Annual Dog Meat Festival Continues to Divide Chinese Public

Dogs are being killed in Guangxi Yulin.

From Global Times:

UK’s The Guardian: Guangxi Yulin Dog-Meat Festival Causes Controversy

Some volunteers are rescuing dogs from a dog-meat restaurant.

Source image: Volunteers rescuing dogs from a dog-meat restaurant.

UK’s The Guardian article on June 18th, original title: Chinese City Criticized over Dog-Meat Festival. In a small city of Southern China, city residents were preparing to hold an annual dog-meat festival, however, animal rights organizations have been strongly condemning this unsafe and inhumane activity.

[Note: The Chinese article itself is a Chinese translation and paraphrasing of the original English article published by The Guardian. Translating it back to English shows how things can change when translated multiple times.]

For the city residents of Guangxi Yulin, it’s a kind of tradition to eat dog meat on summer solstice. Many people cherish Yulin’s dog-meat culture which increases the sales on dog-meat hotpot and strong grain alcohols.

Animal rights organizations have pointed out that, every year, 10,000 dogs are slaughtered during dog-meat festival and that many of them are even electrocuted, burned, or skinned to death. According to pictures posted online, many dogs were skinned, hanging from hooks, and many dog’s corpses were piled up on the side of the road. In China, dog-meat is considered a nutritious food in winter. For the treatment of illnesses on such as the circulation of blood, doctors would even prescribe dog-meat consumption as prescriptions.

In order to stop the dog-meat-eating activity, animal rights activists have taken many measures such as releasing open letters and having protests. An open letter released by a NGO in Hong Kong pointed out that many of the dogs that were slaughtered during the dog-meat festival were stolen. They were transported to Yulin in filthy, overcrowded trucks, which greatly increased the risk of them carrying rabies and other infectious diseases. But according to Yulin officials, all the dogs used at the dog-meat festival were bred by local farmers.

Workers are unload dogs from a truck at Binjiang Road in Yulin.

Workers unloading dogs from a truck at Binjiang Road in Yulin. The dogs will be butchered before being sent to restaurants.

Local residents are gathering at a riverside road in Yulin to eat dog meat on June 21.

Local residents gathering at a riverside road in Yulin to eat dog meat on June 21.

An animal rights advocate is putting up a poster that calls for people not to eat dogs and cats.

An animal rights advocate putting up a poster that calls for people not to eat dogs and cats.

From People’s Daily:

Are the Sources of the Dogs Eaten during Dog-Meat Festival Legitimate?

Recently, Guangxi Yulin’s “Lychee Dog-Meat Festival” kicked off. The controversial traditional festival, under the protests of animal protection activists, has come to the attention of public opinion again. Indeed, people in Guangxi Yulin have the habit of “eating dog meat, drinking lychee wine” on the day of summer solstice. In their views, this helps to improve the body’s ability to resist diseases.

According to a Xinhua News report, “every year on this day, people in this city would eat thousands of dogs”. Meanwhile, the sources where most of these dogs come from are not clear and complicated. In the face of animal protection activists’ censure and resistance, the Yulin municipal government responded that “the Dog-Meat Festival is neither sponsored by the government nor advocated by the government”. It seems that it is a folk custom, and the local government has no responsibilities at all.

Facing the conflict between animal protection and local customs of eating dog meat, the local governments may not have to intervene. However, it does not mean they can completely ignore it. Regarding the “Dog-Meat Festival”, the local government departments should at least investigate if the thousands of dogs that suddenly appear all come from legal sources.

At present, when it comes to quarantining and standards of animal sanitation, the relevant laws are relatively perfect. At least, there are already the “Animal Quarantine Law” and “Animals Quarantine and Administration Measures”. Two months ago, the notice “Regarding the Further Strengthening of the Quarantine and Supervision of Dogs and Cats’ Origin” that the Ministry of Agriculture issued also demanded that local animal health supervision institutions strictly follow the two laws and regulations, to establish standards for the scope, procedures and determination of quarantine, and to earnestly carry out their work of quarantine inspection of where dogs and cats are sourced. Especially with regards to the transport of dogs and cats, quarantine authorities must carry out quarantine inspection on each source one by one according to the rules and issue a quarantine certificate to each one.

For this Dog-Meat Festival in Yulin, have the local authorities strictly carried out their duties in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations? Have they done routine check-ups on those shop-owners who are selling dog-meat? For example, it is reported that shop-owners who are selling dog-meat can’t provide a certificate to show that every dog they sell comes from a legitimate source, and accords with the relevant state health regulations. If the local [authorities] enforce the law strictly, the Dog-Meat Festival may be so big, and the numbers of dogs slaughtered each year will be sharply reduced.

As a folk culinary custom formed over many years, it should be treated with seriousness and caution, and this can be understood. But since we can’t put an end to the “festival” in the short term, the local government should at least promote a law-based administration to inspect if the sources of the dogs are illegal and penalize the illegal merchants.

[Written by] Da Bai (Media Person)

Dogs are being killed in Guangxi Yulin.

Comments on Global Times:

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[环球浙江省温州市网友] zhou81:

Pork can be eaten, dog-meat cannot? It’s cruel to eat dog-meat, so eating pork is not? Then should everyone eat vegetables? Can you do that?

[环球广东省广州市网友] 康玉: (responding to above)

First, do you understand the differences between dogs and pigs? Pigs are recognized domestic animal by everyone, but dogs are not. I try to do the best of what I am able to do. You saying what you did… truly… you guys will never understand, so might as well just let society criticize you, and I’ll save my breath.

[环球广西玉林市网友] 古史: (responding to above)

It’s cruel to be vegetarian, too. Don’t forget that vegetables are plants and they also have life.

[环球江苏省常州市网友] 乌嘴宝宝毛毛: (responding to above)

Humans, as a higher level animal, already have a lot of things to eat. This is just being greedy and cruel. Have these people go to hell!!!

[环球广西来宾市网友] bobww:

Indian people say that whoever eat cows will go to hell. Muslims say that whoever eat pigs will go to see Satan. Tibetans say that whoever eats fish can’t go to heaven. Buddhists say that the sin of killing is too heavy for people to release their souls from purgatory. By the same token, all mortal beings can’t go to heaven. All people are devils in life.

[环球贵州省铜仁地区网友] 一半在天:

sometimes I think humans are the most pathetic creatures, without a bottom limit!

[环球安徽省合肥市巢湖市网友] s13865278910:

If you have ever owned a dog, you wouldn’t talk a lot of nonsense here! Compared to pigs, horses, cows and sheep, dogs are the most intelligent animal. Leaving aside the outstanding contributions made by army dogs and police dogs for national security and cracking down on criminal activities, and just on the joy that dogs bring to people, how can you bear to beat them to death, and skin them? ??

[环球广西玉林市网友] bbwlzxaa: (responding to above)

According to research, pigs are the most intelligent.

[环球广东省深圳市网友] 真诚的我: (responding to s13865278910)

Cows eat grass and produce milk and raise your descendants. The cattle contribute to plowing to feed your ancestors. Why haven’t I seen you protecting them??? Are other animals not lives?

[环球湖北省天门市网友] xiaofei305: (responding to s13865278910)

The most important thing is that you cannot steal someone else’s dog to eat. I am opposed to dog-eating, but when I go to the restaurant I will also order dog-meat hotpot. But in general I am opposed to [dog-eating]. When you go to the restaurant, if you don’t eat dog-meat, other people will.

[环球浙江省金华市网友] 严丽萍: (responding to s13865278910)

No matter what animal it is, it has its unique spirituality. You can do that, but it cannot become the reason to hinder others.

[环球湖南省长沙市网友] 愤怒与正义:

As a country of democracy, eating dog-meat is a freedom of the Chinese people. We respect our compatriots’ habit of eating dog-meat. Hope those dictators who intend to limit the freedom of others have conduct themselves with some dignity. Every individual is free and you can rely on your charisma to influence others, but you can’t slander the Dog-Meat Festival and scold people who eat dog-meat just because they eat dog-meat.

[环球河北省邯郸市网友] 五毛狗888:

At present, people all over the world are barbarians, unless humans change their appetite and eat genetically modified food… only then would that truly be moving towards civilization.

[环球广东省深圳市网友] 769112118:

If [you] are really that noble, then don’t eat meat. Whoever will eat meat again, stop being so hypocritical. Cows are the poorest, why don’t you protect them.

[环球浙江省网友] zhongtian8:

Some people are hypocritical! If you really have a loving heart, why don’t you pay more attention to the homeless people on the streets! Are those people no better than dogs in your eyes?!! To give a piece of advice to certain hypocritical people, do something truly meaningful!!!

[环球广西玉林市网友] 陈墨如:

I’m from Yulin. Yulin people eat dog-meat, but we never eat pet dogs. Most of the dogs eaten are farmed dogs, also called “Shai Chi dog”–which means they are raised to be eaten. Some are raised locally, some are from other places. Yulin didn’t used to have a Dog-Meat Festival, dog-meat was just a special dish to celebrate the summer solstice, just like eating turkey in that western holiday. It’s just that over time, dog-meat came to refer to this summer solstice holiday. People who are against it all have their own reasons, but summer solstice is just like the Spring Festival. Can’t people eat chickens, ducks, rabbits, cattle, sheep and pigs on Spring Festival? What should be protected are those endangered animals. So the opposition and argument can rest, don’t “sweep away” the festival spirit. Thanks!

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Images: Global Times & Baidu Tieba.

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  • Rick in China

    This comment is the craziest: “The most important thing is that you cannot steal someone else’s dog to eat. I am opposed to dog-eating, but when I go to the restaurant I will also order dog-meat hotpot.”

    I agree with his first point, which is why I chose to quote it. However, the second point, is just insanity – I oppose it yet I do it….wtf?

    We have this conversation on CS every year it seems…and the same points will be made. Dogs vs. pigs, what’s the difference, etc. I think the first point in this comment is the only real key – you can’t take someone else’s dog…just like you can’t take someone else’s pig… but if you look at these dogs – they aren’t exactly of the house pet variety. People need to take better care of their dogs – keep the “ye gou” population down, and not let their pups run loose so people *can* steal them for food or whatever. Love your animals, eat the rest.

    • anon121

      haha. yeah i noticed that too.
      I dont eat it, but i will buy it so it can go in the bin later??? ermmm, ok…

    • mr.wiener

      True, we seem to have this conversation every half year or or so.

      I’ll say ” not my thing, but I don’t mind people eating dogmeat”

      Then some wanker will accuse me of being the anti-christ and talk about how cruel it is to eat dog.

      I’ll counter with “OK what is the difference between eating dog meat or any other kind of meat like pork/beef/lamb/chicken/fish?”

      Then some other wanker will call me the silliest bastard on earth [and a hypocrite as well] as all animals suffer inhumane conditions when they are slaughtered.

      I’ll then have to patiently explain that.” as a person bought up on a farm I have no issue with the suffering of animals at slaughter provided it is brief. The problem I have with dog meat is that often the animal has been tortured to fill the meat with a adrenals”.

      Good that’s me done. no further correspondence will be entered into with self-righteous dipsticks, I’m going for a run and then down the pub :)

    • Anon

      It seems that the Chinese have different ideas about what it means to be “opposed” to something. I always see comments like “I’m not opposed to homosexuality, but it’s a fact that it’s a disease and a crime against nature and there’s a zillion gays now because people are copying the west.”

    • ComaPrison

      What’s the point of eating dog if you’re not free to pick and steal the one you want?

  • markus peg

    Ive said it before and ill say it again, eating animals that eat meat is wrong.

    pigs, cows, chickens ect they are different because of what they eat!

    AGAIN it is not ok to eat dog meat… and if eating dog meat isnt bad enough for you, then how about the way most of them are killed…

    My cat in China was stolen STOLEN, to be sold and eaten.. and the person who lives opposite had their dog stolen and the only reason its still alive is because the owner paid 20000RMB! (I put up posters offering 5000RMB for my cat before her dog was stolen thinking that would be enough… i was wrong.)

    their is no law to protect animals, if someone steels your phone or book its illegal but if someone steels your pet its not illegal its fine…

    sorry to go on a bit but this topic has hit a nerve!

    • mr.wiener

      Pigs are omnivorous [given the chance] and so are chickens […well insects anyway] does that count?

      • markus peg

        insects are not meat, nor are fish.
        Pigs would eat it if they dont have anything else… shoot, if im locked in a pen with no food, not knowing where my next meal is coming from i too might also eat something i dont want to…

        my point is: a pigs staple isnt meat unlike dogs and cats who have to eat meat.

        • BiggJ

          Why are fish not meat? It’s the flesh of an animal. It has lots protein…..they bleed…

          • markus peg

            What i mean is (and i understand it was misleading as i wrote it quickly), an animal that eats insects are good to eat, in fact insects are really healthy for humans to eat and we should eat more of them. but fish arent the same as land animals, fish eat other fish but it’s still ok to eat them, its still good for us.

            I can understated in caveman times when if you fail at hunting and you are starving, yeh fine kill and eat your dog… hell in the desert you may even drink your own urine.. but they are desperate measures and we are no longer desperate…. then again as im typing this no offense to you but i dont know why im bothering as most of the world smoke knowing its bad…

            despite if you agree or disagree with eating dog, i think we can all agree here that mistreatment and animal laws in China is something that needs to be worked on

          • mr.wiener

            Cool, I’m good with that, thanks for the clear answer.

          • markus peg

            I’m sorry both comments above were unclear, i was hot headed at the topic. normally i take my time to express myself but this time i flooded out my opinion all over the place. its just bad memories of what happened to my pet came to mind.

          • mr.wiener

            We’re good bro. Sorry about the dredging up of bad memories.

          • gangnamstyke

            fuck your cat,, tell me where u live,, id kidnap all ur pets and eat them

          • mr.wiener

            Your comment history is interesting and reflects your intellectual level.

          • gangnamstyke

            yes i am here on china smack to prove that i am a intellectual like the rest of you pretentious fuck faces

          • mr.wiener

            I was referring more to your empathy or lack thereof.

          • Irvin

            I’m convinced you’re an imbecile, do you even read the none sense you write? You should shut the fuck up before you embarassed yourself further.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            I’m convinced you are a dog eater and are feeling threatened because this feels like a personal attack, and are now lashing out at anyone that is on the opposite side of the canine consumption spectrum.

          • markus peg

            none scense is spelt nonsense. You did spell Imbecile correct though, well done.

          • Repatriated

            He spelled it “correctly”. Ha.

          • PixelPulse

            Your argument of “fish eating other fish is okay but animals eating other animals is bad” makes no sense to me, can you explain?

        • Winterbitten

          I’m curious. How was your cat stolen? I never let mine outside.

          • markus peg

            I let mine outside as i took in quite a few strays to look after, i live on the ground floor and most of the time they play in the garden, the community has lots of trees. im not sure how she was stolen, it took a long time to work out what had happened but a few communities away people sell cats and my community’s security guards claim they saw people with cages walking around.. tho they didn’t tell me at the time, so by the time i found out it was too late. the thing that hurt the most is the cat that was taken was the most trusting and loving of all my cats. they must have just walked up to her without her even trying to run or scratch..

          • woops!

