ATM Queue Jumper Stabbed, Calmly Continues to Withdraw Money

An ATM queue jumper was angrily stabbed, yet calmly completed his transaction despite bleeding profusely. Netizens argue if the queue jumper or stabber was correct.

The below video is currently the most viewed video of the day on popular video sharing site Youku with over 1.3 million views and over 10,000 comments…

Video from Youku:

Security Camera Footage Captures History’s Calmest “ATM Brother”, Withdrawing Cash Normally While Blood Streams Down His Back

Recently, in front of a bank ATM in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province, a crowd of people was waiting to withdraw money. A girl waiting in line with a white shirt opened the glass door to the ATM, waiting to go in, when a young man in a grey shirt and dark sunglasses quickly stepped in front of her and went into the ATM booth. At this time, the young girl’s accompanying boyfriend, who saw her wait in line spoiled by the grey-shirted queue jumper (and heard his lame justification), stormed forward, produced a hidden switch-blade, climbed up the glass door and stabbed the queue jumper in the back as he was withdrawing money. Unexpectedly, after being stabbed in the back, the man calmly continued to withdraw money, his grey shirt running red, not doing anything to stymie the flow. When he finished withdrawing money and exited the ATM, he at last called the police, the back of his shirt already dyed red.

Comments from Youku:


What the fuck is the security officer doing?


I’ve seen this in movies many times, he’s not calm, he just doesn’t know how severely he was stabbed, people who’ve been stabbed by a knife know, in the beginning it doesn’t hurt, after you arrive at the hospital, and the wound has been treated, THAT’S when it hurts.


These days, retarded dudes aren’t scary, dudes with their girlfriends aren’t scary, the scariest are retarded dudes with their girlfriends.


Jeez, look at the dude with the knife just calmly standing there like nothing happened, he doesn’t feel at all that his actions were very violent.


That girl wasn’t fast enough, slowly opening the door, legs not moving, just waiting, [like she’s] eating some fancy Western food — what is this, your house?


Well stabbed!!!!!


Too impulsive, wait for him to go into an alley and deal with it then. This way, you can call up your friends, surround him, and no one has to know, I despise you, this method is too geili!


Withdrawing money just in time to buy yourself a coffin.


This society is fucked!!!!!!! From now on when I go out I’m taking a knife!!!!! Entirely for this kind of person who’ll randomly use a knife, it’s too frightening. Although the queue jumper was wrong, that doesn’t mean it was so wrong to deserve getting stabbed. I’m convinced that because he pulled a knife this time that other small things in life, perhaps a fender bender or an argument, he’d also pull a knife! I hope all of you who are applauding this perp run into him in the future!

豆豆盖 (responding to above):

He deserved to be stabbed, the queue jumper was in the wrong, and even had the audacity to pretend his queue jumping was justified! Cause and effect! If you don’t do bad things, will people randomly stab you? You’re crazy, this society is fucked? Where is your inner quality? When withdrawing money and everyone is queue jumping, this kind of atmosphere in society is good? What did your parents teach you, really retarded!


The queue jumper’s actions were very detestable, but to that dude who pulled out the knife and stabbed him: your actions weren’t right and your methods cause the world to become a crazier place.

马库 (responding to above):

The stabber is bringing order to chaos.

What do you think? Whose actions were more detestable? The queue jumper or the knife-wielder?

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Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • blues


  • Tommy

    Should have gone for the eyes.

  • fookie

    What is wrong with that “security guard” ?

    • Anon

      Nothing, he is a perfectly normally-functioning Chinese security guard.

      • White Thrash


      • Anon

        Actually, scratch that, I admit I didn’t watch the video. He is better than an average Chinese security guard because he did get involved to at least some extent instead of standing around slackjawed.

    • Jay

      The problem was the girl.

      She just stood there and LET him go in. Most of the Chinese people I know would have spotted him and moved to block him before he’d taken two steps.

      All she had to do was take one step to the right of the people leaving, and block him from going in.

      She knows the culture.
      She knows people will jump the queue almost any time they can in China, and she LET him do it.

      Enabling the bad behavior of others is foolish.

      • bscalled

        I disagree. The Girl is actually being polite and waiting for the person to exit the booth, because she is directly in front of the person exiting, and cannot walk straight in without bumping into someone. The “queue-jumper” was able to sneak into the booth, because he was at the side, and angled his way in first. There is no excuse for rude behavior like queue-jumping, and blaming the girl does not make it right. This queue-jumper got what he deserved, and I hope he dies of an infection from a dirty blade. Also, he’s not “cool”, he just doesn’t give a sh*t about others including himself – that’s why he queue-jumps.

        • jiayi

          Haha, this dude, what a legend.

  • andywattbulb

    It was like it was the most normal day in the world.

    • Ace

      Yes. That is the most casual stabbing I have ever seen.

    • waihang

      A casual day in China…

      Stabber: I’m so eager to become friend with you so had to climb over the door and “tap” you on the back and say “hi”…

      Grey shirt: “Oh, thanks man, I felt your friendliness deep inside me, it’s my pleasure…” then walk out pick up mobile phone calling mama “hi mom I just withdraw some money and everything went fine, is the dinner ready soon?”

      Guard: we are maintaining a harmonious society, everything is fine… next..

      • actionjksn

        That is the most funny post I have ever read. I’m sitting here laughing my ass off.

  • krell

    Stab like a boss!

    • ali

      getting stabbed like a sir.

    • Little Wolf

      Stab like a boss?
      That back-stabbing was a bitch move if I ever saw one. He had a chance to go toe-to-toe with the fucker when he jammed the door with his bag, but chose to wait and take a cheap shot after security showed up and didn’t make the slightest attempt to finish the job after the assbag came back out. How chickenshit is that?

      A few years back, in Hangzhou, we had a guy get stabbed to death for jumping the line at an event where a company was giving out boxes of milk that cost 1 kuai.

      • Boris

        It’s surreal. One minute he’s carrying a handbag, and the next…in with the blade. Talk about an identity crisis!

  • Chinggis was here

    Cue jumper Wang on the phone after being shived: ‘Friend Wu, I need support! 15 brothers should be enough to teach this punk and his woman a lesson.’

  • coala banana

    job well done !!! not that anyone in china will learn from it, but its nice to see once in a while that someone pays for his ignorance and arrogance with blood…no doubt that he will do it again, risking to get stabbed again….its their nature doing things all over again in the same wrong way expecting different results….

    • Guangjoe

      I beat the shit out of somebody that cut in line while my wife and I were waiting for a bus. Everybody was patiently waiting in line except for this fucker. Anyways, to make a long story short, he threatened my life and pushed me so I though it would be best to difuse the situation by bashing his head into the sidewalk.

      I had to pay the convicted felon (police told me after arresting me) 2k USD before I was allowed to go free….FUCK CHINA IN THE ASS.

      I’m going to punch the next Chinese bastard that I see overseas if he tells me about how great he and his 5000 year old society is. Bunch of pesants. The only thing China has is HK and Tiawan…..and thats why Chinese still need a visa to go there.

      End of rant.

      • Wang that!

        They do not understand the concept of a queue…

        One of MANY incidents when in China…

        I had a woman/cunt try to cut in front of me in at the Beijing Airport (boarding a flight). I just stuck my arm out and blocked her. While she noticed the arm I moved in with my body then gave her the dirtiest look ever.

        She responded with a classic big eyed “clueless” or “what did I do wrong” expressions (same fucking look you get when you catch ANY “Mainlander” red handed doing something they KNOW is wrong). I then cussed the shit out of her (in English) and used my arm to push her out. Once this cunt was pushed out, I pointed to the end of the line (at least 20 people behind me) and cussed at her more, this time in Chinese.

        Fucking retard just stood there just blinking in shock at the public loss of face.

        You know how we say “you can take the N***er out of the ghetto, but can’t take the ghetto out of the N***er”. Same thing applies here for those types.

        I can completely understand your rant and had my share of the same frustration.

        • GodsHammer

          Actually the saying is that you can take the ‘cr*cker’ out of the trailer park but not the trailer park outta the “cr*cker”!

        • Jack

          I’m sad to inform you that swearing at someone in two languages just because they tried to cut in front of you and overreacting like that is more indicative of your own anger issues than anything else. If anything, you were the one who lost face in the incident, because you lost your cool in public.

          • Wang that!

            Get off your high horse…

            You weren’t there and I left out the point that others had applauded me, including Chinese.

            I guess your just one of those types that get walked over on all your life and choose to turn the other cheek. I however, am not.

          • coala banana


            i applaud you for that. I must admit that i am NOT a friend of verbal confrontations with chinese. I tried to avoid getting into any sort of confrontation or verbal dispute with a mainlander, cause its senseless and a waste of time. They usually just yell and scream, pointing fingers in their faces, and when nothing is left they will lay on the floor screaming that you hit them. I saw that many time in all the years. I agree with you, cause i too am not a friend of “turning the other cheek”, but i prefer to avoid the situation cause i know that i wouldn’t turn in my other cheek. In the moment someone would touch me during a verbal dispute, I would punch them in the face.

            Before i had my Permanent HK ID, I had to go through customs with all this locusts. I really dont know what the fuck is wrong with this people, when they try to push and cheat their way in front of view while you are waiting in line. I mean there are hundreds of people in front of me, why the fuck I have to feel a hand on my back pushing me all the time, trying to somehow bypass you. Once you arrive at the customs counter, you can still feel someone behind you pushing or a hand with a passport trying to go pass you while your passport is checked. Its annoying ! Now i use the E-channel, but even there, every once in a while you can find some dumb fucks trying to go through it with their mainland passports, sometimes they found themselves and their lagguage jammed in the channel. Even one think its impossible, but somehow they manage to find themselves trapped in the channel,unbelievable !

          • Shanghairen

            Poor Jack, another ignorant foreigner who has no idea what “face” means.

        • jon

          You western guys are so dumb, you don’t even understand what face is. Face in short, is a way for Chinese to get what they want. GET IT? Remember when you we’re a child and you started a tantrum to get what you wanted? Grownups use face instead. They know stuff is wrong, they DON’T care, because they feel like doing it.

          • hooots

            So you’re saying ‘easterners’ act like children. I get it now.

          • Wang that!

            LMFAO… so the cunt that tried to jump in front of me was not embarrassed (loss of face, because she DIDN’T get what she wanted… GET IT?????). When she (plus family) had to walk to the end of the line, because this “dumb western guy” told her to fuck off for trying to jump queue.

            You sir are an idiot…

            Hooots, I think you nailed it!

          • coala banana

            Wang that,

            i think jon is right, and you probably misunderstood it.

            In china its not about being right or wrong, its about not giving up and get what you want, often executed in very dumb irrational ways. They know they are wrong, but its about not admitting it and still try to get the upper hand. Its a looser mentality in my opinion and its to a high degree unsocial, but it is what it is. Even the dumbest one of them, and lets take the lady which tried to get in front of you as an example, would, when given another chance, again try to do the same, even if it involves you again…..there is no such thing as a learning curve with most people in china. While in western country its about “learning from experience and improving” , in china its “do it all over again in the same wrong way and expect a different result” ???!!!!

            I know it sounds ridiculous, but thats my experience. Even rich chinese let their children too loose, its asocial raising of children, letting them do whatever they want, never educate them that what they do and how they react might be wrong…

        • Rod

          Haha. I know that retard look. Same thing happened with some lady in Xiamen.

          Oh? What? A line? A foreigner? Where am I? What do I do?

      • cutting in line has always been part of chinese culture even in singapore.
        which China needs is to bring in more Black people like this so police there can start becoming more jumpy instead of lax.

        • coala banana

          i guess the blacks in the video are the ones notorious claims are not given equal rights, waiting for white people to apologize and which need to be compensated…..looks like france to me, but one can see such things happening all over europe. Media potray them as “enriching multicultural environment” and when they behave “strange” then its cause of the rest of us. I am sick of all this excuses ! I myself was and still am, more then half of my life an immigrant. When someone behaves like this people in the video then they have, in my opinion, lost their rights in the very same moment. Put him and his family into a plane, and kick them out somewhere in africa, preferable right in the middle of the desert or in the jungle.

          I just feel sad for the hard working black people which will be put into the same category with this asocial behaving human waste ! They are not beneficial to society, fuck em !

          • SuperHappyCow

            It’s always frustrating to see someone who seems relatively intelligent and reasonable like you cave into racist trolling that clowns like this guy constantly do. In just about every single CS thread someone always has to try to make some kind of connection to how blacks are the worst people ever, and so often someone will slurp it up, as if it were the incontrovertible truth.

            Do you think this jerkass posts links when white men rape white women, or rape natives in occupied countries? Fuck no. Do you think he gives a shit about how whites abducted blacks, then raped their women, or how Europeans treated African women as sex toys before that?

            You seem to think that somehow, since the civil rights movement in the US, every single opportunity on the planet has opened up for blacks, and they should simply be able to pull themselves up by their “bootstraps”. Meanwhile, in god damned inconvenient fucking reality, income over the past 30 years income for everyone has stagnated. For the poor, who are an artificially affected majority of blacks, retreated, yet dudes like you have absolutely dick to say on that matter. Say, where’s your outrage when banks foreclose on homes they don’t own, or intentionally give completely misleading loans with exploding interest rates to minorities who have no history of mortgage experience, for the sole purpose of betting against them. I bet you’re on your soap box with your steel toed boots ready to kick bankers’ asses then, right?

            My guess is you really just don’t give a fuck because as far as thinking about issues that don’t concern people who look like you, you’re lazy, and think it’s as simple as “well, their culture mistreats women” or some dumb-fuck insipid idea.

