Beijing Man Slams Child on Ground, Killing Her, Over Parking

An animation of the man beating up the woman and smashing her child to death.

An animation of the man beating up the woman and smashing her child to death.


Man in Beijing Slammed 2-Year-Old Girl to Death on the Street over Parking Dispute

Summary: Two nights ago [July 23], at about 8:50pm, at the bus stop on the west side of Wudian Road in Daxing District, two men in a car had a dispute with a woman pushing a 2-year-old girl in a stroller. One of the men raised his hand hitting the woman, and afterwards, he took the baby girl out of the stroller and slammed her heavily onto the ground, then fled the scene in his car. After the incident happened, the baby girl was confirmed dead while en route to the hospital.

The scene where the incident happened.

The scene where the incident happened has been cleaned up. Photographed by Beijing Times reporter Zhao Siheng.

Baby girl slammed into the ground in her sleep

The incident took place on the west side of Wudian Road in Daxing District Jiugong Town, at the Keji Road Bus Stop, where Bus 729 heads from Chengheyuan Community to Jiangzhuang Bridge North. Yesterday [July 24] morning, multiple commercial tenants at the scene of the incident confirmed that two nights ago [July 23], at past 8pm, there were people beating up a woman at the bus stop, and her child in the stroller was heavily smashed onto the ground. At the bus stop where the incident happened, there are already no more traces [of what happened].

On the night when the incident took place, a Mr. Zhou was running his food stand business about 10 meters away from the scene of the incident outside a noodle restaurant. He says on that night at about 8:50pm, he was tending to his business when suddenly he heard some “slapping” noises coming from the bus stop, where a man around the age of 30 wearing a dark colored upper garment was beating up a woman in white with medium-length hair, with a white car and a stroller parked to the side.

“The man’s was beating [the woman] heavily, I could even hear it from my sidewalk food stand”. Mr. Zhou says after a few hits, he turned to the stroller and took the child out of it, “raised [the child] up, and then slammed [the child] into the ground”.

According to Mr. Zhou, the child in the stroller had been sleeping and didn’t struggle when the man picked her up. “She was even more still after being slammed into the ground, not even the normal sound of crying from pain”. Mr. Zhou said that after the man smashed the child to the ground, another man who looked to be about the same age as the man who beat up the woman came out of the white car from the driver’s seat, “and also hit the woman a few times”.

Parking dispute incited argument

Mr. Zhou says the whole thing lasted less than 3 minutes. After the incident, he cooperated with the police to retrieve surveillance footage. The surveillance footage showed that as the woman was pushing the stroller past the bus stop, “maybe there was something wrong with the child, so as she bent down to check, the white car drive by, and it seemed like the men inside the car wanted to park their car there, and were telling the woman to get out of the way”. According to Mr. Zhou, the woman refused, and after the two sides exchanged words, the man sitting next to the driver’s seat got out of the car and began beating her.

Multiple eyewitnesses say, after the incident happened, the men quickly drove the white car south down Wudian Road. Before long, police arrived at the scene, cordoned off the bus stop, and began to investigate and collect evidence.

Baby girl confirmed dead

After the two men drove away, the woman who was beaten cried bitterly looking at her child. Then, she held the child in her arms running to the nearby Jiugong Hospital.

Yesterday [July 24] afternoon, medical workers at the emergency department of Jiugong Hospital confirmed that on the night the incident took place, a woman carrying a 2-year-old baby girl arrived for help, but because the condition was very grave, she then boarded an ambulance to be transferred to Tiantan Hospital.

Yesterday [July 24] afternoon, an insider claimed that the baby girl was confirmed dead while on her way to Tiantan Hospital from Jiugong Hospital.

Suspected arrested by police within 18 hours

After the incident, the city police made it a high priority, swiftly dispatching police forces to the scene, as well as establishing a special task force to spare no effort in investigating the case. From retrieving surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses at the scene, the special task force obtained preliminary information on the physical characteristics of the perpetrator, that he was over 40 years old, about 175cm in height, wearing glasses, and that the suspect vehicle was a white Sonata.

Based on the information at hand, the police had the entire city on the lookout, sparing no effort in searching for the suspect vehicle. Meanwhile, investigators began a door-to-door search based on the perpetrator’s physical characteristics. From these visits, some people reported that the perpetrator’s physical characteristics were very similar to a certain Han X who lived not far from the crime scene. The police immediately retrieved Han X’s information, and through the victim and witnesses’ identification, it was confirmed that Han X was the suspected perpetrator. On the early morning of July 24, the suspect vehicle was found by police in a community in Haidian District Xisanqi. On the afternoon of [July] 24, at about 3pm, 18 hours after the crime took place, the special task force arrested Han X (male, born in 1971, resident of Beijing City Fengtai District, sentenced to jail for larceny, released this year) who was hiding in a hot springs spa in Fangshan District. At present, the case is undergoing further investigation.

□ Expert’s Opinion

Suspect’s actions were inhuman

Last night [July 24], according to criminal litigation law expert Hong Daode, based on the current information provided by the witnesses, what the perpetrator did was absent the basic humanity.

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He explains, it is not allowed to park one’s car at a bus stop, so the two men was wrong in the first place. Plus, the man who lifted the child up and slammed her into the ground can be accused of the crime crime of intentional homicide. “Lift a 2-year-old child up and smashing her on the ground, the consequence is something he could predict”. Professor Hong also said that even if the man wasn’t planning on killing the child, it is also considered “indirect intent” in the crime of intentional homicide. As for the crime of the man in the driver’s seat, it should be judged by the injuries of the woman. If the woman’s injuries exceed those of minor wounds, his crime will be determined by the injuries, but if they are minor or less, then this man can be charged with starting a fight or quarrel.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 凉白开:

How can there be an “indirect intent”. No matter what the reasons are, two men beating up a woman is disgusting enough, yet he even lifted the child up and slammed her to the ground. If this asshole is not executed, there’ll be no justice left in this world.

腾讯深圳市网友 niter:

The person who smashed the child is absolutely [guilty of] the crime of intentional homicide, [and must be] sentenced to death. As for the driver who came out of the car next, after the other man had already smashed the child, he still laid his hands on the woman, so he shouldn’t be sentenced simply according to the result of the woman’s injuries. What he did was voluntarily participate in the intentional homicide after the first person had already clearly committed a vicious crime. How to punish him is worth discussion, but if he’s charged with merely instigating a quarrel, that would be too light.

腾讯大庆市网友 南极光/xin:

They clearly know it’s not allowed to park a car at a bus stop, but they still wanted to, so that’s deliberately violating the law. And then they even got out of the car to beat up people, to kill, especially a flower bud of our motherland [the dead baby girl]. It doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, and in consideration of this man being from Fengtai District, having a criminal record for larceny, being just released this year, and now committing a crime right after another one. Or to put it in a way that ordinary common people would say: He’s breaking the law again and again. He has no humanity. Please punish him in accordance with the law, and give the public a satisfying answer.

腾讯威海市网友 独行侠:

Saw this news early in the morning. So inhuman. Why are there so many beasts in today’s society.

腾讯沈阳市网友 辉:

Truly too inhuman. Even slamming the child to death. This kind of man is nothing but a scumbag, a beast. He probably can’t even have children, or how could he treat an innocent child like this? No need for a trail, just shoot him. Two big men beating up a woman is wrong enough, yet one of them is even capable of smashing a sleeping child to death. I hope this scumbag can be dragged to the Meridian Gate and be beheaded before the public.

腾讯网友 QQ玩物:

The two men’s methods were so vicious and cruel. Let me tear these two beasts to pieces with my bare hands and feed them to the dogs… I wonder if the dogs would even eat them or not? If not, feed them to the tortoises.

腾讯网友 前女友是极品:

Beasts with no humanity. These kind of people wouldn’t even treat their families well. They only think for themselves. That these kinds of people be in jail or be executed is all in accordance with God’s will.
If there are still anyone who would defend this kind of person, please go take a walk on a bright and sunny street, find a 2-year-old kid, and look at his/her innocent smile, and adorable eyes.

腾讯网友 『非•寒』:

Sigh, the atmosphere of ruthlessness in China is too heavy, can’t everyone be more understanding towards one another? Every day when I open the news, I find that still being alive in this country is no small feat…

腾讯兰州市网友 贝贝:

So out of control. Even taking his anger out on a child! This kind of person can only harm society. Strongly demand a death sentence!

