Basketball Stephon Marbury Gets Chinese Green Card

Basketball Stephon Marbury Gets Chinese Green Card

Former NBA star and Current CBA star Stephon Marbury announced on Weibo that he has received a Chinese Green Card. The Beijing Public Security Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration also posted a Weibo saying they had received Marbury’s paperwork and were currently processing it. It is said Marbury, who has been playing basketball in China since 2010, adapted to Chinese culture quickly and fell in love with China. Netizens had mixed emotions about the announcement, with some saying they were happy he was here, while others said “China doesn’t need you.”

Source: iFeng

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  • Jahar

    1 guy out of how many who have come here gets a green card and “netizens” say they don’t want him. Well, “netizens,” we would gladly give you back all the Chinese people who have emigrated in exchange.

  • Teacher in China

    Yeah tell me about it. Here 10 years AND married to a Chinese woman, yet I still have to get a visa every. damned. year. Maybe i should learn how to play basketball…

    • annon

      Because you need to contribute to China in a significant and useful way, simply being married to a Chinese person and teaching English does not qualify unless you are extremely amazing. If you really want a green card, invest into the local infrastructure, donate to improve the city you stay in, that is true not just for China but many countries around the world. It is basically like buying a green card, but, if you calculate the visa and entry exit costs and passport pages over ## years… Is it worth it?

      • Teacher in China

        I’m not sure that it’s true in many countries around the world. Usually staying in a place for X amount of years, settling down, and having a steady job are all that’s required. I’m not about to donate (i.e., have money extorted) just to get a green card. My employers take care of the cost of the visas anyway, and my passport pages don’t fill up that quickly, so that’s not an issue. I just think the Chinese government ought to rethink how much it respects those of us that are here long term and doing steady work.

  • Came to Asia 1994 (Taiwan), and relocated here permanently in 2002. My sister-in-law’s best friend is super high up in PSB in a province in the north … I gave a link to the ‘Chinese Green Card’ to them, and even though I qualify in 2 different ways (only qualifying in ONE way is ‘enough’) I was told “So sorry, we’ve never issued one of those [and we’re not going to start now, especially with XJP].”

    So a ‘retired’ NBA player making retirement money can get what’s impossible for those of us running companies, employing dozens, and qualified can not. Even with guanxi. TMD

  • FYIADragoon

    Ability to get a green card is entirely dependent on your connections and/or fame.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    In the US Steph wouldn’t even be playing at all… but in China, he’s DA MAN.

    Further confirms the fact that “most” foreigners in China are losers back home.

    • Alex Dương

      He was more-than-decent in the NBA IMO.

  • Ashley Banks

    If you got money and fame its easy every where.

  • The scariest thing to me is the % increase year on year – as well as the total # – of PRC nationals that are planning on emmigrating

    Having been here so long (lived > 15 yrs) and having my entire life built around being here, I don’t wanna leave. My wife didn’t either.
    Now, we actively discuss it on a regular basis.

    Sad really

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