            Please, get off your high horse of being so opposed to rape, when you bring women to your apartment, then come just an inch shy of sexual assault by showing them your fucking dick.

            And thanks for the condescending exception for “blacks who work hard,” because of how merciful and egalitarian you are, I’m sure you give the same leeway for good Jews and bad Jews.


          • coala banana

            yes, your are right…i give the SAME leeway, not just for certain groups, but ALL. And that includes white people too……its not fair to generalize, BUT since we all know that all humans, independent of their ethnicity and skin color commit crimes, the ONLY way i can judge and “separate” them is by their actions and reactions of the aftermaths, when the cards are on the table. So judging it from this view alone (and thats all we have, since ALL are equal in their crimes) I must admit that “whites” seems to be more “civilized” then others. Means they step up, they admit, they apologize as a group, even a crime is committed by just a small group or individual, and what is most important they try to learn from it and put certain measures into action trying to prevent things from happening again.

            I personally don’t give a shit about, nations and colors, cause i consider myself a human living under other humans, I know that i am an individual and don’t like to be part of any movement or group of people. I am neither nationalistic or religious.

            But what i miss, is that all other groups take over the SAME responsibility like whites did and still do. Lets leave muslims out of that for a moment, cause its a hopeless situation with most of them, they just demand but never contribute, they never stand up when one of them commits a crime, they prefer to remain quite, cause in fact most of them sympathize with fellow muslim which turned “bad”….

            When someone black is killed or beaten up by a white, it makes it into nation news, and you have all the Jessy Jacksons and Al Sharptons in outrage….but look at this:

            how about the 5 blacks which car-jacked then raped Christopher Newsom, cut off his penis, set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian,
            to watch. An even more cruel fate awaited her!Channon Christian was beaten and gang-raped in many ways for four days by all of them, while they took turns urinating on her. They cut off her breasts and put chemicals in her mouth… and then murdered her.

            We can now argues that whites did that too to blacks, more or less, but again, my point is about how the society deals with the aftermath. What happened to Newsom and Christian barely made it into the news, while when the same would have happened to a black couple, then I think we can agree that the outrage within the “black community” would be on a “different” level ???

            We don’t live in a fair world and i am glad that such things are STILL exceptions to the rule, but we can’t deny that crimes committed by blacks, chinese, jews or whatever ethnicity are as bad as the ones committed by whites, BUT somehow whites have a better learning curve and deal with the aftermaths in a more civilized and rational way !

            This just from a pure observer point of view.

          • TheBigWhite

            In USA, blacks are 38 times more likely to commit a crime against a white man or woman, than the opposite, after adjusting for difference in population sizes between the races.

            Check your official statistics and deal with it.

          • SuperHappyCow

            “I must admit that “whites” seems to be more “civilized” then others. Means they step up, they admit, they apologize as a group, even a crime is committed by just a small group or individual, and what is most important they try to learn from it and put certain measures into action trying to prevent things from happening again.”

            Yeah, CB, I’m going to go to Santa Monica and chill the fuck out, but let me just point out that in the mean time, people like George Zimmerman, REALLY do fit in to that category. And the fact that “New National Socialists” traveled all the way to Florida to patrol the streets in case blacks rioted really does prove your point. I gotta say, you’re right.

            Whites are the most magnanimous race on the entire planet.

          • Notorious


            You are such a nice guy. Why bother with worthless people like these? You know the old biblical sage, about casting pearls before swine?

            It’s impossible to have a conversation about culture with a person too retarded to see outside of his own bubble. Especially when he or she presents a view with so little intelligence or insight.

            Sometimes you don’t have to say a word to prove a point. The writer or the speaker has already lost credibility from the moment they use a generalization or a phrase such as “BLACKS” to encompass people from different countries, cultures, and languages, as one “race”, just because they happen to share the same phenotype… (I like to think in the end we all belong to the human race, regardless of what our aesthic differences are).

            Yet the implication written above is that millions of people from around the world from diffrent from cultures, families, and life circumstances share the same belief system and the same heart. It also suggests that a genetic trait such a skin color, renders a human being inherently dangerous or criminal. Which is a bit ironical since people of all “races” carry the same abundant melanin pigmentation in their hair and eye color. Criminal behavior is the by product of mental illness or environmental circumstances. But that position is far too sophisticated for nimble-minded people out to justify their creepy racial perceptions.

            Take for example, some random incident some person used above to make an argument about millions of other people, based on the actions of five. I only skimmed it because I try not to take in too much bullshit so I cannot comment on all points.

            A group of five black men in some random (unnamed) country commit a heinous and cruel act against two innocent human beings. the writer said that all blacks have not apologized for their actions and that the media has not held all blacks accountable — that the incident was swept under the rug because the crime was perpetraited against a certain race.

            Why should every person with brown skin pigmentation apologize or be held accountable for the predatory nature of five criminals? What does it have to do with me all the way in America? South America? Africa? Am I too, responsible because we happen to share the same phenotype? No. I don’t know those criminals and don’t care about their fate. They get whatever their just due is in this case. Their actions have nothing to do with anyone else. They are just depraved individuals who set out to do a sick thing. But in the mind of a white supremacist, it then becomes a race issue.

            Such arguments as presented above reflects the flawed ideological position of white supremacy. This “us” against “them” mindset… partly because this argument goes out of the window when someone who looks a bit more like them commits a crime. Then it’s every man for himself, “I had nothing to do with it, I wasn’t even born.” Yet in the same breath they are quick to take credit for achievements that were not their personal achievements and expect to be treated as though they are great as a whole, because of the admirably actions of a few. It’s this same inherently racist ideological bullshit that makes the world go around for them.

            So who cares. Let them spew their vitriol someone who cares.

            Why entangle yourself in their problems and concerns? They can hate who they want. Stereotype who they want. I turn the volume down and look to things that make me happy in life, and prefer to let the damned be damned.

            So move on, there are far more interesting things to read about on ChinaSmack. The hearts of men cannot be changed. So again, let the damned be damned. cheers! :o)

          • SuperHappyCow

            Coala, I’m going to give you one last chance to prove your asinine fucking point.

            Can you show me one instance where black bank owners conspired to give white homeowners loans with hidden interest rates that would quadruple in 2 years so they could make foreclose on the homes, then make fixed bets against other banks with up to 30 times the money they owned?

            Could you show me ONE news article where black lawyers fabricated evidence on a white defendant, got him put on death row for 15 years, and on the week before the man’s execution he’s exonerated, yet the lawyers face no criminal charges?

            Can you show me one instance where a group of black cops beat an innocent white man to death, or shot an unarmed kid, then got off without even having charges pressed against him, or a suspension?

            Can you? Can you, really? Because I know you can’t, yet I could show you dozens of similar fucking examples of a system designed to impoverish minorities, yet I’m still not even sure you would grasp the obvious, and incredibly telling implications of such evidence.

            @Notorious: I deal with shit like this because racist is a strong term used for those who don’t care about the actual existence of truth, and would actively seek to avoid it.

            Big difference between that, and someone who’s tricked by assholes like themig into believing completely simplistic ideas that have absolutely no nuance.

            Really, he simply thinks that “whites are just like totally really nice people man,” and that their openness towards other countries and cultures has absolutely nothing to do with the idea of attracting the wealthiest individuals of those nation to operate in their own countries, while gaining access to the wealth and social power of other nations.

            Yeah, dude. The Chinese are just like, totally philanthropic man. That’s why they do so much business in Africa, bro, and why they have an African population in parts of their country. They’re just like totally nice guys.

            Christ. Guy didn’t even understand what I mean by “Good Jews and bad jews.” Talking to people who ACT like stupid fucks is exhausting.

          • Notorious

            Superhappycow, sweetheart, you need not deal with anyone so thick. It is a waste of your God given talent and intelligence.

            I prefer to let them wallow in their ignorance. Such failures are amusing to me as people look on, as if witnessing a slow motion train wreck.

            Where it ruffles my feathers is when their views begin to mold and misguide the perceptions of the naive…deception doing its work on weak minds.

          • coala banana

            ok happy cow,

            just for you, cause you put some work into your post.

            YOUR argument is weak, and i am sure you will see the light ! Why ?

            “Can you show me one instance where black bank owners conspired to give white homeowners loans with hidden interest rates that would quadruple in 2 years so they could make foreclose on the homes, then make fixed bets against other banks with up to 30 times the money they owned?”

            well, lets say that all bank owners and managers were indeed all whites. Would that mean they did it cause they were whites ? This “crimes” were NOT committed cause of race, they were committed out of greed. So what is your point ?

            You should not hang out too much with “notorious” aka “ePuff” aka “black mamba” aka “angry black women” or whatever, cause you start to sound more and more irrational and delusional like her.

            Please stick to facts, there are hate crimes based on race and violation of human rights, and there are crimes which have a multi cultural face, and they are committed out of greed and greed alone, or do you think that the white bank owner would think over and not take the money from another white customer ? Looking at it from this point, money doesn’t stink, money is tolerant, and its anti racist….money is good !

            Neo Nazis, New Black Panthers, Arian Bortherhood, Bloods and Crips….are all bad ! Not just cause who they are and for what they stand for, BUT mainly cause they don’t have and don’t make real money, they are all thugs and waste of humanity….they just take away from other poor…greedy bankers take away from other greedy people, and i am fine with that !

          • Notorious

            To quote CB – “Please stick to facts, there are hate crimes based on race and violation of human rights, and there are crimes which have a multi cultural face, and they are committed out of greed and greed alone, or do you think that the white bank owner would think over and not take the money from another white customer ?”

            So when it comes to crimes committed by white people, it’s all of a sudden a multi-cultural effort. How very selective of you.

            Crime is people making their own decision to act like criminals independent of race, or it’s racially inherent. You can’t have it both ways when it’s convenient for you.

          • coala banana

            are you guys really so stupid ????

            bankers didn’t commit their “crimes” cause they were white !

            you black fundamentalist, complaining about each and every small piece of shit, even make THAT a hate-race-crime ? So suddenly a greedy banker is cheating people, cause he is white ?

            Doesn’t that prove my point about different races dealing in a different way with crimes committed by “members” of their own communities ?? Are you really so blind and is there really some fog into the black bubble you live in ?

            Let me guess, the FACT that a white couple was anal raped with a chair leg, the males penis cut off, the females breast cut off, urinated on both, force them to swallow chemicals, then set them on fire, was of course committed by blacks which did it cause they had it so hard in america and their actions are based on the fact what whites did to their ancestors 500 years ago ? Where are your Jessy Jacksons and Al Sharptons when blacks kill whites…did whites go on the streets to plunder and burn, beat and kill blacks cause of that ? Like blacks did after the Rodney King incident ?

            Now we are into WHITE bankers and WHITE police ???? its funny when people complaining about racism turn out to be even more racists then the ones they accuse of racism….

            Blacks are at least as much racists as white racists, you guys are not much different from each others, with the exception that whites deal with it more civilized when one of them was murdered and beaten.

          • Notorious

            sheesh, getting a little hot under the collar, eh buddy?

            “Doesn’t that prove my point about different races dealing in a different way with crimes committed by “members” of their own communities ??”

            Do I look like a judge to you? Do I look like the police? Do I look like a jury? What do you mean, how races deal with crime in their own community? Are you stupidly suggesting some type of vigilante action? Short of frowning on their behavior and being disgusted by it, there is nothing I can personally do other than to protect my family from such evil people.

            Since when am I responsible for what some random black person whom I don’t even know is doing? Much less some fool on the other side of the world I have nothing in common with. I’m not responsible for their actions and I’m certainly not going to apologize for them. That’s their business and their affair. Where it concerns me, is where I make a stand. When a white person or a black person is a victim of a crime, Americans of all races protest.

            When casey anthony (white) killed her daughter, blacks and whites protested. When Trayvon Martin was stalked by a white guy and shot in the chest, blacks and whites protested. Jessie Jackson (whom I have met several times in my life) and Al Sharpton are there to use their resources $$ to pursue legal justice. Does Jessie Jackson help white people? If you recall, wasn’t he the one who went into enemy territory without permission from the U.S. government or the military to rescue two white people from Slobodan Milosevic, and he has also helped many and negotiated their release from Cuba, Iraq and other dictors — people who were not black. He did this without the permission of the government. Jackson has successfully done this over three decades and with little press and at risk to his own safety.

            You keep complaining about this poor couple, who you seem to enjoy MISUSING their tragedy to justify your racism, is a slap on their memory. You act like all the black people of the worlld went in and personally killed them. Hell, none of us even know about this.
            If they killed the victims because of their race, what does that have to do with me and millions of other people.

            Were the murderers arrested? Brought to justice? Are they on death row? Or did the police turn the other cheek?

            If they have been SENTENCED for their crimes then what are we supposed to get angry about? Justice has been served.

            If you are referring to the protests about the Trayvon Martin case, you have an adult male shoot a teenager in the chest because his mistook him for a criminal just because he’s “black”, and he is not even arrested for his crime, then by all means, everyone should protest.

            If the criminal has been brought to justice then there is nothing to talk about. EVERY COUNTRY IS DIFFERENT, EVERY language is different, every religion is different, and every PERSON is different. There is no black conspiracy. You are simply a dumb ass crazy fool.

          • SuperHappyCow

            “well, lets say that all bank owners and managers were indeed all whites. Would that mean they did it cause they were whites ? This “crimes” were NOT committed cause of race, they were committed out of greed. So what is your point ?”

