Sex Education Class For Beijing Elementary Schoolchildren

3rd grade students in Beijing, China use backpacks to experience one of the hardships of pregnancy.

3rd grade students in Beijing, China use backpacks to experience one of the hardships of pregnancy.

From QQ & Mop, & XiCi:

Beijing primary school students experience “fertilization” in sex education class

Third grade students in Beijing during a sex education class.
December 9th, at the Hepingli No. 1 Primary School in Dongcheng district of Beijing, during a sexual health education class, the teacher uses a game to teach students how a "sperm" and "ovum" unite after going through multiple obstacles, and even allows them to experience the hardships of a mother's ten month pregnancy.
An image of a sperm and ovum on a monitor in a Beijing third grade classroom.
December 9th, at the Hepingli No. 1 Primary School in Dongcheng district of Beijing, in the classroom during sex health education class.
A 3rd grade teacher teaches Chinese schoolchildren how sperm fertilize an egg during reproduction.
December 9th, at the Hepingli No. 1 Primary School in Dongcheng district of Beijing, elementary school students participate in a game during sex health education class.
Third-grade Chinese students crawl through a hole as "sperm" during their sex-ed class.
December 9th, at the Hepingli No. 1 Primary School in Dongcheng district of Beijing, students pretend to be "sperm" during a game.
A Chinese schoolgirl whispers into the ear of her classmate during sex education class.
December 9th, at the Hepingli No. 1 Primary School in Dongcheng district of Beijing, students pretending to be "sperm" after passing through an obstacle must also receive one last question they must answer correctly before they can "unite with the egg/ovum".
3rd grade students in Beijing, China use backpacks to experience one of the hardships of pregnancy.
December 9th, at the Hepingli No. 1 Primary School in Dongcheng district of Beijing, children use bookbags and backpacks to experience how inconvenient it was to move when their mothers were pregnant with them.

Comments from QQ:


I think it is pretty good. Rather than withholding and hiding it and then letting the children learn about sex from some unhealthy channels, it is better to have parents and society provide some proper guidance, teaching them how to protect others, how to protect themselves, to respect others, and to respect themselves!


Teacher, I want to demonstrate fertilization with you.


Our country’s sex education has apparently only taught people to use contraceptives…never putting any effort on the ideological aspect [of sex].


The leadership’s heads have been kicked by donkeys, having these kind of experiences in class, is there going to be homework after class too? I think children probably know more than you do in this regard!


Sex education is really necessary these days…otherwise children will be poisoned by television and the internet.


Hehe, being able to receive sex eduction when small indeed will mean they won’t be so curious about certain things when they grow up, but I personally feel this needs to go further. This is a long-term thing that must be done. Actually a lot of young relationships and sexual activity are just because of curiosity.


Isn’t it too early [for the children] to know about these things!?


Yeah, good, how come there weren’t these kind of classes when I was small? Sex education classes are very important!


●~ ……        ●~    ●~  ……      ●~    ●~     ●~ ●~ …… ●~ ●~
…… Brothers and sisters charge~! First place gets to be reincarnated into a human! …… ●~ ●~ ●~  ……
●~    ●~    ……        ●~    ●~    ……●~   ●~   ●~ ……
●~ ●~  ●~    ●~  ●~ ●~ ………Quick, turn back!……This person is masturbating!……  ~● ~● ~● ~● ~●   ~●  ~●~●  ……     ~●    ~● …… ~●


Conducting sex games with kids this small, truly pointless!

Comments from Mop:


Third grade??? Isn’t that too small???

If I had a child, I no doubt hope to guide him on this matter, but at 3rd grade it is a little difficult to accept.


Mommy says I came out of her armpits.


Shanzhai! A game that laowai nurseries have been playing since N years ago!




Should’ve [had sex education classes] long ago…when your child asks you where he came from, are we supposed to say they were found off the ground/out of the garbage?


How did you first learn about sex?

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  • Jamie 杨洁

    Teacher, your sex education class was so gelivable! It’s a pity that I never had such kind of class when I was in elementary school! :(

  • Cure E. Us

    Why are Chinese pregnant for 10 months, but in the ROTW (rest of the world) the pregnancy 9 months?

