Beichuan Government Spend Millions On Luxury Cars


When the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake happened, Beichuan town was one of the hardest hit because of a lot of aftershocks that happened there. Recently, many Chinese netizens are extremely angry after discovering that Beichuan government officials have spent tens of millions buying cars for themselves in the last two months, using the people’s money and donations. Many of the cars are luxurious or high-end models, leading the netizens to feel the government officials are treating themselves very well, while many earthquake victims are still suffering and living in terrible conditions.

From Mop:

Have you donated money for the earthquake yet? Are Beichuan’s disaster victims all going to to get through winter with warmth?  These we have no way of knowing, but what we know is that Beichuan’s “civil servants” and “official bosses” are doing very well, already starting to purchase luxury cars. And the they do not want just average cars! Truly, they are in power for the people! I am in admiration, true admiration! [sarcasm]

After the exposure of Beichuan’s dark secret, Mianyang Purchasing Network [the website/company that handled the government’s purchase of cars] secretly deleted specific details of the transactions [the purchase prices], but unfortunately it was already too late as angry netizens already disseminated the original details, with excerpts below:

“Beichuan’s go-vern-ment purchased one Toyota Land Cruiser, the most expensive V8 configuration, price 1.1 million RMB (the lowest version is only 700,000+ RMB, but a six cylinder is not impressive). I discovered a wide variety of brands and models amongst the disaster area purchased vehicle, but with almost every model, relatively higher-end versions wer chose. For example, a Toyota Prado was purchased with a navigation system. The earthquake must have ruined the disaster area’s geography so much that the leaders no longer remember the roads.”

The following appear to be information taken from the website showing various purchases by the Beichuan government:

Beichuan BCZC inquiry (2009) #2 work vehicle successful purchase confirmation  (2009-1-12)
One Land Cruiser: Mianyang City Gaoxing District Toyota Automobile Sales Services Limited Company, price 1,100,000 yuan.

Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County People’s go-vern-ment Procurement Center
2009 Janauary 12

1. One Changfeng Liebao cross-country, Chengdu Jielong Trading Company, price 196,500 yuan (free decoration).
2. One Toyota Camary, Mianyang City Baixiang Automobile Sales Services Company, price 216,800 yuan.
3. One Nissan X-Trail, Mianyang City Fengshen Automobile Sales Services Company, price 275,000 yuan (free floormats).

1. Chengdu Jielong Trading Company, unit price: 345,800 yuan, total price: 691,600 yuan.
2. Mianyang City Chengda Engineering Services Limited Company, unit price: 400,000 yuan, total price: 400,000 yuan.

One Toyota Prado 4.0GX cross-country, dark green color
Mianyang Gaoxing Toyota Automobile Sales Services Limited Company, 539,000 yuan.

Bidding work unit: Mianyang City Chengda Engineering Services Limited Company
Product: Kia Borrega
Total price: 411,000 yuan.

Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County People’s go-vern-ment Procurement Center
2008 December 5

Nissan Teana: Mianyang Fengshen Automobile Trading Company, price 204,800 yuan
Changfeng Liebao: Mianyang Beier Automobile Services Company, price 197,800 yuan
Toyota Corolla: Mianyang Gaoxing District Toyota Automobile Sales Services Company, price 155,800 yuan
Beijing Hyundai Tucson: Mianyang Xinchuansa Automobile Sales Services Company, price 247,800 yuan

1, Mianyang Toyota Motor Sales and Service Co., Ltd.: Toyota Prado VX4.0 with Navigation 626,000 yuan.
2, Mianyang Ganghong Subaru Automobile Sales and Service Co, Ltd.: Subaru Forrester  271,800 yuan.
3, Mianyang Xin Sheng Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.: Nissan Paladin Standard 204,000 yuan.

Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County People’s go-vern-ment Procurement Center
2008 November 21

Mianyang Government inquiry (2008), #85, “car” item inquiry result notice
Mianyang Government inquiry (2008), #85, “car” item, on 2008 September 12 conducted procurement, the results announcement as follows:
The successful candidate:
Sichuan Mianyang Xinhua Car and Automobile Sales Garment Co., Ltd.: 843,000.00 yuan
Mianyang Gaoxing District Toyota Motor Sales and Service Co., Ltd.: 584,000.00 yuan
(Probably Toyota’s new Land Cruiser and Prado)

