Artifesto ‘China + Love’ Art Print Contest Winners!

"Lake and Mountain" by Anabele Ruiz.

We received a lot of beautiful submissions for our Valentine’s Day Art Print Contest
…including a few silly ones (you know who you are),
but alas, we can only choose three winners…

First Place Prize – 1000 RMB Artifesto Voucher – Ana Belén Ruiz

"Lake and Mountain" by Anabele Ruiz.

There’s a Chinese saying I like very much: “Woman’s nature is like water; man’s is like a mountain. Mountain and water depend on each other. Water supports life and a mountain without water can sustain no life; but water without mountain loses its nature and becomes sea. So the two always depend on each other, like two human beings – but you can’t say they are the same.” — from writer Xinran Hue

Second Place – 750 RMB Artifesto Voucher – Romit Thapa

A young couple by the lake with a balloon, by Romit Thapa

Let’s forget about the world and fall in love.

Third Place – 500 RMB Artifesto Voucher – Mira Steinzor

A girl in Fuzhou, by Mira Steinzor.

I took this candid photo on a side street in Fuzhou, China. The girl was walking along, smiling to herself in a peaceful way. I’m sure that the girl was thinking about someone or something she loves, and her smile made me feel love in return.

Winners, congratulations! You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to claim your prize. Everyone who entered but didn’t win, you’ll also receive an email with instructions on how to claim a consolation prize.

Artifesto and chinaSMACK thanks you all for participating in our little contest. Some of your submissions may end up as one of chinaSMACK’s random backgrounds in the near future, so keep an eye out!

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