            Holy fucking shit, you figured something out on your own, but like a truly innocent and simple minded fascist you allocated every excuse to your side while attributing every negative vice to human kind. Weird how you only have the ability to accept that men do evil things to eachother because of money when it’s YOUR group of people committing the evil. Doubly weird how that was the only point you picked out of the fine lot of arguments I presented to you, which, in the world of logic and computing, means I wouldn’t be able to compile your stupid, half witted response and function. (C2660)

            No shit, bankers didn’t commit fraud because they were white. They gave loans with exploding interest rates to blacks because they had lower income and it would be easy to foreclose on them, resell the house, and make more bets with money that they didn’t fucking have. When a white customer walked into a banker’s office they did not offer them sub-prime loans even if they were low income, but when minorities, and especially blacks approached them, they only offered sub-prime loans. This was admitted, not by some fucking crackhead, but by bankers themselves who resigned after the culture became toxic in the early 2000’s.

            Say, since you’re a white guy from the UK who lives in China, I figure you’re absolutely the guy to go to talk about black culture and history in America, so let’s play a fun game and list all the terrible things blacks did to whites because of race.

            *Blacks abducted whites from their home countries, and forced them to work for nothing.

            *Blacks sold whites to countries all over the world, including countries as distance as China and Spain.

            *Blacks impoverished whites, forcing them to be the absolutely lowest class of society.

            *Blacks raped white women regularly, and kept them as sex toys while pretending that they were unattractive whores who could only be tamed with sex.

            *Blacks split up white families so that they lost their culture, solidarity, and language.

            *Blacks forced whites to fight impossible battles in wars, and used them as fodder.

            *Blacks demonized whites, and spread propaganda that they would rape black women if allowed free.

            *Blacks demonized every aspect of black culture when they were freed, and attempted to keep them out of society by artificially impoverishing them.

            *Blacks murdered and killed free whites, and assassinated their social and cultural leaders.

            *Blacks never gave loans to poor whites who could certainly pay them back, but when they were forced to by the CRA, generously decided to give loans to all whites, regardless of financial income, with the purpose of intentionally foreclosing on their homes and making them homeless. These loans were famously dubbed by black banking executives “ghetto loans”

            *Blacks created a criminal justice system that disproportionately demonizes and incarcerates whites with harsher sentences for identical, and similar crimes. For example, stricter prison sentences for crack than cocaine, as poor white minorities smoke crack more often while rich blacks snort it.

            *Black prosecutors and police officers often get away with fabricating evidence against whites for the purpose of closing cases, even in cases that involve the death penalty.

            *Black presidents observe poor and white neighborhoods from helicopters while they are experiencing natural disasters, fly away, then fail to do nothing about the disasters for days.

            *Black cops often murder white teenagers and adults in groups, and are allowed to walk free with little or no penalties.

            See what I fucking did there? I did one of those clever things called a role reversal, and pointed out how a hyper-right wing system based on the expansion of wealth with the least expense uses blacks as a convenient scapegoat for the most heinous crimes, while removing everyone on the face of the earth of their money. It’s about selling the American dream to the richest Chinese and Saudis, the Russians and Ukrainians who control the EU’s oil, and the most corrupt fuckers on the face of the planet, while pretending that if you smoke the most benign and ubiquitous drug, savage blacks will rape your women, while other semi-sentient ones will look on passively.

            And if you’re still too much of a fucking intellectual homunculus to get it, your breathtakingly stupid comment about how “so and so blacks murdered a pretty white girl and it wasn’t all over the news” is moving and all, but it’s pointless and irrelevant because it isn’t sys-fucking-temic. Black cops don’t have a history of roaming the streets, intentionally locking up white kids so that they have jail records and can’t get jobs. Black cops don’t respond to medical emergencies by forcing themselves into a white man’s home and shooting him. It doesn’t take 42 fucking god damn days to even press charges, and begin the prosecution phase against a mentally unstable black guy who chases an unarmed white kid down and shoots him in the chest at zero range because he said it was “self defense” and the cops thought:

            “Well, obviously it was self defense, he’s the only armed one here.”

            So fuck off, stick to what you’re know, and go back to telling semi-humorous stories about how some moneyed Chinese kid sucked the hepatitis off your dick. We’ll all have a good laugh, and there’ll be some minor arguments about whether you’re a pervy, soulless wanker.

            Don’t feed trolls about how you think blacks in America supposedly conspire to commit hate crimes against whites, or some other insipid fucking comment,. Unfortunately for half educated dickheads like you, I DO come armed with facts, and I stick to them.

          • coala banana


            fuck, superhappycow and notorious, you are both too funny. But sad truth is that both of you “sound” pretty much like 2 angry black people ! What is wrong with you ? I know lots of black people and they are all the complete opposite of you 2, so please don’t think you both talk for a whole race. Fuck, i am glad that you don’t !!

            Why not join the nation if islam or the new black panthers, that kind of shit you posts will find open ears in any black supremacy movement !

            I can just repeat myself, please focus on the subject of an article and let your back power shit and white guilt out of it. Slavery was long time ago, now we have black police officers, majors, judges, generals, doctors, lawyers…. and even your fucking president is black, so what do you want ? Dominate the world ? Enslave all whites ?

            Why not follow the path of such great and successful black people, instead of riding on the “we have no equal rights kunta kinte horse” and sounding like a bunch of losers ? Watched to much Roots ? Someone stared at you cause of you big ass lips or your huge eyeballs ? Then get a fucking plastic surgery if that really hurts you.

            Facts is that a loser is always blaming someone else for his own incompetence, cause thats a losers nature, always looking for the most simple minded solution to a problem, but no balls to admit that its up to yourself if you can make it in society or not. There are millions of black people which worked their asses off and can make a good living, but somehow people like you prefer to play their race cards.

            Do yourself a favor and stop being such losers, develop some fucking creativity and get rid of your own racism and leave your biased opinions behind. They don’t help, they just hurt….fuck, reading what you 2 write, they really must hurt, so why you guys still go the way of self destruction and humiliation ?

            Get a fucking life !

          • SuperHappyCow

            You know, it’s almost humorous how much of a caricature of regular, even moderately educated white men you are. You know absolutely dick about the subjects or cultures you speak on, yet you’re so eager to pronounce to the world how much you look down on other groups, whether it be Africans in America, or Chinese.

            To you, the best example you have of some “angry black uprising” is a group of sociopathic individuals who maimed and killed a couple. Simply because they were of different ethnicities it indicates some conspiracy where blacks secretly commit crimes against whites, then never admit guilt or out the criminals.

            At the exact same moment you perform some cognitive gymnastics to completely ignore the fact that cops have many, many, many times gotten off with murdering blacks who commit no crimes, or banks who intentionally give blacks horrible loans so they become homeless.

            THOSE things are not systemic racism, yet while you cannot provide me with examples of blacks committing any similar crimes to whites, or specifically targeting them. Individuals or small groups of blacks who have murdered whites in isolated cases are savage racists who are conspiring against whites. I bet you were outraged when Dahmer killed a dozen black men, right. You were like “damn, those thin lipped psycho honkeys killing blacks again. What’s this world come to?”

            Not a single time have you addressed police having always brutalized blacks, yet you’ve used your argument about those jackasses who killed the couple two or three times. I point this out to you, and I’m a loser who uses race as mile-high crutches, even though I spend most of my time studying, reading, and writing.

            And we’re playing the race card because we’re calling you out on how your rudimentary, fallacy ridden logic is absolutely worthless, yet YOU, being a WHITE MALE from the UNITED KINGDOM who LIVES IN CHINA, should have the absolute authority to speak about blacks in the UNITED STATES without being criticized.

            You’re worthless fascist indeed. Kill yourself.

          • Notorious

            SuperHappyCow, notice how he did not address any of your points? Instead, he reverts back to ad hominem attacks and racial slurs like “angry black man or woman” because he completely incapable of an intelligent response?

            Brought a smile to my face, watching you dispose of the poor thing so neatly and intelligently, showing yourself to be his mental superior while at the same time exposing Coala for the mental midget he actually is.

            His narcissism will not allow him to walk away from this fight. He’ll stalk you from topic to topic until he his wounded ego has been appeased.

          • coala banana

            sorry guys, but there it doesn’t make sense discussing with people which think that the financial crash was a race crime committed by whites against blacks…..i think we have another difference between whites and blacks, when a black loose his home then it was cause the white banker hated black people, when the white family lost their home, then it was cause ….??? fuck, i also don’t know….

            however, I know there are plenty of very rational black people out there, which i call friends….you 2 are the angry type of blacks, most likely a pair of life losers, incompetent people blaming each and everyone (preferable white people) for their own incompetence….

            i can just repeat, work on your self esteems, and stop hating white people for your own weaknesses, its low and its pointless, and it makes others laugh about you:-))))

            SHC, do you also have picture ? A cow has also some big ass eyes..did they call you cow ? Radicals always find each others, you 2 are proof of that !

            funny indeed :-))))

          • SuperHappyCow

            Yeah. I’m a real radical. I’m a black guy that constantly has to get my Korean female friend to tone it down a notch in an attempt to get her ideas into what I at least perceive to be a reasonable perspective because they are far too liberal and wide-sweeping,

            But yeah, *winks* I’m radical. Romney is worth upwards of 250,000,000 dollars which he made by liquidating corporations like KB Toys and Circuit City, pays an effective rate of 15 percent, and an absolutely minor tax rate. He refuses to release his taxes which are absolutely riddled with loopholes that his friends lobbied government to get, along with the crippling of things like Property Taxes and The Estate Tax. The stagnating middle class pays upwards of 35 percent, with sales taxes on top, which take up a larger proportion of their income than for the rich. Yet Paul Ryan proposes a regressive tax rate that would cut taxes for the richest people on the planet, while raising taxes for the poorest in America, and Gingrich says with a straight face:

            “Poor blacks do not work unless it’s an illegal activity.”

            The media looks the other way as if this is a perfectly normal and valid comment. Newt Gingrich keeps running his pathetic race and inhaling money from private entities, Paul Ryan is still in office, and Romney still has a fighting chance at winning the presidential election, though even the most daft republicans knows he’s irrevocably corrupt.

            But god forbid a working black person calls a hyper right winger out on his hypocrisy, or he’s an angry, savage socialist and some wanker from the UK who lives in China will correct him on how he knows absolutely all their is to know about HIS life, HIS politics, and HIS cultural hurdles.

            Say, CB, I think Notorious is right. You never really did address any of my points about whether or not Blacks enforce systems that artificially create poverty in white community. Do black police officers murder unarmed white teens? Do they foreclose on white homes, internally encouraging their bankers to push “ghetto loans” on their victims? Do they fabricate criminal evidence against whites? Do they arrest young teens for absolutely no reason so that they have a criminal record and cannot get jobs?

            Well, you did address my point about banks, and you turned up the truth that I did address up above. The reason banks kept intentionally giving blacks sub-prime loans is because they were greedy, and wanted to socialize losses while privatizing the gains. That’s right, they were simply fucking greedy. The problems they created, and the perpetuation of poverty within the black community was based on greed and exploitation. Money is not inherently evil, in fact, it inherently has no positive or negative value. What determines the effect of it is incentive. However, these are lessons for another day, when you finally rub two electrons together within that pretty little head of yours to even come anywhere near contriving an idea above junior-high level.

            You know, what with the excessive use of smilies in your posts it gives me the impression that you’re trying incredibly hard to make me feel as though you think your idiotic ideas made an impression on either of us, when your own brain’s overrunning with errors realizing that you’ve stepped into a complex problem that you could hardly figure out given more than a cursory thought.

            While over the span of your posts, I’ve seen you’ve taken the classy route and addressed our points less, and steered further towards pointing out how you really think we’re jigaboo caricatures with face-engulfing lips and noses. Well, thanks for that insight into your inner thought process. I never criticized you for being pasty or prone to cancer, which would be laughably stupid insults, but you went right for the racial comments without ever presenting substantial arguments against my totally verifiable arguments.

            Which, clearly indicates that I’m the one with self esteem issues. I’m the guy that post comments about the size of my dick, and how I fuck all types of tasty little Chinese girls, and how beneath me, and other blacks the general Chinese populous are. Well, some of them are good people, and their women are tasty, but man, most of them are just utter shit, am I right, CB?


            <3 I dunno about intelligently, since I called him an idiot twenty times at least. How could I help myself? This guy's a joke. Can't even connect two logical and coherent thoughts. Ignores arguments. Calls us racists, then tries to make fun of how he thinks we look. "Groups of blacks murder whites all the time and get away with it, but I can't quite figure out with this big lipped darkie's trying to say about white police officers killing innocent blacks and getting off free. Why would I care? I'm not black."

            The worst of the worst.

          • coala banana

            FUCK !!!

            superhappycow !! i am sure you broke all the records for longest posts on this forum. I would ask for a favor !!! I read all of them veeeery carefully, more then once, but somehow i am missing a bit more details. I hope i don’t ask for too much, but would you please rewrite and rephrase your posts and go a bit MORE into details ???? I give you my banana promise, that i will reply ! But i need more details , way more details. I know you can do it !

            Thanks !

          • SuperHappyCow

            What a fucking failure. Spends his time bragging about how he harasses women, makes incredibly stupid comments of people of every other ethnicity, then absolutely fails at making a single valid point when confronted with rational opposition. You’re so bad at presenting your child-like simplistic ideas you retreat to the age old “didn’t read it, don’t need to reply” bullshit.

            CB, kill yourself. Make sure you expedite the process, you’re getting boring.