            I love cats too, but I’m sorry, letting your cat outside is irresponsible. Cats are domesticated animals. Letting your cat roam around freely is a bit irresponsible imho. Besides for your love of animals, what are the negatives on eating meat? why do you refuse to eat animals? What do you eat then?

          • markus peg

            I took in strays they are use to being outside, i cannot lock them all in doors, my house is small and lots of cats kept in doors together isnt good, in general things are ok with them in the garden and they are happy. tho i let them out late at night. but day time is ok for them to go out and play.

            I do eat meat, i eat normal meat i dont eat carnivores im about to explain my opinion in full detail as a reply to someone else, you can look their for my full answer

        • Monkeekong


      • Brett

        In America both pigs and cows are fed the meat of the previous companions. It’s cheaper feed for the farmers.

        In rural Chinese schools with farms, the pigs are fed the food that the children throw away. That means baby porker eats bits and pieces of mommy and daddy sometimes.

    • The Enlightened One

      Sorry to hear about your cat. Some people can just be real pieces of shit.

      I love cats and dogs, grew up with them. I guess if I grew up with a pig or cow I may see them differently. But from my experience they don’t seem to exhibit emotional attachment to humans (pigs maybe, but not cows).

    • lonetrey / Dan

      The HELL. I’m a huge fan of cats, I’m sorry to hear that happened to your cat… The person who stole a loved pet from someone else, hope they get what they deserved. Maybe someone will kidnap them and sell them off in the human trafficking business.

      Fucking people who eat cats. I can’t stand that sort of thing.

      • Repatriated

        Also a big fan of cats. I can’t imagine that someone would want to eat one. My cat never went outside in China…and is now a resident of the USA…and feels much safer because of that fact. Chinese friends were always surprised to see my cat lounging around in our apartment. “OH…you have a CAT???”. Never understood what the big deal was. My cat is part of my family, and I really feel for anyone that has had a family member stolen only to become a meal.

    • blah

      sorry for eating your cat, but it ate my canary

    • pointouttheobvious

      Pigs are omnivores dumb ass.

      • markus peg

        A Pigs staple diet isn’t meat. and farmed pigs don’t eat meat.

        A dog MUST eat meat to live. Understand the difference?

        quote ” wild pigs primarily eat leaves, grasses, roots, fruits and flowers. In confinement pigs are fed mostly corn and soybean.”

        • Zappa Frank

          not at all, domestic dog can eat a lot of things and in the end they can avoid meat.. but i do not see the difference.. why eat an animal that must eat meat is wrong? do you think is unhealthy? any artcle to link?

        • nitrostat

          good job… you quoted wiki… lets not forget the word “wild” which I’m pretty sure you don’t eat.. so you’re wrong again.. because domesticated pigs eat everything including MEAT !!

          • markus peg

            i quoted both wild and confinement.

            Pigs can live without meat.


          Not true. Some people raise vegan dogs that don’t really have problems. Wolves are still carnivorous, but dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and have adapted to an omnivorous diet. Cats are actually carnivores who need meat to survive.

          Just admit that you’re emotionally attached to one set of animals and not to the other. Don’t pretend your argument is based on logic when your facts are wrong.

          • markus peg

            I’m attached to all animals, it doesn’t make me any more bias than those who enjoy eating dog meat. Being emotionally involved is what prompted me to leave a message here.

            in theory, with science nowadays you can put the correct chemicals together with protean and victims for all animals to live on without meat… just because human intervention has unnaturally worked for some dogs does not change the fact that their natural diet is still meat.

    • Mony Xie

      “eating animals that eat meat is wrong”
      So we shouldn’t eat pigs that are fed on meat?
      Or it’s OK to eat vegetarian people?
      How does this make sense?

      • markus peg

        Yes, Eating animals that eat meat is wrong.
        Eating a vegetarian person is not related.

        Pigs don’t tend to eat meat, tho they can. They dont live on meat and mainly eat other things. Ive said that 3 times now…

        if you wanted to you could get a chicken to eat another chicken and force feed a cow to eat a burger that doesn’t change what i have said.

        • Rick in China

          Can you explain even a little bit of logic into your whole statement that eating animals that eat meat is wrong? ANY science behind that, or just your ridiculous presumption of fact? Why do vegetarian animals get the shit end of the stick in your argument.

          • markus peg

            I will attempt to explain my opinion to you, as you can communicate without adding insults like “asshole” when you disagree.

            I have added an image to help explain.

            Simple put
            its both human and animal nature/instinct not to eat carnivores. Going against your instinct is normally wrong. It’s in our DNA to react a certain way to certain things and we react that way for a reason. Human instinct says
            not to eat them just as a lion won’t eat them. carnivores dont tend to eat other carnivores. The protein in carnivores contains a high degree of amines, which makes the meat taste bad to most people (this is a warning/sign). Of course people can add additives to make it taste better nowadays…

            There is a reason it’s our instinct not to eat them and why
            they taste bad to most of us.

            We cannot eat a lot of plant material (grasses, leaves,
            stalks, sticks and so on) into energy / protein but Herbivores can, in general the
            closer the food line is to plant materials the healthier they are, carnivores
            are the furthest away from that the meat in general isn’t as good for us,
            although it wont kill us its not what we should be eating. Its wrong we shouldn’t
            act like animals but we can follow them in certain respects.

          • yologuitar

            ever heard of the food chain? where animals eat animals and then gets eaten by other animals?


            First off, it’s NOT “human and animal nature/instinct” to not eat carnivores. That’s bullshit. It just so happens that herbivores, especially small herbivores, are more common than carnivores. They are also generallly easier to catch and pose less risk to the carnivore. If it was human nature to not eat carnivores we wouldn’t have people eating snakes, dogs, cats, turtles, etc. I ate alligator, a carnivore, without any seasoning before and it actually tasted pretty good. I’ll give you the fact that carnivores eat other carnivores far less than they eat herbivores but that’s because of the reason I gave above, not because it’s wrong in any way.

            So I guess cannabalism is one of the animals traits that we shouldn’t follow right? But this so-called “trait” of not eating carnivores we should follow? Picking and chosing your own preferences without any scientific research shows you don’t have a clue.

            The only thing I can think of that’s somewhat related to your theory of not eating carnivores is that at least in the ocean, the apex predators (sharks, swordfish) often have a lot of toxins in their bodies (ex. mercury) whereas smaller animals don’t. This is probably because the toxins somehow become more concentrated the higher in the food chain you go. But if this is your logic, dogs would be okay to eat because they are smaller carnivores.

            In the end I find your theory bullshit, that’s really all there is to say.

        • Mony Xie

          Chickens eat worms and bugs by nature. Those are some kind of meat too.

          • UsefulLaowai

            Wow, your really not getting it, maybe you should read Markus’ comments above.

            Basing our behaviors on those of other animals is a slippery slope, and can be dangerous, silly, and potentially just self-serving. A frog can eat another frog, does that mean we should be cannibals? Some dogs love to eat poop. Should we therefor eat poop? Elephant seals have harems and control their multitude of much smaller female mates aggressively, seemingly raping them repeatedly, and attacking other elephant seals who try to mate with any of their females. Does this mean that men ought to have harems, rape women, and attack other men who threaten their dominion?

            Humans have the capacity to make decisions based on our ethics, not simply our desires, and throughout human history, we have codified our morality. Every religion and every society, theistic or not, has its list of ethical principles designed to help us humans avoid succumbing to brutality, cruelty, jealousy, greed and hatred, and live harmoniously with compassion, love and kindness.

          • Mony Xie

            That escalate quickly.
            Sorry but my previous comment does not imply that humans’ behavior should base on other animals’. What i mean is that chickens eat meat yet we still eat chickens, which makes Markus’ statement false.

          • markus peg

            bugs and insect like life are not the same they are an exception.


            Meat = animal protein.

            Insects are animals. Their bodies are made of protein.

            Your logic is absurd.

          • markus peg

            Right and what animals would you say have the most protein and goodness for us, insects, herbivores, omnivores or carnivores? the closer the food course is to things like flowers and grass the better. carnivores are the furthest away from that, so due to a carnivores diet its not so useful to us.

            Also scavengers and some carnivores eat rotted, moldy, diseased food, would you want to eat an animal that has eaten that?

          • markus peg

            insects and insect like life do not count. worms are an exception.


          I don’t know what to say except that you’re a fucking idiot. Please don’t have kids if you haven’t already had them.

          • Chris Hansen

            Should ask him to eat his kids…

    • Monkeekong

      I understand you like dogs but i don’t understand why you can’t see it from the perspective of someone who isn’t emotionally attached to those animals the way you are. It may seem a bit judgmental wouldn’t you think so?

      • markus peg

        Can i not express my opinion against something i judge to be wrong. your thinking what gives me the right to judge.
        I think we all have the right to judge what we deem is right and wrong in our own views.
        i dont see it as west vs east or us vs China. its not a case of country origin its a case of those who agree and disagree with eating dog. many in China are also divided on this issue.

        • Monkeekong

          yes you can of course. but your reasons for why it’s wrong doesn’t make any sense. just saying. but now i see you’ve added the part about how they kill the animals but that’s a different subject in the matter at large. But i do agree China has a long ways to go concerning ethical treatment of animals.

      • seriously?

        you are not serious. we are supposed to be able to make ethical decisions, this is unethical. plain and simple. i understand that this is tradition and it is not my place to stop this, but there has to be a point where we realize that something is just wrong. the government doesnt even support it. that should say something

        • Monkeekong

          plain and simple for you or plain and simple for everyone? you are the arbiter of ethics for the entire human race?

    • nqk123

      If you eat anything that have a brain, then you don’t have a right to says anything. so back off about eating dog, cat, or whatever animals you’re trying to protect.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        It’s not so much the ‘stop eating animals’, but ‘stop stealing my pet for meat dammit’.


      Sorry about your cat being stolen but the first part of your post is just ridiculous. I mean judging whether it’s okay to eat an animal because of what they eat? What kind of fucking logic is that? One of the dumbest posts ever. And to think you got 13 thumbs up compared to one thumbs down by me. I see Lonetrey, Mighty, The Enlightened One gave you thumbs up. I hope you all gave the thumbs up for the second part of the post and not the insane “eating animals that eat meat is wrong” part.

      • markus peg

        you can read my post above to Rick in China.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Ah, I was sympathizing with the cat part.

        Personally I do agree with him that dogs shouldn’t be eaten, but not by the same logic Markus uses. But a man’s entitled to his opinion (even if the way he phrases it is odd), so I gave him a thumbs up because a lot of what he wrote is in line with what I think.

        -love cats
        -don’t eat teh doggehs. (but for different reasons)

    • nitrostat

      you guys are so … one sided and you guys come up with the most retarded reasons to make yourself seem right. “eating animals that eat meat is wrong, that’s why it is ok to eat cows, pigs, chickens”. I guess we should start off with pigs then… since they are omnivores, not herbivores should we stop eating them? .. maybe we should also cross of many species of fish that we eat, cause most are carnivores… stupid western ideologies. the world doesn’t revolve around westerners (even though I am a westerner myself). What if god forbid it ran around Hinduism? we would all be committing a crime because we are eating cows which are considered to be God or holy animals.

      I’m empathetic for your loss regarding your pet being stolen so that it can be sold and eaten, but your reasoning and logic is by far one of the most outlandish claims I’ve ever seen.

      • markus peg

        i dont see it as west vs east or us vs China. its not a case of country
        origin its a case of those who agree and disagree with eating dog. many
        in China are also divided on this issue.

        My opinion about eating carnivores is the same as many animals in the wild who choose not to eat other carnivores. its instinct in our DNA that tells us to stay away from it. we have instincts for a reason and shouldn’t betray them.


          So what about the many animals in the wild that chose to be cannabals? Looks like all those people that eat snakes, turtles, dogs and cats prove your theory wrong. You’re picking and chosing which animal traits humans should follow without any scientific research to back up your theory. If I do the same I can easily justify almost anything.

          • I’m not against eating carnivores (unless they’re endangered or the process of killing is inhumane/torturous comparatively to a quick death) but from my understanding, they’re usually less tasty. I’m not sure though, I’ve only tried a few. However, if you’re looking for any excuse to not eat carnivores, you could just argue bioaccumulation, biomagnification, and food chain energetics…and then just start eating a diet of just nuts.


            Yeah me too. I’ve only tried a few, like alligator and turtle. Most of the meat I eat is pork, beef, chicken, and some lamb, probably like most Americans. The thing is I’ve never seen a study saying that carnivores are unhealthy, although I wouldn’t be surprised eating a lot of carnivores regularly would be unhealthy. I really don’t know. The only thing I know is that some large ocean predators (shark, swordfish, other large fish) are unhealthy to eat due to various toxins. Another thing is that if people want to eat something unhealthy, let them, it’s their life. After all look at all the obese people, you can’t control what they eat.

    • markus peg


      • Yologuitar

        nice diagram … but the biosphere isn’t limited to lions, hyenas and sheeps (sheeps don’t even live in africa …). If you look at elsewhere … maybe the amazon rainforest … i’m sure you’ll find plenty of examples of carnivores that are eaten by other carnivores …

    • BiggJ

      I think the reason other carnivores don’t eat each other is because risk and there are way more herbivores then carnivores. Why take the risk of fighting another meat eater when you can just kill a big herbivore with a minimal risk of getting hurt. The strong pray upon the weak. Taste is irrelevant. And humans eat herbivores mostly because they are easier to farm and hunt. Would you rather farm a field full of lions or cows? It just boils down to what takes less energy to kill and what yields the most meat. Most carnivores are not that big compared to some herbivores.

      • markus peg

        one example that comes to mind is lions. lions chase and kill hyenas with no provocation but don’t eat them.. killing them is a fight and its not for meat. Biggj

        you may be right that in some cases its risk but that’s not the only factor. the biggest reason is they just instinctively know what to eat and what not to eat

        • hun

          Hyenas actually eat lions when they’re already dead so…

        • BiggJ

          What are you talking about? They kill for a reason but it’s not food directly but indirectly because of food. Just because they kill each other don’t mean they want to eat each other. Lions will kill Hyenas if they are hunting around their grounds. They are taking their food. There is definite provocation when a lion kills a hyena…they don’t do it for fun. And it not like they can kill them very easy either. And hyena do the same thing. They will kill baby lions and many will attack one to kill it. Hyenas are scavengers and will eat anything and will eat lions…..but they don’t kill them for food…..when there are much easier pray to kill. It to make less competition for food.

    • hun

      Anyone who owns an animal as a pet has no right to tell anyone what they shouldn’t/can’t eat. If you wanted to be humane, why the hell did you have a pet. You pet owners are condemning dog eating but then again aren’t you guys the one taking wildlife out of their natural habitat?

      • markus peg

        Humans and animals have co-existed for years. What’s wrong with taking some animals out of there natural habitat? The world has less natural habitat and changes need to be made. Cities are getting bigger and bigger, where do you want the animals to go? oh right you want to eat them all… did you know giant tortoises were so tasty they were almost eaten to extinction…

        Keeping pets isnt an issue to the owner nor the pet. being a pet doesn’t distress the animals like torture and being boiled alive…

        • hun

          “What’s wrong with taking some animals out of there natural habitat?” -Umm everything? here’s you “We shouldn’t/cant eat them but we can keep them as little playthings”.