    Is it to save money on baby food or something?

    • 约翰

      Your facts are astounding. Now do your homework.
      According to the world health organization:
      “The World Health Organization defines normal term for delivery as between 37 weeks and 42 weeks”

      37 weeks is (37/4=9.25) approximately 9 months, while 42 weeks is (42/4=10.5) approximately 10+ months (Yes, I realize that 1 month = 4 weeks is not exact, thats why I used approximation).

      • freakboy

        Your facts are astounding. Now do your homework.

        I think you should do yours. The fact are on average 38 weeks is the length of time the a woman will stay pregnant, the WHO does not take into account for early child birth which accounts for 60% of the babies born. 38 weeks has been the standards that Doctors have set for 100 of years to predict the day that the baby will be born. 42 weeks pregnancy is very rare.

        • 约翰

          You are incorrect.

          “The expected date of delivery (EDD) is 40 weeks counting from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP), and birth usually occurs between 37 and 42 weeks.(”

          Now, I am using medical information. Where is your source?

          Here is another quote:
          “Pregnancy is considered “at term” when gestation attains 37 complete weeks but is less than 42 (between 259 and 294 days since LMP). Events before completion of 37 weeks (259 days) are considered preterm; from week 42 (294 days) events are considered postterm.(”

          So, again, the average term is approximately 9.25 months to 10.5 months. Please tell me more of what doctors say, because that is exactly where I am giving you the quotes from, medical professionals.

          • Deerg Shaker

            Both Bumbling!! Chinese babies turn 1 month old the moment they are concieved – similar logic to turning 1 year old on the first day out of the womb..

          • moody

            you are counting from the first day of the last menstrual period
            (yes doctors all count this way, but not to determine the total duration of the pregnancy)

            It s not the day you conceived the baby as i m sure you know
            the topic here is how long last the pregnancy
            you are pregnant from the conceiving day, which is 14days after the LMP
            so remove two weeks from your calculations and you’ll find 9 months exactly

      • Rick in China

        Your math is wrong, Mr. “facts are astounding”. There are an average of 30.4 days in a month. There are 12 months in a year. 9 months is about 273 days. 273 days is 39 weeks. The average term for pregnancy is 39/40 weeks. The “right” estimate, in months, based on average pregnancy terms, would be 9 months.

        10 months is not average. 10 months is approximately 43.4 weeks.

        Cure was also making a joke. Next, you’ll find some grammatical issue to correct, I’ll give you one: go fuck yourself.

        • dace

          Ahem, my wife’s midwife in Australia told us pregnancy is 40 weeks / 10 months. This is not some Chinese feck-up.

          • Rick in China

            “Ahem”…No, it’s not, it’s a bogan retard who also can’t do math. 10 months does not equal 40 weeks. Feck-up. 40 weeks is 9 months and about a week. 10 months is 43.5 weeks.

            That’s also a full-term slightly higher than average, but hopefully takes that long, estimate.

          • Deerg Shaker

            Possibly its a meme passed down from the times of the luna calandar when the years were divided into 13 months

        • Efe the foreigner

          all of your math is wrong. it takes two sexy blinks and a handshake from god for inception, then he cooks the baby in his baby oven for 4 full rainbows, then viola! baby time. suck it time, god always wins. and fuck math, you guys suck

    • Bob

      Anyone else look at that “obstacle course” and think of the phrase “throwing a hot dog down a hallway”?

    • wu lmao

      I’m guessing it’s the translation?

      Any doctor will tell you that a full term pregnancy is 40 weeks. A lot of people would convert it to months by seeing 40 weeks, think 4 weeks in a month, divide 40 / 4 = 10. Of course, if you ask the same person how many days are in a month, they’ll probably tell you 30. If you ask the same person how many days are in 4 weeks, they’ll tell you 28.

      All of those little differences should set off warning bells in your head that the conversion won’t be accurate in the end.


      LOL USA Public Education in Action!

    • Chris

      Because it is hard to determine the exact day of conception, the first official day of pregnancy is the first day of the last period the mother had. Doctors figure out the due date by counting 40 weeks from this day.

      So the first 2 or 3 weeks are before conception occurred.

      To be honest, I had never really had to know this until my wife became pregnant.