腾讯网友 羊:

For such a small trifle, he was able to disregard another person’s life, what’s the point in keeping a person like this around for? What’s the difference between him and the car thief who strangled the child to death? Give him the death penalty!! Get rid of this garbage of society.

Comments from Sina:

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毛润之是人民的大救星 [上海]:

Execute him immediately! Those who agree with me, ding. [20,327 upvotes during the time of translation]

蘑菇凡 [广西贵港]:

How could you do that to such a small baby? What did she [the baby] ever do to you? You are even worse than a beast! Strongly demand that this kind of extremely evil criminal be put to death by a thousand cuts! People who don’t respect other people’s lives have no right to ask others to respect their lives!

文不成武不行 [浙江台州]:

This kind of animal has no humanity whatsoever, both savage and brutal, assaulting people till they die. Both the heavens and the earth won’t tolerate him. He doesn’t abide by the law. If he’s not executed, where would the power and dignity of the law be? He must be severely punished. Those who agree with me, ding. 怒 [12,515 upvotes at time of translation]

风雨夜沧桑 [山西运城]:

Zeng Guofan once said that right before society is about to fall apart, there will be three omens: ”1. Regardless of what it is, black and white [right and wrong] is no longer distinguished. 2. Good people become more and more modest/timid, whereas useless people become more and more savage and run amok. 3. After the problem reaches its more gravest degree, everything is rationalized, everything is acquiescent, and superficial, and inexplicably coped with.”

詹国枢 [北京]:

Malicious To This Level: Smashing a child to death over a dispute, this man is unbelievably malicious to this degree! What is the matter with him? How can the bottom line of being human become lower and lower?!

Comments from NetEase:

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网易重庆市手机网友 ip:27.10.*.*:

If these two scumbags are not sentenced to death, it’ll be failing the people~

网易北京市手机网友 ip:61.148.*.*:

Those who agree with [giving] the death sentence, ding. [44,863 upvotes during the time of translation]

网易河南省平顶山市手机网友 ip:61.158.*.*:

The man who slammed the child must pay with his own life. [Can’t believe that someone is] even capable of doing this to a woman and child.

超super级操盘手 [网易山东省手机网友]:

He who takes lives must pay with his own life. Inhuman.

网易山东省济南市手机网友 ip:211.137.*.*:

People like this who have lost all humanity should simply be executed.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Mighty曹

    Road Rage has hit China hard. The combination of Increased traffic and the lack of common sense is a recipe for pissed off motorists.

    • firebert5

      That plus no moral foundation whatsoever.

      • Mighty曹

        That plus thinking he/she is more Niu than others.

    • slob

      Look at the mentality they employ when standing in a line. Now take that mentality and give each of those people in that queue a large car. Now put them on the road together and increase their movement speed. Next put some of them into even larger machines like trucks and buses. Now put that mentality in with the smaller vehicles.

      Chinese roads are just accidents waiting to happen.

      • The Enlightened One

        I agree, they truly are. For those of us that have driven or have foreign friends that drive (even those that don’t…I have heard of many of them getting into accidents in taxis)… about 80-90% of them will tell you they have been in accident while in China… either due to poor roads or other motorists or pedestrians acting like they have an invisible force field.

        If you have lived here over three years, my bet is you have witnessed or been in an accident. The roads are by far the most dangerous places in China.

        • Ryo

          I disagree. I have driven here for almost 5 years and rarely see any major accidents. Most I see are fender benders or less. Hell, most of the time, you don’t even see much damage, just some scratched paint. There are so many cars here and there’s traffic most of the time, it’s very hard to get into a major accident when you’re in stop and go traffic doing no more then 35kph.

          In the US (where I grew up), when you see an accident, it’s rarely a fender bender. Most I see are smashed up hoods and trunks, cars flipped over, T-Bones that turn the car into an L shape scrap metal, etc etc.

          I’ve been into 2 accidents myself here. I bumped into a car in front because I was trying to keep another guy from cutting in. The couple I bumped into saw no signs of damaged and I apologized and we went on our way. I bumped into a taxi once when I was merging into into his lane and my car had a very light scratch and his had no damage. We went on our way without any incident. This is what happens most of the time here (that I see in Guangzhou myself driving every single day). None has ever compared to the ones I see in the US every other day where the car is pretty much totaled and an ambulance was needed. If you call those accidents “dangerous,” then what do you call accidents in the US? Deadly? I would call accidents here more of a annoyance then anything because they HAVE to leave the cars as is, in the middle of the road and wait for the insurance adjusters to come and take pictures.

          I guess none of you have ever really lived here. A lot of posts above have all been wrong. What you read on websites is a very very minor part of what’s going on. The majority of incidents are just not “big” enough to make the news and so you never hear them.

          • loki

            been driving 5+ years in china another 10+ in the U.S. It’s not as bad as people make it out to be. been across china more than a few times (beijing to shenzhen) the highways are bumpy but very easy to drive on. Yeah Yeah we all know about beijing and shanghai but most cities are not as bad and accidents “rarely happen” the police where I live now are literally at every single traffic light (seriously ALL of them) in the streets directing traffic its annoying sometimes to have them come to my window as soon as they look at me driving. But a 5 second smile while handing them my drivers Lic and blue book. Then the Officier hands it back and off I go all within the time it take for the light to turn from red to green. Of course there is usually the normal Chinese line of questioning (favorite food, where are you from, can you speak chinese, have a chinese gf, Etc..) unprofessional but I figure they are just bored people trying to make it through another day of watching chinese people drive like ~(well you know)~

            Back to the topic though– fncking bastard that did that horrible thing, should be first educated, and taught why what he did was terrible and that no amount of money or apologies will fix or undo what he has done.

            Turn him into something for the better good, lets face it this will not be the last time this will happen. He let something consume him whether justified or not. Maybe if people like this were educated and put on display. Living his days out in prison and speaking about his mistake others may seek help or think twice before doing the same.

            Killing him would be easy but would help nothing, solve nothing.

            The loss of the child can never be repaid.

          • Reptilian

            These guys weren’t normal joes who just lost it because of road rage. At least one of them was a convicted felon who was just recently released. What makes you think another round of incarceration will somehow reform him? Off to the gallows! That’s one less evildoer in China—and the world.

          • loki

            sorry for all the ranting…. (Below)

          • The Enlightened One

            You disagree yet you have been in two accidents yourself and witnessed multiple ones yourself? That pretty much proves my point.

            I didn’t say the accidents were more or less severe than other countries. Just far more frequent. Yes, they do tend to drive slower in the cities… but that goes out the window on the highways… And cars tend to try and avoid other cars in China more… but pesdestrians and cyclists… that’s a whole different story.

            I guess the region can make a huge difference too. I hear people in the South drive better than the North.

          • ex-expat

            Driving in China is f’ed up I don’t care what anybody says. I actually find a lot of the posts to be accurate. Also, I am not sure how the American comparison makes sense. There are more cars on the road in the States and yet there are about half as many traffic related deaths.

          • Reptilian

            Xiamen is absolute heaven to drive in. Guangzhou has improved vastly as well. Dunno about Shenzhen though; never been there.

          • A Crowley

            Heaven? Lots of cars and traffic jams. It has the BRT and even that can take ages to get anyhwere.

          • Claude

            Huh, right? I said once I’ll say it again. This is what you need for Chinese roads. Argghhh Argghhh….Get outa my waaaay.

          • Claude


            I’m a problem solver call the United Nations.

          • don mario

            all the accidents i seen have been low speed. but still at a retard level though. a women got knocked off her bike once by a car going extremely slowly.. they didnt even get out to help her.

      • Mighty曹

        Their mentality is “everyone for himself” that’s evident at elevators and bus stops. They need to learn.

        • mr.wiener

          God forbid we all become Japanese, but we could still learn from them.
          Case in point, rush hour at the Beijing tube station. I won’t say “enjoy” , but feel free to wince.

          • Mighty曹

            So fucking typical of China. I witnessed the worst driving habits in Guangzhou when cars just followed bumper to bumper through intersections and just clogged up all directions. There is no sense of order. Damn shame!

          • biggj

            Most shitty Asian country drive like that. Vietnam, Philippines china, India…all drive like retards and don’t pay attention to rules of the road.

          • Repatriated

            What really sucks is when you see the cars blocking an ambulance from passing. Seriously…the most stupid and selfish behavior I’ve ever seen.

