Beijing Man Strangles 11-Year-Old Boy For Bumping Into Him

A Peking University graduate stands trial in Beijing after strangling a 11-year-old boy.

From NetEase:

Court case of Peking University graduate who strangled a 11-year-old boy to death begins

June 16th, the Beijing City Intermediate Court convened to hear the case of a Peking University graduate who murdered a 11-year-old schoolboy and then extorted the victim’s family. Photo [above] is of the victim’s sister whose hands were constantly clenched into fists.

In Beijing, Lian Yong stands trial after strangling a 11-year-old boy and then extorting the child's family.

Prosecutors alleged that a little after 5pm on November 14th last year, as a result of a triviality, Lian Yong vented his anger on 11-year-old Le Le. He tricked Le Le into the Changping District Huilongguan Town Ding Fu Huangzhuang Village rented apartment, first viciously beating Le Le, and then strangling the child with a rope/cord before burying the body. Afterward, Lian Yong also extorted Le Le’s family of 150,000 [RMB].

Lian Yong cries during the trial.

Lian Yong is the only boy of his family, and after working hard to earn a bachelor’s degree in law from Peking University began working in Beijing. However, after being left by his girlfriend, his business failing, and failing to pass a judiciary/legal examination in a string of failures, he lost control and vented his discontent on 11-year-old boy Le Le (pseudonym). Lian Yong is charged with the crimes of intentional homicide and extortion. Prosecutors strongly recommend the court sentence him to death, to be executed immediately.

Lian Yong begs for forgiveness from his victim's family.

Photo is of the end of the court proceedings, the murderer breaking free from the court police, prostrating in apology to the victim’s family, before being taken away from the scene by court police. Lian Yong, who had studied law, expressed great regret/shame, having fallen to his knees begging the victim’s family’s forgiveness: “What I did was inhuman, and if I am lucky to survive [be allowed to live], I will be a human [be a good person], will thoroughly reform myself; and if I am able to come out, I will take care of Le Le’s parents into their old age”.

Family members raise a picture of the 11-year-old victim with tears in their eyes.

Photo is of the victim’s family member raising a photo of the child, emotionally choked with tears.

The victim's mother, overwhelmed in tears, is helped out of the court room by family members.

Photo is of the victim’s mother losing control of her emotions, being supported out of the courtroom by family members.

The victim's mother begs the court for justice.

Photo is of the victim’s mother kneeling before the court crying, asking the law to give her son justice.

Comments from NetEase:

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Learning about the law to be better at breaking the law, looks like sometimes it really is like this.


Was it necessary to emphasize that he was from Peking University?


Immediately sentence him to death.


What is wrong with this society? Why are people this impulsive? Have we truly lost faith/religion?


Does this have anything to do with Peking University? Anything to do with law school? Those gluttonous, whoring, gambling, embezzling, mistress-keeping, thug-hiring, murdering corrupt government officials probably have many who were from Tsinghua University, Peking University, or are even sea turtle returnees who studied abroad in famous world universities, right?


Killed a 11-year-old child and even extorted the family, and he had studied law, if he isn’t killed then Yao Jiaxin may as well be resurrected!


In the text, it mentions that Le Le’s mother cried on her knees in the courtroom, asking that the law give her son justice. Then, Le Le’s mother, are you able to give the National Family Planning Policy an explanation [for having more than one child]?

From QQ:

Man strangled to death a 11-year-old boy to vent his frustration following a series of failures

Lian Yong is the only boy of his family, and through hard work, he earned a bachelor’s degree in law from Peking University and even started a career and business in Beijing. However, after being left by his girlfriend, his business failing, and failing to pass a judiciary/legal examination in a string of failures, Lian Yong at already 30-years-old lost control, venting his discontent on 11-year-old boy Le Le (pseudonym). After the child was brutally murdered, Lian Yong then demanded 150,000 yuan from Le Le’s family as ransom under the guise of it being a kidnapping.

Yesterday afternoon, Lian Yong stood trial on suspicion of murder and extortion at the city’s Intermediate Court. Facing the victim’s family, Lian Yong fell on his knees begging for their forgiveness, with Le Le’s mother also kneeling before the court demanding that the murderer pay with his life.


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Killing a child for bumping into him

November 14th last year, Lian Yong could no longer afford the 500 yuan per month rent. He went out to a neighboring village looking an even cheaper place. In a hutong alley, several children were lighting firecrackers, and one of children amongst them while running bumped into Lian Yong, running away without even looking back. That child was Le Le.

“Everyone was insulting me, even such a little child didn’t pay me any heed”, Lian Yong said. The day before, as a result of accidentally bumping into a car’s side view mirror, he had been yelled at and nearly avoided a beating. Encountering all sorts of unsatisfactory experiences left him frustrated, and he decided not to find a place to rent anymore and instead go find that child, “He must apologize to me”.

About an hour later, Lian Yong found Le Le in front of a Changping District Huilongguan Town Ding Fu Huangzhuang Village restaurant.

Lian Yong said to Le Le: “Brother has two small turtles at home, do you want them? If you do, then come to brother’s home to get them”. Just like this, 11-year-old Le Le was tricked into Lian Yong’s Ding Fu Huangzhuang Village rented apartment.