          • SuperHappyCow

            And complex ideas with details and nuance exist for people who actually think about things, you fucking moron.

        • donscarletti

          Can we not turn every thread into a “troll the negroes” session?

          Chinese aversion to queuing has nothing to do with black people and never will. Just knock it off.

          • cb4242

            What on Earth are you babbling about?

          • TheBigWhite


          • Notorious

            @Don, gotta agree. Some of those people are trolling for other reasons (vendettas and such).

      • Leon

        I completely agree with you. China is a fucked place. And overseas chinese bragging about their glorious 5000 year old culture is worse. I’d like to send them back to their 5000 year old culture in a coffin.

        • Chinkicide

          I friggin love y’all guys. :’)

      • coala banana

        so far i was just involved in 3 incidents of such kind in the last 7 years….2 times i knocked out attackers which tried to rob me in front of the apartment building, and 1 time an naughty employee which threaten me in my own office that :

        “you are just a foreigner, I am chinese, this is china, I will say to police that you beat me, they will believe me more then you, then you will be punished…”…, fuck, at that moment i didn’t even touch him, I was just sitting being my desk when he stormed into my office……i called my assistant and told her to lock the door (or i locked it)…my office has a huge glass front so I can see the whole office area outside and everyone can look in. I stood up and knocked him out with one punch, then called my assistant again to call the police.

        At one time i had a dozen people waiting outside with chop knives waiting for me cause i refused to fire the cook who was from outside canton province…GuangDong people are amongst the most disgusting ones i ever met….there are some nice ones, but the majority is fucked up….

        • Jack

          coala banana: 3-0 record in China (3 KOs)

          Impressive, man! Have you considered a career in boxing or are you still fulfilling your dream of street-fighting around the world?

          • coala banana

            lets not overestimate this shit, and to their defense i must say that they were all lightweights…I am 1.85 and weight 95kg…I grew up on the streets and i have still my street smartness. Now i consider myself in good standing financially and i am successful, if that makes me a convenient target for the ordinary thug, then let them come. I am not a fair fighter and dont give a shit about rules, my first strike is either a kick in the nuts, poke into the eyes or a throat punch. I just want to finish is ASAP, cause i have no time for pushing and wrestling around with an asocial bastard with dirty hands. I am not a great fighter, I do some boxing in my free time to stay fit, but i doubt that i could handle a true fighter, if not for me hitting him first where it hurts….3-0 record in china means shit…i would say show me the opponents first, then i can value your record. My opponents were just ordinary dumb asses trying to make a living. Nothing wrong about that, they just chose the wrong person to deal with….

          • Nyancat

            soooo according to your BMI you’re underweight? The food in your canteen must really suck, try harder man…

          • donscarletti

            I’m 1.83, 83kg, broad shouldered with a fair bit of muscle and pretty fat.

            If you call someone 2cm taller than me, 12kg heavier than me underweight, then you must be American.

          • coala banana


            you have a strange logic. I always thought i am 10 kg overweight, my ideal weight is 85 kg, i always vary around 90. My body is well trained and i don’t have much body fat. I would describe myself as strong and healthy looking, you might have mixed up kg with lbs ???? however….think it over, and next time read AND think first before you type…

          • Nyancat

            ok well here’s the thing I’m 166 cm and have a weight of 81 kgs, and I used to coach people at my college gym, so taking myself as a base, it would seem that don you need to put on weight and for coala, the fuck if I know what you should do.

        • TheBigWhite

          I got attacked just outside the gates too. The gook carried a concealed knife and managed to cut through my cheek while I was punching his face. The security gards, two of them, did jack shit, as expected.

        • Jon

          I want more stories from you. Include more details and give some background, man! Why did that naughty employee threaten you with the cops? What was the result of the knockout punch! Very tantalizing stuff.

          • coala banana

            when i set up one of the companies i have, I saw that the employees were buying some cheap ass food from outside (3-6RMB range). I tried it myself and found it disgusting. So i decided to built a cantina and hire some cooks. This made my HK partners upset, cause they usually don’t give a shit about employees. However, I pulled it off, invested some 200k in it, hired a cook from ChengDu and 3 helpers. One of the helpers was his wife. The food was great from then on, the staff happy, since i provided it for free. Fuck, even i just rarely went out to eat anymore.

            However, i developed a good relation with him and his family, and they even brought their own daughter to GuangZhou for some medical treatment (she was blind on one eye and was about to loose the other one too). At that time his wife became pregnant, and we changed the HR manager, with me absent for some time, some tensions came up between the new female HR which for whatever reason hated them. One day the HR and another one started to beat his wife when she was pregnant in the 6th month, they repeatedly kicked her in the stomach. I fired them both, But later on one of my partners developed some relation with a gov official and said we must hire the officials nephew to keep the relation. I never saw such a disgusting bastard like him. I endured him for months, staff started complaining, cause he refused to work and behaved like the boss bragging all the time about his powerful uncle. One day while i invited the staff for our annual dinner and after party he also attended some karaoke. He probably drunk too much and started talking shit about that “this is china” blabla, and he “offered” a new cook to me, one of his relatives and advised me to fire the one we had at the moment. Things getting worse, and the cook came one day into my office, complaining that this bastard threaten to kill him and his family in case he refuse to resign, so he planed to leave the city cause he was worried about his wife and child. He also said that one day when he came back from the market a few people were waiting for him at the companies entrance with knives to threaten him to leave. I told him not to worry and gave him my private phone number, since i was living just opposite the street, and in case he sees again a bunch of people threatening him he should just give me a call and i will come immediately to solve the problem.

            I told my PA to tell this small bastard that when i hear again that he threatens someone who works for me, that i will personally kick him out…..anyway, short after he run into my office and started yelling. Staff stopped working to look what was going on in my office. So thought its would be a nice opportunity to do what i should have done long time ago, I stood up and hit him right away without talking. He felt down like a sack of rice. I told my PA to call the police, threw some water on him to make him wake up. When the police arrived I said that i was attacked and had to defend myself, gave them my name card and the name card of my lawyer and thats it……a few weeks later, a dozen people were waiting outside with shop knives for me. I went to the kitchen and took the biggest knife i could find and went out, took a chair from the inside and sat right in front of the company entrance waiting for something to happen, but guess what, nothing happened, they looked at each others in disbelieve and then disappeared….

          • mr. wiener

            From anyone else I’d say that was BS, but coming from you I’d believe it actually.

          • coala banana

            i am not surprised at all that people don’t believe me. This things are very unlikely to happen when you have just an ordinary job, or work for a foreign company in a “normal” environment, or teacher, or have a normal office job downtown in one of the major cities, but i would claim that even THEN one or the other will witness sooner or later some “strange” shit happening.

            When one is actually the ONLY foreigner in a company, when you MUST work AND live together with “them”, NO contact at all with other foreigners, real 24 hours chinese life in china, then the chances that one will experience more out of the ordinary shit become more likely. At one point i have spend without a break more then 2 years in china without even seeing a foreigner or talking to one, except some visit from HKers once a months. Fuck, i knew that something was wrong when even my HK guys don’t like to come to china, they prefer to let me handle the business on the mainland, which is unusual, but since i like chaos and problems…..the only things that has really made me sad at one point was after i saw how chinese people treat each others, and that i cant expect any kind of loyalty from anyone of them. In all the years i haven’t seen more then a handful chinese which truly appreciate what you have done for them…one really has to develop a very thick skin when working under such conditions. There is no one to blame, it is how it is, and it didn’t took me too long to realize that its not my job to change anyones culture and understanding of values. I cant fight them all, so I prefer to release some of the pressure of 7 years brain fucking with some posts, rather then getting one day into real trouble…..

          • Alan


            Interesting story mate.

            This things are very unlikely to happen when you have just an ordinary job, or work for a foreign company in a “normal” environment, or teacher, or have a normal office job downtown in one of the major cities, but i would claim that even THEN one or the other will witness sooner or later some “strange” shit happening.

            I would agree on this. It seems to be when you have business dealings that things can get ugly.

        • Foreign Devil

          CB. Since your stories are so detailed they may be true. My question to you is why do you stay?? I could not imagine living in a place where I despised the people I work with. You should leave China before all that frustration and hatred gets you into deep trouble…whether it is with the law or with booze or drugs or something else. I can see the way you treat Chinese women is one way you try to take out your anger and frustration, by treating them as disposable objects to be used for your satisfaction. Just giving some friendly advice. As you said.. you can’t change a nation. Myself I don’t feel the Chinese are better or worse than us (if we lived in a similarily crowded population we also would be much less civil and friendly on the streets. . look at NewYorkers for example.) In Canada we can afford to be civil because there so few people. .the smaller the towns the more friendly and helpful and civil the people. I left China because of the overpopulation, pollution, bad health and bad experience working for Chinese management.

          • donscarletti

            My question to you is why do you stay??

            For the sex of course.

            Which is strange, because I’m in China and I don’t seem to be getting much.

          • coala banana

            i don’t despite people. I just describe MY personal experience with certain individuals and the things i witness.

            However, I am not a quitter and frustration applied just in the first few weeks and months when i arrived here. One things is to resign in case you are just an employee, that easy. But its a whole different animal when you have your own companies running, you can’t just turn your back and leave. You invested, you have investors, and over all a lot of employes which RELY on salaries. You have business partners, customers and friends too, so leaving and let everything collapse should not be one of the options. I served nearly 3 years in a senseless war and was wounded 2 times seriously when i was 21 and i still kept on fighting for some BS nationalism, so there is not really much which can shock me in china, and that includes some bastards which like to intimidate me while waiting outside with knives. I understand them and don’t hate them, they do what they do, and i do what i do, its never something personal i guess. But when you do something like that then do it fucking right and be ready for some action if necessary.

            Regarding women, I treat them all equal, it doesn’t matter where they come from, and i also pointed out that chinese women compared to most western women have more dignity and self respect. I had once a german GF, we fucked around for a little while and i knew she was into diving, had a fucking license for that shit. However i anyway wanted to switch to another girl, so when she called me one time, i told her that i will just come over when she would open the door wearing NOTHING else then her foot padels and diving mask and suck my cock at the door first, first she hung up the phone, but later called me again and said she would do it. I knocked at her her and there she was full equipped with her diving gear sucking my dick.

            I had others writing me official resumes, asking me for becoming my whores…please,please, please…they did so cause i required it…all westerners. So my point is while its NOT impossible to bring a chinese or asian chick to this point, the chances are definitely much less. Cause as naughty as chinese girls can be too, they still have some dignity and common sense. I think all of that has to do with priorities in life, while most women in western countries set satisfying sex as one of their top priorities, chinese girls would chose theirs more wisely when things are getting serious.

            I too don’t feel that anyone is better then the next one, and i even think that all animals lives are as valuable as mine. Chinese drilling their noses and letting their children pee and shit on the walk way are not necessarily bad people, they are just people which set their own priorities about what is considered good, bad, nice, ugly, beautiful and useful , in different ways. But while i must endure an accept their way, i don’t need to appreciate and welcome it. So everything is about how I see it, observe it and feel about it. I like them as much as i would like a westerner i don’t know, none of them are closer to me then the other. The good thing is we can chose our friends…..

          • mankouzanghua

            resumes? hahahahahhaahahahahahah!

            oh my. bwahahahahaha!

          • coala banana


            while i found that still funny 10 years ago, I look today at such things from a variety of other angles, and i am sure that the women which wrote such resumes to me feel a bit shame about it now. I still keep most of them in my data base, written in paper form, sms, and emails. After i was done with them, i started to brain fucking them, explained my system of accomplishment levels every women has to reach IF she wants to make the transition to a real women. Life is suffering and without overcoming our fears we can’t make it to another level. So each one of them start as bitches…then they have to fulfill certain requirements to become sluts…..then other requirements to finally become whores. Some never made it out of level one, while some made it to level 2 and others became even self proclaimed whores. At one point in time I even thought about it to become a real pimp and to make money out of that shit, but my real talents are with my job, I am well known and love what i am doing and earn my money with. Another point was that the “love” of a women can turn violent quite easy. They want more and more and hate when they are NOT in the center of attention, its just too troublesome in my opinion, so i kept it as a hobby of mine and switch them in the moment they start to BS themselves into believing and demanding some nonsense. Sad truth is that when you kick them out, they “love” you even more for that.

            In the beginning i was surprised myself about how low some women can sink, and especially the ones which during first conversation acted very confident and rational, feministic and intelligent. They were the once which made it actually to the top level. I told them that a whore is not a real whore, its just the whore level, they will be a better person, stronger, blabla…in case they want to make it to another level, they have to APPLY for it in written form and then i would consider testing them, sone sort of sexual exam. Not sure about how many of this resumes i keep, but they are a couple of dozen. They had to write it on official form, requiring a seat at the “knights round table”. While it sounds funny, many of them really took it serious and did it. NONE of them chinese BTW. I had 2 japanese, 1 korean (very hard to convince), and 3 philipinas….during my time in asia, the rest all europeans, americans, latinas, and so on….

            I also plan to publish a website about such thing and post all the evidence i collected. I can’t go into detail how such tests looked like, cause people would anyway not believe it and the language used by the girls admitting it, is not for this forum… fact i used some of the materials for my first try in submitting a PhD thesis, but it was declined cause of “not being beneficial…blabla…” and the vulgar language used in it. When in fact it was just what happened,not more not less….

