Beijing CCTV Building On Fire, News Censored


Around 9:00pm on February 9th, the CCTV building in Beijing caught on fire. Chinese netizens quickly reported the news on the internet, with many pictures and videos. Soon, netizens began wondering why there were no television news reports about the fire, and then many websites like Sina and NetEase began removing pictures or locking disussion topics about the CCTV fire.











Some netizens said witnesses originally could see some flashlights shining out of the windows of the CCTV building trying to get help. However, as the fire burned, there were fewer and fewer flashlights. In the end, there were no more flashlights.

A Hong Kong news report (Chinese Cantonese):

A collection of CCTV Fire videos on NetEase. Some videos also show fireworks celebrating Lantern Festival and the last day of Chinese New Year.

A collection of live reports and pictures by Z0la/Zu0la is on Google (Chinese).

Some more pictures on Wonitata.

On KDS is this notice that is supposedly from the government telling website moderators to stop reporting of the CCTV Fire on news websites, BBS, and blogs. This includes no more posting pictures, videos, and to only use the Xinhua report:


The building that was on fire was not the main CCTV building with the interesting shape that many Chinese have nicknamed “The Big Underpants” although many netizens thought so during early reports. However, this building had the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Comments on Tianya:

No way? I am currently watching the CCTV Lantern Festival Show! Is the signal going to get cut off?
It cannot be that 冏 [coincidental], could it? OMG!

The Big Underpants is on fire~
What is the little chicken [penis] going to do??

Cut it off, it is all burnt…

It is a bit crispy, but better crispy than none at all~

So many things happening…could it be yet another eventful year?

No big deal, tomorrow CCAV [a nickname for “CCTV”] will PS [Photoshop] some pictures to clear up the rumors.
The picture will only have a few performers simply smoking on the roof.

It is good that it is burning, it would be best if CCAV was burned completely.

Although it is not the Big Underpants…
the intensity of the fire is really big. Hopefully there are no casualties.

This is the fastest growing topic I have ever seen…

So fireworks really do have advantages and disadvantages~~~

Still, there are no television channels broadcasting live.
Can fireworks actually cause this big of a fire?
I am looking forward to the truth.
Of course, I know there will not be the truth.
I hope there is no one inside.
New year’s

Why are there so many people who cannot control their excitement that this is burning?

If it is about CCTV, it will arouse people’s attention.

When I first glanced at the picture on the first page, I thought of 9/11.
Such a large fire with such a tall building, it is very difficult to save.

Oh my, so scary, praying praying, if it is going to burn before the new year, then it will burn, as long as everyone is safe.

Those above gloating at other’s misfortunes can all go to hell. With such a large fire, I bet there will be some firefighters who will sacrifice their lives.

So terrible, there are probably a lot of people inside, what can they do? So high. If the power was cut off, they cannot even use the elevators.
My prayers are with them.

The fire has been extinguished now. Here are some pictures posted on KDS:


beijing-cctv-building-fire-extinguished-02 beijing-cctv-building-fire-extinguished-05

beijing-cctv-building-fire-extinguished-03 beijing-cctv-building-fire-extinguished-04

Some netizens have discovered the cause of the fire:


More news about CCTV Fire from other English China blogs:

See Also:


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