Upon entering, Lian Yong questioned Le Le, “Did you or did you not run into me? Was or was not bumping into me wrong? Should you or should you not apologize to me?” Le Le claimed he didn’t remember and Lian Yong began hitting the child in fury. Frightened, Le Le began screaming, which also scared Lian Yong. Afraid others would say he was bullying children, he grabbed a nearby jump rope and strangled the child’s neck… Afterward, Lian Yong went into a small wooded area nearby where he sat for three hours. The next day, Lian Yong buried the body underneath a section of the city rail bridge near the Sahe North Bridge.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯防城港市网友 差不多先生:

If you had killed that woman [ex-girlfriend], I could still forgive you, but who could forgive you for killing a child? And as someone who has received a high level of education, from a prestigious university? Death is not enough!

腾讯网友 尐の迺□苽:

This is definitely a social problem, a fate for second generation poor.

腾讯盐城市网友 HakIu~:

When others can’t think clearly and go to the extreme, they always find a rope to strangle their own necks.
But you, when you can’t think clearly, go to the extremely, you strangle a child.
You absolutely must die! Having lived over 10 years more than Le Le, it is already letting you off easy!
From another perspective, it also shows, that regardless of from what institution of higher learning, no matter how educated, why didn’t he learn how to relax [control his stress]? Why was his emotional state this brittle?

腾讯济宁市网友 THAT´S STONE:

Congratulations Peking University for once again creating a pillar of society, this one even more deserving of death than Yao Jiaxin.

腾讯网友 终于一无所有:

This kind of behavior is horrifying, but this kind of behavior also reflects just how frightening the pressure/stress placed on people by today’s society is!

腾讯岳阳市网友 十二点的太阳:

Stop only condemning Lian Yong. After all, he really was at his wits end. Had Le Le said an apology when he bothered him [Lian Yong] at the time, the result also wouldn’t have been like this. If our country can help these enterprising/entrepreneurial youth, perhaps… If our housing prices didn’t increase so quickly and Lian Yong had a house and married, perhaps… all of these things wouldn’t have happened.

What do you think? What is the craziest thing you have done in your worst moments of frustration?

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  • “Court case of Peking University graduate who strangled a 11-year-old boy to death begins”

    On trial for murdering a child, and yet he’s still trying to impress us with his accreditation.

    In other news, all graduates from P.U. stink.

    • 山炮 ShanPao

      I dont think he is trying to impress anyone. More likely Chinese people seem to believe there is a clear class difference and those at PU would never do such a thing. People would probably react the same in the USA, UK, Canada etc if he was a graduate of Oxford or Harvard for example.

      With that said, the fact he is a graduate of PU is completely irrelevant, especially if you take into account the murder statistics for those who are not graduates of PU… China can be pretty messed up socially and there are crazies like this waiting to explode at any second and yes they come from a range of backgrounds… in fact this reminds me of the school stabbings last year when the foreign media cited growing social arrest as the cause, however when a bunch of latch key kids from small town america run around school with guns they blame Marilyn Manson… its all nonsense. China’s population is 1.4 billion right? Surely with that kind of population size, statistically what goes in in China pales in insignificance compared to the USA with a population of 300 million.

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        Correction: Social unrest*

  • ander

    “Was it necessary to emphasize that he was from Peking University?”

    No. But since he was, why not?

  • [from the article] “Afraid others would say he was bullying children, he grabbed a nearby jump rope and strangled the child’s neck… ”

    That poor kid’s neck was not worth that guy’s “face”.

    [from comments, the last one] “Stop only condemning Lian Yong [the child murderer]. After all, he really was at his wits end. Had Le Le [the murdered kid] said an apology when he bothered him [Lian Yong] at the time, the result also wouldn’t have been like this.”

    So of course, the logical conclusion to this is: China is a harmonious society that is only ever one apology away from people freaking out and murdering people.

    Face it, “face” is the number one problem facing China.

    • anon

      Come now, you know what this is really about and it isn’t about face. It’s about a guy who has had everything go wrong for him and he finally snapped. The kid could have been anyone. The story is sad and its representative of what could happen when the sky falls on certain people, but its hardly about “face”.

      I’d say its a mistake to cheapen the real problems with the concept of “face” by associating it with this case. I feel for the guy, and according to Western legal systems, maybe an legal case could be made for temporary insanity by which he’d escape the death penalty but would still be punished for what is ultimately still a life murdered.

      • Carl Hungus

        Fuck ‘im.

        Sometimes the Chinese courts do things our courts should do. You kill someone and then stand around in the street shouting at passers by?

        You’re a nut: insanity plea- job’s a good ‘un.

        You murder someone, hide and bury the body and then extort money from their family?

        You’re a cunt: You deserve a long drop on a short rope.

      • Geez, you make it sound like Columbo just turned around and said, “erhm, just one more thing…”

        Of course this guy is going to fry. Of course the wheels of justice are going to spin; the trial is a formality, it’s all over since he was arrested. Bringing up “face” isn’t an excuse for this guy, it’s the entire reason.

        Look. Where else in the world would this happen but China? A loser down on his luck can’t accept that a kid won’t give him face, and so pre-meditates an assault on the kid that turns into a murder when he can’t accept losing face for bullying a kid? In Charles Bronson’s USA, you can shoot a black kid on the Metro for asking for change (pre-Giuliani NYC, as I recall), but this? A dude who kills a kid because at some point he thought, “I’ve already lost some much face, might as well kill the kid who bumped into me”? Fate, Chinese fate, and let’s say it, really stupid Chinese fate.

        I’m saying this is the tip of the iceberg. I’m saying if “face” caused this guy forced to extremes (think China still), think of all the other people who also need face but have their own problems that are complicated by “face”.

