Attention: Overseas Chinese Person! We Want You!



chinaSMACK would like to feature a series of posts about the self-identity, experiences, and perspectives of overseas Chinese written by overseas Chinese individuals. We are looking for submissions from foreign-born ethnic Chinese, Chinese immigrants, Chinese temporarily studying/working abroad, or those who are of mixed-blood and are part-Chinese. Share with us who you are and how being an overseas Chinese person has affected you, if at all, with how you see yourself or how you see things compared to others.

The best submissions will be published and featured on chinaSMACK in the upcoming months under your name. As a bonus, we will also send you a free chinaSMACK T-shirt and some chinaSMACK stickers (while supplies last).

Submission Criteria

  1. Your full name, mailing address, contact number, and email address. This information will be required for shipping if your submission is selected.
  2. A clear photograph of yourself (minimum 600×400 pixels large): Your photograph will be published along with your submission if selected.
  3. Your submission must be written in English, original, and between 500 to 2000 words.
  4. Multiple submissions by the same individual are allowed, but each submission should be different in content. Feel free to write about whatever you want as long as it relates to your overseas Chinese identity.
  5. Submissions must be received along with the above by midnight 2011 July 8 China Standard Time to be eligible for a free chinaSMACK t-shirt. Please specify what size t-shirt you would like. Submissions received after 2011 July 8 will still be eligible to be published on chinaSMACK but will not be eligible for a free chinaSMACK t-shirt.

Please send your submissions to submissions[at] If your submission is selected upon review, one of our editors will notify you by email.

Please share this announcement to help us collect a wide variety of experiences, perspectives, and even opinions from a wide variety of overseas Chinese people. We believe it will be interesting to see how overseas Chinese are different from the Chinese who have not lived overseas in other countries. Thank you for your help!


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