            I know now some will jump on the “women with low self esteem….me being a sociopath” train, and i understand that. I will make a website, not cause i think i must prove doubters wrong, its more for people which never doubted that such things are possible, but barely had evidence for it…..its human nature behaving out of their comfort zone, not more not less. Its about dealing with whats is really happening in women’s minds and how release the slut,bitch and whore which is hiding within each and everyone of them….I still love women, i just want to get sure to keep them on a healthy distance after i am done with them… disrespect at all !

          • mr. wiener

            I’m guessing you are a Slovak. Got a friend in Taiwan just like you.

        • Foreign Devil

          CB. . you beat me to it. You are a sociopath. But I’m sure a lot of people in upper management positions have sociopathic tendencies. It’s kind of necessary in cutthroat industry to be able to deceive and manipulate people without any feelings of guilt which would give you away. As long as they can prevent it from going too out of control..they will enjoy their games, “experiments”, numbers games etc.. with weaker people. Sociopaths are just ordinary ego’s who for whatever reason lack empathy. They are dangerous and controlling, but not necessarily inherently evil. But with the potential to be the worst kind of evil. After all Hitler was conducting social experiments of his own. Many sociopaths are quite intelligent and have deep psychological understandings of how others work. They simply lack empathy or the ability relate to another’s pain or emotions in an empathic way. Sociopathy is something that probably can never be cured..only controlled and minimized through punishment by law.

          • coala banana


            however my friend!

            my situation is a bit different….fuck top management, I own the fucking company. Bad glad you mention management, THAT is chinas problem, cause its extremely hard to find and develop a middle management capable of making my life easier and take work off my back. When you own a company or more companies in fucking china, better be prepared to make also the management level work. And be ready to do EVERYTHING by yourself if necessary, cause of the simple fact that people here are unreliable and unloyal…..if someone is NOT ready to make all the work by himself if necessary, then he can not successful in china, take that as a FACT !

            I will not start about the good things i did, and all the things i paid from my own personal pocket to make other people life easier, better and more convenient, the surgeries i paid from my pocket, the food which is for free (out of my pocket since my chinese partners are not ready to pay with companies money). EVERYDAY i go out to eat for lunch and dinner, and always take 5-10 people with me, from the simple machine operator up to a manager….i chose them based on performance and my own mood. I care about what people think and how i can improve their and my own situation…..if you call that sociopathic and lacking empathy, I am ok with that, BUT when i am sociopathic, then how we should call the ones, which were not ready to donate money for a surgery so a young girl don’t get blind ( i paid EVERYTHING out my own pocket, cause ALL the managers refused to donate anything)…how to describe then my chinese business partners which would not even buy painters dust masks ( i did), or real work shoes ? The ones which denied them free food….tell me FD ! Are they the good guys ???

            or it could be that same like god, a sociopath works in mysterious and unexplainable ways ???

      • Little Wolf

        Guangjoe, I think you should have just stonewalled the cops and refused to pay that fucker 1 jiao. Most likely, they will eventually get worn down and just tell you to go home once they see they can’t threaten you with jail time. If that doesn’t work, at worst you’ll probably have to spend a couple of weeks locked up. 2,000 dollars is alot of money to reward some dipshit that was needed a beating anyway. Doesn’t work everytime but it has worked for me. I’m not judging,since I wasn’t there. Also it is easier for me to call their bluff, since I am single and don’t really have any dependents except my dogs and I already have a contingency plan for some one to feed them in case of any unfortunate incarceration.

        • Guangjoe

          yeah well after spending 3 years locked up in my own country I was happy to be even able to pay my way out of jail. Especially since I was told I would have to stay locked up until the optometrist at the local “hospital” cleared him. You can only imagine what a show this guy was putting on.

          The decision to pay the guy actually came from a lawyer (american) that I was able to contact through my embassy. He said it’s the easiest way, and even if I wanted to fight it in court the legal fees would be over 2k.

          Fuck man, if I would have know that I would have to give that fucker that much money then I would have gave him a beating worth while..

          Live and learn….

          not trying to brag..just explaining my state of mind when said situation took place.

          • Little Wolf

            Understood GJ. Seems like you handled it the best way you could. Seen a few of those Oscar-winning performances myself. Sympathy for your loss (of cash)

      • Winterbitten

        I’ve always hated the feeling of helplessness that comes from knowing I, as a foreigner, can’t really get into confrontations yet some jerk can start something with me and even if I’m in the right, I’ll get in trouble for it.

        • Brett Hunan

          Yup, now you know what it feels like to be a minority… Unless, of course, you are a minority in your home country, too. I learned it the hard way as well.

          • Winterbitten

            Being a minority in the US would be different. Both people would still be held to the same law; there wouldn’t be this whole mystical fascination with the person that sours as quickly as it had sweetened. Instead I have to sit there while people are insulting because a word would lead to a fight and a fight would lead to a the blame falling on me because we all know how perfect people are here.

        • elizabeth

          Maybe it’s more difficult for men. I had an unpleasant encounter in the subway. Somebody was pushing me from behind while we were alighting from the train. I told her to stop it. She stared at me, I stared back and she rushed off mumbling under her breath.

          Then, a local middle-aged Chinese man purposely thrust his elbow at my arm and I almost toppled over. I pushed him away and he glared at me. I glared back and asked him, “Are you a man?”

          He was taken aback and looked around. If not for the other real gentlemen who were giving the don’t-embarrass-us looks, he would have given me a punch.

          Then he retorted, “I am an old man, you should respect me.”

          And I said, “Respect? You don’t deserve any from me.”

          He realized he had found his match and disappeared in no time.

          I wouldn’t normally do that. Tough luck for him. I had a really bad hair day.

          • elizabeth

            No, make that a bad hair week.

        • Little Wolf

          Well…I’ve seen too many guys give in and pay on account of being neutered by their Chinese wives and girlfriends that always negotiate some kind of face-saving settlement that always benefits the Chinese guy that deserved the beating in the first place.(cuz that’s “Chinese way”) You need to be prepared to tell the cops AND your wife to fuck off, you’re not paying. Usually the cops just want to get these things solved quickly and the longer you can hold out the sooner you’ll probably walk out of there without paying a dime. Too many foreigners are intimidated with “Midnight Express” type fantasies of third world prisons allow themselves to get punked.

      • waihang


        Violence sorted out with more violence, how immature.

        • Guangjoe

          @Wai am I not well HUNG

          Would it have been more mature to let little brother stab me in fromt of a crowd of onlookers? I’m sure one of Guangzhou’s finest citizens would have came running to help me. Maybe I would be lucky enough and Chang would pull his finger out of his nose long enough to call the police. Na, don’t think so. This is China, where anything can happen. I hope you find yourself in the same position one day…don’t defend yourself and then let me know how it works out.

          • waihang

            You said in your earlier post he threatened you, so what did he say, that he is going to do your moma?
            Again, if you wouldn’t have played out your macho ego there and being such an alfa male beat up him there wouldn’t be any problem and a minus 2k account balance on your part, again, it’s immature, I really mean it, we become older for every day and sooner or later when we all grow up not only physically but in particular mentally we will understand it and I’m sure you too will.

          • coala banana

            waihang, easier said then done ! you said there wouldn’t be any problem if GuangJoe acted passively and just let little brother insult him ? Not sure if i read his post correctly, but i remember he said that little brother threatened him and pushed him !

            Ok ,lets say he would just swallow his pride, and get over the verbal threatening of his life, even then we can’t really say that there wouldn’t be ANY problem. How about he being pissed the whole week about what happened, his self esteem and human dignity lowered down, his ego scratching him, and the look of his wife cause he ducked and swallowed his pride…..hmmmm….

            lets assume that this would be the “right” thing to do, but there is still the pushing part. While i agree with you that ignoring such people is most likely the best, and i would just laugh about him when he would say something to me, but why should let anyone push me ? Latest then I would punch the shit out of him.

            Either way, there is no right way how to react under such situations which would apply for each and everyone of us. It was a costly experience I give you that, but if I consider my mood being destroyed, my dignity lowered down by a small thug, my pride pissed on, and the look on this primitive bastards face thinking he won something…then i rather be arrested and pay 2k, and later on fuck my wife cause she like to be banged by a hero….losers don’t get pussy !

          • Guangjoe


            Look, I can tell by how you are talking that you have never had to deal with dangerous stupid people. Chinese thugs are like any other type of thug. Fucking stupid. They don’t think about action reaction. I’m sure he would have had no problem stabbing me just like the guy in the video above. He was a convicted felon (purse snatching and armed robbery). I found that out after the fact while at the police station.

            For some reason I have the urge to prove my point to you that my violent act was in fact an act of defense. You see Mr. Ding Chang Wang followed me home in the bus after I told him off for cutting in line. We kept eye contact the whole 30 min ride home. He made multiple phone call while in the bus and right before my wife and I had to get off. You may think nothing of that, but I myself grew up in a big city and I knew exactly who he was calling (use your imagination). After following us off the bus, Chang di Wang proceeded to push and yell at me in his local dialect. After he kept jamming his baby finger into my chest multiple times I figured I would ask my wife what he was saying. She said he said “Either you appologize by giving me something ( I assume money ) or you will not leave this busstation with your life. I already knew that he had a small army of angry baby ninjas on the way so I proceeded to take out my phone to call the police. He soon realized what I was doing and tried to take my phone away. Keep in mind that at 7pm this drew quite a crowd…but of course nobody would dare tell this guy to stop making a fool of himself. And that is when I finally snapped and decided to end the situation in the safest possible way for my wife and I. I fucked him up, and if it wasnt for the crowd and cameras everywhere I probably would have stomped his head in.

            So Mr. Waihang, fuck you for not understanding the situation. I hope you find yourself confronted my a thug one day. You can try to talk it out while he stabs you in the back. Not me buddy.

          • Guangjoe


            “”Either way, there is no right way how to react under such situations which would apply for each and everyone of us. It was a costly experience I give you that, but if I consider my mood being destroyed, my dignity lowered down by a small thug, my pride pissed on, and the look on this primitive bastards face thinking he won something…then i rather be arrested and pay 2k, and later on fuck my wife cause she like to be banged by a hero….losers don’t get pussy !””

            Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

          • waihang


            from what I read in your earlier post, which of course was not very detailed, but from what can be interpreted is that this is happening at a bus stop around 7pm which is a very busy time in China when people have left there job on their way home or the restaurant have their late dinner.

            You were among many other in the crowd when this thug appeared and cut the line, just admit that Nothing happened yet Until YOU acted as the self righteous police, right?
            Now, how tactical were you really when you also have your wife with you?? You blamed early in your last post on people who don’t understand “action-reaction”, then how about you?
            You did the action by “lecturing” him and got his reaction, eg. his threats as a result.
            Is that wise to stick out like the hotrod when you have much more vulnerable people with you, eg. your wife?
            The pride is at high stake it seems.

            And about my life experiences, well, am not going to defend my pride here and boasting but let say I have had a “colorful” upbringing and encountered quite some violence in my younger life by people of many different ethnics so don’t worry about me.

          • waihang

            @coala banana

            Yes, we have some times our bad days, good to remind ourselves we are not always perfect machines but just humans, of flesh and blood.

          • Guangjoe


            Yes, the story is even longer…and that’s why in my first post I said “to make a long story short”

            I do admit that my actions call his attention upon me. But I am by no means self righteous nor do I normally feel like correcting people. Again, you weren’t there so I will explain it in a bit more detail.

            Not sure if you have been to Guangzhou Central but if you have then you might know that it is one of few places where people wait in line to get on or off a bus. This evening we were waiting for over 50 minutes patiently with everyone else. We were almost at the front of the line when suddenly that fucker walks up and cuts in front of everybody. The local Chinese responded by yelling and pushing the line tighter so he couldn’t get in the line. But in the end he suceeded and nobody had the courage to do what was right. Yes Chinese and courage….a totally different topic.

            Anyways, yes I know I put myself in danger by getting involved BUT what happened happened. I wont let anybody push me around and threaten my life. I come from a place where those threats are taken seriously. Fuck him, I hope he remembers me for the rest of his life. The joke is he probably will….because of the 2k.

        • Little Wolf

          Obviously, some of us are not nearly as “evolved” as you are. It’s pretty obvious GJ had a good reason and you need to learn the moment a guy puts his hands on you, you don’t stand there and wait to see what he’s going to do next. Next time you get bitch-slapped, make sure you just stand there and try to convince yourself you are being the bigger man and not just being a chickenshit.

      • Justin

        Wow you sound like a very sad excuse for a human being so quickly resorting to violence over such a minor incident. You’re just as trashy as anyone in the above video. I mean what a crybaby you are if you can’t handle someone cutting in front of you in line, and then they have the gall to talk back to Mr. Big Foreigner, so you beat them bloody. Way to show some class.

        A real man knows how to keep his cool. You paid the cost for being a jackass and you got what you deserved. You’re lucky they didn’t throw your white trash ass out of the country.

    • Alan

      you can find some dumb fucks trying to go through it with their mainland passports, sometimes they found themselves and their lagguage jammed in the channel. Even one think its impossible, but somehow they manage to find themselves trapped in the channel,unbelievable !

      Hahaha, that is funny, and I would love to see it.

      Perhaps they need holograms like these to remind them of the rules, brain dead idiots that they are !!!!!

      • donscarletti

        I hate British immigration. They have the annoying habit of asking the same retarded question 3 times who’s answer they could have inferred from the previous question anyway. They do this, because they know when you’ve just come off a 12 hour flight and have no time to suffer fools gladly.

        Also, British immigration arrangements are such that if you are a citizen of a country who’s previous generation died to keep Britain free and independent of the last proposed European Union (US, Canada, NZ, Australia, South Africa, India, Russia, etc.) you must line up to be abused by the bullshit jobsworths, while if you happened to be German, Austrian, Italian, etc. you can vatlz in like you owned ze place.

