Average Penis Size World Map, Chinese Netizen Reactions

TargetMap.com's penis size world map.

TargetMap.com's penis size world map.

From Tiexue:

World penis length map published. Korean males capture the crown

The TargetMap website has released a penis average length world map, using colors to indicate the lengths of the men in the 115 countries of the world. Amongst them, Africa and Central and Southern America’s “performance” were the best. The average length in Congo was 17.93 centimeters, making it the world champion, while all Asian countries were all less than 11 centimeters, with South Korea in last place at 9.66 centimeters

As it is understood, this map was created by netizens, with sources indicated with some of the data. Amongst the 115 countries shown on the map, the top three countries are Congo, Ecuador, and Ghana; while the length of Asian males on average are shorter than other countries, with Hong Kong placing 105th at 11.19 centimeters, Japan and mainland China at 10.78 centimeters occupying 110th place in hot pursuit.

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Comments from Tiexue:


The degree of development and penis length are inversely related, which proves yet again that the more developed your bottom half is the simpler your brain is. Bangzi country, as a result of being the descendents of Martian immigrants, are not bound by the laws of Earth, but rather the laws of Mars, and thus the smaller their penises, the simpler their minds.


Laowai, having nothing better to do, even this has to be compared? What use is a big JB~? When someone else comes to attack you, are you going to say, “Wait, my JB is big”?


We had a contest when we were in studying in university! Seven of us in our dorm, the shortest was 11cm, the longest was 17cm, the thickest diameter was 5cm, the thinnest was 1.7cm, the strongest could hang 5 wet towels, while the weakest drooped hanging just 1 towel…


May I ask what number everyone is on this picture???

A row of common Chinese household items.


Korea’s plastic surgery industry is well developed, every Korean man buy a rolling pin and stuff it in.


Brother [referring to self] has examined innumerable AV [adult video] films. Foreigners are very long before the act but their endurance when actually having sex is actually short.


It doesn’t have to be thick, as long as it fills it up.

It doesn’t have to be long, as long as it can go in.


To tell the truth, my JJ during cold or nervous situations is not 5 centimeters,  and even shrinks into my body…only when erect is it 12 centimeters, I am so sad. Looks like this is how it will be my entire life. Life is suffering, I especially believe this saying.


That’s not right, I’m 19cm, but not a single woman says I am big, and I’ve asked several. They say their ex-boyfriends were 22 to even 25cm.


Brother [referring to self] is 20cm. Brother is successful! Wahaha!


What matters is technique!!


I’m really surprised, the little devils’ [Japanese] JJ actually aren’t in last place?!


Nonsense! My little brother’s little brother was big even when he was small/young. When I was 20-years-old, every time I was with my girlfriend, just touching her hand I would be 15cm erect. You fuckers look down on Chinese people too much~~~~~


Mine is 13cm. Average. Haha. What matters is capability/usefulness. As long as you can put a woman in her her place [satisfy her], that’s all that matters.


Those foreign-worshiping women, do you see? It isn’t the European and American men who have the largest JJ, but Congo black uncles who have the largest JJ. Aren’t you girls always saying that Chinese guys’ JJ are small, not powerful enough? Please emigrate to the Congo then…just make sure you don’t come back! Please… (We’re eagerly awaiting what happens when you park a large cargo truck inside a car garage…)


Haha, I’ve checked the source of this map’s information. The material for the mainland is from 1953.
The column at the bottom has the source of the information. China’s information comes from a 1953 Kensley report. Due to Chinese people being malnourished at the time, Chinese people’s “length” wasn’t very long. Chinese people’s average “length” now should be 12.87 (the length of ethnic Chinese in Singapore).

TargetMap.com's penis size world map (Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia)

Size doesn’t matter. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • her

    Sofa! Omg for the first time. Anyway. I’ve always said there was penis size by race/country. Idiots trying to tell me otherwise.

    • SLX

      poor thing… only time u got sofa was coz noone wanted to be first on a penis comparison page.

      • her

        “No one.” ;-)

        • Tommy


  • Anonanon

    *Looks at the Chinese netizen comments*

    Denial. Denial everywhere.

    • 老外

      Why does this even matter? I’m sick of hearing about this. If a woman loves a man, the size of his penis is irrelevant. Stay away from the size queens — even if you’re big. If they’re with you for the size of your member, they’ll leave you once they find something bigger.

      You know, the first woman I’ve ever slept with ended up in bed for almost a week with a severely bruised cervix (I was a virgin and didn’t know what I was doing) and a lot of vaginal pain and swelling. She had to visit the doctor. A large penis isn’t all cracked up to be… if you want to go deeper inside them, you’ll smash their cervix and they will bleed or be bruised.

