Authorities Urge Child Trafficking Customers To Surrender

Authorities Urge Child Trafficking Customers To Surrender
The Ministry of Public Security is urging customers of women and child traffickers to give themselves up before a new criminal law amendment comes into effect which will mean they will definitely face prosecution if discovered. The MoPS said that the amendment will be implemented on November 1, and will see those purchasing kidnapped persons facing criminal proceedings, with additional punishments for those carrying out rape, false imprisonment or violence on their victims. Currently, under certain circumstances such people can avoid prosecution, which has worsened the problem. Netizens welcomed the amendment.


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  • good!

  • David

    So white slavery is not illegal now? Kidnapping, selling people and buying people is OK until November?

    • donscarletti

      Apparently selling people was illegal, but buying someone sometimes wasn’t.

    • Bman

      Yes, kidnapping is bad. But buying a kid is just getting a good deal! Sale ends in November so get ’em while they last!

    • guest

      May simply be a boarding of the laws and plus translated as such, which may seem the case there.

      Seems, the way its worded, that only sellers where punish by law in the pass and the changes where made for the buyers. I.E you sold a child to a childless couple and it was proven they knew it was kidnapped even although they raised it as their own flesh and blood.

  • jakeinchina

    I could not even imagine how low people have to go to be able to sell a child. Especially if your already a parent. I could understand someone killing another adult I think over stealing a child away from their parents. I guess its all about money.