            They drive like crap because:
            1. Driving schools in China are “businesses” that teach new drivers how to pass a test, not how to drive safely.
            2. The complete lack of realization by cities that there really is a lot of revenue to be made by employing more traffic cops.
            3. Traffic fines haven’t changed since about 1900, so anyone with a car doesn’t give a shit about paying 15rmb IF they actually get a ticket.

          • David S.

            My wife recently passed her driving license and it’s worse than that. Lots of small driving schools will only let you pass the exam if you bring a carton of cigarettes for the teacher. The driving school she went to was actually advertising the fact that they had banned that sort of things, just to reassure prospective students that they will be seriously taught how to drive.

          • Mighty曹

            But if you go to Thailand they don’t even use the horn because it’s deemed to be ‘rude’. If you need to merge or turn the other cars always let you, with a smile.

            * I almost had a nervous breakdown from all the honking in Guangzhou. They honk the horn as though it’s an intergral part of driving.

          • biggj

            Yeah Thailand is not so bad, but the driving itself is still kind of crazy. Still have to deal with the tuk tuks and bikes and people all over the road and then add cars to mix.Yeah Chinese use the car horn like retards. Not just short honks. Like these long 20-30 second continuous honks.It’s rediculous.

          • Lord_Helmet

            A good remedy for that would to make the sound of the horn the same on the inside as the outside. I think this might deter people from using it so much.

          • Mighty曹

            In Thailand’s rural area there are lots of drunk drivers on those pickup trucks and motorbikes.

            Yeah, the mainlanders reinvented the damn horn or found a new purpose for it.

          • don mario

            its true. taiwan too has all kinds of shit driving.

          • biggj

            I never been to Taiwan. But I assume it’s a but better then Mainland. Japan is the best i’ve seen. It’s still kind of fucked up. But compared to china,India, Philippines, Vietnam. It’s not that bad. They follow the rules a more.

          • mopedchi

            I’ve been to Taiwan. Taipei is okay but traffic etiquette gets worse the further south you go. My friend let me drive her car in Beijing; it was the scariest 20 minutes of my life.

            Not much better in Chengdu:

          • don mario

            i think its better in that they can drive a bit better, but its just as bad in the way that they think they own the roads and turn into pricks when they get behind the wheel.

          • biggj

            I think the law is enforced there a bit better. That makes driving safer. I know if I only had to pay around 15 dollars for speeding I would be doing it a lot more.

          • radbab

            reminds me of the elevators at work in the morning.

            What’s worse, the same ingrained behavior takes place when there’s absolutely NOBODY around to compete with. The door opens and people storm in, no matter if others actually want to leave the elevator, bus, you name it.

          • DavidisDawei

            HaHa – I had to chuckle at your comment.
            One reason why I Always take the stairs…never any queue and you get some exercise

          • A Crowley

            beijing is hell, i swung at some guy who wanted to crush me into the opposite side of the train, ignorant a holes

        • A Crowley

          or after me, you come first, lol, you are right!

          • Mighty曹

            And that’s being polite. lol!

        • More like me first.

          • Mighty曹

            More like ‘only me!’.

  • anon

    Death penalty is too good for this scumbag. They should bring back death by a thousand cuts.

    • Mighty曹

      Or ‘Quartering’.

      • Animal

        Quartering is a western method of execution.

        Why do taiwanese like you kowtow to the west so much?
        Truly never before have I seen such a subservient people.
        Mayhap be it within your chinese genes.

        • Mighty曹

          I meant the 车 裂 method. I was wrong about ‘quartering’ as it was actually tied to 5 points of the person to be executed.

          Btw, when did I become a Taiwanese?

          • Animal

            I don’t know, you seem to be taiwanese, perhaps hong kongese. Mainland chinese are less likely to be pro western.

          • mr.wiener

            If “Less pro western” is your yardstick for what’s cool and what’s not, then North Koreans must be the most fortunate people in the world.
            Isn’t this a little too kneejerk reactionary?

          • Mighty曹

            Actually they are. In their brain washed world.

          • openplains

            why assume the western-style of governance and society is the best for everyone

          • mr.wiener

            I don’t. It is a seriously flawed method that different cultures must decide what they want to take from. What I take exception to is the rejection of all things western as if anyone holds all the answers, because no one does. That and his snide remarks about Taiwan which I think is one of the more functional societies in Asia.

          • Animal

            I didn’t say all things western need to be rejected. I’ve already said that western science and enlightenment ideals are definitely something China should strive for. But western society and culture is degrading at an accelerating pace. I think the western men and women from the 19th century would look at what their countries have become and ask themselves, what went wrong?

            Things like hip hop, alcohol, drugs, the destruction of the family, unrestrained feminism, hook-up culture, multiculturalism, socialism and the forgiveness of failure will all lead to the death of the west within this century.

            Aristotle once said: ‘Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society’.

          • So when China opened up from their dark Mao days, and a lot more Western influence came in…that’s not when they started prospering? I thought things got better after that, but maybe 1960’s China was a great place to be, as far as quality of life and prosperity. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know.

          • mr.wiener

            After the cultural revolution China was a blank slate. You can take in western sciences. trouble is all the other stuff comes in too. Whether you like it or not. You think I like seeing a generation of chinese youth dressing like Justin Bieber and listening to the the worst interpretation of pop music in the world?

          • Mighty曹

            Simply put. I’m not pro west. I’m anti China.

          • POS

            …More likely to be reactionary CCPsheeple like yourself perhaps? Now go plow a rice field with a buffalo.

          • Guest

            You seem to be the general jackass that I ran into too many times in my ventures in China. Do the world a favour. Stay in your harmonized country.

          • Thor

            No, they’re more likely to smash babies on the ground, obviously.

        • mr.wiener

          So you object to Quartering because you don’t want western methodsideas polluting the middle kingdom?
          Your sarcasm[?] aside, what do you have against the Taiwanese? China’s whole attitude is less reminiscent of the wooing of a reluctant bride and more like a shotgun marriage of someone you don’t particularly like anyway.

          • Animal

            I don’t think it’s good for any culture to slavishly emulate another. China has already wasted 2 centuries by rejecting sensical western science. And now they are going to throw their future once more by fully adopting western values and ideals.

            Take it from someone who has lived east and west.
            I think it would be catastrophic if China (or any non western country) emulated the current western model of development.

          • mr.wiener

            You’ve spent time in Taiwan or this is just your assessement?

          • Aleister Crowley

            Yeah because Hong Kong is such a failure and has a poor economy and no rule of law, right?

          • Mighty曹


          • biggj

            Hey, this animal guy reminds me of that guy….jizz chin…jin lin…jin chin something like. Talks exactly the same. Uses the internet, speaks English, most likely has an Iphone. And don’t even live in china…..yet hates everything western.

          • A Crowley

            sounds about right, despite our differences on animals, i despise those idiots

          • Jin

            damn.. my name is jin too -.- who is this guy?!
            he makes my name sound stupid.

          • Mighty曹

            I doubt it’s the same Jin. That tard was arrested in Tokyo not long ago.

          • biggj

            Haha. Yeah ha. That’s funny. That’s a good pick to put Chinese officials in. They personally come to escort Jizz Chin home. hahahah

          • Mighty曹

            And have the guy in wheelchair wait for them at the arrival gate. lol

          • Animal

            Hong Kong was a colony ruled non democratically by a firm authority.

            Yes Hong Kong was definitely not developed by western standards.

            China is being developed the same way, it seems the only problem you and your western ilk have is that china is not subservient to the west.

          • How far do they need to ignore Western standards? Do they need to do away with both Communism and Capitalism? Does this mean they will need to give up blue jeans, polo shirts (or any polo style folded collar), any of the many styles of photography and film that is commonly practiced in Chinese cinema and photography, using a fork, etc? What is the limit? Or do they just have to give up absolutely anything and everything from the West in order to avoid certain collapse? Please, let us know.

          • manujoro

            Just to add to the list. Give up X-ray, ultra sound, CAT scan, blood screening, antibiotics, surgery… This list can go on and on!

          • Mighty曹

            Abolish all things Western. Demolish all skyscrapers, dismantle the airline fleet, destroy all vehicles, that’s just a start.
            Btw, get off the damn internet too.

          • wha–

            well, they should dismantle the party then, considering that communism is a “western” ideology. oh, wait–almost everything in the modern world comes from the “west”..

          • Animal

            Russia isn’t considered the ‘west’.

            Or if you are talking about marxism, that was developed by a jew, Karl Marx.
            And jews are a semitic race from the israeli/palestinian region, which happens to be in… Asia.

