Authorities To Stop Reality Show Stars Flaunting Wealth

Authorities To Stop Reality Show Stars Flaunting Wealth

Recently the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television issued a notice which detailed how they planned to “clean-up” current reality shows which they perceived as not representing the lives or values of ordinary people. They said the reliance on foreign program styles had to be abandoned, with the shows’ wealth flaunting and stardom-seeking also needing to be curbed. A SARFT spokesman said that some shows hovered between positive and negative energy, and although were “interesting” lacked meaning and needed to be “corrected”. In response one netizen asked who would clean-up all the shopping commercials.”
Source: Netease

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  • tomoe723

    Wow, never imagined they would do such. I think it’s a good restriction though, media is a powerful influence on consumerism/materialism with these types of shows. I hope they push thru with it…and clean up the shopping commercials as well.

    • Jahar

      yeah they should only show programs promoting socialist values. And loving your country. And obeying the party.

  • DD Bear!

    i dislike to watch these kinda shows either.

  • Zappa Frank

    i’m pretty sure the problem is that in those shows there were not enough japanese the divide in two with bare hands..

  • Foreign Devil

    That’s fine, it will just drive more people to watch foreign shows. These sorts of policies are exactly the reason Chinese TV is so boring and uncreative.

  • Honey

    They should also remove the violent Japanese war era shows. Those shows don’t show any positive values either. All they teach people and kids are hatred, violence and killings.

  • Vance

    The truth is though, people watch those shows to see people do obnoxious stuff like that. If they wanted to see normal everyday people, they would just sit on a park bench and watch the people in the park.