Baijiu Drinking Challenge Goes Viral Online In China

Last week a video surfaced online where a man drank 1 jin (500ml) of Baijiu and soon people started posting videos of themselves drinking 2 jin, 3 jin, 4 jin…until a man in Henan Nanyang drank 6 jin of Baijiu, equivalent to 3 liters of hard alcohol. This challenge went viral on WeChat and many people responded to the drinking challenge by posting videos of themselves chugging Baijiu. However, given that consuming such large amounts of alcohol can be fatal, some of the videos are likely to be parodies.

Video where a man from Nanyang drinking 6 jin (3 liters) of Baijiu spirit:

A woman responded by drinking 5 jin of Baijiu:

A guy in Qingdao responded by drinking 7 jin (3.5 liters) of Baijiu:

Another challenger who drank 7 jin of Baijiu:

A man from Ankang in Shaanxi drank 7 jin of Baijiu:

Video of an Inner-Mongolian woman drinking 2.5 jin of Baijiu:

A failed attempt at the Baijiu drinking challenge:

Don’t drink too much: Unlike the ice bucket challenge where people did stupid things for a good cause, the Baijiu challenge is just plain stupid. Instead, consider becoming a Patreon of chinaSMACK and help us further grow as a site. Happy New Years!
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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

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