        Issues/problems complicated by “face” include:
        * mental illness
        * familial relations
        * dating/marriage/children
        * guanxi
        * social issues
        * illnesses and diseases (AIDS)
        * buying a birthday cake
        * purchasing tickets to Insane Clown Posse
        * every single little tiny event in your life

        This is just the common; this hasn’t even started talking about “face” when applied to the uppity-ups.

        • Marsvin

          “I’ve already lost some much face, might as well kill the kid who bumped into me”

          Where exactly did you read this in the story? I read the whole thing and never got this impression from any of it.

          • I use parentheses quite liberally; sometimes it is a quote (which is often attributed), and sometimes it’s just me saying things how someone else would talk, like Marsvin saying “Huh? Whazzit?” You’ll also notice I used a question mark after it that you did not use in quoting me because I was asking a question.

          • Marsvin

            I understood it wasn’t a direct quote. I meant to say I did not see this sentiment expressed. Maybe I took it too literally.

            I agree the “face” issue can cause many problems, like the terrible idea of abducting and beating the kid in the first place, but the actual murder sounded to me more like a panicked response, “I don’t want to get in trouble for abusing someone’s kid”, than him figuring “ah the hell with it, may as well go all the way now.”

            Then again the actual motivation probably won’t make much difference in the end.

        • anon

          Given some of your other comments, I’m not sure how seriously I should be taking some of the things you’re saying here. As I said before, I don’t think “face” has anything to do with this case at all, and you bringing it up may actually lead others to make the same mistake and start thinking this is some sort of cultural thing that wouldn’t happen elsewhere amongst other people.

          I think its pretty clear the Lian Yong just wanted to corner the kid and extract an apology. He felt he was getting pushed around and want to affirm to himself that he wasn’t going to get pushed round by a kid as well. But he snapped when the kid didn’t remember. Perhaps Lian Yong felt the kid was feigning ignorance, or perhaps the kid forgetting just reinforced the idea he had in his head that no one was “paying him any heed”, and he snapped. He hit the kid, the kid screamed, he panicked. After he calmed down out in the woods, his fear of getting caught took over and he tried covering up what he did. I’d say the initial murder wasn’t premeditated, but then the cover-up and kidnapping/extortion was.

          Again, judging by your other comments, perhaps I’m taking you too seriously, but I hope no one seriously entertains the idea that this was anything about “face”.

          • “Everyone was insulting me, even such a little child didn’t pay me any heed”, Lian Yong said. “He must apologize to me”.
            [quote taken from second article; yeah, apparently he said that]

            “Face” and shame and status are all the same thing here – they are all inextricably stuck together like a big bowl of steamed rice. “Face” isn’t just an impression concept, it’s also a “saving face” concept and a “shame concept” — that is, losing face.

            Now, I just may be a small town lawyer, but I don’t raise this to excuse this guy, this isn’t a defence of him. I’m just explaining him. You can see the “snapping point” of Chinese whenever someone gets into a traffic accident or an argument on the street. While everyone in the world has a snapping point, Chinese’s are very thin and delineated and leads to extremism, even in non-extreme cases.

            a chinaSMACK example I can think of is the video of the swearing Shanghainese commuter – a some point she snapped and said, “Fuck it, I’ve lost all face, I have nothing else to lose,” and started her own non-funny Bill Hicks impression that had no point or reason, just swearing. This is the same cultural phenomenon I’m talking about.

            it’s very telling why he picked a child to apologize to him. He picked a kid because he couldn’t accept being disrespected by someone so much lower than him in status, and was going to use his size and strength to extract respect from the kid since he had nothing else to use, and he did. Permanently.

            I suppose this could happen elsewhere in the world, say, the ghetto-ized inner cities of the States where the poors fight amongst each other for respect because they don’t have much else in the world. All they have there is “face”.

            ps I saw your love letter in the “racism” article (geez, and all the people in the pictures look so happy), and I’m telling you once a post hits 200 comments, it goes cancerous and spirals into a tailspin of hate. At this point, nothing good can come out of it, no reason or logic can be had.

            The most “popular post” on chinaSMACK is the Lou Jing story at 1600 comments, and that piece of cancer just keeps growing. Every day people click on it and every day someone else adds yet another ignorant comment. If you want to be enraged for the rest of your life, hop on over and take a look.

      • Boris

        Anon: Howdy! I’d have to agree it seems more like a case of overwhelming emotional pressure. I don’t know the situation in China, but many people who choose entering the legal profession in the UK regret it. Sure, you can make a stack of cash, but the burn-out rate is staggering, and suicides are high compared with most jobs. If I were the judge I’d fall on the side of clemency were it not for the element of extortion. That doesn’t fit the pattern of someone flipping-out at all. Little is mentioned about that aspect of the story so it’s hard to judge whether a plea of temporary insanity would be appropriate.

    • Shanghairen

      I know China can be a frustrating and complicated place sometimes, but please try to refrain from oversimplifying every issue by citing face. Foreigners who explain every problem this way betray the fact that they actually know nothing about it. As for this case, using face as a starting point for analysis could not be more wrong. Have you noticed that Chinese people generally don’t care about being bumped into by strangers (or disrespected or ignored), whereas foreigners do care? Does that mean foreigners have a bigger face problem??

      • Joe

        I must agree. Most Chinese don’t really care about things such as that, whereas foreigners tend to look for a fight where they can show their manliness or whatnot.

        • Carl Hungus

          You know Joe; That’s a good point- I love having fights, me.

      • You’re mixing it up, dude. That’s called “not giving a fuck”; that’s the opposite of face.

