Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings for Girls During Summer

Stockings for girls that make your legs look like they are covered in hair, to prevent against perverts and lechers.

One of the most popular posts currently on China’s microblogging service Sina Weibo (at time of translation)…

From Sina Weibo:

@Happy张江: Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out. [xkl喜]

Stockings for girls that make your legs look like they are covered in hair, to prevent against perverts and lechers. >

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Damn, so disgusting!!!




No one will ear them, at least not girls.


[吐] This will not only prevent against perverts, it’ll definitely also result in preventing handsome guys from approaching you. When things go to the extreme, they can only go the opposite direction!!!


Bane of the school principal!!!


Essential for the subway?


Tell me this isn’t a female’s legs…


Too lifelike, this is manlier than the average man…


Quite stimulating…


If it has come to this, why not just wear pants? [非常汗] So unnecessary.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Anti-pervert? This is like fighting fire with fire.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      What if said pervert is into hairy legs?

      Then it’d be like putting out a fire with gasoline.

      • mr.wiener

        You have a point. I don’t mind hairy armpits myself. I guess I had too many hippy girlfriends.

        • Armpit stubble was an acquired tolerance in China

          • Mighty

            For once, Chinese have nothing on the Russian women in that department.

          • Hairystocking Lies


        • zef

          that, or late virginity made you able to accept to fuck a monkey. that poor thing.

          • Mighty

            Your mother really doesn’t shave her body hair?

          • zef

            is there a reason or a point behind this?

            see fauna, this is why i hate you with all my strength: because the most important project of your life is to expose china to idiots like him.

          • Mighty

            You’ll understand it later.

          • zef


          • Hairystocking Lies
          • Hairystocking Lies
          • fabulous

            This is why I hate HBO with all my strength: because the most important project in their life is to expose George R. R. Martin to idiots like him.

          • Hairystocking Lies

            THIS IS FAKE

          • fabulous

            This is why I hate Wendy’s with all my strength: because the most important project in their life is to expose square-patty burgers to idiots like him.

          • fabulous

            This is why I hate Youtube with all my strength: because the most important project of their life is to expose Dutch interview fails to idiots like him.

          • fabulous

            This is why I hate Walmart with all my strength: because the most important project in their life is to expose Backyard Grill 2-Burner Gas Grills for only $88 to idiots like him.

          • fabulous

            This is why I hate Mark Twain’s ‘Roughing It’ with all my strength: because the most important project in his life is to expose the criminal events at the founding of Salt Lake City to idiots like him.

          • Hairystocking Lies


          • Hairystocking Lies
          • Probotector

            Have you ever even seen a girl’s twat in real life?

          • zef

            no never, i am a virgin. but i don’t brag about it.

          • Probotector

            Who’s bragging about being a virgin? In any case, you just ridiculed someone else by accusing them of something that you are.

          • dfn

            ok i will put it slowly for the teacher:

            1. he was obviously bragging about having many girls / therefore my comment was sarcasm

            2. i was not accusing him, virgin is not an insult or a bad thing, i was just hoping he would stop bragging somehow

            3. i wanted to make him ridiculous for making his hippy “girlfriends” (if any) ridiculous.

          • Probotector

            Damn you’ve got sour grapes. Look at you trying to be patronizing. After all, Chinese are such intellectual high-fliers, aren’t they? I guess that’s why you need foreigners to help you with your English.

            Anyway, he was not bragging, he was talking about why he was okay with womens’ hairy armpits. However, when anyone even talks about anything remotely sexual, you infer that they are a ‘stalker’ or a ‘predator’. You were clearly attacking him because he talked about sex, and you hate it when foreigners talk about sex, because:

            1. you are pissed because you want to protect all the girls of China from the evil foreign imperial penises, and you can’t

            2. you’re not getting any.

          • ezg

            English is not the international language because you yourself are so great
            The fact that you look down at China makes me desperate since I never knew a teacher could look at students and think “what a bunch of losers”, I thought teachers were doing a job with meaning, passing on knowledge. In your case; it seems that you just needed a job, and that China, as a developing country, accepts teachers without a license. Why not go in India? Go there, then go on Indiasmack, say what you want, I won’t read.

          • Probotector

            “English is not the international language because you yourself are so great”

            I never said it was.

            I look down on Chinese people because of this kind of rhetoric:

            “the site makes me angry; because freedom of expression allows anyone to speak out, even and especially people who don’t agree with the point”.

