that’s why people reduce sexy part when turn to her.not my type either.i like Monroe more.
          i dislike women too much bones at face,monroe’s face is sexy to me.small and with some baby fat on.

      • BiggJ

        Kate Moss is not so bad. What Kate Moss has is sex appeal. You can be just average looking but you have sex appeal then you can beat out super hot chicks with no sex appeal. It’s like Anne Hathaway. She good looking, but does nothing for me. She does not have that spark that stirs up arousal. If I had the choice to pick who to sleep with”never going to happen:)” It would be Kate Moss over Anne Hathaway. Hands down.

        • Kate

          No way, have you seen Kate Moss without photoshop and makeup on? Not sexy to me. Now Rachel Mcadams is to me like one of the most gorgeous women ever. Would love to look like her. But what girls think is pretty is different then men often.

          • BiggJ

            I’m not saying Kate Moss is more beautiful them these girls, I’m saying she has more sex appeal. She’s 40 year old. She’s getting up there. And she use to/stil does party and do drugs. Kate moss in her Prime was smoking hot and had sex appeal. Johnny Depp was with her and he could pretty much have any girl he wants.

          • Bugs Bunny

            maybe some women are more for girlish men, that’s the reason.
            forget about who she dated, she has the fame just,all about fame and circle.

          • BiggJ

            Ok, forget about who she dated. Who do you think is better in bed? Kate Moss or Anne Hathaway?

          • Bugs Bunny

            ann, 100% least ann can make her mate feels kinda love or clean.
            without that fame, i wonder how many want to fuck a drug addicted bonny old even no tits woman.ok, when she was young, she looked fine, but just average. that’s it.

          • BiggJ

            If I go to pick up a girl, I’m not thinking “hmmmm, I wonder how much that girl can love me in bed,” I’m thinking “I wonder how good that girl is at fucking”.

          • DavidisDawei

            I don’t know BiggJ, I think Anne has a “Nasty” Side to her. I’ll bet you she can be an animal behind closed doors. She also has some more meat on her bones.

          • Germandude

            Are you voluntaring to find out? If you ask me, all these TV products can stay exactly where we met them. In TV. REAL beauties can be seen every day on the streets. The so-called “common” girl, you know?

          • BiggJ

            I know dude, but we are just talking about these 2 girls. I know it’s like debating who the smartest retard is. And I agree, the common girl beat tv girls.

          • Germandude

            Sorry man. I didn’t pick you out for anything. I just think it’s funny that the names Kate Moss or Anne Hathaway are falling when “beauty” is discussed. Missing names would be Pamela Anderson, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham…

          • BiggJ

            Yeah Rihanna is nice. Pam Anderson is good too, she does not need the fake tits though. Victoria Beckham need to put on a few pounds, other then that she’s quite nice.

          • Germandude

            Wow, you didn’t sense my irony it appears.

          • BiggJ

            Sorry I never.:) I thought you might have been serious. lol Rihanna is alright from the list. Serious. I don’t dig that short hair other then that she is hot. You don’t think Rihanna is hot? The other 2 I thought you were crazy. I don’t pay too much mind to celebs now a days. But there is one girl I seen lately who is nice. Her name is

            Ana de la Reguera

          • linette lee

            You mean the studio that photo shop kate moss make her look like she has more sex appeal. You like the image kate moss put out created by the studio.


            sexy right. Nice photoshop.

          • BiggJ

            Forget about her looks. Look at her attitude….Anne acts like a 15 year old girl who had too much sugar. kate Moss seems like a girl you could do a few lines with and go to the bar and have a good time. Then fuck like rabid monkeys afterward. That more attractive then some prissy girls talking about god only knows what and annoying the fuck out of you.

          • linette lee

            You mean you like her “stoned” attitude. hahahah lol.

          • linette lee

            Ann looks like she can be high on caffeine. hahaha…lol

            So you like “stone” girl and not “caffeine” girl. XD

          • Jahar

            you mean to say you like coked up trash bags. I can get on board with that.

          • DavidisDawei

            I agree with you Kate – Rachel McAdams is a Beauty – I asked someone to introduce me to her, but have not been successul YET – HaHa

          • Pickle

            Why would you like to look like someone else when you already look gorgeous? Going by your current pic there, I’d prefer someone with your looks to McAdams or most other women in general.

        • Germandude

          Kate Moss? KATE MOSS? She is neither beautiful nor does she have sex-appeal. No matter if with make up (god, what an ugly product of the fashion industry) or without (true natural beauty, like shown in the pic Kate posted below). LOL

          Kate Moss in my eyes is an example that cocaine makes any girl beautiful if she is fucking the right designer, fashion manager or whatever those blokes are called. This whole fashion industry is living on another planet. Planet freakshow if you ask me.

          • BiggJ

            Tell you the truth I don’t think shes all that great, but compared to Anne Hathaway….Kate Moss don’t look good today, When she was younger she was alright. Not my first choice, but still would beat out Anne Hathaway.

      • Difang

        Do you just take whatever Asians say and run with it? Are you the running dog of Koreans?

        It’s not up to them which white women are cute or not.

        • Kate

          Wait I don’t understand what you are trying to say? Are you saying that It isn’t up to asians to know what, themselves, like? I think that’s personal preference and it is up to an individual to decide what they personally feel is attractive.

          • Lionel Messi

            I personally believe that our, uh, education like such as, uh, South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as

      • Xio Gen

        Heroin chic.

    • Crocodile-John

      Doesn’t strike me.. classic 白富美

      • Chang Liu

        Don’t know the expression, care to explain?