            Not to mention russians have a large mongolian component in their genes.

          • Even if you get that picky about it, it’s still multiculturalism (which you said elsewhere is one of the western ideals that is so horrible)…Even if you want to say Jewish people are their own race (It’s almost like saying “American” is a race, because anyone can become a Jew…Sammy Davis Jr is black and converted to Judaism)…either way, they aren’t Chinese, nowhere near the Chinese culture…just being in Asia isn’t enough. Just being an Asian person isn’t enough. Asians can be very, very Western in culture and upbringing, you know.

          • mr.wiener

            If you want to take that route then all the languages we speak in Europe come from India and we original came from Africa.Jesus was Jewish, so Christianity is Semitic and we will have to send all the vegetables from the new world back.

          • Claude

            Catherine The Great did her damnedest to westernize Russia but Marxism only reinforced the ironfisted ways that the Russian people appear to require as a society. Obviously, replaced by Putin and the oligarchs.

            Putin and the oligarchs sounds like a garage band from the 80’s.

          • today

            I agree, you should adapt not adopt western model for development as different countries are in different situations- I think Japan is a good example (in terms of economic development and national spirit)

          • The Enlightened One

            I think it would depend on which part is emulated and from which “western” country. Don’t be so quick to hate on things you don’t understand.

            Parts of Asian culture should also be adopted in the west. For example, the closeness and fondness for family in the Chinese culture, the very polite and organized mannerisms of the Japanese etc.

            We should all learn from each other.

          • A Crowley

            Wrong with all due respect, I know a friend born in the holy kingdom but raised in the us of a, he hates how intrusive his homelanders are. Close family, selling their daughters to be prostitutes>!?! how many red light districts in shenzhen, as opposed to the RSA or the UK>?!

          • Animal

            RSA? Republic of South Africa?
            The country of which 20% of the population is dying from AIDS?

            There are clearly far more red light districts in europe and america than in china. That’s a certainty.

          • A Crowley

            Just not as publically viewable though.

          • Joseph

            It’s amazing how a story like “baby slammed to death” can turn into xenophobic propaganda. Unbelievable. What a messed up place.

          • today

            Well its equally unbelievable that you can conclude that it is a “messed up place” just because one person got something off topic and ps many who post on this are actually westerners

          • Joseph

            I meant ChinaSmack, not China.

          • OMG

            Animal isn’t replying because the Central Party Committee is holding back is Wumao payment….

          • donscarletti

            “China has already wasted 2 centuries by rejecting sensical western science. And now they are going to throw their future once more by fully adopting western values and ideals.”

            That’s a non sequiteur if I have ever heard one. China probably shouldn’t have smashed up so much of its own history and culture in the 20th century, that it is a great loss is certain. However it was smashed for some very Chinese reasons, largely because Mao and others thought it would inhibit further social development. I’m not sure if he was right or wrong about this, I am sure however that his intention was never to blindly copy the west.

          • don mario

            taiwan kisses japanese arse more than anyone. get your facts straight!

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Hey hey hey hey. There’s no need for that D:

          Besides, my relatives in Taiwan don’t really seem to give two shits about Western anything. There’s no preferential treatment/acceptance of western ideas.

          • openplains

            they don’t give shit about the west because US are not in the west but northeast of Taiwan

        • donscarletti

          Chinese did it too. The victim was tied to the same hurdle as they would be if they were sentanced to death by one thousand cuts, but would have their legs cut off around the knees, then chopped at the waist, then a few bits of post mortem chopping (arms I believe, then head). Chinese killed people in more ways than you can imagine.

          Anyway, you should not deride someone for using an effective method for doing something even if is not locally invented. Thought like that hampered technological progress and caused the humiliations of the 19th century.

    • mr.wiener

      Greetings Blue eyed one. Long time no post.

  • Pigu

    May her soul rest in peace,those ruthless killers should rot in hell

    • Mighty曹

      I’ll be happy if they rot in jail.

      • mr.wiener

        Yes, me to. All this “smear them with honey and leave them for the rabid badgers to rub lemon juice in their paper cuts” thing is a bit…..orf. Let justice be done and seen to be done without descending to their level.

        • I don’t think any of us were actually being serious about torturing someone to death. Although, technically, one could look at locking someone up in a Chinese prison for 20 years to life (whatever they lock them up in China for in these situations) would also probably be a very cruel, torturous death.

          • mr.wiener

            It’s an emotional response I guess. I just want them to be punished and people to start examining themselves as to why we are killing each other…over parking spots.

    • Cheryl Cortez

      These are soulless creatures. Don’t believe in God.

      • nickhz

        wait…. so anyone who doesnt believe in your god is a souless creature? and what religion do you blindly follow?

        • nickhz

          i agree that they are less than dirt, but let’s not be stupid with how we make our points

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Punishment: tie him up in the woods, pour honey all over his body. Go back and see if he needs any food or water in about 3 months.

    • Mighty曹

      The bear would need water after devouring him.

      • The Enlightened One

        Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too!

        Lunch time!

        • DavidisDawei

          Take a look at this teddy bear.

          This Grizzly was devouring something or someone when I ran into him last week…

    • A thousand papercuts, pour lemon juice over him, put him in a big bag and drop a few hundred wasps into it. Let him roll around in there for a while and then toss the bag into a river.

  • Beijinger

    The problem here lies in a fundamental lack of respect for human life in China.

    Cars here act like they own the fucking road and don’t yield for pedestrians even when pedestrians have the right of way.

    • Repatriated

      Not to mention, once someone in China buys a car, they suddenly think they’ve ascended 3 rungs or more on the societal ladder.

      • The Enlightened One

        Yup, it goes a little something like this:

        Pedestrian < Bikes < Electric Scooters < Motorcycles Cars (cheap to moderate) > Trucks/Buses > Expensive Cars

        That’s how they roll here.

        • The Enlightened One

          Btw, if you roll in an expensive motorcycle (like a Honda or a Kawasaki) they recognize and its on par with a moderate car. I know because I drive a Honda. It’s not cause I am a foreigner because I wear a full-face helmet. Just something I picked up along the way… for all you foreigners thinking about getting a motorcycle.

          • Mony Xie

            Are you serpentza?

          • A Crowley

            the youtube guy? S******n is one messed up place, the sewage reeks from the streets, not a place to live forever

          • Mony Xie

            Yeah that guy. SZ looks OK to me cause I’ve been to worse places.

          • A Crowley


          • Peter Wilton Cushing

            True, but the smell, well. I’ll give SZ good marks for the metro, although nanjings seems cleaner. -1 for the stifling sauna like heat for a good part of the year. +1 for being near hong kong.

        • Shit – so if Honey Boo Boo comes along in her electric people mover she would b where?

      • don mario

        yea… i agree. its a sick thing. it needs to be addressed. cars are simply too dangerous, as it is. with these morons behind the wheel it just a recipe for DEATH.

        i got hit by a car the other day. lucky i still have my foot intact. they beeped at me so they knew i was there, they fully intended to hit me.

    • Ryo

      Seriously? I honestly think it’s the other way around. Pedestrians think they own the whole fucking road. They are constantly jay walking, jumping over median dividers, walking on the road and not the sidewalk. Then of course there are the bikes that never follow any traffic rules, running red lights, cutting between cars, snaking their way around traffic…

      Besides, I don’t even see why drivers wouldn’t be afraid of pedestrians because even if they jump in front of your moving car, it is still the driver’s fault. I’ve installed a dash cam just for this very reason but I know unless I’m at a dead stop, it will still be my fault. But it’s better then nothing and maybe I can lesson the penalty.

      • Wade

        I think it’s both pedestrians and drivers displaying horrible risk assessment skills.

      • Kevin Yu

        First it would be good if drivers would know what a cross-walk is. No one, besides the drivers in Hangzhou, really cared about it and that is just because in Hangzhou there is a big penalty involved if you ignore it. In Beijing the cars just drive.

        Though I never understood why someone thought it was a good idea to construct a cross-walk on a street where the cars are allowed to drive 50 km/h.

        I still saw many “near-accidents” just because drivers didnt even care about any traffic rules.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Did you see the video about the guy who was caught having an affair while getting a ticket?

          When his wife came to bring his driver license, she totally jaywalked right in front of the police. Hilarious when he politely berated her for it, but still demonstrates how some people just walk into the street like they’re invulnerable.

