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  • Woman Wants to Sue Husband to Force Him to Sleep With Her

    From Netease: After Half a Year of Marriage, Woman Wants to Sue Husband to Force Him to Carry Out Marital Duty. After half a year of marriage, one husband takes very good care of his wife, but is not willing to cohabit with her. “Is it possible to have the court force him to cohabit […]

  • Insider Claims Escalator Death Caused by Forgotten Screws

    The recent news of a woman falling into an escalator and dying has become a hot topic in China. An insider told reporters that one worker had put the floorboard in place, but forgot to screw it down.A representative from a Wuhan escalator company said that escalators were more dangerous than elevators, but they are […]

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  • Leader at Shaolin Temple Accused of Having Messy Private Life

    Shi Yongxin, one of the top leaders at the renowned Shaolin Temple has recently found himself bombarded by news reports after a netizen claims he had a sloppy personal life hidden behind his holy facade, and that he was a stain on Shaolin’s reputation. After the claim was posted in an online form, hot debate […]

  • Trial Begins for Chengdu Driver who Furiously Beat Woman Driver

    On May 3rd, a video of a man in Chengdu getting out of his car, pulling a woman driver out of her car and beating her went viral. Public opinion went back and forth on whether the man was right or wrong, and the woman involved became the victim of a human flesh search. On […]

  • Hospital Charges 8500 RMB for Cut Finger, Says Price is Normal

    A woman in Zhengzhou recently went to the hospital to treat 2 cuts on the palm of her hand. After staying overnight and being slapped with an 8500 RMB bill, she believes she was over treated.While being treated, she received anesthesia for her whole body, instead of just a local dose for her hand. When […]

  • Nanjing Brother and Sister Live in Trash Pile With Dogs

    Recently a Nanjing netizen went to visit 2 kids who have been seen wearing dirty tattered clothes, living in a filthy polluted trash pile, and playing next to rusty dog cages. When they are hungry they eat scraps from the trash pile or even dog food, and when they are thirsty they drink water from […]

  • No More Free Water Bottles for High Speed Train Passengers

    A sign recently appeared in the Hangzhou East train station claiming that high speed trains would no longer provide free bottled water to passengers.After interviewing related officials, one reporter learned that the sign was installed after a mandate from China Railroad headquarters, and that Tianjin high-speed rail has also stopped giving out bottled water.The majority […]

  • Woman Dies After Getting Sucked Into Machinery of Broken Escalator

    A 30-year-old woman died in Jingzhou, Hubei, after she got pulled down and crushed by an escalator that malfunctioned in a shopping mall. As the woman was walking off of the escalator with her young daughter, a floor plate which had come loose shifted. She fell into the machinery that turns the escalator and was […]

  • Earth 2.0 Found 1400 Light Years Away, Netizens React

    Recently NASA announced the finding of Kepler 452b, a planet very similar to our own. It is the most similar planet to earth that has ever been found, and scientists say it could have an atmosphere and flowing water.Sarcastic netizens took to the comments to make jabs at government policies. One highly up voted comment […]

  • Pitviper Sale Busted in Hunan After Police Receive Anonymous Tip

    Authorities in Yueyang, Hunan, recently captured two extremely poisonous snakes after they received an anonymous tip via Wechat saying that they were in the process of being transported to a hotel in the city to be sold.Police arrested 4 people believed to be involved with the sale of the two extremely dangerous pitvipers, which are […]