          “The world has less natural habitat and changes need to be made” -By changes do you mean the world has to conform to western ideologies? Yes, the world has less natural habitats for animals because of us but it isn’t so drastic that we’d have to keep them as pets. Pet’s are a luxury, it is not something that we have to do to keep world order.

          “Cities are getting bigger and bigger, where do you want the animals to go?” -The world is fucking huge… the cities we have are miniscule compared to the unknown residing outside of our cities.

          “oh right you want to eat them all… did you know giant tortoises were so tasty they were almost eaten to extinction…” -Ad hominem, and off topic.

          “Keeping pets isnt an issue to the owner nor the pet. being a pet doesn’t
          distress the animals like torture and being boiled alive…” -I’m not sure if it distresses them or not and im too lazy to look it up but it is immoral as a human being to buy a living thing as a toy. We keep them on fucking leashes for crying out loud.

    • StandardOrgin

      It seems the majority of your arguments are emotionally charged,
      biased-rationale-driven ranting that is disguised as science through
      few anecdotal evidence. Please, if you are trying to educate the public
      on morality, then good luck. However, if you are trying to educate the
      public on an health issue, then please cite your sources. If you are just
      trying to rant, Reddit and 4chan are much more effective places.

      Logic breakdown time:

      “AGAIN it is not ok to eat dog meat…”

      – You offer a moral argument driven by emotions based on your personal belief. Now seeing that your experiences with pets and animals MAY POTENTIALLY be SLIGHTLY different than others, this doesn’t apply as a blanket contention to be taken by face value by everyone in the world.

      “and if eating dog meat isnt bad
      enough for you, then how about the way most of them are killed…”

      – Your contention that A) because these animals are killed in a cruel manner, then B) it is immoral/unethical to eat them. The contention is fine, but you lack evidence that show ALL DOG meat are processed in a cruel manner. If not ALL (we’ll let this be easy and just say the majority of) dog meat are processed in a cruel manner, you would tolerate others eating dog meat that come from a farm where dogs are humanely put down correct?

      “Its both human and animal nature/instinct not to eat carnivores.

      – Ok, cite sources please? My understanding through biology is Homo Sampiens is an omnivore, evident by our dental structure in its ability to process both vegetables and meat. Which comes to your next argument…

      “The protein in carnivores contains a high degree of amines, which makes
      the meat taste bad to most people (this is a warning/sign).”

      – I agree with your carnivore and amines contention. However, your 2nd and 3rd contentions are not in line. “Makes the meat taste bad to most people” – this is a preference issue, and if it is a genetic/biological issue, then perhaps the people who find this taste appealing or “not bad” are meant “instinctively” to be eating carnivore meat. Your 3rd contention that food distaste is “(this is a warning/sign)”, or in general, there is a correlation between food taste and its health potential. From a food perspective, there are plenty of food that may be distasteful to the majority of the population that offer many healing/health protective qualities. Good example: Momordica charantia or otherwise known as the Bitter Melon. You can wiki it.

      “Going against your instinct is normally wrong.”

      – Again, cite a source?

    • dogs are delicious

      Who the hell you think you are to tell others what they should or should not eat? Are you god?

      • markus peg

        Who the hell do you think you are to tell me not to voice my opinion of what i believe should and should not be eaten. are you a dictator?

  • 剑胆琴心

    dogs eat shit around,dirty as hell.small puppies should not be eaten.
    big dogs can eat.i hate those bitches walking a huge scary dog, i was scared by huge dogs in street now once i see a woman with a huge dog,just curse in my heart,feed a big dog fuck you,bitch!
    but once my ex and i ordered cat or dog, i forgot,maybe dog,the meat in pot still carried some hair and picked out a hair free one,the taste was so bad…can hardly chew…like a rubber…so fucking disappointed.

  • Marcus Black

    Let these people eat what they want. if you don’t like it don’t look. i am sure Chinese people differentiate between pet dog and food dog. globalisation is like a disease that tries to impose certain aspects of the culture leading the push to the rest of the world i.e Americans and Europeans imposing their cultural values on Chinese people. I am for imposing morals into the Chinese culture but i have no problem with people eating dog or whatever animal they please. As long as they aren’t practicing cannibalism. Besides if wild animals get the chance to eat you they freaking will. It’s the law of nature.

    • markus peg

      Quote “Let these people eat what they want. if you don’t like it don’t look”
      Fine i’ll eat a human baby, please dont look at me if it upsets you…

      Is that how you get by in life? if something upsets you, you look/run away?

      • Rick in China

        I find it amusing you put dog on par with human babies in this conversation. That’s about as intellectually sound as “If we allow gay marriage what next, marrying goats?” — good one.

        • markus peg

          I dont think they are par, i was using it as an extreme example for his comment alone and not the topic as a whole, he said “if you dont like it dont look.” i was saying, when did that solve anything.

          oh no my dad is being beaten up i better look away because i dont like it…. if someone doesn’t agree with something they try to stand up to it. you are the same, you disagreed with my comment, rather than looking away to replied. that’s correct.

          • Rick in China

            Speaking your mind is fine. Disagreeing with anything you are opposed to, is fine – but pushing your morals on others and equating dog eating stories to eating fetuses is just a cop out. I understand your comment was specifically to that one line – however, in the context of the story and conversation, you have to understand why that’s a silly stretch. I don’t think he was implying at any time you should simply look away from anything you dislike – but in a situation like “some people like to eat X animal” – it’s also seen as a little hypocritical for people to get all miffed and rant off on how it’s an evil practice while stuffing their face with a burger.

          • The Enlightened One


            That’s why a lot of true people against eating animals always go Vegan. Like I said in my comment, what is truly unnecessary is the torture they subject the animals to…

            I don’t think MacDonald’s shocks, burns and skins their cows alive intentionally because they think it makes the meat taste better. But who knows?

          • Marcus Black

            Exactly. Who knows. At the end of the day what difference does it make whether you slowly kill the animal or quickly the animal. The animal will end up dead anyways. Does a pack of hyenas kill their prey quickly? Absolutely not. In fact they eat their prey alive from their behind. Nature has no morals. Animals only kill quick to avoid getting injured from struggling prey. They do it solely for their self preservation. Nature is selfish and immoral.

          • Irvin

            No truer words, but I do feel that us humans claiming to be more evolved than wild beast should do things a little bit different than they do.

            While we should treat all animals equally by not discriminating on which we should eat and not eat, we should at the sametime offer them all a dead that’s equally painless with minimal suffering.

          • Marcus Black

            i suppose.

          • don mario

            they arnt treated equally because some have been domesticated and make very good pets. others make good food, fancy a chicken as a pet? taking it out to the park on a leash to run around with other chickens? but then its hardly fair to eat the animal who you have been making your loyal pet for 1000’s of years now is it?

          • joe

            Pure stupidty, so your an animal good for you! the people I tend to be around seem a little less sloppish and a little more progressive. As mammals yes we are animals, but do you see any other animal creating cities and means of ease of existance. With having the ability to have educated choices or debates between right and wrong. I dont. Keep your jungle talk with the monkies . Next time you get hurt i hope it will be slow. I mean hurt is hurt. You must be chinese …….

          • Dianne Turner

            Are we really so progressive; we can build smog-filled, disease ridden cities; WHOOPEE; I’d rather live in the country; the fresh air for me! TECHNOLOGY? Are we really so much better offer, obesity and diabetes on the rise from our more sedentry lives; we’re more advanced in terms of human/animal welfare, many medical advances hygiene etc: but to say our intelligence versus an animal???:Watch a chimp work out how to get a grub from a tree stump using a twig- ARE WE REALLY SO ADVANCED???

          • TR

            Hyenas, really?:D Whenever you (a human being) are in doubt about
            something, just ask yourself, WHAT WOULD A HYENA DO? Funny man… You say as long as people are not eating each
            other, it’s all good. But members of the same species eat each other in
            the wild all the time, what’s up with that?

            Seriously though,
            you can dress up the animal cruelty issue as a “cultural” one, but how or how badly you hurt a living creature has nothing to do with CULTURE. And this thing
            you wrote that the animal “will end up dead anyways” makes me sick to
            my stomach; that’s just such an extremely simple way of looking
            at life…

          • Alba

            ARE U CRAZY ? you enjoy to watch animals skinned ,tortured and cooked alive.. i can t believe what you writing…

          • Marcus Black

            Did i say that? You are putting words in my mouth.

          • Rick in China

            I agree completely about the way they kill the animals – and the way the animals live.. it’s a f’in terrible and disgusting life/death they live. There’s no need to essentially torture *any* animal for consumption, especially when it’s done under the guise of some ridiculous superstitious belief about how it may taste better or be more healthy, and that’s where legislation and regulation comes into play. Personally, if I know an animal has been essentially tortured, there’s no way I’d consume it and support the company who goes that route – is why I avoid fast food in general or any ‘mass scale’ cheap meats..but at the same time, not going to stop eating meat, and not going to go to any extra lengths to make sure the animals I consume are humanely killed, I’d like to think enough of the population would support bills/legislation/execution of the law to keep companies in check. (although not naive enough to believe it’s actually happening sufficiently)

            unheathy feeding habits +



            mcD only care about the financial aspect.

          • gangnamstyke

            that was stupid as fuck

          • The Enlightened One

            Great retort! Your mother must be proud of your “stupid as fuck” tracking skills.

            Glad you found me, now GTFO back to KoreBANG. Who let you out?!

          • Mighty曹

            He can prance his butt fucked ass out of here Gangnam style.

          • Marcus Black

            This person get’s where am coming from. Clearly peg didn’t. when it comes to what animal people eat, as long as its not another human they should be allowed to eat what they please. You shouldn’t try to impose your European cuisine on other cultures. In the context of dog meat, if you are disturbed by it, then simply look away because you have no right to tell Chinese people what they should eat or shouldn’t eat. China has a lot of people therefore people will eat almost any animal because a couple of animals would not provide enough meat for a mostly meat eating population.

          • don mario

            you are doing EXACTLY that.

            what is wrong with eating another human? the babies they cook in soup are aborted and bought from the hospital. they just consider it meat. and obviously they believe it carrys some health benefit.

            you are imposing your own value on another culture just as much as anyone opposing dog eating is.

          • Marcellus Wallace

            If they want to eat people they can. That only means they the support of the majority of people around the world because cannibalism is on a whole nother level. No culture has ever risen while blatantly practicing cannibalism. They will make a lot of enemies the moment their neighbors find out they practice blatant cannibalism. Only small isolated tribes practice such an act.

          • don mario

            same for PET eating. why do you think chinese people always deny that dog eating goes on while we all know there are shit tones of dog restraunts?

            so the reason you are against cannibalism in china is because the rest of the world wont agree with it? is that not holding them to outsiders standards and morals? the same thing you accused people of doing with dog eating.

          • Marcellus Wallace

            humanity doesn’t agree with cannibalism. Its a taboo all around the world. The reason for this is because knowing that there is someone that can eat you will make you very hostile towards that person. You will even harm or kill them if you get the chance because you’re scared. Doesn’t matter what culture, this is universal.

            The bottom line is people should be allowed to eat what they please as long as its not another human.

          • don mario

            it doesnt agree with eating pets either last time i checked. as i said, it is taboo in china to.

            the bottom line is chinese culture disagrees with you as it finds health benefits in cooking dead babys in soup.

          • lasolitaria

            “Pet” is a category made up by us people but no animal is really a pet. So, leaving aside the fact that there’s no global agreement on which animals are pets, your statement that [humanity] doesn’t agree with eating pets makes absolutely no sense.

            BTW, dogs are wild. The reason your dog doesn’t attack you is because it’s come to see you as a member of its pack, not because it’s quite fond of you. Now brace for a childhood-ruining fact: Fido never actually loved you, it was just following the pecking order.

          • don mario

            its not wild, it uses pack behavior because its a fucking dog, its an animal. it has nothing to do with it being wild – because it no longer is. a wild dog is a WOLF. or am i mistaken? are there packs of wild poodles roaming the land where you live?

            of course certain animals are pets. mong, they were bred as that and that is what they are used for because they adapted well to that! we generally dont(people with sense anyway) use chimps as pets because they get dangerous when older and rip peoples faces off.

            you either dont know how domestication works, or you are trying to make some profound point that we can just eat anything we like because we are on top of the food chain. – if thats the case i guess you are the type low-life form that enjoys watching a bear chasing a monkey on a bike in a chinese zoo!

            anyone who thinks it makes sense for that tiny dog(bred to look that way because it makes a cute PET) hung up by its neck to be eaten in a food festival has to be some kind of inbred.

          • lasolitaria

            We can eat anything we like indeed, not because we top the food chain (we don’t, google “man-eater”) but because we can. It’s not a profound point, it’s just the way it is. It has nothing to do with my enjoying Chinese zoo shows, which I don’t btw. That the tiny dog is eaten may be disgusting for some people and cruel for others, but as long as that dog is edible it makes perfect sense for it to be eaten by us. Is it “ok” to eat a dog? There are as many answers as mores in this world and none is right or wrong.

            A pet is just a animal used for company. It doesn’t have to be especially bred or transformed in any way, just to be tamed (unless you don’t mind the permanent danger). Some people in some places use the most unsuspected animals for pets, including lions, tigers and scorpions. Who says cows can’t be pets and people who pet chimps have no sense? Only someone who thinks the world ends at his doorstep.

            And since you use “inbred” as some sort of negative epithet, it may serve you to learn that no human population has come even remotely close to the degree of inbreeding observed in some domesticated dogs and cats.

          • Von

            that i’d disagree. cannibalism is taboo to some cultures, but not all cultures in the world.

          • Marcellus Wallace

            I never said all. The only cultures that cannibalism isn’t a taboo are those found deep in the jungle away from the rest of civilization. But by far the majority of cultures see cannibalism as a taboo. It wouldn’t sit well in someone’s mind knowing there is someone who will eat you. Cannibalistic cultures that are know to the rest of the worst are either persuaded to stop their ways of destroyed. Now i think they should be allowed to eat what they want but I personally don’t condone cannibalism.

          • Dianne Turner

            After a natural disaster dogs can at times find survivors- this is not merely finding a food provider! If a pet owner doesn’t have food to feed their ‘best friend’ they are not a true animal lover, I’d starve before my animals as it is my choise to have them, they choose to stay because they love me as I do them! GET A PET YOU MIGHT LEARN WHAT TRUE LOVE IS!

          • Alba

            SO IF I TORTURE YOU AND COOK YOU ALIVE IS OK?? ARE YOU RETARDED OR WHAT?? BECAUSE ANIMALS CAN T TALK DOESN T MEAN YOU CAN KILL THEM OR TORTURE THEM. YOU SOHULD RESPECT ANIMALS , ANIMALS DON T ASK YOU NOTHING ,BUT HUMANS ASK YOU ANYTHING, PETS LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY … HUMANS DON’T ! pets want just be loved . How many time u see dogs save life to children or owner ? what that s mean for you..nothing!? if you are intelligent you suppose to understand something, but i read all your comment and honestly ,you make me sick!