        Not giving a fuck: you walk into me on the sidewalk, can’t tell who’s at fault, you don’t recognize me, who cares?

        Face (normal): you walk into me on the sidewalk, can’t tell who’s at fault, we immediately size up who’s further up the ladder in terms of rank, and then dole out the blame after that

        Face (psycho version): same as above, but require respect from a child and will kill when not given it

        No Face (also called “giving a fuck”): you walk into me on the sidewalk, we try to find out who’s at fault and then
        a) just excuse it if we’re civilized people
        b) get into a brawl if we’re hicks

        Two-Face: coolest Batman villain ever. Next movie will be hard to top.

        • Jack

          To claim that the concept of “face” goes so deep in Chinese society that it requires a rational person to murder a child just because the child bumped into them is a gross misunderstanding of the concept. The concept of “face” is similar to kabuki theatre. You put on an act of how society expects you to behave in a given situation. Clearly, you can see then how it’s insane to believe that society would expect someone to murder a child just because the child bumped into them (unless that’s what you think Chinese society is like, in which case, I pity you for the terrible time you must’ve had there).

          If you had instead contended that Chinese society puts more pressure on people trying to succeed, which may lead to shorter tempers and people going psycho, I might be more inclined to agree with you. Thought I disagree with your comments, I must say you’re doing a good job at translating Chinese news reports :D

          • This is soo awesome; no one agrees with me, and I still get compliments! I feel like a little girl who just stepped out of a shower on a spring day that rains Hello Kitty lollipops out of a tangerine sky..

            For the last jumpin’ G-Man-ho-saphat time, this isn’t to excuse this guy. This isn’t to say what he did was normal. This is to explain the circumstances of the culture that he lives in, and how those circumstances make life difficult for everybody in them.

            I’ve culled lots of quotes from the article and I don’t care to quote them again; I’d rather be funny than right. Still, dem’s some good quotes that back up wot i’m talking about, and no one else has taken them on except just to go, “nah, terroir, he’s just being funny” except you haven’t added the funny part!

            I’ll pop off one more example before my eyes go back to being irregularly colored and start being flippant and irrational again:

            The Western man, he’s hairy and uses deoderant, he has no problems with face. He has a guilt-based conscience, he feels bad when he does something wrong — by himself. The Chinese man, he’s terrified of white women except for their gigantic breasts, he’s all about face. He lives in a shame based culture, he feels bad when he’s caught doing something wrong and everybody finds out.

            Leaving aside the first bit– which is all about face, FYI– if the Western man got a kid alone to teach him some non-existent lesson, he wouldn’t feel the SAME kind of shame of having bullied a poor kid that a Chinese man would. The Western man still may have killed the poor kid, another Chinese man (who’s not psycho) may not have killed the kid, but what I’m saying is that they live in two different worlds with two different value systems and have different motivations.

            Face, honor, status, shame – I just call it face because all of those things are the same in China. And it’s a pain in the ass. Face didn’t necessarily kill that kid, but how could that guy have let that kid go? He was at the end of his rope (well, not literally yet), he had suffered all the indignity he could, how could he let the kid go and then suffer even more indignity? With face, an actual physical line exists (in the psyche, it’s like a three-point baseline), and it got crossed.

            Of course he’s guilty. I’m just saying that he shouldn’t have the mindset of being driven to extremes — the same extreme mindset afforded to every single Chinese person and is capable of at any given moment to be unleashed (ie. traffic accident, imagined enemies on an internet forum). But when you are Chinese, even if you hate “face” and have adopted a western-style guilt conscience, well tough overcooked jiaozi, you’re Chinese and everyone expects you to go along with it.

            Child-killer was bad news waiting to happen. The actual bad news is that there is a growing sector of disenfranchised, down on their luck men who have nothing but their pride to protect.

            Face. It’s bad news. Unless you like the missionary position.

          • crackedbamoo

            Kabuki, great metaphor. Cultural discussions so often devolve into semantic arguments instead of building something better out of common ground.

            Maybe I’m painting with a broad brush but I think the concept of face extends to pretty much all cultures, manifest as an individual’s fundamental desire for dignity, and arguably more pronounced in China due to a Confucian tradition of social hierarchy often at odds with a staggering and relatively homogenous population each vying for some level of respect.

            Call it self-regard or self-worth or pride, the boundaries of which are usually determined by class and social norms. Each with his/her own notion about what they feel ‘entitled’ to.

            So you get a guy who grew up with few privileges, busting his hump to earn a law degree and playing by the rules to just make ends meet, while his reward is a society that from peasant to Politburo pays him no never mind, and symbolized that day in the face of a fickle child who pushed a mind already on the brink into the abyss.

            For what it’s worth I don’t believe that the ‘turtle ruse’ was simply to verbally confront the boy, which he could have done on the street; I think this guy had more sinister intentions.

            And in terms of ‘not giving a fuck’ when bumped, it’s still face, just mediated by social convention– or more so, the understanding that you will lose it if you make a big deal out of something everyone else puts up with. Now bump into the same guy’s audi with your volkwagen and you’ll see the face of a guy entitled not to be touched.

      • Lang Lang

        Bullshit…… they don’t like getting bumped, ignored or disrespected any less than foreigners do. They just fail to take corrective actions either out of fear or because they’d “lose face” by creating a scene(or both) Chinese guys that bump into me because of stupidity or negligence(texting) get knocked on their ass or whine as if I just stabbed them in the shoulder with a kitchen knife. And if 2 or 3 guys just bumped into you head-on that could have easily been avoided, then congratulations, you probably just lost your wallet and your cellphone.