            Anyway, your attitude is based on the notion that “if a foreigner speaks ill of China, he must be a loser”, and you obviously believe this to mask your insecurity. My reasons for choosing China are my own, and not just because I “needed a job”. There are other things I could do in China, it’s just you Chinese won’t let us, so the only option is teaching.

          • gz

            I call you a loser not because you speak ill of China; just because you are doing it an incredibly immature way that makes me hate Fauna for making the site available to you and hate you for being the kind of teacher Chinese students get.

            And from what you said:
            – You are not accepted for doing your job in China; why chosing China? Let me guess, companies don’t let you do “your job” in your own country too, right?
            – The only option is teaching; confirming that you don’t have the diploma or the qualifications and that you are obliged to do the only thing this society lets you do; isn’t that the definition of a loser? You are the stereotype of the loser teacher in China!

          • Probotector

            How am I being immature? How are you being mature?

            “You are not accepted for doing your job in China; why choosing China? Let me guess, companies don’t let you do “your job” in your own country too, right?”

            What have companies got to do with anything? I am in China because I want to be, not because I can’t get a job elsewhere. Only your xenophobia would lead you to that conclusion.

            “The only option is teaching; confirming that you don’t have the diploma or the qualifications and that you are obliged to do the only thing this society lets you do; isn’t that the definition of a loser? You are the stereotype of the loser teacher in China!”

            Um… no. The only option is teaching because Chinese people are all racist and consider it a loss of face to even have a foreigner in their country, let alone doing jobs that serve the society. Chinese believe that no foreigner can do any job better than they can. The only reason why you even have foreign teachers is because even you people have to accept that we teach English better than you can.

          • weg

            How am I being mature? Look at my content, look at yours, follow the logic. Make a list if you need to.
            Companies have to do with it because I’m guessing you would have to apply and join company to do your job (what you studied for)
            You are in China because you want to be, why be in a country you look down on? And obviously you feel unwelcome, hence the “parasitic” you didn’t understand last time. You are like vermine, people just want you out but no, you just… are there… We shower you wth bugspray, you run around in circles, but you just won’t leave…
            No I am not xenophobic. Believe it or not, there are more than just one possible reason to hate you.
            The loss of face thing is wrong, I can promise you that there are foreigners in China who do the very job you are being denied, and who are actually, welcomed here.
            And if they let you be a teacher, it’s not because they believe you to be a better teacher than they are, it is firstly because they can not afford a real teacher and because they still believe than being a native English speaker is an advantage.
            You are the living embodiement of the “loser in China” cliche. You are convinced that the girls you secretly take pictures of in their backs would have agreed should you have asked just like rapists always believe their victims to have been “begging for it”.
            Why stay in this country where “inferior people” insist on looking down on you? They don’t even let you do your own job, and you are still here! It’s like you are a surgeon working in a hospital, but they only let you wash the floor, and while you do it you just keep mumbling “you fucking losers, you make me wash the floor because you are all jealous of my surgeon skills and you don’t want to be in my shadow…”

          • Probotector

            Your excuses about me are ridiculously far fetched, all conjured up in your bitter imagination. It’s laughable how much my words hurt you.

            Who’s the bigger loser here?

            You openly admitted you’re a virgin, and proud of it.

            You said you hate other people if they speak freely in disagreement of you.

            You spent all of last night trolling foreigners on here.

            If you hate CS so much why not just leave?

          • SuperHappyCow

            What’s so bad about being a virgin? I wouldn’t mind still being a virgin if the girl that robbed me of it wasn’t so damn perfect. Still, it wouldn’t be so bad. Virgins are underrated.

          • ewf

            Actually there are not excuses they are thoughts, points.

            I didn’t fetch anything, everything is based on information you have given yourself.

            -You are in China because you want to be in China (Source: you said it)

            -But the Chinese don’t let you do your own job in China, they only let you be a teacher. (Source: you said it)

            -You feel racism from all the Chinese around you (Source: you said all Chinese are racists), the logical deduction is that the Chinese around you don’t like you (God knows why)

            On the other hand, you argumentation is actually “fetched”, and far-fetched.

            When you say that I am insecure, that I am not getting any, that the Chinese are all racists, that the Chinese are arrogant and ignorant (since they don’t want to admit you are better -at you job and at the teaching job- than they are), and they let you be a teacher because they “are obligated to admit being inferior in this area”.