    • brent

      elephants are pregnant for two and a half years.

    • Joe

      If you insist on believing that, then I insist you read Race, Evolution, and Behavior by Philippe Rushton. It shows that the negroid race has the shortest gestation time, the caucasoid race has intermediate gestation time, and the mongoloid race has the longest gestation time.,_Evolution,_and_Behavior

    • gestation

      uhm. it’s also a fact that east asians take longer to gestate than white and black babies. Asians also take longer to reach the same level of physical ability as babies of other races. Don’t like such “racist” BS? Look it up yourself.

    • ice L

      Just calculation method is different just, actual pregnancy is the same!

  • 水溶C100

    At least someone is doing something….

  • Spanky

    I think a live demo with the teacher is needed. I’d volunteer for that.

  • adam

    teacher is hot. i would also demonstrate all this shit with her.

    • brotherrivercrab

      where were the sex ed teachers that look like this when I was in school?

      • hei_bai

        I know right? Damn..

        • Patrick

          I don’t know, not enough pictures and I’ve spent all night looking at Japanese porn. One part of me says no shape, another says she got the cute stubby kind of look and the more realistic part of me says I have a penis and I just would.

  • It’s about damn time. The amount of silly questions I’ve gotten from University students boggles my mind. And get the girls on the pill already, why does every Chinese girl seem to think it’s going to poison them? Abortions rates here are way too high…

    • Hullz

      No, no, no ,no~! You do NOT want all those people on the pill. Back in the states when they found that girls on the pill have excess levels of estrogen in their urine. This gets flushed down the toilet and into the freshwater systems. As you may or may not know, many species of fish are sexually volatile in that they are basically hermaphrodites and change sex last minute as the population decrees. Apparently, the extra estrogen flowing into the rivers “persuaded” huge populations to go female, causing massive damage to the fish populations with no males to fertilize. While I’m uncertain how I feel about abortions (especially poorly conducted ones) I think that we can all imagine what such a huge population on the pill could do to freshwater wildlife, which isn’t already doing so hot as it is.

      Also if you don’t believe me, google it!

      • Rick in China

        Without googling it, you really eat freshwater fish in China?

        Clearly you need to go on the pill and balance some estrogen in your system, your balls are _WAY TOO BIG_.

        • Efe the foreigner

          yeah, anything in the water here is already fucked. and i have heard way too many fucked abortion stories. pill this country the fuck up, and lets all bang our way to a better and more democratic tomorrow

    • Sunni

      Birth control pills mess with your hormones big time. I’m speaking from experience. If given the chance I would never have went on it. Although I agree that some measure needs to be taken to better the abortion rate.

      • Birth control pills have a small chance of side effects, Pretty much every girl I know is on it back home and I don’t know any, except you apparently, that have had any serious side effects.

        Not using hte birth control pill and having no clue about sex ed as is true for most Chiensee girls means large rates of abortion, which can have much more serious side effects, and very high rates of use for the morning after pill which also has much worse side effect issues.

        Put them on the pill…

        • Sunni

          I’m going to assume that you’re not Chinese. I don’t know how to explain this properly, but we have a very different idea of what constitutes as side effects from medicine. This is stemmed from the different ideology upon which our medicinal practices are based (Chinese medicine and western medicine). Bcp is not considered the most healthiest contraceptive by the Chinese, and it is the truth. You have seen many girls on the pill not experiencing side effects, where as I have. There are alternatives like female/male condom usage, diaphragms, etc. Why not promote those?

        • moody

          Pill IS a problem
          western dosage of the pill is not fit for a good proportion of Chinese locals

          and i would not trust the made in china either
          when you see melamine and baby powder milk problems, how can you trust local medecines

  • @@

    ●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~●~    ●~

  • uDL..

    starting from primary school is defo the way to go these days. i see tiny winy kids with cigarettes in their hands all over the day these days. not to mention about sex..

  • xmcx

    “Our country’s sex education has apparently only taught people to use contraceptives…never putting any effort on the ideological aspect [of sex].”
    Ideological sex is the best :D
    Seriously, I need subtext to get the humor in this post, if any intended..

    • whichone

      I think the poster meant while there is focus on the biology, there also needs to be some attention paid to the moral, financial, and social responsibilities.