    • Bugs Bunny

      kate moss is not even a bit beautiful at all.

      just same as victoria, same style, short, tight, as robort, and with that same mean wooden facial all the, never interested in british fashione icons

    • Anon992

      Haha.. talk to Chinese people about Lu Yan… they’ll almost faint in indignation that she’s a model, then go into a rant about foreign men dating ugly Chinese girls.

      • Jahar

        man, I’ve seen better looking whores at the 100 a night shops. Her face looks like her head’s been inflated too much.

      • A guy

        In defense of the Chinese people who say this, there is some truth to it. People who come from a background where they aren’t around a ethnicity very often tend to not be able to distinguish certain traits that said ethnicity have. Time and familiarity will make them able to see the differences in people, but they will still tend to be able to or not care about certain traits that are considered beautiful or ugly by the ethnicity they are now dating. When I first came to Asia I couldn’t tell a woman in her 40’s from one in her late twenties, now I can tell but I don’t care I appreciate the beauty of both, in fact I find that I still prefer the women that don’t fit the Asian mold of beauty because I find that aesthetic boring. The same thing happens in the states with black guys and white chicks, white guys say to themselves “if i was him i’d be hittin’ that girl. Why is he with that ugly fat girl?” the black guy probably grows to understand the aesthetic that most whites have (or has learned it from birth) but doesn’t care cause he uses the rubric that he was taught first to judge beauty. The reason that some people say that a group of men or women men from one race date ugly men or women of another is mostly sour grapes, but there is some truth to it.

  • SuperHappyCow

    “One in the cooch, one in the pooch.”

    -Anne Hathaway


    Before this video I had no idea what Ann Hathaway looked like. I don’t find most celebrities attractive, less so than non-celebrities. But Ann is attractive, to go along with what seems like a delightful personality. Down to earth, sassy and feminine at the same time. But to me the most attractive “celebrity” has got to be Laura Alexander from the current season of Survivor. Even though I usually go for asian girls, just google her and you’ll see one of the most beautiful women that’s ever lived.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Yeaaaah. I agree with your feelings toward Hathaway. Living in LA, and especially when I worked in Beverly Hills, I’d see celebrities at an almost nauseating rate, and none of them are appealing, exceeeept for Hathaway. She’s got these eyes that are cute and puppy-like.

      Cows have a legendary rivalry with dogs, but i dunno. There’s something about her eyes.


        ROTFL at your continued reference to cows! I never knew cows and dogs had that rivalry going on.

        • SuperHappyCow

          Oh. Well, we simply do not get along. Something with the type of radiation we give off. Minovsky, I think? It disrupts everything but their visual sensory. Their loss.

        • mr.wiener

          It’s the udder thing.

  • Nilerafter24

    For White women, this woman has nothing on Natalie Portman. Now that’s a face that can cause traffic accidents.
    I don’t know, Anne Hathaway has a really huge creepy mouth. Almost reptilian. She has cute eyes but that’s just about it.
    But overall I find mixed race faces the most attractive. Doesn’t matter what races are combined.

    • Alphy

      I agree, my heart skipped a beat when I first saw her on the big screen.

      • Chang Liu

        Natalie Portman look exactly like a computer generated woman by merging lots of different woman together to create a median in everything. Beautiful but boring, just not hot. I am really fascinated by faces that are not so ‘perfect’. Somehow they are a lot more attractive and distinctive. Some one like Milla Jovovich, Mila Kunis, Emmanuelle Beart (un-symmetrical face) Olga Kurylenko (again off symmetry) all are flawed but extremely sexy.

  • Bugs Bunny

    more about being silly.

  • MrT

    The real attraction for the Chinese is the use of the words “Fuck You” which now roles of their tongues more often then “Hello,Hello,Hello”.

    woof woof btw.

    • MrT

      I’m off to kill my self after reading the rest of the crap on here. bye bye.
      and “fuck you” all!

    • mr.wiener

      Doesn’t happen in Taiwan. The last time some little ijit tried to show off to his girlfriend by saying “fuck you” he had 6’2″ of pissed off Australian shirtfronting him against a wall. His friends came over and ended up apologizing on his behalf. I think Taiwanese must be [on average] smarter and more polite than mainlanders

      • MrT

        yea its out of control here, its like the catch phrase of the day, completely used out of context, last bird, every other word out her mouth was FU, her reason for it was she learned her Chinglish from movies and laowai say it all the time so whats the problem, I tried explaining to her it makes her sound like a slag and never say it front of my friends but you know how they are she replied with FU.

        Needless to say bye bye.

        Ive heard it from some of the sweetest classy looking chicks and it just stops you dead when they fire it off.

        As for the men, fuck me, they say it when you walk past them here like their saying “hello hello hello”

        Double dose of pills for me so i don’t end up in the slammer.

  • deal with it

    If this were an article about a bunch of foreign men commenting on a Chinese star’s cuteness and good looks we’d have a billion butthurt comments from Asian Americans about “yellow fever” and “fetishization”.

  • RagnarDanneskjold

    The Chinese boys like that she shares their hairstyle.

  • They like Anne Hathaway because she has the same impossibly rail thin figure as Li Bing Bing et al. Bring up virtually any curvy celebrity of healthy weight and Chinese boys think they’re disgusting.

  • Dr Sun

    I’ll take Linette over Hathaway any day .

  • Boomcat

    Had to google Anne Hathaway! :)

  • MeCampbell30

    This was the most boring clip ever and China should feel ashamed for liking it.

  • nic

    what a complete theater nerd. i couldn’t even finish watching this video.

  • Seriously funny! To see that sweet, beautiful girl go on and on so rudely. What a joke! I wonder if Daniel Craig ALSO tells this story???

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