          • Jen_in_NY

            Ha ha ha. I saw that — that police officer was hilariously cute about the whole thing (possibly because he was on camera, but still)

        • nickhz

          i live in hangzhou and i constantly see drivers drinving all over the crosswalks, right up on to the sidewalks for parking

        • Repatriated

          I can understand drivers not stopping at crosswalks in China. I mean, in such a densely populated city like HZ (I used to live there), if you stopped at every crosswalk…you’d never get anywhere.

      • Cervello

        Chinese-style street-crossing.

        In New York you won’t be perceived by others as a proud New Yorker until you become a bold jaywalker.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          I don’t know why, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything close to Chinese-style jaywalking in NYC. Perhaps I don’t go there often enough, but anything I’ve seen in Asia just outperforms New Yorkers…

      • Jahar

        China is the only country in the world where they need fences to keep people from walking in the street. And it doesn’t work.

        • Reptilian

          You haven’t been to India, the Philippines and Indonesia then.

        • They do it in Sydney now too in the heavily Chinese dominated areas.

        • don mario


    • today

      clearly this man is just fucked up. I don’t know how you can relate it back to it being a societal issues when its just a single incident of fucked up retard

      • David S.

        Exactly, but it’s difficult to accepts that we are at the mercy of psychopathic lunatics all the time. So we seek patterns and strive to rationalize everything that happens around us. It’s a lot easier to live in the delusion of logical causality.

        Doesn’t matter where you are, a mad person with a brick could be walking right behind you. There is basically fuck all you can do about it.

      • Guest

        I wish I could be as optimistic as you, but I’ve lived in China. The problem isn’t so much that people would do this. Yes, that’s an isolated incident (except for the other dozen stories over the last two months). The problem is, the average person just sits there and watches. Here’s a challenge. Next time you see someone that needs help, try assisting, and see how many people will help you.

        In my three years in China, I had five incidents where I was absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of the general community. Once, an attempted murder on the street. Two, a guy beating another guy in front of his infant daughter. Three, drunk guy attacking random people on the street. Four, Woman kicking a young teenager on the ground in the head. Five. Man fell in the river.

        All times I asked for help, got none. Every time, when the police arrived, they asked me “Why would you get involved?” like I was insane.

        This is the problem. And THAT is NOT an isolated incident. Thank God I’m out of there.

      • don mario

        have to agree with guest on this one. no respect for human life(or any form of life) + think they can do whatever they want because they drive a car = this.

        if it was a mental person why did his buddy get out of the car after he had killed the baby and help him beat the woman? very hard to call it a single incident when his buddy did that.

    • biggj

      Right of what? lol

    • Jahar

      not just human life. any kind of life whatsoever.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Murderer! This sort of thing just really gets my blood boiling.

    Problem with the issue of death penalty is either you’re for it or you’re not. I generally don’t support death penalty, but I’m really considering cases like these to be the exception!

    If the murderer gets off with a fine of $x amount of RMB on grounds that “the baby’s life isn’t worth much because the baby hasn’t grown up nor accomplished anything”. I will give up all hope for the Chinese justice system!

  • staylost

    Both pedestrians and drivers in China have little care for their own, much less other’s safety. Continuing to crack down on pedestrians for illegal crossing and vehicles breaking any part of national driving regulation will make a huge difference. If everyone is concentrating on driving more carefully, they will have less time to attack small children.

    Obviously, evil things like this will still be in people’s hearts, but there will be a bigger barrier preventing it by regulating people’s public activities more properly.

  • The Enlightened One

    Total lack of humanity and insane chaotic actions are around the world. But China seems to have them in higher freqeuncy (due to the population). This is why I refuse to have a child until we are good and ready to leave this country… among other reasons (education, etc.).

    • totday

      well why don’t you leave now?
      its really absurd how people make money in china whilst basically saying “I have to get out of this hole!!”

      • The Enlightened One

        Because moving to another country involves planning. My wife’s family resides in China and making the move has to be done delicately.

        I don’t need China for money or work, my business is online… I can do it from anywhere.. IN FACT, I prefer not to do it in China simply because the internet is horrible and they block a lot of websites for no valid reason. They blanket block web hosts, so your website can get blocked at any moment because they felt like it.

        Also, I refuse to work with local Chinese. Not due to being bias but because most of them are time wasters. We hold meetings where they have no clue what they want, so suggestions are made from my side and nothing ever comes from it. It is as if they just want to feel good about themselves that they had a meeting with a foreigner… weird I know… but it is true.

        The only Chinese people I have been able to successfully work with are people in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

        • today

          reading your comments has helped me appreciate your understanding of China- just making that clear :)
          However i think living in a country with a “OMG this country is soooo shit” mentality is simply wrong, especially considering (I think) you’re not ethnically chinese. Furthermore although it is true that many chinese do not work very hard (due to the population) i think there is a consensus that on average chinese people (especially younger ones) work harder than their western counterparts so i don’t know why you used such high modality when saying that ONLY people from HK and Taiwan can work well.

          • radbab

            I wish people here would work smarter than harder. But with so many people around it might really be easier to throw more people and work hours at the problem rather than plan properly or invest in some quality tools.

          • The Enlightened One

            I appreciate your feedback and comments but just who are you quoting with:

            “OMG this country is soooo shit”

            I didn’t say that only Chinese from Taiwan and HK can work well. I work with people all around the world and there are a few groups that are very difficult, if not impossible, to work with. Mainland Chinese being one of those groups.

            So to be clear, you made these claims and reworded my statements. I said in reference to my work with them, mainland Chinese are time wasters. They hold useless meetings for many countless hours with no results. This is common in China and is undeniable.

            I am not going to sugar coat it to save someone’s feelings. I do what works and makes money, so that I am able to live. If I were to deal with ONLY mainland locals… I would be broke.

          • Jahar

            I’m 90% sure that workers in developed countries are more productive than those in developing counties. I can’t remember where I read it, but i think it’s a pretty standard rule.

          • biggj

            If I worked in a chinese office where there are 20 people working when you only really need 2….I would be lazy as shit

          • today

            well they are well compensated for being more productive ie they get paid about 10x more for being 3x as productive but also lets not forgot that machines help as well (lets just talk about products cause services are too complicated)

          • Atlas

            Working hard doesn’t mean working well.

        • biggj

          Yeah if you can do your job anywhere it’s best to live in low cost country. My wife’s job is like 85% at home. She has to go to china sometimes to factories and whatnot but she can do most at home. I can’t though. Although I only have to work 6 months of year. So other 6 months I just do whatever I want. And we usually take our canadian money and spend it in a piss poor country. It fucking great. This year we stayed in canada but next year we are going to either Ecuador or Belize for 6 months. You can rent pretty much a mansion for 1000-1500 a month. We put a 6 month lease on our house and the money we make from that pretty much pays our trip anyway.We have been doing that for almost 5 years. You should look into it since you work at home anyway. A lot better then staying in china. China is one of the most boring places. And it kills you a little bit everyday when you stay there. Through food and pollution. Your Canadian right? And most country let us go there for 90 days with no visa and you can renew for another 90 days. So that is 6 months.

  • The Enlightened One

    This guy deserves one of those spots the devil reserves for total pieces of shit in hell. Some torment that is beyond imagination and for eternity. What a freak!

  • silent observer

    This is why China will never be respected by the rest of the world….the men here have the I.Q. of dingbats…a retarded sense of chivelry….either complete pussxxxs or complete ass holes…so insecure about their ownselves…or when they get money or a car they automatically assume godship. I am sorry to say but most mainland “men” are just the dung heap of the world.

    I wish they would come to the Bronx New York and try this bullshit…they would be lynched on the spot….mainland men are a bunch of puss…ies l…hitting women and children…jumping people….they cant fight one on on. Most of the world looks down on mainland men…now you know why….God I have such hatred for the men here…pigs!

    • Ryo

      So there are no domestic abuse cases in the US? Wow. What a heavenly place!

      • Tarzan

        You’ll never know, stuck in this hell called China your whole pitiful life.

      • nickhz

        of course there is domestic violence… but not on the scale that there is here. if a man hits a woman and people see it in north america he is going to catch a beating himself, but here you try to defend a woman from a public beating and you get jumped by 20 little puss…ies with beer bottles and then they act like they are tough guys. pathetic… and yes i have seen this on more than one occasion.

    • Uncle Tommy

      it’s the small penis paradox.

