Authorities To Clamp Down On Stock Market Short Selling

Authorities To Clamp Down On Stock Market Short Selling

Law enforcers of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and Ministry of Public Security have begun collecting evidence on suspected “malicious” stock market short selling, in which profits are made by prices falling, perpetrated by several institutions and various individuals. Vice bureau chief Liu Dong said that it was the duty of the MPS to crack down on illegal activities taking place in the securities and futures markets according to the law, and that they would be working in close cooperation with the CSRC. Netizens welcomed the move by the authorities.

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Capitalism is easy..we can control it…

  • Jahar

    Short selling is illegal in China? Probably because Muddy Waters was short selling so many Chinese stocks listed on the TSE and NYSE.

  • Alessio Pinna

    Because banning short selling worked oh-so-well during the stock crashed in EU and USA