          • Marcus Black

            No pets don’t love you unconditionally. Lets say we have a dog and his owner. We also have another person without a dog. The dog owner has no food so the dog starves. If that other person brings a piece of stake the dog will most likely go with the person with the food and stay with them. So you see dogs loyalty is quid pro quo. They are animals after all. Animals will try to save their providers. People translate this to them loving you but it’s not love. I don’t agree with unnecessary suffering to any animal but I have to problem with what animal people eat.

          • Scharon

            Exactly! Many humans are greedy pieces of shit who will take advantage of another human or a defenseless animal just because they can. Animals can’t speak or use a weapon… In the end most of it is just for profit.

          • nitrostat

            well fucking said + 3 if i could…

            he so hell bent on proving that he is right.. its almost ridiculous and retarded on how he sounds

          • Scharon

            It’s not just about them eating dogs, it’s about stealing them and keeping them in horrible living conditions to then torture and slaughter them. No, I don’t eat cows, chicken, pig, because I don not support the way they are treated. Dogs and cats in China have it even worse though… Tortured because they believe the more the animal suffers, the more adrenaline and health benefits. They need to at least regulate this and stop the torture. Give them a decent life, no stolen pets, and kill them quick. Don’t get me wrong, I would love this to END… But the least they can do is regulate it!

          • ESL Ninja

            But it is something that doesn’t affect people who don’t want to eat dog. Nobody is forcing people to kill and eat dogs. Don’t like it, don’t eat it. It’s the same with gay marriage etc.

        • donscarletti

          It’s not a particularly unsound line of reasoning, it’s a simplified version of the pattern Socrates followed in his discussions, “if X then why not Y? If Y then why not Z? If Z then… etc”. This argument a type of “Reductio ad absurdum”, or in English, “Reduction to absurdity”, which is generally upheld as a valid logical and rhetorical technique, provided 1) the logical inferences are valid and 2) the argument is only used to refute the opponent’s application of principles to reach their conclusion, not to question the opponent’s rationality or morality in supporting the inferred cases (such as eating babies or marrying goats) which is called building a strawman. In this case, Markus Peg did not claim that you really support eating babies, simply that your principle (humans should be able to eat what they want and other humans should look away) is invalid.

          Most moral rules are made at fairly arbitrary, inconsistent points at the best of times, this argument probes this very well. It is equally valid in both ways “if we prohibit X, then why not prohibit Y” or “if we allow X, then why not allow Y”. It can be equally useful for undermining moral rules on their arbitrariness or defending moral rules despite their arbitrariness.

        • Guest

          I find it amusing that you can’t see the connection. Dogs are on par with human babies as far as ability to feel pain and suffer. Humans only make them difference out of ignorance and bigoted self-interest.

      • erg

        no, you go and chinasmack and you comment
        afterwards, you are like a hero

        • markus peg

          Im not saying that. my meaning is that if someone doesn’t agree why should they suck it up. If i disagree with eating babys, killing dogs in a bad way or even eating dogs, i have the right to express my opinion i could just look away and say nothing but that doesn’t solve anything. why do you think people protest on the streets? its because they want there message to be known to others, if they just looked away and did nothing what would happen? nothing…

      • StandardOrgin

        “As long as they aren’t practicing cannibalism.”

    • garbo

      Sometimes medicine is spread around villages to kill pet dogs. They just made big dogs illegal to have in Beijing, Maybe some of the big dogs were sent to the dog meat festival.

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      why are American and European values brought up when Chinese people themselves protest against people eating pets? I don’t believe American and European values have influenced Chinese into thinking that they shouldn’t eat pets, perhaps they just simply realized that there is a special bond of affection between pets and man and just can’t stand knowing that dogs are used as skewers, regardless of culture. However i do completely agree that globalization is making countries less unique and therefore not as mysterious and charming as in the books, sad indeed.
      FYI: something i realized in China, differences in culture is always brought up when people can’t answer a question. I believe that in many cases it has nothing to do with culture.

      • Marcus Black

        American and European values do absolutely influence Chinese people into thinking eating dog is wrong. The Chinese people have been eating dogs probably longer than most European countries ever existed. They are only now saying its wrong after they came in contact with Europeans and Americans. Therefore one can conclude it was the Europeans and Americans that imposed their values on cuisine.

        Doesn’t it seem strange that nobody had problem with dog eating until China encountered Europeans and Americans either through war or trade. Since the modern age is dominated by mostly Americans and Europeans and their proxy states, they have a lot of influence and can pressure countries into adopting their values. This has been proven countless times.

        These countries are full of emotionally NIMBY people who spend their time with animal rights instead of focusing on human rights. Instead of using the money they get from charity on animals why not use it on people in poor countries?

        Another clear example of Western influence is the divorce rate in Shanghai compared to the rest of China. Shanghainese women are know for being overly materialistic. This is very very similar to American and European women. The reason for this is mainly because Shanghai has been the playground for invading foreigners, traders, state sponsored drug dealers *cough ehemm UK cough* e.t.c. This is why Shanghai is a lot more westernised compared to the rest of China. This is not necessarily a good thing.


          Agreed about the animal part, not so much about the divorce part.

          Generally, divorce rates go up globally as per capita income rises and more women go to work.

          Mostly because women become more independent financially from their husbands, and therefore don’t put up with being abused or controlled the way they used to in “the good old days.”

          Materalistic behavior is not a Euro/American phenomenon. Rich ladies in Ancient Egypt were dressing themselves up with shiny baubles while Europeans were still living in mud huts. People show social status through materialism, and always have.

        • don mario

          thats junk. developed places outside of china that have kept their culture dont eat dog meat anymore. but they still eat a whole host of other weird stuff no westerner would touch. and they still retained chinese traditional culture in other areas too. eating your pets is about development and education, not culture. i guarantee eating dogs/cats will be wiped out in china in the future.

          • Thor

            I agree. Eating pets is fucked and sucks. Nowadays, more and more Chinese peaople have pet dogs and there’s no way on Earth they’ll eat anything close to a pet. That’s why they are demonstrating, sticking posters etc. Education is the solution.

        • Andrius Dobrotinas

          “They are only now saying its wrong after they came in contact with Europeans and Americans.”

          Even the so-called “Western world” used to be more cruel, “inhumane” in the past (and still is not as humane as it should be, actually), but with time they have progressed and continue to progress. You can call that a purely Western worldview, but please note that that kind of worldview didn’t exist in “the West” several hundred years ago. The West has been moving from being self-centered cruel barbarians, killing people in the name of God, to being slightly more aware of and respectful of other humans, beliefs and other forms of life. And they are still on their journey, they’re only maybe halfway through.

          I’m more inclined to believe that the progress in humanism that’s going on in the “Western world” is the realization of the potential of the universal good nature of human beings through finding out more about humans and other forms of life by the means of self-education and introspection.

        • Andrius Dobrotinas

          “Doesn’t it seem strange that nobody had problem with dog eating until China encountered Europeans and Americans either through war or trade.”

          You could say as well: “Doesn’t it seem strange that nobody had problem with burning so-called witches in Europe in the Middle Ages? Or with slavery?”

          1. You don’t know if nobody indeed had problems with that. What you know is that nowadays some people speak up on that subject. Maybe they were afraid to in the past. Maybe they kept it to themselves.

          2. My example shows that not everything that’s been generally accepted in the past is right. Not everything is that’s been accepted in the past is accepted by later generations.

        • Andrius Dobrotinas

          I agree on your point about human rights issues being more important than animal rights issues. But there’s nothing wrong with fighting for animal rights, because the progress in this field brings benefits to the field of human rights too.

        • Andrius Dobrotinas

          As for divorce rates, you should keep in mind that a lot of times the problem might be the way men treat women. It’s great when women are empowered to get out of that kind of relationship.

        • Dianne Turner


          • KamikaziPilot


      • Tupak

        ” I don’t believe American and European values have influenced Chinese into thinking that they shouldn’t eat pets, ”

        Lmao. Someone is incredibly ignorant and naive.

        • Nicole Loh

          Think you are the ignorant one.. American and European values have definitely not influence China when it comes to pets as food.

          If it had, the government would have long set a law regarding animal cruelty and a list of animals to be prohibited to eat.

          A lack of both is the reason why torturing and skinning an animal out in the open street is so common place.

          China citizens have always voiced out against cruelty to animals and eating of pets, it’s just that their government refuse to step in and do something about it, giving excuses like avoiding “social unrest”

    • don mario

      1. they are practicing cannibalism. oh, you have a problem with it? why are you imposing your own morals onto chinese culture!! globalization!

      2. they farm dogs but they also eat and rob peoples pets and strays. they also do fucked up things such as skinning it alive. and why does that make it any better that they are farming dogs? dogs were originally domesticated as pets. there isnt a fat, meaty domesticated farm version of a dog like a cow or pig last time i checked.

      3. dogs are not wild marcellus sherlock.

      • ismhmr

        People eat pigs without anyone saying anything, and they are more intelligent than dogs..

        I will never understand this.

    • Santiago

      Marcellus, go back to africa

    • Ben Carrington

      You are a weird person. Tell me what you would do if you got beaten, hung upside down by your tail, and skinned alive, chucked into an oven with no hope of escape. There is no place for cruelty in 2013 and if you turn a blind eye, you are as bad as they are. These aisans need to choke on a dog bone. And you are a disgusting thing.

      • stmaybe

        I agree that the punishment should fit the crime. Moral equivalence is a tool of the weak.

    • Alba

      properly because you are cannibalism as well…
      I don t call meat eater ‘ christian’, because christian people don t eat meat. Dogs and cats are not wild animals ,we human call them pets and NOT FOOD ! and i can you don t look this horrible things ? you must born with no heart !

      • Marcus Black

        Then we are all primitives because some people may consider pigs and cows pets. An animal is an animal.

    • karma

      to all who condone this evil act and especially those who participate in this sick barbaric ritual of torturing to
      death innocent helpless animals in order to stuff your fat ugly beady
      eyed faces, may karma fuck you all in the ass sideways with an elephants
      dick. may you die the same exact horrific painful torturous death as
      you put these poor animals through. my god, you people are so fucking
      disgusting and evil! you’re like fucking zombies, no hearts or souls. fucking savages! you are soulless evil monsters! i
      wish the americans had used an atom bomb big enough to have wiped all
      of asia off the face of the earth back in 1945, as you savages do not
      deserve to live you are a waste of oxygen. but then again, you dont
      deserve an easy death as that. you deserve to die the same way you kill
      these innocent animals you disgusting dirty evil cunts! you’re lower
      than maggots in a pile of diarrhea that’s been sitting in the sun for a
      month! damn you all back to hell where you came from. may karma strike you and strike you HARD! may you suffer a death 10 folds more painful then what you put these poor animals through.
      no wonder you are such ugly people and your men have tiny dicks and you
      are as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside. its your KARMA for
      being so evil. your lives suck, you live like slaves and you will suffer
      horrific deaths! its your karma!

    • stmaybe

      Letting them eat what they want is like letting muslims have child-brides. Wrong is wrong, it’s not based on geo-spatial coordinates!
      And yes, I’m a vegetarian. Quite a strong / healthy one at that.

  • xuedi

    Whats a difference between dogs, cows, pigs or horses (or water rats, yummy) it is really what animal is smarter? so just eat stupid dogs? every place, religion is different … So who are we to judge …

    BUT, the conditions how food-dogs are dealt with is extreme (tiny cages, beaten up dirty unhealthy dogs), same with chicken (over-packed, dirty, exploding farms^^), and cats (fur-market), pigs (feed rubbish and waste) … And all together a few greedy and ruthless people injecting grow homones, antibiotics and other crap for just a few cents more.

    So easy solution, don’t eat meat in china, or go to local farmer of trust …

    • xuedi

      religion as placeholder for in region, religion, customs, traditions, availability

    • markus peg

      your easy solution doesn’t solve anything, it just sweeps it under the rug.
      It’s like how a child thinks if they cover their eyes and cant see anything then nothing is their to be seen…

  • Germandude

    This is just wrong.

    • Irvin

      No worst than people getting their arms and legs chopped off and forced to beg in the streets but people just gives a fuck about dogs because they’re more cute and cuddlely.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        No they are currently ‘giving a fuck’ about dogs because of the whole dog eating festival. If there was a ‘laugh at paraplegic people festival’ they’d start ‘fuck giving’ about them.

        Besides, what better way to celebrate tradition than to celebrate a time when you were so desperate for food, you’d eat the animal you trained to hunt alongside you?

  • Chairman Mao

    I do hope that heaven punish these dog eating people. Let there be a kind of disease similar to HIV and when people eat dog meat, they got this kind of incurable disease.

    • Irvin

      It’s fine, most dog eatters believe in a different heaven than you do.

  • POS

    Truly disgusting treatment of animals. They should be ashamed and the press is right to portray them in a negative light. Certainly all industrial farming involves inhuman practices but it seems they take a special pleasure in brutalizing the animals in China. Hanging them from bicycles, skinning them alive etc. What does this say about the people? Certainly a people who treat animals this way wont treat their fellow man much better, hence in China you find gutter oil, Sanlu, cadmium laced rice, officials willing to kill peasants at a whim. This is a symptom of a rotten society.

    • Am not saying that Chinese don’t mistreat animals. Please don’t misconstrue.

      However, the pictures in this story may have nothing to do with this story. The picture you speak of with the dog hanging from the bike is someone’s Weib. GT only uses the second picture whereas the People’s Daily uses none. Ask your local cS community personnel where they came from.

      This story has content, but it seems it’s glossed over in favor of gnashing of teeth and the like.

      • filabusta
      • Kai

        Aside from the snide tone of voice, you have a legitimate criticism and one I saw coming. I emailed Bing earlier today about where the images and captions come from before this article was published but the answer came after it was published. That’s our fault. Here’s her reply sent 2 hours ago that I just came home to:

        These are the two websites where I got the images and captions. My original sources don’t have many images, so I found some relevant images to use.


        I’ll add a note in the post about the source of the extra images.

      • Kai

        Aside from the snide tone of voice, you have a legitimate criticism and one I saw coming. I emailed Bing earlier today about where the images and captions come from but this article was published before the answer came. That’s our fault. Here’s her reply sent 2 hours ago that I just came home to:

        These are the two websites where I got the images and captions. My original sources don’t have many images, so I found some relevant images to use.


        Attached screenshot in case you want to accuse me of “dishonesty”.

        I’ll add a note in the post about the source of the extra images.

  • YaoZhao

    The comments above remind me of this quote;
    “A lot of my friends are vegans now, which I don’t care, eat whatever you want. I just think that my least favorite part of the vegan diet is the verbal part where they explain it to you. It’s just endless. They’re like, ‘I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t even eat milk or honey, because it takes animal labor to make milk and honey and I think that’s wrong.’ And it just always strikes me as childish logic, it’s like, ‘I like bees and I love cows … more than the immigrants that pick the vegetables that I eat.’”
    – chelsea perett

  • The Enlightened One

    I hate the fact they eat dogs but of course each society
    can say it’s own thing (eating this or that is evil)… as clearly
    illustrated in the article.