      It’s a lot harder to be very intimate with a woman if you can’t go all the way inside her and hold her close.


      • Yeah I know what you mean, i once knocked a girl out when I turned around too fast, was like a flail.

        Penis comparisons… who cares… as long as your not tiny, girls (who aren’t retarded) wont care. and if it is tiny, get lots of practise on your tongue movements, girls will love you for it.

        • Anonanon

          You think that’s rad? I once sent a girl into outer space with my ejaculation. Yeah, she flew out the window into orbit and navigated an asteroid field with a toothpick and an earth magnet.

          What were we talking about again?

          • ceh

            +1 good thing you aimed properly or you could have taken out a city block

          • Adrian Shaw

            5 years later, this is still the funniest thing I’ve read here.

  • Curren$y

    Guys, I must be from Congo.

  • Rooboy

    Come on guys,,,,,,everyone know chinese penis is small.
    Just ask any chinese girl who has had the pleasure of being with a real man………….

  • Gumsticksass

    Does penis play a role like chopstick? Is the length of a penis associated with picking up food or sexual intercourse?

    • Pong Lenis

      Shorties often come up with that argument. LOL

      • … or creative nicknames

    • Manfred

      …which reminds me of that joke with the elephant at the nudist’s beach. When he saw that man, naked, he burst out laughing. The man asks: “Hey, elephant, why are you laughing?” The elephant wiped some tears out of his eyes and asked back: “How do you eat with that thing???”

  • thunderkat211

    another stupid post

  • Teacher in China

    Holy crap, this should get all the trolls out their holes.

    • anon

      Where’s Pusan Playa?

  • Jax

    There is no way Mexicans are bigger than Caucasians. Mexicans are small people in general.

    • B-real

      Have you seen chihuahua dogs? They pack allot weenies for such a small dog plus they are from mexico. Yes mexicans have huge, not gay but in the navy me and a few black friends of mine were put to shame and he was limp when we tag teamin on a korean bitch.

      • EVA

        B Real, very funny. Nice Insect. I’d like to borrow you.

  • Koreansentry

    What’s Koreans gotta do with Chinese having smaller dick size? Gee, Chinese losers are really pathetic.

    • anon

      That the map shows Koreans as being even smaller (on average)?

      This map is amusing but otherwise useless except for people who enjoy making racial generalizations to boost their own self-esteem at the expense of others.

      • B-real

        They did a study like 15 years back. Asians are like number 1 in shortest penis but amongst the asian Chinese were not smallest in the region. I used to have dick hang up when I was younger but look it up your self. Its useless to the korean because they fall in the same bracket but there it did shut the stereo types that blacks are the biggest. If anything it proved that we are closer to the same size and that there are more gifted men in certain regions of the world.

  • krdr

    Did someone remember comment on some earlier post about strange shaped belly buttons? Map explains…
    Actually, I do not believe data provided as unified measurement method hadn’t been used. Also, value provided by self-measurement is bigger real data.

  • Bo Wang

    Average penis size is about the same across races, but Asians have less variability than blacks and whites. That’s why you don’t see many Asians with donkey dicks in porn.

    • JaimePark

      says our local penis expert.

  • Madman

    It’s not the size of the nail that counts…..
    It’s the force of the hammer blow behind it!

  • Ronon

    So… the legendary “big american penis” is in the pink area(11.67 – 13.48 cm)?

    huh….That’s funny.

    • donscarletti

      Well, if you think about American ethnic groups, most are descended from Europeans or Africans, all of the countries that supplied a lot of immigrants to the US are yellow or lime green in the old world. I am not an American, so I do not care about your perception of their doodles, but I am pretty sure this show it is flawed.

      When there is a medical study that uses the same group of researchers and analysis in every country, then I will consider it interesting.

      Anyway, who cares, every man knows the size of their own, if you are from a red or a tangerine country and yours measures into lime or even forest green territory, then all the better against your peers. The Korean with the 12 inch dick knows he is king and that his girlfriend has told all her friends, woe to be a Ghanian with a 13 incher.

      • donscarletti

        Woops, have the units wrong, 12cm and 13cm respectively.

    • k2000k

      That chart is certaintly circumspect. My first question would be what group put this out and why, sample size, age, conditions of testing. And lastly, why would anyone waste the time and resources researching this when it could be better spent solving something important.

  • Oh Canada!!!

    Average IQ = 105 – 108
    Average Cup = C
    Average length = 13.48 – 14.88 cm

    Not bad… not bad at all. Nevermind that I don;t really have any control over those stats… I’ll still brag about it…. Anyhoo….

    On a personal note I’m above average in every aspect, IQ, length and my D cups are beautiful.

