Baby Bodies Discarded In River Discovered In Shandong

Man collecting the remains of 21 babies discarded under a bridge in Shandong, China.

Man collecting the remains of 21 babies discarded under a bridge in Shandong, China.

From Dahe:

According to a Shanghai Morning Post report, at dusk on March 28 in the suburbs of Jining City of Shandong province, residents near the Guangfu River discovered the remains of 15 babies underneath the Guangfu River bridge and within the the Guangfu River, and quickly alerted the authorities. The director of the health department of Jining City, Zhong Haitao, explained saying that the initial investigation has discovered that the 15 babies bodies may be babies from the local hospital that have died as a result of miscarriage or disease, and according to the law, are considered medical waste.

On the morning of the 30th, the Jining City Health Department reported that a total of 21 babies bodies have been found.

A video news report: (Warning: May be graphic)

From Caijing:

2010 March 30 morning, Jining [city] in Shandong [province], relevant staff members are fishing out the babies bodies. March 28th, under the Guangfu River bridge in some village of Jining in Shandong, village residents discovered over a dozen bodies of babies that had been casually disposed. Amongst these bodies, the largest was over 60 centimeters, the smallest just beginning to take human form. The bodies had already begun rotting. Light green tags were found on all of the legs of the corpses of the babies, written with the baby’s mother’s name and the height and weight at time of birth, but providing no information about the hospital whatsoever. The local health department stated that these baby bodies may be medical waste from the local hospital, that the dead babies may have come from miscarriages or died from sickness.

Yellow bags containing the rotting remains of 21 babies disposed of in a river in Shandong, China.

Comments from Sohu:

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Horrifying! Whoever did this should go to hell!

沙 漠之狐-隆美尔:

I watched this video, and after watching my heart was very pained! Are hospitals these days all like this? The police all like this? Hospitals are where people are saved! How can they do something so heartless like this! Those children are after all also human! How can they be thrown out into the wilderness like that! I really want to ask the people in the hospital! If these children were your own children, would you treat them like this? Would they also casually toss out their dead children and be done with it? Are you guys not afraid of these children coming back to haunt you? The times are changing and certain hospitals are changing too! But it should be humane moral change! If this continues, who will trust hospitals ever again? Who would be willing to go to the hospital? If they are all like this, they are all morally corrupt hospitals! I would rather die than ever go to a hospital again! The police should be a department that safeguards the justice/truth, so how can there be something like this yet they remain indifferent/aloof? Were [what happened to] those children natural/expected? Or are you tacitly consenting that handling dead children this way is right? Is this just? Is this lawful? We are all Chinese people! Had the children not died, they too would be people of China! Why must they suffer this kind of treatment even after death? Here I hope the authorities will definitely seriously investigate this matter! Do not disappoint the city’s residents, so that they lose trust in you guys!

永 馨小区:

Heartless, inhuman, beast!!! Too fucking despicable! Can they still be considered doctors, these things things that are worse than dogs and pigs!!!

卜 认识:

This is going too far, too heartless,
a hospital like this,
Too infuriating.
This children’s parents too…
are they all crazy?
Allowing even their own children to be “handled” this way?
The poor children.
I even want to cry.

小 天お泪:

Is this something a human can do?
I misspoke, the people who can do this kind of thing are already not considered human…

人 自飘零花自落:

Simply asking for people to become angry. This shows that this society is dark, that hospitals are bottomless pits, that doctors are human-looking beasts, that law enforcement are even worse, covering things up, so how can people not feel cold?


Motherfuckers, it must be the hospital! The fucking people at the hospital are truly too inhuman!
Hospitals these days only care about money and not people, truly fucking black/dark/evil!! I BS the hospital bastards!

伤 心19870702:

Is this something a humans do?
This kind of beast should immediately be executed/shot, and even after dying they must go to hell.
Seeing this is too disappointing/disturbing.


If they were discarded by the hospital, it should be punished by the law. Too despicable!!!

士 大夫空间:

Sometimes I truly cannot figure out, just what kind of people are we? On this piece of land, just what kind of people are we bringing up?

A hospital bracelet, one of many still attached to the legs of many of the dead babies found in the Guangfu River.

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