        • Dan Danger

          I get bumped into all the time here. When I was in the US in maybe over 4 decades I got bumped into so few times I can can only remember one right now while crossing the street in Seattle, and that was mostly my fault. One time for sure. Here I cannot even remember all the times. And mostly unnecessary. People just walk all over the sidewalk and sometimes are not even texting. Suddenly they change course and slam into you then act all shocked I guess that the person they walked into did into jump out of the way at the speed of light to let them pass. Spaced out or something. Or maybe sometimes I am invisible while in public and am not aware of it.

  • Pirx

    A tragedy, desperation on all sides, profoundly sad.

  • CND Icehole

    The Vancouver Canucks walk into a bar,
    the bartender says ” what can I get you?”
    The Vancouver Canucks say ” I’ll have a Stanley Cup Final”
    The bartender asks “how do I make that?”
    The Vancouver Canucks reply ” You pour me one shot, we’ll suck it for seven games, and then we burn your bar down.”

    • Not sure what your comment has to do with a kid being murdered by a dude over “face”, but it needs to be said:

      While other people in the world riot over injustice, repression, political freedom, hunger, and wages, Canadians will riot over losing a sports match. Played on ice in the summer. And then amongst the douchebaggery, two people kissed in the riot and then became famous from a photo.

      “Sir, why did you kiss that women during the riot?”
      “Because we are dicks. Can’t you see my Canucklehead jersey?”

      • anon

        Whoa, hey now, Canadians are hardly the only people to riot after losing (or winning) a sports match! They sure made the news though.

        • At least when lolBron drove himself home after playing three solid quarters of winning basketball and the rest, the entire fault rested in his ringless hands. When the Canucks lose, all Canada loses. The baseball-capped and douche-equipped are mighty in Western Canada.

          Who’s going to buy maple syrup now? Better bring that bitch Anne Murray out of retirement.

  • B-real

    That Rage shit is a bitch. This could happen to anybody and more often than reported. I feel bad for the kid’s family.

    • Carl Hungus

      So you’re saying that you could snap at any time and murder a child?

      You’re freely admitting that?

      Kepp away from me, man…

      • Just John


        I have a couple turtles at my place. Want to come over and see them?
        I will give them to you for free.

        • Carl Hungus

          Oh, well- now you’ve brought turtles into it I’m definitely going to go with you.

          Life for the Chinese pedophille must be considerably easier than in the UK (except for the danger of being executed I suppose).

          One day the Chinese courts will charge a western pedo and it will be like all of China’s Christmases will have come at once- the fun they’ll have whining about the white devils.

      • B-real

        Like I said it could happen to anyone Im no exclusion to that equation and neither whether you like it or not. Some people snap with certain circumstances and its a scary reality. He put his pride over this kids life, some would have been compelled to commit suicide after what he has been thru and most would have just shrugged their problems away and went on with their miserable life.

        To be honest with you have had anger streaks where anything can make me snap and pop you in the nose for pissing me off. Maybe its a good idea you stay away from me right now.

        • Carl Hungus

          What you’re describing is not normal behaviour. Regular people don’t behave as you do. You are not well… seek help.


  • I swore at a kid in English today. I was carrying a cup of water and he slapped my arm (on purpose) and I spilled some water on my hand. Instead of an apology or at least walking away he made a face at me and did a little dance.

    I’m not an angry person, but I really am tired of Chinese children who disrespect everyone and anyone that they can. That’s maybe 1 in 100. (And, yes, I know 100s of Chinese children.)

    I’m not saying Le Le deserved to die, but that there should be a bigger focus on respecting others in modern Chinese culture. I think a lot of grandparents get in the way of that.

    • Alex

      I know that feel, bro.

      Here Children under 12 are the most uneducated I’ve seen in many many places.

      Anyways, why beg for mercy and forgiveness to the jury? He did it, he accepted it, then go and get exectued… it’s the law and no matter how you feel about it you will still get executed..

    • deputamadre

      “And, yes, I know 100s of Chinese children.”
      Maybe it’s time for a new job or hobby.

    • Carl Hungus

      I teach at a high school- in fact I teach at an international high school in Changping. I’ve never had any kids treat me like that- where the hell do you live?

      There’s no excuse for what this man did.

      In response to your comment let me teach you a little British English:


    • “Instead of an apology or at least walking away he made a face at me and did a little dance.”

      Well, maybe he wasn’t trying hard enough to be Michael Jackson; he did just die a couple of years ago.

    • 平凡人

      Tommy, yes, there are a lot of brats in China today. However, it is not only in China. Moreover, what was reported was from the murderer; how much of it is real is in question. Kids get be a pain in the butt, this is all over the world. The bigger focus should be on the education system and upbringing. Are moral education and values still taught in schools? A graduate (supposedly more civilized than others) like him can become a beast. How many of these guys are walking around us? They get pissed and they kill.

    • anon

      Just speculating from the limited information you’ve provided, but do you think the kid was really out to disrespect you or maybe he just felt comfortable with you to prank you? Again, I’m going off the limited information available, but I’m not sure I’d immediately think the kid was “disrespecting” though from your perspective and many others, his act could be interpreted as “disrespectful”. Kids are not always “dong shi”, aware of what’s proper or improper. I’ve met kids everywhere who have done things that I’ve found annoying and rude but they simply thought was funny, an expression of their level of comfort with you. I’m just sayin’, maybe its not really about conscious respect or disrespect but just about kids who didn’t know better. Of course, there are certainly plenty of spoiled Chinese children too, who certainly haven’t been brought up with a sense of propriety.