    Speaking in total seriousness, the single most important aspect that the vast majority of girls agree on is skill, followed by girth, followed by overall volume, followed by stamina/energy, followed by length…… This map is only going to provoke a lot of pissing contests and insecurities…

    • Oh, here’s my suggestion’s for Song of the Article.

      I humbly submit:

      Imaginary by Evanescence


      Awake the Giant by Gowan


      Self Esteem by The Offspring


      Eat Me, Drink Me by Marilyn Manson

      Make your vote.

      • Oh, stupid me I forgot one.

        Willie and the Hand Jive by George Thorogood

        For your consideration…

    • Truth Speaker

      HAHAHA no white country has IQ over 102.

      The penis size “study” was supposedly done in the 50s in Shanghai alone, if you went to the Northeast today you’d get 14-15+ easily.

  • Irvin

    “(We’re eagerly awaiting what happens when you park a large cargo truck inside a car garage…)” HAHAHAHAHA that’s just golden! LOL

    But seriously, I don’t think dick size really matters if the person is in love with you emotionally. I had a gf who was completely flat (air port chest) and I didn’t love her any less because of it, in fact she was the love of my life and still is.

    If a superficial creature like a guy can disregard breasts size I think emotional creatures like women can care less about penis size.

    That said, I prefer chinese girls to caucasians, parking a smart car inside an airport hanger feels too spacious to me. lol

    In the end, people just want to be love and cared for.

    • Ronon

      You assume that everybody that has sex, is in love with the other person… and even then, do you think that if the girl has to fake it every single time, love will matter? She’ll still be in love with you, but she’ll have sex with somebody else. And you really can’t blame her… I would be frustrated too if I couldn’t reach orgasm during sex.

      I’m not saying that you need to have a big schlong to satisfy a girl because technique actually does matter a lot more than size but you do need to know how to use it. One of my ex’es told me she once dated somebody who was 26cm long and all she was getting from the sex with that guy was a faked orgasm, pain and bruises on her cervix

      • Irvin

        If you’re not in love with the other person, why would you care if they have an orgasm or not? You care about satisfying a hooker?

        • Ronon

          So you either have sex with the one you love or with a hooker? You know… there are people out there that like having one night stands, and if you’re good at it, you get a good rep.
          The better you are — the better your rep is and the better your rep is — the more girls you get.

          But I guess that you’re either very conservative, an idiot or unable to have one night stands.

          • Kerry

            From a woman’s point of view, you sound like an ass! What’s with having a good “rep”? I would think that a reputation for fidelity is much more attractive than one in screwing around.

          • Gago_goes_Gaga

            ronon, you are a moron..

            How does having one night stand build up your rep? U think all females are sluts??? only guys brag about their reputation on how many girl they’ve slept with.

            As long as it isnt microscopic, it’s ok. Size doesnt matter dude, the Gspot and every shit u’re saying doesnt make u an expert. U can give a women a better orgasm by giving her an awesome oral. And one more thing, women doesnt suffer from blue balls like us men.

      • 老外

        Ronon, just because a woman has a husband with a small penis, doesn’t mean she’s going to cheat on him. If she loves you, she will be faithful. You know, some girls actually care more about love than dick size, right? Most girls probably don’t care.

        I’ve talked to some serious sluts who said it doesn’t even matter, but only men make a big deal out of it. On the other hand, I’ve talked to some girls who only want a large man — those are the kind I avoid.

        Besides, a man below average size can rub up against her g-spot with his penis. In fact — even though I’m far from small — I was able to reach my wife’s g-spot with my tongue.

        • Ronon

          Well, I’m not huge either, just 14cm. But because I watched so much AV when I was a teen, I was very insecure about it and I literally spent months doing research about sex. I learned how to give 5 different types of orgasms as I was in high school and I didn’t want to embarrass myself.
          Later on I found out that not everyone is hung like a horse but that knowledge about orgasms opened up a lot of… doors.
          So yeah. I completely agree that size doesn’t really matter, as you only need about 8cm to hit the G-spot and with the right moves and enough foreplay, you can rock her world.

          But do you really believe that a woman would stay faithful if you can’t give her orgasms? She’ll be extremely frustrated, moody and she’ll just avoid sex as much as possible. And in the end she’ll end up having sex with another guy, even if she loves you.

          • Ronon

            Think about it. Would YOU feel good and stay faithful if you couldn’t have orgasms while having sex with her? If you want to see how it would feel, tell your girlfriend/wife to stop right before you’re about to reach an orgasm, and imagine only doing that every time when you have sex with her. All that touching would still feel good, but you’d be very frustrated if you couldn’t finish.

          • 老外

            My comment seems a bit spammy? What the hell… I can’t post this.