            The only judgment I gave is that you are an arrogant unwelcomed parasite, and even that isn’t far-fetched since it’s deduction from what you said. Arrogant since you are convinced of others ignorance and stupidity without any kind of logical reasoning, you believe girls want to be photographed by you anytime you want, unwelcomed since you feel racism from all Chinese (your interpretation of their despise of you), parasitic because even if they don’t let you do your job and despise you, you still won’t leave.

          • ewf

            Last point for the parasite thing: you obviously don’t like the Chinese either, since you look down on them for several reasons (and probably others)

            So frankly you have absolutely no reason to stay! And I don’t go on CS because I like CS, I go because I am curious about the damage it makes. CS is by nature a magnet to the laowai (foreign losers in China, which doesn’t include all foreigners of course)

          • Probotector

            Then try to change China and stop bitching.

          • weh

            This is what you don’t get, you look down on Chinese and they despise you (“are racist”), it doesn’t mean that it should change so that you feel at home! You feel so unhappy and unwelcomed in this underdeveloped and close-minded country, I can’t stress this enough, make yourself a favor and get the hell out!

          • Probotector

            You’re right. Asking a Chinese person to be nice and fair and decent is asking to much.

          • weg

            Here it is. Chinese people are not nice, not fair, not decent. They are racist, they don’t understand how inferior they are, they don’t let you do the job you want. The result is that you are unhappy, your very presence make Chinese people unhappy (“all Chinese are racists”), then why in the name of God are you still here?
            Take the hint, and go settle your scumnest somewhere else!

          • ewf

            Let’s make a deal. Leave China forever, and I will not say one word on CS ever again.

          • Probotector


          • ah

            The Parasitic Leech has spoken.

          • Kai

            You two are more alike than you are different. Both of you are complaining about a situation that both of you can be reasonably be accused of willingly subjecting yourself to.
            It’s hard to sympathize with either of you because both of you have such unreasonable opinions and rationalizations for your own behavior. Both of you either literally cannot or refuse to put yourselves in other people’s shoes.

          • pqwoi

            What qualifies you to interveve with such objective-to-be conclusions? Since you obviously know what you are talking about, put yourself in the shoes of those two people you are having a hard time sympathizing with, and tell us what you see

          • Kai

            Come on now, you and I, we go way back. I’ve said before, I can understand your motivations, I just disagree with your methods. Sympathizing with your gripes doesn’t necessitate agreeing with or condoning your subsequent behavior.

          • erg

            The Internet is supposed to be free. So there is no other method for me than arguing. Since Rusty is blacklisted on the forum, now I change name everytime.
            This site is the only one of its kind. I just can’t believe its about China and created by Chinese. Chinese culture is supposed to be one of harmony, of control, of discretion. It is as fascinating as some legends like Atlantis.
            But you treat it like vulgar news on tabloids.
            It’s like you are trying to show the world that China is not that great when you look at it, while inviting foreigners to give advice.
            I just can’t let go. And I don’t care what the idiots in your fancrowd believe. Because I think you have very well noticed they are not smart. So, I don’t understand why you keep hashing your own culture into little pieces for those insects to eat.

          • mr.wiener

            You like your sister?
            Or erg is your brother?

          • Kai

            Yes, I know why you keep changing your name, but do you even know why you were initially moderated under Rusty? It isn’t because you have objections to the existence of this website, or that you are critical of whatever you assume our motivations to be, it is because we do draw certain lines.

            You crossed over into trolling and harassing people. We may be gracious and secure enough to tolerate criticism against ourselves but that doesn’t mean we have to tolerate people using our own website to harass us or others.

            The fact that you go through such trouble to circumvent our moderation just demonstrates how motivated you are to either make yourself heard or intentionally make life difficult for others. I’m asking you to behave like an adult, take advantage of our wide latitude in what is tolerated on this site but avoid crossing the few lines we do have. It’s all in our comment policy. Please, by all means argue your points, but learn the line between arguing and harassing people. If you want to disagree with what others say, disagree with them, argue your points, but don’t troll and harass. You do understand that when you do that, you only hurt your case in front of everyone else, right? Even if people were sympathetic with your initial disagreement, they end up hating your guts because you’re so petty.

            This site is totally NOT the only one of its kind. Get out into the world more. Yes, we can argue that cS was the first site to emphasize translation of popular Chinese internet stories and samples of netizen discussions, but are you seriously so ignorant that you don’t know of any other site that does similar reporting for other countries? Even cS has a Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, and Russian sister site, where the people behind them are Koreans, Japanese, Indonesian, and Russian. There are also critics of those sites, calling the people behind them race-traitors too.

