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    Korean Girl Wins China’s Miss Campus Pageant, Netizen Reactions

    From NetEase: Korean Girl wins China Miss Campus Competition The 6th annual China Miss Campus ended, Korean Li Xuanzhen “Ice Cream Girl” from the Communication University of China won China’s Miss Campus. In June of this year, she became popular online after pictures of her eating ice cream was posted online, and because of this, […]

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    Modern China Reimagined in Famous 12th Century Chinese Painting

    Chinese artist and photographer Dai Xiang recently exhibited at the 2014 Lianzhoufoto Festival, his reinterpretations of the famous Song Dynasty painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”(清明上河图). By inserting modern scenes into an ancient backdrop, Dai Xiang cleverly depicted numerous “incidents” in recent years across China, including popular topics such as chengguan, forced demolition, […]

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    Beloved “Scholar” Dog Killed and Dumped in Trash, Reactions

    From QQ: Northwest A&F University “Scholar Dog” Beaten to Death According to a 11/20 Weibo report, at the Northwest A&F University there was a “scholar dog”, he loved to attend calculus and English classes. After class, he often goes to the cafeteria to eat, during activities he would run ahead of the track team, […]

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    Chinese Athlete Defected to the US in the 80s Returns to China

    Hu Na was one of the first Chinese athletes to defect to the US after the normalization of Sino-American relations. A professional tennis player on the National Team, Hu Na defected to the US in 1982 when she sought for political asylum. The subsequent “Hu Na Incident” caused a major diplomatic row between US and […]

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    List of Funny and Unusual Chinese Names, Netizen Reactions

    From Sina: Such ridiculous names, have you seen them? 元芳 – Fang Yuan (Online meme based on the ancient detective drama Di Renjie) 财付通 – Cai Futong (Chinese name for Tenpay, Tencent’s online payment system similar to Paypal) 高富帅 – Gao Fushuai (“Tall, rich, handsome”) 黑木耳 – Hei Muer (Black fungus, derogatory term for women’s […]

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    Manzhouli: China’s Forgotten “Port City” on the Russian Border

    Manzhouli, China’s busiest land port bordering Russia is often overlooked as one of the first cities to open up during China’s economic reforms. Labeled as the “Shenzhen of the north”, Manzhouli has since grown into an important border crossing responsible for nearly 70% of all trade with Russia. Chinese netizens react to the massive Chinese […]

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    Devout Chinese Ascetic Nuns Live a Peripatetic Life of Hardship

    From Sohu: Ascetic Nuns’ Life Of Pilgrimage Daoyuan Temple of Haicheng Liaoning is a strict discipline nunnery in China. This temple is composed entirely of women. The nuns practice Buddhism at the Dabei Temple in Haicheng Liaoning and belongs to the same Guiyang School of Zen Buddhism as the Dabei Temple. According to reports, the […]

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    Laoganma Chili Sauce Founder Awarded 8888 License Plate by Govt

    Laoganma founder Tao Huabi, often regarded as the godmother of chili sauce in China, was able to build a business empire despite being illiterate and doing so without putting out significant advertising. Laoganma Chili Sauce have since became the mainstay in every Chinese kitchen and established itself as a global brand. For her contributions, the […]

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    Civil Servant Shot and Killed Tea-Picking Woman While Hunting

    This is currently one of the most discussed topic on Sina Weibo with over 900k views. From Sina Weibo: @新浪湖南: “A public servant from Hengyang in Hunan killed a village woman while hunting, he turned himself in afterwards”. A female villager was shot and killed while picking tea seeds on a mountain. The person suspected […]

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    AKB48 Sister Group SNH48 Member Voted Hottest in China by Japan

    From QQ: According to Japanese media reports, recently a certain Japanese media selected the most beautiful woman in China, however the surprising winner was not Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi or other internationally known beauties but Ju Jingyi, a member of China’s idol girl group SNH48. Because of this Ju Jingyi became the top search term […]

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    Shipping Warehouses Packed From Chinese Singles’ Day Shopping

    From QQ: After “Single’s Day” Shopping Spree, Mountains of Packages Piled in Warehouses Across the Country On the morning of November 11th, in Changxing Zhejiang, inside a 800 square meter warehouse belonging to an electronics company at the Changxing Scientific Park, over 200 workers were busy packing and sorting packages for shipping around the country. […]