      • xmcx

        But surely those aspects are adressed in due time, no?
        If you are Hanzu then it is your duty to make as many kids as you can afford, providing strong pillars for developing the motherland, no? And certain categories get a permit to do it more, but that is because they are unable to control their instincts, no?

        • 约翰

          I think lack of controlling your instincts starts to become a crime (such as rape, which is the only time at least one person is not in control). Everyone can control themselves, some just do not bother.

          The question for you whichone is would they understand the significance of it?

          The same question though can be addressed I guess in the case of trying to teach them the basics at this age anyways.

        • Wily

          “If you are Hanzu then it is your duty to make as many kids as you can afford, providing strong pillars for developing the motherland, no? ”

          Uh… what? IIRC the minorities in China follow one-child much less than Han Chinese do, and I think they are allowed slightly more leeway to do it also. I haven’t heard of mass forced sterilization in non-Han regions in China, it’s usually in the countryside in the south.

      • Efe the foreigner

        so…. what your saying is that there is only moral, financial, and social responsibility if i dont secretly leave after she falls asleep?

  • dim mak

    What if some fat kid couldn’t fit through the loop

    My parents just told me everything in graphic anatomical detail when I asked where I came from. I didn’t even know what she was talking about at the time

  • Song Yan

    Everybody knows babys come out of the butt. Girls can’t get pregnant if they are on top, because what goes up must come down. Its not good to have sex with a pregnant woman because one might poke the baby. If you play with it too much it will fall off you will go blind and hair will grow on your palm. Girls bleed once a month as a punishment from God. Also one must never use a condom, the pull out at the last second and pray works best. I’m kidding and hope you had a laugh. Babys come out of the butt right?

    • Alikese

      And you shouldn’t have sex while the woman is pregnant because the fetus will get pregnant too and it’s hard on the child to be going through preschool as an unwed mother.

  • Fman

    No need for sex education, they should be scaring the shit out of the children!! 1.6 billion Chinese I think the last thing they need is advice! Scare the hell out of the kids turn them off sex! Give them sex-horrification!!!

    • Alikese

      Sex education usually leads to a decrease in unwanted births. These classes aren’t about the Kama Sutra, they’re about STDs, pregnancies and safe sex.

  • 约翰

    What are you, in 3rd grade? Go fuck yourself, hehe, so amusing.

    Yes, your exact calculations would indeed make it as you say (although medical professionals still say it is 38-42 weeks, not just 39/40 weeks), but now answer me this, do we round a month up at 9.5 like normal integers, or do we just count the number of physical months someone was pregnant in?

    If we round like a normal integer, then by your calculations, that will make 9.5 months, 288.8 days, 41.25 weeks, which is indeed in the normal pregnancy window. In fact, a normal window would then be 277 days (8.75 months) to 9.67 months.

    The “average” therefore falls at 9.21 months for full term, which is why we always say 9 months, even though it is still not technically 100% correct.

    • 约翰

      Meh, wrong area. Stupid name and email autofill.

    • Rick in China

      I’ll reply to your post here since it was most recent. In response to your post to the other guy on your thread, and your now “changed” professional information…which says 38-42, not 37-42. I’ll use your numbers to make it easier. You’re at least on the right track now:

      37 weeks is 259 days. 259 days is, on average, 8.5 months (30.4 days per month, average), NOT 9.25 MONTHS.

      42 weeks is 294 days, that’s 9.67 months. NOT 10.5 months.

      The average, according to your sources, is 8.5 months to 9.67 months. Get it? Not 10.5 months. NOT 10 months. 10 months is 2 weeks post-term.

      In addition, do you even understand what you’re saying? It’s average 40 weeks *FROM THE DATE OF THE LAST PERIOD*. You know what a menstruation period is right? That means if a chick bled last 2 weeks ago and the first time she was creampied was today, they count 37-42 weeks *from 2 weeks ago*, even though fertilization was *today*. This means that, while we COUNT from an earlier date, it’s actually *less* than the ETA, not MORE. So if someone gives birth 42 weeks after the ETA, it means the *ACTUAL* could have been as little as about 38 weeks, since her last period could have been almost a month before the estimation’s calculation.

