BNU Professor Demands Students Have 40 Million By Age 40

Dong Fan, Beijing Normal University Professor.

Dong Fan, Beijing Normal University Professor.

From NetEase:

Beijing Normal University professor “warns” students: If you don’t have 40 million by the time you are 40-years-old, don’t come see me

Dong Fan: When you are 40-years-old, if you don’t have 40 million in assets, don’t come see me, and don’t say you were my student either——This is the requirement I have for graduate students. Cultivating a consciousness of wealth is one aspect of my work, and of course, the precondition is that the wealth is reasonably and legally earned. Once you yourself have become rich, that means that you have created a lot of GDP, tax revenue, and jobs. When your contribution to society is large, it also helps low-income people, as well as preventing yourself, your family, and your relatives from become a burden upon society. For highly-educated people, wealth signifies struggle and effort, whereas poverty signifies inability, laziness, shame, and failure.

Dong Fan, Beijing Normal University Professor.

Comments from NetEase:


Say your student entered civil service. At 40, your student brings 40 million in savings to come see you. I don’t know if this is an achievement, a civil servant’s success or failure.


I heard that in America some people are building some doomsday bunkers. To guarantee the human species can continue on this planet when humanity suffers devastation, when it came time to choose who can enter the bunker, the people who needed to be kept were doctors, lawyers, various manufacturing and technical workers, etc, etc, even a plumber, but not a single wealthy person!!!


The professor’s meaning is: If you have less money, whose money will I spend?


Who do you think you are? You think money is that easy to make? What a stupid cunt.


Living in today’s society, one has to be a realistic person!


Money is not the only measure of a person’s worth/value, living a happy life is enough.


This is an insult to intellectuals.


Money is definitely necessary, but it isn’t everything…
I wonder how much you are worth, Professor Dong?


Money doesn’t need a teacher to inspire, everyone wants it, everyone wants a lot of it. But the current China is a nation without religion/faith. The people’s only religion is money. That’s why there is Sudan Red, poisonous milk powder, Clenbuterol, etc. For a teacher to not teach students moral traits and instead promote the pursuit of money under the banner of being realistic, this can be said to be a tragedy of China’s education system, a tragedy of society.


Professor Dong, how much money did you have when you were 40-years-old? How did you earn it? Over half of your students will become teachers too, how can a single teacher earn this much money? Are you teaching them to print counterfeit money?


Tax experts need to investigate this professor’s assets to see if there are any problems!


To be learned and still need a mortgage to buy a home, I’m truly such a failure! To envy but not be jealous. The professor is inspiring the students.


Garbage professor, fuck you, go and die on a heap of money and be done with it.
Teaching others your own unhealthy mentality, leading young people astray!
Does having money mean you’ll be happy????? First figure out what happiness is before you come teach people.
I fucking despise you.

What do you think? About Professor Dong Fan’s comment? What goals do you wish to reach by the time you are 40-years-old? What defines “success” for you?

Poll results from ifeng, asking whether Chinese netizens think they can earn 40 million by the time they are 40-years-old and if they would be ashamed if they didn't.

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Dong Fan, Beijing Normal University Professor.

Wealth is not the only thing that will bring you happiness. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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