Backpackers Lost In Rain Found And Fined

Backpackers Lost In Rain Found And Fined
17 backpacking tourists entered Guangxi Long Beach River Nature Preserve to explore with no official leader, no contingency plan in case of difficulty, and no detailed maps. As a result they were met with torrential rain and became lost, so a local government organization gathered 100 people and at the expense of over 100,000 RMB rescued the 17 backpackers. Consequently, the local government decided that every backpacker be fined 1000 RMB. Chinese netizens say that these backpackers have wasted many resources just in order to explore for a while, and what’s more the rescue party is risking it’s life, could it be that the rescue party’s lives aren’t really lives?! The punishment is too light!

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  • vonskippy

    China – always the stellar example of offering a helping hand . . . FOR A PRICE.

    The story is full of holes. How long were the hikers missing? How did the official know they were lost and needing help? Who was the moron that over reacted and decided they needed one hundred people in the search party. Why did the organization figure they needed to pay the searchers (oh yeah, china, nevermind).

    • Amused

      Uhhh man, to be fair to the entirety of China and all, maybe some of the holes in the story might be due to the “downsizing” of Chinasmack.
      I could be wrong, but that’s my operating theory.

    • Considering that’s like $157 US, that’s not exactly a hefty punishment. And considering whoever has the time and money to waste hiking in China probably can well afford it. Even if the searchers were volunteers, there would be logistical costs, just as there are in the US. I really don’t see a lot of cause for blame here.

      • vonskippy

        17x1000rmb = 17000rmb or $2678usd. Average wage in China is

        56300rmb/year or $8868usd. So you think it’s fair to charge 3 months average Chinese wages to find a group of people? Explain how the “logistics” can cost 1/4 of a year wages?

        • but for every person, 1000 is still a little.

        • Jahar

          I think those average wages aren’t very accurate.

        • Oh please… Average wages in a country where hundreds of millions are dirt farmers in impoverished remote villages. I guarantee that none of these hikers were in that bracket. “Average” wages in the urban centers are different, and by the magic of scale high “outliers” are common to and almost inconceivable degree. As I tell people, numerically the wealthiest ten percent in China is equivalent to the ENTIRE population of Japan. There are hundreds of millions of them.

      • u wear a wig???
        you hair seems too good to be from a head of a white male.

  • Claude

    Ouch, lost and fined.

  • dumb ass!
    at least should take map and compass!!!!
    as long as the big direction is right, no big problem!
    i got lost in forest often when i was a kid looking for mushroom on big mountains, i always got back safely at last. though had to walk several hours when got home almost like dead.
    i was a super brave kid.

    • 康 毅夫

      yeah kid you’re a hero. Point your fingers at others; that’s what the net is for.
      In real life, I would like to see you crossing an overflowing mountain river with your little compass in hand.

      • maybe you are right . im totally a loser in reality .

    • jaded

      Must have been magic mushrooms. Would explain a few things. Well done for being such a brave kid.Your mother must be very proud

    • jaded

      Btw I believe you are mai lin on the Shanghaiist? Same ‘style’ of posting

      • i do not know who you are talking about!
        what’s so interesting with that mail lin? are you into her?

        • jaded

          Nothing at all. Just your posts are similar to hers. You have similar outlooks

  • Rmb.Shanghai

    Yes, trained and experienced rescuers with maps and numerous other resources working in a group of 100 were risking their lives by going out in the rain. I agree almost entirely with vonskippy. Someone probably made a phone call for help, forgetting they had baidu maps.

    • 康 毅夫

      yes, in fact it’s what happened. According to the first reports, one of the guys texted his wife to call for rescue.
      This group were not “lost in the rain”, but cut off by the rapid rise of the river following torrential rains. 100 police and firefighters, 40 doctors and paramedics, 300 logistics personnel participated in the rescue

      (@ForeignDevil, yes this area is a bit larger and wilder than that park you have visited near Beijing; I quite fancy you could get lost there.)

      Another group of 25 was also evacuated at the same time.

      These people were not asked to pay for rescue, but were fined for entering a forbidden preserve area.

      I don’t know who wrote the Chinese piece above but it’s not what you read on Chinese sites; also, the translation is lacking (失联: they lost contact, they were lost; not they became lost; in normal times they would just have had to follow the bed of the river)–Get your news from newsmen, not from bloggers.

  • ytuque

    Penalizing stupidity is a good strategy!

    • Pharenheit


  • Jeff

    Years ago, when we were hiking in the Grand Canyon, my wife got heat stroke at the bottom. After cooling her down, her main motivation to climb back up was, if we need to be rescued, it’s going to cost $1000. Good for them fining these clueless people.

    • 康 毅夫

      might have died. For $1000.

  • Foreign Devil

    Just how big is this river nature preserve? I couldn’t get lost in a forest in China if I tried. . there are people everywhere except on the peaks of the tallest mountains. THere are especially tons of people along rivers.

    • 康 毅夫

      Big man. You’ve seen it all, eh?

  • vonskippy

    Apparently ChinaSmack is lost in the woods – nothing posted since OCT14.

    • Ryan

      They should close it down and you should go get a life.

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