            It takes me about 2 hours to have an orgasm with my wife. No, I really don’t care. She’s very tight, and I’m a little over 20 cm. It’s called love. Even if I do not orgasm (sometimes she wants to stop early), I am happy because she feels good. In all honesty, I just like being inside her, being close to her, and holding her — regardless of o rgasms.

            Holding and snuggling feels just as good as an o rgasm to me. The women you’re talking about are retards who don’t know anything about love, and you’d do your best to avoid them. If you can’t give her a v aginal o rgasm, work the c lit and or use your hands.

          • Irvin

            Real love comes with experience and maturity, right now what you’re experiencing is lush which isn’t a bad thing, everyone was young dumb and full of cum once.

            But as you will eventually grow of of this phase and look for something deeper, something more. At that stage orgasm really doesn’t matter.

            You may not understand it now and think I’m an idiot, but I’m sure one day you will. My advice for you is: you’re young, play. But don’t think for a moment that the things we want from a relationship is stagnated to your current stage.

  • Nathan

    Haha America, small dicks big heads

    • cavallo

      Obviously americans are just small dick pussies;just another confirm, in case we need it..

      W ITALIA!!!

      • Jones

        Hahaha all the way from Camp Darby. You know, that US military complex in Italy. I bet that thing stings every time you drive by it.

    • Tommy

      Last time I checked, we were quite big dicks.

      But big heads? I’m sorry, it’s hard to see your point of view from the top.

      • Ethan JRT

        I’m putting in a nomination for ‘most worthwhile comment on Chinasmack.’ Ver’nice.

  • Holly

    South Korea…is…the…shortest???

    TT TT

    Never mind. Don’t be ashamed of your tiny members. As long as it’s hard and can go in, right?

    But my fiance is Chinese and I can confirm he’s a nice size.
    And I’ve seen a few Korean amateur porn videos and they looked quite average. The Chinese guys seemed okay, too. Not tiny, but not huge either. Japs on the other hand…ouch. Barely 6cm!

    Then again, who really wants a big black cucumber stretching their precious vagoo?
    If it’s smaller it will stay nice and tight, it’s the best way to go.

    • GodsHammer

      These days? Everybody…

    • eattot

      your so funny!
      i can not stop laughing…
      size does not matter much, thickness does! sure, at least should be over 10cm!

      • Vakeesan

        eat tot i kinda agree with you. A 4 inch penis or a 10 cm penis is enough as long as you don’t have erectile dysfunction. If a girl says i need a 20 cm dick to satisfy me then she has a very serious psychological problem, No matter where ever she is from

        • Holly

          IDK why any girl would want a 20cm penis inside of her.

          The vast majority of women’s vaginas only go about 4 or 5 inches deep inside, what are you supposed to do with the other 6” of that penis?! Plus I imagine it would be very uncomfortable and hit the cervix quite painfully.

          A huge wang is a sign of power, and nice (maybe to some people) to look at. But function-wise it’s pretty useless.

  • CND Icehole

    Mine is a lot smaller then the measurements on this map for asians.
    Most of the time while I am intercoarsing at a barbershop I am asked ” is it in yet? “. Even my own Mother laughs about my size. “You don’t fill me half as much as your Brother does” she’ll say. I need to go to the Heb part of town to buy condoms, and I still need to get the smalls. Three weeks ago I was being gang-raped by bikers and it took over 45 mins until one of them said ” Wait a min…. this isn’t a clit…..” My dick is so small I’m a leafs fan. Go Leafs Go!

    • Chris

      Dude, Leafs are not gonna make the play offs. You need to win the next 6 in a row just to maybe squeeze into the top 8 man.

      Go Canucks Go!

    • Baijiansi

      Another race for the 9th!

    • cdn icehole

      o_O Sooo, you’re into incest?

      Anyway, I have to agree with Chris. I just want the Cup back into Canadian hands. Maybe in 2067 the Leafs will win it. Maybe. Right after the Jets return.

      • CND Icehole

        The cup is always in Canadian hands. Most NHL players are from the Great White North. Remember when way back in the old days when the Blue Jays won that thing whatever baseball fans refer to as championship? Torontonesse went crazy, waving our Maple Leaf flag/public drunkenes/vandelizing/hootting/pilage, screaming about how Canada beat the Amaricans… The Blue Jays (B.J’s) were all from the U.S. Hockey is the same way, but from the oppisite direction. No matter which team wins, the Cup spends the summer getting praised at the Maskokas.

        • Chris

          Just can’t wait till the ‘Nucks take the cup!

          Not looking forward to the riot that will inevitably happen though.