    So I can’t be too judgmental in that area. The thing that pisses me off, is the torture that they subject to these poor animals. They intentionally cause them pain because they believe the adrenaline and fear makes the meat taste better.

    I had a friend who wouldn’t eat pork again after seeing what a Chinese farmer did to a pig on the side of the road. He had a steel rod and kept beating the pig and poking its eyes and pretty much just being all around cruel while the pig squealed in horror.

    If you are going to eat the animal, couldn’t you at least give it a painless death as possible? We aren’t in the neolithic periods anymore! I mean even Native-Americans killed the animals swiftly, gave them respect and used all the animals parts to show their appreciation… What the hell is wrong with these dog killers?

    • filabusta

      According to Game of Thrones you’re not supposed to let a lamb see the blade because the rush of blood from fear will ruin the meat. Maybe they should watch Game of Thrones to learn such important life lessons. I looked it up and the Red Witch was right.

      • The Enlightened One

        Nice link, it basically states that meat (well animals) under stress and fear actually ruin the meat. Chalk up another backwards thing in this country. Will look into more sources however.

        • moop

          yeah, i’ve seen pig injected with everclear to make it drunk before slitting its throat

  • Forget the sensational pictures, forget the ethical quandry of whether dogs are “kosher” for consumption. The People’s Daily get’s it right making it this issue: how can we ensure the quality of meat at a dog food festival?

    Dogs are a not red nor white meat, but a grey meat – they exist in a morally ambiguous zone outside “regulated” meat. What makes them a delicacy is also what makes them outside the law.

    What this means is that there aren’t established and regulated “dog farms”, which by definition is where Lassie and all the other old dogs go to die. It means that whatever your stance on eating dogs is, the humane treatment of these animals can’t be guaranteed as though they were on the menu at KFC.

    Like any other dispute, authorities refuse to get involved. But this problem will spread and affect other segments of society. Also, this will be a continued loss of face for China abroad. This and the issue of animal rights, to which I believe there still are no rules for, have to be decided.

    • Spod

      “Forget the sensational pictures” – that is the issue. As I think the majority have said, it is not what is eaten it is the total lack of empathy for the animal that is to be eaten that is shocking – I have seen dogs dragged in cages behind bikes as I think show here before, I have seen the recycled boards dogs and cats are nailed to alive and skinned. I have also seen sheep in Qing Hai calmly and humanly suffocated while the farmer spoke in its ear and thanked if for its sacrifice others gathered around and soothed the animal and gave thanks to it. The animal died but there was nothing brutal about it.

      • markus peg

        nailed alive like being crucified!?!?! I wanted to vomit while i read those words… Why i cant understand, it makes me so angry!

  • Washington Bullets


    • Mighty曹

      It sounds like ‘poop’.

      • Washington Bullets


        • Mighty曹

          Soylent green is little Martians. Not human.

  • MrT

    I was round this mud hut one day for meal, you know lots of people big round table.

    You want some duck , i said yea, any way I’m chewing away and i asked is this duck and they reply yea duck woof woof.

    So now I double check with a quack quack and Chinese.

    Rubbish by the way, so fuck em let them eat the crap.

  • Washington Bullets

    I do not like this.

    I don’t care if they eat dog though.
    I think if they’re going to eat dog, like any other animal, they should minimize the amount of suffering the animals undergo in the process. They should show respect to the animals that bring them sustenance. Then again, I’m American, so I can’t say anything when one takes a look at how beef is raised in a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) system.

    The following is off topic:
    I eat meat, perhaps from my upbringing, or perhaps from personal tastes, but I do acknowledge how much resources go into raising animals for meat. The amount of people you can feed with grain taken to raise an animal for meat far surpasses the number of people that the slaughtered animal provides.

    • That is why the native americans got it right about thanking the animals they eat and only take what they need.

      • Washington Bullets

        They also made cool buffalo themed hats. I doubt we’re going to see any cool dog-themed fashion-wear out of this festival.

        • why not? Anime hats of cats, dogs, wolves, and teddy bears are available. Ooo minx, fox and coon hats…if racoons are more wdely available, they’d be another delicacy.

          • Washington Bullets

            oh! they can come get them out of my backyard then.

      • Mighty曹

        We should learn from the Na’vis.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          The hell’s a Na’vi? I am sure there has never been a Na’vi, nor will there ever be a Na’vi, and if that word is used to identify some fictional group in a film, Na’vi will still continue to not exist.

          • Mighty曹

            You can’t be serious.

          • mr.wiener

            It was a series in the 70’s, Mc Kale’s Na’vi.

          • Mighty曹

            Hahaha… I like those old series. Gomer Pyle, I Dream of Jeanie, Hogan’s Heroes, etc. I can’t find a station that shows these anymore.

      • markus peg

        Native Americans led herds of bison off a cliff only to eat one or two off them, wasting the rest. they only took what they needed but wasted the others that ran off the cliff and died… tho i appreciate the meaning behind what you are saying.


          Right and yes I meant traditional core beliefs. Also I think the trade with merchants had some effects on their hunting habits. Even natives were naughty because humans are easily corruptable.

          • markus peg

            Good link.

        • Can’t remember my username

          I presume herding buffalo of cliffs was prior to the introduction of horses. However, from my limited knowledge of the subject, Native Americans used every part of the bison and didn’t shoot complete herds solely for the skins and almost drive them into extinction.

          • markus peg

            I agree with you, i just thought it was worth pointing out.
            killing animals just for one thing such as ivory is so wrong it makes my blood boil with anger towards those who do it and agree with it.

          • BiggJ

            Want to hear something real bad? The main industry where I live is mink farming. They raise minks for the sole purpose of fur. Some of the farmers have 50 or 60 thousand mink. Each mink pelt is worth around 80 to 100 dollars. Depends on the value every year, price goes up and down. And at the end of the year around October or November they kill maybe 80% of the mink they have and save the other 20% for mating next year. One female mink can have like 10 kits. Easy to get that number back up. And they pump them full of steroids to get them to grow faster. They give birth around April and the baby are ready by Oct or Nov.

            Now this is the nasty part.How they kill them is they have a wooden box on wheels being pulled by a 4 wheeler.On the top of the box there is a spring load flap. Like something can go in but then in springs back closed. and one and of the box will open up but thats for later. So they take a tube from teh exhaust of the 4 wheeler to the box. And you walk up the pen and put 30 mink or so in the box and let them sit in there for about 4 or 5 mins. And the exhaust gases them to death. ANd you bring them up for the woman to get them ready to bring to the pelting building. And you do that all day for about 2 or 3 weeks.

            The pelting building is a whole other operation then teh mink farm. They have machines that rips the skin right off the mink. then the the pelt is dried and then frozen for sale later. Then you may ask “what happens to the carcass of the mink after the skin is off of them?” When when I was younger like 13 or 14 we would put them all in a huge pile. Like I mean like 15 feet high and 10 meters in diameter…..and burn them. That pile would burn for days. Now this is the really nasty part. They stopped doing that awhile ago because farmers from America would come up and take all the bodies and take them back to their farm and grind them up and use them as fertilizer. Its free fertilizer for them. Minks have lots of nitrogen in them so I guess it good for some plants. So next time you are eating your veggies they maybe have been grown in ground up carcass of an animal…minks. I don’t know what they grow with it. it might not be food. But they use it for fertilizer for something..

          • markus peg

            My blood was boiling enough as it is, are you trying to kill me?

            reading it made me feel sick… Cant they find alternatives. gassing them to death sounds slow and painful! there should be regulations in place… personally id go as far as to ban the sale of it. tho others will disagree so at the very least the method sounds awful and need to be changed.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah, it’s nasty. Some countries ban the sale of it. The main buying are the Russians and Chinese. It’s a statues symbol right. Gassing them is not painful I don’t think. Kind of like falling asleep. Like people die from gas poisoning in their house when there is a leak and they don’t even know. Before they gassed them they use to have to break the minks neck by hand. That must have been hard. it would be like trying to break a wild cats neck by hand while he’s fighting back. Either way it;s bad and don’t agree with it.

          • Thor

            There’s only one thing to do about it : ban the mink fur, or anything fur at all.

  • “[环球河北省邯郸市网友] 五毛狗888:

    At present, people all over the world are barbarians, unless humans change their appetite and eat genetically modified food… only then would that truly be moving towards civilization.”
    I can’t tell if this guy is being sarcastic.

    Dogs just happen to be domesticated pets so to judge the eating of any animal because it has become a culture is forgetting about the food chain. There should be activists for the people to be more humane in their treatment of any type of animals for we are the most developed and intelligent.

    Maybe these “animal rights” activist can be the Bradangelinas of dog adoption. I think it’s unclean to eat that kind of meat and people like my own mother believe in notions of mythic health benefits without proven science is ignorant but I wouldn’t stick my nose in that culture unless I have rights to…ie The Guardian, just as I won’t condemn cannibalistic tribes or any society that eat certain animals since they are afterall haven’t elevated their concerns to the world species/ extinction issues if involved/ or any cultural issues.

  • zi_ni_ma_13

    i don’t agree with a dog meat festival. but the occasional dog is good eatin’. i got tricked into eatin’ some sichuan dog, and i loved it.

    • markus peg

      maybe it was so good because of how much it was tenderized from the live beatings…

      • zi_ni_ma_13

        probably, and they told me the younger the more delicious. so i might have actually been eating puppy. tenderized puppy.

  • Mighty曹

    There is always a rationale to justify eating a certain type animal. “Snake keeps you warm”, “Fish eye is good for eyesight”, “Bird’ s nest is good for skin, “Tiger penis is good for vitality”, etc. ENOUGH of the fucking excuses!

    • markus peg

      i agree, bear paws and bail, tiger bones, ivory… there is a limit to what we should kill even if its for medicine, do we have to wait for animals to be endangered to cut down… even when endangered it doesn’t stop when the money is good enough…

      • Mighty曹

        Most ‘medicinal’ uses are just based on ancient claims that are not even proved to be effective in the modern world. I remember having to drink some powder – ground from a piece of rhino horn – mixed with water for a fever when I was a kid. I think it made me more sick.

      • gangnamstyke

        go hug a tree ,, pussy lips

    • I tried to reason with my mom about feeding me pig brain as a baby. Aren’t pigs considered dumb? yet she thinks that it would make me smarter if i ate brains. It was tasty though…but I realized I was a dumb kid growing up. I guess it sort of did made me dumber. pig brain notion inthat sense worked!

      • Mighty曹

        See? Even time changes. Now pigs are known to be one of the smartest animals. So all the mom’s encouragements about what the food does for you is just myth. My mom used to tell us things like ‘If you want to be a good swimmer you have to eat more fish”.

      • TJDubs

        A single serving of brain contains something like 11 days’ worth of cholesterol.

        I don’t know how those zombies do it.

      • moop

        pork brains are good scrambled with eggs

    • POS

      I don’t know what their (dumb fucks slurping down tiger cock) problem is, I don’t eat that shit and I’ve never had a problem satisfying Asian ladies, or Western ladies for that matter. If your dick don’t work don’t go around killing other life forms just because you are a limp dick piece of shit. What scum. They keep thinking they can find some magical external cure for their own pathetic internal short comings (see what I did there).

      • Mighty曹

        There are alternatives for placebo effects. If I say “Swallowing canine semen gives you stamina in bed” these people will be blowing the pet dogs instead of chowing on them.

        • TJDubs

          Unfortunately, the “good stuff” is way worse than dog jizz. It’s shark fin, rhino horn, bear bile (extracted from living bears) and blood drunk directly from the cut antler of a living deer. If it isn’t extreme, expensive, and morally repugnant (if not also illegal), Mr. Wang isn’t interested.

          • Mighty曹

            Hahahaha… For some reason the ‘good stuff’ it’s almost always bitter. I’ve had rhino horn ground mixed with hot water before. I can’t even remember what it was for.

    • gangnamstyke

      dont think its an excuse , its what they really believe you dumb fuck

      • Mighty曹

        And you believe that. Who’s the ‘dumb fuck’ now?

        • gangnamstyke

          you still the dumb fuck,, look at that san fran hat ,, what r u representing,, gayness from sanfran,,, u gay ass chink

          • Mighty曹

            I’m just displaying loyalty to my football team. Something you’re not familiar with in sports. NO, thrusting cocks in your anus doesn’t count as a sport. Dumb fag.

          • The Enlightened One

            Awww… now he’s sad because he won a gold medal in that event. The large fat bald man named Buba lied to him! He’s sad now!

          • Mighty曹

            He took gold only because he was the only one competing in that anal slug fest.

          • gangnamstyke

            hahahaha,, i laughed,, thats some funny shit,,,would u 2 stop sucking each others cocks,,, mighty ,,, the san fran hat ur wearing tells me you like the enlightened ones cock,, u like white dick son,, just like how those chinese sluts like em

          • Mighty曹

            You laughed and cum’d too. So far you’re the only ones who’s fixated on ‘gay’ and ‘cock’. Just leave the closet and you’ll be much happier.

  • Karze

    Which animals Chinese do not eat. Practically none all animals are prone to be eaten by Chinese.

    • markus peg

      Not true, there are plenty of undiscovered animals on this earth.


    • Mighty曹

      There’s a Chinese saying like “It’s edible if the back points skyward”. That only leaves human and primates off the menu. Well, except for “monkey brain”.

  • When are they going to rescue the pigs and chickens?

  • ComaPrison

    I am a dog lover and a cat lover, but frankly, I am free to hunt, kill, and eat whatever animal I want (assuming I obtained the correct permits, and am in a locale where it is legal to do so). You liberals/hypocrites/vegans/vegetarians/activists/protesters can go eat yourselves for all I care. My freedom takes priority over your oppressive sentiments.

    • The Enlightened One

      I always thought of hunters as pussies. “The thrill of the hunt”… you got a gun and the animal has MAYBE teeth and claws… big man.

      Hunt it with a knife and then you deserve the title of being a hunter. And not just any animal, a tiger or something that can fight back.

      • markus peg

        Online hunting is even worse, using a mouse to remote control a gun to shoot a deer or other animal that you arent even going to eat…

        • The Enlightened One

          The hell?

          You are talking about those stupid Deer Hunt games right?

          • markus peg

            sorry, im talking about real life via the internet. it controls a real gun with a mouse using a computer miles away from where the “hunt” is taking place. its illegal in most US states.

          • The Enlightened One

            That’s just lame and wrong lol.

      • Rick in China

        Hunters aren’t saying “Look at me, I’m a big strong dude cuz I can aim and pull a trigger” – hunting is more about bonding with friends/family you’re hunting with, tracking and learning about the bush, and eating something you actually went and got, gutted, skinned etc yourself. It’s like fishing – it’s always a little tastier when it’s a fish you caught yourself.

        • The Enlightened One

          I understand the whole bonding thing. That can be done without killing animals however, such as climbing a mountain and camping out or doing something else as a group that exhibits a challenge. Many men do catch fish and release them and get the same feeling of bonding and the thrill.

          I think hunters hunt animals mainly for the thrill of the hunt. Sure they eat it after and it tastes great but that’s not really why they do it. Many hunters go out alone too…

          My point isn’t so much about the hunting (or to prove they are tough) is how they do it. I just think that if you conquered an animal like a cougar, or a bear with a gun from 300-400 feet away then you don’t deserve the thrill or the spoils.