    • The Enlightened One

      I kind of agree with you. I don’t think in too many other countries… two men would beat the crap out of a young mother and slam her baby to the ground then ride off…

      If we take this incident in isolation… okay this could happen anywhere but I see so many stories of men beating Chinese women in public openly and infront of their children. There just seems to be something VERY wrong about how frequent and how casual this stuff seems to be here. Physical abuse in China is just not a big deal to them.

      When a lot of them are small children, the Chinese adults find it entertaining to see the child run around smacking stuff… they actually encourage the child to “da ta, da ta”… and think it is amusing when the child is smacking the dog, or whacking his father/mother because he didn’t get a candy.

      • silent observer

        I went out with this girl last night…and we happened to have a small meal in this “classy” Chinese restaurant in hotel 168…I guess the waiters were assuming that we would be having sex or something later. They were so nasty to us…Wouldn’t take out order right…the head waiter was acting like a condescending and sarcastic asshole, speaking loudly and acting like a clown…

        My food never came even though the place was 75% empty…unprofessional….You know I’m a black guy with this hot Chinese girl. It must have made their blood boil…And we did have sex…I made her cum 5 times. That must have really pissed them off knowing that she paid for the hotel and not myself

        I can’t knock the jealousy though…if a Chinese guy is caught walking with a black girl in my side of the Bronx he’s probably not getting out.

        • biggj

          One word why you had that trouble in china…..”Black”. I’m white guy but notice how black guys get treated in china. There is an Italian restaurant in china I like to go. The food is alright for being in china. The staff is all chinese. I went there 20 times before with no problem. Even when its busy. So I go with 2 of black buddies and things just went right to shit. We go in and sit down, usually within a few mins the girl come and takes our order. Where I’m sitting I have a view of the front desk and the kitchen. And they just stared at us and whispered to each other then went back in the kitchen. Then a chinese family came in and within 1 one minute someone where there to take their order. No one came to see us yet. Finally about 10 mins later girl came and was super rude. Even though the 2 blacks guys speak good chinese she kept acting fucked up like it was a chore for her to take their order. I felt bad because I was kind of bragging the place up to the guys before we went saying how the food and service was. I even apologized for bring them their. I do feel bad for black people in china…more so then I do for chinese people.

        • The Enlightened One

          Yeah, they treat blacks way worse and I see it all the time too. But they especially hate you guys sleeping around with their girls. You are right, a lot of Chinese people I have met assume black men come to China to prey on young innocent Chinese girls.

          They think black people are dirty because their skin is darker and some people are actually quite afraid. Hey, kids cry and tear up when they see white people as well though.

          I give kudos to good black people living in China. It must take a hell of a lot of patience and tolerance. I have seen random people come up to black people and ask why they don’t wash their skin…. why they are so dirty…. don’t they feel ashamed of having black skin… why did they stay out in the sun too long…

          But hey, just tell them you a rapper, basket ball star or the next Obama and it is all forgiven.

          • silent observer

            I don’t care. I don’t discriminate…I like all women…and to be honest all guys in China prey on Chinese women. Look…I’m from the greatest city in the world: New York and the most powerful country in the world. When a mainland guy says “even a black guy can blah blah blah” I could give a sh-t…that means I’m on my game and on my grind….

            You would be surprised how many mainland girls hit on me…I’m not the type to brag…but all of that mainland girls hating black guys is pure B.S…..they might not want to let people know in the open…but in the privacy of her own business it’s always on like Donkey Kong

            These views are the old thinking…Times are changing as different “flavors ” of men enter the market.

  • Ryo

    This sounds kind of fishy. I’m not saying those men are right but there’s got to be more to this story.

    First of all, as mentioned in the article, you can’t park in front of a bus stop. A bus stop is usually more then 1 car lengths and there’s absolutely no reason why the car couldn’t park in front or behind the women. This leads me to believe the women was actually the target of those two men.

    Perhaps she is one of the men’s wife/girlfriend/mistress. Killing a baby is a sign of rage and it seemed like he wanted to hurt her not just on the outside but deep inside as well. It’s rare someone would to want to hurt a stranger on the inside unless they have some kind of connection. This is my opinion of course and again, even if they knew each other, that kid of violence is just wrong. Period. Hope he suffers long and hard.

    • Alex

      Are you always defending the bastards in every single article or what?

    • As long as we’re just pulling possible motives out of our asses, let me give it a shot:

      Perhaps she’s an alien disguised as a human, and her baby was to bring about the downfall of humankind by morphing into a demonic hellbeast and seizing power, dominating humans, and forcing them to toil until they die. They’ll soak up all of the resources and leave for the next planet they’ll use for natural resources. Perhaps the two men were agents from a secret organization that deals with alien and paranormal events, and they were sacrificing themselves to save the planet.

      What you just said wasn’t an “opinion”, it was an assumption or conjecture.

      • biggj

        That was actually my first assumption of what happened.

    • the ace of books

      This comment smacks of a whole lot of stretching – you’ve really got to reach to find a connection here. I understand that apophenia can lead a person to want to make a connection, or to make some sort of logic of this kind of killing, but the simple truth is: sometimes there isn’t one. Some people are just so fucked up that they will hurt and kill strangers, because it’s in them to do so.

      • maja

        Mr.Dude gets out of prison, he goes back to the hood and, woah, it’s kind of different, he’s in the car with Mr. Old Pal, who “drives” like an asshole, possibly even flaunting to be some kind of boss, or maybe not, but who knows? asking would be unpolite and weak, someone breaks his emperor trip at a bus stop, OMG it was a woman, they’re all bitches anyways, Mr. Dude knows better because he met quite a number himself (a number of bitches), Mr. Dude wants to prove his worthiness to his friend, and… well, maybe going back to the hood really had some effect on him.
        or maybe the aliens commanded him. or he had an awful breakfast.

    • Mighty曹

      I like your theory on this. My first suspicion was that this woman, for whatever reason, was out in the street and blocking the assailants’ car and refused to budge. (The witness ‘thought’ they were trying to park at the bus stop but that was unlikely for the reasons you stated). The woman must’ve said something very extreme to set the men off.

      • The Enlightened One

        Normally I would agree with you. But men lose it very quickly when they feel they have lost face, especially to a woman. Simply not moving the car and calling the men “ungentlemenly” is enough for a guy to go into “pyscho emperor mode”.

        Especially when they are drunk. Then many of them are like ticking time bombs. At a wedding once, this Chinese guy (guest at the wedding) decided after getting drunk that his wife was cheating on him… just out of nowhere… and started to beat her in public… she started screaming she was pregnant with his child and to stop…

        Guess who broke it up? Other local guests at the wedding? Nope! His buddies? Nope! The police or security guards? Of course not! A foreign guy (friend of the Chinese guy who got married) broke it up, the guy tried to take a swing at him but the foreign guy knocked him out.

        Deep seeded inferiority complexes.

        • Mighty曹

          That is very plausible as well. Most likely the a-hole was having some financial issues at the time. Money IS everything to the mainlanders.

          I’m not surprised what happened at the wedding that took a REAL man to intervene. I hope that bunch of pussies learn something from that.

  • nitrostat

    holy shit… why beat up the poor child who had nothing to do with this? that man is no human… he is a beast… should be butt raped and killed…

    • YourSupremeCommander

      you go first, the butt rape part!

      • wicky woo

        fuck you

      • nitrostat

        ewwww…….. not by me … but by inmates ofc

  • Laowai

    Bunch of animals! How dare they ! Wake up China, its time to harden the fuck up.

  • Monkeekong

    death penalty.

  • wicky woo

    Just a typical day in China… yawn.

  • Marcus Muller

    “Execute him immediately! Those who agree with me, ding. [20,327 upvotes during the time of translation]”

    Lol when I googled that the guy who posted it used the avatar of mao and had 60k upvotes.

    You have to commend the actions of the police, capturing this piece of shit so fast. I would say execute him, but that would be too good for him. They should deploy the water drop torturing on him while doing a daily thousand cut on him, one cut a day, paper cut his penis (about a hundred cuts or so) and dip it in lemon juice and salt, then finish it off by throwing acid on it.

    I will be expecting a invitation from the CIA soon..

  • silent observer

    The next time I see a mainlander man getting his ass kicked i will just watch and take pictures even while he lay bloody.

  • the ace of books

    Hmm. Scanning the cSmack tomments, I see some people rationalizing – road rage, “maybe there’s more to this”, “this is China’s fault”, etc. I’d like to propose an alternate theory: this guy was just one of those guys who is a walking time bomb.