  • Patrick

    I have to vote in favor of the Chinese Justice system on this one – I’m sure justice will be swift and hopefully VEERRRY painful. Hopefully the squad has bad aim.

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    “Photo is of the victim’s mother kneeling before the court crying, asking the law to give her son justice.”

    In how many countries is that necessary?

    • anon

      It isn’t necessary, it’s an expression of the woman’s anger and sadness. You’ve never seen outbursts in courtrooms of other countries before? How many courtrooms and tragic murder cases have you sat in on?

      • It’s totally necessary. Not to take away from a mother’s grief of her murdered child, but if we just saw these pictures without context, they could very well have been a property dispute over a dandelion. A plastic one. In a picture.

        Courts haven’t changed in China, and neither have people perceptions towards courts. In fact, the biggest reform to ever happen in the Chinese legal system were Stevie Chow’s “Lawyer, Lawyer” movies.

    • Stu

      Surely it’s not only unnecessary- it shouldn’t be allowed. There’s a reason why judges call for ‘order in court’, no? Imagine a murder case in the west in which the victim’s mother takes the stand and proceeds to beg the jury to convict the suspect… I’m no expert, but that would surely be thrown out and might put the whole case in trouble.

  • jw

    The last time i was in china, i was in Hong Kong and let me say i completely understand why this guy would want to strangle one of these little upstarts.
    From my experience, 11 year olds and teens these days are truly vain self centered scum bags, god help us all when they become old enough to take charge.

    • Yes. Spoken like a true graduate of Peiking University. If your accreditation isn’t enough to impress people, tell them about your impressive ECE background.

    • Alikese

      Kids were always little shitheads, it’s just now that you’re an adult you notice it.

      • jw

        “In my day” i didn’t see any adverts for boys face cream that featured photos of boarder line ladyboys.
        I was visiting the loo in HK once and thought i went in to the ladies by accident, there was 2 boys doing their make-up and one in a cubical throwing up!
        too vain and egocentric.

  • I like how the second part of this post starts – “Lian Yong is the only boy of his family”.
    Sounds almost as if he is the only child…

    • You’ve got this sarcasm thing down pat. At this point, you’re in the top 0.3% of Chinese elite.

      Who awesome?

      [picture of cat]

      You’re awesome.

    • B-real

      Good point, its almost like Chinese version of the media stressing the point that these people probably have tried many times to have a boy and this guy killed their last chance without crossing the line of saying he’s the only child.

      Brilliant observation

  • [email protected]

    Sounds like cold-blooded premeditated murder to me.

    When Chinese men try to touch my wife’s boobs, I snap too, and go fucking crazy. Never wanted to invite one into my home to kill them though.
    The whole thing is shady, his actions hardly fit this description of his ‘temporary insanity’ or ‘end-of-rope venting of ‘discontent’ (wtf??) when he in reality lured the boy to an apartment to torture him then murder him.
    His later repenting is just desperation and regret. When all else fails, drop to your knees and beg for mercy. The last act of a doomed child-killer. He deserves no lenience whatsoever imo.

    The bit about extortion makes no sense to me too. If Lian Yong was a government official, would it be ‘extortion’ or ‘compensation’?

    • [email protected]

      That was my mistake about the ‘extortion’ bit. I confused the word with bribery. My bad.

      • My word. Next you’ll have us know “racketeering” is a new co-ed ball court sport they’re offering down at the Country Club.

        [email protected]: I’m simply appalled.

        • [email protected]

          I said I made a mistake. Don’t be such a douche “terrior”

  • Chris N.

    Seems like this guy snapped because a lot of bad things were happening to him and he felt he couldn’t control it. Sounds like he had a very low locus of control. The extent people believe they can control the events around them. Do you think Chinese people are set up to have low locus of control based on how the way the Chinese government or Chinese society is?

  • terroir’s troll-template tip-time:

    CHINA DEFENDER: “Oh yeah? Children get killed in the USA too!”; “He’s a madman who doesn’t represent all of China”; “This is definitely due to malicious imperialist forces at work”.

    CHINA ATTACKER: “All kids in China are spoiled and undisciplined and he deserved it”; “All Chinese men are crazy and deranged and this just proves it”; “This is why you need foreign influence to Westernize you.”

    The middle line: a sad tragedy, don’t bring up my objection to capital punishment at this time.

  • John Wayne

    Hang ’em and harvest his organs!!

  • I think a great punishment for this guy is for him to choke himself to death.

    • Rod

      I think he should be strangled by a group of school children.

  • Peye

    To me it looks more to be a case of kidnapping and extortion for money. The fellow after finding himself at the end of the rope of being able to support himself, he used in my opinion, the ‘bump in’ as a reason to justify to himself the kidnapping and extortion scheme. Having obtained from the boy the info. about the boy’s family, useful to extort money,he killed the child. I am sure the court will act in accordance with the law applicable in cases like this,

    • fouManChu

      The real gambit this guy is playing for is some kind of lesser sentence. Agree with Peye and @[email protected], The luring back to his apartment is key. Only predators do this, either for sexual or kidnap/ransom purpose. It was the place he felt safe to carry out what he was planning. If you are enraged you carry out your vengeance on the street in a quick smackdown.