      What does all this mean? A full-term average birth is approximately 9 months. Even if we just take the average “minimum” and “maximum” of your values on full-term, it’s 9.085. I don’t get how that rounds to 10 months. This goes back to the original poster…. it’s 9 months, not 10 months.

      Now, the more important issue at hand: it’s 0 months if you’re smart and Falcon Punch the bitch who tricked you into fertilizing her.

      • ugh

        all unnecessary.

        simple google search, first result:

        “For those that live by the Lunar calendar, this not only makes sense, but is absolutely correct. The Lunar calendar, which is the four weeks it takes for the moon to go from a new moon, to a full moon and back again, would make a pregnancy last for ten months.”

      • 约翰

        Yep, you got me, I am completely wrong because I misquoted my original. The 10.5 months came based on a 4 week month, which I explained, for math simplification.
        O well, guess with you I will need to make sure to not use generalities.
        I’ll keep that in mind for later.

        btw, thanks ugh, looks like if you base it on Lunar calendar, not Julian calendar, it is 10 months, so I guess everyone wins=P

  • Pvt. Joker

    I’m got an “A” in the masturbation part of the class.

    Population problem? If everyone stroke it more often then no need for control…

    Oh yeah, teacher is kinda hawt

  • James

    That teach is HOTTTT

  • Soul

    Very necessary, in any society. Big up to the teacher doing it!

  • 色人

    oh,no.It is not too early.maybe you want to tell them when they grow up,but you will not do this.just because you are afraid of lose your face.

  • Michael

    Teacher looks like she would be a dynamo in bed.

    Anyhow, good there are classes on this

    • Miss Tic

      you know!

  • Devin

    ●~ ……        ●~    ●~  ……      ●~    ●~     ●~ ●~ …… ●~ ●~
    …… Brothers and sisters charge~! First place gets to be reincarnated into a human! …… ●~ ●~ ●~  ……
    ●~    ●~    ……        ●~    ●~    ……●~   ●~   ●~ ……
    ●~ ●~  ●~    ●~  ●~ ●~ ………Quick, turn back!……This person is masturbating!……  ~● ~● ~● ~● ~●   ~●  ~●~●  ……     ~●    ~● …… ~●

    so funny ,right?? this guy is genius.

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  • Jess

    “”Teacher, I want to demonstrate fertilization with you.”

    lol, i don’t mind doing some sex ed with her, is there a human flesh search?

    • Sunni

      I don’t get it. In almost every article involving the picture of Chinese girls, all the white men tend to scream “flat and no curves! I’m not turned on”. In this article however, the teacher is so blatantly curve-less I wonder why she even bothered wearing such tight-fitting clothing, yet all the men are wanting to bed her. Is it because she’s a teacher? Teaching sex ed?

      • Xero

        Your probably flat and curve less too. Doesn’t mean I cant fuck you though. am I right? am I right? =)

        • Sunni

          lol is this a “pics or didn’t happen” moment?

    • moody

      what the fuss is all about
      that is one fugly teacher
      and what exactly is that thing around her shoulders ???

  • 圣诞节快乐

    Too funny/cute lol. But this is neccessary for kids to know what is right and wrong.

  • Could use this in the states, in the south side. With all the younger lower Mexican and Black populated areas.

    • moody

      stupid troll is indeed stupid

  • bert

    Yeah, these aren’t staged photo’s.

  • Robespierre

    Mmmm. Teacher is looking good. I don’t know what I would’ve done in a sex ed class with the cute teacher in short skirt and black knee high boots.

  • Valmont

    This is one of China’s problems. The country and government have good intentions (such as this one) but fall to understand that Sex Education should begin at a later stage. (Probably closer to puberty) These kids seem a bit young to comprehend the importance and magnitude of sex and what it entails.

  • john

    look how HOT the teacher is !!!!!

  • timmythetim

    Teacher, I want to demonstrate fertilization with you.

    i second that.

  • bando

    I think the games are kind of stupid, but i suppose they are children after all. Get that biological stuff out the way without getting into things about human sexuality or puberty till they are older.

  • fightclub

    Why is the teacher having an “O” face in the third pic?

  • anonomus

    I wanna do the homework with the teacher