        Some time I feel sympathy for those Glasgow guys who tried to blow up the airport. Not that I am a Muslim or like terrorism, just because if people did that stuff more often they might get some of those Border Agency fuckers occasionally.

        • Alan

          Let’s face it, cops and border agency workers will always get a hard time in any country. Granted, I agree with a lot of what you say, it is shameful how they grill aussies and south africans with ties to britain.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Why the hell is there an opening at the top so anyone can just jump over like that dude? o.O

    • Wang that!

      Like most things over there… half ass effort…

      • anon

        Don’t be retarded. That’s like complaining subway turnstiles are a half-ass effort because people can jump over them. Like complaining the divider next to your urinal was half-assed because someone can still peer over and check out your pecker.

        These ATM bank enclosures, which you can see all over China and other countries, were simply designed to give the user some space and discourage people from looking over their shoulders. Just because someone is capable of jumping and propping themselves over the top (these enclosures are standard door height) doesn’t mean the design was half-assed.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Still. I think it should be fully enclosed for security.

          • Patrick

            BS Gay Azn Boi, what’s up with you? You sick or something? Usually you make some yellow joke about how you wish a guy would’ve poked you from behind at an ATM, this story was made for you.

        • Wang that!

          Your talking about in China here… those ATM enclosures are also suppose to be security… simple bars on the top could have prevented the stabbing or assist security to detain vandals or robbers (until the police arrive).

          You should also put a little more though to your post and no I am not being retarded. Your comparison to old dated turn stalls (that were designed in a time where people honored the respect system) is weak. As for urinals you need to frequent better establishments… to take a peek at places that spend some money in their facilities you’re definitely a pervert or dealing with one.

  • h3ll

    Both actions are detestable and way extreme. The stabber acted very silly risking his and his gf security.Seems like the guy in grey ,according his lack of reaction and boss attitude ,is used to violence. Maybe he is a mobster.What If he reacts back showing a gun?

    • Wang that!

      There would be 2 executions by the PRC Government vs 1.

    • Jay K.


      My wide and I had this discussion one time, she being chinese and me from a family that have 9 guns in the house to this day.

      I once asked her if China had freedom to bear arms like the u.s. what would happen, she then proceeded to think and state, a near extinction level of everyone shooting each other.

      • h3ll


      • pada

        You “have 9 guns in the house”!!!
        Goodness you must have chain saws and axes and shackles… as well.
        But I thought all of your 2.2 million killier raper rubber scammer were locked democratically behind the bars and one pepper spray should be enough, used on Black Friday.

        • Nyancat

          pada would u please refrain from posting anything? your bullshit is getting more and more cryptic by the day, are you perhaps suffering from some mental disorder? Here’s a solution, go to a hospital and get a doctor to take that dildo out of your ass, then proceed to learn English or find a pimp who knows English and have them translate your retarded rants into something comprehensible.

          • pada

            Nyancat, Here you are again, you dumb salivar-dropping redneck. Think you can spit without opening your mouth like Clint Eastwood or invite a real good humiliation as before?

            I often wonder how to best describe American redneck like you. I think they must use a toilet seat as a picture frame and don’t go ebay for old vehicles, but junkyards and has at least one black animal named nigger, while telling people “I’m a redneck, and I like it simple” and “We are very sarcastic people, you just don’t know”.

            Boy, my advice is remember to teach your chinese wife how to make potted meat as an hors d’ouvre, if not, Bushit will not allow her to sit on his laps on July 4th, even with John Denver song playing. And last, next time before posting here, recite 3 times Charlie Daniels–“What this world needs is a few more rednecks” and dont forget to checks the rat traps under your bed or let your sweetie Chinese wife do it. lol!

          • mr. wiener

            Pada’s do’s and don’ts for the aspiring redneck.
            Do:Use a toilet seat for a picture frame
            Call your dog “Nigger”.
            Tell people you are a redneck.
            Use canned [potted[ meat as hors d’ouvres.
            Check the rat traps under your bed [?]
            Play John Denver music [WTF?]
            Recite music lyrics before posting.
            Don’t:Shop on E-bay for used cars
            Allow your wife to sit on Bushit’s lap on the 4th of July[?]
            Forget to tell people you are sarcastic.
            I’m really looking forward to “Pada’s eye for the redneck guy” when it comes out on TLC. Stay tuned til then :)

          • Justin

            That’s funny because my grandfather named his dog Nigger Boy. Really classy guy my grandfather.

          • Notorious

            @justin. Poor dog! I bet he hated being called a N$#*$#

  • JSakamoto

    Both are dumb as fuck. The stabber for stabbing someone over something as petty as this and in full view of cameras. The line jumper for well, line jumping. I know it’s very irritating to see line jumpers all the time, hell some of my friends family members do it as well but it’s just not worth it for me to stab someone over this. I only had a physical altercation once while in china and that was after a guy put his hands on my girlfriend, while you guessed it, waiting in line. He thought I was chinese too until I started yelling at him in english then I got a few punches in. He just retreated shocked and probably scared that I wouldn’t back down like most pussy chinese guys.

    But really I know I’m a foreigner so who knows how they’ll treat me in their legal system if I really do get into trouble. That’s why unless someone puts their hands on me or my loved ones, I prefer to fight with words only. Also I usually can’t really lose an argument because I don’t understand chinese so it just ends up being a shouting match, LOL.

  • Chinese in Vegas

    Why is it that queue jumping such a problem in China… in America, we stand and wait until it is your. It is just common sense.

    • Right…

      Unless it’s Black Friday. Then it’s every man for himself in America.

      • Chinese in Vegas

        You have to admit though, it’s more of a problem occurs in China more than the US.

        • pada

          One breaks the rule and the other takes law into his own hand.
          That’s the very people who you Americans think deserve DemonCrazy.
          People deserves its rulers. Chinese deserve authoritarian rule for at least another 20 years until they learn not to jump the line, just like Americans who deserved 8-year Bushit rule.
          I often wonder why Americans always blow up DemonCrazy to China while know the situation of China. So the only answer for me is they are all volunteers, if not foot-soldiers, serving an agenda to slow China down by introducing DemonCrazy to China since they know DemonCrazy sucks.
          Next time cursing authoritarian of China, dont forget this little Youku vid.

          • mr. wiener

            Apparently Mao never introduced “que jumping” into his “3 evils” campaign. What where they again and was it 3 or 7? Rats, starlings, flies, landlords….help me out here someone.

          • Foreign Devil

            oh . I see what you did there you said “DemonCrazy” instaead of Democracy. . . You clever clever man you!!

        • anon

          There are a lot of academic historical reasons but the simple fact is that its a social norm that still persists. A lot of people simply weren’t socialized to wait in line, or they’re socialized to think cutting in line isn’t a big deal even so who cares. It’s worse with older people who are set in their ways.

          Fortunately for those of us from more line-respecting societies, things are improving. It’s now much more common to see people lining up at major subway stations in the cities and fast food restaurants than it was 5 or 10 years ago. Of course, the further you get from downtown and the more rapidly sophisticating urban elite, the worse it is, but things are improving. Not fast enough, but there’s progress.

    • B

      They lost their common sense around the time of the revolution. Just go over the straight to Taiwan, people will line up, no need for security glassed atms, nobody will stab you in the back, if somebody acutally jumps you in the line and when he realize it , he will lower his head and say he was sorry.
      So close to China yet so so so far away.

      • Hongjian

        This is why even Lu Xun even complained about shitty Chinese values and civility during the oh so democratic western oriented freedom loving human rights respecting KMT regime right?

        Which was long before “the revolution”, btw.

        Chinese people’s bad manners are as ancient as the culture itself. You Taiwanfaggots just learned civility due to Japanese colonialism, not because you are any better people.

      • pervertt

        In Taiwan, and in Hong Kong and Singapore, or in any other civil society for that matter, there are social sanctions against impolite or uncivil behaviour. If you rush to the front of the queue, you will be the subject of hostile stares and muttering by others in the queue. The cashier will not serve you and you will be sent back to the end of the queue. In China, there are no such sanctions. Queue jumpers are ‘rewarded’ because cashiers in China serve them rather than send them back to the back of the queue (as would happen in other countries). Those who behave well are effectively penalised by spending more time in the queue, and some may even pick up queue jumping habits themselves. Thus the collective behaviour of a whole society is brought down to a lower standard by the bad behaviour of a few.

        General Liu Yazhou of the PLA has said that “A bad system makes a good person behave badly, while a good system makes a bad person behave well.” Judging from the reported incident, the Chinese system is not just bad, but truly fucked.

        • Alan

          . The cashier will not serve you and you will be sent back to the end of the queue

          Agreed, that would happen. And if you got a strop on about it, the manager would close your account, perhaps rightly.

          Reminds me of the story of David Hasselhoff lining up for a flight from London back to the states, who pushed his way arrogantly to the front of the first class line and was told to go to the back by the girl working at the desk, when he told her F*** you she told him to go to the back of the line for that too,lol.

    • Harland

      It’s a feature of Communism. You see, socialism provides for the people. However, the capitalist countries were very jealous and hateful towards China as it was living proof that socialism worked. They would get ex-landlords or fascist thugs to wreck production, steal goods, poison crops, and so on. State security found many of these people and sent them to rehabilitation for the crime of Wrecking.

      So, what happens when the shipment of winter coats arrives at a collective farm for 500 people, and yet the wreckers stole 200 of them and sold them on the black market? There’s only 300 coats, and making an orderly line will ensure you freeze to death in winter. You push and shove and walk over people’s backs. It’s either that, or get no coat. Moreover, ‘manners’ were a capitalist decadence. Lining up in an orderly fashion? Definitely anti-socialist. Just something like holding your pinky finger up when you drank tea or possessing Western-style clothes gave you away. The only cure for this was rehabilitation through honest labor – something all capitalists abhor, preferring to live off of interest and rent-seeking.

      • mr. wiener

        Nice story, but I would like to in a bed-time story style:
        e.g “In Commie China land everyone was happy , Their Uncle Mao had made life good for everyone by giving them all houses to live in and land they could farm. That was ,until the evil capitalists, who were very jealous and hateful towards China sent their mean facist thugs and ex landlords to wreck production …..”
        etc. etc. ad infernitum , ad nauseum.
        I think we need more than bedtime stories to explain China’s social ills don’t you?
        [disclaimer] Ihaven’tsaidandhaveneversaidthatothercountriesdon’thaveproblemslargeror smallerthanChina’s.AndNotoriousIdidn’tmentionblackpeopleonceO.K?

      • Alan

        There’s only 300 coats, and making an orderly line will ensure you freeze to death in winter. You push and shove and walk over people’s backs. It’s either that, or get no coat.

        I think that what you wrote there is the same as the rice bowl mentality during famine times, don’t get to the front out of the queue, mei you mi fan, bony fish, and damp vegetables….reckon it will take decades to change personally:(

    • Hongjian

      Overpopulation and the lack of sufficient ressources. As simple as that.

      Ever tried to get a checkup in a overcrowded Chinese hospital?

      Overpopulation and the lack of enough ressources to satisfy everyone, stands at the centre of all Chinese social problems, from the bad manners, to the corruption and the line-cutting and back-stabbing in the video.

      China can really do without another 500 million people, who all use up the already limited ressources. There can never be an ATM cabin, or a Hospital, or a bus built large enough for 1.3 billion people to use comfortably, without the need to resort to fighting, line-cutting, guanxi-making, bribing and stabbing.

      No amount of technological advancement can solve the old problem of having not enough Lebensraum (I really like that word, since it fits perfectly) for so many people.

      China’s only two solutions now are:

      WWIII, which kills those 500 million people that are a burden (along with all americunts, japanese, europeans who failed to swear allegiance to China etc).
      Sending them all out to colonize Africa to get rid of them with returning profits for China.

      Either is fine.

      • Alan

        Next, occupation of Siberia by sheer population?

  • malaiko

    wowwww wowowowww!!!! UNREAL !!! still cannot comprehend what i saw here . Noone freaked out !!! The stabber didn’t even tried to run away like he what he did was street justice rights.Beautiful….only in China!!!

  • roflstomp

    Where were these stabbings during the Shanghai expo? Too bad….

  • Niels

    I do not get it. Why does the guard do not immediately push down the man for attempted homicide? The stabber should be shot.

    • A gawd dang Mongolian

      Because Chinese security is different from American security.

      I don’t even think he has mace.

    • Chinkicide

      Because it happened in the China.

    • Nyancat

      exactly the dude is just standing there like nothing happened…wtf

      • coala banana

        you guys expect too much from a chinese “security guard”…..I live in an exclusive area, from what i have heard, one of the best and most luxury estates in china. We have guards everywhere, nicely dressed, some equipments, like lights, battons, even handcuffs and so on…..but each time you see them, they are either just sitting in the shadow, picking their noses with their extra long pinky finger nail and farting and spitting their way through the day…its hard to imagine that people like that can take care of my safety and security……truth is they are just cheap ass labor, uneducated country side folks put into a half way clean uniform, which for whatever reason somehow NEVER includes a pair of shoes. They all wear their own cheap ass shoes with white tennis socks…..

        • Nyancat

          damn it i should have been clearer, i was referring to the stabber, i wasn’t expecting anything at all from the security guard.

        • Niels

          Those chinese men who were set to guard the olympic village looked like fierce warriors, so did the team security within the village. I always spottet them even if they pretend to be athlets or coaches. They were veterans and true killers.

