Beijing Man Slams Child on Ground, Killing Her, Over Parking

An animation of the man beating up the woman and smashing her child to death.

An animation of the man beating up the woman and smashing her child to death.


Man in Beijing Slammed 2-Year-Old Girl to Death on the Street over Parking Dispute

Summary: Two nights ago [July 23], at about 8:50pm, at the bus stop on the west side of Wudian Road in Daxing District, two men in a car had a dispute with a woman pushing a 2-year-old girl in a stroller. One of the men raised his hand hitting the woman, and afterwards, he took the baby girl out of the stroller and slammed her heavily onto the ground, then fled the scene in his car. After the incident happened, the baby girl was confirmed dead while en route to the hospital.

The scene where the incident happened.

The scene where the incident happened has been cleaned up. Photographed by Beijing Times reporter Zhao Siheng.

Baby girl slammed into the ground in her sleep

The incident took place on the west side of Wudian Road in Daxing District Jiugong Town, at the Keji Road Bus Stop, where Bus 729 heads from Chengheyuan Community to Jiangzhuang Bridge North. Yesterday [July 24] morning, multiple commercial tenants at the scene of the incident confirmed that two nights ago [July 23], at past 8pm, there were people beating up a woman at the bus stop, and her child in the stroller was heavily smashed onto the ground. At the bus stop where the incident happened, there are already no more traces [of what happened].

On the night when the incident took place, a Mr. Zhou was running his food stand business about 10 meters away from the scene of the incident outside a noodle restaurant. He says on that night at about 8:50pm, he was tending to his business when suddenly he heard some “slapping” noises coming from the bus stop, where a man around the age of 30 wearing a dark colored upper garment was beating up a woman in white with medium-length hair, with a white car and a stroller parked to the side.

“The man’s was beating [the woman] heavily, I could even hear it from my sidewalk food stand”. Mr. Zhou says after a few hits, he turned to the stroller and took the child out of it, “raised [the child] up, and then slammed [the child] into the ground”.

According to Mr. Zhou, the child in the stroller had been sleeping and didn’t struggle when the man picked her up. “She was even more still after being slammed into the ground, not even the normal sound of crying from pain”. Mr. Zhou said that after the man smashed the child to the ground, another man who looked to be about the same age as the man who beat up the woman came out of the white car from the driver’s seat, “and also hit the woman a few times”.

Parking dispute incited argument

Mr. Zhou says the whole thing lasted less than 3 minutes. After the incident, he cooperated with the police to retrieve surveillance footage. The surveillance footage showed that as the woman was pushing the stroller past the bus stop, “maybe there was something wrong with the child, so as she bent down to check, the white car drive by, and it seemed like the men inside the car wanted to park their car there, and were telling the woman to get out of the way”. According to Mr. Zhou, the woman refused, and after the two sides exchanged words, the man sitting next to the driver’s seat got out of the car and began beating her.

Multiple eyewitnesses say, after the incident happened, the men quickly drove the white car south down Wudian Road. Before long, police arrived at the scene, cordoned off the bus stop, and began to investigate and collect evidence.

Baby girl confirmed dead

After the two men drove away, the woman who was beaten cried bitterly looking at her child. Then, she held the child in her arms running to the nearby Jiugong Hospital.

Yesterday [July 24] afternoon, medical workers at the emergency department of Jiugong Hospital confirmed that on the night the incident took place, a woman carrying a 2-year-old baby girl arrived for help, but because the condition was very grave, she then boarded an ambulance to be transferred to Tiantan Hospital.

Yesterday [July 24] afternoon, an insider claimed that the baby girl was confirmed dead while on her way to Tiantan Hospital from Jiugong Hospital.

Suspected arrested by police within 18 hours

After the incident, the city police made it a high priority, swiftly dispatching police forces to the scene, as well as establishing a special task force to spare no effort in investigating the case. From retrieving surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses at the scene, the special task force obtained preliminary information on the physical characteristics of the perpetrator, that he was over 40 years old, about 175cm in height, wearing glasses, and that the suspect vehicle was a white Sonata.

Based on the information at hand, the police had the entire city on the lookout, sparing no effort in searching for the suspect vehicle. Meanwhile, investigators began a door-to-door search based on the perpetrator’s physical characteristics. From these visits, some people reported that the perpetrator’s physical characteristics were very similar to a certain Han X who lived not far from the crime scene. The police immediately retrieved Han X’s information, and through the victim and witnesses’ identification, it was confirmed that Han X was the suspected perpetrator. On the early morning of July 24, the suspect vehicle was found by police in a community in Haidian District Xisanqi. On the afternoon of [July] 24, at about 3pm, 18 hours after the crime took place, the special task force arrested Han X (male, born in 1971, resident of Beijing City Fengtai District, sentenced to jail for larceny, released this year) who was hiding in a hot springs spa in Fangshan District. At present, the case is undergoing further investigation.

□ Expert’s Opinion

Suspect’s actions were inhuman

Last night [July 24], according to criminal litigation law expert Hong Daode, based on the current information provided by the witnesses, what the perpetrator did was absent the basic humanity.