            Chinese culture is mutable. It aspires for harmony, yes, but it is definitely not one that has been a great exemplar of harmony. Of control? I don’t think so, not ultimately more so than any other culture. Same with discretion. Those are what YOU want Chinese culture to be. It is not for YOU to decide what OTHER Chinese people should believe their culture is about, or to even change their culture, whether intentionally or not. What if other Chinese people believe their culture is one of diversity? Of diversity of opinion? A culture that can be secure in recognizing that it is not perfect? A culture that finds value in the beauty and ugliness of everyone that is part of it?

            I hate to do this, because it is so fucking cliche, but is Chinese culture not also about balance, but also a balance that exists in constant ? About yin and yang? About light giving way to dark and dark giving way to light? About how these things are interconnected to each other, and that their mutual existence is the foundation of everything in the world? Do you think there can be Chinese beauty without Chinese ugly? That there can be Chinese compassion without Chinese apathy? What do you really know about Chinese culture?

            We’re not trying to show the world that China is not that great because we don’t believe it is “that” great in the first place. Not that many people think China is “that” great in the first place. What is “that” great anyway? There is so much for Chinese to be proud of but China is China. There’s a reality. That reality is not uniformly good or bad. It just is. We try to show an aspect of that, as intellectually honestly as we can.

            Hell, we can argue that many foreigners think China is an awful place, one where all the people are brainwashed mindless robots without a single individual thought of their own and that the news media is all propaganda and zero honest journalism. We believe both of these negative stereotypes about China that many foreigners ignorant hold to are easily disproven by what we’ve translated from the Chinese internet. Even with setbacks, there has never been a time in China where the average Chinese person has had so much access to so much information and so many tools to make their voices heard, for better or for worse.

            There’s a difference between a person arguing to a foreigner that Chinese people are actually not that different from them, and a foreigner seeing a Chinese person say something they themselves can agree and identify with. There’s telling people and then there is showing people. Do you think people are more receptive to changing their notions about something if they’re told or if they figure it out on their own? How can they figure it out on their own if they don’t have access to information? Do you really think you can convince foreigners that Chinese people are “that” great by making sure they only see the side you think is “good” and thus want them to see?

            We don’t invite foreigners to give advice. We invite people to discuss. People will give advice whether you want them to or not. Sometimes that advice is good, so don’t close your ears to them. Other times, it’s an opportunity for you to engage them in discussion that might result in them becoming more knowledgable and nuanced in their understanding of China.

            I understand that even after all of this discussion you may not absorb a single thing I’ve said. You may not agree with anything, you may not even open your ears to it and give it a chance. Our values may simply be that different. However, for the love of god, please extend the most basic amount of common decency and abide by the ground rules of our comments section. If you need clarification on our rules, please ask. You think us running this site embarrasses Chinese people. Have you considered that others might consider the way you behave in these comments as embarrassing Chinese people as well? That you have to slither around repeatedly using fake identities in order to harass people for petty vengance just because they don’t agree with you? Come on, dude, be a BETTER Chinese person than that.

          • Lol yeah suuuure, try & convince me that the loss of face thing isn’t true when Chinese language schools are eager to hire me when they see my resume/ hear me talk/ notice my qualifications, but as soon as we have a Skype conversation & they realise I’m a brown person, they make up ALL kinds of excuses as to why they can suddenly no longer hire me…

          • Hairystocking Lies
          • Beelzebub

            Killfile, or would you like us to do as your netizens do and hunt you down, ignorant troll that you are.

          • Hairystocking Lies


          • Hairystocking Lies
          • Beelzebub

            why not go TO India? Seems you need an english teacher, now whip your head out of your arse, and light another cigarette and CLEAN those toilets, I mean CLEAN them, monkey boy.

          • Hairystocking Lies
          • Beelzebub

            ignore the troll, he has just discovered this site,tell him to come back when his balls have dropped, keep up the good fight pb!

          • Hairystocking Lies


          • Hairystocking Lies

            FAKE STORY-

          • Hairystocking Lies

            FAKE STORY

          • Hairystocking Lies
          • Mighty

            Just the one he came out.

          • Hairystocking Lies
          • mr.wiener

            Guilty as charged M’lud.

          • Hairystocking Lies

          Ewwwwwwwww, you don’t mind hairy armpits. What kind of pervert are you.

          • mr.wiener

            This from the man who likes flatulence? To each his own mate.