          • ComaPrison

            No one cares what you think about what hunters do or don’t deserve. You have a problem? Go take it up with the 2nd amendment. Leave it to a liberal to push their values onto other people and take rights away from their fellow citizens.

          • The Enlightened One

            And not everyone in the world cares about your American laws.

          • ComaPrison

            Good. I wouldn’t want someone like you in this country anyways. Fascist liberal oppressor, trying to take away people’s rights.

          • The Enlightened One

            Oh man, here we go… “If you don’t agree with me, I am going to call you a bunch of in-the-box labels and say you are not American! Must love guns, must love shooting!” You got me, I do love guns and I do like shooting, just not at innocent animals… because I get no pleasure from it. I don’t think I am the one with the problems here. You shoot animals for fun.

          • ComaPrison

            I actually DON’T shoot animals for fun. But I resent communists like you who are constantly trying to take away other people’s rights just so you can feel good about yourself. You’d fit right in as a commissar in the old USSR.

          • The Enlightened One

            Never said I wanted to take away their rights, I just said my opinion. If they want to shoot animals… that’s fine… just don’t try to justify it as being some sort of sport, or attach some virtues to it.

          • ComaPrison

            It’s their right and/or privilege to justify it however they like. Likewise with attaching virtues to it. Saying that they’re not allowed to attach virtues to it or justify it is likewise an infringement upon their rights of free speech (and thought).

            I get it now. You don’t want to take away their 2nd amendment rights but you totally want to take away their 1st amendment rights.

          • The Enlightened One

            Fine, then it is my right to find points to condemn it and express how these virtues may be hollow when looked at from another angle.

          • ComaPrison

            Indeed! It is definitely your right to do so. Just remember to do so without infringing upon the rights of others.

          • The Enlightened One

            Well, I can’t really do anything about it. Unless, I hunt the hunters… kinda like Benecio Del Toro did in the movie “Hunted” I believe… with Tommy Lee Jones. That’s a good movie. He hunted them with a knife when they had rifles.

          • ComaPrison

            Am I the only one that finds it ironic that you so harshly condemn dog-eating (which BTW is legal in multiple countries), while so flippantly joking about murder (which is basically illegal everywhere)? I think that says a lot about your distorted sense of morality. If someone wants to eat dog in a place where it is legal, who do you think you are to seek their deaths? That’s definitely sociopathic thinking on your part.

            I am aware that you are probably joking, but this is for just in case even 1% of you wishes you could carry out that kind of vigilantism.

          • The Enlightened One

            It’s a movie. I don’t base my morality on Hollywood. Special effects, paid actors… I am getting worried about you, if you can’t differ the two… then you end up like that dude that walked into the cinema thinking he was Joker or some sort of Batman villain.

          • ComaPrison

            Yes yes. Consume more American media while simultaneously rejecting our values. All your moneys will be belonging to us. Also, you wouldn’t be the first person to do something morally reprehensible after a binge of violent media/entertainment. And of course, I’m not saying that one strictly causes the other… but there is certainly a two way relationship there of a junkie seeking its fix from the dealer.

          • The Enlightened One

            I am pretty sure America is in huge debt to China, so all your money are belong to China! Keep making movies though, China can’t keep up in that area.

          • ComaPrison

            They sure can’t! Have you seen the garbage their entertainment industry puts out? Also, they only own about 1.2 trillion of that debt. That’s not even 10% of the total, so the joke is on you!!….oh wait…

          • Rick in China

            It’s fine that you don’t like hunting.. but that doesn’t mean you should expect everyone to “bond” the same way as you choose to. Lots of hunters are people who live near or love the wilds. Sure, you can go camping – but an extension of camping is *hunting*. So is fishing. So is building a fire, and everything else that being outdoors entails. Saying “hunters are pussies” just because they choose to include hunting along with the other related activities is a little nonchalant regarding the differences in lifestyle choices and variety of bonding experiences different people have had over the centuries. Most people who hunt…well, I’d heavily wager, their father’s, uncles, friends, or similar relationships hunt – and it kind of gets passed on or people get brought into it through relationships. I’ve no stats to prove it, but I don’t know anyone who just decided to get a gun and go hunting on their own for fun without tagging along with someone close to them to get them interested in the first place.

        • ComaPrison

          Finally, someone who understands. Now how much should I bet that the previous comments before yours, about how hunting is about showing off strength, are by far left liberals?

      • Mighty曹

        Hunting for survival is human nature but hunting as a sport is downright wrong. The Brits made ‘tiger hunting’ sound like a manly activity when all they did was rode on an elephant with guns while dozens of Indian servants trap the tiger into a kill zone where it is shot dead. Then they pose for photos to show their ‘bravery’. Fuck that!

        For some tribes hunting is a passage to adult/manhood.

        *Bulls fighting is another meaningless shit that needs to be banned.

        • The Enlightened One

          My point exactly. If that man took on the tiger with a knife… then damn straight he is a baller in terms of testing oneself.

          The way I see it, hunting is like testing your wits against nature and of course various animal instincts. It’s not really fair when you get a gun can that shoot the damn animal further than it can see. I mean, how the hell would you feel if Bambi could shoot lasers out of its eyes and shoot fireballs from its mouth… I bet there wouldn’t be too many hunters looking to bag a Godzilla Bambi.

          • Mighty曹

            I wish “Predators” descend on Earth to hunt human for skulls – as trophies – to teach us a well deserved lesson.

          • The Enlightened One

            Haha… yeah let’s do it. Let’s see who the real “hunters” are… I bet you a lot of those Tiger hunters will be hunting for new trousers after they pissed and shat in them if faced with a situation like this…

            Let’s slap on some cold mud and go!

          • Mighty曹

            That’s only if they still have legs for new trousers. hahaha!

            If I spread rumors that eating cold mud ‘prevents perspiration during sex’ it can be a big hit in China.

          • The Enlightened One

            Why not?

            Some idiot spread rumors that women that sit close to computers can have radioactive babies, so now they wear those stupid anti-radiation aprons (not kidding)… I think you got a nice business idea there.

          • Mighty曹

            There’s a fine line between gullibility and stupidity but to me it’s one and the same.

          • I have an idea: Let’s take something really goofy and harmless. How about a wild turkey? They’re so big, not so great at flying, pretty stupid. How tough could it be? How about you go out, with the best gun money can buy, and get us a turkey.

          • The Enlightened One

            Now, why would I do that?

            I am sorry to suggest against shooting animals for fun (or people for that matter) since it is not very not Americano, but we live in 2013 now. Not the 1800’s.

          • Why? To prove your manly wit, of course.

            Oh right, it’s 2013. Let’s all lay down our guns and go ahead and eat processed meats from slaughterhouses. That’s more modern, right?

      • Ok, so let me get this straight: You want humans to forgo the use of intelligence in creating advanced tools. You also want people to hunt tigers, a very much almost-extinct species. Highly endangered.

        • The Enlightened One

          No, I didn’t say I wanted people to hunt tigers. I am saying if people hunt animals, even the playing field and take on an animal that can fight back and has a chance.

          Such as a wolf, a shark, a bear, even taking down a buck with a knife would be much more challenging than with a gun. But that’s my point. It is a noteworthy challenge.

          • Wolf and shark hunting isn’t advisable, due to their population decline. Bear, well, that’s is a somewhat common hunt around here (we have a lot of black bear in Arkansas) but it’s very costly (because they keep the statewide bag limits low) and you really have to know what you are doing just to get one to come around.

            That’s why I mentioned hunting turkey earlier. People tend to have this vision of hunting as like…everyone goes out wearing bright orange and those Ushanka style caps, drinks beer, and sits around casually, always getting a kill, as if it’s easy.

            There’s no need to hunt with a knife. See, the reason humans are on top of the food chain is our ability to create advanced tools. If we didn’t have that ability, and had the mentality of a tiger, wolf, shark, or bear…we’d be toast. We don’t have any real fighting teeth or claws. We’re slow, not the best climbers, etc. In this sense, using a gun to hunt is the same as a scorpion stinging shit to death with its tail.

          • The Enlightened One

            I don’t think so… a gun is still a projectile. A scorpion using its tail is still melee. It’s like in the Indiana Jones movie (Temple of Doom)… wasn’t a fair fight when Indiana shoots the guy with the sword was it? Funny, but certainly not fair.

            Projectiles > Melee… just ask the Samurai’s of Japan when dudes came in with guns lol

          • It’s totally fair. Indy had access and wits to using that pistol and the nameless sword-slinger didn’t. Obviously Indy is the apex predator because of it.

            But anyway, the comparison wasn’t to suggest the weapons are the same. The comparison was to suggest that we use the weapons at our disposal to hunt, be it a human using a gun or a scorpion using it’s tail. HOWEVER, if you insist on this technicality, replace “scorpion” with “pistol shrimp”. Is the pistol shrimp a pussy for projectiling a flash of super-heated sonic blast of water and not just using it’s pincer instead?

  • Viva Hate

    Markus Peg, you are need to calm down. “Pigs would eat it if they dont have anything else… shoot, if im locked in a pen with no food, not knowing where my next meal is coming from i too might also eat something i dont want to” – and try not to contradict yourself.

    I don’t find eating dogs disgusting; I’m sure sometimes it is necessary. People will continue to eat meat/live in excess as long as they are allowed to. However, I find the mistreatment and celebration of death to be the harrowing factors.

    Guanxi Dog Festival, Foie Gras. Man vs Food, all unnecessary excesses

    • markus peg

      I understand i needed to calm down when i made those comments. i was fired up. I dont agree with eating dog meat under normal circumstance, but if i was starving to death on a desert island and it was just me and a dog i didnt know, im pretty sure i would eat it.

      I think eating dog isnt right because they eat meat (thats my reason)

      Unrelated to what animal it is, its treatment shouldn’t be cruel almost everyone on this comment board agrees with that.

      Why can people be so cruel to an animal and not care? how can we educate other humans to be more caring? I also need to practice what i preach, i too sometimes tend to have a lack of care bout something i should care. i have noticed this about myself over the past year, im not sure why but certain things i am caring less about, i dont know if its age or the society im living in changing me… but i dont like not caring.

  • socali

    This is murder.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You eat burgers or chicken or fish? Then, you are a murderer too homie.

  • Repatriated

    That picture of the guy yanking a cage full of dogs off a truck for a full meter drop on to concrete is pretty disturbing. If you’re planning to kill it and eat it, at least give it a little respect for being a LIFE before doing so, FFS!

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Eating animals is also disturbing.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    China can say good-bye to any ‘soft power’ it thought it had in the international sphere. They’re hanging dogs, and throwing around small cages stuffed with 7-10 dogs and then saying “what’s the big deal, we eat pigs too.” Smh. No wonder the Japanese considered the Chinese uncivilized.


      Agree with your “soft power” analysis but would you think it would be better for CHina’s image if they had a more formal process for supplying dog meat to the public? I mean if instead of a public festival to celebrate eating dog meat, they treated eating dog meat like Americans treat eating pork, whereas there were dog farms, slaughterhouses, prepackaged dog meat sold in supermarkets, etc. Or do you think it’s purely because of the Western stigma of eating dog?

      • Chris Granzow XI

        Good question. Well, look at the pictures…..someone hung a dog. I’m pretty sure they could have killed it more humanely (like with that hydraulic tool from “No Country for Old Men”). Time to time I eat gyros, which are made out of lamb; but that doesn’t mean that I drag it out into the street and slit its throat, doing the ritual slaughter muslims do. Surely a lot of people will still have a problem with them eating dog regardless of how its slaughtered. But, I think the best compromise is to at least show some ounce of sensitivity and at least not blatant animal cruelty.

        • Monkeekong

          good rationalization but did you have to throw in the “No wonder the Japanese considered the Chinese uncivilized.” makes your whole post have a racist undertone.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Nothing I typed in here has to do with race. Saying the japanese find the chinese uncivilized (two Asian nationalities btw) is alluding to white supremacy? I’m no adherent of political correctness; but, that’s no reason to get your panties in a bunch ;)

          • Monkeekong

            Well my friend, you are obviously implying that Chinese people are uncivilized with that comment. And I was alluding to your other posts in your profile and they’re all about race. This race is this way and that race does that, etc. Just stating a fact. I don’t care, you do what you do, you’re not gonna change anyone’s mind and noone can change your mind and if it makes you feel better to prove that one race is better than another race on the internet then go for it ;)

          • markus peg

            Dragging out past comments to help your argument that his post is racist?… How much free time do you have every day?

            If you “don’t care” what he does or says, may i ask why you even replied to him?

          • Monkeekong

            what dragging out did i do? How much free time does it take to write one paragraph of reply? When i said i don’t care i felt like there was no need to reply to him any more because he started being offensive.

          • Monkeekong

            what dragging out? and about 20 minutes to reply

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Dude, you gotta be kidding me. I just glanced over your past comments for the first time, and they’re all about race (to my surprise). You also appear to be prejudiced/have hatred towards whites….and I quote:

            -“racist white cops” (then called them “fat pigs”)
            -You called Putin a ‘fascist”
            -“..that convention of farmers sounds like a Nazi rally. MEIN FUHRER!”
            -“it’s the jews”
            -“…your skin is whiter than smegma(sic) and your face is probably uglier than this disgusting bitch above me”
            -“white people are the most racist”
            -“yeah you know how it is, a white guy always gotta be the hero and come saves the day.”
            -“my god english people are ugly”

            LMFAO. You seem to have a lot of hate & ill will towards whites. You stereotype them as racist, while simultaneously making racist inflammatory comments yourself. *Irony*……….(don’t throw stones in a glass house).

          • markus peg

            Shocking! so not only does he nitpick and accuse you of being racist he appears to be one of the worst kinds of racists himself!
            The only way he could be worse is if he started attacking/killing people of different ethnics…

            racists are hateful and comments such as the quoted above are unacceptable.

          • Monkeekong

            Look at the context in which those comments are made. A lot of those are just sarcastic jokes or replies to other comments. I don’t hate white people at all, how can I? I own a store and a lot of my customers are white. I just have ill-will against racist people. It’s wrong and a stupid way to live life in my opinion.
            I will address a couple of the comments I made in my defense:
            -Calling Putin a fascist is racist against whites? Wtf? lol
            -English people are a little more ugly in general compared to other European countries, this was something brought up by my white friends and I’ve never even thought about it, but turns out to be true. I don’t know how this can be racist. But I’m just kidding of course ;)
            -white people are the most racist. Sorry this might not be completely true statistically but it’s something that I’ve gathered in my life experiences and a conclusion I have made. Sorry this might not be PR like you said but it’s true. Historically there a lot of evidence for this claim. Also you can just look on the internet on sites like youtube and you can see how much racial crap are made on there against black people, against Chinese. But I want to stress again that this doesn’t make me hate white people or have any ill-will against them at all. I have a lot of white friends. It’s just the racist ones I have a problem with. But you know, it is what it is. So no need to get your panties in a knot ;)

        • Monkeekong

          nevermind, ive read your posts, and every single one has to do with race or why white people are better.

    • willie miller

      I don’t think Japan’s racial superiority complex had anything to do with animal rights.