    You’ve all met people like this – someone who might behave mostly normal, except for a few little tells that signal “oh hang on, something way wrong here…”. They might function in dily life, but they’re under-the-surface-screwed-up, and you get in an altercation with them, they have no limits. Most people fighting stick to the target. These kinds of guys – there is no boundary of “do” and “don’t do”, and picking up and slamming a baby down is no different than beating a woman – it’s rage, rage, rage, and don’t you dare get close.

    These kinds of people aren’t restricted to China. There’s walking time bombs everywhere, in every country. And it’s not road rage that sets them off – it can be being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the exact thing that, by happenstance, gets to them – like this woman. She was accidentally there, in his way, but that was enough.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      You’re probably right, or at least close to the truth.

      Could’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • Atlas

      Usually my problem with this kind of news isn’t the person attacking, but rather the reaction of the average person witnessing the events.

      So yes, blaming the tragedy on “Lol China” is mostly wrong, but I would have no doubt blaming the general apathy of the people witnessing the events as a Chinese characteristic.

      Basically, don’t blame a country for its bad apples, blame it for the good people who do nothing when they should.

      • maja

        that’s interesting. so what do you think are the limits people should stick to?
        and how should people react whens someone steaps beyond those limits,
        or better at which point someone should legitmately step in?

        • Atlas

          The moment you think you’d want someone to help you if you were in that situation. That’s good enough for me.

          • maja

            but most people won’t help me if I were in a situation, or they will just think about things I don’t actually need and try to give those to me.

          • Atlas


          • maja

            and I can’t be anywhere anytime, and neither can you.
            anyways, as an example, some patron may think a waidiren dreseed in cheap and plain clothes in the panoramic terrace of a luxurious hotel may deserve a rough treatment because how-dares-him skip past the security guards? and mind that patron may as well be chinese or foreigner. I’m just asking, what kind of code should a person adopt?

          • Atlas

            I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

            You keep trying to come up with elaborate situations. No one here is Superman, but stopping a man beating a woman and throwing a baby on the pavement is a fucking no brainer.

            By the way: “I can’t be anywhere anytime, and neither can you.” Actually, yes I can be somewhere at some time. Or did you mean “everywhere, all the time”? Those two sentences may look similar to you but do have different meanings.

            Please use simple English next time.

          • maja

            Thank you, sir. I meant eveywhere.
            At what point should someone have stopped him?
            When he got out of the car?
            When he started to have an altercation with the woman?
            When he hit her the first time?

            When he raised the baby over his head?
            I would add, what would you have known about this specific man, in that specific circumstance?
            You talk about no brainers, I guess you are right. What I’m asking is: how would you have done it?

          • WoRPt

            One user had posted a list of heinous activities he had witnessed in the past, and I wonder if we were at the same one.

            Three years ago, on Dalian Road, near Quyang Road, in Shanghai, I was walking to the subway station in the middle of day. Suddenly, quite some distance in front of me, I could hear a woman screaming and a man yelling in an angry voice. My first thought was that it was simply one of those crazy yelling arguments that you occasionally witness on the streets, but then I caught a glimpse of the event and was quite shocked. A man in his early twenties was fighting with (presumably) his girlfriend at the side of the road. He was clenching her arm and then, with great force, threw her into oncoming traffic. Luckily, the traffic either swerved or stopped (temporarily) and she ran back onto the sidewalk. At this point he grabbed her again, and, at this point, I ran towards them, as did another foreigner who happened to be across the street. Oddly enough, one of the cars that had stopped to avoid hitting the woman was a taxi, and when he saw us running, he opened the door, and (quite literally) threw her in it. I arrived first and decided the best course of action was to stop the taxi until police could arrive. I ran in front of the cab and put both hands on the hood of the car. The other foreigner was able to speak much better Chinese than me, and advised the taxi not to move. The police did arrive about five minutes later.

            Although, admittedly, I am proud of both mine and the other foreigner’s actions that day, but it’s not the point of the story. The point of the story is, while all of this was happening, from beginning to end, not a single person assisted us or the woman, even before we arrived.

            For me, personally, this was an extreme example, but not an isolated one. There had been a few times in the past where people could have easily assisted, but did not.

            I refuse to chalk this up as “Chinese are bad” or “Chinese have no moral fiber”. But I do have to admit, for the last couple of years, I’ve thought about it quite a bit. Perhaps it’s because the law won’t protect them, and an element of revenge could be involved. Perhaps they’ve become jaded because when they’ve needed help, no one was there for them.

            Damn, long post. Sorry. But the point is, after my experiences in China, it has jaded me to the point where I simply can’t believe that no one could have helped before the baby was killed. If you asked me before I came to China, and before I had these experiences, maybe I could have rationalized it. At this point, my mind just can’t accept that.

          • Claude

            A friend of mine had a neighbor that would pound the hell out of his wife. He would call the police but they wouldn’t get involved in domestic affairs and leave.

            Imagine living next to that and the feeling helplessness my friend would have. Needless to say, what she’s going through.
            I completely understand when woman kill their husbands in China. There seems to be little protection in domestic abuse cases.

          • Atlas

            I consider myself lucky. I’m lucky because I never had to step into that kind of situation in China yet (happened in Canada a couple times). My whole family is working to protect other people in some way: army, police force, mounties and so on. I’m the only one who sought something else (teaching).

            Here’s the thing: unless the man is the Chinese equivalent of The Hulk, he doesn’t stand a chance against me. So it all boils down to “will I let a big dude beat up a woman pushing a baby stroller”? The answer is no. Consequences be damned – I’d rather do jail time and be deported than do nothing.

            The shame of not protecting that woman and her child from an apparent and immediate threat would be too great. My entire family would look down on me. Maybe you are Chinese so this concept is alien to you, but I don’t have “face”, I have honor.

          • maja

            I’m not Chinese. I guess I would step in the moment a car approaches a bus stop with a baby in astroll in front, as I’m not afraid to kick the cars that try to drive through the crossing lines when pedastrians are getting through with the green light or to call the police on dishonest real-estate agents. Still you said it yourself, you’re not Chinese, neither am I. If you grew up in Canada it may be difficult for you to understand, but not everyone heard about law in China, at least not in the same terms you did. You talk about honour, I think this means you have a somehow personal set of values and you feel uncomfortable breaking them, all I was asking is: what are those values? what are you ready to face to upstand them? I guess it’s a matter of personal choice… we can do it.
            Well, I guess we’re going on a difficult path here…
            I’d suggest you to avoid trying to make sides in arguments tough. You’re Canadian you can’t understand, you’re Chinese you have no honour, once you said as much what did you achieve?

  • the ace of books

    Also: the Zeng Guofen comment reminds me of W B Yeats’ The Second Coming:

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

  • today

    that’s why when I hear people say ‘abolish the death penalty’ I get really fired up. If an eye for an eye makes a whole world blind, then I’d rather be blind than see these fucktards roaming around.

  • moop

    Another case of onlookers doing nothing. If someone had stepped in when they started beating the woman that child’s fate would have been different

    • silent observer

      Mainland men are soulless puss…ies

  • Jen_in_NY

    I’m thankful that ChinaSmack didn’t post pictures of this horrible crime.

    • Cauffiel

      Are photos posted on other sites? Really??

      • Jen_in_NY

        Not that I know of, but ChinaSmack doesn’t shy away from posting graphic photos w/out warning if they are available, so I was relieved to be able to read this story without shielding my eyes from a bloody picture. Weak stomach!

  • Dave

    Turning a thread about a brutal assault that resulted in a dead baby into an excuse to complain about Chinese drivers?

    You guys are priceless.

    • MrT

      its all stems from Chinese drivers! this how they are! think they are the most important people on the road!

  • MrT

    Everything in this country related to road transport is totally fucked up.

    The government has put in place all this great infrastructure then let the monkeys run riot all over it, No one gives a fuck about any laws here.

    The traffic police do fuck all unless someone kicks them up the arse and out on to the streets to do the monthly spot checks.

    I see traffic coppers around here two up on motorcycles no helmets rolling over red traffic lights like every other fucker.
    You put one British traffic copper at one junction here in China and he could fill a football stadium full of shity law breaking mental drivers, in one day.

    Nothing is preventive its all clean up the mess after.

    Absolutely no responsibility for anything.
    as for attacking a baby and mother, well that just about sums up the weakness and cowardliness of most the men here.
    Why any one in the West thinks this country should have more freedoms is beyond me, They need a major crack down if anything.