      I was following the case of Chen Jun – the Diane O’brien murder: Diana Obrien Diana O’brien was the Canadian model murdered in Shanghai a few months before the olympics, very high profile case. Chen Jun, a transient worker, was sentenced to death but with a 2 year grace or probationary period where the death penalty could be converted to lighter sentence. I think Lian Yong is gaming for the same result, he is a failed lawyer-weasel, it would fit.

      Do any chinasmackers know what happened with Chen Jun ? It has been longer than two years.

      • anon

        I agree, the luring back to the apartment is key indeed, and the one detail that doesn’t fit the crime of passion/temporary insanity argument. Looked at it from that way, it could very well be that in his desperation following his failures, he hatched an unsuccessful kidnapping/ransom plan.

  • Loopins

    Death sentence for him!

    He’s a murderer and it shouldn’t make a blind bit of difference what his background is.

  • Jay

    This Brings tears to my eyes to hear this!

  • Song of the Article

    How Many Times
    -Insane Clown Posse


    • Comrade….. *sigh*

      You mentioning I.C.P. is a crime on par with what’s being discussed. You’ve lost all face, best find someone to kill.

      “Violence Fetish”




  • The Dragon


    ” In the text, it mentions that Le Le’s mother cried on her knees in the courtroom, asking that the law give her son justice. Then, Le Le’s mother, are you able to give the National Family Planning Policy an explanation [for having more than one child]?”

    You are a horse’s arse! First, there is no comparison between her desire for justice and your dumba@@ desire to know why she has more than one child. There are exceptions, and whatever the reason is certainly none of your business.!

  • thunderkat211

    You gotta love the photo of the young boy that the man is holding up as a way to extract guilt from the killer. In every case of a homicide, the victim’s family always digs out an innocent photo of the victim to show how harmless/adorable the victim was. I dont buy it. Its the same in USA…everytime there is a gang related death or a drive by or a drug shootout, the family always digs out an old ‘school boy” photo of the victim…as if he was so GOOD. I am not saying that this is the case of the little boy Le Le and I hope the killer rots in hell, but I am just saying I am so OVER that kind of guilt BS. He is a killer and let the courts sentence him to a 1000 cuts or whatever…but please just stop with the meaningless photos.

    • Carl Hungus

      “I am not saying that this is the case of the little boy Le Le and I hope the killer rots in hell, but I am just saying..” bleh, bleh, bleh.

      Yes, my son, that IS what you’re saying. That’s exactly what you’re saying. You’ve come here to say exactly that. If you weren’t saying it you wouldn’t have posted your bizarre and muddled little wank-rant in the first place.

      Now; why don’t you fuck off?


      • Ray

        Take a chill pill man, I agree with him about how the victims family will always produce a standard portrait to “extract” guilt from the killer and to incite sympathy.

        Where in his post did he say that he suggests that the little boy was in somewhere deserving of being murdered? (Since this is what you are implying by saying that it is exactly what thunderkat said) He only implying that he is fed up with the families of victims trying to win a sympathy vote with the audience by painting the victim is this innocent light.

        • Carl Hungus

          You have a good look at that Thunderkat guy’s other posts here and ask yourself if you really want to be associated with him.

    • Fort

      untill this happens to your kid and then u will pull that school photo out,

    • marke

      Thunderkat – that is a silly statement – such loss is unimaginable – I can’t see the point in you applying your pet dislikes to to other people’s expressions of grief.

  • “If you had killed that woman [ex-girlfriend], I could still forgive you, but who could forgive you for killing a child?”

    What the fuck… The comments are pretty messed up…

  • thunderkat211

    Ok, Carl Hungus….the photo of the boy is so necessary. We all need to see that he is a nice school boy that never did anything wrong….of course he was the greatest kid on earth, just look at the photo. Before, nobody believed it, but the photo proves it. I bet that you thought the killer should just get 10 days in jail but after seeing that photo, now I know you know he deserves the death penalty.
    Good thing you are not the judge, you retard.

    • Carl Hungus

      So what did he do wrong?

      What special evidence of his evil ways do you have?

      he’s an eleven year old boy and now he’s dead. Most people would understand his mother nad father being somewhat upset.

      In the UK victims give what is called a ‘Victim Impact Statement’ so that they might explain the emotional affect of the crime before sentencing- holding up a picture of your dead son is exactly the same. Any normal, emotionally connected person would understand that.

      And ‘retard’?

      ‘Mentally Challenged’, please…

  • thunderkat211

    Hey Carl Fungus, lets have a look at the killer’s school boy photo…maybe you would just acquit him of all charges after seeing how nice he was. In fact, I think digging out the photo does more harm to the boy’s friends and family who are present than it does to the shithead killer. Point is, leave the irrelevant photos at home. It doesnt bring the kid back nor does it provide a harsher sentence for the killer. And you are a moron.

    • Carl Hungus

      Oh, I made you cry.

      • thunderkat211

        Crying because of useless troll’s like yourself. Be associated with me? We are all commenting on a post from Chinasmack. A post that you clearly don’t understand. This isnt facebook where we are adding friends. We are just speculating and throwing out opinions…and it just so happens your opinions are the dumbest. Now go kill yourself.

      • thunderkat211

        Actually, you arent the one who made the dumbest comment….I would say mark has you beat but you a close 2nd. Congratulations. You get silver.

        • Carl Hungus

          Still crying like a bitch I see…

          ‘Go kill yourself’? ‘Retard’? Yeah, you’re a real nice guy. Any normal person reading this will think I’m an asshole and you’re a straight up pillar of the community.