    • nitrostat

      you should take a look at the video of US slaughter houses.. or slaughterhouses anywhere in the world for that matter…

      maybe you’ll have a new perspective and stop saying retarded ass things

      • donscarletti

        You should check out slaughter houses in other parts of the world (Europe/Australia excluded).

        Just because parts of America has a sense of guilt about what they are doing does not make it morally inferior. Temple Grandin is an American and she has done more for the humane handling of livestock than anyone else I could name.

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        I agree that any kind of cruelty and killing is wrong but it seems that so much more of it goes on in China where i live. People need to be better educated about animals and learn some respect for others.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        Yes, but I think you’ll find that the majority of the American public finds such things reprehensible and taboo. I remember a few years back how big of an outrage there was because of how some California farm was treating its cows and moving animals with forklifts etc. There was a boycott almost immediately. This is a country where a majority of people who don’t eat meat, do so because of how they think it’s unfair to the animals. It’s highly non-comparable to this Chinese situation.

        • megantron

          Finding something reprehensible and taboo=/=taking actions to change the reality of the situation. How many people who have seen documentaries like Food Inc have actually done anything to curb their consumption of factory-farmed meat? I’m going to be honest –I don’t really have the discipline to stop eating meat, and when I go to the grocery store, I’m not going to make an effort to buy free range chickens or w/e if it’s more expensive. I applaud those that make the effort, but like the majority of the public, I find these kind of conditions to be deplorable, but it’s not an issue I feel strongly enough about to crusade for.

          Your California Farm example is ONE example that is not representative of the overall mentality of the country. It’s simply hypocritical to get on your American high horse and pretend that our values are so much more progressive than China’s.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            It’s not that I have my nose in the air, it’s that you guys need to learn how to take criticism. I think there is way too much over-thinking and taking it too seriously on this topic. You don’t have to be a blue-blood ivy league graduate living off of his father’s trust fund to find the way these dogs are being treated as deplorable.

          • megantron

            Or maybe you should learn to take your own advice? How is pointing out the hypocrisy in these comments over-thinking?

            I DO find these images to be disturbing, but I believe that if those were pigs or chickens in those cages, this post wouldn’t have 400+ comments and there wouldn’t be the same kind of outrage. You’re seeing a lot of kneejerk reactions like HOW CAN PEOPLE EAT DOGS? (or my personal favorite: IT’S WRONG TO EAT CARNIVORES!) Any animal that’s raised to be food –no matter the species– deserves to be treated humanely during its lifetime. From a moral standpoint, I fail to see what’s different from a pig (which scientists say are just as intelligent as dogs) and a dog, providing that they were both raised to be food. No one here is advocating that we take people’s pets and slaughter them for dinner.

            And LOL forever at the blue-blood ivy graduate reference– What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Because, criticizing the extremely easy to criticize Chinese society doesn’t mean someone is claiming themselves superior. Are you sure you’re not a clone of ‘monkeekong.’ “Get off my American high horse.” lol Make me. If I was a guy from Ghana, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, you wouldn’t say “get off of your African high horse” would you? So what image are you conjuring up of me? You Asian men are the most sensitive/pussy, I swear.

          • megantron

            LOL at you thinking I’m an Asian guy. You’re clearly unfamiliar with American pop culture or Western names because I feel like my username is pretty obviously a pun on my very western, very female name. I am definitely NOT a Chinese national; I am an ethnically Chinese woman but I was born and raised in the United States (and where I still reside to this day). And believe you me, I do find plenty to criticize about Chinese society, but the holier-than-thou attitude of so many of the ex-pats on this forum is infuriating. Obligatory: Since China sucks so much, why don’t you go home to your country of origin and give the Chinese a break from your incessant whining?

            Monkeekong seems alright though, judging from some of his comments. Not sure why you mentioned Ghana (whose citizens don’t have a shitty reputation around the world, to my knowledge) especially when most of the ex-pats who frequent this forum are from the United States or Europe. Then again, I wouldn’t think that a guy who actually said “lol make me” (really? a grown-ass man saying that?) is capable of forming an intelligent argument. Also, WAY2GO with that fun “Asian men are sensitive pussies!” statement. We all now know you’re a racist piece of shit!

          • Chris Granzow XI

            One glance through your posts (thanks monkeekong for showing me this is possible) I see you have a penchant for calling a plethora of random things ‘racist.’ Apparently you even wrote an entire short-essay on why you deemed one episode of Community to be ‘racist.’ It’s as if you just took a freshmen sociology class, and now you know how to properly play the race card.

          • megantron

            Er…I don’t believe that I have ever deemed an episode of Community to be racist. Community is one of my favorite shows (although that last season was pretty crappy). I can’t be bothered to go back through all my previous comments but just from my most recent ones, it seems like I was pointing out how Community, unlike Glee, is an example of a TV show that does racial humor well and features PoCs prominently. Maybe you should have taken a longer glance? Reading comprehension, learn it.

            While you’re at it, you might benefit from a Sociology 101 class yourself. Some of us have spent our lives as the “other” –I don’t need a seminar to teach me about my racial experience. I’m just going to have to direct you to these essays about racial privilege and hope that you’ll educate yourself (although you probably won’t):

            I recognize there’s no point in arguing with someone who thinks that the things I call out as racist are “random” (which I take to mean as unwarranted or otherwise undeserved). Like the time I called out Galliano — because his anti-Semitic rant was random and unwarranted, AMIRITE

            Since there’s pretty much no point in continuing this conversation (which barely qualifies as one, imo –you didn’t actually respond to any of my arguments and furthermore, you have piss-poor reading comprehension and are constantly bringing up irrelevant or inaccurate points), I’m off to something more challenging. Hopefully I’ll find someone more intellectually rigorous than you and who is capable of rhetoric that’s more meaningful than “lol make me” –maybe I should try a One Direction forum populated by 13 year old girls and argue who’s the best looking member.

            [LEMON OUT.]

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Your 2 words for the day are: envy and inferiority. No other reason why you would speak with such a thorough, yet unwarranted hatred towards me. And then you refer me to Tim Wise? lmfao. That’s the equivalent of me referring a black man to ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin.’ Maybe it’s high time you abandon the defense mechanism of crying racism anytime a white person says something that makes you question yourself, and get off of YOUR high horse. After all, this all started with you defending dogs being cruelly killed and abused. I’m racist, yet that’s the length you’ll go for ethnocentrism. Btw, you know there’s another article on here about a Chinese military singer’s son being involved in a gang rape. You want to go over to that page and leave some comments defending him? He is, Chinese ya know. After all, that is all that matters, right?

          • megantron

            /sighs, picks up dropped mic

            You crackers are all the same. You make false equivalencies with the situations of black people (nope, there is no white equivalent of an Uncle Tom, SRY2SAY) and other PoCs, and you assume that I’m going to defend shitheads just because we share the same ethnicity. Get this straight: I’m not going to defend a rapist just because he’s Chinese. My mother and father fled China’s communist regime 30 years ago…Do you honestly think that I have any love for the country’s government and military officials? I reserve some of my greatest contempt for the the entitled children of its leaders.

            But I also don’t tolerate people making racist and sweeping generalizations about the vast majority of its citizens and culture. I’m really done here. As a lifelong feminist, I just couldn’t keep quiet about the ridiculous accusation that I would ever defend a rapist. You can keep making inane ad hominem attacks instead of actually addressing anything I’ve said because no matter what you reply to me with, it’s probably going to be way off the fucking mark, like with everything else you’ve already said.

            That high horse comment really hit a nerve with you, didn’t it? Otherwise, why would you keep bringing that up?

            Oh and btw, that 1D forum sends their love. They say Zayn Malik is the cutest! <3 <3 <3

          • I was just about to tell him how your comments were actually warranted, that he was being racist, etc…but then I saw that all of us crackers are the same. Now I have to compare my situation with that of black people. Siiiigh

          • megantron

            Hi Whiskers,

            Thanks for your comment. If you look at the link I posted in my reply to Chris Whateverthefuck, you’ll see why that the term really isn’t equivalent to any racial slurs directed toward PoCs.

            For the record, I wouldn’t call a non-redneck, non-racist white person a cracker. I use the term exclusively for people like him who seriously use the term lib-tard (cool, now we’re being ableist!) and are apparently internet-psychiatrists who would like to diagnose me as having an “inferiority complex, feeling inadequate, feeling like an outsider, ‘vengeance,’ jealousy, envy, sexual f rustration, resentment”. Sure thing, buddy. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

            Whiskers, I wouldn’t call someone like yourself a cracker, but you also shouldn’t be offended if PoCs use that word to express our displeasure with assholes. Thanks for agreeing with me otherwise.

          • Haha, I know, I was just giving you shit. I am from redneck-land (rural Texas) by birth, Hillbilly-land (mountainous kind-of-rural Arkansas) by choice, though, and I did get a nice red sunburn on my neck today. But in remembrance of Paula Deen and her post-robbery anger, I really don’t think racial slurs should be used for any frustration or anger towards someone, if only for the sake of not mistakenly getting more panties in a wad than you would otherwise want (mine stayed un-wadded, though, no worries).

          • megantron

            It’s great to hear that there are good self-professed rednecks like you out there. Geographic location in itself means very little –many east coast liberals are insufferable in a completely different way. I’m from the Washington DC region myself, so I’m completely used to Americans talking shit about us. I can’t say it’s completely undeserved, haha.

            IMO and as other people have written about (much more elegantly than I am capable of), “cracker’ is nowhere near as damaging/offensive as other racial slurs which actually have a sordid history of violence and oppression behind them. However, you’re right that it’s probably not a good idea to say it anyway (and indeed, it’s usually said out of anger when it’s clear the other party is dismissive of your frustrations). Certainly it will not endear you to anyone or cause anyone else to change their mind, although in the case of that dude, we’ll never agree on anything anyway. Thanks for being cool about it though.

          • I would confess myself to be a hillbilly long before I say I am a redneck. To me, rednecks represent the douchebag of the countryfolk. They’re generally the gun-nut, racist, loud-mouthed type. Hillbillies, to me, are the more open, kept-to-themselves, but definitely country-as-fuck overall wearing mountain people. I’m neither, but you know what I mean. I wish I knew how to play banjo.

            Cracker doesn’t really offend me, just like any of the other racial slurs attempted to hurt the feelings of white people (Louis CK had a great piece on this). But, it does make me roll my eyes hard enough to pull a few muscles and I am forced to judge anyone who says it. Not in the same way as I judge anyone saying “chink” or “nigger”, but more in a “oh, yeah, oooookaaaay” eye rolling gesture. But, again, I assumed it was a tit-for-tat sort of thing when you said it, so you know. I’m pretty liberal, but luckily I got all of our version of obnoxious high-and-mighty attitude out of my system long ago.

          • mr.wiener
          • Chris Granzow XI

            Isn’t it our place to decide what offends us and what doesn’t? Like I said, you’re the arrogant, ignorant and out of touch one here. I guess the word ‘chink’ or ‘wetback’ is now okay in your book because there’s no history of slavery or violence behind it. If you’re going to be a liberal, at least do it right ;)

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Bet you won’t put a picture up here, or your real name, or profile like I did though. I could ‘obliterate’ all the bubbling contradictions in your speech, but you’re clearly just a brain-dead libtard who reads Salon and other similar publications who demonize white-hetero males. Hopefully, one day you’ll realize that you yourself are the racist one. If you dislike white men so much, how about you stop using all the things they invented that make your life easier. Never vacation to the countries and cities they founded (Paris, Rome, Venice, Berlin, London, Madrid, Moscow, anywhere in Europe basically). In the meantime, I’m just left to ponder the source of your malaise: inferiority complex, feeling inadequate, feeling like an outsider, jealousy, envy, sexual frustration, resentment……Reminds me of something I read the other day.
            amnation. com/ vfr/ archives/ 023942.html

          • megantron

            Honey, some of us actually have jobs and other social obligations where we don’t want our names/faces linked with what we say online. (Plus, have you ever opened a newspaper? Hear of a little organization called the NSA?) Not that I have said anything here that I’m ashamed or even afraid of being linked to, but being smart about my online presence is not the same as being cowardly. I really doubt that my employers want to find out about my opinions about Game of Thrones or even whatever I have to say about a wannabe think-piece from Salon (nice try btw –Salon is entertaining but a little trashy for my taste. I would have hoped that you at least thought me more of the New Yorker-and-NPR, wine-imbibing liberal swine type that I am). I separate my professional life from my online life. Perhaps you should think about doing the same: It might be what’s preventing you from advancing in life when your would-be employers are seeing your hateful comments (unless you’re working at FoxNews, in which case, carry on!)

            Also: I don’t give a fuck about who you are because you’re just another dumb redneck (It’s funny that you think I hate all white men when really, I just specifically dislike your type), so unlike you and your weird obsession with who I am and my previous comments, I don’t give a fuck if you’re using your real name and photo in your avatar. All that shit is meaningless to me because I have no desire to google your name and find out whatever the heck your sad little life is all about.

            You’re not going to obliterate the contradictions in my arguments because you’re unable to –let’s not pretend that it’s because you don’t want to. It’s also why you keep attacking my person and making shit up about me –you could have easily spent the last 1000 words you wrote (all about me and my supposed insecurities, I may add) on actually formulating some intelligible arguments about the moral issues surrounding eating dog meat, but it seems to me that you’re more interested in me as the commenter as opposed to my comments. In the immortal words of Regina George: “Why are you so obsessed with me?”

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Tldr. Please. I make more in a week than you do in a quarter. For someone who’s too busy, you sure like to keep responding to me after I say ‘I’m done.’ And I guess you would want to keep yourself anonymous…..wouldn’t want your presumably white boss (assuming you actually have a job) to know you throw around the word cracker more than Chris Rock on HBO. Either way your ignorant, homely, and boring. Don’t waste my time.

          • She called you a racist after you said this:

            “You Asian men are the most sensitive/pussy, I swear.”

            It had nothing to do with the dog meat issue.

            If you called her racist for saying “You crackers are all the same”, no one would hold that against you. Both comments are quite obviously racist, and it doesn’t take an over-zealous PC blowhard to realize that.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Except for the fact that she didn’t initially respond to me because I said that. She first responded to me because she couldn’t handle the fact that a white guy was criticizing her country, even lauding me to get off of my ‘high-horse.’ My suspicion is further confirmed by the fact that she refers me to Tim Wise (google him and you’ll understand). N.e. ways this has been dragged-out too far. Animal cruelty=Bad. Simple as that. I’m done.

          • She mentioned neither your race nor Tim Wise until *after* you made that remark.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            ?? Read what I wrote again and act as if you have a verbal intelligence level higher than that of a 5th grader this time. ‘Get off of your american high-horse’ is racial to me. If I was doing an unreasonably high-standard criticism of something minor, that comment wouldn’t faze me. But, if I’m not, and the situation is very offensive to people of all races in this world (i.e. animal cruelty, killing dogs, eating them), then implying that I hold such a view solely because my nose is up in the air is not only off-color, but quite frankly stupid.

          • But I’m only in fifth grade.