He explains, it is not allowed to park one’s car at a bus stop, so the two men was wrong in the first place. Plus, the man who lifted the child up and slammed her into the ground can be accused of the crime crime of intentional homicide. “Lift a 2-year-old child up and smashing her on the ground, the consequence is something he could predict”. Professor Hong also said that even if the man wasn’t planning on killing the child, it is also considered “indirect intent” in the crime of intentional homicide. As for the crime of the man in the driver’s seat, it should be judged by the injuries of the woman. If the woman’s injuries exceed those of minor wounds, his crime will be determined by the injuries, but if they are minor or less, then this man can be charged with starting a fight or quarrel.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 凉白开:

How can there be an “indirect intent”. No matter what the reasons are, two men beating up a woman is disgusting enough, yet he even lifted the child up and slammed her to the ground. If this asshole is not executed, there’ll be no justice left in this world.

腾讯深圳市网友 niter:

The person who smashed the child is absolutely [guilty of] the crime of intentional homicide, [and must be] sentenced to death. As for the driver who came out of the car next, after the other man had already smashed the child, he still laid his hands on the woman, so he shouldn’t be sentenced simply according to the result of the woman’s injuries. What he did was voluntarily participate in the intentional homicide after the first person had already clearly committed a vicious crime. How to punish him is worth discussion, but if he’s charged with merely instigating a quarrel, that would be too light.

腾讯大庆市网友 南极光/xin:

They clearly know it’s not allowed to park a car at a bus stop, but they still wanted to, so that’s deliberately violating the law. And then they even got out of the car to beat up people, to kill, especially a flower bud of our motherland [the dead baby girl]. It doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, and in consideration of this man being from Fengtai District, having a criminal record for larceny, being just released this year, and now committing a crime right after another one. Or to put it in a way that ordinary common people would say: He’s breaking the law again and again. He has no humanity. Please punish him in accordance with the law, and give the public a satisfying answer.

腾讯威海市网友 独行侠:

Saw this news early in the morning. So inhuman. Why are there so many beasts in today’s society.

腾讯沈阳市网友 辉:

Truly too inhuman. Even slamming the child to death. This kind of man is nothing but a scumbag, a beast. He probably can’t even have children, or how could he treat an innocent child like this? No need for a trail, just shoot him. Two big men beating up a woman is wrong enough, yet one of them is even capable of smashing a sleeping child to death. I hope this scumbag can be dragged to the Meridian Gate and be beheaded before the public.

腾讯网友 QQ玩物:

The two men’s methods were so vicious and cruel. Let me tear these two beasts to pieces with my bare hands and feed them to the dogs… I wonder if the dogs would even eat them or not? If not, feed them to the tortoises.

腾讯网友 前女友是极品:

Beasts with no humanity. These kind of people wouldn’t even treat their families well. They only think for themselves. That these kinds of people be in jail or be executed is all in accordance with God’s will.
If there are still anyone who would defend this kind of person, please go take a walk on a bright and sunny street, find a 2-year-old kid, and look at his/her innocent smile, and adorable eyes.

腾讯网友 『非•寒』:

Sigh, the atmosphere of ruthlessness in China is too heavy, can’t everyone be more understanding towards one another? Every day when I open the news, I find that still being alive in this country is no small feat…

腾讯兰州市网友 贝贝:

So out of control. Even taking his anger out on a child! This kind of person can only harm society. Strongly demand a death sentence!

腾讯网友 羊:

For such a small trifle, he was able to disregard another person’s life, what’s the point in keeping a person like this around for? What’s the difference between him and the car thief who strangled the child to death? Give him the death penalty!! Get rid of this garbage of society.

Comments from Sina:

毛润之是人民的大救星 [上海]:

Execute him immediately! Those who agree with me, ding. [20,327 upvotes during the time of translation]

蘑菇凡 [广西贵港]:

How could you do that to such a small baby? What did she [the baby] ever do to you? You are even worse than a beast! Strongly demand that this kind of extremely evil criminal be put to death by a thousand cuts! People who don’t respect other people’s lives have no right to ask others to respect their lives!

文不成武不行 [浙江台州]:

This kind of animal has no humanity whatsoever, both savage and brutal, assaulting people till they die. Both the heavens and the earth won’t tolerate him. He doesn’t abide by the law. If he’s not executed, where would the power and dignity of the law be? He must be severely punished. Those who agree with me, ding. 怒 [12,515 upvotes at time of translation]

风雨夜沧桑 [山西运城]:

Zeng Guofan once said that right before society is about to fall apart, there will be three omens: ”1. Regardless of what it is, black and white [right and wrong] is no longer distinguished. 2. Good people become more and more modest/timid, whereas useless people become more and more savage and run amok. 3. After the problem reaches its more gravest degree, everything is rationalized, everything is acquiescent, and superficial, and inexplicably coped with.”

詹国枢 [北京]:

Malicious To This Level: Smashing a child to death over a dispute, this man is unbelievably malicious to this degree! What is the matter with him? How can the bottom line of being human become lower and lower?!

Comments from NetEase:

网易重庆市手机网友 ip:27.10.*.*:

If these two scumbags are not sentenced to death, it’ll be failing the people~

网易北京市手机网友 ip:61.148.*.*:

Those who agree with [giving] the death sentence, ding. [44,863 upvotes during the time of translation]

网易河南省平顶山市手机网友 ip:61.158.*.*:

The man who slammed the child must pay with his own life. [Can’t believe that someone is] even capable of doing this to a woman and child.

超super级操盘手 [网易山东省手机网友]:

He who takes lives must pay with his own life. Inhuman.

网易山东省济南市手机网友 ip:211.137.*.*:

People like this who have lost all humanity should simply be executed.


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