Female Official Of Impoverished Arun Qi Drives Luxury SUV


From Mop:

Miss Chief Procurator of an impoverished county, even your husband drives a car that costs over a million? NB

Recently, the story of the chief procurator of Arun Qi [in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China] and her expensive car, complete with special licence plate was revealed on the internet. When asked about the origin of the car by the media, she boldly said: “The car is a friend’s, the plate is temporary, and the post is defamatory.” The ripples caused by her words turned into a thousand waves, and a netizen has revealed that her husband also drives a imported German luxury car, an Audi Q7, with licence plate number EA5589.

Really? Was it slanderous? Was it a “temporary” plate? Was it “borrowed”? Audi Q7s don’t come cheap, they start at around a million yuan. From what I heard, the procurator’s husband is the boss of the hospital in Yakeshi, the next county over. This is strange, isn’t it? A chief procurator in a luxury car, could it be that she’s transferred her love of expensive vehicles to her husband? Could it possibly be that a President of a hospital has such great abilities, and is so skilled? Is it right that he has his hands on that steering wheel with the logo of four rings [the Audi logo]?

Chief Procurator, if your car is borrowed, does that imply that your husband’s is too? This is too NB, that in this year there are so many rich people willing to lend their cars to Chief Procurators, Presidents of hospitals, or government officials. Nobody lends their cars to people begging in the street, or people busying themselves going about their work, or the kid next door, only to people who are Chief Procurators. Cars need to be appropriate for their drivers, but even more so, people need to be worthy of a certain car.

Perhaps when the time comes, we’ll find out that this Audi wasn’t borrowed. Then who bought it? How much did they pay? Did they use their own money? If they did, we won’t be able to say anything against it, because there are so many ways of making money, and if a couple made 1,800,000 in a year I wouldn’t be surprised. But both are public servants, they were busy serving the people, so where did they get the time to make some extra money on the side? I don’t think that they could have used their own money, that would be impossible. Could it be that they used public money?

If they did in fact use public money, how could a President of a hospital justify purchasing a million yuan luxury car, and how did his wife get hers? Was it that the hospital came into a lot of money, and since he had worked hard to earn it, that he decided to reward himself? More likely is that he is a model of governance, an influential person, and his superiors wanted to reward him, like [“CEO Monk“] Shi Yongxin. “Would you like a luxury car so you don’ t need to walk?”

I think anything’s possible. We shouldn’t bother trying to find out how the car got to China, or who paid for it, because it’s too gossipy, there are too many questions. Instead of finding answers, we’d become gossiping old women. I’m just curious, in the ads the Audi Q7 drives as fast as lightning, in muddy roads, in mountain passes, bravely driving forward; is this million yuan car as NB as they all say?


Comments from Mop:


From an unreliable source I heard… Arun Qi is very wealthy.

Anonymouse Poster 620192:

This is nothing special in a harmonious society.


Isn’t this normal?


I’m preparing to move to Arun Qi, it’s so rich. It’s up to the level of developed countries, and has even gone past that level. Arun Qi, home of entrepreneurship.


We’ve heard the excuse that the car is borrowed so often that we’re bleeding. Who would lend such an expensive car? There’s definitely something up.


The LZ doesn’t understand what’s going on. This is part of the plan to first make a certain section of society wealthy, so that they can help make the others wealthy.


I ask the government to explain this. After they do, then we’ll know what’s true and what isn’t.


D ing, it looks like this Chief Procurator really knows how to borrow things. When she does, she makes sure to get a pair. This shows she’s very good at looking after her family.


I’ve seen this so much I’m used to it!


First making a certain section of society wealthy, then exterminating the poor, that’s how the prosperity is spread around.


I’m from Yakeshi, and this kind of thing happens all the time.


Qie, [Capitalism With] Chinese Characteristics, there’s nothing strange about this.


I just looked it up, this car has been issued with a traffic infringement:


[From left to right, the columns are 1) Class of Automobile = Car 2) Licence Plate = MengEA5589, 3) The fine = 200 RMB, 4) Location = the mouth of Liberation Rd, 4) Offence = not obeying traffic signals]


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