            Take it easy, wiener, I was just trying to make a joke :) I also don’t mind hairy armpits on girls, after all it’s natural.

          • mr.wiener

            I know, I forgot to put the smiley :)
            Also it’s important to remember hairy asian girls usually smell less “strong” than white girls, particularly gingers. That said provided they don’t smell like a dumpster in summer there is a lot you’ll put up with to get laid when you’re a young fella.

          • SuperHappyCow

            That’s weird. I find that to be totally untrue. D:

          • mr.wiener

            Which bit? Redheads being more whiffy than Asian chicks, or guys putting up with a bit of cheese on that taco?

          • SuperHappyCow

            The bit with the redheads.

          • mr.wiener

            More power to you bro. My first was a redhead with big ol’ boobs. lots of fun to be with, great in the sack. I wasn’t going to let a bit of [perceived] BO get in the way of that.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Yeah. My first lady was a super nerdy, unimaginably hot cougarish professor type from Taiwan with these unstoppable D’s and internal forces that contested singularities.

            Anyway, the lady smelled just like anyone ever. Same goes for any girls from that area that I dated and “dated.”


            Agree about Asians being less smelly in general, some Asian girls hardly smell even after sweating a bit. That said the smelliest person I’ve ever had the misfortune of being around was this overweight Chinese guy at my high school. I could smell him from 10 feet away. Anything closer and I’d get nauseous.

        • SuperHappyCow

          I stopped not-minding it the day I started dating a girl with them. : (

        • Washington Bullets

          French Rapunzel.

          • mr.wiener

            Rapunzel is actually a type of German cabbage [in the Grimm bros. original story the farmer had to give his daughter up to the witch for stealing cabbage]
            Can you have a French German cabbage?

        • Hairystocking Lies

          THIS IS FAKE

      • Hairystocking Lies


    • i bet you want to nibble her toes, force her to make some animal noise, while stroking her hairy calf as if its one of your favourite and lovable pet! Anyway thats what hairy legs are for.

    • Hairystocking Lies


    • Hairystocking Lies


  • Hank

    will blend right in with the jungle bush anyways

    • zef

      same as every girl in the world

    • Whitesalwaysright?

      Another closet pedo, the less hair the better eh Hank?

      • jon776

        Hair is evil.

      • Alex

        You’re one of “those”?


      • PimpDaddyWiteBoy

        i dont like to floss and eat at the same time…

  • MrT

    Never known any girl in China not wanting attention from men- period.
    Clearly this if for the men to wear, man up so to say.
    Also good in winter on motorbike.

    • Alex

      *girls everywhere


      But I do agree here is a little more emphasized with the little empress behaviour.

    • Mighty

      Wear one to potter about and be called ‘Hairy Potter’.

  • Nick in Beijing

    Slow news day, eh?

    • MrT

      yea one as only got to do the standard tours of the other 20 web sites putting the boot in on china to find the “hot topic” of the days on weibo or whatever else.
      Seem the tea boy at CS only one with internet access.

  • I love Chinese girls

    Chinese girls legs are so…….

    • MrT

      usually quite hairy already?

      • I love Chinese girls

        That’s funny, but no. I find their legs sexy.

        • MrT

          that as well, goes with out saying!

        • fe

          Hence the apparition of the hairy stockings. To make you look away. Like your own legs. Just look at your own legs.

      • Alex

        Oh damn, I’ve seen my good fair of hairy legs in China…my goodness…

        • MrT

          yea its a killer when the lights go on..

    • mr.wiener

      ..Short and bandy.

      • Mighty

        Legs to torso ratio is not good. And they love to wear boots.

        • allfreedoom

          Western way to see beauty: long legs and blue eyes. Asians they have their beauty as they are, the same as latinos or amerindians, arabic or blacks.
          Who decides which is better? NO ANSWER…

          • Mighty

            It’s not Western or Eastern ways at all. It’s all an individual’s preference. I like leggy girls. Most of my friends like busty ones.

          • wg

            Does anyone like you?

          • Mighty

            I don’t know and I don’t care.

  • Jay K.

    instead of this slow news, why not put out the hot topic right now of China’s soccer team being so abysmal in the friendlies. they even caused a mini riot by stopping the boss from leaving and chanting for camacho to resign

    • Germandude

      So you admit that you are watching Chinese football?

      • MrT

        Sven Goran Eriksson just arrived here to coach, so must be something going on with it..

  • mattman_183

    Hairy leg stockings complement the pits quite well.

