Artifesto ‘China + Love’ Valentine’s Day Art Print Contest (UPDATED)

Stuffed alpaca "grass mud horse" toys.
Two grass mud horses in love! That's cute, right?

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It’s February and Valentine’s Day approaches! This year, we’re hosting a contest sponsored by online art print shop Artifesto. We’re looking for beautiful original images with the theme of “China + Love”.

The contest is open to all chinaSMACK fans and readers, to both professional and amateur photographers, to local Chinese, expats, and foreigners abroad…to anyone who can compose or capture an image that represents–or interprets–“China + Love”.

Three lucky winners will be selected to receive a free print of their winning submission from Artifesto. Your print will be finished on high quality photo paper poster, gator board, canvas, or alu-dibond (up to you!), valued at between 500 to 1000 RMB, and shipped to your door where you can hang it up at home or in your office (or wherever, again, it’s up to you!).

Select entries may also be selected to be featured as one of chinaSMACK’s future random website backgrounds.

Artifesto printing options: photo paper poster, gator board, canvas, alu-dibond

Artifesto Canvas printing option details.

Entry Form and Rules

To enter, just fill out this form, attach your image, write a brief explanation for how your submission represents or interprets the theme of “China + Love”, and hit “Submit” before midnight Wednesday, February 13th!

  • Multiple entries allowed but only one prize per winner.
  • Entries must be original photographs, artwork, or graphic designs.
  • Entries must be received by midnight (23:59) February 28th to be eligible.
  • Entries must be in .JPG format, and at least 960×640 pixels in dimension.
  • Winners will be announced on March 2nd.
  • Entries may be posted on chinaSMACK after contest ends.
  • Optional: Post your submission publicly in the comments below and its popularity with readers could influence our panel of grass mud horse judges. Could. No guarantees.

Your Full Name

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Your Shipping Address

Your Image

Tell Us About Your Image

UPDATE: The contest deadline has been extended from February 13th until the end of February to give those who are on currently on holiday or vacation a chance to enter. Announcement of the winners will likewise be pushed back from February 14th to March 2nd. We’ve received some great submissions so far so keep them coming!

Artifesto 75x100 poster by David in Shanghai.

20% Discount “chinaSMACKlovesArtifesto” Coupon Code

Since the birth of our company, Artifesto’s slogan has been ‘Art Prints Made With Love’. This is because we at Artifesto love what we do. We love photography, we love art, we love China, and of course we love our customers. How could we otherwise grow to be the number #1 online print company in China? A company is nothing without heart and a great love for what you do and those you serve. That’s why for Valentine’s Day, we’re also giving chinaSMACK readers a 20% discount on all orders until the 5th of February. Just use the promotional code “chinaSMACKlovesArtifesto” when placing your order and get your order shipped before Valentine’s Day, perhaps as a creative gift to a special someone!


UPDATE: As a special Valentine’s Day gift from Artifesto, the “chinaSMACKlovesArtifesto” promo code has been extended until the end of February as well! Don’t miss out on 20% savings on your order!

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