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    Beijing Girl Will Pay For Man To Watch World Cup With Her

    From Mop: Sister is offering 1000 kuai per day for a man to watch the World Cup together. If you’re a real man, then you can apply for the position. A girl named KK is looking for a high-quality man to accompany her to the World Cup for a “one month period of happiness”. She […]

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    Iron Man’s Arc Reactor Recreated By Chinese Netizen

    From Mop: After two weeks of development, finally completed the second generation arc reactor from Iron Man!!! First, an announcement, the arc reactor was not made by me, but at this time, I have already reached an agreement with the reactor’s creator: I will be the sole distributor of the arc reactor, China’s first offering. […]

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    Super Boy Singing Competition: 2010 Season’s Hall Of Shame

    From Tianya: Super Boy = Vogue Boy = Ugly Boy = Sissy, 2010 Super Boy Contestants (Bring Your Own Lightening Rod) After the formal kickoff of the registration process for Hunan Satellite TV’s new talent show “2010年快乐男声” [kuai le nan sheng, “Super Boy”], the Changsha [capitol of Hunan Province] audition zone is the first to […]

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    Sexually Frustrated Chinese Wife Has Affair, Asks What To Do

    From Extramarital affair makes me feel like a real woman for the first time I don’t understand this one bit, how did I suddenly become a “bad” woman?! I did indeed have a relationship with a guy from my office who’s younger than me. I am a married woman, but he has never been […]

  • A girl pole dancing with a migrant worker's metal pole.


    Strange: Chinese Girls Pole-Dancing In Public

    From ifeng: Pretty girl “hijacks” a porter and pole-dances on the street Solitude will make a person depressed, loneliness will make a person emotional. As a passing bystander lingering amongst the bustling sea of people, brother has enjoyed the hurried life of steel pipe porter by himself. Comments from ifeng: 击水成剑: All I can say […]

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    CCTV Anchorwomen Not Wearing Bras, Chinese Netizen Complains

    From Chinanews: CCTV Achorwomen Going On-Camera Disliking Underwear, “Nipple Gate” Displeases Viewers [Note from Fauna: The original Chinese for the above “nipple” translation is 凸点, which is literally “raised/protruding point”.] While a certain pretty CCTV anchorwoman was embroiled in legal matters, public “concern” for CCTV anchorwomen was aroused, as if X-ray machines were attached to […]

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    Thief Stripped, Beaten, & Then Paraded On The Streets

    From NetEase: Thief stripped and beaten then paraded on the streets Yesterday at the Wujin Street overpass there was a thief who was caught while stealing things. His clothing was stripped off by the shop owner, and the word “thief” was written all over his body and face. On such a cold day, seeing that […]

  • Two Chinese boys embracing each other in the streets.


    Chinese Bisexual Schoolboy’s Story & Experiences: Part 2

    Continued from Part 1. Note: The translation of this Chinese netizen’s story is slightly abridged. From Mop: I am a bisexual, my love life from high school to university! [Part 2] Now when I look back, my mind really was confused because I also had some drinks. But I was fully aware of it…. Just […]

  • Girl holds sign seeking marriage with the dead.


    Chongqing Girl’s Boyfriend Missing, Seeks Ghost Marriage

    From Mop: Ghost marriage girl in Chongqing, her true love touching people and seeking help from society — quickly come and help her The weather today in Chongqing was gloomy, and there was a light drizzle. Went to the Guanyin Bridge pedestrian street to check out some homes for rent. Just as my foot landed, […]