Authorities Announce 97% Of Future Roads Will Be Toll-Free

Authorities Announce
The Ministry of Transport announced recently that 97% of 5,000,000km of planned future roads will be toll-free. Vice bureau chief of the MoT’s law department Wei Dong said that a common national public fund would be implemented used to ensure all funding demands from construction, maintenance and management are met of the ordinary free roads, which another expert said would likely come from fuel and vehicle purchase tax. The 3% of freeways would feature toll-stations which would remain until construction debts were paid off. One netizen said all roads were in fact toll-free, but toll stations were not.
Source: Netease

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  • Foreign Devil

    pretty sweet. . but traffic is going to skyrocket on most former toll roads. . I know my inlaws would avoid road trips until special holidays were they suspended the tolls.

  • Reminds me of the very short GW Bush toll road outside of the DFW airport that charged like 55 cents (I need more memory) but had no toll collectors and you needed exact change+.

    • James

      Goes straight into the pockets of bush 1

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