“House Stealing Girl”: Beijing Post-90s Girl Angers Netizens

House Stealing Girl

"House Stealing Girl" Yingzi, a post-90s generation Beijing rich girl.

From Baidu Baike :

“House Stealing Girl”

[“抢” is not exactly “stealing” but it may be the simplest translation. It is more like “fighting with others for something”. Photos and translated captions from a post on]


2010, in a game contest where the contestant with the tallest number of floors would win a real house, a player named “Yingzi” became famous online. The reason was because this post-90s generation player is a member of the “wealthy second generation” in Beijing [child of rich parents], her family already possessing multiple single-family houses and low-income/affordable housing apartment units, and still she spend money employing many “mercenaries” to manipulate the [game’s] rankings. She boasted that she would definitely get the free house that was the contest’s major prize, and even sneered that the other netizens competing for the house with her were all dark “aunties” [often older, fat women] who are too poor to afford a house “I don’t need/care about some lousy house. Why when any one of my family’s houses are over 5 million? I just want to always be number one, to piss off those who criticize me.” Yingzi’s arrogant boasting then incited netizen attacks, with discussions about “House stealing girl” appearing on various major forums.

"House Stealing Girl" Yingzi, a post-90s generation Beijing rich girl.
Here is House Stealing Girl Yingzi's appropriately post-90s generation mental retard puffy face with pouting lips~~~

Outrageous quote 1: “Affordable/low-cost housing was never meant for poor people to live in. Could you guys afford to live in a 300 square meter double-story affordable/low-cost house with a roof patio?”

Outrageous quote 2: “The more someone is a poor devil who cannot afford a house, the more that person places all their life’s hopes on a house they can win from a game.”

Outrageous quote 3: “Those who are competing/fighting with me for the house are all poor devils who cannot afford a house, all dark aunties!”

Outrageous quote 4: “Those people who say I speak like a poorly-raised person, I can only say you lowly people seriously do not understand Beijing girls. I am just being honest, saying what I think, not like those wai di [out of town] girls who are so fake!”

This is one of her family's kitckens, the background is very gorgeous/resplendent, right? Notice the litter on the table, she's not just using a showroom/model home and pretending it is her's.

Netizen Voices:

Netizen “勾引罗宾222” said in response to a repost of “The House Stealing Girl Yingzi matter” post: “A Beijing post-90s generation daughter of a wealthy family’s words have brought out into the open society’s hidden/unwritten rules. I too know that those who can manage to purchase affordable/low-cost housing in Beijing are all people who have some background/connections. Those who can purchase a unit with a upstairs roof patio like your’s are even less likely to be ordinary people. It is precisely because of families like yours, who in society do everything they can to seize the resources of the poor, that has lead to the high housing prices today. The poor cannot afford houses [due to the increased market prices] nor can they get welfare housing.”

Netizen “亚里奇斯” said: “The penetrating words coming out of this not-yet 20-year-old post-90s generation, while apparently very unlike someone of her age and experience, has nonetheless skewered many people’s hearts. We can actually tolerate her silently using quietly hiring “mercenaries” to help her [in the game], but her provocative language, “Those competing for the house are all dark ant tribe/people, poor devils” and “You guys can’t beat me, first place will definitely be mine”, makes us consider if the education/upbringing of the post-90s wealthy second generation needs to be improved.”

Her sofa is also appropriately gorgeous/resplendent. I don't know if this has been Photoshopped before.

Rich show-off’s provocative behavior:

  1. Showed photographs of her luxurious house online, was discovered by netizens that her family has a house that was an affordable/low-cost housing unit in Tiantongyuan [in Beijing]. Not only did she refuse to admit it, she even said: “Affordable/low-cost housing was never meant for poor people to live in. Could you guys afford to live in a 300 square meter double-story affordable/low-cost house with a roof patio?”
  2. Provoked all of the netizens on the discussion forum, calling all of the people who compete for the house with her poor devils and dark old aunties, thus becoming “house stealing girl” according to netizens with the entire forum full of posts condemning her.
  3. Spent money hiring many university students to play the game for her, giving these people 6 yuan per hour as pay, even calling them ant people/tribe [young people from out of town who move to the city for more opportunities but live in poor situations], saying them willing to work so hard like this is because they cannot find work with higher pay than this.
  4. Having only graduated from high school but ridiculing university education. Said those who have completed university only come out to be ant people/tribe.
  5. Posted photographs of herself on the forum [using a false identity], saying how she is pretty like a goddess, is the community’s number one beauty, but discovered by netizens that she was using a false identity.
英子MM就喜欢发自己家的照片,以显示她上流社会的背景~ 这是坐在自己别墅门口的照片
Yingzi MM simply loves to post photos of her house, to demonstrate her upper-society background~ This is a photograph of her sitting in front of her single-family house.
This is the light on her front-yard's gate. Oh yeah, Yingzi calls this place a castle~
An screenshot of Yingzi's journal/blog, very princess-like, right? In Beijing, this kind of "castle" must be at least 10 million RMB.
This is Yingzi's servant's room. Niubi, right?~~~ Beijing's rich families have such luxurious servant rooms...
This room is so British...however, no one feels little MM Yingzi's outfit is very ****. Maybe today's post-90s generation think this is fashionable.
See also this wooden staircase, this is a multi-story home~~ This should be the same house as the above British style room~
The backyard of Yingzi's family's single-family house. Looks like abroad, right? But this is expensive Beijing! Anyone recognize this neighborhood? And they're all single-family homes~~
Ha, this picture is the one that exposed Yingzi's family's secrets! A picture of her standing on her own balcony/patio.
After Yingzi showed her family's balcony/patio, netizens uncover that the background is Beijing's famous Tiantongyuan low-cost/affordable housing development...
Netizens post a comparison photo of the Tiantongyuan low-cost/affordable housing development.

The significance of the Tiantongyuan discovery is that her family is occupying housing that they should not qualify for, preventing other people from purchasing them.

Comments from


Kids these days are truly crazy/ridiculous.


Tragic society! Tragic people!


I’ve seen ignorant rich people, but I’ve never seen ignorant rich people like this…


Very foolish, very naive.


I’m not being extreme: Just one look and you can tell this is a mental retard. Could the post-90s generation these days have been influenced by this materialistic society?


Just an insignificant girl, not worth getting angry over.


With regards to rich people, I’m relatively helpless! Especially since many are all of inferior characters!


I know of several government bureau chiefs, department heads, etc. and they’ve all purchased affordable/low-cost housing. Recently there were statistics that showed that the average housing purchase was the lowest for public servants. Fucking, it would be strange if it weren’t low! All the good things [such as getting low price] have all been taken by the Party’s cadres!


Since she does not know any better, I don’t blame here…If I were to blame someone, I would blame her mother…Why didn’t she properly educate her…?

Haha…these days, to have money is the real truth…


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