    • waihang

      Attempted homicide…?? shot?? Don’t know are you being ironical, or is it the overzealous American mentality reflected?
      Always solve violence with more brutal violence, how are we going to have peace on earth if people walk around with such mentality??

      • Niels

        I must admit that I really love America. The intellect of Mr. Bush Jr. made me smile quite often, but I have to dissapoint you – I am just an ordinary guy from Europe, who loves Bach and Beethoven.
        Is it truly your oppinion, that someone who stabbs another person for nothing (Do not say breaking a line justifies it) should not be trialed with homicide? Judging from the victims bleedings his lungs are severely injured, probably the victim has already passed away.
        It is my strong oppinion that everybody who commits a severe crime should be put into jail. Breaking a line is a bad habbit, stabbing is homicide or murder.

        • waihang

          That’s right, the stabber should be trialed but probably more for rough assault as there is nothing in the video showing anything else.

  • Lovestospooge

    … this is very disturbing, China

  • Alan

    Effing hell, that is messed up!!!

  • blunted7

    I hope after this video gets viewed all around China, people will stop cutting in line from fear of getting stabbed. We just need more people getting stabbed at other places not just at the bank (restaurants, grocery stores, subway, etc…) then hopefully there will be order while waiting in line.

    • coala banana

      that would not change shit, trust me……

      ignorance and selfishness can’t be fought with liberal actions, such people don’t understand the language of peace, calmness and education, they consider that weak and wouldn’t take it serious. In china its always “it didn’t happen to me, so why care” they make fun of others peoples “misfortune” and think they are smarter then the next one…

      a way could be to install some stabbing robots at each location, which feelingless just stab one to death who is cutting a line. Install them also at each bus and train station, airports and other public places. I would bet that even after 10-20 years of stabbing people to death, there would still be one or the other who would try to outsmart the robot….fuck, just wait 1-2 months before chinese new year, and i bet that they would try to cut out the copper wires from the robot to sell them later on….

      i am not a racist at all, and this is applicable for ALL nations, groups and races but i think that many things in irrational behaving people have something to do with their genes….I would say that its 50% genes and 50% how one was raised. So even some people were raised in a perfect world, it doesn’t take much to turn them later on into savages. We are still barely out of the jungle….

      • TheBigWhite

        You’re not a racist recognizing that weakness and strength is inherent, this is a fact. You are a realist!

        The true racists denies races even existing, but when they do, they seek all the races to be obliterated through mixing. This is a race hater!

        But they are not always consistent, most true racists would be content having the white race exterminated. Racism is a code word for anti-white.

        It’s ironic white people are called racists, because we’re the only race with enough altruism to welcome all kinds of people into the group, often to our own dismay.

        • mr. wiener

          *Sigh* O.K you are not a racist. Would you be happier if I said you were a bigot instead? How about zenophobe then? Too much of a mouthful? I know, I’ll just call you a dickhead.

          • TheBigWhite

            I’d call on your bullshit then, because my scandinavian country is projected to be in the majority of ethnic foreigners in the next 40 years. Such is our hospitability to strangers.

            Your description is better suited for the africans who are currently undertaking genocide on the white race in SA.

            Second place, a couple of notches less extreme would go to east asians, japs and chinks. We are definitely not welcomed to assimilate with you guys.

          • coala banana

            well, i wouldn’t go so far….BUT i think that BW has a point when he said: “It’s ironic white people are called racists, because we’re the only race with enough altruism to welcome all kinds of people into the group, often to our own dismay.”

            I would personally dismiss the “we” aspect, since there is no such thing as “we” for me, there is just ME and the rest, BUT looking at it realistically he might have a point.

            I think i pointed out in another post that it doesn’t make much sense to judge “races” by their evil nature, since all, or less have one. The only thing i can see differences in are how they deal with the aftermaths of certain evil actions committed by “members” of “their” “race”…..its obvious that some deal with it more civilized and rational and preventive with it then others. It has a lot of to do with taking over responsibility, trying to explain things, to apologize and take preventive measures. I somehow miss that aspects from black communities, middle easterners, and muslim groups…..there is so less contributing from them into a system of humanity as a whole, and they prefer to play their race cards rather then taking over responsibility and showing tolerance and jumping over their own shadows. Nothing is perfect in democracy and yes, there will always be the hypocrisy in democracy, but we all have to continuously contribute, maintain and put preventive measures into action to perfect the system. Thats a hard thing to do with lazy and ignorant people (from all sites).

            I personally miss the public outcries of the ones which are fast coming to pointing out racial motivated violence, but somehow keep quite when its “one of them” who committed the crime.

            We should ask Christopher Newsom, who was raped with all kinds of tools, parts in front of his girlfriend Channon Christian, who they forced to look at it, while they were cutting of his penis and urinating on him, shot him and set him on fire. Then turned to Channon Christian, raped her for days, and sticked a chair leg into her vagina and anus, cut of one of her breast, urinated on her and put chemicals into her mouth to swallow…. and left her dying slowly next to a street….it doesn’t matter that THIS crimes were committed by 5 black people. The shocking thing is that something like that barely make it into news ! I ask myself why is that ? Would it be the same when the couple would be black and the criminals white ?

            Fact is that we ALL, each race and each individual like me, still have a very long way to go, before we can get rid of racism, intolerance, ignorance, selfishness….all PRE REQUIREMENTS to reach the 1st level of civilization, so far as groups, races, nations, religious groups, we have all failed miserably, and THATS the main reason i can’t consider myself ANYLONGER being part of any one of them. I believe in changes within ourselves, individual changes, not influenced from the outside but within !

          • mr. wiener

            C.B just because the crime you mentioned was commited by black criminals on whites doesn’t make it more hideous than it already is. The sad fact is truely grotesque crimes are perpertrated everyday by people of all races for all kinds of reasons, not just because of race.
            It is not just because of altruism that nations accept people of different culture and race. They do it:
            #1. because new immigrants are eager do menial jobs that developed nation’s people feel they are to educated to do.
            #2. because they’re nations often have a declining birthrate.
            #3. Because ultimatelly it will benefit the nation culturaly\genetically\ecconomically.
            An extreme example of this is when someone asked President Eisenhower why the Americans developed the A-bomb before the Nazis. He answered:”because our German scientists were better than their German scientists”.
            People will migrate to where the money is, but they will also seek freedom as well.
            The process is not without its difficulties and frictions, not the least of which is the hatred and distrust you seem to feel, but ultimately the west will benefit more than the more “closed” cultures you mentioned.
            Just because they are dicks doesn’t mean you have to be one too.

          • TheBigWhite

            You have some good words there, I’m just a bit skeptical when I hear the promises made for multi kulti. I seriously doubt they’ll come through.

            It will be interesting to see how it went 40 years from now, compared to a future Japan or China.

            But, you’re right I shouldn’t be a dick, sorry for that.

          • TheBigWhite

            #1. because new immigrants are eager do menial jobs that developed nation’s people feel they are to educated to do.

            That’s a broad statement which is easy to punch hole in, let’s just say it depends on where the immigrants come from and to what country they immigrate and under what requirements.

            Take a look at the unemployment statistics for somalis in scandinavia. It will blow your mind, it’s unbelievable. They will never ever “save my pension”. I heard the swedish prime minister(?) considering increasing the retirement age to 75, pressumably it doesn’t look good.

            #2. because they’re nations often have a declining birthrate.

            Give incentives to have more children, the birthrate will go up. Actively replacing a dwindling population is genocide.

            #3. Because ultimatelly it will benefit the nation culturaly\genetically\ecconomically.

            We’ll we shall see about this one. While I’ll agree mixing it up can be good (also bad according to some research), the other two I’m not sure about.

          • SuperHappyCow

            You really think you give every group of people equal criticism when your words actually read like a condescending, myopic tool.

            I’m sure you could count off all the times that individuals, or groups of black people murdered whites, but can you count off all the times whites did it to blacks, and the justice system let them off?

            Can you count the number of times that white police murdered innocent blacks, and then were let go without any sort of prosecution what-soever?

            No, you fucking can’t, because you don’t live in that world. You don’t experience a life in the USA, ironically dubbed land of the free, where police stalk you if your skin’s darker than a certain threshold.

        • TheBigWhite

          I just have to reply to #2 again, because it is a terrible argument, not only does it imply that genocide is good, it assume the reader is unable to conclude that the problem will only become larger when importing people from the outside. You see, they will also get old and then we’ll have to import more, yes? A child will understand this. It’s a big elephant in your room, but you can not see it. It’s like we’re lemmings and we want to experience a catastrophic failure of the ecosystem. You solve nothing by making the problem bigger.

          The amount of idiocy in this argument is actually so large and multifaceted in all the wrong ways I would have to spend all day to put down everything I feel about it. I will also say that it is not personal to you, because it is not your argument, it’s just what you’ve been told.

          • mr. wiener

            I’ll accept that I’m perhaps not in full possesion of the facts and have formed an opinion based on this if you will also accept the same for your ideas.Multi culturalism is far from perfect but I don’t think it is a compact for cutural auto-genocide.
            In an ideal setting [or as close to it as you can get] it can be beneficial to a country, as in the case of my own native soil:Australia. Provide a culture and race are sophisticated enough economically\technologicaly etc, and KEEP CONTROL OF THE NUMBERS of new immigrants from different races arriving on their shore then they are in no danger of genocide such as happened to our own Australian aboriginals, or your own aboriginals:the Sami people. The resulting fusion of ideas and races can create something unique to the host country, which doesn’t mean they have to kill and engulf the existing culture in the process.
            As an example I would cite the Normans [cultural example not racial]. These Francasized Norsemen didn’t conquer the French. they lived with them, intermarried and accepted their ways. Even their invasion of England could not be seen as cultural genocide as the Normans intermarried with their far more numerous hosts and had more or less assimilated within generations, having added their cultural distinctiveness and horseborne mode of warfare to the English.
            I look forward to more discussions on this and appreciate the civil way you have answered me.

    • Alan

      @ Mr W:

      #1. because new immigrants are eager do menial jobs that developed nation’s people feel they are to educated to do.

      That is quite true. Read a recent article on the eastern europeans getting out of bed to go to work at 5 am, while the benefit claimers who think cleaning tube stations is beneath them sleep on.

  • ali

    god, i m so shocked!
    I don’t feel the stabber did something that wrong! i m a fucking monster…

    • Boris

      I relate to you. Some guy charged me at a red light the other day -almost killed me. Then he slowed his car down to stare menacingly at me before driving off. If I could’ve got to him I would’ve hit him with my bike’s D-lock. There’s no telling where it could have ended up. Anyway, when I see this guy doing his stabbing, I think he’s just an utter f**ker. When I get violent, however, it all seems perfectly justifyable to me. Talk about one rule for me and another for everybody else! Anyway, the way the perp just lounges around smugly afterwards is a bit unsettling. It’s kind of like a harmonious stabbing. A stabbing with Chinese characteristics.

  • Notorious

    Both men were very brazen in how they approached this situation. the jumper for not caring about how the girl felt. The boyfriend trying not to look like a sissy, or perhaps look like a protector in front of his woman. But they were all too calm, even the victim standing next to the man who stabbed him. It was a very eerie thing to watch.

    • moop

      yeah, the guy doing the stabbing was just leaning against the wall hanging out like he was about to do something cool like smoke a cigarette or something. maybe it’s not the first person he’s stabbed. i can’t imagine being that calm

      • whichone

        I think he is just pretending to e calm, if he just slapped some guy or did something else trivial, he probably would have walked away. Whether the crowd is forcing him to stay or he realized the seriousness of his overreaction, this man is probably scared shit less.

  • Dat Ankle

    Land of the calm.

  • eattot

    not painful????
    or it’s fake??? if i saw so much blood of myself, i would get faint.

    • pervertt

      Not fake, eattot. That blood seems very real. Stabbing is not always the painful experience we think it is and there are many instances where stabbed persons are unaware they are carrying a knife wound until much later. The queue jumper was not trying to be cool, he was probably unaware he had been stabbed and may have dismissed the actual stab as a punch to his back. The fact that he sprang a leak to his back (which he could not see) may also explain his unhurried demeanour.

      None of which takes away from the fact that he was a SB and he thoroughly deserved a light tap on the back to remind him of his rude behaviour.

      • mr. wiener

        Surprised he didn’t freak out when he saw all the blood on the ground though. That is one calm fellow, rude que jumping prick that he is notwithstanding.
        It is amazing how much a knife wound will bleed though. I was stabbed in the leg once, It didn’t feel like much as the blade only went in about 1 cm, but the blasted wound bled like a tap even though it didn’t need stitches to close it.

        • pervertt

          That queue jumper was lucky not to pay with his life. I’d say that the fact that his attacker had to leap over the glass cubicle prevented the blade from going in deeper and puncturing the queue jumper’s lung.

          How did you end up being stabbed in the leg? You don’t sound like a queue jumper : )

          • mr. wiener

            A disagreement in the kitchen back when I was working for a catering firm. I didn’t report the matter as it was largely an accidental , though fucking stupid ,stabbing by my co-worker.
            I had to wrap towel’s around it to stop the bleeding and change my pants that were sopping with blood to finish my shift. It was more embarrassing than anything as I didn’t want to tell the boss I’d been stabbed in the arse :P

        • Little Wolf

          wiener, I’m pretty sure he was calm because he was oblivious that he’d been stabbed for a minute, not because he’s some kind of ultra-cool smoothie.

          • moop

            smoothie? what flavor?

          • Little Wolf

            Uh….cucumber? Shit…I got nuthin :(

            I’ll let myself out.

