Audi Lady Blocks Hospital Entrance After Parking Quarrel

Summary:  Apparently, the lady owner of an Audi thought that when one is angry and stuck in a quarrel, it is perfectly fine leaving your car blocking the entrance/exit at a hospital…

From Tianya:

So what if you are rich! Footage of  “Audi Lady vs BMW Guy”

On the way to Beida Gynecological & Pediatric Hospital, I happened to witness an incident  which I have videotaped.
Actually it was a straightforward incident, simply a confrontation between the owners of an Audi and BMW over something as trivial as a parking. However, after giving the BMW Guy a piece of her mind, the Audi Lady locked her car and left, leaving it blocking the entrance/exit.

As a result, no vehicles could get in nor out, including 2 ambulances (one of which was carrying a women in labor, who was finally carried into the hospital, leaving her relatives very agitated over the whole incident).  Later on, the police arrived and the lady returned. When the  police asked for her driving license, she became uncooperative, saying stuff like “Why should I give it to you?”. Thereafter, a huge quarrel between the surrounding drivers/crowd and her ensured. In the process, she even accused some among the crowd as people “lacking in character” and challenged them to “summon 500 more people here” (evidence in the video).

As those who visit the hospital are in need of urgent attention, I felt that her behavior was really too selfish and amoral.  I’m not trying to blow up the matter here nor do I want to spark off another round of “human flesh search”, but rather to make a stand against such an irresponsible and amoral act.

Comments from Tianya:


I’m can only see a bunch of guys scolding a lady…not to sure about the rest.


Send this lady to a whorehouse and see if she can continue this filppant act.


What comes to mind when I think about Beijingers,  a considerable portion of them are still animals.


I hate AV and those who watch it. Speaking of those AV actresses like 武腾兰、吉泽明步、苍井空、松岛枫、神谷姬、小泽玛莉亚、高树玛丽亚、山本梓、樱树露衣、濑户由衣、树麻里子、星野光、白石瞳、忧木瞳、白石日和、相田 桃、浅仓舞、小林瞳、夕树舞子、美穗由纪、小室友里、黑木香、朝冈实岭、美里真里、饭岛爱、北原梨奈、秋元友美、原千寻、川合里美、细川百合子、麻生早 苗、松阪季实子、川岛和津实、小泽奈美、叶山丽子、金泽文子、凉木桃香、小泽圆、铃木麻奈美、白鸟智香子、中谷香子、市川香织、蜷川香子、上杉美香子、吉 田美香子、长谷香子、岬崎香子、立花里子、上原多香子、石川施恩惠、大泽右香、南波杏…. never heard of them! Not at all! [Note: All the names listed above are those of famous AV actresses.]


No wonder I’m still driving crappy cars,  I can’t scold as well as her.


0.4% of the top officials control 70% of the wealth in our society and this is what you get, more and more of those coming from good backgrounds who develop increasingly obnoxious attitudes.


Po Fu (Shrew), I suppose your mum got stuck and gave birth to you outside the hospital too? Pity she did not suffer a miscarriage.


My neck is bent.


Might be a certain government official’s “wife or mistress”?


In this time and age, money buys you character, money buys you status, money buys you class.

Note from Fauna: How many “sha bi” can you count in the video?


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