Beijing Man Strangles 11-Year-Old Boy For Bumping Into Him

Lian Yong cries during the trial.

A Peking University graduate stands trial in Beijing after strangling a 11-year-old boy.

From NetEase:

Court case of Peking University graduate who strangled a 11-year-old boy to death begins

June 16th, the Beijing City Intermediate Court convened to hear the case of a Peking University graduate who murdered a 11-year-old schoolboy and then extorted the victim’s family. Photo [above] is of the victim’s sister whose hands were constantly clenched into fists.

In Beijing, Lian Yong stands trial after strangling a 11-year-old boy and then extorting the child's family.

Prosecutors alleged that a little after 5pm on November 14th last year, as a result of a triviality, Lian Yong vented his anger on 11-year-old Le Le. He tricked Le Le into the Changping District Huilongguan Town Ding Fu Huangzhuang Village rented apartment, first viciously beating Le Le, and then strangling the child with a rope/cord before burying the body. Afterward, Lian Yong also extorted Le Le’s family of 150,000 [RMB].

Lian Yong cries during the trial.

Lian Yong is the only boy of his family, and after working hard to earn a bachelor’s degree in law from Peking University began working in Beijing. However, after being left by his girlfriend, his business failing, and failing to pass a judiciary/legal examination in a string of failures, he lost control and vented his discontent on 11-year-old boy Le Le (pseudonym). Lian Yong is charged with the crimes of intentional homicide and extortion. Prosecutors strongly recommend the court sentence him to death, to be executed immediately.

Lian Yong begs for forgiveness from his victim's family.

Photo is of the end of the court proceedings, the murderer breaking free from the court police, prostrating in apology to the victim’s family, before being taken away from the scene by court police. Lian Yong, who had studied law, expressed great regret/shame, having fallen to his knees begging the victim’s family’s forgiveness: “What I did was inhuman, and if I am lucky to survive [be allowed to live], I will be a human [be a good person], will thoroughly reform myself; and if I am able to come out, I will take care of Le Le’s parents into their old age”.

Family members raise a picture of the 11-year-old victim with tears in their eyes.

Photo is of the victim’s family member raising a photo of the child, emotionally choked with tears.

The victim's mother, overwhelmed in tears, is helped out of the court room by family members.

Photo is of the victim’s mother losing control of her emotions, being supported out of the courtroom by family members.

The victim's mother begs the court for justice.

Photo is of the victim’s mother kneeling before the court crying, asking the law to give her son justice.

Comments from NetEase:


Learning about the law to be better at breaking the law, looks like sometimes it really is like this.


Was it necessary to emphasize that he was from Peking University?


Immediately sentence him to death.


What is wrong with this society? Why are people this impulsive? Have we truly lost faith/religion?


Does this have anything to do with Peking University? Anything to do with law school? Those gluttonous, whoring, gambling, embezzling, mistress-keeping, thug-hiring, murdering corrupt government officials probably have many who were from Tsinghua University, Peking University, or are even sea turtle returnees who studied abroad in famous world universities, right?


Killed a 11-year-old child and even extorted the family, and he had studied law, if he isn’t killed then Yao Jiaxin may as well be resurrected!


In the text, it mentions that Le Le’s mother cried on her knees in the courtroom, asking that the law give her son justice. Then, Le Le’s mother, are you able to give the National Family Planning Policy an explanation [for having more than one child]?

From QQ:

Man strangled to death a 11-year-old boy to vent his frustration following a series of failures

Lian Yong is the only boy of his family, and through hard work, he earned a bachelor’s degree in law from Peking University and even started a career and business in Beijing. However, after being left by his girlfriend, his business failing, and failing to pass a judiciary/legal examination in a string of failures, Lian Yong at already 30-years-old lost control, venting his discontent on 11-year-old boy Le Le (pseudonym). After the child was brutally murdered, Lian Yong then demanded 150,000 yuan from Le Le’s family as ransom under the guise of it being a kidnapping.

Yesterday afternoon, Lian Yong stood trial on suspicion of murder and extortion at the city’s Intermediate Court. Facing the victim’s family, Lian Yong fell on his knees begging for their forgiveness, with Le Le’s mother also kneeling before the court demanding that the murderer pay with his life.


Killing a child for bumping into him

November 14th last year, Lian Yong could no longer afford the 500 yuan per month rent. He went out to a neighboring village looking an even cheaper place. In a hutong alley, several children were lighting firecrackers, and one of children amongst them while running bumped into Lian Yong, running away without even looking back. That child was Le Le.

“Everyone was insulting me, even such a little child didn’t pay me any heed”, Lian Yong said. The day before, as a result of accidentally bumping into a car’s side view mirror, he had been yelled at and nearly avoided a beating. Encountering all sorts of unsatisfactory experiences left him frustrated, and he decided not to find a place to rent anymore and instead go find that child, “He must apologize to me”.

About an hour later, Lian Yong found Le Le in front of a Changping District Huilongguan Town Ding Fu Huangzhuang Village restaurant.

Lian Yong said to Le Le: “Brother has two small turtles at home, do you want them? If you do, then come to brother’s home to get them”. Just like this, 11-year-old Le Le was tricked into Lian Yong’s Ding Fu Huangzhuang Village rented apartment.

Upon entering, Lian Yong questioned Le Le, “Did you or did you not run into me? Was or was not bumping into me wrong? Should you or should you not apologize to me?” Le Le claimed he didn’t remember and Lian Yong began hitting the child in fury. Frightened, Le Le began screaming, which also scared Lian Yong. Afraid others would say he was bullying children, he grabbed a nearby jump rope and strangled the child’s neck… Afterward, Lian Yong went into a small wooded area nearby where he sat for three hours. The next day, Lian Yong buried the body underneath a section of the city rail bridge near the Sahe North Bridge.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯防城港市网友 差不多先生:

If you had killed that woman [ex-girlfriend], I could still forgive you, but who could forgive you for killing a child? And as someone who has received a high level of education, from a prestigious university? Death is not enough!

腾讯网友 尐の迺□苽:

This is definitely a social problem, a fate for second generation poor.

腾讯盐城市网友 HakIu~:

When others can’t think clearly and go to the extreme, they always find a rope to strangle their own necks.
But you, when you can’t think clearly, go to the extremely, you strangle a child.
You absolutely must die! Having lived over 10 years more than Le Le, it is already letting you off easy!
From another perspective, it also shows, that regardless of from what institution of higher learning, no matter how educated, why didn’t he learn how to relax [control his stress]? Why was his emotional state this brittle?

腾讯济宁市网友 THAT´S STONE:

Congratulations Peking University for once again creating a pillar of society, this one even more deserving of death than Yao Jiaxin.

腾讯网友 终于一无所有:

This kind of behavior is horrifying, but this kind of behavior also reflects just how frightening the pressure/stress placed on people by today’s society is!

腾讯岳阳市网友 十二点的太阳:

Stop only condemning Lian Yong. After all, he really was at his wits end. Had Le Le said an apology when he bothered him [Lian Yong] at the time, the result also wouldn’t have been like this. If our country can help these enterprising/entrepreneurial youth, perhaps… If our housing prices didn’t increase so quickly and Lian Yong had a house and married, perhaps… all of these things wouldn’t have happened.

What do you think? What is the craziest thing you have done in your worst moments of frustration?


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