        • cdn icehole

          Yes I know that majority of NHL players are Canadians such as Crosby, Toews, and Staal to name a few. You know what I meant by “in Canadian hands”. I want the Cup to be won by a Canadian-based NHL team.


          The question is: who’s better at rioting, Canuck or Hab fans?

          • Chris

            Well, we only got the chance to go ape shit in ’94, and I wasn’t even a Canadian then yet, so who knows.

            I’d rather to have no riot though. Downtown Vancouver is too beautiful for that ruckus.

          • CND Icehole

            mmmm… good question, but basicly a riot is a bunch of drunks being assholes in public. Since the French are natural dick-heads anyways my guess is Hab fans riot better.

          • Baijiansi

            No way the Leafs are in this year. Just don’t give another high pick to the Bruins please.

  • Boo

    It’s about girth. A good, big penis will have nice girth. I want to see a study which factors this in.

  • Xiao en

    The nose, ears and schlong continue to grow as a man gets older.

    I claim gravity.

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  • Long Wang

    Hilarious that everyone is arguing about sizes… this map is COMPLETELY flawed. Most African and South American countries were “self-measured”. Western countries were not. Taking various studies from unrelated research and throwing them all together does not an accurate map make. Regardless, no information this map gives will make your dick larger or smaller. If making fun of Koreans, Japanese Chinese or whatever makes you feel better, it probably points to your own insecurities and nothing more. Jesus people grow a pair of balls (to go along with whatever size cock you have).

  • bomber

    Ugh, what can be said. Uncomfortable topic. It’s times like these where the rational will remember that the greatest variation generally occurs within populations, and not between them.

    Still a bad rap to get… Poor fellas… Not all girls care as much as you’d think.

    Protip: Chinese men: Don’t drive fancy sports cars or display road rage. Or do other small-dicked things, like arrogantly posture at every conceivable opportunity. I know the cool heads are out there. Face is still achievable. Godspeed!

  • john digmeme

    Aaaand, another reason why Australians just don’t stack up against Kiwi’s…

  • eattot

    this map is so funny!
    canada and US are connected, why canadian are bigger and even alaska still can not change the fate?

    • Raggamuffin

      Funny thought. But Alaska would be included in the USA Average number… who knows, maybe Alaska actually brings up the overall US average, and without them the US would be red :)

    • cdn icehole

      Well sweetie. Come on over to Canada and we’ll show you why. ;)

      I am surprised by this report. Given Canada’s cool climate, you would think growth would be stunted by it. Too lazy to find out if there is a report on who does it more often, but I suspect that us Canadians do it more often and are not prudes like the Americans when it comes to sex.

  • Chad

    Only in an industry dominated by men do you see so much money poured into comparing penis size.

    • deputamadre

      What industry? Cartography?

      • Kong

        Obviously. All that obsession with scale bars and North arrows doesn’t come from nowhere. And what’s with those cartographer always projecting things?

      • Alikese

        Chinga tu madre! Your comment wasn’t there when I wrote mine.

      • Chad

        Why science of course.

    • Alikese

      That industry being the production of maps on the internet?

  • jw

    or it could be a map of who are the biggest liars.

    • john digmeme

      Can’t be – Both China and the US would be black, let alone ‘forest green’

  • I first misread the map’e legend: instead of “average penis size” –> “average pixel size”…

    • Mark

      If Asians have the smallest pixels, then I guess their monitors have the clearest resolution. Way to go Asia!

  • Pvt. Joker

    Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Look at our population, one of the biggest in the world.

    Size doesn’t matter if only your hands see your dick.

  • Tim

    It is often said that size does not matter. But I would rather go to war with a sword rather than a daggar.

  • kate

    i was so sad when i found out japan is .03cm longer than my brothers, probably a more bitter defeat than when we took their spot as 2nd largest economy in the world

  • mistyken

    Hey why is some country labeled gray? that color is not even in the legend. does it mean their penis size is simply off the chart? If that is true, why does S Korea and N Korea differ so much in term of penis size?

    also, among the UN security counsels, France has the biggest size…

    • Bo Wang

      Grey means their penis is so small, it cannot be measured with ruler.

  • fouManChu

    I think Kedafu is having trouble finding a song, may I suggest:

    Its a small world after all – disney

  • kat

    Perfect article for my question. Trolls are not welcome.
    Im in NYC so diversity is lovely around here. Out of 10 couples (Asian,White) 9 are the girl is Asian and the guy is white. It is very very very rare to see the opposite.
    Why is that? I’m asking because I’m curious, I’m not implying anything.

