ATM Queue Jumper Stabbed, Calmly Continues to Withdraw Money

An ATM queue jumper was angrily stabbed, yet calmly completed his transaction despite bleeding profusely. Netizens argue if the queue jumper or stabber was correct.

The below video is currently the most viewed video of the day on popular video sharing site Youku with over 1.3 million views and over 10,000 comments…

Video from Youku:

Security Camera Footage Captures History’s Calmest “ATM Brother”, Withdrawing Cash Normally While Blood Streams Down His Back

Recently, in front of a bank ATM in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province, a crowd of people was waiting to withdraw money. A girl waiting in line with a white shirt opened the glass door to the ATM, waiting to go in, when a young man in a grey shirt and dark sunglasses quickly stepped in front of her and went into the ATM booth. At this time, the young girl’s accompanying boyfriend, who saw her wait in line spoiled by the grey-shirted queue jumper (and heard his lame justification), stormed forward, produced a hidden switch-blade, climbed up the glass door and stabbed the queue jumper in the back as he was withdrawing money. Unexpectedly, after being stabbed in the back, the man calmly continued to withdraw money, his grey shirt running red, not doing anything to stymie the flow. When he finished withdrawing money and exited the ATM, he at last called the police, the back of his shirt already dyed red.

Comments from Youku:


What the fuck is the security officer doing?


I’ve seen this in movies many times, he’s not calm, he just doesn’t know how severely he was stabbed, people who’ve been stabbed by a knife know, in the beginning it doesn’t hurt, after you arrive at the hospital, and the wound has been treated, THAT’S when it hurts.


These days, retarded dudes aren’t scary, dudes with their girlfriends aren’t scary, the scariest are retarded dudes with their girlfriends.


Jeez, look at the dude with the knife just calmly standing there like nothing happened, he doesn’t feel at all that his actions were very violent.


That girl wasn’t fast enough, slowly opening the door, legs not moving, just waiting, [like she’s] eating some fancy Western food — what is this, your house?


Well stabbed!!!!!


Too impulsive, wait for him to go into an alley and deal with it then. This way, you can call up your friends, surround him, and no one has to know, I despise you, this method is too geili!


Withdrawing money just in time to buy yourself a coffin.


This society is fucked!!!!!!! From now on when I go out I’m taking a knife!!!!! Entirely for this kind of person who’ll randomly use a knife, it’s too frightening. Although the queue jumper was wrong, that doesn’t mean it was so wrong to deserve getting stabbed. I’m convinced that because he pulled a knife this time that other small things in life, perhaps a fender bender or an argument, he’d also pull a knife! I hope all of you who are applauding this perp run into him in the future!

豆豆盖 (responding to above):

He deserved to be stabbed, the queue jumper was in the wrong, and even had the audacity to pretend his queue jumping was justified! Cause and effect! If you don’t do bad things, will people randomly stab you? You’re crazy, this society is fucked? Where is your inner quality? When withdrawing money and everyone is queue jumping, this kind of atmosphere in society is good? What did your parents teach you, really retarded!


The queue jumper’s actions were very detestable, but to that dude who pulled out the knife and stabbed him: your actions weren’t right and your methods cause the world to become a crazier place.

马库 (responding to above):

The stabber is bringing order to chaos.

What do you think? Whose actions were more detestable? The queue jumper or the knife-wielder?


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