  • 剑胆琴心


    but makes me feel so hot…

    every summer in shanghai,i sweat like rain…

    • MrT

      you wear them?

      • 剑胆琴心

        but today is so hot here.
        i feel like in sauna.but i feel happy.because my skin will be like new born in summer.all dark marks from acne will fade away…and all acne disappear in summer.but beriberi comes out,sigh!

        • MrT

          how old u? 17

  • 2squared

    Oh dear jesus x_x Lord have mercy

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    what I dont get is why some of these women in China wear these skin colored stockings… that’s just such a horrible and perplexing fashion choice. if you are self-conscious, wear pants. if you want to show your legs, then show your damn legs.

    it’s along the same lines as everyone photoshoping their photos in China. it’s just par the course to try to deceive and end up looking ridiculous.

    • Mighty

      Great point.

    • gez

      The perv brain can only assume that a girl who wears shorts does it with the specific intention of showing her legs. No surprise Mighty believe it to be a great point. A brain teaser for you: maybe an other reasons would be that… when weather is hot, shorts are more comfortable. Just saying.

      • Mighty

        Beijinger was talking about a different topic regarding ‘perplexing fashion choice’. NOT about summer wear in hot weather. Your brain got teased by that?

        • zef

          The stockings are worn in winter. By any girl in any country. Still not for showing their legs though.

          • Mighty

            You’re not getting this. Beijinger was wondering why some women wear skin colored stockings. Nothing to do about summer or winter.

          • zef

            it has a lot to do with it actually: they do it in the winter as a fashion choice, not for showing their legs. if you still don’t get it, shut up.

          • Mighty

            You’re still talking about ‘winter’. STFU already.

          • zeg

            yes, that’s what i just said. both sentences.

      • Beelzebub

        So can men wear boxers shorts outside then. Just saying, don’t give me this all Chinese girls are conservative crap, they all bonk before marriage and want guys to notice them, that said this is still the saudi arabia of asia.

    • To look “natural” while being spf45 proof?

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Lmao I can’t imagine any of my girl friends wearing this! … might make a good joke present to give to someone.

    Nah, I might get killed for that.

  • Rick in China

    You’re all missing the true reason these WILL sell:

    Ugly girls will buy them, wear them, and can proudly proclaim “I’m successfully keeping the boys away! Haha, they’re so mafan!” – when in reality, they were always ‘away’, at least this way it allows them to feel like it’s because of their choice.

  • Bababoom

    Maybe they’d wanna try pants?

    • MrT

      too simple…

  • slob

    Put a fucking bhurka on while you’re at it retard.

    • MrT

      they started that as well. no clue why their wearing it, perhaps because they bat sht ugly and its a good excuse to say they have religion

      • zef

        there are ugly people and they are not less worth to live than you do; or to have religion.

        • MrT

          yea China they just do it one because they think its cool two they ugly.

  • Wow

    This makes my dick soft.

    • mr.wiener

      Thanks for sharing that.

    • Boris

      What if they were crotchless?

      • MrT

        you wouldn’t know.

        • Probotector


        • SuperHappyCow

          Laughing at your own jokes. Rofl. +1.

          • MrT

            wasn’t my joke, girl next to me told it.

    • MrT

      so your JJ is normally hard?

      • azf

        Mighty upvotes the posts that are about hard JJs.

        • Mighty

          You upload hard JJ’s in your ass.

          • zef

            believe me when i say that nobody in the world wants to have anything to do with your ass.

          • Mighty

            Good to know. Thank you.

    • zeh

      Mighty upvotes comments that are about soft JJs.

      • Mighty

        You download soft JJ’s in your mouth.

        • ezhg

          a little study: do you find yourself funny, smart, did you feel like winning just now? because your inability to even talk normally by itself justifies death penalty.
          there is just no other way to calm you down.

          • Mighty

            WTF? Look who was the first to post all that nonsense then come back and admit about your inability to talk normally.

          • zef

            so, answer? funny, smart, winning? anything?

          • Mighty

            Thank you Fauna, for exposing idiots like this.

          • ezg

            define exposing
            define idiot

          • Mighty

            Fauna = exposing
            Idiot = You

          • zef

            No no for once I am trying to have a conversation.
            You thank Fauna for exposing me. So the website I comment on “exposes me”?
            My point is that I don’t think that exposing China to your disgusting comments is a good thing.
            Why point makes the more sense to you? Or another way: which point makes any sense to you?