    • kate

      i don’t think any of it has to do with the fact that white men usually have larger penises. why don’t brothers from congo, the mandingos get more love if the bigger the better? i think usually its because the white guys are more assertive,more likely to be unbashingly funny, or.. “bad”, and the women identify more with the mainstream white culture. asian guys are just not as sought after as asian girls. its balanced out in the end since asian guys are on top of the food chain in the gay community.

      • Bo Wang

        Evidence to support the claim in your last sentence please.

      • Vakeesan

        Well i don’t think so, Exceptions can’t be counted as an example. I think you have a psychological problem. What is the the mainstream white culture? Could you please explain it to me?

      • Truth Speaker

        It doesn’t, because white men have smaller penises. This is good for the two cent hookers in poorer parts of Asia who needs to trick 100 walking ATMs to buy a bowl of rice. Small, soft dicks you forget about 2 seconds after they’re in, cha-ching.

        They could never do this with East Asian men who have real dicks.

        • James

          keep repeating, i’m a winner, people like me, i’m good at what i do.

    • Pvt. Joker

      $$$ or white dude got yellow fever.

      Also I’ve met some of girls that will only date white guys and quickly dismiss us Asian brothers. Like we are all a bunch of FOBS or something. This uppity attitude is likely a symptom of “Princess Sickness”. —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geuqYUVerQ0

      • holy sheet

        I’ll probably step on a lot of toes when I say this, but it’s just an observation.

        Is it me or is it 99% of all Asian women who date white guys were whipped by an huge ugly stick. There seems to be a obvious “difference” in terms of what is considered to be beautiful for Asian men and white men. White men have a tendency to go for the most exotic looking but not necessarily the most attractive Asian women.

        Or, maybe the ugly Asian chicks date white men because they know they’ll have a hard time landing a desirable Asian man? Either way, I have not personally seen a white man scoring a top-notched Asian beauty as of yet….Zhang Ziyi don’t count because she’s a money slut, plus her bf is jewish. Take facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for example, his Chinese girlfriend is not a girl you’d wish to wake up next to. You know he can do better than that!

        As they say, beauty is in the eye of the behinder.

        • cdn icehole

          Take facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for example…

          LOL You would think a young rich punk would be able to land himself with a couple of Playboy Bunnies.

        • bert

          In China they say this too BUT the Chinese never seem to judge their own Broom Hilda standing right next to them. They will judge your gf more than they judge their own.

        • CND Icehole

          Fauna is Chinese, and I wish to marry her someday. Are you saying she’s ugly? I’ll cut you….

          • holy sheet

            @CND Icehole

            The difference is that you WISH to marry her, not that she is WILLING to date/marry you.

            Get it right.

        • john digmeme

          I must be part of the 1%. My Chinese wife is beautiful AND comes from the ghetto of her country (not China) so she isn’t materialistic at all (not ah lien) – I feel like her personal security guard when we go out to the clubs fending off Guidos and other neck-bearded virgins that don’t know how to act . I got her attention in college by guessing where she was from purely by noting the emblem of her national airline on a sticker on her laptop bag – and sealed the deal by being a weed smoking bad ass.

          Ever notice the white guys typically dating ugly Asian chicks? Nerdy as f**k. I pity the 99% who cannot pull a dime ass, tight bodied Chinese girl. Knowing every dude on this planet wants one just like mine lets me sleep very well at night – unlike you lot, who have to convince yourselves that the only Asian girl a nerdy white guy like yourself could get is an ugly one. *POP* goes your comfort bubble.

          • holy sheet

            Post a pic with a verifiable social network page of your “beautiful Chinese wife” to confirm your story or your wife is mfuggly!

          • Vakeesan


            It’s true white guys get the ugliest, old and perverted asian girls which the asian guys don’t even care or dare to care. We also know that those white dudes aren’t good looking either. We don’t care, Please take away all those.

          • Rooboy

            Vakeesan :
            Sorry to burst your bubble mate………my girlfriend is 25, im much older and we have been together 4 years,,,,,,,,,,been to her home town,,,, taken her to my home town,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,My chinese buddies are VERY jealous that an fart like me can score a very beautiful, honest, loving girl

          • Chris

            Suppose you exchange her race to anything other than Chinese, and then took her back to meet her family etc, would it be any different? People will be jealous of things they cannot have, until they learn to be happy with the things they do.

            Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but you sound like you are over compensating.

        • Alikese

          Zuckerberg’s Jewish too.

          I think a big part of the reason white guys in China settle for average girls is that a lot of them are so unused to positive attention from women that when a girl shows even a modicum of interest, isn’t fat, and has all of her limbs a guy will settle down.

    • Chad

      Several reasons. Asian women are seen as attractive by many races (not just whites). Asian men are not. This is changing though. Also, white males are the top dogs in society. Male models are often white, as are most of the entertainment industry. Lastly, wealth is another factor. Asian-Americans as a group are very wealthy, but first generation ones are not I believe. Second generation ones are.