Mianyang Government inquiry (2008), #60 “car” item inquiry results notice
Mianyang Government inquiry (2008), #60 “car” item, on 2008 July 10 conducted procurement, the results announcement as follows:
The successful candidate:
Mianyang Gaoxing District Toyota Motor Sales and Service Co.,: 1,554,000.00 yuan
(Probably a Toyota Land Cruiser and Prado or three Prados)

Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County People’s go-vern-ment Procurement Center
2008 December 3

Beichuan BCZC inquiry (2008) #17 work vehicle procurement notice
Bidding work unit:
Mianyang Gaoxing District Toyota Motor Sales and Service Co., Ltd. total price 539,800 yuan. (Should be Prado)

Business transaction: Chengdu Jielong Trading Company
Transaction price: 406,600 yuan
Procurement by:  City Government Law Commission

After being exposed, the Mianyang go-vern-ment urgently deleted information related to the transactions on the procurement website:

But the original records have been preserved, it is too late.





A few more screen shots from KDS:



A few 2008 Sichuan Earthquake pictures:





More pictures can be found at EastSouthWestNorth.

Comments from Mop:

Dammit! These low-lifes!

Chinese characteristics…
Cannot help it.

They are still inside sheds freezing. The earthquake destroyed their homeland, leaving piles and piles of broken walls. Only when you are personally there can you understand why. But look at what these dog 10 people [“dog shits”, 10 is “shi” in Chinese, which is the same sound as “shit”] are doing? Angry!!!

Strongly despise Beichuan county go-vern-ment! Do not donate money to them again!

All Japanese cars–supporting Japanese economic recovery~!?

Why did the earthquake not kill this group of bastards.
How good it would be to exchange their lives for the lives of the children.
My donations fed the dogs.

Sorry, I was too worked up.
I feel this matter [of purchasing these cars], was probably out of necessity,
The leadership experienced a life and death battle, discovering that only by enjoying life is benevolent governance.
[it is] forgivable.
As for the disaster area’s masses,
who told you to not be civil servants?

I very much agree with your rational speech,
but like your worked up speech much more.

The leadership’s mounts [rides] ought to be “Cao Ni Ma’s”~!
[Cao Ni Ma = “grass mud horse.” It is a Chinese internet nickname for an alpaca, a funny looking animal and has become popular in 2009. It also rhymes with “cao ni ma“,  “fuck your mother”.]

What I really want to know is whether the 500 bucks I donated can be refunded? …

These bastards. When people were donating, I simply knew that in the end that these donations would become something else, entering the wallets of those in power.

Taking my money to go buy cars.
I myself did not buy, giving it all to them.

Those who donated money were all fools. Learn from Han Han [a famous Chinese blogger, writer, and race car driver who helped further publicize this story] and doing something directly for the common people! Does the government still have any credibility?

Seeing this kind of news on the same day of the United States presidential inauguration. Let us  cry for the suffering Chinese people.

Is the source from our donations? Distressing! I hope Beichuan’s government can give everyone an explanation! In my heart I still hope this is just a rumor!

Comments from BT BBT:

Everyone in the country who has donated money, if you want to “go for a stroll” [nickname for “protest”] and condemn Beichuan, I absolutely will not oppose you!

When will we organize a V is for Vendetta group? If we do not see blood, our great, glorious, and correct party does not shed tears [If something big/serious does not happen, our “great, glorious, and correct” government will not do anything.]

Lou zhu,” where did this information come from?
If this is real, then dammit, it is too trashy, those “dog fucked“, give back my money.

Sigh, such a pity the government did not let me manage the disaster relief spending, being wasted like this, benefiting Japanese people.

Keep in mind how much total money the people and various places’ governments and organizations donated to them that year.
And what more, I feel that money is enough for Sichuan to rebuild, rebuild, and rebuild again.
So why is it that I do not see any progress there?

Comments from Tianyi Community: (no longer available)

If this horrible system’s people and system are not extinguished, there truly is no justice, no God, no just punishment, and Bhuddism and Christianity would be a pile of lies.
Justice will ultimately prevail over evil, I believe, but I do not know how many years I have to way. Maybe my grandson will see it.

Fuckers, all good cars.
So the special party membership fees we donate are all given to party members to use, earmarked.

Simulating domestic demand is necessary, right, how can you guys not understand? Did you think an earthquake can “shake out” an honest government? You can’t force people to do what they will not do!

Boycott Beichuan and Mianyang products. Take away the people’s livelihoods and the common people will revolt or use secret methods to settle with these bastards.


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