Beijing Chinese Aunties “Fight Japanese Devils” with “AK47s”

Chinese "aunties" (older middle-aged women) carying toy AK-47 rifles plaza dancing and "fighting Japanese devils" on the streets of Beijing.


Currently the most discussed photo feature on Chinese web portal NetEase…

From NetEase:

Beijing Aunties Carry Guns and Dance on the Streets “Fighting [Japanese] Devils”

2014 June 27 report, Beijing — Recently, a group of aunties carrying toy guns have been putting on a “fighting [Japanese] devils” show in front of a mall in Dongzhimen. They carry toy AK47 rifles and alternate between walking in formation and brandishing their rifles. At the climax of the performance, a “Japanese devil” wearing a Japanese military cap and white t-shirt appears and the aunties suddenly become “wives of the resistance against Japanese aggression” who with their guns surround the “devil”, forcing the “devil” to have no choice but to raise his arms in surrender. Photos: CFP


Photo is of the old man who plays the “Japanese devil” appearing in the performance. Photo: Ma Ke



Photo is of the “Japanese devil” being surrounded.






Photo is of the aunties wielding swords on the street.




Photo is of the scene of the aunties dancing.


Photo is of the aunties carrying guns plaza dancing on the street.


Chinese "aunties" (older middle-aged women) carying toy AK-47 rifles plaza dancing and "fighting Japanese devils" on the streets of Beijing.






Comments from NetEase:

网易江苏省连云港市手机网友 ip:180.105.*.*:

Don’t stop medical treatment.

网易广东省广州市手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

So much YY.


Probably thugs/scoundrels when they were young, and still the same now that they’re old.

daoban008200 [网易天津市网友]: (responding to above)

It’s not that the old have become bad, but that the bad have become old.

咬人的兔子 [网易浙江省宁波市手机网友]:

Unbelievable, a bunch of old garbage who have only worn red armbands [of the Red Guard in the Cultural Revolution] beating up Chinese people want to fight Japanese devils.

另一种真相 [网易上海市网友]:

1. There’s nothing wrong with plaza dancing, it is just a way of exercising, and quite effective [as exercise] too.
2. A minority of people next to residential areas affecting the rest of other people, is wrong, and should be criticized, but many more middle to old aged people are in public plazas, parks, and such areas [not affecting residents]. I see a lot of young people also joining in, so what is wrong with this?
3. The [city] planning for leisure spaces for the masses is unreasonable, so criticisms should be unanimously aimed at land developers, aimed at city planners. Why should the masses fight against themselves?
4. There are a lot of people who disturb others. Those who don’t respect traffic regulations, who litter everywhere, who set up barbeque skewer stands on the side of the street with thick smoke affecting others…you don’t criticize. Land developers stealing your money, your boss docking your hard-earned wages…you don’t criticize. Instead you focus only on criticizing the elderly, as if you were so heroic.

5. Those who say elderly people exercising are “remaining evils” [of the Cultural Revolution] who should hurry up and die, please ask your parents, aunts, uncles, etc. to die first, because it just so happens that these generations of “remaining evil” were the ones who raised you.
6. The reason a lot of old people plaza dance is because their children are busy working and can’t spend time with them. They are killing time and relieving boredom. When you criticize and curse the elderly, first think about how much you have cared and provided for your parents’ waning years and how much filial piety you have lived up to.
7. Apart from plaza dancing, are there things such as elderly scamming/extorting people [with false injury claims] and making unreasonable scenes on public transportation? Yes! However, those are a minority of elderly people. The media and public intellectuals/commentators always just report the negatives of a minority of elderly people. But how many kindly elderly people are there in this country? How many positive energy [influence] elderly are there throughout the country? Why aren’t they reported on? If we put aside the elderly altogether, there are N amount of people in society who do good things, but why doesn’t the media and public commentators report about them? The One Foundation also has problems, but why does the media and public commentators only criticize Chen Guangbiao? Etc.?

This kind of long-term selectivity in what news/information is shown you, is it not also a kind of brainwashing? Have you ever wondered why? A flock of people who only know how to spend their days doing nothing by cursing and criticizing.
Let me tell you something:
“Don’t treat ignorance as personality!!!”

kingdeeceo [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

It’s said that when the chengguan are annihilated [defeated]… dispatch the Chinese aunties… then… Tokyo will be surrounded within two days… When the general offensive commences… all of Tokyo will suddenly sound “the vast sky is my love…” [lyrics to a song popular with plaza dancing Chinese aunties, see below]… the aunties will dance… negative attack power… then… the auntie soldiers… Japan is taken…

抽烟的夜猫 [网易江苏省常州市网友]:

There is this group of people:
When American police open fire, it is called upholding justice, but when Chinese police who open fire, it is called treating people’s lives as nothing. When the United States updates its weapons, it is called safeguarding world peace, but when China builds an aircraft carrier, it is called exhausting the nation’s resources to build up military power. When the United States cracks down on terrorism, it is called patriotism, but when China cracks down on terrorism, it is called violating [human rights]. When Americans run red lights, it is called freedom and no big deal, but when Chinese people run red lights, it is called the inferiority of an ethnicity. When Americans do garish things for art, it is called freedom of art, but when aunties dance and sing some elegant old songs, then they are “remaining evils” who must die terrible deaths.

Still this group of people:
They cry for freedom of speech every day but the Edward Snowden who exposed the PRISM program is criticized in every possible way. Every day they yap about democracy and constitutional government but say nothing when the United States supports the Egyptian military in overthrowing the democratically elected government. They harshly ridicule Chinese for putting on shows [publicity stunts] yet flatter and fawn over Obama buying a pumpkin.

Even still this group of people:
When Russia and China stands together in opposing the United States, they will say Putin is a dictator. When someone compares Russia and China, they say Russia has realized democracy and freedom. When Russia stands off against the United States, they jeer that Russia has already been reduced to a second-rate/second-world country. When comparing the development of China and Russia, they praise Russia as being stronger and more powerful than the Soviet Union.

I want to say [to this group]:
You idiots, why are you so ridiculous? Would it kill you to not be so hypocritical [have such double standards]?

dbdlsq [网易辽宁省大连市网友]:

I don’t dare say Dalian is where plaza dancing appeared earliest, but it was one of the earliest places where it appeared in the country. However, the dancers and onlookers (city residents who don’t participate in the dancing) in Dalian are very harmonious. The dancers in their revelry get to manifest their inner selves, exercise their bodies, refine their characters. The onlookers are in turn influenced and get pleasant enjoyment. It is very harmonious. The key is that plaza dancing must have quality, aesthetic beauty, be classy, where the dancers dance and the onlookers are [positively] influenced. The government shouldn’t necessarily meddle in everything, but it can guide it in a positive direction, by dispatching professionals to provide instruction to the ordinary common people dancers, to constantly raise their artistic ability, making them become a scenic part of the city. Dalian, it is worth coming to visit.
Everyone has elderly people in their families, and everyone will get old. The elderly having interests/hobbies is not a bad thing. If your interests can bring happiness to others, that would be the best. Thank you, everyone.

从文革过来 [网易广东省江门市网友]:

The capital city has an exceptionally large amount of retards, probably related to smog entering their brains.

春哥附体 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

The most disgusting period of history, the most disgusting generation of people.


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