      Also, I only have recent statistics for Chinese-Americans but it should hold true for most Asian-American groups, 5.3% of Chinese men are married to white women and 13% of Chinese women are married to white men. In terms of second generation Chinese, 26.7% of Chinese men are married to white women and 41.5% of Chinese women are married to white men. Thus, the difference is only 2.5 fold for the group and 1.5 fold for 2nd generation Chinese. Either New York is a special case, or you’re experiencing confirmation bias.

    • deemarksu

      I think that’s because 9/10 asian men prefers asian girls . I also think it’s because of the tastes and socail reason in mind of asian men .

      That’s why rarely to see asian men and white girls(or others) couples .

      • Irvin

        I’ve been with a white girl out of curiosity, and realized that asian girls are still my cup of tea.

    • Kong

      They aren’t prejudiced against white guys? America and England have done a pretty good job at establishing white people as the “default standard”.

    • Truth Speaker

      What time are you out?

      1) 9 out 10 Asian girls dating white guys are ugly, fat, and/or poorly educated – if not, hookers and some combination of the above
      2) You see plenty of attractive white women with half-Asian babies during work hours. That high employment rate.
      3) Many Asian guys are not interested

      • James

        keep repeating, i’m a winner, people like me, i’m good at what i do

  • Mei Gui

    yo chinese guys. i’m a white man with a medium sized cock. u jelly?

    • twftw

      yo white guy i’m a chinese guy thats not obese. you jelly?

    • Truth Speaker

      They must be, since yours slips into anything so easily – explains all the bestality you partake in with small dogs.

  • chloe

    What I want to know if penis girth by country, because it’s mostly the thickness, not the length, that creates pleasure.

    • Mark

      yes, but to be fair we should also do vaginal width chart

  • mp

    True story about penis size: my girlfriend, Wendy, has me tattoo her name on Mr. Happy. Fully erect you can read her entire name, however in sleep mode you just see the W and the Y. Anyhow, the other day, after a heavy workout, I’m at the spa using the sauna and this black dude comes into the sweat box with his Johnson hanging low. Damned if doesn’t have a W and a Y tattooed on it. I point to the Bantu’s trouser snake and say, “Hey Bro, yo girl’s named Wendy?” He looks at me and says no. I then ask about his tattoo and he tells me it says “Welcome to Jamaica, Have a Nice Day.”

    • anon

      you got a tattoo on your dick? prove it.

      • Bo Wang

        He told a joke, you idiot.

        • anon

          This anon knew it was a joke. Not sure about that anon.

      • Alikese

        Why you got to ask to see everyone’s dick?

  • Jones

    I really thought the Asians ate more eggplant than those in the Congo, but I guess I was mistaken.

  • Jess

    Okay, since this is literally my field of expertise, I have a few thoughts. The actual website isn’t loading for me, so I can’t see what the sources are, but I do get the feeling that they are largely…inaccurate, because, it makes the typical mistake of grouping all Asians together. Whereas, in actuality, many traits common in Northeast Asians are largely absent in Southeast Asians. After all, the development of Northeast Asian physiology took place in the snow, not the tropics. So, to put it unscientifically, Thai men have bigger than average penises.

    Reverting to a more academic view on things, the figures given are wrong, or at least very outdated. A paper in the Korean Journal of Urology found the average to be 10.8cm in the 90s. A more recent study, by the same people, raised it to 11.9cm. Army statistics from the 2000s (remembering that all Korean men must serve) placed the average at 12.7. This makes more sense to me than 9.66cm, because I remember the jubilation when Korean condom sizes achieved parity with “international” standards. (I think that just meant Japan). It was humourous.

    If I remember correctly, the Chinese average should be around 14-point-something somewhere. But I can’t read Chinese, so I can’t dig up the figures easily. Professionally, I haven’t seen a remarkable difference between the mean lengths of Chinese and Caucasian men.
    But, yes, the statistics seem wrong to me. And I’ve probably seen and measured more Asian penises than a Jiangsu hairdresser.

    • fouManChu

      Really? what kind of job is that? I thought my job was lousy – you win. I’m scratching my head trying to imagine what it would say in the want ad for your job.

    • Foreign Devil

      What is your occupation???

      • Bo Wang

        Either she works as a research assistant in urology or she is a hooker who has a hobby of measuring penises of men she bangs. I think the latter is the more plausible of the two.

        • Truth Speaker

          Regardless everything I’ve heard from anyone with that kind of “experience” is similar – Chinese guys are at least no smaller than whites, and Northern guys are larger hands-down.

