Beijing Police Officer Directs Traffic & Dances Cha Cha

From QQ:

Recently, the “Most Niu Traffic Police Officer Directs Traffic While Dancing Cha Cha” video has been spreading on the internet, where a man wearing a traffic police officer uniform in the midst of passing cars directing traffic began dancing the “Cha Cha”. At the same time as netizens were praising this, there were also netizens asking who this male traffic police officer is.

Yesterday, this reporter found out from the Beijing City traffic police department that this man is Haidian Traffic Detachment Qinghe Regiment Officer He Changqing, and the “Cha Cha” style of directing traffic was created by him as the “He Changqing Traffic Direction Method.”

Comments from Youku:


Striking a balance between work and play…
Enduring the big sun to coordinate traffic is pretty tough work…


Looking at the taxi car models and colors, and the public buses, it feels like it is Beijing! However, I cannot be very sure! Although…hahahahaha, too amusing! If it is Beijing, where was this filmed?


Talented! Talented! Heroic!
Hehe! Made me laugh so much!
It would be good if this set of coordinating motions were spread/popularized!
The music is also very appropriate! In the future they should have a stereo system at every intersection, and a police officer like this one!
Good! Good! Good!


It looks pretty normal when watching it on mute.
Such boring hype.


Looking for happiness in the middle of work, I support!!!


Support, the hand signs are all basically correct to me, just not that stiff. I support popularizing this throughout the entire country!


This video is real, because it was after seeing this report on Qilu Evening Report today that I went on the internet to search for it. The reporter already verfied, this police officer works in Beijing, and there indeed is this person, and he works in the first line. His kind of positive/optimistic work attitude is worth us learning from.


He did not waste taxpayer’s money, since he directed traffic and entertained the masses,
Be safe, everyone else do not imitate.


Made me think of the “Rush Hour 3” beginning…


Support! Being able to find one’s own amusement at a dull post while still fulfilling one’s own work responsibilities is even more commendable.


I think this traffic police officer is very good, very humorous. Our China should also learn more from foreign police, right? Haha.


That day while staring at him, I almost crashed.
Good thing he wasn’t a 10 point pretty and sexy female traffic police officer, otherwise I would have crashed into a tree.


Very natural/at ease, while foreign traffic police officers do not dance the Cha Cha, at least they are not as serious like China’s. Being a little natural/at ease is no big deal.


Life needs a little humor, a nationality that cannot joke around is a sad one.


If we were to have this kind of police officer here, then waiting at the red light would no longer be boring!!!
This kind of police officer is too cute/adorable!!

Comments from QQ:


The world is a stage, and life is dancing, so dance, but do not dance too well, or else the people passing by will stop and watch and thus cause a traffic jam.


Putting people first, I like this kind of traffic police.


I support this traffic police officer, doing his work in a relaxed manner, also helping relax other people. No matter what, it is far better than meeting a traffic police officer with a bad mood, at at least it eases the antagonism between police and the people.


As long as he does not cause a traffic problem, he can direct traffic however he likes, support!!


Our society lacks vitality/passion, like the sky is filled with regulations and discipline, but controls the people inflexibly to the point that they no longer have vigor/vitality, and doing anything is too rigid. I support the dancing traffic direction!


This has the ability to both adjust drivers’ irritable moods and ease traffic, and is also a highlight/sight for the city, so with such a good traffic police officer, why would anyone not support him?! No matter what, he is far better than those people who do nothing but talk.


When you are working, you should look like you are working. This kind of person should lose his job.


Very cute/adorable, he will bring to people a little relaxation, but drivers also need to pay attention to their driving, haha!!!


If this is real, and this traffic police officer also did not because of this cause a traffic jam, I do not feel there is anything bad about it. After all, he did his work, and that is better than some people who occupy job positions but do not do anything!!! 50-years-old, and still having this kind of work enthusiasm, I admire him!!! How many people, because of working year in year out, have ground through decades, until the end they are exhausted. Yet he still has this kind of attitude, we should praise him instead of laughing at him, criticizing him!!! Ding ding ding!!

Have you ever seen a police officer do something like this Beijing man or like in Rush Hour 3?


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