‘Because of Love’ by Eason Chan & Faye Wong

Eason Chan and Faye Wong backstage.

Eason Chan and Faye Wong performing on stage together.

Song and Music Video:

Composer: Xiao Ke/Ke Zhaolei
Lyricist: Xiao Ke/Ke Zhaolei
Singers: Eason Chan & Faye Wong

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):


gei3 ni3 yi4 zhang1 guo4 qu4 de CD
Here’s an old CD

ting1 ting1 na4 shi2 wo3 men de ai4 qing2
Listen to our love back then

you3 shi2 hui4 tu1 ran2 wang4 le
Sometimes it slips my mind

wo3 hai2 zai4 ai zhe ni3
that I’m still in love with you


zai4 chang4 bu4 chu1 na4 yang4 de ge1 qv3
I can no longer sing those kind of lyrics

ting1 dao4 dou1 hui4 hong2 zhe lian3 duo3 bi4
Just hearing it I blush and hide

sui1 ran2 hui4 jing1 chang2 wang4 le
Though I often forget

wo3 yi1 ran2 ai4 zhe ni3
that I’m still in love with you


因为爱情 不会轻易悲伤
yin1 wei4 ai4 qing2  bu2 hui4 qing1 yi4 bei1 shang1
Because our love can’t easily be hurt

suo3 yi3 yi2 qie4 dou1 shi4 xing4 fu2 de mu2 yang4
so everything is happy

因为爱情 简单的生长
yin1 wei4 ai94 qing2  jian3 dan1 de sheng1 zhang3
Because our love grew simply

yi1 ran2 sui2 shi2 ke3 yi3 wei4 ni3 feng1 kuang2
I can always be crazy for you

因为爱情 怎么会有沧桑
yin1 wei4 ai4 qing2  zen3 me hui4 you3 cang1 sang1
Because with love, how can there be change?

suo3 yi3 wo3 men hai2 shi4 nian2 qing1 de mu yang4
So we’re still as we were when we were young

因为爱情 在那个地方
yin1 wei4 ai4 qing2  zai4 na4 ge4 di4 fang1
Because love is there

yi1 ran2 hai2 you3 ren2 zai4 na4 li3 you2 dang4
there are still people there wandering around

ren2 lai2 ren2 wang3
hurrying back and forth




“Because of Love” was the theme song of Chinese movie Eternal Moment (movie poster), starring He Jie, Li Yapeng and Chapman To.

'Because of Love' as the theme song of the movie Eternal Moment'Because of Love' poster (netizen version)

Eason Chan and Faye Wong during rehearsals.

Eason Chan and Faye Wong during rehearsals.

Eason Chan and Faye Wong backstage.

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • 阿吉

    Sitting on my sofa listening to the song…but wo ting bu dong le


    Who remembers when ChinaSMACK was good????

    And here we are ChinaSMACK arrives at another new low.

    To remember only the good old days.

    I am off to a more sensible China watching site to live out my days.

    Have fun reading about pop songs and discussing jews, nazis and apartheid.

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      wow some ppl r so touchy….just cause u dont like it dosnt mean others dont :p

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        seriously man

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      Whine whine whine. What new ‘low’ are you talking about? They’ve been doing the song posts every week for a month now. It’s great for some of us who are learning Chinese and Chinese pop songs are a fun way to do it. I hear this song so often everywhere I go and its nice to learn what the lyrics are. Besides, its not like they have any less of the stuff they always do. I counted, this last week they had 10 news and translated comments posts. In the past, the only updated once a day. Now they update like 2 or 3 times each day. What are you complaining about? No one is forcing you to read these posts and if you don’t like discussing Jews, Nazis, Apartheid, simple, just don’t read the comments. No one will care if you don’t. Stop thinking so highly of yourself.

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        If it would be a like button,would like your comment. Songs are a great way to learn.

  • eattot

    she is the biggest facker and coper….
    listen to her sing, like somebody is dying…shaking all the time, typical studio singer.
    one thing have to admit is, her looks helped her a lot, difficult to find women as her in asian, so tall and with queen style…

    • [email protected]

      Do you mean ‘faker’ and ‘copycat’? Yeah I totally agree. Copying songs by the Cocteau Twins and The Cranberries etc got her to her current level of fame. Kind of bizarre. A hack will always be a hack.
      Another one I don’t like that much is Karen Mok. But I respect her as a legitimate artist. She writes and plays and sings on her own tracks. She was also BRILLIANT in “Fallen Angels” By Wong Kar Wai. Then again, Wong Faye was also good in Chongqing Express, and her voice is quite melodious. Oh well. Circle of Life.

      • The Enlightened One

        Oh wow, so she’s the one that ripped off the cranberries.

        My wife was playing a Chinese radio and I heard a song that I instantly related to the Cranberries… it was like the 30th song I have heard since I have been in China that SHAMELESSLY ripped off a western artists. It really messed songs up.

        For example the song Black Black Heart by David Usher… the song is about sex, drugs and other dark things…

        Some Chinese “artist” ripped it off almost exactly in sound and instead turned the theme into people dancing in the field and being all gay… I love that song so it REALLY pissed me off.

        Keep Classy China! You do us humans proud!

    • coala banana

      who the fuck cares ?

      don’t know either one of them. The guy looks ugly as fuck, like the typical fat ass HK gay.

      She looks very fuckable in my opinion….who cares if she can sing ?

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        That’s Eason Chan….and his face is frikkin hilarious.
        Seriously, his voice must be held in really high regard because his face….my god his face.

    • arinna

      She looks like a guy though.

    • Boris

      ‘Her looks helped her a lot.’ -OK, sure.
      On the other hand her range is phenomenal. Very few can cut it or would even try Liz ‘Cocteau’ Fraser’s songs.

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    That giant red corsage thing is just too hilarious! Oh wait, that’s Wong Faye!

    • hanjians!!! all of them some people were never meant to sing or wear red!!!!

  • what’s with the dude’s weird hair? looks like something died and landed on his head

  • Spanky

    I banged her, but my friend’s wife tried to poison her after.

  • andy

    may i request song? 《父亲》and《老男孩》by 筷子兄弟。They also made some short-but emotionally touching-films like 老男孩;赢家;父亲:)

  • GhettoBoy

    Chinese music need to go with Chinese music rhythm, American Sounding music with Chinese lyric sucks.

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    Its kind of unbelievable how much hatred this site can bring out of people. I have always enjoyed the intelligent debates to some of the sensitive political or cultural subjects; but one thing I am getting annoyed is those aren’t even Chinese criticizing everything here, include music preference of a country of 13 billion people… so much hate why even bother spending time reading a site that’s exclusively about China…

  • Heard this song played everyday on China’s radio and TV lately. I like it the song, only now that I figured that it was Faye’s song. I like her ever since she sang Eyes on Me for Final Fantasy 8. Thanks Chinasmack for reviewing this song =)