  • ptptp

    It’s a shame the killer wasn’t a foreigner. If a foreigner had gotten into the argument with the mother, bystanders might have sprung forth quickly to stop the attack and the baby would still be alive. Sadly, no one did anything but watch.

    • The Enlightened One

      Haha, amusing because that is probably true. Or at the very least, the foreigner would not have been able to fled. Much like the guy that supposedly “spit” on the woman and had a mob around his car prodding it with sticks. It was on here about a year ago.

      • Lord_Helmet

        Which was a completely bullshit story. It happened where I live and my buddy at the PSB told me that the woman fabricated the story because she knew she was wrong and knew what would happen if she just told everyone that the foreigner spit on her. You have to be very careful here, the tides change very quickly on the foreigner.

        Related story was a Philippina(female) friend of mine was in a bike accident at first it was no big deal because everyone around the accident(围观that special move where chinese people stand around with their hands behind their back and discuss the problem) thought she was Chinese, but wait……as soon as the police showed up and information was exchanged, all hell broke loose! Fuck thePhilippines this and that……then they went off on her translator, You are a not real Chinese bc you stick up for for foreigners blah blah. All right outside the main gate of the university she teaches at, in broad polluted day light.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Who cares what you commentators think or write. It’s going to get much worse, you’ll see. While we protect ourselves, our families and friends from these kinds of people and situations, we play the ignorance card when it comes to the real problem – the society that allows that. Unfortunately China has put itself in a blockade regarding such incidents. The people here need a nice big slap of education right across their dumb, gawking, nose-drilling faces, but they shant, because then they’ll be smart enough to question their leaders and it will be **** ** *** square all over again.
    The leaders know that of course and that’s why they HAVE TO secretly play a game of “who’s corrupt the most and doesn’t give a hoo-hoo about the people”.

  • caocao

    I guess china can’t hide behind the “china is a developing country” or “you don’t understand chinese culture” excuse on this one.

  • Cjv

    They should do the same to him like he did too this child, have him feel same pain drop him many times.
    So bad to hear this news.

  • Jahar

    All the Chinese comments are the same. Is it just me or does it seem like they aren’t interested in making a point, they just want everyone to know what they think. If someone already said it, why say it again. and again. and again?

    • biggj

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Seems they don’t care about making points. Just their own thoughts on the situation. Like if someone already said it. Why say it over and over again? hhaha

      • Atlas

        I know this feel man. It’s like they don’t think and say the same over and over again. Why bother?

        • ExExPat

          Agree! Seems to me that people are just repeating things that have already been posted before. Not sure why they would do this, what’s the point?

          • David S.

            You’re so right. It seems they don’t even read the previous comments and just want their opinions to be read by others rather than trying to develop an argument. Just a long string of nearly identical comments which goes on and on and on… To which end ?

      • Cauffiel

        You guys are insufferable. :-D

    • Joseph

      Made that point yesterday, was told I was wrong. Could be a funny SNL skit.

      “Hi, I’d like a Big Mac and fries.”
      “You will be robbed in America!”
      “Sorry, could I get the Big Mac meal?”
      “America is much more corrupt than China!”
      “Okay, I just want this Big Mac, this package of fries, and this large cup of Coke.”
      “If you don’t like China, go home to your terrible country!”
      “Here’s my 20rmb, please give me this order.”
      “You probably like black people!”
      “Look, I’m from Finland, and I just want a Big Mac.”

      If Confucius is watching from the afterlife, he’s probably thinking, “What the F*** happened?”

    • Sharon Ballantyne

      I think their point is that they all want the death penalty for the monster!

  • wotingbudong

    This is a very disturbing story. I have lived a long time in China, road rage hasn’t for the most part, been something I have witnessed much. But over the last couple of years, new money and the prevalence of new, underqualified drivers driving oversized killing machines, I have observed a very tangible increase in the phenomenon. I live close to the Guanghua / Dongdaqiao intesection in Chaoyang dist. Many times during rush hour I find myself standing on the corner marvelling at the complete and utter lack of order, the selfishness and completely reckless driving that you can witness there every morning/evening and probably lunch hour. I still follow all the traffic signals, cross the road only on green (bizarrely Chinese road comission allows cars to turn at the same time, wtf is that about?). Last week at this junction, I came so close to dying at the hands of some fuckwit taxi driver, I went bezerk but the toe-rag took off too fast as i was letting him have it. Later that afternoon, I hit me that I very nearly actually died today just trying to cross the road getting to work, or worse, get paralized. Or maybe the driver could have got out and stabbed me or some shit. Then I thought about my dependents, then I started to really assess living here.
    My point is, this story about this poor woman and her child I think indicates a shift. You really dont know what is going to get out of that car. I have foreign mates who just breeze across the roads thinking they are foreigners, no one would dare hit them, and its just so wrong to think that now. So friends, please be careful

  • Canadian_Skies

    Eye for an eye. Right? Anyone? Am I right?

    • ExExPat

      I thought we had moved more towards ‘rule of law’ rather than Old Testament vengeance. Is it more moral to be equally brutal in punishment?

  • zoom

    I hate when drivers think they’re the king of the road. This is unexcusable. There’s no punishment that is equal to killing someone. May they rot in prison for the rest of their life. If they only get a light treatment I’m done with this world. We can put dogs to sleep because they bit a human (even though it’s clearly the fault of the human for trying to tame an animal that should be free) but we’re always too soft when it comes to us humans. This needs to stop, same right for everyone I say.

  • Lord_Helmet

    Just noticed the animated version of this. They don’t resemble Chinese people at all.

    • Cauffiel

      Haha… I’ve always noticed that Asian cartoons…. China, Japan, wherever… resemble white people more than East Asian.

      • ptptp

        Maybe they had plastic surgery!

  • Well, that little girl died … :'(

  • openplains

    these are acts of demons, not human’s.

  • Not human (
    – K&J Fashion)

  • WoRPt

    There’s not much to say about this story that hasn’t already been said. I would like to point out that the attacker was previously arrested for theft. Not exactly the “hardened criminal” you’d expect to commit such a heinous crime.

    Saying that, it provokes the question, was he really an ex-con? Anyone that’s read a lot of Chinese news (or especially read the comments of Chinese netizens) knows that, in the past, crimes were always blamed on “temporary workers”. You’d also realize that this excuse was not flying with the Chinese community. I’ve noticed in quite a few recent stories, over the last six months, that ex-cons are the new hot word in the blame game.

    Rage seems to be the new trend in China. I can speculate on quite a few reasons for this, but the end result is the same. If this trend continues, it could spell some major trouble for authorities, especially as China is bracing for an economic slowdown.

  • donscarletti

    I hope they found the right guy.

    Anyway, times like this I start to understand the Chinese policy of dragging a convict straight from the courtroom out to a field and shooting them in the back of the head.

    • maja

      I hope they got the right one too. As for the bullet in the head, who can ever be sure about this kind of things?

  • Fanduril


  • dconn

    again..put him in an american prison with Big Bubba

  • To-think-different

    I don’t profess to be anymore wise than does who have commented on this shocking report. But I would like to comment on the general comments here and put forward a question I hope will make people think regardless of the calls made here for the death penalty, etc.

    I think we need to do some soul searching here ans ask this:

    What makes someone decent suddenly become a child killer in a blink of an eye?

    The true answer to this question will be important. Death penalty is not the answer I am afraid

  • Noah Altman

    “but if they are minor or less, then this man can be charged with starting a fight or quarrel.”

    A significantly less onerous charge than gang assault and battery, accomplice to murder in the second degree, and evading arrest. But hey, if his father is Li Gang, he deserves a cake.

  • bert

    “The scene where the incident happened has been cleaned up.” Really? I doubt it.

  • Lee Tan

    this shit happen in canada before where a man a woman both mainland chinese was arguing with me over a parking spot..they wanted to pick a fight later on with me … fucking retard mentally ill chinese mainland… then the husband follow me to where i went and wanted to fight with me..haha..after that he left… these low scum chinese have no brain and in need of pills to keep their illness away…
    i am chinese and feel sad for my chinese race people… hopefully you guys learn to teach your kids the right way to live in life.

  • I want to butt fuck these two “men”, but not with my dick, but with a splintered baseball bat. Run it in and out their anus until they bleed to death.

  • Gerardo Ferrer

    those guy should be hang in public.

  • Gerardo Ferrer

    I think Russia is the worse road rage.

  • Hollywood

    The chinese all need to go back riding bicycles, there’s not enough land to build more roads for 1 billion cars.