          Keep it up; you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

          • thunderkat211

            Because you are an asshole…and a troll. You dont belong here. You are the reason why many people dont come here anymore. Retards like you don’t understand any of the posts. You just write some stupid things waiting for a reaction. Tell me or any of us the point of bringing out the photo of the child. You still haven’t. That was my initial point. You still havent explained your first idiot post towards me….and you cant because you are a troll. Trolls do that. Its so easy to be critical of other’s opinions as you were but yet, you also can’t make any sense of the stupid photo. You and mark should go get a room together and come up with ideas because i am sure between the two of you retards, maybe you can come up with a good comment. Troll

  • david

    this man is sha bi.

    bumping into people on the street happens to me about 1000 everyday.

    sometimes i’d like to slap some of them but often its a girl so no slap but ;) slap..

  • MadeInChina

    Off with his head! Next!….soo…what’s for lunch?

  • dim mak

    Everyone’s got a temper, it’s his fault for losing it

    Hang him high

  • What a dickhead

  • Bokamba

    What a show! The family can wail and flail around all they want, and the defendant gets his chance to make an emotional impression too. All the begging, pleading and yelling makes it seem more like the courtroom of a king than that of a modern society.

  • Foreign Devil

    First time I’ve seen images from inside a Chinese courtroom. Most likely they let the media into this courtroom because the case was a no-brainer one that would make the justice system look good.

  • mark

    You people are so pathetic,
    A little boy is dead, and all you can do is question why they needed to mention the killers school????
    The little kid was, just a little kid, a womans child, a fathers son.
    Who cares if the child bumped into him or even remembers it? If this guy can kill for something as simple as being bumped into, it happens everyday to all of us, then he needs to be punished as the law sees fit.
    I dont care what school he went to, i dont care if his girlfriend went to bed with 100 other guys, and i surely dont care what school he went to, and really i dont care about his pathetic life and what he went through. We have all gone through these things in life, did we kill anyone?>??? NO
    Give him death, and set the little childs family free. Healing will begin after payment has been paid in full.

    • Jay

      Quote from Lin Yutang:
      “Abstract and intangible, [face] is yet the most delicate standard by which Chinese social intercourse is regulated.
      Face cannot be translated or defined. It is like honor and is not honor. It cannot be purchased with money, and gives a man or woman a material pride. It is hollow and is what men fight for and many women die for. It is invisible and yet by definition exists by being shown to the public. It exists in the ether and yet can be heard, and sounds eminently respectable and solid. It is amenable, not to reason but to social convention. It protracts lawsuits, breaks up family fortunes, causes murders and suicides, and yet it often makes a man out of a renegade who has been insulted by his fellow townsmen, and it is prized above all earthly possessions. It is more powerful than fate or favor, and more respected than the constitution. It often decides a military victory or defeat, and can demolish a whole government ministry. It is that hollow thing which men in China live by.”

      I can understand why he snapped, but beating and then killing somebody to make yourself feel better is wrong. Really wrong.
      The government will execute him.
      I agree with their sentence.

    • thunderkat211

      You should re-read what you post before you post it. People are commenting why they feel the need to mention the killer’s school. Later in your comment you said it yourself “I dont care what school he went to”
      Neither do any of us…so why did the author feel the need to tell us this useless information?! That is what we are all implying and obviously so are you. Which means maybe you are also pathetic.

      • mark

        perhaps you need to re-read my post, yet again.

        • thunderkat211

          No need. You are already made yourself look like an idiot. Too late. You can try to contact the admin and retract it if you like. Good luck

  • Dan Danger

    His lack of true regret shows in the fact that he extorted money from the family after murdering the boy. He had no guilt or shame. he only breaks down and cries and begs AFTER he has been caught and punished. Now he sees the nice life he had before him, despite his set backs, being taken away from him.

    Sad story.

  • Cornelis

    Anyone ever thought if the kid was the actual one who bumped into him? maybe he was mistaken….

    • thunderkat211

      Thats a scary thought.

      • Carl Hungus

        Yeah, I’m a troll. You say it like it’s a bad thing.

        And you’re my bitch.

        You’ve been a lot of fun and I’m really pleased by how much I’ve upset you. It has entertained me: You just have to have the last word so, like I say- you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

        See you around, baby.

        • thunderkat211

          Last word is good. I am delighted to expose you as the loser you are. Obviously you have given up trying to comment on the story. You got nothing to add. Loser. Go back to your little Kindergarden students and play with them.

    • marke

      In my opinion it is unlikely it was actually related to anyone bumping into him. The only evidence that happened at all is the story given by the accused, and is likely some form of vague justification for luring and killing a child.

  • marke

    Most of the Chinese comments have a similar sentiment to my own first thought: bury him.

    But there are some weird thought processes out there that do worry me: the following three comments:

    1. Then, Le Le’s mother, are you able to give the National Family Planning Policy an explanation [for having more than one child]?
    2. If you had killed that woman [ex-girlfriend], I could still forgive you, but who could forgive you for killing a child?
    3. Stop only condemning Lian Yong. After all, he really was at his wits end. Had Le Le said an apology when he bothered him [Lian Yong] at the time, the result also wouldn’t have been like this.

  • hatel

    when you get kids of your own, you will understand. No matter how you discipline your child, he is yet a child, immature and carefree. While it was clearly that the accused is at his wits end, the act of murder is still unacceptable. It was not even committed in the spur of the moment. Everything was planned, him luring the kid and all. Not all people at their wits end commit such heinous crime. Maybe, just maybe, there are really people who have murder in their eyes.

  • Animeismylife


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