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  • An arrested Chinese prostitute in Dongguan, China being forced to kneel while paraded around as punishment.


    Police Parade & Force Dongguan Prostitute To Kneel In Public

    From Xinhuanet: Prostitute paraded, how can the police bear to do this? In August of this year, the Sanzhong police station of Qingxi town in Dongguan city publicised photos of a prostitution suspect, which sparked heated debate. This was not an isolated case: recently, the Xishan branch of the Kunming Public Security Bureau kicked off […]

  • Operation Bid Rig: Joseph DeLisa


    New Jersey Mayor Jailed For Bribes, Chinese Netizens Scoff

    Operation Bid Rig – This initiative, launched by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, was aimed at political corruption in the state of New Jersey. Last week (October 27) Anthony Suarez, the mayor of the borough of Ridgefield, was acquitted of extortion. Suarez’ success seems to be the exception to the rule, with many […]

  • Fuzhou woman beats man after minor traffic accident.


    Fuzhou Woman Viciously Beats Man After Minor Accident

    From Mop: Shrew openly beats honest man on the street for minutes, just because she was knocked over At the Sinopec gas station on Yuefeng road in Jin’An district of Fuzhou, a man on an electric scooter accidentally hit a middle aged woman carrying a box of takeaway, the woman was knocked to the ground, […]

  • A girl standing on a subway platform.


    Whistleblower Exposes Guangzhou Metro Line 3 Safety Failures

    Signs of shoddy workmanship are apparent on a section of Guangzhou’s Beiyan Metro Line 3, says an engineer from the company responsible for its safety inspection. The line was completed in anticipation of the 2010 Asian Games to be held there. In a post on his Sina blog titled “The deadly path to the Asian […]

  • A cute Chinese and black couple.


    Chinese Kindergarten Teacher’s Romance with Black Foreigner

    On Tiexue, Sina, and ifeng: Kindergarten teacher reveals her shocking romance with a black foreigner Eden Wan. Birthdate: 1986 December 31. Blood type: A. Birthplace: Da’an district, Zigong, Sichuan. Current Residence: Qingyuan district, Ji’an, Jiangxi province. Personality: Lively, open, forthright. Likes: The occasional drink, early to bed, early to rise. Hates: Cigarettes. School: JingGangShan University. […]

  • Jong Tae-Se in 2010 World Cup match against Portugal.


    North Korea’s World Cup Loss To Portugal, Chinese Reactions

    From Mop: Various niu internet comments following North Korea’s loss Rumor has it that the North Korean Workers Party’s newspaper Rodong Sinmun ran a story on the 22nd: “A people that can afford to lose is a people with hope, the great Juche Idea is ever-victorious.” Before the opponent that eliminated them 44 years ago, […]

  • 卡卡称赞郑大世表现出色


    Kaka Refused To Exchange Jerseys With Jong Tae-Se

    North Korea was defeated by Brazil 2 – 1 on June 15. Chinese netizens, already moved by the reaction of Korean star Zheng Dashi (aka Jeong Dae-Se) to his country’s national anthem (read more at this chinaSMACK translation), found Brazilian player Kaka’s reaction to meeting Zheng after the match noteworthy. From NetEase: South Korean Media: Zheng […]

  • An interracial couple.


    “Chinese Women, Please Don’t Sleep With Foreigners”

    The following is actually pretty old but like the “China Does Not Have Any Men Suitable For Me” post, it occasionally is becomes hot again and is reposted across the Chinese internet. — Fauna On Tianya and NetEase and Mop: Chinese women! Please don’t sleep with foreigners. Ask a foreigner why he has come to […]

  • Day 3 of the Shanghai World Expo Guide.


    2010 World Expo Expo 3-Day Walk-Through: Day Three

    The following is the final part of a 2010 Shanghai World Expo guide originally written in Chinese for Chinese visitors from around the country by a Chinese World Expo worker. The walk-through aims to help visitors enjoy the entire World Fair over three days. Since it has become very popular on the internet for many […]