          • Our nationality isn’t a race, dude. I like America and all, but really to suggest we’re a race is taking a bit too far. You might could argue that it’s discriminatory, still. I don’t think it’s an offensive situation to all races. The Swiss eat dogs, too. Of course not all of them, and there are plenty that are against it, but there’s plenty of Chinese that are against it, as well. I, personally, have no problem with eating dogs or any other animal, so long as it’s not human (because I’m a human), not an endangered species, killed humanely, and in a sustainable manner. I bet I’m the whitest person on this forum.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            If that’s so, why didn’t she say anything to other Asians who expressed similar opinions to mine? Either way, in the end she showed her true colors, and showed that I was right in my assumptions.

    • donscarletti

      The Japanese invented live sashimi and that thing with the baby loaches and tofu. I’m pretty sure they’re thinking hard of something more perverse and fucked up rather than condemning.

    • Considering what the Japanese did to who they deemed “uncivilized”, I wouldn’t really reference the 1930s Japanese as some kind of bastion of civilized behavior.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        I was referencing the Meiji restoration-era Japan (1865-ish) …….decades before wwii.

        • Welp, turns out that they ended up being even more uncivilized than those they deemed “uncivilized”. Decades later during WWII.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            The only place you can find dog meat in Japan is in Chinese and Korean restaurants ;)

          • Well, is it the abuse of the animals that’s the problem, or just the fact that it’s dogs?

          • Chris Granzow XI


    • Dr Sun

      In Florida (that’s in the USA, in case you don’t know) they chuck live lobsters into boiling water !! and they have Chicken concentration camps (farms) and theres even been reports about something called badger baiting in the UK and dog fights.
      No wonder the Japanese considered the Americans and Brits uncivilized.

      • Even the aborted girl fetuses!
        (relax, that’s a joke)

      • Chris Granzow XI

        Wow. You sound like a complete moron.

        • Dr Sun

          is that the best retort you could come up with?, shows how weak your argument is

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Reread what you wrote. You don’t sound witty or sarcastic, you sound like a condescending asshole. You’re being disingenuous by implying that the dogs are treated as humanely as other livestock that are slaughtered……even though this whole article proves the opposite. So, yes, I stand firm: you sound like a complete moron.

          • Dr Sun

            I want trying to sound witty, I was simply showing you what a complete asshole and moron you are, as shown in your ignorant post, by reversing the countries .
            But then you dont go for “soft power” anyway do you ? you go for all out invasion, war, drones and killing humans on mass.
            so stop lecturing the chinese over a few dogs, you have way to much human blood on your hands.

          • markus peg

            I don’t want to get involved in this spat, but i want to point out. Not only is dog fighting banned and illegal in the UK, the UK was the 1st country in the world to make it illegal with the cruelty to animals act (1835). Also fox hunting has been partly banned (but has flaws in that law that need correcting)… So if it happens at least the law is on the side of the animals.

          • Dr Sun

            tell that to to dogs, badgers, hares and foxs, the humans don’t care, they continue to do it legal or not.

            Point being their killing animals for sport, Chinese kill for for food, so who is really being uncivilized ?

          • markus peg

            Most humans care, some don’t (that’s true with every country) [in your example both are uncivilized]

            But at least the law is trying to protect them. The first step is for the government to take action by introducing an anti cruelty law in China for cat crushing, dog hitting, and pointless painful deaths of animals that is complete unnecessary for the eating of the animal.

            if hitting the animal makes the meat more tender do it when the animal is dead like we do with most meats…

      • mr.wiener

        Japanese eating live fish.

  • tengu

    Vincent: Want some bacon?

    Jules: No man, I don’t eat pork.

    Vincent: Are you Jewish?

    Jules: Nah, I ain’t Jewish, I just don’t dig on swine, that’s all.

    Vincent: Why not?

    Jules: Pigs are filthy animals. I don’t eat filthy animals.

    Vincent: Bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood.

    Jules: Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherfucker. Pigs sleep and root in shit. That’s a filthy animal. I ain’t eat nothin’ that ain’t got sense enough to disregard its own feces.

    Vincent: How about a dog? Dogs eats its own feces.

    Jules: I don’t eat dog either.

    Vincent: Yeah, but do you consider a dog to be a filthy animal?

    Jules: I wouldn’t go so far as to call a dog filthy but they’re definitely dirty. But, a dog’s got personality. Personality goes a long way.

    Vincent: Ah, so by that rationale, if a pig had a better personality, he would cease to be a filthy animal. Is that true?

    Jules: Well we’d have to be talkin’ about one charming motherfuckin’ pig. I mean he’d have to be ten times more charmin’ than that Arnold on Green Acres, you know what I’m sayin’?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    You merikans like to eat dogs too, hot ones.

    • Mighty曹

      Some are just being hot dogs.

  • SmackChina

    Why shouldn’t the people of Guangxi treat dogs any differently than they treat each other?,9171,160807,00.html

  • TJDubs

    Considering that pets are generally much better taken care of than livestock, I imagine that the meat of well-spoiled pet can fetch a significantly higher price than that of a farm-raised creature. Imagine a free source of kobe-beef quality meat.

    Combine the demand for this “premium” product with people’s eagerness to make money regardless of any morals they may have had, and you’ve got a rational economic explanation for this phenomenon.

  • grouch

    This just sums up China for me. Cruel hard place to exist not just for the animals but also the people. Why is it so shocking they treat dogs like this? Just look at how they treat the people whose backs they stand on to make a quick buck. Also these tits will steal other human’s placentas to eat just to get a false high of well being; not shocked just saddened.

  • BiggJ

    To me dogs hold a high place with humans. I personally would not eat a dog. They have earned my respect. Like my dog is one of my better friends. Shit… a dog wont cheat you, steal from you, talk shit behind your back. Dog are good buddies. The respect I have for my own dog carries on to all other dogs. So if I wont hurt or eat my own dog, I would not do that to another dog.

    If people want to eat dogs that’s fine. I have no problem with that. To each his own. Humans are top of the food chain and can eat any animal they want other then humans. I’m not going to judge anyone by that. But if you try to eat MY dog……I’m going to slit you throat and bury you in wood…that’s for real. My dog has earned that much respect from me. And my dog would do the same for me. If my dog seen me getting attacked he would try to kill the other person. Dogs hold a special place with humans.

    Dogs do many jobs too. They pull sleds, herd farm animals, hunt for game,
    find clues of crimes, inspect luggage for illegal drugs or food items,
    and hunt for missing persons. They serve as service dogs for those with
    disabilities. There are seeing-eye dogs and hearing-ear dogs. Dogs pull
    wheelchairs, turn lights off and on, pick up dropped items, and even
    call for help when it is needed. Dogs act as our guards and protectors
    without even being asked. Shit they will even go to war with you. No other animal has a track record with humans like that.

    So in the end, if people want to eat dog well they can, they have the right to. My respect for dogs is too high and would not do it. Just my own opinion.


      Although dogs are nothing special to me, I pretty much share the same sentiment regarding the part where people can eat dogs if they like but they shouldn’t force their beliefs on others. And of course they should never eat someone else’s pet dog. TO me pretty much any animal is fair game to be eaten. I’d even eat a cat given the chance, and I grew up with cats as pets. I just wish that the animals not be put through prolonged suffering. I mean if you’re going to kill any animal for food, just kill it as fast and as humanely as possible and then eat it.

    • Mighty曹

      BiggJ, here’s another ‘floating officials’.

      • BiggJ

        These guys are everywhere making sure shit is running smooth in china. ahah Making sure the dogs are up to chinese standards.

        • Mighty曹

          They are incorruptible and dutifully serving the public.

    • Monkeekong

      i wouldn’t go out of my way to eat a dog, but if it’s on the dinner table in front of me I have to admit i would eat it.

  • PixelPulse

    Let them eat dogs if they want to but they need to learn some fucking decency and respect for the life of these dogs.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Better yet, let’s educate them.

  • RocKStaR

    Dogs have gone to war with us, protected us, hunted with us. Throughout human history they have been a great asset to the human race and should be treated with respect.

    • BiggJ

      Yeah I agree. It more of a friendship/respect deal.

    • Mighty曹

      Man’s best friend.

    • Marcus Black

      We are humans yet we kill each other not for food but out of hate. why aren’t you protesting that instead of animals. dogs are loyal because they appreciate your help. If you see a dog in the street and do nothing for it, the dog will not even look at you. On the other hand, if you help it in its time of need, he will be forever loyal to you. It’s as simple as that.

      Humans should first focus on treating each other with respect before moving to other animals. At the end of the day its us humans against the world. Plain and simple. I do however think they need to kill the dogs quickly out of respect for life in general. Prolonged suffering is unnecessary and somewhat inhumane.

  • Jahar

    Dogs have been domesticated to be our companions, cows our food. I don’t really think It’s right to eat something that has raised to be your friend. That said, farmed correctly, I don’t have a huge problem with it either. Dogs off the street seem to have a bit of a health concern though. And the way they are killing/treating these animals is beyond humane. That I do have a problem with .I also agree(sort of) with the fellow below that land predators generally make shitty meals. This festival is uncivilized and barbaric. People reveling in their inhumane treatment of animals. I’m surprised they don’t have “Kill your own dog” restaurants.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Since I had thoughts I became Vegan, it’s just a logical thing to be … and you, corpse eaters, make me sick. In my eyes ya’ll are dog eaters!

  • ComaPrison

    I’ve never tried dog meat, but I’d definitely be willing to do so if it’s in a comfortable, hospitable, and clean dining environment (in a locale where it is legal). Might go down well with some cocktails.

  • mattman_183

    Cops start cracking down on illegal dog ownership during around the time of the dog meat festival. Just saying. Police be grillin’.

    • garbo

      Exactly the timing is no coincidence.

  • BiggJ

    Teach um young lol

    • Kieran Tsao

      Hello racist! And 3 likes too….

      • mr.wiener

        Ah , another blow-through. Welcome to chinasmack. The sense of self-righteousness you feel is entirely in your own mind.
        ….what gone already? Oh, other racists to find and unmask….I understand.

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    Animals. Makes so much sense to be a vegetarian after readying all that.

  • (.__.”}

    Apparently ‘man’s best friend’ tastes good, especially after all the suffering and misery they go through.

  • Crimsonarmor

    Oh my god, you sick fucks! a dog has been mans best friend for so long and you think eating them is OK? nutritious? and then people get angry when someone says “Chinese are the sick people of Asia” “zhunguo ren dong ya bing fu” I think that statement suits dog eaters in china perfectly. They are truly the sick people of Asia. Dogs are domesticated animals and they have personalities, they bring so much joy to families around the world. This is just too much, the Chinese are famous for copying others, they jumped right onto the band wagon following Korea with the dog eating culture. Why don’t they jump onto a more positive band wagon. I hope every dog meat eater suffers the most horrific death before going straight to the gates of hell to be dammed to a life time of eternal torment in the fires at the hands of Satan.

  • Dr Sun

    Dog meats great, had dog hotpot a couple of times over the winter, very tasty.
    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, you may be surprised.

  • Abbysal

    Dogs produce litters of up to like what 10 pups? There are stray dogs everywhere in the world. They are a source of protein, a source of meat just like a cow. How many dogs are put down all over the world every day? How much money goes into saving dogs every year? How many people die of starvation every day? How many little children that didn’t ask to be brought into this world cry of hunger? We need to start sorting our priorities out. We all need to stop bitching about eating things just because we like to keep them as pets. Everyone has eaten them at some point in history. They are dogs, animals, meat, that is all. You don’t want to eat them, don’t, but don’t rave on about other people doing it! Plus it’s a custom, stop trying to change other country’s customs.

  • loki

    I think, when people in general think of eating dog/cat meat. The general populous gets divided in to 2 main groups.

    the first being the group of people who think of a dog or cat (The ones they eat at least) as a wild or faceless animal. Easy to think it as meat and nothing else.

    The second being the group who believes that all dogs/cats are domesticated and affectionate. Leading to a feeling of empathy for the animals.

    I am a bit of both, I suppose seeing an animal (cat or dog) in the wild, and determining that is was indeed feral. I would have no problem putting the animal down. But if said animal came to me or showed signs of being domesticated (responds being called, petted, not scared of humans, no aggression…. etc.), I would at least make effort to take it in or take it to a vet/foster home.

    I am pretty sure nobody wants to eat a dog that has an owner is loved like a family member.

  • Raminess

    It’s not the animal that’s consumed that bothers me. It’s the abuse that animal goes through before it’s cooked and consumed that bothers me. I have no problem eating meat. But it will upset me if I learned the chicken I’m about to eat was scalded with hot water and plucked while still alive. That’s just unnecessary suffering.

    So if you’re gonna eat dogs, go ahead. It really isn’t an issue to me WHAT animal you eat (so long as it isn’t an endangered species), just… for goodness’ sake, don’t torture it before it’s slaughtered for consumption.

  • Max

    I wanna eat Chinese meat… i believe is more testy and sure have a lots!!

    • Monkeekong

      cannibals prefer asians over whites 10 to 1!

  • bee c

    First of all, Mcdonald follows FDA regulations which is purely American. Seriously if you looked into the history of dog meat, people have been eating it since… forever. Besides, the Chinese only eat it during WINTER. Why WINTER? Think about it. Alright, sure those are pretty cruel ways of killing dog and I’m not advocating eating dog meat but… meat is meat. According to the Genesis, “subduing the earth” Get it? There’s no such thing as Animal Heaven. PETA is shit and just complains too much. Guys, my friend tried to save an endangered bird but no one helped the bird and they just let it die. Why the fuck would they go and rescue dogs when an ENDANGERED bird needs more help?! Why not go save more pandas or rescue Chinese crocodiles?

    By the way, do you know how expensive “gassing” is? That’s why they don’t even like doing death penalty in the United States because it’s a complete waste of millions of dollars.

    Do you see Slaughterhouses doing gassing? NO!

  • DenjinJ

    Yuck… I wouldn’t usually want to eat a tertiary consumer like a dog. On top of that, I’ve seen them scavenge and eat found animal corpses, garbage, even feces. Why would you want to eat an animal like that?

  • Charles

    Dogs are delicious!

  • Meat meets Meek

    The first thing I’d like to do is establish that I don’t refer to, as many have already done so on this comment thread, refer to the chinese as a collective entity. Each citizen is entitled to their own idiosyncrasy, and their decisions are still their own, although diluted by traditions and national customs. It would be like saying that every single American owes his/her eating habits to the fast food industry or Oprah. But seriously, vegetables have feelings too? Now that’s just trying to wring the towel dry.. what on EARTH are vegans supposed to eat then! IMO, Insects will be the world’s cuisine in the near-future. Tasty, sustainable and nutritious – anybody watch that BBC documentary on them? Eyeopening!

    I wholly agree with this text from a chinese netizen above: “Every individual is free and you can rely on your charisma to influence others, but you can’t slander the Dog-Meat Festival and scold people who eat dog-meat just because they eat dog-meat.” – aOnce a year doesn’t hurt anybody. The government should however keep an eye on this event to make sure that it retains credulity and avoids corruption that could lead to a spawn of a new disease- think owner, dog, truck, other dogs, faeces, skinning, garbage, cooking, mouth(s).

  • mr.wiener

    Man’s best friend.

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