          • mr. wiener

            True, but how about when he was out of the cubicle talking to the bank guard with blood pooling, or at least smearing the ground near his ankles? I’m not admiring the fella’s style, I’m just incrudulous he wasn’t having a full on shit-fit as people could be credibly expected to do in this kind of situation.

  • cta664

    not a single fuck was given…

  • Jeff

    Ok i am off to Auchan now and bringing my knife. Gonna stab the first fucker that cuts in front of me

  • Turner

    you want to fuck china in ass, only because a fckin jumper?
    There must be some untold reason behind it, or behind you. :))))

    • Boris

      Are you replying to Azn Boi?

      • pervertt

        Hahaha … That was fucking funny!

  • bert

    The guy stabbed another person for cutting in line! How’s that for over reacting! I know we all hate it and we think “good for him” but come on. Chinese act like a certain minority group from the US more and more each day.

    • cta664

      It wasn’t as if he just went and stabbed him, he tried to reason with the guy and he was just being a douche.

      Got what he deserved imo

      • waihang

        It DOESN’T MATTER what he did try before stabbing, let that stupid guy go ahead cut the line, he is done within couple of minutes, no matter how disturbing it may be when someone is cutting the line, so ask your self How important are thous couple of minutes??

        It’s really pity to see so many people ready to trade in couple of minutes of their lives for assaulting someone causing even severe injury leading to who knows what…

        How on earth are we going to go ahead in our modern society create peace and safety when there are people like YOU prepared to commit much worse crimes (such as stabbing?) than just cutting the line, please everyone rethink, it’s not worth it, use your mouth and tell those who cut the line it’s wrong, but Never Never Never use violence!

        I am honestly very concerned how our world looks like today, and it would not come as a big surprise our “retaliation” mentality is our worst enemy, eg. retaliating violence with more violence.

        • Niels

          I agree with you. Calmness (Gelassenheit) is what leads to a good life, but maybe it cannot be applied to all places in the world.
          As Coala Banana said it can be mistaken as weakness. I would really regret it, if his words about China can not be proven false since I like this country very much.
          Hopefully a civil society will arise within the next generation.

          • coala banana

            lets be more precise here, it is just mistaken as weakness by the simple minded, and since they are in the majority on this planet, its dangerous to show such “weaknesses”. I say adapt to your environment, act and react according to the given circumstances. Its hard to act rational when surrounded by irrational people.

        • coala banana

          its not cause of the time won or lost….its about the FACT that even a small revenge is better then no revenge at all.

          We are individuals and each of us has different levels of comfort zone and circumstances which can make him go out of that zone. I guess the stabber was already out of his zone when he came there and it didn’t took much to make him get out of control and execute his level of revenge. WE ALL are capable of doing such a thing. Bring any one of us, even the most polite caring and loving family father, brainfuck him over a particular amount of time and throw him into circumstances which let him turn violent.

          Taking revenge is considered healthy from a philosophical point of view ! There are 2 lessons to learn from that video, don’t cut the line and don’t stab people when they do so !

          • mr. wiener

            I’d rather say something ,or try to prevent someone from doing something than just take it up the arse [Sorry Gay aze Boi, just a turn of phrase].
            Walked out my front door this morning to find some twit trying to reverse park across the front of my front door. He saw me coming out and took off. I walked around the corner and turned to see him reversing up the street to try again now that I was gone.I went back and told him to leave or I’d have his car towed. He gave me the big eyed:”My goodness, no-one ever told me I couldn’t park across peoples doorways” look.
            I’m not sure which look I dislike more, that wide eyed innocent look or the sullen blank stare.
            Speak up and always have someone film them throwing the 1st punch.

          • waihang

            Understanable, still I would make a difference between retaliation (just because one became pissed off and want to lecture someone especially with physical violence), and self defense.
            I can understand if we would grab this guy in the arm who is trying to cut the line and tell him firmly our view, but farther than that I would not go considering a “small revenge”, and there’s always the risk the guy is totally nuts and pull up what ever weapons we don’t know he carry on inside his clothes.
            It’s not about being a pussy, but many time it’s simply unnecessary and maybe too much macho ego inside us, especially us men. There are 2 lessons to learn from this and as often in life there are 2 sides and views to try to understand.

  • Toemass

    The stabber looks like a true gent holding his girlfriend’s handbag for her, how that quickly changes. He is a backstabbing emo looking kid. That’s most deceiving, I thought it was only goths who played with knives. Both immature and completely ridiculous. Pushing in fornt happens all the time in China, you get used to it. When I enter a building, pulling the door towards me and someone is coming from the other side, the Chinese person just walks straight through like I opened the door for them with no ‘thanks’. Guaranteed to happen every time.

  • elizabeth

    True, but I’ve also had local gentlemen and ladies who held the door for me after they have opened the door and gone through the door way. Come to think of it, even the lid of the trash bin for me to dump my trash.

    • Winterbitten

      Do you live in a small city near Xi’an? I know an Elizabeth who said that recently…

      • elizabeth

        I don’t think I said that recently. I did defend the locals I know against CB’s unfair rants about them. I also found there is another ‘elizabeth’ here who seems to be anti-westerner…calling them morons and all. I side neither, but only fair commenters and I never resort to calling people names.

  • hooots

    “This society is fucked!!!!!!!”
    (responding to above)
    “He deserved to be stabbed, the queue jumper was in the wrong, and even had the audacity to pretend his queue jumping was justified!”

    This society is FUCKED. He deserved to be stabbed because he jumped in line? If I stabbed everyone who jumped in front of me in China I’d have already killed more people than Mao.

    This society is fucked. That’s why I’m getting the hell out.

    Peace out China.

  • TheBigWhite

    Without a word, I’ll grab any chinese that cuts infront of me, as it would be a sack of dirty laundry. Most chinks will bulge their stupid cow eyes in some comical attempt to look surprised and the few that starts to cuss will experience getting thoroughly ignored. Either way it’s funny as hell.

    • bscalled

      why are you on this site if you hate chinese people so much? is it normal to hate a race, and then go to a website that discusses that race’s issues? it’s like you are feeding off of your own hate, and have nothing better to do with your life.

      • TheBigWhite

        I definitely do not hate them. What’s wrong teaching primitive savages some stern civil order, after all the certainly need it? This is just my way of loving them.

        Okay, maybe the part about eyes was a little bit much, but frankly, they’re rather life less, considering the lack of discernible pupil, not to forget their dramatic and rather silly facial expressions.

        • SuperHappyCow

          : \

        • Little Wolf

          Not to mention the stupid non-expression of just staring straight ahead as if you don’t exist as long as they don’t acknowledge your presence, therefore they haven’t done anything wrong.

  • Castro

    Song of the article:

    “Back Stabbers”

    The O’Jays

    • that is my job
      nice, very nice
      I will buy that for 50c


      • Alan

        Good tune man! Drink yo!

      • Castro

        sorry for cutting in line. Back to you Kedafu. :-)
        and thx for appreciating the work of your apprentice. (me)

    • hooots

      Groooovy baby!

      What they do?!?!

  • Andao


  • lonetrey


  • Winterbitten

    So does anyone know what the knife laws in CHina are? Any experiences good or bad? I have a swiss army knife I worry about carrying with me to places like train stations and bus stations.

    What about for defense though? What is legal to carry, if anything? I know most people will say just do it, even if it’s not legal, then again I figure I wouldn’t be able to get away with as much if I ever have to use it.

    • Alan

      Interesting point.

      I recall there was the laowai on Guangzhou subway thread some time back. Seeing as they are sold openly everywhere I often wonder if it is just like cigarettes, supposedly shops are not meant to sell to those under age, but well….

    • Little Wolf

      I don’t know for sure but carrying a Swiss Army Knife is not the same as packing,for example, a Vendetta Man-Ripper 2000. I carry a butterfly knife at all times, not for self-defense but I just like to practice flipping it when I’m bored. This paid off last year when I was on a movie set and the director noticed my skill and gave me a part in the movie as “Crazy Laowai With Knife”. It’s never been sharpened and can barely slice a hot dog, so the couple of times it’s been questioned I just run the blade across my wrists so they can see how dull it is and they’ve always let it pass. You can buy some pretty evil looking knives just about anywhere but China has so many gray areas I don’t know if anybody can give you a straight answer about the knife laws.

      • Alan

        Well said.

        Much like the drug laws, laowais get told to leave a club, Chinese get tested.

        Rule by law, but very little in the way of rule of law.

        • Little Wolf

          I like this guy!
          Alan, you are on fire today!

          • Alan

            Why so?

            But thanks for the support dude.

  • Blotha Lonely

    wat’s up, loners? how’r the ancestors doin’ tonight?

  • staylost

    I appreciate how harmonious the stabber is. He is trying to teach everyone there the values of being polite and waiting in line: you don’t get stabbed! I bet the ripples of his actions will create harmony for those people and for those people’s children while social progress will continue to keep the pace of society.

    Hero brother stab, we salute you!

  • actionjksn

    Fuck that line jumper, he got what he had coming. I hate fucking dick heads like that. At our ATM’s here in USA we don’t have the glass partitions. It’s just all open and we usually have one that you walk up to and one that you drive up to. But never with a glass booth.

    • whichone

      There are glass booths, they are just not that common. I hate line jumpers too, but I hardly think he deserves to be stabbed.

  • The Enlightened One

    Look at the last few seconds ladies and gentlemen.

    There is blood all over the ground.. which means the blood is literally dripping off his shirt… look how calm and relaxed they all look while waiting for the police (I assume). It is weirdly bone-chilling as they all do nothing…

  • mankouzanghua

    I hope they got him to the hospital in time.

    I’ve heard some crazy stuff, like people being sliced with large shards of glass and not even realizing they’ve been cut until they start slipping in the pool of their own blood.

    Probably the most disturbing story I’ve ever heard was of an older US couple who were attacked in the middle of the night as they slept, with a hammer I believe. When the police got there the next day, the man’s body was downstairs, which was strange. The evidence suggested that he rose in the morning — he “awoke,” and with his head split open, started going through his morning routines of getting ready for work. He went into the bathroom, went downstairs and tried doing stuff with the coffeemaker, all without realizing that he had been attacked and was walking around 9/10’s dead, covered in the blood running out of his head. It broke my heart and scared the shit out of me at the same time.

    The guy in this video clearly had no idea how badly he was hurt and probably didn’t even know he was stabbed.

  • Castro

    I finally viddy’d the viddy….

    Wow, very interesting how the assailant just leans calmly against the wall like that.

    Q to victim – didn’t that hurt ??? how can u be so tranquil ???

    Interesting reality we experience…

  • Ronald

    Well done stabber, everyone who cut in line like that should be stabbed, here in China people practice line cutting like is a sport.
    Fucking rude people with no manners!!

  • So there is a debate about whether cutting in line is worse than stabbing someone with a knife?

    • donscarletti

      Well yeah.

      Think about universalizability in Kantian ethics, like, a world where everyone cuts vs. a world where everyone stabs people for cutting. In the first, there is chaos, everyone cuts although nobody stabs. In the second there is order, nobody cuts nor stabs for nobody dares cut and nobody needs to stab. Social justice only exists in the second, since queues have a meaning and people can be served in turn.

      So why shouldn’t there be a debate?

      • whichone

        When a person thinks the appropriate response to cutting in line is stabbing, there is nothing to debate.

        • staylost

          The appropriate response to cutting in line is to do whatever will convince that cutter to never cut in line again. The reaction to his cutting is entirely dictated by the character of the cutter.

          I usually try angles that at the person’s “face” to make the poorly behaving individual retreat voluntarily. Commenting loudly with someone nearby in Chinese on how extremely polite Chinese people are usually does the trick.

      • Little Wolf

        don…US prison is a good example of the latter. There’s a whole lotta testeosterone in a very crowded environment of people prone to violence. But people learn how to be damn polite, real quick, when even a simple offense such as not saying “scuse me” after accidently stepping on somebody’s toe can get them killed. You’d be amazed how polite and calm convicts can be and even more amazed how quick and brutal someone that disturbs the order is dealt with. Kind of throws the whole “China is too crowded” excuse right out the window.

  • eddie9684

    what a noob seriously, i would put my foot and dont let him close the door, thats it.

    no one gets money if the fuker doesnt go back to the line. =)

  • Jane

    Hope that gives all the queue jumpers a lesson.

    • What-a-joke


  • TheHansTheDampf

    good good….. we need more of this…. let the streets fill with blood… and hopefully the whole fucking country will rage and kill each other…. it will solve many problems

  • typingfromwork

    And apparently no fucks were given. That’s some high level queue jumping right there.

    • cc

      No,no should have waited until he had got all his money then cut his throat and run off with the stash. If your going to jail do it properly.

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  • xiaohouzi

    As much as the cue jumper deserved to be stabbed for being a douche, society is no better with maniacs running around with knives, waiting for any excuse to stab someone. A real man would not stab someone in the back. A real man would try to talk some sense into the douche and if that isn’t enough to educate him, he should be punched in the face.

  • ukman

    You cannot justify stabbing someone because they pushed in line, so if this guy died due to the stab wound you find this acceptable? That’s just nonsense give him a slap fair enough but do you think he deserves to die for it?

    You are worse than him if you believe that’s the way the world should work.

  • Nate

    “What do you think? Whose actions were more detestable? The queue jumper or the knife-wielder?“ dumbass much?

  • jennster

    can’t believe this poor shit cunt (no offence) would risk his life just to steal someone’s spot in a queue and still won’t get to the end of the line.