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  • Taipei Mayor Rides Subway and Moped to Work, Netizen Reactions

    From Sina Weibo: @头条新闻: Taipei mayor stood alone at the door riding the subway – Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je had just assumed office for a week and two nights ago, he was discovered by netizens riding the subway with no entourage. Ko’s wife expressed that they both were planning to go to Peitou Hot Springs, […]

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  • Chinese Weapons Used by ISIS, Hamas and Other Rebel Groups

    From Tiexue: Killer Chinese Weapons in the Hands of Terrorists Recently, photos online showed Ukraine government soldiers using Chinese made DJI Phantom drones for battlefield reconnaissance, this internationally known Chinese-made drone again became a popular topic of discussion. In reality, ever since this entry-level drone appeared in the Middle East, it once again surfaced on […]

  • Robot-Themed Restaurant Opens in Hefei China, Netizen Reactions

    From QQ: Hefei’s “Robot-themed” Restaurant Opens for Business Robots that sings, robots that dances, robots playing Rubik’s Cube and chess, robots greeting guests, robots cooking and delivering food…In Anhui Hefei a robot-themed restaurant was opened on December 26th. The robot-themed restaurant had around 30 robots fulfilling the roles of taking orders, cooking, frying and delivering […]

  • Chinese Pay Tribute to Mao Zedong on his 121st Anniversary

    From NetEase: People Bow to Mao Zedong’s Statue to Commemorate the 121st Anniversary of his Birth. December 25th is the 121st anniversary of the birth of Comrade Mao Zedong, people gather at Mao Zedong Square in Hunan Shaoshan [Mao’s birthplace] to offer flower bouquets in front of Comrade Mao Zedong’s bronze statue. On December 25th […]

  • The Interview Becomes Top Rated Movie on Chinese Site Douban

    The recent hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment and the subsequent terrorist threats made during the release of The Interview, a film dealing with the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by the CIA, led to heated reactions on the Internet. As a result, The film-rating site IMDB was flooded by fans driving this movie […]

  • Chinese Media Compiles Top 10 Internet Memes for 2014

    From Phoenix Online: A look back at the top 10 online buzzwords of 2014 According to a Xian Evening News report at the end of 2014, during this year there were many new online buzzwords that entered our lives. Here we will summarize the top 10 online catchphrases of 2014, in no particular order. Come […]