          • Mighty

            You cursed Fauna for exposing China to ‘idiots’ like me. So I thanked Fauna for exposing ‘idiots’ like you.
            If you’re trying to say that Fauna is not a pro-China site – as it exposes issues of China to foreigners, who make stupid comments – then I agree with you.

          • ktd

            i think you don’t understand “expose”. look it up.

          • Mighty

            Sure I Understand. Expose (v):
            1) To reveal what was once hidden
            2) You drop your pants in public

          • weg

            yes, so what was hidden and now revealed, what are you thankful for? go to the bottom of your logic, i can’t wait to be proven wrong by you, but you keep making me wait with childish answers.

          • Mighty

            Seeking anything but childish answers here shows your lack of intelligence.

          • dpaoi

            For once I agree with you.

          • Mighty曹

            You have to agree with me about Fauna too.

          • ktd

            ps. fauna is not a site, it’s a person.

          • Mighty

            Isn’t it a blogger?

  • mr.wiener

    Damn, Chinese netezins could careless about Snowden and the USA govt being the pot calling the kettle sooty arse hmm?
    Oh well, meanwhile back in China…….

    • 1_Zeitgeist_Movement_1

      The mod just don’t put the news. The news about NSA actually hit in Weibo and other Chinese sites last day.

    • The NSA goons roughed up the ChinaSMACK staff to make sure nothing about it gets posted, regardless of how popular it is on the Chinese interwebs.

    • Mighty

      I’ve been waiting for that article to appear so I can talk shits about the US gov’t.

  • Probotector

    Oh, so that’s what it is, they’re wearing anti-perv hosiery! I thought Chinese women just weren’t shaving their legs.

    • azf

      The entire post is about you. But that won’t stop you from taking pictures in their back I am sure.

      • Probotector

        Yeah, I really hurt your national pride with that one.

        • azd

          you do. but i should find myself another nationality and leave you crap all over the place, shouldn’t i.

          • Probotector

            If you want to.

          • ezg

            by curiosoty, where are you from? why leave? why china? why stalking students?

          • Probotector

            Why trolling?

          • ezv

            because the site makes me angry; because freedom of expression allows anyone to speak out, even and especially people who don’t agree with the point (especially is because censorship tends not to censor the opinions that go in the “right” direction)

          • Probotector


          • Beelzebub

            what bloody rubbish, that is the POINT of freedom of expression, go away hater and take a hike body!!!!

          • SuperHappyCow

            Why don’t you leave the country you chose to visit, even though you constantly bitch and moan about it?

          • Probotector

            Look who’s talking.

          • SuperHappyCow

            You? One day you’re going to realize that my wanting you to kill yourself is not arbitrary, and a result of your actions.

          • Probotector

            You just said you shouldn’t leave the US even if you weren’t born there, despite the fact that you hate it, so why should I do the same? You jut contradicted yourself.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Nope. I don’t really believe any of that shit. I’m just pointing out that you’re ridiculous. Feel free to ignore me, and get back to whining about China, though.

          • Probotector

            Then extend me the same courtesy and stop trolling.

          • SuperHappyCow

            “My name is Probotector. Sometimes I slip and call Chinese people dickless chinkies when I’ve been on the sauce all day posting on the internet and getting mega mad.”

          • weg

            “I peed in your mum”, i mean really?
            get the hell out too, deviant moron!

          • SuperHappyCow

            Depravity, deviance, debauchery. It’s all within the realm of being a cow. Why are you so surprised?

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    Be aware of the crabs !

  • asian don draper

    is there a taobao link for these stockings??

    • Mony Xie

      I did a quick search and found several sellers, but they all looked like scams to me since their prices were ridiculously high.

  • Mighty

    Father: “Make daughter legs look like Laowai and they won’t spread”.
    Mother: “That only make drunk Laowais see one big China vagina”.

    On a serious note, this is cruel on the girls.

    • qwf

      The point is that they prefer to look this disgusting rather than be looked at by losers like you. And the downvoting does not refute the fact.

      • Mighty

        That’s the reason your mother told you why she’s so hairy but won’t shave.

        • azg

          You make my point. I know you don’t understand how. Nevermind.

  • allfreedoom

    With this kind of stockings, chinese girls will look like my italian girl friend!!

  • hahahahaha!!! Morons, hairy legs to defend a horny toad…doubt that would levy the determined beast.

    • Mighty

      May even have the opposite effect and draw more attention to some perverts.

  • BrandeX

    Chinamen women already don’t shave their legs and pits and make the rest of us sick, without any fancy stockings.

