‘As Flowing As Wind’ by Europa Huang

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《可风》’As Flowing As Wind’ is included in 黄建为 Europa Huang aka Huang Jianwei’s 2006 album Over The Way. Europa Huang is an occupational therapist and folk song singer & songwriter. He taught himself to play the guitar.

MP3: ‘As Flowing as Wind’ by Europa Huang

Live Performance:

Composer: Huang Jianwei/Europa Huang
Lyrics: Huang Jianwei/Europa Huang
Singer: Huang Jianwei/Europa Huang

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

zài mèng zhōng nǐ de liǎn
In the dream [is] your face

nà jù lí bù céng yǒu gǎi biàn
That distance never changes

huī bái de shì guò wǎng yún yān
What’s gone is grey

tòng yǐ bú jiàn
the pain has gone away
shǔ yú wǒ men de yè
The night that belonged to us

rú jīn suí fēng dōu yǐ chéng huī
has crumbled and gone with the wind

tīng nǐ de shēng yīn tīng bú jiàn
I listen for your voice, but can’t hear it

yǐ tīng bú jiàn
Can no longer hear it

啦啦 啦啦 啦啦
lā lā lā lā lā lā
Lala lala lalala

啦 啦啦 啦 啦啦 啦啦~
lā lā lā lā lā lā lā lā~
La lala la lala lala
yǐ bú zāi wǒ xīn zhōng
No longer in my heart

hóng chén zhōng kōng liú liàn
Nothing to miss in this mundane world

bú zài kàn bú zài wèn guò qù de yuán
Stopped wondering, stopped asking whether past “chance” [the possibility of two people encountering each other]

shì fǒu cán quē
was against us in the first place
挥霍的生命中 那时光追不回
huī huò de shēng mìng zhōng nà shí guāng zhuī bù huí
In the wasted life, time can never be recovered

liú xià de jiū jìng shì shén me
And what’s ultimately left behind

yǐ wú suǒ wèi
doesn’t matter anymore

Europa Huang 02

Europ Huang 03

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  • tengu

    sofa – Not Bob Dylan…

  • Kate

    Eh not bad, the guy looks a bit like a guppy fish but his voice is ok.

  • A Lu

    Europa? Seriously?

  • Cleo

    What is up with moaning lyrics about relationship failures – this is so unheroic.

  • expatrick

    Why is Chinasmack posting stupid articles of stupid Chinese singers? I joined this website so I can see embarassing/bad things about China and then bash it!

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Careful, Snazzy Brett/Brett in Hunan might hear you and then bitch that you have no right to challenge Fauna’s choice of articles.

      • expatrick

        Who is Snazzy Brett/Brett in Hunan? Is he a CCP troll?

        • Ruffled Feathers

          No, he’s an expat in South Korea. He’s actually not a bad guy, but he gets pissed if you undermine Fauna’s wisdom.

          • expatrick

            Why? From what I’ve heard Fauna is just another dime a dozen Chinese floosie. She also censors people like the commie that she is.

  • Wayne

    Thanks for the translation! I like these kinds of more acoustic songs to be honest. We really appreciate a variety of songs that guys can learn as well. 谢谢!

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