      • dim mak

        “Her” job is liar with an agenda, there are no jobs that measures penises, maybe one nurse in a million for a study or something, and what are the chances of that? If fact “her” notes are right out of Wikipedia.

        It’s unlikely penis size between Asians is all that different. Either way I’d rather have my huge fucking brain.

    • bert

      The Korean military makes their soldiers get an erection and they measure it? That seems so gay.

      Is this chart for erect or flaccid? :P

    • Truth Speaker

      She’s probably a doctor or a nurse, dumbass.

  • 文章的歌



  • Eidolon

    Penis size is inversely correlated with amount of insecurity.

  • Foreign Devil

    I agree with the Chinese commentator who said Chinese at least last longer than westerners. Chinese guys in general can last a long time. . probably because of lower lobido. But for me the first shot in bed is always really short. . . almost a thowaway. Once that is out of the way I have to quickly recharge and the 2nd time around I can control it and last however long I want. The key to to recharge fast enough before the girl loses her arousal. White males are too damn hot blooded!

    • holy sheet

      If a girl can possibly “losses her arousal” in bed while you both are buck naked, you are not as “damn hot blooded” as you think. That first minute isn’t a show stopper for the girl after all.

      About the fast unloading time you’ve mentioned, I assume you are still in 8th grade jacking off to a hand-me-down Playboy mag.

      Go to bed.

    • Akim BI

      have u actually seen a white guy having sex? I guess if u did, he was doing ur girl. busted!!!

      • holy sheet

        @Akim BI

        I can’t believe you’ve just butchered a classic “yo mama’s” joke.

        Try again. Nutted!!

    • Truth Speaker

      White men are not only slightly smaller on average, they can’t hold an erection, are clumsy, and last 10-20 seconds.

      Whites have more variation in penis size- a lot of tiny, tiny ones then some gay and bisexual men with larger ones. The average straight white male probably has a penis size under 5 inches, while the average Japanese man has a 5.1 incher. Chinese men are larger than the Japanese, easily.

  • MadeInChina

    a bunch of guys just sitting around in front of the screens talking about dicks.

  • holy sheet

    If this world is run by shear penis size, then Africans and S.Americans would be gods. Plus, there would be billions of brown and black kids running around.

    Are we a little penis obsessed or what? (No pun intended)

  • Chris

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the map of world breast cup sizes.



    • Cool Matt

      nice job Chris, was about to post it. Found it on Gorillamask too?

      • kissmyass

        how about the asshole map….i am interested from the back!!

        • Pvt. Joker

          assholes are easy to spot, they usually driving beamers :)

          • Tom12GA

            @ Pvt. Joker:

            I think that the percentage of Land Rover/Range Rover drivers would surpass those BaoMa/BMW drivers.

    • Truth Speaker

      Another fake, or one that doesn’t take obesity into account.

  • Alex

    Why compare? They are fucking idiots!! Fucking westerners have superiority complex…fucking mofos!

  • Gut

    I’d like to see a world map on Vaginal Tightness and or depth.

    I say its always good to have the “goldilocks Ratio” for any Shaft’s or orifice’s.

  • Alex

    I have a nice JJ but I can tell you that size is truly not a real factor unless it is unusually small. If your partner loves you or finds you really hot, they won’t care about that as long as you can make them feel good – sexually, and emotionally. Guys who have big tools often think that they have a free pass, and yet, most women/men will tell you that it’s only exciting until they demonstrate their inability to actually have good sex. :-)

  • jin

    ehm that it soo outdated @.@ last time they did the average dick size test in china was in 1953 by kensley report, and in 1953 most chinese people didnt even have a decent meal.
    while the other countries are done in 1999-2008

    • blackflagnation

      yeah, and all those eunuchs totally f’ed up the averages

    • Truth Speaker

      “In the 20 to 24 years old age group in Shanghai, men are about five feet eight inches tall on average while women five feet and three inches. This compares to five feet four inches for men and five feet for women in the 65 to 69 age group. ”

      Shanghainese grew 1.5+ standard deviations since their grandparents’ time (around 1960). That correlates to +1.2 inches on the penis white men love so much.

      So good news for you white men, Shanghainese probably have 5.3-5.8 inches on average. Much bigger than American men:

      “A study published in the September 1996 Journal of Urology concluded that average erect length was 12.9 cm (5.08 in) (measured by staff).”

      • serioja

        if the average is 12.9 this put china over US, Irland, Romania

  • eddie9684

    this map makes me feel Godly and im asian lmao

    • Ryo

      LOL ditto. Must be all those American milk I drank when I was in school there.

      • eddie9684

        ya wonderin if the diet has something to do.. since im a chinese overseas hahah.