    • zeg

      you should go back to your own country, where women don’t make you sick.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        his own country is a shit hole, that’s why he’s here.

        • gr

          I might be a troll but not once have I insulted someone without a point… I won’t say anything bad about his own country, but the poor thing obviously feels sick.
          So he should go back, or at least go to a country where women don’t make the poor thing sick. So, move out!

      • BrandeX

        Because having Chinamen join modern civilization is pretty much out of the question, am-I-right?
        My wife manages to shave, that’ll have to do.

        • ewg

          If the Amish can be Amish, why can’t the Chinese just be Chinese in peace? Why do you have to go in another culture and change it until it feels right to you?

          And I am very sorry for your wife, if only she could see your comments and kick you out. You are a green card bitch ^^

          • BrandeX

            rofl “Chinese green card”. I’ll stick with being American.

    • Pickle

      To be honest, I figured most Asian women don’t shave their legs because they dont need to do it.

  • MeCampbell30

    0 girls will wear this because girls actually care more about how they look then being ogled by the random pervert.

  • Hairy Bugga


  • Kiro

    I can totally imagine Japanese girls wearing these for fashion.

  • Eric Kollen

    How sexy! Where can I buy them? My friends like them as well!

  • S

    This is brilliant :)

  • Dolce&Banana

    Nothing compares to this whole body stocking.

    • Pickle

      Bigfoot! It’s real?!

      • LibNOTDem

        Turns out Bigfoot has small feet..

  • Devorak7

    Damn, they are really getting serious about that one – child per couple policy! Just another way to discourage reproduction. And it will probably work just as well as the other methods, too.

  • Marcus Muller

    Wow.. Looks like my brother’s legs! No joke lol. Though this surely will deter most perverts.. Unless they have a fetish for hairy girls.. But I imagine those are few.

  • Pickle

    People beautify themselves to attract others. With this they ugly up to detour others in approaching. Might as well wear an ugly mask and a fat suit if you are so beautifully irresistible that this accessory is necessary.


    i like this very hairy person on this picture and i am looking for someone like this person ijn my live for a serious relationship , marc

  • porno_monk

    A real pervert wont care ! lol

  • lin

    Uh, if this is all over the web…wouldn’t the perverts see this too? Therefore when they see ur legs, they’d know it’s fake. -_- what help does this do?

    Those people are right too, perverts will be perverts, they won’t change. And I also highly doubt anyone would wear this

  • layton9

    LOL That’s pretty funny though. Birthday gift for my gf she complains quite lot about the creepy old uncles especially on the bus to work.

  • Bethie

    These are the funniest things that i have EVER seen! Must have – costume addition. Where are they?

  • laduzi

    Actually I have seen a few Chinese women whose unshaved legs aren’t much different than this.

  • Calles

    Actually I feel that in China there are not so many perverts, I feel I can wear short pants and mini skirts without being worried some pervert will say something; well, or maybe they just don’t look at me the way they look at Chinese girls…


      If I had to guess I’d say that it’s probably the latter case. But there really are a lot of perverts in any country.

      • Calles

        I know, actually come Chinese are veyr weird when trying to approach to a girl, anyway, I just found out that in here for example women stare at my breasts more than men do. It’s funny and awkward…


          As a woman, you must know women love comparing themselves to other women. They’re just seeing how they measure up to a foreigner’s breasts, LOL.

  • HairyProud

    LMAO my legs look almost like this anyway hahahaha Shaving’s a bitch! it’s painful when the hair grows back in, so why cause myself pain to make someone else feel more comfortable about my own damn legs. But no, I will not wear shorts haha Just don’t walk into my house.

  • Da Ge


  • April

    Can I order 3 pairs plz??? Being cat called, barked at and constantly objectified is so annoying. I’d rather fend of pervs and non-pervs alike to walk home in peace.

  • SJ

    Interesting video about Body Hair!

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  • aclcla

    i want a pair!!! do you think we can get these on taobao?

  • Christopher S. Johnson

    Don’t forget Rule 34.

  • Flannel


  • Queen_Cunt

    This is clearly a man’s legs. Not stockings. Stocking technology hasn’t reached this level of realism. Think about it. A wig that doesn’t look totally fake costs hundreds of dollars and still doesn’t look that real. For stockings to be made to look EXACTLY like a man’s hairy legs, the cost would be enormous.

    • death_by_ivory

      And look at the toes,I hope those are not female toes.